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Full text of "The new pocket dictionary of the French and English languages : containing all words of general use and authorized by the best of writers ..."

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T H E N E W 


O F T H E 


'All Words of general Ufe and authorized by the beft Writers. 

Carefully compiled from the mofl: approved Dictionaries French and English y 
particularly from that of the Royal Academy at Paris, 


[To which are added upwards of thirteen thoufand Words , befides a very 
ufeful Supplement, containing the Names of the moft remarkable 
Empires , Kingdoms, States , islands , Provinces , Cities , Mountains, 
Seas, Gulphs , Straits, Rivers, &z. The Names .of ancient and 
modern Nations ; together with the Names of remarkable Men , 
Women , Surnames of Sovereigns , &c, both in French and English : 
which will prove of great Ufe to thole who read or tranflate Hiftory , 
Geography , Mithology , Poetry, &c, and are not to be found in any 
other French and English Dictionaries now extant. 

By J. S. Charrier , Teacher of the French Language. 

The THIRD Edition, carefully correfted , improved , and enlarged with a great 
number of maritime Terms both English ar.d French , as llkewife with a Table of 
all the Participles of the irregular English Verbs , and all the abbreviations. 

The First V')tUME. 
LONDON, 1781. 



The preface. 


THE general Utility of the 
Fnnch Language renders it 
unneceflary to enlarge in Fa- 
vour of any Attempt to facili- 
tate the Acquiring of it j fuffi- 
cient it is for our Purpofe to 
point out the Advantage ot a 
French Didtionary in the pre- 
fent Form , and to acquaint the 
Reader in \( hat ^Manner it has 
been executed. 

By the Smallnefs of its Size 
the following Repoiitory of 
Words is become portable to 
Learners ot both Languages , 
by which Means they can have 
an eafier Kecourfe to it , fo 
often as any thing occurs in 
Converfationor Reading , with 
■which they are unacquainted. 
The Smallnefs of the Size ren- 
ders it alfo of eafy Purchafe, 
and proper on that Account in 

'Utilite rccojinue dc la 
Languc Frangoifc nous d'lf- 
penfe de nous etendrc en faveur 
£un Ejfai qui tend a enfaciliur 
ritude. II fufflt pour nottc dxf 
Jem de montrer Cavantage d'uii 
Dicilonnairc Francois dans la 
forme de celui-ci , & d'infiruire 
le Lecleur de la maniere dont il 
a he execute. 

La petkejfe defon format rend. 
ce Repertoire de mots portatf^ & 
par- la tr^s- commode a ceux qui 
etudient I'une & L' autre Langues^ 
en ce quil leur eft plus aife d'y 
avoir recours toutes les fois que 
dans la converfation ou dans la 
lecture il fe prifente quelque raot 
nouveau pour eux. 11 en refulte 
un autre avantage , celui de la 
modicite du prix , qui le rend 
plus propre a fios Ecoles , oic 

I] Preface. 

iles DicUoTinaires £ un format plus 
vclumimux & plus difpendkux 
pzuvmt ctu a charge. 

Tds font cependant hs fo'ms 
quon a pr'is pour la ridaclion 
de cct Ahregc, quon pan affir- 
m&r avu fecurke quil rmfrme. 
un aufji grand nombre de mots 
que plufiiurs Diclionnaires beau- 
coup plus etcndus. Sous taccep- 
tion de mors , nous entendons 
les fimples parties d'oraifon ; car 
quant aux phrafes & aux divers 
tours d! expreffion ^ nous avons 
etc obliges de les abando7i7ier , 
pour renfermer cct Ouvrage dans 
Us bornes que nous nous fam- 
ines propofczs. D'ailleurs la con- 
noifjance des differens idictifmes 
des deux Langues ne fe pent ac- 
querir que par la lecture afjidue 
des Auteurs dont le (fyle eft h 
plus pur & le plus elegant. 

Pour nous reftreindre dans les 
bornes quexigeoit cct Ouvrage , 
nous en avons retranche les par- 
ticipes francois , dont la forma- 
tion dolt itn Qonnm di quicon- 

The Preface. 

Schools , where Dictiona- 
ries of large Bulk and Ex- 
pence are become a Burden. 

Such Care however has been 
taken in forming this Epitome, 
that we may fafely aifirm it 
contains as great a Number ot 
Words as Tome of the larger 
Didionaries. By -Words, we 
mean luigie andlmconneded 
Farts of Speech -, for as to Sen- 
tences and Phrafes , thefe we 
have been obliged to omit , 
in order to bring the Work 
within the Compafs intended. 
Belides , idiomatical Expref- 
fions are to be acquired only 
by the conflant Ufe of the pu- 
refl and moil elegant Authors. 

Another Means of confiilting 
Brevity, was to avoid infer- 
ting the French Participles , the 
Formation of which muft be 
top-'j^n to every one that has 

The P RE FA C Eo 

learned the Rudiments of that 
Language, ^^e have therefore 
thought it fiiflicient to give the 
Infinitive of the Verb , (lippo- 
fing the Reader to be acquain- 
ted with Grammar , and of 
courfe with the Manner of 
forming the Participle, either 
Active or Pafiive. 

Where a Word is equivocal, 
or bears different Significations 
in the French,^ we have infer- 
ted them in English ; but in 
general no more than a iingle 
Interpretation is fiibjoined to 
each T^rm. ~Ih.t French Words 
are carefully accented , accor- 
ding to the Rules of their bell 
Grammarians > and we have 
alfo added the Accents o£ En- 
glish Words , in order to fa- 
ciUtate the Pronunciation to 

In compihng this Pocket 
Volume , recourfe has been 
had to the beft Didionaries 
French and English , particu- 
larly to that of the Royal 

Preface. ii| 

que pojjede ks premiers Clemens' 
de la Langiie Frangoife. Nous 
avons penfe qiiil fuffifoit £indi- 
quer Vinjinitif du vcrbe , & nous 
avons fuppofi le Lecleur ajfe^ 
injiruit de fa Grammaire , pour 
former de luirnime les participes 
foit aclifs fait paffiiS. 

Lorfquun mot eft equivoque 
oil fufceptihle de divers fens en. 
Frangois , nous avons indique en 
Anglois fes differentes fgnifica- 
dons; mais en general un met 
nefl explique que par un mot 
fuL Nous avons accentue Is. 
Frangois avec foin & £ apres les 
meilleurs Grammairiens de cettc 
Nation. Nous avons aufji ajouti 
dans r Anglois des accens , pour 
en faciliter la prononciation aux 

Dans la redaction de cet Ahregl 
nous avons eu recours aux w.eil- 
leurs Diciionnaircs de rune & de 
r autre Langue , & fpzciakment a 
cclui de r Academic Frangoife ^ 
a ij 

iv Preface. 

^ui eft regards a jufte litre comma 
un mo dele aiiquel toiites les ex~ 
prefjions juftes & regues doivent 
leur autor'uL Nous avons cepcn- 
dant pr'is la liberie d'admettre 
quelques mots que cette favante 
Compagnie na pas adoptes , lorf- 
que leur energie nous a fcmbli 
pouvoir en juftifier I'ufage, 

Nous nous Jlattons que k Lee- 
teur fera affe^ indulgent pour ex- 
cufcr les fames qui peuvent nous 
ctre echappees , & dont un Ejjai 
tel que cclui-ci eft naiurellement 
fufcepiikk. Nous n avons epargne 
aucun join pour le rendre correct 
& digne des encouragemens du 
Tub lie, Notre travail fera affe^ 
recompcnfe fi Ven juge que nous 
ayons pu contribuer a etendre la 
culture d'une Langue qid , indc- 
pejidamment de fan utilite pour 
le Commerce & pour les Foyages , 


ment admiree par rapport 
a fa clartl & a Celigance de fis 

The Preface. 

Academy ^ which is juftly loo- 
ked upon as the S:andard oi 
the French Tongue i yet XvC 
have taken ihe Liberty to in- 
fert a few Words not adopted 
by that learned Body , where 
the particular Energy or Force 
of exprefrion;, feemed to juilify 
their Ufe. 

The Reader , wc hope , will 
be To indulgent as to excufe 
any Errors ihat may have ejf^ 
caped our Notice , and to 
which an Eilay of this Kind is 
naturally liable. On our Side 
no 1 ains have been fpared to 
render the Work corrccT: and 
worthy of the Public Encou- 
ragement. We shall tjiink our 
Labour repaid if we can be 
any way faid to have promo- 
ted the Culiivation' of a Lan- 
guage which, exclufive of its 
Ufes in foreign Travel and 
Commerce , is juftly admired 
for its Perfpicuity and elegant 
Turn of Exprellion. 



on this Second Edition, fur la Seconde Edition. 

THE Corre^or and Improver of 
this Pocket Dictionary , hath 
added above Thirteen Thoufand 
ufeful Words , befides a Supple- 
ment of the leveral Empires^ King- 
doms , Cities , &c. The Names alio 
of Men and Women, Surnames, 
Nations , &c. which were not in 
the former Edition ; and it being 
fliil intended for the Pocket , he 
has been obliged to contrive it in 
fuch a manner, that there are but 
few PagiiS added to the V/ork. 

Th:t the Pv€adcr may thorougly 
underiland his Plan , he has thought 
proper to infert the follov/ing Ob- 

For the First Pjrt. 

£ nouvel EdiUiir de ce petit Dlc' 
tionnaire y a ujoute au-deU da 
trci^e milU mots , independamment 
d'un double Index gecgr^phique, d'uns 
table dcs noms d'hommes & de fem'mes^ 
de ceux des Nations anciennes 6* mo- 
dernes, des furnoms , &c. qui fofment 
a la fin de I'Ouvrage un^ fupplirmnt 
quon ne trouvoit point dans V Edition 
precedents La necejjite de fe refireindrz 
dans Us premieres limites de est Ou- 
vrage , Va oblige de cliercher a faire 
entrer ces nonibreufes additions fans 
augmenter le volume de ce DiBion-'^ 
naire , & a en difpofer i execution de 
maniere qiiil contiru. peu de pages de 
plus que t' Edition precedsnte. 

Pour mettre h Letleur a portec de fe 
familiarifer avcc fon plan , il f invite 
a lire les obfervations fuiv antes ^ 

Premiere P a r t i e. 

I. When lorg words are 

fpclt l.° Lorfque des mots cornpofes'd& 

alike in both Ljmguaggs , (the plus ds deux fylUhes secrivent di 

'. a iij 


jncme dans les deux Lan[^ues y a la 
jeule referve dcs accens ou que le 
chan^cment ns pone que fur les der- 
yiieres fylUbes du mot^ le ncuvel Edi- 

diuur fubflitue un filet ( ) aux 

fylUbes du mot qui jc trouvent com- 
munes aux deux Langues : ainfi on 

trouvera , Abriviation , st. tion. 

u4bomina)D\e^Q,v\X. , ad. bly. Ad- 

v^rlaire , f. fary. Jppr.ttmmtnt^ 

ad. rently. Jndependdnt , e, a. 

' deViiy &c. &c. 

^ V. feid indique v, a. 

2.** u4pres un) & n. 

mot J {. feule indique f. m. 

V. 6* f . 
Dans ce dernier cas , k premier mot 
c(l mafculin comme dans Accept?ir,t, 
& en ajoutant e , te ^ ou (e j il de- 
vient fcminin. Lorfquil ny a quune 
1". comme dans Adverlaire , le mot 
Tiiprouve de changemcnt ni dans I'un 
ni dans Vautre genre'. 

Lorfquon trouvera a. s. ils indi- 
quent quun mot eft adj. 6l fubll. ; fi 
a la fu'ite du mot il ny a point e , 
// eft generalement mafculin , comme , 
Abdudeur, Abforbant , &c. 6x. 

3.° Si plujieurs mots appartenans 
i': la merne pariie d'Oraifon fe fuivcnt 
les uns les aut::s , on fe borne a ca^ 


Accents excepted ) or on'y alter 
at the laft or two laft Syllables ^ 
they ■will generally be found in 
the following manner , in order to 
confult Brevity, yet very intelli- 
gible : viz. Abrevia/it>/2 , sf. tion, 

Ahorr\in-iblement ^ ad. bly. Ad- 

verfaire , f. "/^O^* Appart77i//ze/2r, 

ad. rently. Indcpendant^ e, a» 

dent^ &.C. &c. 

/• / alone , it means 
Il.V/henyou) fm.Sif. 
meet with S v. alone , it means 
V. V. a. 6>L n. 
the firft being m. as Accept ant : 
and by adding the e^ or r^, ot fe ^ 
it becomes /. When it is a common 
f as Adverfaire , it never alters. 

When you meet with a. s. h 
means a. 6l s. if there is no e to 
be added , it is generally m. as 
Abdutleur y Abforbant , &c. which 

III. When feveral Words of the 
fame Part of Speech follow each 
other, that Pars of Spee;h is put 


only at the firft Word ; and till 
you meet with another Part of 
Speeth, they are the Tame as the 
firft : For inftance , Arbre , fm. a 
tree; the four following Words are 
alfo /. m.tho' not exprelTed, &c» 
" IV. When a Verb bears two, 
three , four or more Significations , 
the Particle to is put to the firft 
only , and fometimes to none , to 
lave Room and avoid Repetitions. 

V. Tiie/m. ending in e«r,hath 
generally eufc , for tiie f. except 
Ibme that have rice , for the f. Ex. 
Amhi^zdeur ^ fm. AmbafTat/nce , sf, 
VvoitQteur ^ fm. Protecrrice , sf. Sic, 
which the Reader will find in their 
proper Places. 

VI.' The Adjeftives ending in 
eur and eux , for the m. have ge- 
nerally eu/e 5 for the/, as Trompeur, 
a. m. TvomY>eure , a. f. Hemeux, 
a. m. Heurt^/vf/e, a. f. Several other 
Adjectives ( except the common 
ones , as aimabU , 2. utile , 2. in 
great Nua^ber) generally take an e 
For the f Ex. Abattu, a. m. Ahat- 
tue i f. Ahondant ^ Abondante., as 
ieen in :hs Book, Soir.s indeed. 

Observattons. vij 

raBirifer U premier , jufqua cz qiiiljc 
trouve un mot qui appartienne a une 
autre partie d'oraifqn ; par example , 
Aibre,fm. cfl fuivi de quatre mots 
qui font tous f. m. quolquon m Vait 
pas repete a chacun d'eux^ &c. &c. 

4.° Lorfquun verbs efl fufccptible 
de plufieurs fjgnifications ^ on ne met 
la particule to quau premier , 6* quel- 
quefois on Va omife en entier pour ga- 
gner de la place & fa aver des repe^ 

5.° Les f. m. terminis en eur, 
prennent generalement eufe an f. ex- 
cepts ceux dont le genre fiminin fe 
termine en rice , comme., Ambaffad^ur, 
fm. A nib cff advize , sf Protefleur, Im. 
Proiecnice , sf. On trouvera ces der-^ 
niers tout au long a Itur rang dans 
rordre alphabitique. 

6.° Les adjtdifs termines en eur 6-^ 
eux au mafculin, fe Xerminent generale- 
ment en euie au'i. , comme^ Trompeur^ 
a. m. TrompsuCe, a. f. Ileureux^ a. m. 
HeureuCe , a. f. Plufleurs autres ^ 
(^exctpte ceux qui ne cliangcnt dans 
aucun genre , & marques du chiffre 2, 
comme.^ aimable , 2. utile, 2 ) pren- 
nent generalement un e au faninin ^ 
comme .^ Abattii , a. m. Abaitue, a. f. 
Abcndar.t, Abondan: v^, Qiidquis-unji 

viij Observations 

termincs en \ ou en t au mafcuUn , 
vnnnent au fiminin indcpendamment 
de /'e , une feconde 1 on unfecondf, 
on Us a fois,neufement marques. D'au- 
tres termines eni au mafculin ^finif- 
fcnt en ve aufcminin, comme, InJIruShf, 
a. m. InCtructive , a. f. Ceux dans lef- 
qucls le chingement de genre occajionne 
des changemens plus confidirables , 
commej Puis , m. Fraiche, f. Beau , 
Bel, m. Beile , f. font indiquis tout 
au long, 

7.^ Lorfquun nouvel article com- 
mence par un filet ( ) , U mot quil 

explique efl , quant a rorthograpke , le 
meme que cclui qui precede , mais pris 
dans une acception differente, 

8.° Lorfquune exprejjion compofie 
de deux ou de pluficurs mots , ne fe 
trouve pas fous I'un des mots qui la 
forment , on la cherchera fous f autre 
mot: dlnfi , fucre candi ne fe trouvant 
fas au mot lucre , ilfaudra cherchcr 
au mot candi. 

9.*' Lcs mots quon ne trouverapas 
A'vec un I , front cherchis avec un y , 
6» riciproquement. II en fera de mime 
des mots oil 11 entre un h ', on les 
cherchera av-cc deux bb , & repipro- 
^iieuimtt On en dit autant des mots 


when ending with an /, or /, for 
the m, take another /, or t, befides 
the e; and fome only an /^ or a r , 
with on e; as piin6iually obferved 
in the Didionary. Other Adjeftives 
ending with an/, for the m. take ve^ , 
for the / Ex. Indruci//, a. m. In- 
ftru6lit'^ , a. f. Thole that alter j 
much _, as Frais , m. Fraiche , f Beau^ \ 
Bel, m. Belle , f. are generally prin- 
ted at full length for both Gen- 

VII. When you meet with Lines 

thus , that begin a new Ar- t 

tide , they m.ean the fame Word \ 
and fpelt the fame as the Word 
over it ; only it has generally ano- 
ther Signification. 

YIII. When any Compound 
Words are not found at one of 
the two or more Words , look for 
the others. Ex. Sucre- candi , Sugar- 
candy. If it is not found at the 
Word . Sucre , look for Candi , 
&c. Stc. 

IX. What is not found with i, 
look for y , and Vice Verfi. — With 
one b , look fpr hb , and Vice Verfa, 
— With one p , look for pp , and 
Vice Verfa. — With c , look for /, 
and Vii^s Vcrfa, -^ With au^ look 


for , and Vice Verfa, With am , 
iin^ look tor em , en , and F/ce F'^r/^. 
With ph , look for f. and Fice 

X. When there Is but one Word 
to a long Adverb , if there is an 
Ad)e61:!ve near it, of the fame 
Root, with two, three, or four 
Meanings; the ad. generally means 
tlie fame , tho' not ' always. Ex. 
Tendrement , ad. tenderly. Three Li- 
nes higher in the Di<5tionary , is its 
Adjedive, Teiidre ; where you find 
four Words in English; th^irefore , 
tha;. ad. means alfo , Softly ; Senfi- 
biy; N'cely ; as well as Tenderly. 
1 his Obfervafion w'll feive for 
feveral hundred Adverbs ; and 
very ofren for Subilan lives, by the 
fame Rule. 

XI. In reading French Books, if 
you meet with the Tenfes of any 
Verbs yo.u do not underfiand, en- 
deavour to find out its Infinitive- 
Mood , which you will find here. 
The Infinitive Mood ends either in 
er , ir , oir , or re. 

XII. Thofe compound Words 

Observations. ix 

qu on pent chercher avec wtz p <S* deux 
pp , avec c & avec f, avec au & avec o, 
avec am 6* an , 6^ avec em 6* en , 
avec ph & f. &c. &c» 

lo.° Lorfquun adyerbe e(l place a 
la fuite d'un adje6llf dont il derive y 
& qui a deux, trois ., quatre fignifi-' 
cations difirentcs ; elks doivent affe^ 
generalement , mais non pas conflam- 
ment , s" entendre egalement de Vad-^ 
verbe. Prenons pour cxemple le mot 
Tendrement, ad. Tenderly; trois 
licrnes plus haul vous trouvere^ Vad- 
jecIifTendre qui lui fsrt de racine <, 
avec quatre fignifications different es em 
A/'C,lois : vous pouve{ en confiquerice 
former autant d'adverbes ; & t&adre- 
ment Jera exprime en An^lois par 
Sofrly , Senfibly, Nicely, aujfi bien 
que /7Jr Tenderly. Cette obfervation 
peut s'appliquer a plufieurs centaines 
d'adverbes, & par ana lof,ie fervir quel" 
quefois pour les fubflantifs. 

11.** Si dans la letture d'un Au- 
teur Francois on rencontre les temps 
d'un verbe dont on ne connoit pas la 
fipvf cation , il faut recourir d Vinfi- 
nitify qiion trouvera dans ce Dldion.' 
naire. Tous les infinitifs francois fe 
terminent en er, ir , oir 6* re. 

iz,*^ On a eufoin d' infer sr j autant 

X Observations. 

quil a eti poJfibU , Ics mots compofe's 
qui different dans Ics deux Langucs ; 
on a omis ceux qui peuvent s'inter- 
pritcr litteralement Vun par V autre , 
to/K/r;^, Vainglory, Vaine gloire, d-c. 

13.** On a omis d^indiquer le genre 
des mots compo/es lorjquils ne fe 
trouvoient pas a leur place miturelle , 
par exemple: a lafuite de Volant, e. 
a. flying; on /roz/v^ Fufee volante , 
Camp volant ; le genre de FuTee & 
de Camp doit etre cherche a leur 
rang dans I'ordre alphubetique, 

Seconde Parti e. 

I.® Lorfque des fubflantifs & des 
adjeBifs mafcuHns prcnnent an fimi- 
nin unc ou plufieurs Uteres de plus, 
le genre alors nefl point exprime par 
les Itttres m. & f. , puree que le premier 
mot etant toujours mafciilln , la termi- 
nal [on qui Juit forme le fiminin. Ex. 
A6iual , a. a6iuel pour le mafcuUn , 
aftuelle pour le fiminin. — Accufer , 
f. accufateur, m. accufatrice , f. 
— Adoptive, a. adoptif, m. adopti- 
ve , f. — Advantageous , a. avanta- 
geux , m. avantageufe , f. — Aged , 
a, age, m. agee , f. &q» 6*^. 


that are different in both Langua- 
ges , we have taken care to infers 
them as much as poflible ; but thofe 
that are littcral as Vain Glory, Vaint 
Gloire , &c. we have not been fo 
particular in. 

XIII. In Compound Words , we 
have omitted the Genders of fe- 
veral ; as they are to be found in 
their refpedive places : Ex. Volant, e, 
a. flying. Next to that Word you 
will find , Fufe volante , Camp vo- 
lant. Fufee and Camp, mufl be look'd 
for in their refpe6l:ive Places, in 
order to find their Genders. 

For the Second Part, 

I. When Subflantives and Ad- 
jectives 772. take a Letter or Letters 
for the/ the Genders are not ex- 
preffed ; as the firft is always ot. 
and the additional Letter or Letters 
make the jC Ex. A^ual, a, aB:uel,m, 
aB.ueile^ f. — Accufer , f. accufateur ^ 
m. accufatrice , f. — Adoptive , a. 
adoptif, m. adoptive , f — Advan- 
tageous , a. avantageux y m. avanta- 
geufe , f — Aged , a, age, m, dgie ^ 
f &c. &c. 


II. When a Word is mark'd v/itli 
^. ^. it means that that Word is 
fometimes an Adj. and fometimes a 
Subft. then the kind Reader is defi- 
red to look for the French Word 
in the firfl Part for its Gender; as 
the Compafs we are allowed, 
would not permit to mention it 
over and over again. This will not 
happen often. 

III. When you meet v/lth Celui 
qui - — , next to an English Word , 
remember it generally means that 

CelU (jui 5 mufl be for the fern. 

The p/. of the former is, Ceux qui-^ — , 
of the latter, Celles qui—. When 

it means both, Ceux qui , mufl 

always be made life of. 

IV. All the Verbs that bear re- 
peating in English, take generally 
re before the French Verbs ; there- 
fore feveral are omitted in this Se- 
cond Part , being very eafy to ob- 
ferve. Ex. To build ^ bdtir. To build 
again, rebatir, &c. Thofe that do 
not admit of this Rule, will be 
found in their Places. 

V. What is not found with im, 
or in , look for em , or en ^ and Fice 
V^rfa, -:-. With e , look for ea , and 

Observations. xj 

2." Lorfquun mot ejl marqui a. s: , 
ce qui indlque quil ejl pris tantot 
commend]. & tantot comme fubfr. ; U 
LcEleur dans ce dernier cas eft prii 
d'en chercher le genre a la place 
quil occupe dans la Partie Francoife^ 
Le peu d'efpace dont nous avians a 
di/pojer^ ne nous a pas permis ces 
frcquentes repetitions ; & rarcment on 
fe trouvera dans cet cmbarras. 

3.** Lorfqua la fuite d'un mot An- 

glois on trouvera Celui qui il 

faut generalement fe fouvenir que le 

feminin demands celle qui . Le 

pluriel du mafculin ejl Ceux qui , 

celui du feminin Celles qui . 

Lorjque le pluriel embraffe les deux 
genres on fe fert de Ceux qui . 

4.° Tcus les verbes qui ex pr intent 
en Anglois la repetition d'une aftion^ 
prennent dans le Francois re au 
commencement du mot ; en confc». 
quence il en eft nombre quon a amis 
dans cette feconde Partie , comme 
par exemple. To build, batir. To 
build again , rtbatir, &c. Les verbes 
iteratlfs qui ne fuivent pas cette regie 
feront marques a leur place, 

5.° II faut chercher par em & par 
en les mots quon ne trouvera pas par 
im. ou ifl , & riciproquement. On 

xij Observations. 

cherchcra par ea ccux quon ne trou- 
vera, pas par e ; par ecc , ceux qui 
ne font pas par ex ; par un , ce 
quon ne trouvera pas par in ; par 
c, ce quon ne trouvera pas par k, 
& riciproquement. 

6.° Lor fail un fubflantif des deux 
genres en Francois change au femi- 
nin fa terminaifon , foit en ajoutant , 
foil en retranckant ou en changeant 
quelques Icttres , le premier mot eft 
toujours mafculin , & devicnt fi- 
minin par la fubftitution du change- 
ment. Ex^ Lace man , pajfementier , 
m. paffcmenticre , f. Donor , dona- 
Uur, HI. donatrice, t&c. 


vice Verfj. — With ex., look for 
fcc, and Vice Verfa, — With in ^ 
look for Z/7Z, and Vice Verfi, — With 
/:, look for c, and Vice Verfa, 

VI. When a French Subft.-intive 
has a Feminine , by adding one , two 
or more Letters unto it, or taking 
off fome Letters from the Mafcu- 
line, to fubftitute others for the Fe- 
minine , ihe fir ft Word is always w. 
and by adding or fubflituting thofe 
Letters , it becomes/.' Ex. Lacemav, 
paffementier , m, paffementiere , f. 
Donor , donateur , m, donatrice , 

N. B. 0/z ^ infire dans les Ohfcr- N. B. With refpeft to other Ob- 

rations relatives a la premiere Partie fervatiors , belonging to both Parts, 

celles qui font communes a la pre- t\\iy are already obferved in the 

miere & a la feconde, firit Part. 






rHE narrow Compafs in which 
the firfl: Authors of this Poc- 
cet-Di6lionary have introduced al- 
noft all the Words of both Lan- 
;uages that can be found in any 
)ther Di6lionary of a larger fize , 
nay be looked upon as a very 
ifeful piece of induftry , and its 
idvantage both for Travellers & 
or Academies in the moft part 
)f which the French Language is 
aught can't be in the leaft doub- 
ed. Tho' it can't be judged tho- 
ougly fufficient for thofe who 
m\[ dive into the full knowledge 
)f both Languages , neverthelefs 
t is abundant enough to be a 
^ood Introdudion to them , and will 
3e to thofe that are more advan- 
:ed an ufeful Pocket -Companion 
:hat will always anfwer their ex- 
The improvements which will 

T E peu d'efpace dans lequel les 
1^ premiers RedaBcurs de cet Ou- 
vrage font parvenus a faire entrer 
prefque tons les mots des deux Lan-* 
gues , que contiennent des Di6lion-^ 
naires beaucoup plus volumineux , doit 
etre rcgardc comme le travail d'une. 
indujlrie utlc ; & on ne peut sem- 
pkher de reconnoitre I'avantage qui 
devoit en refulter pour les voyageurs 
& pour tous ceux qui s'appliquent a 
Vitude du Francois. Quoiqu'il nt 
puiffe pas etre regardi comme entii" 
renicnt fufifant a ceux qui veulenC 
approfondir la connoijfance de I'une 
ou I'autre Langue , neunmoins il ejl 
ajfez^ riche pour en faciliter Us moyens; 
& il offie a ceux qui font plus avan- 
cis , un Manuel comrnode & portutify 
qui repondra toujours d leur atte/item 

Lis ameliorations qui rcndront 

tiv ^ Avis. 

cette troijitme Edition preferable aux 
iieux preccdentes , confijlent dans Us 
joints fuivans : 

1.° Tous les termes de Marine 
quon a pu y faire entrer fans une 
explication que les homes de cet Ou- 
vrage nous interdifoient ^ ont eti in' 
feres a leur place dans tune & Vau- 
ire Parties , & conformement au plan 
fuivi par les premiers Auteurs de ce 
DiHionnaire ; cette addition impor- 
iante ne fe trouvoit jufqua la publi- 
cation de la derniere Edition de Vou- 
vra^e de Boyer , dans aucun des 
DiH'ionnaires Anglois & Francois 
aBuellement exiflans. 

2.° On a donne les plus grands 
foins a la revifion generule des deux 
Parties Nous nous fornmes attaches 
non-feulement a corriger les fautes 
<jui fe trjuvoient dans I'orl'wgraphe 
de nombre de mots , mais encore 
celles qui concernoierit leur vraie Jigni- 
fication\ fouvent elle netoit pas jujle^ 
queiquefois die netoit pas comple- 
iement exprimee. Nous riclamons Im" 
dulgence de nos Letleurs pour Us ne- 
gligences qui, rnalgre nous, peuvent 
avoir echappj d notre attention , & 
nous devons ejpirer que U nombre en 
fira tris-pctu» 

II. The utmoft Care has been 
taken in a general revifion of both 
Parts ; we have not only endea- 
voured to correal the faults in the 
fpelling of feveral Words , but 
thofe that fometimes concerned 
the true fignification of fome oi 
them which has proved often to 
be falfe or not completely explai- 
ned. We beg the - Reader's Indul- 
gence for thofe that unwillingl)* 
may have efcaped our Attentior 
3nd hope that the Number oftheili 
will bs very inconfiderable. 

A D V T C ^. 

ill. In the foregoing Edition the 
Editor has very often omitted in 
the Second Part to point out the 
nature of the English Verbs ; he 
has contented himfelf with defi- 
gning a great many of them as 
verbs , without indicating whether 
they were active or muter accor- 
ding to their nature. We have 
correfted this omiflion of which 
many inftances were often found 
in the Tame page, 

IV. The prefent Edition will 
moreover afford to the French 
who intend to learn the English 
Tongue an ufeful Addition , vi{ : 
the table of all the participles and 
preterits of the irregular English 
Verbs , with which they cannot 
be acquainted without a further 
knowledge of the English Tongue, 
and this v/ork being only an in- 
trodudion to it , it will be gene- 
rally allowed that fuch an Addi- 
tion is as neceflary as it will prove 


3.® Ceux qui ont donni l^ Edition 
precedente , ont tres~fiuven£ neglige 
dans la feconde Panic d'indiqutr 
/'efpece des verbes anglois ; on s*eji 
borne a les difipier comme verbes, 
fans fpecifier s'ils etoient a£lifs ou 
neutres ; nous avons repare cctte 
cmijjion dont une mime page cffroU, 
fouvent d€ nombrsux exempUs^ 

4." VEdition que nous donnons 
au Public^ prefentera encore une addi- 
tion intereffante pour les Francois 
qui vculent apprendre I' Anglois, Elk 
conjifle dans la Table des Particip^s 
des verbes anglois irre'guliers dontoa 
ne pent avoir connoijfance quaprhs 
avoir fait quelques progres dans la 
Langue. Cet Ouvrage itant particu" 
lierement dc (line pour les commencjns^ 
on nconnoitra aifiment la. r.eccfptc. 
d'une addition dont Vufage prouvcra 
encore mieux VutUiti^ 



A, flands for Adje6liYe; 

ad. Adverb. 

c, Conjunftlon, 

inu Interjeftion, 

p/. Plural. 

■pr, Prepofitlon. 

j^ro. Pronoun. 

fm. Subftantive Mafcullne^ 

sf. Subflantive Feminine. 

f. Subflantive of both Genders. 

VJ. Verb A6llve. 

vn. Verb Neuter. 

rr. Verb Refleded or Reciprocal 

V, Verb A£live and Neuter. 
a. Bojth Genders, 



a. fignifie AdjeSlif^ 

ad. Adverbe, 

c. ConjonBlon. 

int. JnterjeHion* 

pi. Pluriel. 

pr. Pre'pojitlon^ 

pro. Pronom, 

fm. Subftizntif Mafculini 

sf. Subftantif Fem'tnin. 

f. Subjlantif des deux genres^ 

va. Varbe ABif, 

vn. Verbe Neutre, 

Vr. F^r^e Riflechi cu F^r^^ /JeVi- 

V. Verbe ABif & Neutre, 
2. indiquc Us deux genres^ 





Containing the French before the English. 

A B 

Apr. to , at 
Acheval, on horfehack 
A.baiftement , j'm. abajhrnnt 
Abaiffe, sf. under- c r ufi ^ in 

Abaiiler , va. to ahafe; lower 
Abaifleur , fm. dcprejfor 
Abandon > abandoning 
A rabandon, ad, inconfufion 
Ahandonne , fm. a rake 
Abandonnee , ,»/, profiltuti 
Abandonnement ,ffn. aban- 
doning j profligacy. 
Abandoaner , va. to forfahe. 
Abaque , /hz. plinth. 
Abal'ourdir , va. to break 

one's head, 
Abatage , fm. charge of cha- 
ring aforsjit 

A B 

lAbatant, shutter 
I Abdtardir , v.i. to corrupt. 
I AbaLardifTemsnt, /7n. corrz/^ 
) Abat-jour , sky -light. [ tion 
\ Abatis i offcil ; ru!;hisli. 
Abattee , sf. cafting , falling 

Abattement, fr. dejeclion 
Abatteur , anile' 
Abattre , va. to pull down , 
to camcn. 

. vn. to fall off y cafi. 

Abattil , e , J. afpacLd 
Abattur js , sf toiling 
Abat-vent , fm. pent-houfe of 
a jLeple ; f~nce againji 
Abbatial , a. of, or belonging 
to an abbots 

A B 

Abb aye, sf. ah by 
Abbe , Jm. abbot 
Abbefie , ahhefs 
A , b , c , primer 
Abdication , sf. — tion. 
Abdiquer, va. to abdicate^ 
Abdomen , fn. abdomen^ 
Abducteur , a. f. — tor 
Abdudiio'n , sf — tion 
Abecedaire, a. 2. f. novice 
Abe2 , sf. dam ; bay. 
Abeille, sf. a b;e 
A.bequer , va^ to feed a bird, 
Abetir^ to Jiupfy 
AbhvTr. er , to ah/wr 
Abji.<^ion, sf. —tion 
AdJccI, a. ahjeci , miav? 
Abima , fm. a byfs 
Abjucation , sf -^tion 

& A B 

.Abjurer , va. to abjure 
Ablatif , fm. abUiive 
Ablette , sf. blay or bleak 
Abluti Dn, — tion 
ilbnegation, — tion. 

A B 

Aboucher , >•/?. to bring per- 

fans together 
S 'aboucher , vr. to confer 
Ah oui ,fin. end butt end 
Aboutir, vn. toborder on: end 

vAboi, aboimer.t,y«. barking. \ Aboutiflaat , fm. abutment; 
£tre aux abois , to be at the ! abuttals, 

^^fi g^fP' Aboutifl'ement, liking piece 

,Tenir en aboi, va. to keep at< Abri, shelter 

bay. Aboyant , a. barking 

'Abolir , va. to abolish ; to] Aboyer, vn. to bark 

abrogate. j Aboyeur, frn. barker ; dun 

'Aboliftement ,fm. annulling | Abiege , fm. abridgment 
Abolition,^/ — tion. [acrime } En zhi6g6, shortybricfly 
Xettres d'abolition,pfl.--Jt;/zc/{ Abrdger , va. to abridge 
Abominable , a. 2. — nable \ Pour abrdger , to be short 
Abominablement , ad. — bly Abrdviateur , fm. — tor 

Abomination , sf. — tion 
Avoir en — to abominate 
]6tre en — to be abomnated 
Abonclamment , ad. abun- 
dantly. I 
Abondance, sf. abundance 
Abondant , e, a. abundant 
Abonder , vn. to abound 
Abonnement , fm. agreement 
S'abonner , vr. to bargain 
Abonnir, va. to mend, [ fort 
Abord, fm. accefs; attach; re- 
D'abord , ad. forthwith 
A-bord , ad. aboard 
Abordable, a. 2. acccjfble.^fm.boardirig.[!and 
Aborder,va to accofl; board; 
Aborner , tofet boundaries- 
Abortif , ve , a. abortive 
Abortif, fm. abortive child 
Aiduchement , eonfirence 

Abrdriatlon, sf. — tion 
Abreuver , va. to water. 
S'abreuver , vr. to drink 

plentifully. [place 

Abreuvoir , fm. watcri.ig- 
A I'abri , ad. sheltered. 
Abricot , fm. apricot 
Abricote , candied apricot 
A^bricotier , apricot-tree 
Abnter , va. to shelter 
Abrogation , sf. — tion 
Abroger , va. to abrogate 
Abrotone , sf. fouthernwood 
Abrutir , va. to befot. 
AbrutifTement , fm. brutish- 

Abfces , fm. abfcefs 
Abfence , sf. abfence 
Abfent , a , a.f abfent. [felf 
S'abfcncer,yr. to abfent one's 
Abfid?, sf arch , vault. 

A G 

Abfinthe , sf wormwood 
Biere d'abfinthe , purl 
Abfolu , e, a. abfolute 
Abfolument _, a ahfolutdy 
Abfolution , sf. — tio". 
Abiblutoire , a. 2. abflitor^ 
Abforbant , a. f. abforbtnt . 
Abforber , va. to abforb . 
Abforption , sf. — tiQU j 
Abfoudre , va. to abfolvc 
Abilemc , a. s. abflemious 
S'Abilenir , vr. to abftain, 
Abilergent , a. s. abfizrgent 
Abfterger , va. to cleanfe & 

Abderfif, ve. a. abfterfivt 
Abilerfion , sf — fion 
Abilinence, — nence 
Abflment, e. a. — nent 
Abih-a£iion , sf. — tion 
Par abftraclion,d!^. abflrae^^ 

Abfcraire , va. to abjlracl 
A.bfi'rait , e. a. ahfiracied 
Abil:rus , e. abftrufe 
Abi'urde , a. 2. abj'urd 
Abfurdemcnt , ad. abfurdly 
Abfurdite , sf — dity. [fraud 
Abus , fm. abuft ; error ^ 
Abufer , va. to abufe ; to 
Ahnfeur, fm.feducer. [deceive 
Abulif , ve. a. abufive 
Abiifiveraent , ad. abufively 
Abuter, va. to throw who 

shall go firfi. [ ruin 

Abymer , to fwallow up ; to 
Acihit yfn. good or bad tajie 

of fruits^ . 

A C 

Acacia , fin. acacia {a tree) 
^cademicien , memherofan 

Uadcmie , sf. academy 
Vcadimique , a. 2. — mical 
Uadimiquement , ad. aca^ 

vcademifte , fm. acadsmifi 
^'acagnarder , vr, to bcfot 
one's fdf. 
I Lcar.thabole , fm. — holus 
\ icanthe, sf. beards breech 
'■ icsLre,fm. — rus; handworm 
'' Lcariatre, a. ^. peevish 
I icarre , fm. fort of rochet 
j L ciafe de , c. becaufc that 
caafe que , becauje that 
ccablant , e. a. grievous 
Lccablement,//n. opprejjion; 

Lccabler , va. to overwhelm 
Lccaiiarer , to forcfiall 
Lccaftillage Jm.poop Qcfo- 

icceder , vn. to accede 
Lcc^lerateur, fm. — rator 
Acceleration , sf — tion 
Vcceierer , va. to accelerate 
Ucent , fm. accent 
*LCcentuer , va. to accent 
Vceeptable , a, i. rcafcnable 
^cceptant, e. f accepter 
licceptation , sf acceptance 
Accepter , va. to accept 
Ikccepteur , fm. accepter 
Uception , sf. — tion 
V.cces , fm. acccfs ; Jits 
iCQQiVihle, a. 2. acc^'Jfible 

A C 

Acceffion , sf accefs 
Acceffoire , fm. acceffory 
Accident , accident 
Accldentel , le. a. — dental 
Accidentelk-ment, ad.acci- 
Accife , sf.excife. [ dentally. 
Acclamation , —tion 
Acclamper , vn. to clump 
Accolade , sf. embrace 
Accoler , va. to clip and coll 
Accommodablc , a. i. that 

may be accommodated. 
Accommodage, fm. d'-ejfng 
of meat. [natured. 

Accommodant, e. a. good 
AccommoHation , sf. — tion 
Acc>mmode , e. a. well pro- 
vided for ; dreji out. 
Accommodement, fm. agree- 
ment ; expedient. 
Accommoder, va. to accom- 
modate ; to drefs. 
S'accommoder , vr. to make 

much of one's fef. 
Accompagnateur , fm. com- 

Acc.imaagnement , retinue ; 

accompany in ^ 
Accompagner, va. to ac- 
company ; attend; match. 
S'accompagner , vr. to keep 

Accomplif, accomplish 
AccompliiTement , fm, ac- 
comvlishment. [ one^s fclf. 
S'accoquiner , vr. to b;fot 
Accoquiner , va. to bcfot 
Accord , fm. agreement 

AC ^ 

D'accord , ad. agreed 
Accordable , a. i. grantahle. 
Accoi'dailies , sf. efpoufals 
Accordd ,fm. bridegroom 
Accordeej sf bride, [concile, 
Accorder , va. to grant ; re-. 
— un inftrument , to tune. 
S'accorder , vr. to agree 
AccornQ , e. a. horned 
Accort , e. a. complaifant j 

Accoftable, a, 1. affahU 
Accofter , ViZ. to accojl 
Accoter , to prop up 
S'accoter , vr. to lean 
Accotoir, fm. prop 
Accoiichee , sf. woman in 

child bed. 
Accouchement, ;^«. delivery 
Accoucher , va. to lay a wo~ 

Accoucher, vn. to be brought 
to bed. [ wifei 

Accoucheur , fm. man-mid" 
Accoucheufe, sf jnidwife. 
S'accouder , vn. to lean on 
one^s elbow, [place 

Accoudoir y fm. a leaning 
Accouple , sf a leash, [tion. 
Accouplement , fm. copula^ 
Accoupler , va. to couple 
Accourcir , to shorten 
Accourciflcment, fm. shor-. 

Accourir , vn. to run to. 
Accoutrement , fm. garb 
Accoutrer , va. to accoutre, 
AcGOUtumance , sf, habi%^ 

4 A C 

Aceoutum^, e. a. ufual 
Accoutumer, va. to accuflom. 
Accrediter, to give ejhem 
S'accrdditer , vr. get a name 
Accretion , sf. accretion 
Accroc , fm. rent ; book 
Accroche , sf. hindrance 
Accrocber , v. to hang on a 

hook ; catch , delay. 
Accroire ( en faire ) , va. im- 

pofe on. 
Accroire ( s'en faire ), r/2. 

to be fef- conceited. 
AccroifTement, fm. increafe 
Accroitre , vn. to augment 
3'accroupir , vr. to fquat 

upon thi tail. 
Accroupiffement , fm. fit- 
ting fquat on the tail. 
Accru , e. a. Increafed 
AccvlqW , fm. reception, itake 
AccueillJr, va. receive j ovcr- 
Accul, fm.flraitnefs. 
Acculement>, fm. rifing of 

the timbers. [ to it 

Acculer , va. to put one hard 
S'acculer , vr. to be pooped. 
Accumulation , sf. — tion 
Accumuler , va. accumulate 
A ecu fable , a. l. hlameable 
Accufarcur, trice./ accufer 
Accufatif, fm. accufative 
Accufation , sf. — tiun 
Accuf^ , fm. party accnfed 
Accufer, Va. to accufc 
Accufer la re'ception cfune 

iettre, to notify the receipt 

fifa letter. 

A C 

Accufer fon jea , to call 
cnc^s game. 

Acenfemcnt, fm. leafe. 
Accnfcr y va. to leafe 
Ace: be , a. a. acerb; four 
AcCiCr , va. to Jieel 
Achalander , to get cujlom 
Acharnement , fm. rage 
Acharner , va. to enrage 
Achat , fm. purckafc 
Ache, sf. f mall age 
Achemlnement , fm. means 

to brin^ a thing about. 
Acheminer , va. to forward 
Acheter, to purchafe ^ buy 
Acheteur , i^. f. pur chafer 
Acheve , e. a. perfccl 
Achevement , fm. finishing 
Achevcr, va. to finish 
Achoppement, /w. ohjiaclc; 

rub i flumbling. 
Acide, a. 2. acid 
Acidit^., sf. acidity 
Aciduler , va. to make four 
Acler , fm. flcel 
Acolyte, acolyth 
Aconit , wolf's-bans 
Acorer , va. to prop 
Acores , pi. props , shores 
Acquereur , purchafer 
Acqudrir ,. va. to acquire 
Acquet , fm. acqucfi 
Acquiefcement , compliance 
Acquiefcer, vn. to acquicfce 
Acquis , fm. knowledge 
Accuiution , sf — tion 
Acquit , fm. acquittance 
Acquit de douane , cocket 

A D 

Par maniere d'acquit , ad^ 

Acqultter , va. to clear 
Acre , a. 2. sharp 
A.cre , sf acre 
Aerate , sharpnefs 
Acrimonie , acrimony 
Acroitiche , Jm. acrofiie 
Acroteres , acroters 


A6;es , records 
Acteur, trice. yl aclor; aclrefs, 
Aftif, ve. a. aclive. [to ons 
D ettes afflives , sf. dtbts dun 
A<ftion, aciion ; share in ftock. 
Se mettre en — vn. to fly into 

a p ajjio n. \_^iv ing 

k€t\ons de graces, sf. thankf- 
k^ionr.z\xQ,fm. fiock-holder, 
Aflionner, va. to fuz 
A(^ivement , ad. actively 
Activlte , sf. activity 
Att^el , le , a. aSlual. [ time 
Aduell'jment, ad. at this 
Acutangle, i. acuteangular. 
KAdiVQ, fm. adage. {ply 

Adapter , va, to adapt ; ap- 
Addition, sf. addition. 
Additionnel, le. a. addition 

Additionner J va. to caflup 
Ademption , sf. ademption. 
Adepte , fn. adept 
Adcxtrd , a. on the right hand 
Adherence , sf adherence 
Adherent , e. a. f adherent 
Adherer, adhere 
Adh^flon , sf. adhefion 

A D 

\.(^]zcent , e. a. adjacent 
idianre yfm. maiden-hair 
A'l^CtSyjm. adjcHlve 
.djeflivement , ad. — vely 
.djetflion , sf. adjeaion 
.dieu » ad. adieu 
)ire — to bid farcv,'cl 
.dicu- va , int. about ship 
djoindre, va. to adjoin 
.djoint , fm. ajjlfiant 
.djonftion , sf. adjunction 
.dipeax, fe. a. adipons 
.djudicataire , fm. hi^heji 
.djudication , sf. adjudging 
.djuger y va. to adjuge 
adjuration, sf. adjuring 
.dj jrsr , va. to adjure 
idmsttre , to admit 
.diTiinicule, fm. aid 
Ldminiftirateur , manager 
ulmlniftiation , sf, — tion 
idminiftratrice , — -tratrix 
idminiftrer , va. adminifiir 
kdniirable , a. a. admirabU 
•-dmirablement , ad. — rahly 
KAmxtd^tQUx , fm. admirer 
^dmiratif, a^ exprejjive of 

Vd mi ration , sf. — tion 
lavi en — , taken up with 

^.dmiratrice ^ she admirer 
TLd'-Tiirer , v a. to admire 
(^dmiffible , a. 2. allowa- 
A^dmifTion , sf. admijjion 
.\dmoneter , va^ to wa.;n 

A D 

Admoniteur ^fm. monitor 
Admonition , sf. warning 
Adoleicencc, adoUfcency 
Adolefcent , fn. youth 
Adonis , a beau; fpark 
S'adonil'er , vr, to trick one's 

fdf out. 
S'adonner , vr. to addict 

on'es fdf. 
Adoptar , va. to adopt 
Adoptif , ve. a. adoptive 
Adaption , sf. adoption 
Adorable , a. a. adorable 
Adorateur , fm. adorer 
Adoration , sf. adoration 
Adorer , va. to adore 
Ados , fm. shelving bed 
AdolTement , backirig 
Adofler, va. back to back;. 

firengthen backwards. 
Adouber, to repair 
Adoucir , to fwecten; ap- 

ptafe ; tame. 
S'adoucir , vr. to become 

fweet ; to relent, 
Adouciiiant , fm. fweetning 
Adouciffement , fuftening ; 

allay ; mediur/i. 
Adragant, gum-dragant 
Adreffant,. e. a, directed to 
Adreffc ^'sf. direction, of a 

letter ; addrefs 
Tour d' — , Icgcr de main 
Adrefler , v. to addrefs ,• hit 
the mark ; direct. 

S adrelier , vr. to ap. 

A F fi 

Adroitsment, ad.dextroujly 
Adventif, vs. a. — :itiou4 
Adverbe y fm. adverb 
Adverbial , e. a. — bial 
Adverbialement, ad. — ally 
Adverfaire , / — fary 
Adverfatif , ve , a. — tive 
Adverfe , a. i. adverfe 
Advernte , sf. adverfiy 
Adulateur, fm. adulator 
Adulation , sf. flattery 
Adulatrice , fiutterer 
AdultCj a. 2. adult. [ dulterof 
Adultere , fm. adultery ; a- 
Adaitere, sf. adultere fs. 
Adultere, a. z. adulterous 
Adukenn, e. born in adultery 
JEohpyls , fm. czolipyle 
Aere , e. a. well-aired 
Aerer ^ va. to air ( by fuml-r 

gstion. ) 
Ae'rier. , ne. a. czthaeal 
Aeromancie , sf. a. aera^i 

Aeiometrie, aerometry 
Affability, —hility 
Affable , a. 2. ajfable 
Aiicablement , ad. affably. 
Affadir , v. to cloy 
Affaire , sf. affair. 
Faire — ^ to conclude a hufi^\ 


Adroit J e, a. dcxtroui 
Adi'oit, sharp flUw 


(Po.nt d'affaire) 


Affaire , e. a. bujy. 

Affaifiement , fm. finking 
Affaiffer ., va. to prcfs dov/rt 
S'affaiffer, vr. to fink dawn. 
A ii^ 

C A F 

jAffaler , va. to lower 

S'affalcr , vr- to be embayed 

Affamer , to famish 

AlTams , e. a. greedy of 

j^freiration , sj. —-tion 

Affcae, c. a. affuHcd. 

,Affe£ler, va. to affecl; mort- 
9,affc • appropriate. 

S'aiTeai^r , vr. to be affec- 

,Affe«flif , ve. a. that moves 
th-i affeclions, 

A'ffeftion , sf affcci'-on 



Affeifiior.ner , va. to love 
Affefci'.eufenient , ad. kindly 
Affwiflueux, f'e. a. nffeaLor.ate 
/iffermer, va. tofa'm-^ rent 
AiTvirmir , to flrengthcn 
Affermiffement , fm. fup- 

port ; fir&ngthining. 
AflPete, e, a. afftcied 
AfTiiterie , sf. affecl.ition 
J\ mche , bill pojicd up 
AtHcher , va. to pofi up 
Aiiide , e. a. trujiy 
Anilar , to sharpen 
Afnliation , sf. filiation ; 

Affilier, va. to adopt 
Afanage , fm. afflnage 
Aranement, refining 
AiHaer , va. to refine, 
A^Hnerie, sf. finery 
Aftineur , fm. refiner 
Aftlr.iti^, sf affinity 
/iffinoir y Jhit h^ahd 

A F 

Affiquets , pretty ornaments 
Afiirir.atif , vc. a. pcrcm- 

Aftirma'iion , sf. — tion 
Affi: mativc , — tive. 
Afiimativement , cd poftti- 

Afxlcmer , va, to cffrm , to 

Aiiieu:er , to level; to fay 
AfHia:if , ve. a. affiictivi. 
AlTliaion , sf afjUdion 
Affligeant, e. a. affuaing 
Aiiliger , va. to afflixi ; 

qricve , trouble. 
A'tluencc, sf. afflu:nce 
Ah'uent, e. a. flowing 
\ Afilaer, vn. to refort ; abound 
Affoiblir , va. to weaken 
Aftoibliffemeiit , fm. weake- 
Affoler , va, to infatuate 
Aftorage, fm. affr^ed price 
Afforer^ affeurer, va. fodder 
AiFourcher , to moor accrofs 
Afti-anchir, va. to ft free 
— une lettre , to frank 
AiTranchiiTement , fm. deli- 
very ; exemption. 
Affircs , sf. great fright. 
AiTicteiSnentj fm. hire of a 
AiTrete4, va, to hire, [ship 
Affreteik^, fm. freighter 
AfFreuf^jnent , ad. horribly 
AffreuxL ie. a. dnadful, hi- 
de ous\ frighrful. 
AfFriander , va. to ufidain- 
tlQs I to allurit 

A G 

AfFront , fm, affront ; ill 

Affronter, v^. to face ; cheat 
Amonterie , sf cheat. 
Attiontear , {a.f a cheat 
AfFubler , va. to muffle up 
AfFdt , fm. frame of a cannon 
£tre a I'affut, to watch an 
i opportunity. 
Affutage , fm. fet of tools 
Affuter , va. sharpen ; mount 
Afia que , c. to the end that— ' 
Ana de , in order to — 
Afrique , sf. Africa 
Agace , magpye. [ edgs 

Agacement, fm. fetting an 
Agaccr , va. to fet an edge i 

to intici ; vex. 
Agacerie , sf inticemcnt 
Agapes , love-feafls 
Agaric, fm. agarick 
Agate , sf. agate 
Age , fn. age. 
Bas-age, childhood 
Age vjril , manhood 
Agd , e. a. aged 
Agencs, sf. agency. 
Agencement , fm. arrange" 

Agsncer, va. to fet in order. 
Agenda , fm. mefr.orandum- 

S'agenoulIIer, vr. to kneel 

Asrent , fm. a^ent 
Aggi'aver , va. to c^^gravcte 
Agile , a. 1. agile ; nitnblc.\ 
Agilsmentj ad, nimh'y 

A G 

Agilit^, sf. agility 
Agio ,Jm, cour/c of exchange 
A^iot, mean trinkets 
Agiotage , fiock-johbing 
Agiotsr , va. to Jiock~job 
Agioteur, fm.Jlock-johhcr 
Agir , vn. to aci 
AgifTant , e. a. flirring 
Agitation, sf, agitation 
Agiter , va. to agitate , tofs^ 

Agaeau, fm. Iamb 
Agneler, va. to ean 
Agnelet , fm. lambkin 
Agonie , sf. a^ony 
Agonifant, e. a, dying 
Agonifer , vn, to bd at the 

point of death. 
Agraffe , ./. clafp 
Agraffer , va. to clafp 
Agraira , a. 2. agrarian 
Agrandir , va. to enlarge 
Agrandiffcment , y/;z. enlar- 

gin9, j promotion. 
Agreable , a, 2. a'greeahls 
Avoir pour — , to permit 
Agreer ,va. to allow ; accept 

cf;pUafe. \. ^hip 

Agrder un valfieau , to rig a 
Agreeur , fm. rigger* 
Agregation , sf admiffion 
Agrege, fm. fdlow 
Agreger , va. to admit 
Agr^ment , agrc^ablenefs ■ 

Agreir.ens , ornaments ; 
^$'^^ i rigging, [charms 

A I 

AgrefTcur , fm. aggrejfor 
Agreflion , sf. affault 
Agreile, a. 2. clownish 
Agvic-.uture , sf. — ture 
S'agriucr , vr. to cling fafi 
Aerimoine, sf. agrimony 
AgrJGphage , fm. — phagos 
Agiipaume, J-/! mother-wort 
Agripper, vj. to fnatch-jpilfer 
Agnevcir, train up to ivar. 
S'aguerrir, vr. to inure one*s 
felf. [ wait 

Aguets, (etre aux) to lie in 
Ah ! int. ah ! oh I cUs I 
Ahan , fm. ado 
Ahaner , vn, to toil 
Aheurtc , c. a. ohfiinate 
Aheur:ement,_/?,'2. objilnacy 
S'aheurter, vr. to he objilnate 
Aide, sf. aid ■ chapd cf eafz 
Aids, fm. hdper , adjacent 
A I'aide ! help ! 
Aider, va. to help ; aid 
Aides J sf fuhfdies 
Aigayer , va. tofoak; water 
Aigie,/ eagle 
Aiglettes, sf. eaglets 
Aigipriffm. eaglit 
Aigre, a. z.four; brittle 
Aigre, fn. fourncfs 
Aigre de cedrQ,fm. sherh-st 
Aigre-doux, a.fourfweet 
Aigvzfin^f'n. fort ofv/hiting 
Aigrefin, a. sharper 
Aigrelet, e. a. tan ; fourish 
Aigrement, ad. fever cly 
Aigret, c. a. fourish. [ thers. 

A I 7 

Aigreur , sharpncfs 

Aigrir , va. to irritate , to 

S'aigrir , vr. to turn four; to 
A'.ga, e. a. sharp. \be angry 
Mente aigue, sffpearmint 
Aiguade , fresh water 
— — watering place 
Aiguc-marine, sf. fort of pre- 
Aiguicr:?, £«/£/- \ciousJlohe, 
Aiguicrce , ewer-full 
Aiguille, needli ifpire; hand 

of a -watch 
Aigiiillee, needle-full 
Aiguiiiier, fm. needle-maker 
Aiguillette, sf. tagged point 
Aiguiihtter , va. to tiev/ith 

points. [tockrldders 

Aiguiilertes , pi. upper fut- 
Aiguillier,_/7ri. needle-cafe 
AiguUIon, a goad;ftlng 
Aiguillonneii-j va. to incite 
AigLiifer , to sharpen 
Aiguifemenl ,y^. sharpening 

Alle , wirig ; fweep ; ffl^ of 
Aile , e. a. winged 
A\lQi-on^fm.fn;fma II wing 
Ailerons , %i''ings of a v,'ater- 

mill \_shos 

Ailctre , sf. fide lining of a 
Aillade, sf garlick-rag^o 
Ailleurs , ad, elfswhen 
D'ailleurs, otherwifc: hefdes 
Aimable , a. 2. amiable 
Aimant , fm. icadfione 
Aimanter , va. to touch with 

tk^ Ioi2djion>i 

S A I 

Ainiantin , e. a. magnetic 
Ainier , va. to love ; like 
Aimer niicux, tochufe rather 
Bhn-aimi , e. a. w:ll-bdo- 

vcd; darling 
Ain ,/«. shark hook 
Aine , sf. groin 
Aine , e, a. eldcfl. 
Ah\6 tfm. eldzjl Jo n 
Ainee , sf. eldcfi daughter 
Ain6 , fm. elder; older 
Aineffe, sf. eldership 
Droit d'ainefle, birth-right 
Ainfi , ad. fo y thus 
Ajournement , fummons 
Ajourner , va. to fummon 
Ajouter, va. to add 
Air , fm. air 

En I'air , ad. extravagantly 
K\x y fm, manner I carriage 
Airain, hrafs 

A'ire,sf area; wind; the clear. 
Aire, barn-floor; airy {nefi 

of a bird of prey ) 
A'trer , vn. to make one^s airy 
AiSyfm. boa'-d 
Ais de carton , pajle-board 
Aifance, j/I eafe {Inmanncrs) 
A>.ifances , privy 
Aife , a. 2.. glad 
Aife , sf cafe 
A I'aife , ad. ivith eafe 
Aife , e. a. eafy ; rich 
Aifement , ad. eafily 
Aifement , fm. privy 
Aiffelle , sf. arm-pit 
Ai'iIieu,y7Tj. axle-tici 
Ajufl:*^, e. a.fttU 

A t 

Ajufl^, attired 
Ajiiftement, adjufllng 
Ajiifiemens , conveniencles 
A j after, va. to adjuji 
Alumbic , fm. limbec 
S'alambiquer, vr. to pu-^Tje. 
A\a.n ,fm. hound. Ifea 

Aiargiier, vn. to Jiand off to 
Alarmc, sf alarm. 
Alarmsr , va. to alarm 
Albatre ,/to. alabajltr 
Albran , a youn^ wild drake 
Alchymie , sf alchymy 
Alchymifte, fm. alchymJJl 
Alcoran , alcoran 
Alcove , sf alcove 
Alcyon , Jm. king's fshsr 
Alette y a. 2. brisk 
Alegrement , ad. briskly 
Alegieff^ , sf joy. 
Alene , an awl 
Alenicr y fn. awl-maker 
Alentour, ad. roundabout 
Alcrte, a, 1. aUrt 
Aleu (franc ) fm. freehold 
Alevin, young fy 
Aleviner , va^ to flock a pond 

A L 

Aligner, va. to lay out by line 
Aliment, y^. aliment ; food 
Alimens , alimony 
Aismenter , va. to maintain 
Aiimsnteux, fe, a. nutritive 
Alinea yfm. alinea 
Aliquote, sf. aliquot part 
S'aliter, vr. to keep one's bed 
AUfes ( vents) a. trade-winds 
Alkali, /ot. alkaline 
Alkalifer, va. to alkaiife 
Ailaiter , to fuckle 
A Hans be venans , fm. goers 

and comers. 
Allechement, allurement 
Alle'che , va. to allure 
Aliee, sf entry ; walk 
Allegation , quotation 
Allege, a tender ; lighter 
AHegement, fm. alleviation 
AUegety va. to eafe; lighten 
Alldgorie, sf allegory 
Allegorique, a. 2. — rical 
AUdgoriquement^ ai. — rz- 


AUe'gorifer, f<i. to allegorifc. 
j Ali(^gorifte , fm. allegorifl 
Alezan , e. a. forrel colour, j AUeguer,. va. to alledge 
A\^d.r ide, sf. infu It [cal Alleluia. , Jm. wood-forrcl 

Algebraiquc, a. 2. Algebrai- 
Algebra , sf. Algebra 
Alg^brifte , fm, algebrifi' 
Alidade, crofs-fljff 
Alienable , a. 2. alienable: 
Alii^nation , sf ne tion 
Ali6n6 y e. a. infane 
Allener, va. to alienate 
Allgnemen? , fm, line y row 

Alleluia ,praifc the Lord 
Allemande, sf almain 
Alter , vn. to go. [tals; allay 
Airiage,_/7n. mixture of mc- 
AUiance, sf. — cc; covenant. 
Allie , e. f. relation ; ally 
AUier , va. to allay ; mix 
S'aliicr , vr. to match. 
AHocati<?n , sf allomana jft 
an accotmtt. 

A L 

Mlocutlon , sf. — tlon 
Allodial, e. a. —dial ; free 
Ailodialite , sf. freehold. 
Allouabie , a. allowable. 
Alloud , frn. journeyman 
AUouer, va. to allow 
AUumer, va. to light 
Allumette > sf. a match 
Allu.-ne'ar,yOT. tixz jnuffer 
Allure , sf gait ; paci ; trim 
Alluiion , — fori ; quibble 
Alluvion, — vion 
Almanach ^fm. almanack 
Almandine, sf fort of ruby 
Aloes yjm. aloss 
Aloi , alley 
De has aloi , ad. mean 
Alonge , sf thing-piece 
Alongemsnt , fm, lengthe- 
Alonger, vn. to lengthen 
Alopecie , sf. foxes evil 
Alors, ad. at that time; then ! 
Alofe , sf a shed 
AlouztZc , a laik. 
Alourdir , va. to dull [ribs ■ 
Aloyau ( dc bceuf )y/n. short \ 
Aloyer , va, to allay. j 

Alphabet ,yrz. alphahett 
Alphabetique, a. i. — betical 
Alphabetiquement, ad. — ti- 


Alterable , 2. a. charigeabU 
Alte'rant, c. a. that caufs 

thirfi. I 

Alter atif, ve. a. alterative 
Alteration , sf adulteration i 
Altercation , contcfi 1 

A M 

Alter^ , e. a. thi>-fly 
Altdrd , fm. a griping mifcr 
Alterer, va. to caufc tkirjl ; 

to diforder ; to fpoil' 
Alternatif , ve. a. alternate ' 
Alternative, sf — tive. [tely 
Altsrnativcmer.t , ad. — na- 
Alteme , e. a, alternate 
Aheffs , sf highncfs 
Altler , e. a. haughty 
Altimecrie, sf altimetry 
Alveole , cell; tooth-focket 
Alumineux , fe. a. allumi- 

Alun, fm. allum. 
Aluner , va. tojlcep in allum- 

Aluniere, sf allum-mine 
Amabilite , sf amiablenefs 
Amadou , fm. tinder 
Amadouement , fondling 
Amadoucr , v.i. tofcndls 
Amaigrir , va. to make lean 
S'amaigrir , vr. to grow lean, 

to fa' I away. 
AmaigrilTcment ^fm. falling 

Amalgamation, sf. — tion 
Amalgame,yk. —gama 
Amalgasner , va. to amalga- 
Amande, almond; kernel 
Amanda, /ot. almond-milk. 
Amandic-r , alm.or.d-tree. 
Amant , lover 
Amante, sf fweet-heart 
Ainarante, amaranthus 
Amarincr , va. to man. 

AM 9 

Amarrage , fm. anchoring , 

Ainarre , sf a rope. 
Amarrer, vd. tomakcfajl 
A mas , fm. heap 
AmaiTer , va. to heap up 
S'amaffer , vr. to" gather 
Amaffeur, ^Q, f. heaper up 
Amateur , fm. virtuofo; lover 
Amazor.c , sf amaion 
Amhsigss, preambles; circum- 

AmbaiTade, embajfy 
AmbaiTadeur , fm. amhajfa- 

Ambaffadrice, j/. ambajfa- 

Am/Defas ,/m. ambs-cce. 
Ambidextre, a. 2. — dexter 
Ambigu, e. a. ambiguous 
Ambigu,/^. medley 
Anibiguite, sf ambiguity 
Amblgument, ad. — guoujly 
Ambiticufement, —ticujly 
Ambitieax, is. a. ambitious 
Ambition , sf ambition 
Ambitionner , va. to ajfcH 
Amble, y^Ti. ambU 
Ambler , vn. to amhlc 
An^bleur , fm. officer of the 

king's fables. 
Ambre, fm. amber 
Ambrer, va. to perfume, [wer 
Ambrette, sf ambret; a flo' 
AmDLe^viSjfm. ambergris. 
Ambroiiie, sf. amb>-cfia 
Ambulant , e. a. ambulatory j/w:. cxcifcman 

^o A M 

Ambulatoire, a.^. — latory 
Ame, sf.fonl; motto 
Ame , e. n. wzll-helovsd.' 
Amelioration . sf. improve- 
ment , bettering. 
Amelioriflement,^??:. impro- 
Am^liorer , va. to improve. 
Arnen,y777. di ad. amen 
Amendable, a. i. fineabU 
Amende , ^f. fine 
Amendement ,y7«, bettering 
Amender , va. to fine ; mend; 

f.'ill in price. 
Amen er , to bring ; Jlrike 
Amenite , sf. pUafantnefs 
Ame'ruifer, va. to make thin. 
Amer, e. a. bitter [g^^^ 
Amer ,/m. bitternefs ; beajis 
Amers , pi. fea-marks. 
Ameremep.t , ad. bitter'y 
Amertume , sf. bittemefs 
Amefurer,va. to appraife 
Amethyfte, sf. amethyjl 
Ameuhlement, fm. furniture. 
Ameublir, va. to make move- 
able [making moveable 
Ameublifrement , fm. the 
Ameutement , fm. coupling 
hounds \Jiounds ; to Jlirup 
Ameuter , va. to couple 
S'ameuter, vr. to confpire 
Ami , fm. friend ; fvcetheart 
Amie, sf friend ; miflrcfs 
Amiable , a. %. friendly 
A I'amiable, ad. amicably 
Amiablement , kindly 
Amiante , f, amiantus 

A M 

Amical , e. a. corteous 
Amicalement, ad. lovingly 
Ami(f}: , fm. amici. 
KvcLiAov., /larch [pcv^der 

Amidonner, va. to flarch ; 
Amldonn'ier , fm. Jlarchman 
Amincir , va. to make thin 
Amineur , fm. falt-meter 
Amiral , admiral 
Amiral , a. belonging to the 

Amirale , sf admiral's ship ; 

admiral's wife. 

Amirante , fm. admiral of 

fpain. [miral-ship 

Amiraute , sf admiralty , ad- 

Amitie , sf friendship ; kind- 

ncfs , favour. 
Amitid.s , compliments 
Amniflie , amnefly 
Amodiafeur , fm farmer 
Amodiation, sf leafing 
Amodier , va. to Icafe ; to 

take to farm. 
Amoindrir, va. to lc(fcn [f 
Amo\ndT\f[cment,fm. d:crea- 
A moins de, c. unde'-; except 
A moins que, un'efs 
AmoHir , va. to foften. 
S'amoUir , vr. to ^row effe- 
minate [ning; effeminacy 
Amoriifl"ement , fm. foftz- 
Amonceler, va. to heap up 
Avaonty/id. up the river 
D'amant, dovjn the river 
Amorce , sf halt ; prime 
Amorcer , va. to halt; allure 
Amortir, to quench ; redeem 

A M 

Amortiffable , a. i. redeema- 

hie [^ing; mortmain. 

AmortiiTement , fm. redce- 
Amovible, a. 2. rem.oveable. 
Amour , fm. love 
Pour I'amour, ad. for one's 
S'amouracher , vr. to be 

Amourette , sf intrigue 
Amoureufement, ad, amo- 

Amoureiix, fe. a. in love with 
Amphibie , a, 2. ■ — bious ; 

Amphibologie, sf — logy 
Amphibologique, a. 2. — gi- 

cal [amphibologically 

Amphibologiqucment , ad, 
Amphifciens , fm. — fcians 
Amphitheatre, — theatre 
Ample , a. 2. large 
Amplement , ad. fully 
Ampleur , sf. amplitude 
Am.plier, va. to prolong ; to 

Am.piiation, sf duplicate 
Amplificateur , yJn. roman^ 

cer ; artful pleader. 
Am.pllfication , sf. — tion 
Amplifier, va. to amplify 
Amplitude , jr/. — de; extent 
Ampoulettes , ship's hour 

Amn^uls , bubble; blijler 
Ampoule, e. a. high flown 
Amputation , sf — tion , 

cutting offl 

A N 

\.mputer, va. to cut off' 
Vmulette, //. amulet 
Vm are , sf. tack of a fail 
Usurer, va. & n. to bring 

Lmufement,y?;2. — ment. 
Lmufer , va. to amufi. [merit 
imuiotte , sf trifling amufe- 
.raufaur , fn. feducer. [neck 
Lmygdalci, ■■/. kernels in the 
in , fm. ysar 
)e deux en deux ans , every 

other year 
Lnabaptifme , — tifm 
Lnabaptifte, — tiji 
tnachorete, anachoret 
Lnachronifme, — nifm 
.nagogiquc, a, l. myjlical. 
inagrammatifer, va. to ana- 
grammatife [of anatrrams 
.nagrammatifte,yTO. maker 
.nagramme, sf anagram. 
Lnalogie , analogy 
.nalogique, a. 2. — gi^^l 
i.nalogiquement,aii — 'cally 
.nalogifme , fin. — oifm 
-nalogue , a. 2. analogous 
inalyfe , sf. analyfis 
.nalytique , a. 2. — tic at 
inalytiquement, ad. — calJy 
Lnarchie, j-yi anarchy 
Lnarchique , a. 1. anarchick 
Lnaftomofe, sf. — mofis 
inathdmatifer , va. to ana- 
thematize [excammunicaud 
Lnatheme, y/Tz. — ma;perfon 
inatomie , sf — my 

_ A N 

Anatomifer , va. to — ra/^e 
Anatomise, ym. — mifi 
Ance , sf. cove; bight 
Ancettes , pi. cringles 
Ancetres , fm. anccftors 
Anche , sf. hautboy-reed 
Anche, e. a. crooked 
Anchois , fm. anchovy 
Ancien , ne. a. old ; late 
Ancien ,/m. elder 
Anc\er\nement, ad. anciently 
Anciennetd, sf anciantncfs; 

Ancolie , columbine 
Ancrage,yra. anchorage 
Ancre, sf anchor ; iron-brace 
Ancrer , vn. to anchor 
S'ancrer, vr. to ftiU 
Andouille , sf hog7-puddins 
Andouille de tabac , a roll of 
tobacco. [lers 

Andouillers ,yOT. dccrs-ant- 
Andouillette , sf. forced 
Ane, fm. ajs [jneat-balls 
Anee, sf. afs's load 
Anerie , ignorance 
AnefTe , sh.-afs ; flupidity 
Aneantir , va. to annihilate 
Aneantiflement^yw. annihi- 
Anecdotes , sf anecdotes 
Andmone, anemony 
Aneth , fm. anifc 
Anfi artueux , fe. a. — tuoiis 
Anfra<ftuoiite, sf. — fity 
Angar , fn. shed 
A age , angel ; chain-shot 
Angelitjue , a, 2. angeljcal 

AN ifc 

Angelique, sf. angelica 
Angdllquement, ad. — cally 
Angelot, y/n.ybrr of cake 
Angle, angle 
Anglican , e. a. ar.glican 
Anglicifme , fm. anglicifm 
Anglois , Englishman; dun 
AngoifTe, sf anguish 
Poire d'angoifle , gag 
Anguichure, huntfrnan'shelt 
Anguille , eel 

Anguilleres , pi. limber-holes 
Angu .lies, pi. buildgc-ways 
Angulaire, a. 2. angular 
Anicroche , sf. hindrance;. 

Anier , fm. afs-driver 
Anil , a kind of shrub 
Aniinadverfion , sf — fort 
Animal, y/;z. animal;brute 
Animal , e. a. atiimal ; fen- 

fual ; fenfible 
Animalcule , fm. — cult ^ 
Animation , sf. — tion, 
Anime , e. a. animated 
Animer , va. to animate ' 
S'aninier, -j^r. ro be angry 
Animofit^ , sf. animofiiy 
Anis , fm. ar.ife 
Annal , e. a. annual 
Ann ales , sf. annals 
Annalifte , fm. annalifi 
Annate , sf. annate 
Anneau, fm. ]ng 
Annee , sf. year 
Anneler , va. to curl 
Annelet , fn. little ring^ 
Ann dure , sf curling 

,1 AN 

Annexe, annex; chapel cf 
Annexer , va. toanmx [ eaj'e 
Annexion , sf. ar.ncxrr-icnt 
Annihilation, — tion 
Annihller , va. to annihilate 
Anniverfair^e , a. s. — fury 
Annonce, sf. bans of m:itri- 

mony ; notice of a play 
Annoncer , va, to make 

Annor.ciade, sf. annunciada 
An'nonciateur ,yOT. proclai- 

Annonciation ^annunciation 
Annotation , sf. — tion ; in- 
Annoter , va, take an inven- 
tory ; jnake remarks. 
Annuel, le. a. annual 
Annuellement, ad. annually 
Annuitd, sf. annuity. \ finger 
Annulaire, a. 2. (cioigtj ring- 
Annullation , sf — -tion. 
Annuller, va. to annul 
Anoblir , to ennoble 
Anobllffemsntj/JT:. ennobling 
Anodin , a. a7fi>dyne 
Anomal , e. a, anomalous 
Anomalie , sf irregularity 
Anolis , fm. a kind of lizard 
Anon, American fruit ; afs- 
Anonner, vn. to fole [colt 
Anonyme, 2. a. — mous 
■ AnCe , sf. handle ; creek [ny 
Anfc de panier, market-pen- 
Anfeatjques, a. 2. (viUes) 

Anfette , fmall handU 

A N 

AnrpeiTdde, fm. lancepefado; 

under corporal, 
Anta^oniftc , antagonijl 
An tan , of lafiyear 
Antar£>ique, a. 2. antarclic 
Ant^cecfemment, ad. — dcn- 

tfy^. ^ 
Antecedent, e. <i. foregoing 
AntecefTeur^ym. p.-cdeccjjor 
Antechrift, antichrifi 
Antenne, sf fay lard 
Antep^nultiemc, a. s. — ti- 

ma ; the lafi but two. 
Anteriorite , sf priority 
Antcrieur , e. a.forcmvfi 
Anterieurement, ad. before 
Antcfciens , a. antaci 
Anteftature, sf fence. 
Anthologle, — logy [eater 
Anthropophage , fm. man- 
Antichatnbre, sf — chamber 
Antichrfftiea, ne. a. — tian. 
Antichriftianiime, _//;:, — tia- 

Anticipation , sf. — tion 
Anticiper, va. to anticipate 

lur , to ufurp 

Antidatse , sf antedate 
Antidater , va. to antldatc 
Antidote ^fn. antidote 
Antienne, sf. anthem 
Antimonarchique , a. 2. 

Antimoine ,yOT. antimony 
Antimonial , e. a. -—nial 
Antinomie, sf — my 
Antinomien , ne. f. —mian 
Antipape,/??!, ancipape 

A P 

Antiparallele, a. — rallel 
Antipathie , sf. — pathy 
Antipathique, a. i. avcrfe 
Antipdiiftafe , sf — tafis 
Antiphrafe , — phrafe. 
Antipodal, e. a. — dal. 
Antipodes ^fm. — podes [tjut 
Antiquaille, sf. forry anti- 
Antiquailles , old rubbish 
Antiquaire ^ fm. — -quary 
Antique, a. s. antique 
A Tantique, ad. after the oL 

Antiqulte, sf — quity 
Antifc. rbutlque , a. — tical 
Antithefe, .v/! — thefis [rian 
Antitrinitaires , fm. nnita^ 
Antonins , antonians 
Antononafe , sf — mafia 
Antre den; cave 
S'anuiter, vr. to be benightei 
Anus , fm. anus 
Anxiete , sf anxiety 
Aorte , sf aorta 
Aorifle , fm. aorifi. 
Aout , fm. auguft; harvejl 
Aouter, va. to ripen 
Aoutercn , fm. reaper 
Apanage, appenage 
Apanager , va. to fttlc on 
Aparte , fm. an a fide 
Apathie, sf Apathy 
Apathique , 2. a. apathie 
Apathiilejra. void of feclin 
Aperitif, ve , a. aperitive 
Apertcment, ad. apertly 
A-peu-pres , ad. nearly 
Aphori/me, fm. aphonfm 

A P 

Lphorlftlque, a. 2. aphorijiic 
ip\,fm.dil!cate fort ofapph 
I pic, ad. pcrpsndicularly 
ipiquer, va. to top a fail 

iplaair , va. to level , to 

.planiirement,/^. levelling^ 

aplomb, ad. perpendicularly 
.pocalypfe , sf. apocalypf 
.pocalyptiqus, a. 2. — tick 
.pocryphe , a. 2. apocryphal 
.pocryphes ,yra. apocrypha 
.pogee, apo^iZum ; hiigkt 
.pographe , -—phum ; copy 
.pologie i sf. apoloc:y 
.pologiftc ,y?7z. apologijl 
.polvogetiqus , a. 2. — gstcc 
ipologue , fm. apoloouz 
^pophthegme , -—thegm 
ipopleflique, a. 2. apoplcBlc 
Lpoplcxis , sf. apoplexy 
ipoCems , fm. apo^em 
Lpoftafie, sf. apojlacy 
ipoftaiier , vru to apoflxtif 
Lpoftat j/ct. an apojiati 
Ipofter, va. tofuhorn 
Lpoftille , sf. pofifciipt; mar- 
ginal note. {,g'-^^l- notes 
^poftiller, va. to write mar- 
ipoftolat , fm. apofiUship. 
ipofloliquc, a. 2. apofiolic 
Ipoftoliquemcut, ad. hclily 
^potrCj/OT. apoJlU 
Jon apotre , jovial blade 
Vpotres, pi. knight-heads 
ipoflrophc, sf. apojirophc 

A P 

Apoflropher , va. to fpeak to 
Apoilume, sf apofihume 
Apoftumer, vn.fuppurate 
Apotheofe, sf. apotheofis 
Apothicaire ,/?«. apothecary 
Apothicaireffe, sf. apothe- 
ca<-y. [shop or hufinefs 
Apethicairerie, .apothecary's 
Appaifer , va. to appcafe. 
Apparat , fm. preparation ; 

Apparaux , all appurtenan- 
ces of a ship 
Appareii , preparation ; ban- 
dage: equipage, [get ready 
Appareiiler , va. to match', 
ApparelUsufe, sf a bawd 
Apparemment , ad. — rently 
Apparence , sf appearance^ 
Apparent, e. a. — rent ; emi- 
Apparente,e. a.related.{nent 
S'apparenter, vr. marry into * 
ApparefTer , va. to dull 
Apparier , to pair 
Appariteur, ;^. beadU 
Apparition, sf. — ilon 
Apparoir, vn. to appear 
Apparoiire , to appear 
Appartement , fm. appart- 

mcnt; drawing-room 
Appartenance , sf. appurte- 
nance, [to become 
Appartenir, vn. to belong to; 
Apoza , fn. charms 
Appit, f/n. b.ait 
Appatelsr, va. to cram birds , 
Appater, to allure. [ &c. 
Appauvfir J co impovmsh 

A P 15 

Appauvr]ffement,y^. Impo'; 

vcrishment ; decay 
Appeau, bird-call ; quail-pipi 
Appal, appeal; call; chaU 

lenge [ appealer 

Appelant, q, a. s. appealing i. 
Appeler , va. to call ; appeal 



Appellation , sf appeal 
Appendice,/7j. appendix; 
Appendre, va. to append 
Gaet-a-pens , wilful murder^ 
Appentis , fm. a shed. [ ble 
Appercevable,^. i.perceiva^ 
Appercevoir, va, to perceive* 
!1 appert , it is evident 
Appefantir , va. to make 

Appefantiffement , fm, hea". 

Appeter , va. to covet 
Appetiflfant ^ e. a. relishing 
Appdtiffement , fm. diminu-* 

AppetifTer , va. to diminish 
Appetit , fm. appetite 
Appetitif i ve. a. — titivc 
Applatir , va. to flatten 
Applatiffement , fm. flat" 

Applaudir , vn. to applaud 
Applaudidement , fm. ap- 

AppIaudifTeur , commender, 
Appleg..»ment , bailing 
Appieger , va. to ball 
Applicable , a. 2. applicable 
Applxcation , sf -^ti&n 

14 A P 

Applique , -v/. inlaying 
Appliquer , va. to apply 
Appointement , fm. allo- 

Appointer , va. to give al- 
lowance, [fer a caufe 
Appointer une caufe , to ic- 
Appointeur , fm. partial jud- 
ge. [ wake 
Apport, market; country- 
Apportage , carri.igc. 
Apporter, va. to bring 
Appofer , to put to 
Appolition , sf. — tion 
Appri^ciateur, fm. appraifer 
Appreciation , sf. appra'fing 
Apprtfcier , va. to appraifc 
Apprehend er , to apprehend 
Apprehenrif , ve. a. fearful 
Apprc^henlion , sf. — fion 
Apprcndre, va. to learn 
Apprenti, e. f. apprentice 
ApprentiiTage , Jm. appren- 
tice-ship ; trial. 
Brevet d'apprentlffage , ap- 
prentice's indenture. 
Appret , preparation ; pollu- 
ting on glafs ', drejfing of 
Apprete , sf. (lice of bread 

to eat boiled eggs. 
Appreter , va. to prepare 
A.ppreteur , fm. painter on 

Bien appris , well-bred 
Apprivoifer , va, to tame ; to 
accujlom. , [ applauder 
Apptobatcur ,yzr;, approver ; 

A P 

Approbatif, ve. a. approving. 
Approbation , sf — tion 
Approbatrice , approver. 
Approchant , e. a. fomething 

Approcharit, aJ. about. 
Approche, sf approach 
Approcher, va. to approach 
Approfondir , to make dee- 
per ; to farch into. 
ApprofondifTementj/m. ma- 
kirrg deeper ; invejiigatiort. 
Appiopriation , sf. — tion 
AppiOprier, va. to appropria- 
te j to adapt ; to ft up. 

p!y of provifior.s. 
Approvilionner , va. to fiip- 
ply with provifcns. [ dcr. 
Approvifionneur J'm.provi- 
Approuver , va, to approve. 
Approximation , sf > — tion 
Appui , fm. fupport ; prop 
Aller al'appui , va. to fecond 
Appui- main , fm. maul-fiick 
Appuyer, va. to fupport 
S'appuyer, vr. to rely 
Apre , a. 2. rough ; eager 
Aprement , ad. harshly. 
Apretd , sf. roughncfs ; ea- 
ApTQS , pr. after. \_gerncfs 
fitre-apres , v. to be about 
Apres-demain , after to mor^ 

Apres-din^e, j/. afternoon 
Aptitude , aptnefs 
Apurement , fm. clcannefs 
Apurer , ya, tg cUanfi 

. A R 

Aquatlle , a. 2. aquatic 
Aquatlque , a, 2. aquatic 
Aqueduc /fm. aqueducl. 
Aqueux, fe. a. aqueous ; wa* 
Aqullin , e. hawked. [ terish 
Aquilon , fm. north-wind 
Arabe , fm. griping ufurcr } 

arabian ; arable. 
Arack, arrack 
Araigncfe , sf fpider ; weh 
Aramber , va. to grapple 
Arbalete , sf. crofs-bow ; ja* 

cob's faff. 
Arbaleter , va. to shore up, 
Arbaldtrier , fm. crofs-bow^ 
Arbitrage, arbitrage, [mart 
Arbitraire, a. 2. arbitrary 
Arbitrairement , ad. arbitral 

Arbitral, e. a. (fentence) 

sf award. [ will ; arbiter. 
Arbitre , {Wbrz) fm. free*- 
Arbitrer , va. to arbitrate,^ 
Arborer , to hoiji ; fet up 
Arbre , fm. a tree ; a maji 
Arbrifieau, shrub ; fmall tret 
Arbufte , shrub 
Arc , a bow ; arch 
Arc-en-ciel , rainbow 
Arcade , sf. vault 
Arcaffc, sf. buttocks of a ship. 
Arc-boutant, fm. huttrcjs ; 
Arceau, arch, [ringleader 
Archal , brafs wire. 
Archange , archangel 
Arche , sf arch ; ark 
Archelet , fm. little bo^. 
Archer , an urchu 

A R 

.rchet, fm. fddU'Jilck 
Lrchetyps, archstype 
itcheveche , archbishopric i 
archbishop's palace. 
rchaveque , archbishop 
rchidiaconat, archdeacon/- 

rchidiacone, archdeaconry 
rchidiacre , archdeacon 
rchiduc , archduke 
rchiduch:^ , archdukedom 
ichidachefle, sf. archdu- 

rchidplfcopal, e. a. — pal. 
fchipedant , fm. errant pc 
•chipel , — pdago. [ dant 
rcliipompe , sf. ship's well 
•chipretre , fhi. archpricjl 
chlprieurd , archpriory 
chitedle , architcH 
chltefture , sf. — ture 
chitrave , — trape 
chives , archives 
gon , fm. faddle-how 
ftiqae , a. 2. arHic 
fture , fm. Charles's wain 
■demment , ad. ardently, 
dens , fm. St. Antony's 
dent , e. a. burning, [fre 
4ent,yJn. jack-a^lantirn. 
deur , sf. ardor 
'ardeur , ad, eagerly. 
dillon , fm. tongue of a 
doife, sf fate, {buckle 
doiiiere , fate-quarry 
du, e. a. arduous; hard 
ene , sf fand 
ener , viu to fink 

A R 

Ar(fneux, fe. a. fandy 
Areola , sf circle of the pap 
Areometre , fm. areometer 
Ardopage, Areop.igus 
Areopagite, — gite 
Arer , va. to drag the anchor 
Arece, sf. fish-hone ; edge 
Arganeau , fm. anchor's ring 
Argent , fiver ; money 
Argent comptant , ready 

Argent mis^non,fpa'-e money 
Argent-vif, quickfilver 
Argenter, va. to filver over 
Argenterie , sf, pl.-itc 
Argentier , fm. filverfmlth ; 

houfc-'Jle-tvard. [ red 

Arger.tin , e. a. filver-colou- 
Argentine , sf, filvcr-weed 
Argile , white clay 
Argileux , fe. a. clayed 
Argot , fm. dead hough ; JliS' 
Argoter , va. to cut the Jlub 

of a trez above the eye. 
Argoulet , fm. paltry fellow 
Argoufln, gally-fajcant 
Argue , sf, wire-drawing 
Arguer , va. to wire-draw 
Arguer , to argue 
Argument , fm> arf'ument 
Argumentant , difputant 
Argumentateur , arguer 
•ArgumentatioR, sf. arguing 
Argumenter , vn. to argue 
Argutia, sf. quirk; cavil 
Arianifine , fn. — •nifm 
Aride , a. 2. arid , barren 
Aridite , sf. -r-ry, barrennefs 

A R if> 

Arlen yVie , f an Arlun 
Arriette , sf. — ta ; turn 
Arifer, va. to lower ;fea term 
Arlftocratie , sf ■—%cracy 
Arirtocratique, a. 2. — tical 
Ariftocratiqucment, ad. arif- 

Arilloclemocratie, sf. arif-, 

A-riftolochs , hart-zvort 
Arithmdtlcien , fn. — clan 
Arithmetique, sf.—mztic 
Arithmetique , a. 2. — tical 
Arithmetlquement, ad. ari- 

Armand, fm. drench, [armada 
A r m an d i ! 1 e J sf. little Spanish 
Armateiir, privateer 
Arms , sf. arm 
Armes blanches , bayonets 
Arme a feu , afire-arm 
Pafier par les armes, to shoot 
Faire des armes , so fence. 
Aux armes , to_ arms 
Armde , sf. army. 
Armament , fm. armament ; 

fitting out a ship, {Jione 
Armdaienne , sf a bluish 
Armer , va. to arm ; to fit^ 
Armet , fm. helmet 
Armillalre , a. z. { fphere ) 

hollow fphere, 
Arminianifi-iie , fm. — nifn% 
Arminien , ne. a, s. —nian 
Armiftlce, fm. armlftia 
Armoire , sf cupboard 
Armoiries, cczt of arms, 
Armoife , mup^vjort 

,^ A R 

Armoniac , fm. armon^ac, book of armoury 
Armorler , va, to paint coats 

of arms, 
Armorifte , fm. armorijl 
Arnmre , sf. armor 
Armurier , fm. armorer 
Aromates , aromatics 
Aromatique, a. a. aromatic 
Aromatlfation , sf. — tion 

Aromatifer, va. to fpice 
Aronde , sf. fwallow's tail 
Arondelat , fm. young fwal- 

Arpent , fm. French acre ; a 

meafure of land 
Arpentage, land-furvey 
Arpenter , va. to furvey land 
Arpenteur , fm. furveyor 
Arqu^ , e. a. arched ; bent 
S'arquer , vr. to become cam- 
Arquebufade , sf — fade 
Arquebufe , arquehufe 
Arquebufer, va. to shoot 
Arquebufier , fm. ^un-fmitk 
Arrachement , pulling out 
D'arrache-pled , ad. without 

Arracher , va. to pull out 
Arracheur de dents , fn. 

toothdrawer ; dentijl. 
Arrangement , fchemc ; dlf- 

Arranger , va. tofet in order 
Arrafement , fm. levelling 
Arrafer , va. to level 
Ai:sQnizrri.Qctffm, ranting out 

A R 

Arrenter , va. to let out ; rent 
Arrdrages , fm. arrears 
Arrerager , vn. be in arrears 
Arret, fm. decree, arreji j 

d'f raining ; embargo. 
Arret ds d^fenfe, fafe~con- 

Arrete , fm. refolution 
Arreteboeuf, rejl-harrow 
Arreter , va. tojiop ; balan- 
ce j determine. 
Arrhes , sf. earncji. 


er , va. to give earneji 

Arriere , ad. away ; aft , 
Arriere , fm. flern. [ abaft 
Arriere-ban , arrier-ban 
Arrlere-boutique, sf back- 
shop. \_reji upon interefi 
Arriere-change , fm. inte- 
Arriere-cour , sf. back-yard. 
Arriere-faix,y«. after-birth. 
Arriere - fermier , under-tz- 
AzneTe-Rcf ,mefm fee. [nan: 
Arriere- garde , sf. the rear 
of an army, \_ the hand 

Arriere-main , fm. buck oj 
Arriere - neveu , fon of a 

grand child or nephew. 

Arriere- petit -lil^ , great 

grand-fon. [ of autumn 

Arriere-faifon , sf. latter end 

Arrierd , e. a. in arrears. 

■rimage , 

the hold. 

Arrimer , va. to Jlow. 

Arrivage , fm. arrival of 

Arrlvce , sf. arrival, [goods 

Arriver , vn, to arrive j corner 


happen ; bear up. [ paf^f* 
II arriva , v. imp. it came to 
Arroche , sf. orache 
Arrogamment , ad, proudly< 
Arrogance, sf. arrogance 
Arrogant , e. a. arrogant 
S'arroger , vr. to arrogate 
Arrondir , va. to make round* 
Arrondiffemcnt, fm. roun- 
Arrofement, watering, [ding^ 
Arrofer , va. to water 
Arrofoir, fm. watering pot 
Arrumage , /lowing 
Arrumer, va. to /low 
Arrumeur , fm.Jiower 
Ars , pi. veins of a horfi 
Arfenal, a-fcnal 
Arfenic , arfnic / 

Arfenical , e. a. — 'Cal 
Art , fm. art 
Artere , sf. artery 
Arte, iei , le. a. arterial 
Art'chaut , fm.. artichoke 
Article, article; joint 
Articulaire , a. 2. — lar 
Articulation , sf — tion 
Articuler, va. to nrticulat 
Aril fice , fm. skill ; craft 
Feu d'ai'tifice , fire-'A'ork 
ArtiHciel , le, a. artificial 
Artiiicisilerneat, ad. artifi . 

dally. ^ ■ 

Artif.cier , fm. fire- ivorker \ 
Artifxcieufement ', ad. craj\ 

Artificieux, fe. a. cunning 
Artillcrie , sf artillery 
Artillier , fm, matrofi 

A S 

Artimon , fm. ml-{en-mafi 
Artifan , e. / artificer 
Artifon , little worm 
Artiftc yfm. artijl 
Artifte , a. a. skilful; cu- 

rioujly dons. 
Aftiftemant , ad. artfully 
Arulp'ce,yOT. diviner 
As , aci 

Asbefte , ashcfios 
A-favoir , ad. to wit 
Afcendant , fm. afcendant 
Afcendant, e. a. afci^nding 
A fee nfion, sf afcenfion 
Afcenflonnel , le. a. — nal 
Afcete , / afcctic 
Afiatique , a. 2. s. cfiatick 
Ailne ,. ( bete) he or shc-afs 
Arpe<ft, fm. aj'peci 
Afpsrge, sf. afparaaus 
Afpcrger, va.. to bcfprinklc 
Alperiion , sf. befprinklin^. 
Afperfoir , fm. holy watzr 

Alpic , afp. 

Langus d'afpic, sf. Jlanderer. 
Afpic , fm. fpikinard 
Afpirant , t. a, s. candidate \ 
Afpiration , sf. — tion 
Afpirer , va. to afpire 
Affabler , chok: up withfar.d 
S' — , vr. to run aground 
Aflaillant, fm. afj'allant 
Aflaillir , va. to ajfault 
AfTaifonnement , fm, fafo- 

AiTaifonner , va. to fcafon 
AiTaif^aneur , fm, fafomr 

A 5 

AffalTin , frr.. apfin 
AlTaffinat, ajj'afination 
AiTailiner , va. to murder 
AiTaut , fm. ajfault 
Affecher , vn. to dry up 

va. to appear dry 

Afiemblage , fm. ajjhnhlagi 
Affeniblee , sf ajfanhly 
Afiembler , va. to ajj'cmhlc 
AfTener , to hit the mark 
AiTcoir , to ft 
S' — , vr. to ft down 
J Atl'ermenter , va. to f.vtar 

one j to confirm by oath 
AfTerteur , fm. ajfertor 
AiTertion , sf. ajj'crtion 
Affervir , va. to fuhjecl 
AiiTeffeur , fm. ajfcjjor 
Aflez , adc enough 
Affidu , e. a. ajjiduous 
Ainduite , sf. aJJiJuicy 
A-flidument, ad. ajfiduottfly 
Affiente , sf. afjicnw 
A.ffiegeant, e. a. s. hcfieger 
A.irieger, va. to befege 
Afiieges , fm. the bejieged 
AlR=tte , sf. plats; fitua- 

tion; ajfef'mcnt ; trim of a 

A iTiette s , a plats-full 
AiVi^ncition, ajj:gnmsnt ;fum- 

AfTigner , va. to ajfign ; to 

Allimilation, sf. — tion 
Aiiiib, Liycfjioms 
AirtTes, affiles 
AffiilaRt , g, a, j, an ajfjlant 

AS 17 

Afliilance , sf. — ce ; au^^ 

AlMer, va. to afffi ; to bs 

prefent ; to help. 
Affociation , sf. — tion 
AEoc'iQ , e.f. partner 
AfTocler , va. to ajfociate 
Aflbmmer , to knock down 
AlTomprion , sf. ajfumption 
Aflonnaace , rhyme 
.AiTortimant , fm. fortment 
AiTortir, va. to flock ; match. 
Afiote , e. a. doating 
Anoupir , va. to maks 

drowfy; to fupprcfs. \_rousZ 
AfToupilTant , e. a. fomnifz" 
A^ffoupifTsment, fm, heavi'^ 

Affouplir , va.fupple a horfc 
Affourdir, to deafen 
AfTouvir , to glut 
Ail o u vaTem e nt,fm. glutting 
Afiajettir , va. to fibdue 
AffujettllTant, e. a.flavish, 
AfTujettiflement , fm.fuhjec" 
Affurance , sf. — ce. [ tion». 
Compagnie, d' — , infurana- 

Affurement , ad. affuredly 
AlTurer , va. to a (jure 
AffviteviT , fm. injur cr 
Ailerlfme , after ifm 
Allerifque^ ajlcrisk 
Al^hmatiqus , a. z.aflhmatl^ 
ARhzrxe /jh. ajihma 
Aftragale, ajlragal 
Ailral , e. a. ajlral 
Aftre, fm. far 

rt« A T 

Aftrelndre, va. to confine to 
iVftringent, e. afiringen.t 
Aftrolabe , fm. crcfs-fiajf 
Aftrologie , sf. — lo^y 
>Vfirologique , a. a. — gical 
>^ftrologiquemenr, ad. aflro- 

Aftrologue , fm. ajlrologcr 
i^ftronorne , aflronormr 
Aftronomle , sf. aftronomy 
Aftronomique, a. 2. cfiro- 

nomical. [tronomically. 
Aftronomiquement , ad. af- 
Aftuce , sf. wih 
iVfilc , fm. afylum ; shelter 
Atabale , kectlc-drum 
Atermoyement , delay 
Atermoyer , -ya. to put off 
Athde , a. 2. s. athciji. 
Atheifme, fm^ atheijm 
Athlete, athht 
Athmofphere, sf. atmofphsre 
Atinter, va. to trick up 
Atlas , fm. atlas 
Atome , atom. [ random 
A- tort & a-travers , ad. at 
Atours ,fm. womari's attire. 
A-tout , trump 
Atrabilaire , a. 2. —Lirious 
Atrabile , sf. black cholcr 
Atre , fm. hearth 
Atroce , a. 2. heinous 
Atrocite , sf htinoufa&fs^ 
Atrophic , atrophy 
Attachant , e. a. engaging 
Attache, sf. atic ; firing 
Attachenient, fm. afeclion 
Attaghei' , va^ to tie j endiar 

A T 

Attaquant , e. a. s. aggrejfor 
Attaqua, sf. attack 
Attaquer, va. to attack 
Atteincire , vn. to reach 
Atteint, e. a. arraigned 
Atteinte , sf. blow ; hurt 
Attelage , fm. ft of harnefs 
Attele, sf.fplent 
Atteler , va. to put to 
Attelier , fm. work-shop 
Atteloire , sf. a peg or pin 
Attenant, ad. next to 
Attendant, e. a. that waits 
En attendant , in the mean 

Altendre, va. to wait ; ex- 


Attcndnr , to foftcn ; afilci 
Attendridant , e. a. morin?; 
Attendriuemerit , fm. relen- 
ting ; commiferation. 
Attendu que , c. feeing that 
Attentat , fm. outrage 
Attentatoire, a. 1. illegal 
Attente , sf expectation 
Attenter, vn. to attempt 
Attentif , ve. a. attentive 
Attsntion , sf. attention 
Attentivement , ad. — vcly 
Attenuatif, ve. a. attenua- 
Attenuation , sf. —tion 
Attenuer , va. to attenuate 
Atterage, fm. the driving of 

a ship near the coafi. 
Atterir , vn, to come near the 

Atterrer , va, to throw down 

A T 

AtterrlfTement , fm. land 

Attellation , sf. — tion 
Attefter, va. to attefi 
Atticifme, fm. atticifm 
Attiedit , va. to cool 
Attiediffement ^fm.coolnefs 
Attifer , va. to trick up 
Attlfet , fm. trinkets 
Attique > a. 2. attick 
Sel , — i fm. witty conceits 

of the Athenian writers 
Attirail , baggage 
Attirant , e. a. attra&iye ' 
Attirer, va. to attract 
Attifer le feu, tofiirthefire. 
Attitrer , to fikorn 
Attitude , sf. attitude 
Attouchement , touch 
Attoucher , vn. to be rg- 

Attraftif, ve, a. attractive 
Attiaclion , sf. attraclion 
Attrait , fm. allurement 
Attrape , sf. a gin. 
Attrapcr, r. to catch, [priier, 
Attrapeur, {k.f. catcher; Jhr- 
Attrapoire , sf. trap ; wile, 
Attrayant, q. a. attraHive 
Altremper , va, to temper ; 

Attribuer , to attribute 
Attribut , fm. attribute 
Attribution , sf. allowanct 
Attrifter, va. to grieve 
Attrition , sf. attrition 
Attroupement , fm. tumult 
AttiQupsr , ya, git tc^eiiUr 

A V 

S'avachlr, vn. to flag 
Aval , fm. furcty for pay- 
Aval , ad. downwards 
/Vvalage, fm. letting down 
A valaifon , sf flood 
Avataffe , torrent 
'^valer , va. to fw allow 
Avaler , vn. to go down the. 

river ; to hew off. 
A;.valcur , fe. / greedy gut 
\valoire , sf. fw allow 
A vcince , advance; flep 
D'avance, ad. beforehand 
i^vancement, fm. advance- 
Avancer, va. to advance ;f&t 

forth ; forward i haflen. 
Avanle , sf. opprejjion ; in- 

Avant , fm. pro%v ; head 
Avant , pr. before , afore 
Avant-cale , sf lanch of a 

Avant-maln , fm. forehand 
firoke. ipof^' 

Mettre en avant , v. to pro- 
Avantage, fm. advantage; 
beak-head. Ls^'^-i^J- 

Avantageir, va. to beflvw ; 
Avantageufement , ad. pro- 
fitably. [ tageotis. 
Avantageux , fe , a. advan- 
Avant-coureur , fm. fore- 
runner. [ binger. 
Avant-courriere , sf. har- 
L'avani-dernisr, e. /, laji 
but onct 

A U 

Avant-fofi(^ , fm. fore-ditch 
Avant-garde , sf. vanguard 
Avant-^out , fm. forctajle 
Avant-hier , ad. day before 

Avant- logis , fm. fnre-houfe 
Avant-pied , fore-Jiake 
Avant-veille , sf. fore-vigil 
Avant-propos ,fm. preamble 
Avant-toit , houfc-eavc 
Avare, a. 2. covetous 
Avarice , sf. covetoufnefs 
Avarlcieux , fc, a. avaricious 
Avarie, sf. average. 
Avafte , int. avafiy. 
Aubade , sf. aubade ; repri- 
Aubain , fm. alien, [mand. 
Aubainage , efcheatage 
Aubaine , sf. wind-fall 
Aube , day- break 
Aubepine, hawthorn 
Aubere, a. -2.. flea-bitten grey 
Aubergs, sf inn 
Aubsrgifte , / inn-keeper 
Aubier , fm. ha^el-tree 
Aubifoin , corn-flower 
Aubin , white of an egg 
Avicun , e. a. no; none 
Aucunement , ad. no: at all 
Audace , sf boldnefs 
Audacieufement , ad. boldly 
Audacieux , fe. a. audacious 
Au-dega , pr. on this fide. 
Au-dela , beyond. [ hearing. 
Audience , sf. audience ; 
Audiencier , fm. cryer of a 

Auditeur , -^tor i difciph 

A U 19 

Audition , sf. audit; hearing 
Audltoivc, fm.fejjlons'houfe; 

Avec , pr. with ; withal 
Avelins , sf filherd. 
Avelinier, Jm. filberd-trec 
Avenags , avenage. 
Avenant , e. a. becoming j 

A I'avenant , ad. proportio- 

Avenemsnt, fm. acceffion 
Avenir , vn. to happen ; 

Avenn , fm. future ;fummons 
A I'avcnir , ad. henceforth. 
Avent , fm. advent 
Aventure , sf. adventure 
Aventurer , va. to venture 
Aventureux , fe. a. venture- 

fome. [ turer. 

Aventurier , e. a. f. adven^ 
Avenue , sf avenue. 
Averer , va. to prove ; aver 
Averfion , sf.\iverfion 
Aver tin , fm. cratinefs 
Avertir, va. to v-^arn ; inform 
AvertilVenent , fm. caution. 
Avcu , confejfon ; confent 
Aveup^le , a. i., s. blind 
Aveuglenienl , fm. blindnefs 
Aveugldnient , ad. blindly 
Aveugler , va. to blind ^ 

Auge, sf. trough ; tray 
Augee , a tray-full 
Auget , fm. drav/er of a bird- 
cage; fpont vfa rrfUl'hoppir^ 

40 A U 

Augment, jointure 
Augmentatif, ve. a.-^'tatlve 
Augmentation , sf. — Hon 
Augmenter , va. to augment 
Augure , /tti. augury ; ormn 
Augurer , va. to auguratc 
Augufte , a. 2. augnft; royal 
Auguftemsnt , ad. majcjli- 

Anguftin , fm. Aujlln friar 
Augufline , sf. Auj'lin nun 
Avifluaillement , fm.provi- 

Avicfluailleur , victualler ; 

Avide, a. a. greedy, eager 
Avidemsnt , ad. eagerly 
Avidite , sf. eagirncfs 
Avilif , va. to difgrace 
AvilifTcment ^fm. ahafcment 
Aviner , va.feafon with wim 
Aujourd'hui, ad. to-day 
Aviron , fm. oar. 
Aviiohnier , oar-maker 
Avis, advice i opinion -^ in- 

Avife , e. a. prudent. 
Avifer , vn. to confida j fpy ; 

dtfcry. [ ling. 

Avitaillemcnt , fm. vidual- 
AvitaUler, va. to victual. 
Aviver , to brisk up 
Avlves , sf. vives 
Aulof , ad. a-luff. [ luff. 
Aulofde, sf. fprin'^ing the 
Aullque , a. i. aullck 
Aumone , sf. alms. [alms. 
Aunioncr, yj, to heji^w 

A U 

Aumonerie , sf. alm.oner*s 

dirri'ty ; almuny. 
Aumonier, e. a. charitable 
Aumonier , fm. chaplain 
Aunage , meafuring by ells 
A anaie , sf. alder-plot 
Aune , ell 
AnnSffm. alder 
Aunee, sf. elicampane. 
Auner, va. to mcafurc by thi 
Auneur , fm. alnager. [ell 
Avocat , lawyer 
Avocate , sf. advocats 
Avoine , oats 
Avoir , va. to have 
Avoir ^ fm. fubfiance 
Avoiflner , va. to border on 
Avortement, fm. mifcar- 

riage. [abort 

Avorter, vn. to mifcarry ; 
Avorton yfm. abortive child; \ 
Avoue, avowee. [shrimp 

Avouer, va. to own 
x^vouerie, sf. advowfon 
Auparavant , ad. before 
Aupres, pr. near; about 
Aureole , sf. glory 
Auriculaire, a. 2. — lar 
Doigt ^- , Uttle finger 
Temoin — , ear-ivitnefs 
Aurique , ^. bermudoes or 

lug' fails. 
Avrii , fm. april 
Auronne, sf. fouthernwood 
Aurore , dawn. [tronagc 

Aufpice, fm. aufpia; pa- 
AiilTi, c. a'fo. 
Auffi-tottiue, as foon as 

A X 

Auffi-tot, ad. immediately i 

as foon. 
Auftere , a. l. auflere 
Auftj^rement , ad. feverely, 
Aufterite , sf. auflerity 
Auftral i Q , a. fouthern 
Autant , ad. as muck 
Ante.l,fm. altar 
Auteur, author 
Authenticite , sf. — city 
Authentique, a. 2. authentic 
Auihentiquament , ad. au- 
Authentiquer , va. to make 

autkentick . 
Autographs , fm. original 

Automate , automaton 
AuLoipxTal y e, a. autumnal 
Automne, sf. autumn 
Autorifatipn , impowering 
A.utorirei:, va. impower ; juf^ 
tify. [wer 

Autorite , sf. authority : po" 
Autour , pr. about ; round 
Autour , fm. gofs-hawk 
Autourf'erie , sf. the training 

up of gofs-hawks, 
Autourlier , fm. falconer 
Autre , pro. other 
D'autre part , ad. moreover 
Autrefois , formerly 
Autrcmsnt, otherwife 
Autruche, sf. ofirich 
Autrui , fm. others 
Auvant, pent-houfe ; fence. 
Auxiliaire, a. 2.. auiUliary 
Axiffm, axis 

A Z I 

i\il\3.ire, a. 2. axillary I 
Ixiome , fm. axiom, [tiller 
i.xlometre , tell-tale of thi 
Uonge , sf. grcafe ofbcafts 
iy , Aye , int. ay ! oh ? ah ! 
iy ca\,fm. grandfather 
Lyeule , sf. grandmother 
iyeux , fm. forefathers 
kzimut , azimuth 
Lzimutal , e , <z. ay.muthal 
iz'ir, fm. lapis layiU 
Izur , sky- colour 
izaxQ , e , a. sky-coloured 
^zyme , 2. unUavemd 
izymQS , fm. a^ymes 



mol . fm. B'fiat 
J-quarre, B-sharp 
3 abet, sf. Bitty 
Sab-l, (tour de) confufed 

place or affair. [whey 

3abcure , f-n. ; 
3abiche, sf lap-dog 
Scvbil , fm. 
Babillard, e , a. chatterer 
Babiller , vn. to chat , prate 

or prattle 
Bablne , Up ofbeafls 
Babiole, hawble; toy 
Bab^rd.y.Ti. larboard 
Babouche., sf Turk's shoe 
Babou!n,y?n. baboon 
Bac , fn. fcr; 
Baccalaureat , bachelorship 
Sacchaaalcs , sf, tumul- 

(uous debauch 

B A 

Bacchante , termagant 
Bachclette, damfd. [arts 
Bachelier, fm. bachelor of 
Bachique , a. 2. drunken 
Bachot,y/72. wherry. 
Bacler , va. make faji; con- 
Badaud , e , a.f. booby 
Badauder, vn. to gape about. 
Badauderie , sf filly beha- 
Baderne , sf. mat 
Badigeoa , fm. plaljler cf 

Badigeonner , va. to plaljler 

with plaifier of Paris, 
Badin , e, a. s. playful 
Badinage , fm. fport 
Badinement , ad. wantonly 
Badiner, va. to jtjl ;play 
Badin cr ie , jr/. /.y?j felly tri- 
Bafouer, va. to ridicule, [fl.: 
B a fr e , sf. gate ling 
Bafrir , vn. to guttle 
Bafreur , fm. guttler 
Bagage , baggage 
Plisr — , vn. to march off 
Bagarre , sf. brawl i ftr^fe 
Ba^allc . drab 
Bagatelb, trifle; toy 
Bagatelle! int. flu f. 
Bague, sf ring 
Baguier , fm. ring-cafe 
Bagacr,au;ler , vn. to trifle 
Bagu^naudier , fm. trider 
Baguer , va. to baftz 
Baguette, sf wand; rod 
Bahu:,y5;z. trunk 


Bahuticr , fm. trunk-maker 
Bai y e f a. bay-colour 
Baie, sf. bay-berry ; flam ^ 
Baie , bay ; gulf h. [gap 

Baigner, va. to bathe 
Baigneiir , fe ,/ bather 
Baignoir ,//«. bathing-place 
Baignoira, sf. bathing-tub 
Bail , fm. leafe 
Bailie, sf lar^e fea tub 
Baillement, fm. yawning 
Bdiller , vn. to gape; yawn. 
Baiileur, ^Q y f yawner 
Baiileur, fm. a leffor 
Baillereffe, sf leffor 
Bailleul,/OT. bone-fetttr 
Bailli, bailiff 



Baiilive, sf bailiff's wife 
Bai! Ion , fm. gag 
Baillonner , va. to gag 
Bain ^ fm. bath 
Bain-marie, balneum marlat* 
Bajoire, sf. double-faced 
Bajoue , hog's check, [coin, 
Bai remains , compliments » 
Baifer , va. to kifs 
Baifer , fm, kifs 
Baifure , sf. kiffing-cruji 
Baifottcr , va. to kifs often 
Tete baifle'e , hand over fnad 
Baifler , v. let down ; de- 

Bailuere, sf. tilt ; fedimcnt 
Bal,y;n. a hall 
Baladin , e , y! danfer at 

shows ; buffoon; jop 
Balai , broom* 


Balafre , sf.psh ; gash 
Balafrer , va. to flash 
Balance , sf, balance ; libra 
Etre en — , vn. be in fuf- 

Balancemsnt , Jm. balancing 
Balancer , va. to balance 
Ealancier , fm. baUncc-ma~ 

her ; balance of a watch ; 

fly of a jack. 
Balancings ^ sf. lifts 
JRHan^o'we yfce-faw. [cloak 
Balandran , fm. large coarfc 
Balayer, va.tofwetp 
Ealayeur, fe, f. fweepcr ; 

hnh>fn-man or woman 
Balayures , sf. fweepings ; 

what thefea throws up 
Balbiitier , vn. to ftammer 
BaIcon,yw. balcony 
JSaldaquin , c.tnopy 
Baleine , whale 
3&aIeinon , fm. young whale 
Halefton , fm. fpnt. 
Balife , sf buoy or mafi 
JBalifer , v. fet buoys ; mafis 
Balifte , sf. balUfla 
Baliveaii , fm. pollard 
Balivernes , sf ribaldry 
Ballade, j/, ballad 
Balladoires, ruftic dunce 
Balle , sf. bullet ; ball; chaff 
Ballet , interlude 
Pas de — , blunder 
Ballon , fm. football 
Ballonnier, football-maker. 
Ballot, bale [horf, 

Ballotade, j/. bounding of a 

B A 

Ballotage , balloting 
Ballotc, voting-hall, [tofs 
Balloter, vn. ballot ; difcufs ; 
Balourd y &,f. loggerhead. 
Balfamine, sf. balfam 
Balfamique, a. 2. balfamick 
Baluftrade , sf, balufter j rail 
Baluftre , fm. rail 
Baluftrer , va, to rail in 
Barr.boche ^ fm. short-arfe 
Ban, banns; outlawry 
Banal , e , <». common 
Galant banal, fm. general 

Banc , bank ; bench ; feat 
Banc du Roi , king's-bench 
— commun , common pleas 
Bancelle, sf. long form 
Bandage, ym. bandage 
Bandagifle, trufs-maker 
Bande , sf band ; gang 
Ba.ndca.n, fm. flllet 
Bandelette, sf little fillet 
Band2r, va. bind; Jlirup ; 

bend; fiand 
BanderoUe^ sf Jlreamer 
Bandit , fm. robber ; padder 
Bandoulier, vagabond 
Bandouliere, j/. bandoleer 
Banlieue , precincl 
Eanne , tilt 

Banner, va. cover with a tilt 
Banneret , a. m. banneret 
Banniere , sf. banner 
Bannir , va. to banish 
BannifTement , fm. exile 
Banque , sf a bank 
Banqusroute , bankruptcy 

B A 

Banqueroutier, e, / bank* 

Banquet ,/?«. a banquet 
Banqueter, v/2. ro/ea/? 
Banqu2teur, fm.feafier 
Banquette , sf raifd way 
Banquier , fm. banker 
Bapteme, baptifm 
Nom de — , chriflian namt 
Baptrfmal, e, a.baptlfmal 
Baptifer , to haptife 
Baptifiiere, church certificate 
Baquet, fm. a bucket 
Baqueter , v. to fcoap out 

Baqueturcs , sf. droppings 
Bar, fm. hand-barrow 
Baragouin, gibberish. 
Baraque „ sf barrack [risk 
Baragouiner, v.fpcak gibhc 
Baragouineur , fe , f who 

fpeaks gibberish. 
Baratte , sf a churn 
Barbacane , a kind of fort g 

a barbican. 
Barbate, a. l. barbarous 
Barbarement , ad. barba- 

raufly. [denefs 

Barbaric , sf. barbarity ; rw 
Barbariune yfnj. barbarifm» 
Barbe , sf beard 
Sainte barbe , grun-room 
Barbe, y«. a barb 
Barbeau, a barbel 
Barbet , a fpaniel 
Barbiche , sf a lap-dog 
Biv'o'icT ,fm. a barber 
Barbiilon, littU barbd 

B A 

5arbt>n , a grey-henrd 
Jarbon, ne , a. morofe 
3aib<7te, sf. ed-powt. [die 
Jaiboter, v. to mutter ; mud- 
}aiboteur,y;77. a muddling. 
Jarbotine , sf. worm-fted 
!arbouiIlage,yOT. dawhing 
iarbouiller , vn. dawh ; per- 
plex, [fcrlbbhr. 
larbcullleiir, fe , f. d.twbcr j 
tairbu, e, a. bearded. 
larbue , sf. a dab 
ardache,y^, a pathic 
iardane, sf burdock 
afde, bard ; Jlice of bacon 
ardeau , fm. shingU 
arder , va. to cover with a 
Jlice of bacon. 
ardeur , fm. day-labourer 
aidis , sf. water-boards 
sirdotffm.fmall-mule. [ver 
arguigner , v. haggle; wa- 
arguigneur, fe ,f. haggler, 
aril , fm. barrel 
arillet, a keg 
ariolage, medley, of colours 
arometre , barometer 
■aron , a baron 
aronage, baronage 
ironet, a baronet _ 
■aronne , sf. baronefs 
aronnie , barony 
aroque , a. 2. rough ; odd 
arque , sf a bark ; boat 
londuire la barque , to be 
the ring'leader. 
arque droite , trim the boat 
arcfue'e, a boat-full 

B A 

Bar querolle , sf. Utth hark 
Barrage, y77z, pajfagc-ioll 
Barrager, toll-gatherer 
Barre , a bar 

Barrcs d'arcafTe , trcnfoms 
Barrcau , fm. bar ; court 
Gens de — , lawyers 
Barrel ,ra. to bar 
Barrette, sf bonnet ; cap 
Barricade, barricade 
Barricader , va. to barricade 
Barriere, sf. barrier; hin- 
Banique , hogshead. 
Barrotins , pi. ledges 
Barrotte, a. full to the beams 
Bas , Te, rt. low ; shallow 
Eere bas , to be very v/eak 
Bas {orA,fm. a fiat 

— peupie , populace ; moh 

— relief, bajfo relievo 
Bas , a flocking 
La-bas , ad. below 
Mettre bas,i'. to bring forth. 
Bas , ad. down ; lov/. [part 
Bas ,fm. bottom; foot ; lower 
E a fane, sf. tanned sheep's 

Bafane , e ^ a. tawny, [fatv 
Ba fcule , sf. fwlng-gate ;fec- 
Bafe , bafis. \}^fi^ 

Bafilic , j'm. hafiUsk ;fweet~ 
Bafilique, sf a flately church 
Bafin ^ fm. dimitty 
Bafque , sf. skirt of a doublet 
Baffo , the bafs or bafe 

— de viole , bafe-viol 
Baffe , sf, ridge of recks 

B A 25 

BafTes , shallows 
Eaffement, ad, meanly 
Balfeffe, sf bafe aclion 
Bafiet,y?;2. terrier dog, 
Baffette , sf. bajfa ; a garni 
Baffin ifm. a bafon ; pan. 

— , a wet dock 

Baffin-e , sf a pan. [thi 

Bafliner, va. to warm;hjz- 
BaffinetjyJTz.p.i/z of a gun 

— ( fieur ) , butter-fiower 
BafiiRoire, sf warming^pam 
Baffon , fm. haffoon 

Baile , ad. int. be it fo 
B after, va. to fiiff.ce 
Baftet , fm. fool-hook jiaff 
Baftingage , netting 
Baftinguer, va. to barrlcait 
Baftion ,fm. bulwark 
Baflonnade , sf. hajlinada 
Bit , fm. pack-faddU 
Bataille, sf. a battle 
Bataliler, vn. to firuggle hari 
Bataillon ,fm. batalion 
Batard , e , a. s. bcfiard 
Batard , fm. parrel rope 
Batardeau-, a dam 
Batardiere, sf nurfery 
Batardife , bajiardy 
Batayoles , pl.ftanchions of 

the netting 
Bateau , fm. a boat 
Batelage , leger-de-main 
Batelee , sf. fare 
Bate!et,yra. UttU boat 
Bateleur,yTO. meny-andrew i 

moufue-bank ; juggler 
B atelier, waterman 

14 B A 

Bater , va. to /addle with a 
pack-faddU. [faddUs 

Batier , Jm, maker ofpack- 
Batifoler ^ vn. to romp 
Batiment,yOT. building ; ship 
Batir , va. to build 
Batiffe , sf. the building 
• BatifTeur ,yOT. great builder 
£atiile , sf. lawn 
liiton.afuck. [Jlaff 

—4 a deux bouts , quartcr- 
•Tour du baton , by gains 
Batonner, ra, to bajiinadoj 

*—^ to [core a writing 
Battage , threshing 
Eattant , clapper 
-^ neuf , a. brand-new 
Batte , sf. rammer ; paving - 

Battc a beurre, churn-Jlaff 
Battement , fm. bzating ; 
clapping. \blc 

Battene , sf. battery , fquab- 
Batteur , fc ^f. beater ; thra- 
sher, [low 
Batteur de pavd,ym. idlefcl- 
Battoir, battledore i beetle 
Battologie, sf tautology 
Battre, va. to beatijirike 
Se — , vr. to fight. {^shes 
Battue, (faire la) to beat bu- 
Batturcs , fati shallow. 
Bavard,e,y; boajier; hah- 
Bavarder , vn. to boajl. [bier 
Bavarderie , sf. boajiing 
Baudot , fm. an afs i trejile ; 

B E 

Baudrier , shoulder-belt 
Bave, sf.faver; drivel 
Baver, vn.tojlaveriflabher 
Bavette , sf. a bib 
Baveur ,£c,f. jlabber-chops 
Baveufe , (chair) sf. proud 

Baufrer, vn. to gutth 
baufreur ,y^. guttler 
Bauge, sf.foil of a wild boar 
Baume , fm. balm ; balfam 
Baumier , balm-tree 
Bavolet , head gear 
Bavolette, sf country-lafs 
Bauquiere , clamps 
Baux , fm. beams of a ship 
Bayonnette , sf. bayonet 
Beant, e, a. gaping; open 
B^at , e , f. fanBimonlous 
Beatification , sf. — tlon 
Beatifier , va. to beatify 
Beatifique , -a. 2. beatific 
Beatilles , sf. tit-bits 
Beatitude , — tudi ; bllfs 
Beau, bel , belle , a. fine; 

handfome ; beautiful 
Bsau-pere , fm. father-in- 


— Ills , fon-in^law. 

— frere , brother-in-law 
Beau, fm. excellence ; fine- 

Tout-beau, Int. fair Ofoftly 
Beaucoup, ad. much; many 
Beaupre , Jm. bowfprit 
Beaute , sf. beauty ; finencfs 
Bcc , fm. beak; bill; nib 
CoupdebeC; taunt; wipe 

B E 

BecafTe , sf. wood-cock 
B^caffine , a fnipe 
Becfigue , fm. bcccafigo 
Beche , sf. a fpade 
B^chee ou becquce , blll-ful 
Becher , va. to dig 
Bechique , a. 2. s. goodfo 

a cough. 
BedaiUQ y paunch ; guts 
Bedeau , fm. beadU ; verge 
Bedon , fat man ; tabrct 
Beer , vn. to gape ; hanke 
BefFroi , fm. belfry ; alarm 

Begaiement, flammtring 
B^gayer, v. to ftammer 
Begue , a. 2. s.ftammtnr 
Bdgueule, sf. afcold 
Beguin ^fm. biggin 
Beguine sf. Jlalc maid 
Bejaune , fm. nlafs hawk 
— , (B(fvue) a TP.iJiake, a fritter 
Beiandre, sf. a bilander 
Belement,yOT. bleating 
Beler , vn. to bleat 
Belette, sf. a wcafel 
B^Iier yfm. a ram ; Aries 
B^Iitre , a fcoundrel [drs 
B^litraille, gang cf fee 
Belitrerie, sf. roguishncfs 
Beile-de-nuit, nightshade 
Beile-mere, sf. mother-i\ 


— fille , daughter-in-law 

— fceur , fijhr-in-law 
Eellement , ad.foftly 
BslUqueux, fe. a. mart.'aU 


B E 

SelUfTime, a, i.fuperlatlvely 
Bellot, te. ^r^fiy {jine 

Belveder ,y«. a turret. 
— , (plante) bdveder. [meals 
B^nddicite , grace before 
3^nedi(ftion , sf. a blcpng 
?ays de — j f^n. a plentiful 

Vlaifon de — , sf. a houfe 

■where there is good living. 
3en(;fice,ym. ber.efa ; living 
— fimple , fine-cure 
Beneficence, sf. bounty 
5eneficier, fm. incumbent 
Benet , a. s. filly 
3enignement , ad. kindly 
B^nlgnite, sf. — .'v ; goudnefs 
3dnln , m. gne ,/'. a benign 
Benjoin , fm. benjamin (a 
Senir , va. to hlefs. [gum') 
— la table, to fay grace 
Bdnitier,/;7z, holy waiter pot 
Bequeter , va. to peck 
Bdquille , sf. a crutch 
Berceiil , /ot, sheep-fcld 
Berceau, cradU ; bower 
Bercer , va. to rock ; amuji 
Bergamotte, sf hergamot 
Berge , hi<ih brach ; barge 
Berger,/ra. shepherd 
Beigere , sf. shcpherdcfs 
Bcrg-rie , sheep-fold ; flock 
Bergeries , paftorals 
Bergeronnette , wagtail y 

Beril , fm. beryl 
Berline, sf. a biirline 
Berlue , dimnefs of fight 

B E 

Berne , tofs in a blanket; an 

ove fight. 
En berne, ad. a-waft 
Bernement , fm. toffing in a 
blanket, [kef, to ridicule 
Berner , va. to tofs inablan- 
Berneur, fm. toff jr in a blan- 
ket, [beat anillpafs 
Berniquet (aller au), v. to 
Beface, sf. a wallet 
Etre a la — ,he extreme poor 
Befacier,y?«. a bessar 
Befaigue, sf a twy-bill 
Beficles , sf. temple glaffes ; 

Befogne , work 
Befoin,yOT. want; need; lack 
BefTon, T\e. a. twin - 

Beftial, e. beafily; brutish 

Beftlalement, ad. beaj?ly 

Beflialite, sf. beafiiimfs 

Beftiaiix,^^. cattle 

Befliole , sf. little beafi 

Beftion , fin. prow 

Betail , cattle 

Gros — , kine 

Menu , — , sheep , &c. 

Bete , sf. beafi; blockhead 

Betife, sf. fiupidity 

Betoine , hctony 

Bette , beet 

Betterave , red beet 

Nez c!e — , large red nofe 

Beuglement, fm. bellowing 

Beugler , vn. to bellow 

Beurre, /ot. butttr 

Beurrd, kutter-pear 

B surrey, sf br&ad^huttsr 


B I 

Beurrer , va. to butter 
Beurrier , e. / butter-fdUr 
Bevue, sf. an ovcrfi^ht 
Bezoard,yOT. bsioar-fionc 
Biais , flope ; angle ; way 
De biais, ad. fignting ; bias 
B'laiiemsntyfm. fetch; shift 
BiaiTer , vn. to shnfits ; dod-^c 
Biaffe , sf. raw fiik 
Biberon , ne. / tippler; the 

lip of a veffel. 
Bible, j/. the Bible 
Bibliographic, — phy 
Bibliomanie, bookishi'ps 
Bibliothecaire,ywz. lihrarlatt 
Bibliotheque, sf. libniry 
Bibus , /. paltry ; forry 
Bicetre ,/777. bridewell 
Biche , sf. a hind ; lap-do^ 
Bichet , fm. msafure for corn 
Bichon , ne,f. lap-dog 
Bicoque , sf. paltry-town 
Bidet, y;n. a poney ; a tic 
Bidon , a earn 
Bien , good ; wealth 
Homme debien, a good man 
Femnte de bien. , sf good 
Bien, ad. well. [woman 

Bien loin , very far off" 
— loin de , /b , far , from 
Bien que , c. although 
Bieri-aime , e. a. s. beloved 
Bien dire , fm. eloquence 
Bieiifailant, e, a. liberal 
Bienfait , fm. favour 
Bienfai£lcur , heneficlor 
Bienfaiclrice, .?/". kencficlrefs 
Bicaheurei;::, fe. a. s, bUff<d 

±6 B I 

Bienieance , sf. decency; ccn- 

vciiuncy. {convenient 

Blenfeant , e, a. decent; 

Biei>tenar.t , e , a. s. land- 

Bicntot, ad. foon ; very foon. 
jSienveillance , sf.good-wiHi 

Bien-vcnu, e, a. ■welcome 
JBienvenue , sf. entrance- 
money ; initiation ; gar- 
nish money. 
Bicre , beer ; a coffin 
B'levie, fm. a beaver 
jBiffer, va. to erafc ; cancel 
Bigame, a. 1. s. tvnccmar- 
Bigamie , sf. bigamy, [ried 
JBigarradc , a great orange 
13igarreau,y772. herd cherry 
joigarrcr, va. to party- colour 
Compagnle bigarree, sf. ill 

fidted company. 
Bigarrure , a variety of co- 
lours ; a medley. 
BigJe , fm. a beagle 
> — , a. 2. s. fijuint-cyed 
Bigler, vn. to fquint 
Bigne , sf. a hunch 
Bigorne , an anvil. [anvil 
Bigorneau , fm. little rifing 
Bigoiner , va, to round a 

thing upon the anvil. 
Bigct , e, a. s, a bigct 
Ligots de racage, pi. rihs 

of a parrel. 
Eigoterie, sf. bigotry 
Bigiicr, va, to truck; barter. 
Digues, pU ihiifi^ [feat 

B I 

Bijou , fm. jewel ; prttty 
Bijouterie, sf jewelry. 
Bijoutier , fm. toyman ; vir- 
Bill,abilL [tuofo 

Bilan , a:. count-hook, 
Bilboquet, a catch 
Bile , sf cholsr 
. — , (coleie) anger f paffon 
BiUaire , a. 2. bilious 
Biiieux , fe. bilious; choleric 
Billard , fm. billiards ; the 

mafs; a billiard-table.. 
Bills, sf a billiard-hall, [hall 
Faire une bille, v. hazard a 
Bille , sf a packer's-fick 
A la billsbaude , higgledy- 
piggledy [twice 
Billarder , vn, tofirike a ball 
Billebarrer, to motley with 
various colours. [pack-Ji:ck 
Biller, va. to pack with a 
Billet, y?7z. a note; a ticket. 

— de iotterie, lottery ticket 

— doux, love-letter 

— blanc, a blank 
Billeter, va. to ticket 
BiUevefee, sf, idle trash 
E'lllonyfm. bad coin [coin 
Billonnement,pi^irri/zo- offhad 
Billonner, vn, to put off bad 

coin [ cudgel 

Billot, fm. billet i wedge; 
bimbelct, a toy 
Bimbelotier , a toyman 
Binard , a large cart 
Binaire, a. 2. binary 
Binement , fm^ digging 

B I 

Blner, va. to dig again 
B'laetyfm. a fave-all 
Faire — , v. ufe a fave-all 
Binocle, double profpcalvt 
BiogTR-phQybiograpkcr. [glafs 
Biographic, sf biography 
Bique, sf a she-goat 
Biquet,yOT. a kid 
Eiqueter , vn.tokid 
Bis, e. a. brown [ther 

Bifaieul, fm. greet grand fa" 
Bifa'ieule , sf great grand" 

Bisbille, sf quarrel y wran' 

Bil'cayenne, a barca longa 
Bifcornu , e , a. ill-shaped; 

crampt ; odd. 
Bifcotin , fm. fugar'cake 
Bilcuit , bifcuit. [penny loaj 
Bife , sf north- eafi-w in d ; 
Bifeau, fm. the kijjing-cruji, 
Bifque , sf bisk 
BiffdiC yfm, a wallet 
Reduire au — , va. to beggat 
Biffexte, hijfextile. 
Biffextil, e, a. bijfextile 
Biilorte, sffnake-weed 
Biftouri, fm. incificn-knife 
Biflourner , vn. to twijl a 

horfe's genitals, 
Bitord , fm. fpun yarn 
Bitter ,'rd. to bit 
Bittes , j/ hits [hits top-fail sheet 
Bitume , fm. bitumen 
Bitumbevis , fV, a, — ncus 

B L 

Bivlaire, a. 2. mating of two 

3ivoie, j/ parting of a road 
3izarre, a. i, fantafiical 
5izarrement , ad. fantafii- 

Jizarrerie, sf.fantajllcalncfs 
>lafard , e, a. wan ; paU 
Uaireau,ywj. a badger 
ilamable , a. 2. tUmeabU 
Uame ,'fm. blame 
llarner , va. to hiami 
Azr.c , che. a.white. [cht 
llanc-figne, /m. carti'hlan- 
ilanc, a mark at shooting i 
a break ; a blank, 
lane , whiting 
lanchaille, sf. youn^fry 
lanchatf e , a. z, whitiih 
lanche, sf. minum 
lanchcKtent , ad, cleanly 
lancheiie , sf. whitfiir's 
field. [coat 

lanchet , fm. under waifi- 

5 printer's blanket 

lancheur, sf. whltenefs 
lanchimer.tjyOT, bhaching; 
a wash for filver 
lanchir, v. to whiten; char; 
to grow grey. 

au foieil, to bleach 

lanciunage,yr7i. washing 
lanchiiTanc , e, a. whitish 
lanchifferie, sf. whitening- 
yard 01- field. 

lancl.iffeur, fm. whitfier ; 
laachiff^ufs , sf. laundrefs 

B L 

Blandices , cajoling; flattery 
Blanque , blank lottery 
Elanquette, delicate fort of 

white wine; fort of pear ; 

white fricajfjy. 
Blafon ,fm. heraldry; bla-{on; 

Blafor.neJT.ent , blazonry 
Blafonner , va. to hUr^on ; 

traduce. [blazer 

Blafonneur , y5n. bla-^oner ; 
Blafphdmateur, blafphcmer 
Blafphdmatolre, a. 2. biaf- 

Blafpheme yfm. blnfphemy 
Bia'phemer, v. to hlafphcme. 
Blatter , fin. corn-factor 
file on Bled, com; wheat 
El^ nolr , buck-wheat 
Bleche, a. i.flothful 
Bleme , a. 2. wan ; pah 
Blemir, vn. to grew pah 
\ BliSrniffement , fm. paJcnefs 
BlelTer , va. to hurt ; wound 
Se — - 5 vr. to mlfcar.y ; to be 

offended. [ injury 

Blcffure , sf. wound ; bruifc ; 
Blet , te, a. half rotten 
Bistte, sf blit 
Bleu, e J blue 
Bleuatre , a. 2. bluish 
Blemr , va. bluing of metals 
Blinder , to cover with blinds 
B i In des, sf. blinds 
Bloc , fm. ragged marble ; 

blok; lump 
Vendreen hlQCfV. fell who h- 


cry I Blocas; 

EG 17 

%e ou blocaille , fm. 

rubbish, [rough v/all 

Muraille de blocage , sf 
Blocas <ifm. blockade 
Faire le • — , v. to block up 
Blend, e, .-?. s.f::ir; fi.JXirt 
Blonde , sf. blond-lace 
Blondin , fm. a beau 
B Ion dine, sf a fair girl 
Blondir , vn. to grow fair 
Bloquer , va. to block up 

, vn. to turn a letter 

Se blottir , vr. to fquat do-vn 
Bloufe, sf. billiard haiard^ 
Bloiifer, va. to hazard 
Se - — , vr. to mifiake 
Bluet , fm. a blue-bottle 
Bluette , sf little fpark 
Bliiteau yfm. a bolter 
Bluter, ya. to bolt ; Jlft 
BIutoir,y/7j. a bolt ; fieve 
Bobeche , sf cnndhjllck foe- 
B obin e , a bobir. ; quill. [ ket 
Bobiner , va. to wind ' 
BohOy fm. afmdl ailment 
Socage, a grove; thicket 
Bccager , e, a. rural 
Bocal yfm. a jug 
Boeuf, an ex ; baf 
Bohem-en , ne, a ^ipjy 
Boire , va. to drink; funk 
— , vn. to put up with an af-^ 

— , fm. drink; drinking 
Bois, wood; dear's ho:-ns 
— chablis , chahlish 
— ■ de charpente, tirnh^, 
— talllis , a ccpfe 

18 B O 

Bois de haute futaie , lefty 

.— de lit, a hecf/had 
■ — d'acajou, mahos[sry 
' — courbans, compafs-timher 

— d'arrimagc , fat horn-: imh er 
Boirage,/OT. tlmbzr; wairfcot 
Boife, e, a. wainfcotted 
Boifer , va. to wctinfcot 
Boiferie, sf wainf-ct. 
Boifeux , fc, a. woody 
SoilTeau , fm. a bushel 
Boiffelier , a turner 
Boiffun , sf. drink 

Bolte , a box 

— de montre, watch-cafe 
En fa boite ,fc to drink 
Hohement , fm. halting 
Boite r , vn. to limp ; go lame 
Boiteux, fe, a. s. lamcy crip- 

Boiticr , fn. furoeon's cafe ; 
box of jiwels J- cafe maker. 
Bol ou bolus , a bolus 
Bel d'Armdnie , bole armo- 

Bombance, sf eating; riot 
Bcmbardement, fm. bom- 
bardment, l^bomb 
Bombarder , va. to bombard; 
Bombardier, /m. — dicr 
Bombafln , bomha-^ecn 
Bombe , sf. a bomb. \out 
Bombement, fm. bunching 
Bomerie , sf. bottomry 
Bon J ne, a. good 
Bon-mot, witticifm 
JPoii 1 Lnt, pshaw I 

B O I 

Tout-de-bon , ad. in good 

Bon , fm. good ; clear ; the 

Don , ne,/ dear ; honey 
Bon , ad. well. [p'^A ^ 

A quoi bon ? to what pur- 
Bona.ce y sf calm ; calmnefs 
BonafTs, a, l. downright 
Bonbon yfm. dainties 
Bond , rebound ; gambol 
Bonde, sfjluice; fiood-gate 
Bondir, vn. to frisk; rebound 
BondifTement , fm. frisking 
- — de coeur, a rifing of the 

Jlomach. [hole 

Bondonyboung;Jiopple; bung- 
Bondonner,v^. to bungifiop. 
B n h e ur yfm. h appin efs; good 

luck; blejjing. 
Bonlfier, va. to improve 
Bonnement , ad. honefily ; 
Bonnes y sf. trumps. [well 
Bonnet, fm. a cap ; bonnet. 
Bonnetade , sf capping ; 

Bonneterie, sf. hofiers 
Bonne':eur, fm. sharper 
Bonnctier, cap-maker; hofier 
Bonnette, sf. bonnet of a fail 
Bonte , goodnefs , kindnefs 
Bonze,/! bon\e 
Borax, fm. horax. [shore 
Bord, edge; brim; brink; 
Rendie le — , v. to anchor 
Rouge-bord , fm. a brimmer 
Bord, (navire) ship; a- 

B o 

Bon bord , good hoard. 
Bord a terre , Jianding in 
Bord au large , ftanding o^ 
A bord , ad. a!ons,-fidc 
Borda^e, fm . fdd-planks of a 

Bord^e , sf broad fide; tack 
Bordel , fm. a brothd. [laa 
Border , va. to edoe; bo'der 

— un vaiffeau, to b:ar up n 
a ship ; to board a ship. 

— la cote , to line the coaj 

— un lit , to tuck in — 
Bordereau,ym.«o/re; accoun 
Bordeyer , vn, to ply to wind 

wa'^d by board. 
Bordier , a. lap-fided 
Bordigue, sf. a crawl 
Bordu e , frame ; edge 

, foot of a fail 

Boreal, e, a. northern 
Boree yfm. north-wind 
Borgne, a. i. one-eyed 
Cabaret — , blind tavern 
Faux — , crofs-patch 
Borgne, fm. one-eyed man 
Borgneffe , sf. one-eyed wo 


Bornage , fm. fetting bound 
Borne, sf. a hound; limit 

fio m feud. [narro% 

Borne, e, a, shallow ; fmall 
Borner , va. to bound., limii 

end. [hound 

Se — , vr. keep within 
Bofphore , fm. ■ — rus 

Bofquet , thicket; grovi 

B O 

Joffage , rufiicks ; emboJJ- 

lofTvlcr , va. to work in re- 
loffelage ^ frx. a relievo 
loffe , sf. hunch on. the body : 
reli:vo ; bruife ; knot. 
n bofTe, ad. embojfcd 
oiTes .pi. fioppers 
offer , V, to jlopper ; /low 
offeman , fm. boatfwain 
offetce , sf. bridle- find; bofs 
ofloirs , pi. cat-luads 
offu , e, .1. s. hunch-backed 
hemin boffu , fm. rugged 

offuer , va. to bruife; hatter 
ot , fm. a boat 
ied-l)ot , flump- foot 
otanique, sf botany 
- , a, 2. botanic 
otanifte , y?72. botanijl 
otte, sf. hoot; bunch; thrufl 
ottelage , fm. bottling of 

otteier, r^. to bottle hay 
otteleur ,y?w. maker of hay 
into bottles. [boots on 

otter, va, make boots ; put 
e — , vr. put one's boot on. 
otti.-ie, sf. jockey-boot 
cue, fn. hc-goat ; leathern- 

oucan , a hawdy-houfe 
oucaner, vn. to haunt haw- 

oucanier ,yCT. a buccaneer 
cucaffin , bQCcafne, 


Toile , sf. linen 

cloth made fujiian-like. 
Boucaut , fm. a dry cask 
Bouche , sf the mouth 
Bouche coufuc , mum for 
that. [keep counfel 

Avoir bonne bouche , v. to 
Flux de bouche , fm. talka- 
tivcnefs. [fi^ce 

Bouche a bouche, ad. face to 
Sujet a fa bouche, glutton; 

Bouche'c, sf a mouthful 
Boucher, va. to fop up 
Boucher , fm. a butcher 
EoMchevt', sf butcher woman. 
Bouchene, shambles; but- 
Bouche-trou,ym. pin-basket 
Boachon, Jlopplc; cork 
— de paille , whifp cfjiraw 
— , any thing rumpled. 
Bouchonner, va. to rub with 

a whifp; to rumple. 
Boucle, sf. buckle; knocker 
Bouclement ,//Vz. ringing 
Boucler , va. to buckle ; ring; 

make an end of 
Bouclier ,fm. buckler ; shield 
Levee de boucUers , sf. much 
ado about nothing, [grvjf 
Bouder , vn. to pout; look 
Bouderie , sf pouting. 
Boudeur,fe,/ who pouts; 

full en. 
Boudin , fm. a pudding 
Beudiniere , sf. little funnel 
Bo US, dirt 3 matur 

BO If 

Arae de — , « bafefoul 
Bouee , a buoy. [venger 
Boueur , fm. duflman ; fca^ 
Boueux , fe, a. muddy; miry 
Bouffant, e ,/:z/j5?/2g-. [ft 
Bouffee , sfpuff; hlafnfi^ht 
Bouffer , va. to puff; be fuU 

IcnJy angry 
BoufHr , va. to hloat ; puff up 
BoufFiffure, sffwclUng; tur- 

gincy. [foort 

Bouffon , ne, a. s. jocofe; huf 
Bouffonner , vn. to droll 
Bouffonnerie, sf buffoonery 
Bouge , fm. a lodge 

— ^ the midle of a cask, [tick 
Bougeoir , flat wax-candlef- 
Bougcr, vn. to budge; fir 
Bougette , sf budget or bag 
Bougie , a ivax-candle 
Bouglcr , va. to fear with a 

Bougran , fm. buckram 
Bou;IIant, e, a. hot; hajly 
Eouilli , fm. boiled meat 
Bouillie, sf. thick-milk; pap 
Bouillir , vn. to boil; work 
Bouilloire , sf boiler; kettle 
Bcaiillon , fm. broth ; gufi of 

pajjion ; fcething up. 
Bouillonnement , bubbling 

up ; ebullition. 
Bouillonner, vn. to bubble. 

up ; gush out. [ box-tree 
Bouis cu buis , fm. box ; 
Boulanger , va. to baki. 

— , fm. a baker. 

Boulangere, sf. baker's wifi 
g iij 

•50 BO 

Boulangcne , sf. baking ; 

"Boulc , ahowl;balL 
Bouleau , Jm. a birch-tree 
Boulet , a bullet ; ball 
. — a deux tetes , chain-shot 
« — , fetlock ,{in a horfe. ) 
Boulette, sf. a little ball 
Boulevart , fm. buhvark ; 

fortrefs. [throw 

Boulererfement , total over- 
Bouleverfer , va, to over- 
Uouleux , fm. laborious man 
Bon — , plodding man 
Bouli , a tea-pot 
^oul\mie,sf. bulimy. Iputlock 
lioulin , fm. p/gson's cove, 
Bouline , sf. boline ; tack 
Vent de — ,/w2. a tide-wind 
Sou-iner , vn. tack about; 

"Bouhncur , fm. a camp-thief 
Boulingiin , bowling-green ; 

grafs-plot. [weight 

Boulon , iron-pit ; fled-yard 
Bouquer , vn. to truckle; 

buckle to. 
Bouquet , fm, a no f gay 
Bouquetier, a flower-pot 
Bouquetiere , sf. nofcgay- 

•B.^uquetin , fm. a wild goat 
Bouquin, old hc-goat; lecher 
Bouquiner , vn. to hunt after 

old books ; to couple y as a 


"^ijm^i^n f fm, barratan 

B O 

Bourbe , sf. mud ; mire, \jnlry 
Bourbeux , fe , a. muddy ; 
Bouth\ct^fm.Jl&ugk; plunge. 
Eourbillon , matter from a 

Bourcette , sf. corn-falad 
Bourdaloue, sf, a hatband 
Bourde , sf. sham ; fib 
Bourder , vn. to fib ; sham 
Bourdeur , fe , / a fibber 
Bourdon , fm. drone ; an cut 
Planter le — , v. tofettlc 
Bourdonnementj/m. hum- 
ming ; buying ; murmur. 
Bourdonner, vn. hum; mutter 
Bourdonnet ,fm. a doiel 
Bourg , a country-town 
Bourgade, sf. a little-town 
Bourgage , fm. burgage 
Bourgeois, burgcfs; clti-^en 
Bourgeoife, sf citizen'' s w'-f 
Bourgeoifement, ad. citiien- 
liki. [city ; the citi-^ens 
Bourgeoife, sf freedom of a 
Bourgeon, y^i. a bud; a pim- 
ple, [shoot 
Bourgeonner, vn. to bud; 
Bourgmeftre , fm. burgo- 

Bourguignote, j/ burganet 
Bouriache, borage 
Bounade , beating; a cuff 
Bourrafque , sf, fudden 

form; a caprice. 
Bourre, wad; cow's hair ;^ 

filly fluff. 
Lit cle — j/ttz. afiock-hcd 

B O 

Bourr^e, sf chat-wood 
Bourreler, va. to torment 
Bout relet , fm. a pad. 

, puddening of a. mafi 

Bourrelier, harnefs-maker 
Bourrellement , fm, torture ; 

rcmorfe. . [ ahufc 

Bourrer, va. to pad; ram ^ 
Bourrique,j/.' afs; afs's colt» 
Boui'riquet,/?n. hand-barrow 
Bourru , ue, a. morofe 
Moine bourru ,fm. bug-bear 
Bourfault , fort of willow 
Bourfe , sf. a purf ; a podi 

an exchange. 

— en refeau , net-pur fe 

— a berger ou tabouret, 
shepherd's purfe; toy- wort, 

Bourfier , fm. treafurer; pur^ 

fc-maktr ;hurfr. [thc-ing 
Bourfiller , vn. make a ga- 
Bourfon , fm. a fob 
Bourfoufler , va. to bloat ^ 

puff. [bloated body 

Gtos bourfoufle, y/Tz. a big 
Style bourfoufle, a turgid 
Boufe , sf cow-dung, [fiyli 
Boufillage , fm. a mud-wall. 
Boufiller, va. make a mud- 

BouuUeur , fm. mud-waller 
BoufTole , sf. fea-compafs ; 

Bout , fm. end; tip {nipple. 
Le haut — , upper end; ::ppcr 
Le bas — , lower end. [hand 
Bout-a-bout, adttuck'dtQz 


B O 

PcufTer a bout , v. to draw 
to extremities ; put to a 

Bout do beauprd, ajih-boom 

— de bordage , butt of a 

— de vergue , yard arms 

— ds tnanches , fm. cuff's 

— laign eux , fcragiy end 
Venir a bout, v. to bring 

about; to make an end. 
Boutade , sf. freak ; fpurt ; 

Bnutargue , sf. botargo 
■3outs-er;-train , fm. dccoy- 

hird; choice fpir its. 
iuute-feu , gunner ; lin/iock; 

incendiary ; firebrand. 
Soute-hors , knave, out of 

doors ; good utterance. 
3our2-fcIie, (fonnerle) to 

found:, to horfe. 
3outcille , sf a botde 
— , (veilie d'eau) luhble 
itre dans ia — , to be in the 

BouteillJer , fm. a butler 
Jouterolle, sf. chape 
3outique, shop; implements 
^outiquier,/?;:. shop-keeper 
Joutis , routing pLice of a 

wild boar. 
ioutifie, sf.jlone laid aero f<; 
Joutoir , fm. fnouz ; biutrcfs 
ioutor, button ; hud; pimple 
ioutonner, va. to button; 

ludj break quu 

B R 

Ncz boutonne , pimpled 

Boutonnerie, sf button-ware 
Boutcnniei- , fm. button- 
maker. _ 
Boulonniere , sf. button-hole 
Bouture , a flip of a tree 
Bouverie, sf a cow-houfe 
Bouvier , e. f. cowherd ; 

Bouvillon , fm. a bullock 
Boyau , a gut; bowel 
— , branch, of a trench 
Defcente de -r-, sf. rupture 
Boyaudier , fm. fiddle firing 

Boyer , Flemish shallop 
j Bracelet, a bracelet 
Brachial , a. brachial 
B'La.connet ,vn. to poach 
Braconnier , fm. a poacher 
Bragne , sf. fpan 
Brai , sf pitch and tar mixt 
Braillcr , vn. to bawl 
Br allleur, fc,f. hawlcr;fcold 
Braire , vn. to bray as an afs 
BraiTe, sf. life 
Bramer , vn. to bray as fiags 
Bran , fm. excrement 

— de Judas ^freckle 

— de fon , coarfi bran 

— de icxQ^faw-dnft. {a coach 
Biar.card , a litter ; shaft of 
B. anchaee, branches; boughs 
Sranche, j'/^ branch'; bough 
Branclie-vafine , brank-urfin 
Brancher j va, to hang on a 


BR 31 

Branchier , fm. a brancher 
Branchu, c, a. branchy 
I^rande, sf heath 
Brandebourg j/ot. a fur tout 
Brandebourgs , frogs on a 

Brandes, sf. boughs of trees 
Bvandevin,/;?:. brandy 
Brandevlnler, e, f. futler 
Brandiller, v<t. tofwing; fee- 
Bran d illoire,,y/!£?_/Tvi/2.^. [/d V 
Brandir, va. to brandish 
Brandon, fm. a firebrand 
Branle , jo^q^iii?^ ; hamtnoch 
Donner le — , vn. fet ac^oing 
Etre er. — , to he in motion or 

in fuf pence 
Menerle — , to had the dance 
Brai;Ie-bas, int. up all ham- 
Brsnlement , fm. jogging 
Branler, v. to jog; shake i 

waver; give ground 
Branleur, fe , f. shaker 
Branloire, sf a fwlr.g 
Braque , y?/T. afttirg dog 
Br aquemart , a cutlcfs. [ncn 
Braquement, /?o/>2^//?o' a can' 
Braquer, va. to point ; to turn 
a carriage. ifi^^ 

Braques , Jm. claws of a lob- 
Bras , arm; claw; fconce. 
Brafer, va. to folder, [coalsf 
Bra.fier,fin. coal-fire ; pan for 
Bra{iller,vdf. to broil; Jparkle, 
Brafrage,yw. coining 
Brallage, kr^cin^ thi yards 

u BR 

i)roit de brafTags , coinage. 
Braffard, fm. brajfcts 
Bi^ifle, sf. a faihom ' 
Braflee, an arm full 
BrafTer, va. ^rewj mix; de- 

» ' ■ , ro irccfi a yard 
BrafTeiie, j/. brew-houfc 
BraiTeur , (e^ f. a brewer 
'B r a. , fm. depth 
Braffieres,i/! night waijlcoat 
Braffin ,/;«. brewer's copper 
Bravache, afwazgerer 
Bravade, sf. hecioring 
Brave, a. 2, s. brave jfpruce 
Faire le — , to carry it high 
Bravement , ad. fioutly ; fi- 
Braver, va. to brave ; bully 
Biaverie, sf finery 
Bravoure, valour j courage. 
Bravo ures , feats. [ afs 

Brayement,^^. braying of an 
Brayer, a trufs. 
- ' — va. to tar a ship 
Brayets , fm. tackles. 
Braves , sf children's clouts 
Brayeite , the cod-piece 
Breant, frr.. a fiskin 
Brdbiage, tax on sheep 
Brebis , sf. a she<.p ; ewe 
Breche , breach ; gap. 
Br^chedent, a. z.^s.toothlefs 
Brechet , fm. the brisket. 
'Brcc\n,fm. iron-hook 
Bredindin , garnet 
Bredouille , sf. a lurch 
Etre en — ^ at a nonplus 

B R 

Bredouille , fm. Jiammerer 
'iiit^o'an\cn\Qnt, Jiammering 
Brsdouiller , vn. to ftammer 
Bredouilleur, {^^ffiammerer 
Bref , ve, a, brief, short 
— , ad. in short 
— , fm. a brief ; warrant 
Bregin, fort of net 
Brehaigne , a. s. barren hind 
Breland, fm. a gaming-houfe 
Brelander , vn. to game 
Br£landier,yOT. a gamcjler 
Breloqiie, sf a gewgaw 
Breme , a bream 
Breneux, fe, a. befouled 
B^Ciil ,fm, braiil-wood 
Brefiiler , va. to cut fmall 
Breffin , fm. tackle hook 
Bretaiiler , vn. to tilt 
Bretailieur , fm. a titUr 
Bretauder, va. to crop 
Breteile , sf. ajlrap 
Brette , a rapier 
Brette, e, a. toothed 
Brettsur , fm. a bully 
Bretture, sf. teeth of tools 
Breve , a short fy liable 
Brev&f , fm. warrant ; com- 
miffio- ; indenture ; bill of 
lading. [ vier 

Brevlaire, a breviary ^ bre- 
Brcuvagc , drink ; pouon ; 

drench ; beverage 
Bribe , sf. a fcrap-y lump 
Bricole , sf bricole; nhound 
De — , ad. indirectly 
Bricoles, sf.flraps 
Bricoler, vn, to tofsfd^wcys 

B R 

Bride, sf bridle iji.iy; Ico^ 
Brides a vea.n\, Jll'y reafcns 
Bride en main , with deUbc" 

— de dentelle , bar of a lace 
Brider , va. to bridle ; curb ; 

ticfaji. [man's head-drefs 
Bridoic , fm. bridle on, a wo-- , 
Bridon , afnajfie; a bit, 
Biievement, ad. briefly 
Bri^vete , sf brevity 
Brifer , va^ to guttle 
Br'feur , fe, f a guttler 
Brigade , sf. brigade ; troop 
Brigadier , fm. brigadier 
Brigand, a highwayman 
Brigandage , robbery 
Brigander, v. n. to rob 
Brigantin,/OT. brigantine 
Brigue , sf. folicitation ; 

Briguer , va. to folicit ; fn 
Brigueur , y>7z. candidate 
Brillant, e, a. shining; bright 
Brillant,/fn. brlghtncfs ; keen 

fenfe ; a brilliant 
Briller , vn. to shine; fparkle 
Brimbale, sf. brake ; handle 

of a ship's pump 
Biimbaler , va. tofet agoing 
Brimborions , fm, baubles ; 

Brin , hit ; fprig; flip ; fl'ck 
— de loic, de natte, &c/rwz/? 

— d'efloc, quarttr-fioff 

— a brin , ad. pitcar.eal 
Bringucbals , sf brAe , 


B R 

Inoche f fort of nice cake, 
5rion, sf. fore foot 
irique, sf. a brick 
^■iquet, /«.. a fticl 
\n^\xtta2,e , bricks ; brick- 
work j biick-liki. [like. 
(riqueter, va. to make-hrick- 
Iriqueterie, sf. brick-kiln. 

, brick-making 

kiquetier, fm. brick-maker 
iris , wreck ; breaking open. 
Irifans, breakers 
irifant, shelf; blind rock 
Irife , sf. a brec:(e 
trifer , va. to break ; fplit 
.it bnfe, fni. joldi.-tg bed 
!rife-cou , break-neck place 
frifecs , sf. blink ; Jicps 
irife-image,/ image- breaker 
>rifemert,yni. dashing 
ieirifer, vr. break; fold up 
Jiiieur, im. breaker 

dis jfel ; fait cfficir 

Jrif..' v:y a brake for flax 
kifure , sf rcbatiment 
Jritannique, a. i. British 
Jfcc , fm. a leathern jack 
kocaater , v. to be a broker 
Jrocanteur, fe, /.' a broker 
iiocdLvd y fm. brocade ; taunt 
3rocarder, va. to taunt; nip 
Brocardeur, fe,/ a tauntcr 
3rocatclle, sf. lindfcy-wool- 


Sroche , sf.fpit; knitting- 
needle ; faiicct ; fiick ; peg 

Broches de fangUer, tusks of 
fi wild boat 

B R 

Brozh6e,fpitfull, &c. 
Biocher , va. to knit ; fiitch ; 
do in a hurry ; work with 

gold ,fiik, dec. 

Brocliet , fm. a pike 
Brocheton , a fmall pike 
Brochette , sf a skewer 
Brocheur, fe,/ a knitter 
Brochoir , fm. fmith's 

Brochure , sf. a pamphlet 
^rocoli , fn. brocolie. 
Brodequin , y}n. buskin; tke 
boots. [ mance. 

Broder, va. embroider; ro- 
Broderie, j/. embroidery ; ro- 
Brodeur , fe,/! embroidcer 
Bronchatle , sf Jlumhling 
Brcnchement ,fm.frJ.lnrs. 
Bronchcr, vn. tojhmibh; trip 
Bionze, fm. brcn^e; brafs 
De — , a. bra-{en 
Cceur de — , heart of flint 
BronzejS , bra:^£nfeures 
Bi'onzer, va. to bronze 
Btoquait j/ot. a hrcrcket 
Broquette , sf. a tack 
Broffailles , bushes ; briars 
BrofTa , a brush 
BrolTcr, va. to brush 
— , vn. to brush along 
Broflier , fn. a brush-maker 
Brou^c , j/ rime ; fog ; mifi 
Bf ouct , fm. boiled milk; 

gruel ; thin broth 
Brouette , sf. wheel-harrow ; 

BR 5? 

Brouetter, vn. to carry m a 
wheel-barrow y &c. \man. 
BiOucttier,/-?!. wheelbarrow 
Brouhaha, clapping. 
B:ouillamini, hotch-potch 
Bf ouiliard , mif ; day-book 
Papier — , blotting paper 
Bi'ouillement, the confoun- 
ding of colours 
Bi'OuiUer, va. to shnffte; em- 
broil ; perplex; jumble ; fet 
at variance 
Se — , vr. to fall out ; be out 
Rrouillcrie, sf. broil; quarrel 
Brouilie: ies , fmall trinkets, 
Brouilion , fm. foul copy ; 

day-book; marplot 
Brouilion, ne, a. s. shuffdngi 

Brouir , va. to blaji 
Brou'iffnre , sf blight; blajl 
BroulTailler , va. plant bu- 
Brout , fm. Brou^e-wood ; 

green shell of walnuts 
Erouter , va. to hrowfe- 
Bioutilles , sf. fprigs of no 

Broyement , fm. pounding 
Broyer , va. to grind ; pound 
Broyeur , fm. a grinder. 
• — d'ocre , a darvber in pain' 
Brayon, a hraysr. \_tingt 
Bfu , sf. a fan's wiji 
B'uir.e , sf rim: 
Rr'uiner, vn. to dritrje 
Briiirs , to roar; ktijUe 
BruilTemSnt,/;?. roaring- 

54, , B R 

Bruit , fm, a nolfc ; report ; 

Le bruit court , it is 
Avoir du bruit , to fall out 
A petit bruit , ad. clcfely 
Bruiant , e, a. burnlnir • hot; 
IBvuMjfm. burning, i^ eager. 
Bruiement , burning ; fire. 
Bruler , va, to burn 
Cervcau brule , fanatic 
"BTulenr ,fm, incendiary 
Brulot, a fire-ship. 
Brulure , sf. a burning ; blafi 
Brumal, e, a. winterly 
Brume , sf. a fog at fea 
Brun , e , d. brown ; dufiy 
Brun , fm. brown colour 
Brun, e,yi brown nan y or 

Sur la brune , ad. in the dusk 
Brunelle , sffjf-heal 
Brunet,y//2. a brown youth 
Brunette , sf. a brown girl 
Brunettes , love-fon^ys 
Brunir, v. to burnish ; to turn 

brown . 
BrunifTage , fm. burnishing 
Bruniffeur, a burnisher 
Bruniffoir , burnishing-JIick 
Bruniffure , sf. polishing 
Brufc , fm. butcher's broom 
Brufquc , a. 2. bfum ; over- 

Brufqtiement , ad. bluntly 
Brufquer , va. to affront 

> una viile , to Jiorm 

Brufquerie, sf. blunt proce- 

B U 

Brut, e, a. rough; brutt 
Brutal , e, brutish ; rude 

, fm. a churl; blunt 

Brutale , sf. a shrew 
BvUtalement , ad. inconfede- 

ratcly ; bcafily. 
Brutalifer, va. to ufe roughly 
Brutalite, sf. -^lity; rashnefs 
Brutalites , abuftve language 
Brut3, a brute; brutish 
Bruyant, e, a. blujiering 
Bruyere, sf. heath 
Buaae'erie, a wash-houfe 
Buandiere, washer-woman 
Eube , a pimple ; bUJier 
Eubon,/-3. buhoi; blotch 
Bucentauie, bucentaur 
Buc^phale , Bucephalus 
Euche, sf. billet ; blockhead 

~ , herring hufs 

Bucher,yK2. wood-p!le;wood- 

houfe ; juneral-pile. 
Bucheron, _/;«. wood-cleaver 
Buchett€, sf.jiick 
Bucoiique, a p. -^ f oral 
Buffet,y;n. buffet ;fct cf plate 
BufHe , buffalo ; blockhead ; 

buff- coat. 
BufBetin , a huff-ccat 
Buglcfe , sf. buglofs 
Suite ou buie , a flagon 
BuilTon , fm. hush ; thicket 
Buill'onnet, little bush 
BuliTonnier , e, a. truant 
Faire i'ecole bu.ffonniere , 

to play the truant. 
Bolbe , sf a fcallion 
Bulbeux, fc , a, bulbous 

B U 

BuIIaire , fm. collection oj 

BuIIe, sfabull; bubble 
Bulle , e, d. in due form 
Bulletin , fm, ballot; cert if.- 

cati of health. 
Bureau, office; law-court ; 

d'adreffe, office, of intel- 
ligence ; prating woman* 
Burettfi , sf. cruet for oil 
Burin, fm. a graver 
Burins , wooden rollers 
Buriner, va. to engrave 
Barlefque, a. a. burlesh ,• 
mock. [ /)'. 
Burlefquement, ad. comical- 
Buifal, e, a. pecuniary 
Edit burfal , money ediEi 
Eulard ^ fm. a bu^iard 
Bufe, sf. bu^ard ; a ninny 
Bufc , fm. a busk 
Bufqucr fortune, va. to feck 

one's fortune. 
Buile,/m, ahufi 
But , a hut ; mark ; aim 
But a but , ad. even hands 
Etre but a but , to be even 
D e but en hla.r:c,point-blank; 

directly ; bluntly ; openly. 
Bute , sf bank ; shooting. , 
Etre en bute , to be expofed 
Buter , vn. hit the mark ; aim 
Se — - , vr. to clash, [ at, 

Butin , fni. booty ; fpuil 
Rutin er , va. to pillage ^ 

Butor , fm, a bittern ; <il(A 

C A 

Buvable , a. 2. drlnkahlc 
Buveau ,/to. a bevel 
Buvetier , a publican 
Buvette , sf. a tavern ; a 

Buveur , fe,/. tippler; toper 
Buvotter , vn. to ftp ; tipple. 

•^A , Int. come on 

V-^ <^k Sclky ad. hither ; up 
•^ and down. 

Le dsqk , on this fide 

Cabale, sf. a c^bai; a club 

Cabalcr ^ vn. to cabal 

Cabaleur , fm. a cahallcr 

3abalifte , a cahalifi 

liabaliftique , a. 2, cabalifllc 
^ labane , sf. cottage. ; cabin ; 
1 tilt. [ teatable. 

1 Zabaret , fm. publick-kcufe ; 

' ;^abatetier, e, f a publican. 

|>abas , fm, a frail 

1 3abeftan , a capfian , crab 

' ^abeliau , a cod^ 

Sabine, sf cabhin. 
Cabinet, fm. clofet ; fum- 
mcr-houfe ; privy. 
; [ lomme de — , bookish man. 
nhle , a cable. [a cord. 

abler, va. twifi threads into 
ablot y fm. fmall cable. 
aboche, sf. large headed 

abotage , fm. coafiing 
aboter , vn. to coafi 
abotier,yw2, a noajlir • 

c A 

Cabrer, v. to prance; irritate 

Se , vr. to be refractory ; 

to fall into a pajfion. 
Cabri , fm. a youg kid 
Cab. iole, sf. a capriol; caper 
Faire la — '— , to be hanged 
Cabrioler , vn. to caper 
Cabriolet , Jm. light low 

Cab.' ioleur , (c. f. a caperer 
Cabron , fm. a kid^s-skin 
'Cabus(choiix), cabbage-head 
Caca , ah-ha ; shiting 
Faire — , to go to ah-ah ; shite 
Cacade , sf. fad balk ; baffie 
Cacao , fm. cocoa-nut 
Cacaotier , cvcoa-tree 
Cachs , sf lurking-hole 
Cacher, va. to hide; conceal 
Cachet , fm. feal ; fignc: 
Cacheter, va. toJeal;fealup 
Cacheite, sf. lurkinf,-hale 
En cachette , ad. fcrcr'y 
Cachet ,fm. a dungeon 
Cacochyme, a. 2. ill com- 

plexioned; ill-natured. 
Cacochymie, sf. cacochymy 
Cacophonie , cacophony 
Cadailre,y?77. terrier 
CadavercKX , fe, a. cadave- 
Cadavf e , fm. corpft; carcafs 
Cadeau, a fowish ; a feafi 
Cadenas , a padlock 
Cadenafier, va. to padlock 
Cadence , sf. Cadence ; qui- 
vering. \_mcrous. 
Cadence, e, a, cadencedi nu- 

C A 5j 

Cadencer , va. to cadence ; 

Cadenette, sf. hair-trejfed 
C3idet ,fm. younger ; novice; 

Cadette, sf. younger fifler 
Cadis , fm. a kind offerge 
Cadole, sf. a latch, 
Cadran , fm. a dial 

Iblaire , fun-dial 

Cadre , a piciure-frame 
Cadrer, va. to quadrate; fult 
Caduc, caduque, a. decayed; 

frail ; perishable. 
Legs caduc , an efcheat 
Mal-caduc , falling- fcknefs 
Caducee , fm. Mercury's 

wand ; tipftaff. 
Caducite, sf. decay; crafmefx 
Calard , e, a. s, hypocrite 
Cafarderie , sf. hypocrify 
Cafe, fm. coffee ; coffee-houfe. 
Cafetan,y77z. av eft among the, 

Cafetier , coffee-man 
Cafetiere ,>/. coffee-pot 
Cage , sf. d cage. 
Mettre en cage , v. to im~ 

Cagee , sf. a cage full 
Cag!er,yr2. a hirdjeller 
Cagnard , e, a. s. la^y ; idle 
Cagnarder , vn. to mump 
Cagnardife , sf. laiincf; 
Cagneux , fe, a. s. how' 

Cagot, e , a. hypocrite ; higot 
Cagotgrie, sf. hypocrify 

■-,6 C A 

Csgotifme , fm, affeclid dt- 

Cagou , an owl of a man 
Cahin-caha, ad. untowardly 
Cahot ^fm. a jolt of a coach 
Cabotage , jolting 
Cahoter , va. to jolt 
Cahute, sf.ahutt; ccttagc 
Caique ,/m. a galley-boat 
Caiile, sf a quail 
Caill^ , fm. curds and whey 
Caillebote , sf. curds & whey 
Cailiebote , e, a. curdled 
Caillebotis , fm. gratings 
Caillelatt , rennet 
Caiilement, curdlingofwo- 

imn*s rr.ilk. [gtilate. 

Calller , va. to curdle; coa- 
Cailleteau , fm. young quail. 
Caillette , sf, rcnmt; filly 

Caillot , fm. a clod of blood 

rofat , rofc-water pear. 

QkiWom , a flint. [^worh. 

Cailloutnge , flints ; rock 
Caimand , e,f. a mumper 
Calmander , vn. to mump 
Caimancieur , Ce , f. mumper 
Cajoler, va. to cajole ; whee- 
Cajsjletie , sf. cajoling; coa- 
xing. [ coaxer. 
Cajoleur, fe, fm. whedler, 
Caiffe , sf. chef; cash ; drum. 

' , mooring buoy 

CaifCier,fm. a cashier, [locker' 
^CaiiTon , covtnd waggon ; 

f C A 

Cal , fm. callofity. 
Calaifon , sf. depth of a ship 
Calament , e, /. calamint 
Calamine, sf. lapis calami' 

Calamiftre, e, a. frilled 
Calamite , sf a magnet 
Calamite , — ty ; mifcry 
Calamiteux , le, a. calami- 
tous, [ vil. 
Calandre , sf. calender ; wcc- 
Cala-ndrer, va. calender cloth, 
Calandreur , fm. a. calender 
Calanque, sf. cove 
Calcedolne , sf. calcedony 
Calcination , calcining 
Calciner, va. to calcine 
Calcul, fm, calculation ; the 

flont in the bladder. 
Caiculable, a, i. computable 
Calculateur , fm. accom- 

Caiculer , va. to calculate 
Calculeux , fe , a. calculous 
Cale , sf wooden wedge ; 
creek; ducking; ship's hold. 
CalebaiTe , a gourd 

Fraud«rla , v. to 

Caleche, sf. a calash ; cha- 
Cale^on , fm. drawers 
Calegonnier, drawers-maker 
Calefaftion , sf, — tion, hea- 
ting. [ pencafe, 
Caiemar , fm. cuttle-fish ; 
Calcndes , sf. calends. 

grecques , never 

Calendrier, fm, a kaUndir 

C A 

Caler , va. Jirike fall; fnU 

Calfas,y?;2. calking; oakum 
Cal fat , a calker 
Calfatage, calking cf a shi^ 
Calfater , va. to calk 
Calfateur , fm. a calker 
Calfatin , calker's boy 
Ca.\^e\itr age y flopping chinh 
Calfeutrer , va. to flop chink. 
Calibre, fm.. boore; fi\e 

Calibrer, vat to difpart 
Calice , fn. chalice ; calix 
A califourchon , ad. a-firad 

Caliglneux, fe, a. gloomy 
Calin y e . f. laTj beggar 
Cdliner , vn. to beggar 
Caliorne , fm. winding tackl 
Calleux , fe , <7. callous 

Callofit^ , sf. callofty 
Calmandre , sf^ callimanc 
Caime, a. l. calm; quiet 
,fm. calm atfea ; calm 

nefs ; quietnefs. 
Calmer, va. to calm ; appea^ 
II calme , the vjlnd abater 
Calomniateur , fm. calun. 

niator ; flanders'r, 
Calomniatrice , sf. calun. 

niatrix ; flanderefs. 
Calomnie, calumny ;fland 
Calomnier, va. to calun 

Calomnieufement, ad. flat 



C A ■ 

Calonniere / sf. a potgun 
Calotte , a leather-cap 

, ^du monde , firmament 

Calottier , yb. Lcacher-cap- 

maker, [ lines. 

Calquer , va. chalk the out 
Calvaire , J'm. calvary 
Calvanier, harvejl journey - 

Calville , fort of pippin 
Calvinifme, cahinifm. 
Calvinifte , a. 2. s.. calvinlfl 
Calvitie , sf. baldnefs.[pipe. 
Calumet, yw. large Indian 
Calus , hard knob in the skin ;■ 

hardncj's oj heart. 
Calyphe ou caiite , a caliph 
Camaieu , a broach 
Camail , a camail. [low. 
Camaiade , a comrade; fel- 
Camard , e , ^ s.flatnojcd. 
Cambifi:e , fm. a cambfer 
Cambouis , gome 
Cambrer, va. to vault j bend 
Se — — , vr. to li'iMrp as wood 
•Cambrure , sf. he:nding 
Cameleon , fm. a camelion 
Camelot^ camlet. 
Camion , very fmall pin 
C 2 m i f a de , ,sf. ^ affault by 

Cnaufole, under Vy'aificoat 
Carnomille, camomile. 
Camouflet, fm. box on the 

ear; mochry. 
Camp , a camp 
tsver Is •«—*-, vn, to dscamp 

C A I 

Camp3gnavd,yJ«. a country- 
man; a clown, l^woman, 
Campagnarde , sf. a country- 
Campagne , voyage 
— — >, country; campaign 
Campane , a tuff. 
Campanelie , — nclla 
Campanette , hluc-b ell flower 
Campanille , sf afieeplc 
Campeche (bois de ) , log- 
Campement , fm. encamp- 
Camper, v. to encamp ; place 
Camphre , fm. camphire 
Carapin e , sf fine pullet 
Campo ,fm. Spanish wool 
Campos,<z pLty-day. [baulked 
Camus ,. e , a. fiat-nofcd ; girl. 
Canaille, j/] theralible; mob 
Canal, y^:. canal; channel; 
gutter ; pipe ; way ; means 
Canape, a canopy-couch 
Canap(a, a knav-fack 
Canard, mallard; v^ater-dog 
Canarder, va. to pelt; shoot 
Canardiere , sf. a decoy 
Canarle , fm. canary-bird 
Canarln, a canmy-fparrow 
Canaitre , a canifier 
Cancellation, sf. refciffion 
C^ncell<i',fm. fmall crab-fsh 
Canceller, vii. to cancel; ra\e. 
Cancer , J m. a canker ; cancer 
Cancre , a crab-fish ; cancer 
Pauvre — , a poor wretcli 
C e, a chandelier 

C A 57 

Candelette , sf. fore-tackU 
Candeur , sf candor ; franks 

nefs. [ candy, 

Candi (fucre) , fm. fugav- 
Candidat, a candidate 
Candida, a. 2. candid ;fncer£ 
Candidement, ad. fnccrely 
Se candir , vr. to candy 
Faire candir, va. to candy 
Cane , sf. a duck 
Faire la cane, v. tc duck 
Caneter, vn. to waddle. 
Canetille , sf. gull or fiver 
Caneton, fm. duckling, [purl 
Canette , sf. duckling 
Canevas , /m. canvas ; rough. 

Caniche, sf. Spaniel hitch 
Caniciilaires (jours ) , dog' 

days. [dr.ys 

Canicule, sf. dog-far ; dog" 
Ganif , fm.. a pcn-knifs 
Canin , e, a. canine 
Dents canines , sf. eye-teeth 
Canne , sf. a cane'j a /lick 
CaTinelas, fm. fugnr cinna- 

m.on. ■ 
Cannele, e, a.of a cinnamon 

colour ; chamfered. 
C:inneier , to channel 
Cannelle, sf cinnamon; a tr.p 
Cannelure, sf. channelling; 
Canon , Jrr:. cannon ; gun-' 

barrel; quill-barrd; canon» 
Canon iai, e, a, canonical 
Canonicat , fm. a prebend 
Canon 1 que , a. 2. canonic nl 
Cajioniquempnt, ad^ — caUyi 

'^38 . C A 

Canon'ifation , sf. — tlon 
Canonifer , va. to canoniie 
Canomiie , fm. a canonLJl 
Cancnnade , sf. cannonade i 

Car.onnage, fm. gunnery 
Canonner , ya. to cannonade 
Canonnier , fin. gunner 
Caiionniere, sf. emhr.nfure -^ 
drainhole. [ ccinoc. 

CanOt, fm. a fmall boat:, 
Canotier , rowtr 
Cantate , sf. cantata 
Cantharide , Spanish fly 
Cantine , a bottle- cafe 
Cantique , fm. a canticle 
.Canton, diJiriH ; part of a 

Cantonncraent , cantoning 
Cantors ner, va. to canton 
Se cantonner , vr. fort.jy 

one's jclf. 
Canule , sf. pipe for afore 
Cap, fm. a cape ; ship's cut- 
water y block. 
31>e pied en cap, ad. cap-a- 
pes ; from top to toe. 
Cap ds mouton , dead eye 
Capable , a. a. capable ; able; 

Avoir I'air — , cf a concei- 
ted appearance. 
Faire le — , to pretend to 
great matters. Ifil^' 

Capacitd , sf ability ; skill ; 
Caparagon , fm. caparifon 
|Capara9oniier , ya, r# ca- 

C A 

Caps, sf cape of a cloak ; 

rldinghood i viain - fail ; 


Rire feus cape, to lauvh in 

one''s fceve. [parfon. 

Capelan , fm. a thread bare 

Capelet , horfe difeafe 

Capeline , sf. a woman's hat 

Caper ou capeyer , rn. to 

try , lye to 
Capillaire y fm. maiden-hair 
Capilotade, sf. a hash 
Mtltre en — , va. to maul 
Capitaine , fm. a captain 
Capitainene, sf go\ ernnient 

of a cajlle. 
CapitainefTe , admiral galley 
Capital , e, a. capital ; chief 
Caoital , fm. main point ; 

Capitale, sf. chief city 
Capitales , capital letters 
Capitan , fm. boafler ; heeler 
Capitation , sf poll-tax 
Capiteux, a. heady 
Capitole , fm. capitol 
Capiton , filk-wcit. [ter. 
Capitulaire , a. i. of a chap- 
Capitulairement , ad. chap- 

Capitulant yfm. member of a 

chapter, [tides; agreement. 
Capitulation, sf -^don; ar- 
Capituler , vn. capitulate ; 

parley. [ sharper. 

Capon , fm. idle fchool-boy ; 
—5 — , cat-tackle 

Caponngr , r«, to trick 

C A 

Capopniere, sf trench; Icgi* 

Caporal , fm. corporal 
Capot, great coat; cloak} 

capot. [ cloak. 

Capote , sf. riding hood ; 
Capre , a caper ; privateer 
Caprice , fm. whim. ; ccprict 
Capricieufement, ad.capri- 

Capricieux, fe, a. capricioas 
Caprtcoine , fm. Capricorn 
Cdprier , a caper-tree 
Capfe , sf. a vote-box 
Capfulair^ , a. capfular 
Capfule ,ya cafe j 

Captateur , fm. an invelgler I 
Captation , sf. inveigling I 
Capteria bienveillance, v<:» 1 

to curry favour. 
Captieuibnient , ad. fuhtllly j i 
Captieux , fe, a. captious ^ | 

JhbtU. \ 

Captif, ve, a. s. captive 
Captiver ■, va, to captivate^ 

Captivile , sf. captivity ; 

great confinement, [feiiurem 
Capture , capture ; booty ; 
Capuce 5 fm. a cowl 
Capuchon , riding cloak j 

Capucin , capuchin friar 
Capucine,j/. capuchin mm i\ 

naflurtium. [ morz^ 

Capucinade,a ridiculous ftr- 
Caquage , fm. barrelling uf j 
C^(iu^ I sf, acr.g i barrd 

C A 

aque-denicr , fm. ^inch- 

aquer , va. to barrel up 
aqueroUe , sf. fic%ving-pan 
iquet , fm. babbling 
iquete , a fsh-kit. 
aqueter , vn. to chat ; 

iqueterie , tittle-tattle 
iqueteur,yOT. a great talker 
iquereufe , sf. talkative 
ir , c. for ; hscaufc. [gofjlp. 
iXiih'in,fm. carabiner; rook. 
— de Saint Come , jeur- 
ncymnn barber. [ trick. 
irabinade , sf. a rook's 
irabinej a carbine 
irabiner, vn. tofre& then 
retreat; to play the rook 
irabinier,yOT, a carabineer 
iracol (efcalier en) win- 
ding fairs. 

iiacole ; sf. caracal or 
wheeling about, [ about. 
iracoler , vn. to wheel 
iraifiere , fm. characier ; 
(lyle ; hand j humour ; 
charm. [ rije. 

iraiierifer , va. charadc- 
irafteilflique, a. s. cha- 
arafs , sf a flagon 
arafon , fm. an ice-pail 
aramel , barUy-fugar 
arat , a carat 
aravane , sf a caravan 
arbatine , the skin of a 
biafi nswly flayed. 

C A 

Carboncle , /w. plagmhlotch 
Carbonnade , sfacarbonadc 
C'-ii caa , fm. ncck-lace ; i-ran- 

collar. [ leton. 

CaicafTe , sf. carcaf^ ; ski- 
Carde, fialk of an artichoke. 
— — ■, a card. [wool. 

Cardee , fjKo cards full of 
Carder , va. to card. 
Cardaur, fe, sf. Sim. a carder 
Cardiaque, a. 2. s. cordial 
Cardier , fm. a card-maker 
Cardinal, e, n, cardinal 
Cardinal , fm. a cardinal 
Cardinaiat, cardinalship 
Caidinale , sf. (plants), 

Cardon , fm. cardon tkiflU, 
Careme , lent. [ vifage. 

Face de ■ , pale , meagre 

Carcme-prenant. carnival ; 

a mask; shrove-tmfday, 
Ca^enage , fm. careening- 

Catena , sf. all the part of a 

ship under v.'ater ; careen 
Carener , vn, to csrcen 
Care lie, sf. canjfcs 
Careiler , va. to curefs 

.la bouteille, to tipple 

Caret , fm. a kind of tor- 

toife ; rope yarn, 
Cai-ga^fbn , sf. a cargo 
Carguebas , down hall tackle 
Cargueliaut. parr ell haliards 
CargueSj^OT. brails 
Carguer , va. to brail up the 
' ' "• , vn» to hieU [/^^^■J* 

C A 55? 

Cane , sf rottcnmfs in tks 

Carier , va. to rot 
Caiiole, sf, akindofcalesh 
Carifel ou creieau , fm. a 

fort oj canvas. 
Cariine , sf carline thiflU 
Ca-Iingus , keclfon 
Cavme , fm. a carmelite 
Carmelite, sf. carmelite nun 
Cat m'lnyfm. carmine, [native, 
Carminatlf , e , «. carmi- 
Carnaffier , e, a, carnlvo", 


Carnage , fm. carnage 
Carnaclon , sf — tion 
Carnaval , fm. carnival 
Came, sf angle; comer 
Carnet , fm. a debt-book 
Carnoflte , sf. carnofity 
Carogne, a jade 
Caroncule , sf. a fnall 

gland ; e.xcrcfcznce. 
Carouge , fm. a caroh-bean' 
Carotte , sf. a canot 
Carpe , a carp; the wriji 
Carpeau, fm.a little, carp 
C2.ipiiti^s,sf p.zcking-cloths 
Carpilion , fri. a young carp 
Carquois , a quiver 
Carre , sf. the crown of a 

hat ; the shape of a coat, 
Carrd , e , «. fquarc 
Carrd ,fm. a f^uare ; garden- 
Carre de mouton, hreafl of 

Carr eau ,fqii(tre ; pane ; gai*^ 
D x] 


C A 

di.i-hcdy,cnshion; dlcmcnd 
ct cards ; the ground ; gun- 
nel . 
Yalei de carreau , .-j^ooi- 

for nothing ffilow. 
Carrefour, a crofs-way 
Carrelage, paving v/:thfj,ua- 

re tiles ^ tcc. 
Carreier , va. to pave with 
fquare tilts , occ. to mend 
Carrelet, fm. cif.cunder 
Carrelctte, sf\ afimfiU 
Carreleur , y]72. om that pa- 
ves with fquare tiles , &c. 
Carrclure, sf. paving -with 

tiles ; ccbli::^. 
Carrdment , ad. fj:iar& 
Ccirrer , va. to fquan 
Se — — , vr. to fir at 
Carrier ^fm. a quarry-man 
Carrierc , sf. quarry ; carter 
Se donner car.iere, to take 

one's fwin^ 
Carrillon j/ct. chimer ; fcol- 

dln^; j angling. _ 
Carrillonncr , vn. to chime 
CsrriUonncuv,y}T2, a chinicr ) 

a no'fy fellow. 
Carroiie, /ct. a co:ich 

dc voiture ,fiagc- coach 

■ coupe, a chariot 
Carrolfier , a coach-maker 
Carroulel , a ca'roufal 
Carrure , .r/. .-ihape of a coat 
C a : t a h e u , fm: girt-lin c 
Cai taux , fm. fea-charts 
,Carrc , sf\ cards ^ map -^ paf- 

C A 1 

Cartel ,fm. casts'; challenge 
Cartier , a card-niakcr 
Cartilage , a grifile 
Cartilagineux, fe, a. grifUy 
Carton , fm. pafiehaard 
Cartonnier , pafiiboard-ma- 

Cartouche , sf. charge ; car- 
tridge. \_for a monaftery 
Cartulaire , fm. r^gifier book 
Caivi, caraway- feed. 
Cas , a cafe. [rer. 

— pendable, a hanglng-ricit- 
Pofez le cas , fuppofc 
Cafanier, clofs houfe-keeper 
Cafanier , e , <i. retired ; idle 
Cafaque , sf. a great ccat 

Tourner , change fides 

Cafaquin , fm. a short gown 
Cafcade, sf. cafcade ; a fall 
Ca^e , a point at hack-gam- 
mon ; fquare in a draught 
hoard; mean halitation, 
Cafemate , a cafemate 
Cafer , vn. to take a point at 

Caferne, sf. a barrack 
Caferner, vn. he in barracks 
Cafque , fm. an helmet 
Caffade, sf. a flam 
Caliant, e , a. brittle 
Caffation , sf. repeal 
CaiTe , cashia ', pen-cafe 
Caffe(voix), a broken voice 
Caile-cou , fm. break-neck 

— mufcau , allow acrofs 

the face ; puj^ld cake* 

C A 

CafTe-noifette , fm. nut" 

Cd.{TQ aux gages , out cffa- 
CafTer, va. to break, [vour, 
CafTerole , sf aficw-pan 
CaiTeron , fm. calamary 
Caffe-tete , pilule- brain ; 

heady wine. 
CafTetln , a printer's box 
CaiTette, sf. cojfiret ; privy' 
Caffidoine, cafiidony. [pnrfe. 
Caffi^r , fm. cashia-tret 
Cafiine , sf. little country' 

box or hoiife. 
Caflolette , perfuming-paa 
Caffonadc , powder-fugar 
Caiiagnettcs, cafiancts 
Cardlle , b'ckering ; conten- 
Caflor , fm. a heaver, [rion 
Caftran^etation, sf. encam- 
Caflration, the cutting cffio- 

ncs ; caflration. 
Cafualite, ptrquifite. {riom 
Cafuel , le , a. cafual ipreca- 
Caluellement , ad. cafually 
Cafuifle yfm. a cafuifi 
Catacombcs , sf. catacombs 
Catacnrefe , sf. catachnfis 
Catadoiipcs , water^falls • 
Catalcplie , catalepfy 
Catakptiquc, a. 2» — tick 
Catalogue, fm. — gue 
Cataplafme , d/7o?//'?/c« 
Cararacfle, sf. a cataract. 
Catarre , fm. a cnta'rh 
Catarreux, fe, a. catarrhous 
Cataftrouhe, sf. catafiruphi 

C A 

Eatechlfer , va: to catechlfe ; 
to endeavour ; to pcrfiads. 
Ccttechifme , fm. —chlfm 
Catechifte , a catcckifi 
Catechumene , / i. cate- 
Categorie , sf. —^ory; clafs 
[^ategorique , a. preclfe 
Categonquement , ad. can- 

Cathartique, a. i. ■ — tic 
Cathedrale , sf. a cathedral 

, a. caikcdi-al 

Galhedrant , Jm. a hSiurer 
Casholicite, sf. catliolicifm ; 

the catholic countries. 
CathoHqae , a. 2. s, catho- 
lic 5 nnivcfal. 
Catholiquement, ad. chrl- 
fllan-liki. {gcr 

En catimini, in hugger-mug- 
Catin, sf. a kitty ; tcv,'A-mifs 
Catir , va. to pvcfs cloth 
Cavalcade , sf. a cavalcade 
Cavalcadour, fm. an equerry 
Cavale , sf. a mare 
Cavalerie , cavalry 
Cavalier , fm. trooper ; gcnt- 
. Uman ; korfernan. [ty 

Cavalier, e, a. blunt ; haugh- 
Cavali^rernent , ad. haugh- 
tily ; gentleman- like. 
Cauchemar ,yw2. the night- 
Caudataire , train-bearer 
Cave, sf. cellar ; cafe of bott- 
les; vault ; pool at play. 
Eau b^aite ds c»ye , ryine 

C A 

Caveat! , fm, little vault cr 

Cavee , sf. a hollow-way 
Caver , va. to hollow ; to 

flock at play. 
Caverns , sf. a cavern 
Caverr.'jux.fe, a. cavernous; 

Cavefi'on , fm, cavcfon 
Cavin , a defile. [yity 

Cavlie , sf. hollcwnefs ; ca- 
Caufe, caufi; rcafon ; motive 
Et pour cauf^i , and with 

good reafun. 
A caV'fe de , on acconnt of 
A caufe de quoi , ^vlurefcre 
A caufe que , bccaufe 
Caufer , vn. to caufe ; to talk 
Cauferie, sf. habblina ; /lan- 
Caufsur ^ {.: , f a halhler 
Caufliquc,,::. 2. caufiic ; waf 

Cauteleux , fe , <z. v/dy ; fly 
Ca^itere ,//«. an ijjue ; cau- 
Cauterifer , va. to canttrife ; 
burn. [^feared confcicnce 
Confcience cautdrifee, sf. a 
C au tio n , ^ ;; Ll,fccurity , fur ay 
— -bourgeo'ife, good fccurity 
Etje caution, vn. to warrant 
Suiet a caution , not to he 

'trvfied ; douhtfnl. 

Cautionnernent,y77j. bailing 

Cautionner , va, to bail ; 

warrant. [ book 

Cayer , fm* a quire j Jtitchid 

Cayes, sf pi. chains of rocks 
Cayeu ffm. a fucker; ojf-fct 
Ce , est , cette , pro. this , 
Ge que J what. {that 

Qu'elt-ce ? what is it ? 
Ceans , ad. within , at horns 
Le maitre de ceans , the moi- 

Jlcr of the houfe, 
Ccci , pro, this 
Cecite , sf hllndmfs 
Cedant , e , f. granter 
Ceder, v a. to cede, to yield 
Cedille , sf cerilla 
Ccdre jfm. cedar 
C^dule , sf. hillf note, cedula 
Ceindre , va. to inclofe ; put 

on i gird. 
Ceinture , sf. girdle ; the 

waijl; inclofurc ;fwifcer, 
Ceinturier ,fm. a belt-maker, 
Ceinturon , a belt 
Cela ,pro. that 
Celadon , fm. fea-green 
Celebrant , officiating priejS 
Celebration , sf.foUmnity 
Celebre , a. 2. famous , eml" 

Celebrer , va. to celebrate 
Celebritc , sf. celebrity ,/j- 

Ce'Ier , conceal , hide 
Sefaire — , to deny or^e^ s felf 
C^l^ri , /ct. cdery 
Celeriie, sf. — ty , fwiftncfs 
Celefte , a, z. celejiial ^ heOi-. 

Bleu celefte, fm. sky-hlue^ 
Celibat , cdibacy , fin^k liflk 
D iij 

■XI C E 

Celle, pro. f. she , that 
Celler ier , c , f. a cater^sr 
CcIIier , fin, cellar above 

Cellule, sf. a cell; box-cafe; 

hole in the honey-cotnb. 
Celui , pro. he , that 

^ ,, ■ \ this 

Cclui-ld, \ , 
Cc!!c-la, S'^'' 
Cendres, .</! ashes 
Jour des cendres , fin. ash- 

v^eonefday. [shot 

Ccr.dre de plomb , sf.fmdl 
Cendrc , e , a. ash-colourcd 
C'ndrcfc, sf drofs of lead ; 

fr^all shot 
Cendreux , f5 , <:. ashy , full 

pf ashes ^ 
CjRcrier , fm. ash-pan 
Cene, sf. Lord's fioper 
Falre Ja cene, v. to receive 

thi facramcnt. 
Ccaobite ^fm. a monk 
Ccnotaphe , empty tomb 
Cens , quit-rent 
Cenfal , a broker 
Ccnfe , sf. a fee-farm 
Cenfij'e, a. accounted 
dzTii'cixr , fm. ar.for; a critick 
Ccniier , the lord of a manor 
denfier, q ^ f. a fee- farmer 
Ccnficalre ,fm. a copyholder 
C^rHve, sf. a, 
CcnfucUle, a feudal 
^Ccnfarable , a. 2. —hi: , dt- 

fervin^ cenfure. 

C E 

fire ; criticijm. [chide 

Cenfurer , va. to cenfure^ 
Cent, a. 2. hundred 

, f::. an hundred 

Un c^rt pefant , a hundred 

Cinq ponv cer.t , Jive per cent 
Csntaine, j/. an hundred 
A centaines , par centaines, 

ad. in great numbers. 
Centaure ,yn2. a centaur 
C^ntauree, sf. centaury 
Centenaire , a. 2. cente- 
Centeiuer, centurion ,/«. 
captain of a hundred , cen- 
Centieme, a. 2. hundredth 
Centcn , fm. rki'pfody 
Central,, e, a. antral 
Centre, y572. centre 
Etre dans fon centre , to he 

in one^s element. 
Centrifuge, a, 2. centrifugal 
Cent-Suiffe, fm. French 
yeoman. \ f'^^ 

Centuple , a. 2. fh. hundred 
Centuriateur, fm. — ctor 
Centurie 5 sf. — ry, hundred 
Cep , I'm.- a vine 
Cependant, ad. in the mean 

time ; neverthelefs , yet. 
Cephalique, a. 2. cephalic 
Ceps , fm. fiocks -y fetters 
Cerat, cerate 
C'crceau, a hoop; net 
Cercelle, sf, a tml 

C E 

Cevclc,fm. a circle; hoop t 

«.-eiCler , va. to ho'op 
Cercles de mat, maflhoops 
Ccrciier, fm. hcop-makcr 
Cercueil , a coffin. {death 
Mettre au — , to canfe one's 
Ceremonial, y?72. cer-moniaby 

II efcfo;-! furle ceremonial , 

he is very punctilious. 
Ceremonial , e , c. — nial 
Ceremonie , j/i ceremony; 

Habits de — , fo^-malities 
Ce.emonieux, le , a. s. ce- 
remonious , formal. 
Ce:£ , fm. a/lag, a hart 
Come de — , sf. hart's hoFn 
Cei-{-vo]ant, fm.horn-beetle; 

C::rfeuil, chervil 
Ceiifaie , sf. cherry-orchard 
Cerife, a cherry 
Cenfier ,fm. a cherry-tree 
Cerne, a ring; circle, \_eyet 
Yeux , black & blue 
Cerneau , kernel of a nut 
Ccrner , va. takeout the ker- 
nel of a nut ; tap a tree. 
Certain , e, ^. certain:,^ fun 
Certain , fm. certainty 
Certatnemcnt , ad. certainly 
Certes , truly , indeed 
Ccrtincat ,ym. a certificate. 
Certificateur , a voucher 
Cei'tTication, sf — tion 
Certingr, vas to certify 

C H 

;^ert;tucle , sf. artalnty i 

fiubility. {certain 

•avoir de ^— , to know for 

Jcrvaifcn , sf. venifon J'ea- 


]erveau , fm. the brain 
Lvoir Ic cerveau demonte , 
to be crack-brained, 
>ervelas,y772. cervclas 
>rvelet, hind pari cf the 
IqivcUc , sf. brains, [brain 
Jne bonne — ^agoodhead- 


-Civicr (loup)y57z. a lynx 
-ervoife , sf.fort of bser 
^erufe, white lead 
les , pro. thcfc , thofe ^ 
^eiTans ( tous empechs- 
mens ) nothing intervenes. 
^iTation , sf. — tion 
>efie , cecfing , intcrmijfion 
■d.ns csllc, ad. without cea- 

-.eiTer, V. to ceafe , leave off 
>eluon , sf. ayiildir.g up 
"aire — , to refgn one's ef- 
JeHs. _ [ry; grantee 

lieffionnairc,/ a. cejjlor.a- 
2etle .)fm. c&fius ; girdle 
Zet , pro. this , that 
^etacee , a. m. cetaceous 
Z6t6:zc ,fm. fpleen-wort 
^hableur, a v/ater c^icer 
Ilhablis , wind-fallcn-wood 
^habot , gull , miller's 

thumb. , 
-haconne , sf. chacoon 
i^hacun, e, prQy ^very one 

C H I C H 45 

Chafouln , e, a. s. a mean ^ Chamarrer , va, to lace i 

looking fello-w I a pole-cat. } dawb. 
Chagrinl Jnz. grief ; vexation jCbamarrurc, sf lacing 

, shagreen \ Chambellan , fm. chamber" 

Chagrin , e , a. morofe , fad lain. [ tree 

Chagrlnant , e , vexatious Chambranle, j::t~hs; nianilc- 
Chagriner , va. to vex ; to Chambre , sf chamber^ room 

fret. [ coins, ridge \ baute , hotfe of lords 

Chaitne , sf chain 
de rochers 

warp ; 
idgc cf 

Chainetier, /r.7.a chain-maker 
Cbainettc , sf. little chain 
Chainon , fm, a iirk 
Chair , sf flesh ; shir. 
Chair de fruit , pulp of fruit 
Chaire , a pulpit ; fee 
Chaife , a chair , feat 

perce'e , a chfe-fiool 

roulante, a cha'fe 

Porteur de c)\^iiz,fm. chair- [man 

Chaland.e^^C cujlomer; chap- 
ChalandifCjj-/. cuJlom;good- 

Clialeur , heat, v/armth ; ^eal 

de fo'ie, g:.iji ofpa[jion 

Donner chalsur, to incou- 

Ctuiieureux, fe, a.fangulne. 
Chalet Jm. bjd-Jliad. [ficop 
Chaloupe, sf greet boat ; 
Cha!umeau,7/Tz.y?£;7z ; a pipe 
Cbalybe , & , a. calyh<iat 
C'namade, sf a parley 
Chamailler , vn. to fight ; 

wrangle. [bli ; skirmish 

balTe , houfc of com' 

Chainbree , perfons lying in. 

one room ; houfc-juH. 
Chambrelan , fm.. chamber 

artificer ; a lodger. [ther 
Chambrer, lodge t'oge- 
Chambiette , sf. little room 
Cbambriere , chamber-maid 
Chameau , fm. a camel 
Chamelier , camel-driver ' 
Chamois, shamoy, wild-goat 
Chamoifeur, shamoy-drefier. 
Champ, afield, [immediately 
Slur le — , ad. out of hand ; 
Champagne, sf champaign 
Chzmpzrt J eld rent 
Champetre, a. 2. rural 
Chainpigncn^yOT. mushroom; 

thief in a candle. 
Champignonnerie , sf. a bed 

far mushrooms. 
Champion ,fn:. a chsmpion 
Chance, Sj. chflnce , ha-^ard 
Conter i"a chance , to lay 

open one's cafe. 
Chancel , fm. chancel 
Chancelant, e , a, tottering; 

unfieady. [ waver 

Changsler, y,7» to tgttir -^to 

44 . C H I 

Ch3.ncdieT , fm. chancellor 
Chanceliere, sf. chancellor's ! 
wife. I ring ; unjlcadincfs | 
Chancellement , fm. totte- ■ 
Chancellerie , sf. chancery - 
Chanccux , (z^ a. lucky ' 
Char.cir, vn, to grow mouldy '■ 
Chancifiuiei sf mouldinefs < 
Chancre, /to. cancer ; fore ; 

foulnefs in the teeth. 
Chancreux, fe , a. cancerous 
Chandeleur, sf candlemas 
Chandelier , fin. candu/lichi 

a tallow-chandler. 
Chandelle , sf. a candle 

I de veille , watch-light 

I de cire, wax-candle. 

* de glace , ifich 

Chanfrein , fm. forehead of 

a horfe ; shaffcrccn. 
Cliange , exchange; change ; 

banker's trade. 
Prendre le change , to mif- 

take ; to he put off. 
Changeant, e, a. changea- 
ble; fickle. 
Char.gement ,y77z. change 
^YiZiU^QT , V. to change ; al- 
ter ; shift. [a new leaf 
^——denote, to turn over 
Changeur , fm. banker ; mo- 
ney changer. 
Chanlate , sf a lath to f:sp~ 

port tiles , fates , &c. 
Chanoine, Jm, a prebendary 
Chanoinefie, sf a canonej's 
Chanoinie , canonry 
.Chaiifon, 0-fon.^'i idhfiory 

C H 

Chanfonner, va. to lampoon 
Clianfonnette, sf little fong 
Ghanfonnier,y?;i. ballad ma- 
Chant, finging ; tune ; canto 

du coq , cock-crow 

Chantant, e, a. tuneable 
Chanteau , fm. lump of 

bread ; quarter piece. 
Chantepleure , sf watering- 
pot ; gully-hole 
Chanter, va. tofing; to crow 
— — la palinodie, to recant 
Chanterelle, sf. treble-firing; 

decoy-bird. ' 

Chanteur , fe, /! a finger 
Chantier , y}rz. timber-yard i, 
fiocks ; gauntry. [ <2 bed 
Chantourn^, a head-piece of 
Chantre, a chanter 
Chantrerie , sf chantry 
Chanvre , fm. hemp 
Chanvrier, hemp-drcjfer 
Chaos , chaos ; corfufion 
Chape, sf cope; helm 
Trouver chape- chute, to 

meet with good luck 
Chapeau ^fm. a hat. [wers 

■ de ficuiS, garland offlo- 

Chapeliin, a chaplain 
Chapeler , va. to rafp bread 
Chapeiet,y77;. chaplet ; b:ad ; 

Chapelier , e ., f. a hatter 
Chapelle, sf chapel ; benefice 
Chapellenie , sf chaplain- 
Chap4:lure, chippings, chips 

C H 

Chaperon ,fm. hoed ; coping 

of a wall ; holfier cap. 
Chaperonner , va. to cap 

one; to hoodv^ink the hawk, 
Chapier , fm. cope-bearer 
Chapiteau, chapiter, capital 
Chapitre , a chapter 
Chapitrer, va. to reprimand 
Chapon , fm. capon ; crufi oj 

bread boiled in broth. 
Chaponneau, j'OHr;^ capon 
Chaponner , va. to capon 
Chaponniere, sf ccpcnery 
Chaque , pro, each , every 
Cha.r , fm.khariot ^ car 
Charanfon , a weevil; mite 
Charbon , coal; ulcer 
Charbonnee, sf short rib of 

beef. [with a coal 

Charbonner, va. to dawb 
Charbonnier ,y7n. cocl-mer- 

chant ; collier ; coal-hole^ 
Charbonniere , sf. colliery ; 

coal-houfe ; coal-woman. 
Charcuter , va. to hack , 

Charcutier, e,f who keeps 

a pork-shop. [hca^' 

Chardon , /w2. thifile ; fpikc- 
Chardonner, va. to nap cloth 
Ch.a.TdonnQi[et,fm. gold- finch 
Chardonniere , sf. thifile- 

plot. '' 

Charge, load', charge ; car- 

go ; employment ; shot. 
A la charge de , on condition 

of [tltat 
:, que , en conditio^ 

C H 

Charfjcant ,Q,a. cloggin;^ ; 

tedious. \j^ifig 

\ Chargement,y5n. hill of la- 

[ Chargeoir, charger in t;nn- 

nery. [ge ; burden 

Charger, va. to had; char- 
ge — , to takt upon one's filf 
Char;;eur yfm. a loadir. 
Chariage , carriage 
Chafier , v. to carry along 
— - droit, to mind om's hits 
Chariot ^fm. waggon , cart 
Chaiitabls, a. 2. charitable 
Charitablenient, ad. — tahly 
Charite , sf. charity ; alms 
Faire la — , to give alms 
Charivari ,fm.valtry rrnific ; 

a cliitier. \j:dlir 

Charlatan, mouniehanh; whc- 
Charlatane, sf.cunning gipfy 
Charlataner , va. to gull 
Charlatanerie, sf. quackiry; 

Charniant, te , a. charming 
Charme , fm. charm ; yoke- 

drn. [ lay 

Charmer , va. to charm; a.1- 
C h ar m e V! r , fm . c nju rer 
Chsizv.zye , flesh- time 
Charr.el, le , a. carnal 
Charnelivimep.t, ad. carnally 
Charr!3ux , fe , ^. fleshy. 
Charnier ,fm. charnd-houfe; 

a larder, 
Charniere, sf. a h.'np^e 
Charnu, e , a. flashy 
Charnure, sf flesh 
" — -'^— douce , foft skin. 


Charogne,j/. carrion 
Charpente , timber-work 
Charpenter , va. to work 

timber ; to mangle. 
Charpenterie, sf carpentry 
Charpentier , y-??:. carperiicr 
Charpie , sf. lint. 
En charpie , boiled to rags 
CA\aitet6c , n cart-load 
Charretier, fm. carman 
Charrette, sf a cart 
Charrter , fm. bucking-cloth 
Charroi , carriage , wainage 
Charron , a can-wright 
Charronna?e , cart-wright's 
C h a f r u e , v</. <2 p lo ugh. [vjork 
Charte, chartre , a charter. 
Charte - partie , charter- 
Chartil, chartis ,fm..apent- 

houfi for carts; great cart. 
Chattre, sf charter; goal 
Chartreufe, ckarter-houft 
Chartreiix , fe, f carthufan 

friar or nun. [^^'"•^ 
Chai'trl£r,y77z. keeper of char- 
, a place whzrc charters 

are kspt 
Chartula'.re , collection cf 

Chafie J sf. shrine ; scale ; 

frame. lAi fowling 

Chade , hunting; game; cha- 
ChafTe-avant, fm. oveqier. 
CliaiTe chien , •> , , . 
Chafie coquin J ^^'^^-Z'"^" 
ChafTe-couiin , fm. paltry 

wine; aJiijffoiL 

. C H 4f 

Cha{re-ennui,yz?z. drive away 

Chaffe-maree, a rippler 
ChaiTe-fiiorte , sf. random 

shot. [ driver 

ChaiTc- mulct , fm. mule 
Chaffer, va. to kimt; drive 

aw ly ; chafe , purfuc. [ing 

au fui'ii, to go a ^hoot- 

un vaixTeau , to chafe 

or pur fat a ship, 
Cbafrereffa, sf. ahuntrefs 
CbafTsur yfin. humer; fowler 
ChafTeufe, sf a huntrefs, 
Chafferet , little fash-framt 

to make cheefe 
Chaflle , hlear-cy:dmfs 
Chaflieux, fe,r.; bUar-eyed 
Chaflis- , frn. fash ; frame j 

Chaffoir, cooper's driver 
CHaftj , a. 1. chafie , pure. 
Chaf^sment, ad. chaflly 
Chaftete , 4. chaflity^ 
Chafuble, a kind of cope 
Chariiblier,y?7j. a maker of 

ecclcfiafiical ornaments 
Chat, a cat 
Chat^ , catkins 
Chataigne , sf. a chefnnt 
Chataignd, e, a. chcfnut co- 
lour. \^orcha:d 
CKataigneraie, sf chefnut 
CnAtaii^niiir^fm. chefni:t trei» 
Chatain , a. m. chefr-ut colour 
Chateau, y/Tz. acafilz ox feat 
Chatclain, lord of a manor 'y 

governor of a cajilc y Cif-^_ 


-4^ C H 

Chatellenis, y/. ca(lle--vard 
Chat-iiuSint ,fm. fcT eech-owl 
Chatiable , a. i. punishable 
Chatier , va. to chafiifc ; 

Chatiere, sf. a c.ii*s hole 
Chatiment, yrw. chajUfancnt 
Chaton , a kitten ; be-{el; 

Chatouillement, tlcklinf^ 
Chatoullier, va. to tickle; 
pleafe. [delicate 

Chatouilleux, fe, a. ticklishj 
Chatr<^ , fm. an eunuch 
Chatrer, va. to caflratt\ 

[pay ; lop , prune 
Chatreur , fm. a gelde'r 
Chatte, sf. she-cat , pufs 
Chattee , brood of a pufs 
Chattemite , demure hypo- 
Chatter, vn. to kitten 
Chaud , e , a. hot , warm ; 
» , fm. heat , hot. [hnjly 
J , ad. hot , warm 

A ]a chaude, in the heat of 

Battre la chaude , v. to heat 

C H f 

Chaudron , fm. a kettle 

chaldron. [f^i^ , sf, kettle 
Chaudronnerie , hrarjer's 
Chaudronnier, fm. hrailer; 

Chauffage, /«e/i hreaning 
Chau^e-cire , chafe-wax 
Chauffe-chemife , warming- 
Cbauffe-lit , warming-pan 
Chauffer, va. toheaty u-am; 

bream. [fi^v^ 

ChaufTerette , sf, a foot- 
Chaufferie , a kind of for^e 
Chauffeur , fm. warmer of a 

Chauffoir , warming-place ; 

warm-cloth for a fick per- 

Chaufour , a lime-kiln 
Chaufournier, a lime-maker 
Cbavirer , va. to turn, upfide j 

down. j 

Chauler le bled , va. to mix j 

corn with lime & v^attr. j 
Chaume-, fm. Jlubblc ; Jhh- 

ingots whilfi the metal 

hot. Chaumer , va. to cut Jlubbic 

C!Mz\x6.QZVL , fm. a caudle 1 to thatch. [cottage 

Chaudemerit , ad. Ao? , * Chaumiere, ■?/. athatchtd- 

warm ; hotly. J Chaumine , fmall cottage 

Chaude-plfte , sf. a clap 
Chaudier, vn. to be proud 

iChaudicre , sf. chaldron , 

■greac ke(tle» 

Chauffant , c, a. eafy ro j 
put on. I 

Chauffe , sf. flocking ; fvai- \ 
, ning-hag. \ 

j Haut ds chaulTss , hrecchss | 

c H 

Chauffes , sf. breeches. 
Chauffce , a caufe-way 
A rez de— •, even with the 

ground. [iiom 

ChaufTe-pied , fn. shocin»- 
ChaUfTur, va. to pat on shoes 

or /lockings ; make shoes i 

to fit. 
ChauiTetier,y?«. /jo/z<;r 
ChauiTe-trape, sf. a caltrop 
Chaiiffette , undcrftockmg 
Chauffon , fm. fock ; pumps 
ChaufTure, sf ary cover of 

the leg and foot. 
Chauve , a. i. bald 
Chauve-fouris , sf a hat 
Chauvete , haldnefs 
Chauvir dss oreilles,v/z. t9 \ 

prick up the ears, 
Chaux , sf lime. 
Ch ebec , fm. xelecq. 
Chef , head ; chief -^fag-end 
Chef-d'oeuvre, a majler-pitcc 
Chef-lieu , a rcanor-houfe 
Chelidoine, sf. celandine 
Chem'in , fm.the way or road 
Grand — , highwry 
Cheniinde, sf. a chimney 
Cheir.iner , vn. to walk or ga 
Chsntifs, sf. shirt; shift 
Mettre en — , to beggar 
Chem'ifette, sf. under wa'Ji- 

Chenale, a grove ofcaks 
Chcnal,/7n. channel 
Chenaler, vr. to fail thro* 

a channel. 
Chenupan , fm, a vagabond 

C H 

Cliene , fri. an oak 
Chene-verd, holm oak 
Cheneau , young oak 
Chenet, hand-Iron 
Cheneteau, youno' oak 
Cheneviere, sf. hemp-field 
Chenevis ,fm. hemp-feed 
Chenevote , sf. bullen 
Zhanevcter , vn. to pill 

I^henil , fm. a dog-k:nnel 
Ilhenille, sf. a caterpillar 
i;henu, e, a. hoary 
]her, e, dear ; cofily 
!)herche , sf. fearch 
^hercher, va. to fcek^ look 

nolle , to pick a quarrel 

]hercheur , fe , /^ feeker , 
fearcher. [fpunger 

de ff anches Jippe'es , a 

]here , sf cheer; treat 
[omme de bonne chere, a 
good liver, 

Ihdrement, ad, dear; de- 
ih^fir, va. to cherish 
herfonefe , sf. penlnfula 
herte , dearnefs , dearth 
hirubin , pn. a cherub 
hervis , fm. skirret 

• ■ f, ve , a. mean ; forry 
vement, ad, pitifully 
:. -val , fm. a horfc 
I'cval de bat , pack-horfc ; 
a looby i a drudge. 
heval fondu , leap-frog 
' hevaler^ ya, to prop 

' ; C H 

Chevalerie , sf knighthood; 

Chevalet, Tot. woodcn-horfc; 

bride;c o/ an infzrument ; 

eafei ; trefel; buttrefs. 
Chevalier , a knight 

— d'induftrie, sharper 

Chevaliere, sf knight's lady 
Chevance, one's whole fub- 

Chevauchee , judge's circuit 
Clievaucher , vn. to ride 
A chevauchonSjdi. aflraddle 
Chevau-Ieger , fm. light- 

Ch<5vecler , veflry-kecper 
Chevelu, e, a. long-haired 
Plante chevelue , sf. fibrous 

Chevelure , head of hair ; 

fihre^ of a plant 
Chevet , fm. a holfltr 
Chevetre , a halter 
Cheveu , a hair ; fibre 
Chevilie , sf. a peg ; ancle- 

hcne. [ boh 

Cheviller, ra. to peg , pin , 
Chevillot,/72. toggel 
Chevillure , sf the broches 

of a deer's head. 


vn. to manage 


fe , sf a stic-goat 
Prendre la — , to tah 
Chevreau, fm. a kid 
Chevrefeuiile , honey-fuckle 
Chevrepied , a* m, gcat- 

' . C H 47 

Chevrette , sf. a doe ; fyrup 

pot ; little hand-iron j 

ChevTQuW, fm. a roe-buck 
Chcvrier , a goat-herd 
Chevrillard ,fawn of a roe 
Chevron, arafter; chevron i 

f cant lings. 
Chevroter, vn. to kid ; t<i 

fret ; to skip. 
Chevrotin ,fm. kid's skin 
Gants de — , hid gloves 
Chevrotine, sf. deer-shoe 
Chez , pr. at or to onc^s 

hoiifc ; among ^ with. 
Chez nous , in qur country 
Chez les P».omains , among 

the Romans. 
Chiaile , sf fcutn; dung 
Chicane , chicanry ; cavil 
Gens de — , petty-fogqers 
Chicaner , va. to chicane i 

vex ; quarrel ; cavil. 
le vent , to come near 

the wind. 
Chicanerie , sf. chicanry 
Chicaneurj le , /. chicanery 

shifter. [vilUr 

Chicanier, e, wrangler ;ca- 
Chiche , a. 2.. fiingy 
Pols chiche , chich peafe 
Chichement, ad. Jlingily 
Chicorec, sf. fuccory , endive 
CWicot yfm. a flump 
Chicoter , vn. to wrangle 
Chicotin , fm. orpine 


cock of a 

Chienne , sf a bitch 


4S C H _ 

Chienne de muilque , villa- 
nous mufick, . [dusk 
Entre chien & loup , in the 
Chien celefte,yw. dog-fiar 
Chiendent, dog's orafs 
Chien rm.r\n.^ fea~ dog 
Chicnner , vn. to whelp 
Chier , vn. to shite 
'Chieur ^ {q , f. a shltter 
Chiffe , sf.fonyfilk ox fiuff 
ChifTor. , fm. a rag 
Chlffonner , va. to rumple ' 
Chiffcnnier , e . /i a rag- 
: picker. [a number 
ChifFre , fm. cypher ; figure ; 
II app:end le chiffre , Ju 

learns cyphering. 
Chiffrer , va. to cajl up ; 
write in cyphers. [ 
Chiifieur , fm. an accomp- 
Chignon , the nape of the 
^hile , the chile. [^nek 

Chiliade , sf chiliad 
Chiillication , — tion 
Chimere , chimera 
Chim6rlque , a. a. chimeri- 
cal ; fanciful. Really 
Chimeriquement , ad. —-ri- 
Chimie , sf chymijlry 
Chimique , a. a. chymical 
Chimifte , fm. a chymljl 
Chinfreneau , a blow in the 

face ox flash. 
Chinquer , vn. to fuddle 
Chiourme , sf. a galley's 
crew. [ trifle 

CVilpoter , vn. to piddle ; 
Qhi^Qti^rfSff.piddlerj trifler 

C H 

Chiquenaude , sf. a fillip 
Chlquet a chiquet, hy dri- 
blets, [hand 
Chiragre , fm. gcuty in the 
C h i r o m a n c 1 e , sf. palm efl-y 
Chiromancien, ne, yi Chi- 
Chirurgical, e, a. — gical 
Chlrurgie , sf furgery 
ChiiUrgien , fm. a fuigeon 
Chirurgique, a. -z. — f^ical 
Chiure , "5/. flies dung 
Choc ffm. shock ; dashing; 

Chocailler, vn. to tipple 
Chocaillon, sf fuddling gof 

Ch.oco\a.t,fm. chocchis 
Chocolatier , one who keeps 
a chocolate-houfe ; choco- 
late-maker ox feller. 
Chocolatiere , sf chocolate- 
Cboeur , fm. choir , chorus 
Enfant de choear , a fir.ging 

boy; chorus. 
Choir, vn. to fall 
Choifir, va. to choofc 
Choix, fm. choice 
Chomable , a. 2. to be kept 

as a holyday. 
Chomage , Jht, refuite 
Chomer, va. to keep holy- 
day ; to want work ; reft 
from work. 
Chopine , sf. French half 
pint i English pint ; pump- 

C H 

Choper, vn. toftutr.hU ; lh:n 
Chopiner, to tipple. [ de 
Choquant , e , a. shocking 

Choquer , v. to shock ; cf 

fend; dash; clash. 
Se — , vr. to take offence 

abufe one another-^ clash 

firikt ; engage. 
Choi-iftCj/rz. choiriftiv 
Chorographie , sf — phy 
Chorographiqus, a. 2. cho 

ro graphical. [ ru 

Faire chorus , to fin g in chi 
Chofe, sf. a thing. 
Chou, fm. a cabbage 
Chou de Savoie , a Savoy 
Chou-fleur, colly-flower 
Choucas , a jack-daw 
Chouette, sf fcresch-owl 
Chouquet,/i7?. cap 
Clioyer, va. to cocker ; i 

take great care of 
Chreme , fm. chrifm 
Chremeau, chr.iftx- cloth 
Chretien , ne, a. s. chriflii 
Chretiennement , ad. chri 



ntd , sf. chriftendo 

Chrifrnation , — tion 

i. e. anointed. 
Chriftianifer, va. to ma 

ckrifllan. [nZ 

Chriftianifme , fm. chrifii 
Chromatique, ^. chi 

Chronique, sf. a chronicl 

Chronique, a. 2. chronical 
Chroniqueur, fm, a writer 

of chronicles . 
Chronologic, sf, — logy 
Chronologique, <i. 2,. — cal 
Chronologifte, 7^72. — giji 
Chryfalide , sf. chryfalis 
Chryfocolle , chry focal 
Chryfolite , —-/ire 
Chryfopee , — pxa. 
Chryfophrafe , — prafus 
Chuchoter, vn. to whifper 
Chuchoterie , sf. whifper ing 
Chuchoteur, fe,/. whifpe- 
Chut ! int. hush ! \_rer 

Chute ysfi fall; difajier 
Ci , ad. hen 

Par-ci, par-la, here and there 
Ci-devant , heretofore 
Ci-apres, hereafter 
Ciboire , fm. a pyx 
Ciboule , sf. fcallion; chihhot 
Ciboulette , chives 
Cicatrice, a fear 
Cicatricule, little fear 
Cicatrifer , vn. to cicatriie 
Se cicatrifer , vr. to corifo 

Cicero , pica {printing type ) 
— — approche, fmall-pica 
Cicerole, sf. chichling, wctch 
Ciclamen ^fm. fow-bread 
Cicogne, sf. a fiork 
Cicogneau, fm. young Jlork. 
Cidre , cider. [canopy 

Ciel, sky; heaven; teftern^ 
Cjergs , a wax-taper 
|Ciergier , a wax-chandUr 

c I 

Cieux, heavens, [grashopp&r 
Cigale , sf. chirping kind of 
eigne , fm, afwan, 
Cigue , sf. hemlock 
Cil , fm. eyt-lashes 
Ciliaire , a. cHiaris 
Cilice, /ot. hair-cloth 
Cillemsnt, twinkling 
Ciller , va. to twinkle 
Cimaife, sf ogee 
Cime, the top 
C'lment yfm. cement; union 
Cimenter, va, to cement 
Cimentier,ym. cement-maker 
Cimeterre , a cimeter 
Cimetiere , a church-yard 
C'lmier , crefl ; buttock 
— de cerf , haunch ofvenifon 
Cinabre , cinnabar 
Cinglage , ship's courfe; lash 
Cingler , vn. to fail before 

the wind; to lash. 
Cinnamome , fm. cinnamon 
Cinq, a. 7., fm.flve\ 
Cinquantaine, sf fifty 
Une cinquantaine de per- 

fonnes , fifty people 
Cinquante, a. '2.. fifty 
Cinquantenier , fm. com- 
mander of fifty men. 
Cinquantieme, a. 1. fiftieth 
Cinquieme , a. 1. fm. fifth 
Cinquiemement , ad, fifthly 
Cintre , fm. an arch 
Cintrer , va. make arch-wife; 
Cirage , fm. waxing, [frap 
Circoncire, ytf» to circum' 

Clrconcifeur , fm, circum- 

Circoncifion, sf. circumcl-' 

fton. [rence 

Circonference , circumfe- 
Circonflexe, a. 2. circum- 

fiex. [ locution 

Circonlocution , sf. circum- 
Circonfcription , circum- 

fcription. [ be 

Circonfcrire, ViT. circumfcri- 
Circonfpeft , q , a. circum- 

fpecl. _ [ fpeciion 

Circonrpeftion , sf. circum-^ 
Circonftance , circumflance 
Circonftancier,!'^. torelat& 

a thing with its circumfian" 

ces. [ vallation, 

Circonvallation, sf. circum- 
Circonvenir, va. tocircum-^ 

Circonvention , sf. deceit 
Circonvoifin, e, a, neighbou* 

ring, [ volutionm 

Circonvolution, sf. circum- 
Circuit, fm. circuit; difirict 
Circulaire, a, 2. circular 
Circulairement, ad. circular* 
Circulateur,y7n. — tor. [/y. 
Circulation , sf, — tion 
Circuler, v. to circulate 
Cire, sf. wax 

d'Efpagne, fealing-wax 

Cirer , va. to wax 
Cirier , fm. wax-chandler 
Ciroene, plaifierfor a bruifet 

Ciron , a hand- worm 

^o C I 

Cirque, fm. circus 
Cb'ure, sf. waxing 
Cifailiei" , va. to clip ' 
Cifallks , sf. shears j clip- 
pings. _ 
C'\i(ia.\x y fm. chifcl; graver 
Cifcaux , fcijj'ars 
Cifelcr, va. to chafe; carve. 
Cifelet, fm. a graver 
Q'SsXtVLX y a chafer. [u'orA. 
Cifelure,,j/i ckafng; chafed 
Claire, fm. cithern. 
Citadelle, sf. a citadel 
Citadin , e, f. a citizen 
Citation , sf. — tion ; fmn- 
Cit^ , a city. [ mons. 

Citer, va. to cite; quote 
Citerieur, e, a. citcrlor 
Citerne, sf a cifiern 
Citoyeu, ae,/. a citi'^en 
Citrin , e, a. Lcmon-coloiircd 
Citron, /m. citron, lemcJi 
Ruban c\tior\ Jemon-coloured 

ribbon , candid orange or 

Citronne , e, a. that has the 

tajii of lemon. 
Citronnelle , sf balm-genth 
Citronnisr,y7«. a Umon-tree 
C'itrouille , sf. a pumpion 
Civade, a kind of heard fish 
Oivadiere , the J'prit-fail 
Civet , fm. hare-ragoo 
Civette, sf chivcr; civet- 
Civiere, a hand-bajTQVf 
Civil , e, <?, fiyil 

C L 

Civilement , ad. civilly 
Mert civ'ileviicntfdeadin law 
Civilifation , sf — tion 
Civilifsr , va. to civilize 
(Jivilitd , sf. civility 
Civiliiies , refpecls 
CWtque , a, f. civic. \^low. 
Clabaud,y?n. lyar; noify-fel- 
ClabzMd-Ags, ^barking of dogs. 
Ckbauder, vn. to bark ; bawl 
Clabauderie, sf clamour 
Clabaudeur, fe, f. ncify man 

or woman ; a hawler, 
Claie, sf a hurdle 
Clair, e, a. clear ; light ; thin 
Clair , ad. clearly ; plainly ; 

clear; plain. 
Clair , fm. shine , light 
Clair de lune, moon-shine 
Etre clair , v. to be quick of 

Clair ement , ad. clearly ; 

Clairet , te, a. claret 
Claire-voie , sf. railed void 

in a wall. 
Clairiere, a glade in the wood 
Clairon , fn. clarion 
Clair-voyance, sffagacity 
Clair-voyant , e, a. clear- 

Ciameur, sf. clamour, outcry 
Clar.deftin , e, a. clandcjlinc 
Ciandeftinement, ad.' — nely 
Clandeftinite , sf. privacy 
Clapier ^fm. coney-burrow ; 

rabbet; a tame rabbet, 
Clapir, vn, to fquenh, 

C L 

Sc clapir, vr. to lie fquat 
Clapotage , fm. rough fa 
Claque, sf. a flap ; fnappzr 
Claquedent,y?7z. a half-jiar- i 

ved wretch ; a chatterer 
Claquement, clapping 
Claquemurer, va. to put in * 

Claquer, vn. to clap ; tofnap 
ClatJficatioH , sf clarifying 
Clariiisr , va. to clarify 
Se — , vr. to grow clear 
Clarts , sf. clearnefs ; light 
Clas , fm. knell 
Claife , sf. clafs ; order 
Claffique , a. i. clajfic 
Claveau , fm. the rot 
Claveaux, haunfe 
Clavelee , sf. thefcah 
Clavel'i , e , a. f cabby 
Ciaveffin on clavecin ,y^. a 
■ harpficcrd. 

Clavette, sf a key; fore-lock 
Clavicule , the collar-bone 
C\div\e.v,fm. a key-chain ; the 

keys of an organ , &c. 
Claufe , sf claufe , provifo 
Clauftral^ e, a. claujiral 
Clay on, fm. little burdle 
Clayonnage, a fence made 

with hurdles and turfs. 
QU, clef, sf a key 
Clef de lit , &c. skrew-key 
— d'(^tau , a vice-pin 
Clemence , clemency 
Clement, e, a. clement 
Clenche , sf bolt > iron-pin j 


C L 

Clapfydre, sf. an hour glafs 
Clerc,fm. clerk; cUroyman. 
Clergi, clergy ; churchman 
Clerical , e , a. clerical 
Clericalement, ad. clergy- 
man- like. 
Cld:icature, sf. clerkship i 

fiate. of a clergyman. 
Client ^ e^ f a client 
Clientele, sf protection 
Clignement , y-v2. winking 
Cli^ne-mullette, sf hide and 

Cllgner les yeux, va. to wmk 
Clignotemsnt, fm. winking 
Clignoter, vn. to wink of ten 
Ciimat, f/K. climate , elime 
Climaterique, a. i. climats- 
ric. [ cfan eye. 

Clin cl'oeil , fm. the twinkling 
A-clin , ad. clincher-work 
Ciiineaille, sf hard-ware 
Clincaillerie , iron ware 
Clincaillier, e,/ ironmonger 
Clinquant ,fm. tinfel 
Clique , sf. gang ; party 
Cliquet , fm. mill-clapp:r 
Cliqueter, vn. to clack 
Cliquetis , fm. clashing cf 

fwords , &c. 
Cliquettes , sf fnappers 
Clii^e , fplint 
Clificr, va. to fplint 
Cloaque, sf common, shore 

filthy place. 
Cloche, a hell; a h lifer 
Clochement,7;;3. hopping 
A cloche-pied, ad. hopping 

c o 

Clociier , //.z. ftceple; parish 
Clocher , vn. to limp; hobble 
Clocheton , fm. little fi-'eple 
Clochctte, sf. hand-bell; 

Cloifon , partition. [ work. 
Cloifonnage , fm. partition 
Cloitre, a cloifier. {^immure 
Clci'crer , va. to cloifier up ; 
Cloitrier ,fm. claufiralm.onk 
Clopin-clopant, ad. hobbling 

Clopiner, vn. to hobble along 
Clopoi"te,y?«. ^ wocd-loufe 
Clorre , va. to inclofe ; clofe 
Cios ,fm. a clofe 
CIos, e, tf. clcfedj clofe, shut 
Cloilement , fm. clacking 
ClofTer, vn. to clack 
Cloture , sf. an inclofure 
— — d'un compte , clofmg 

an account. ^fi'-'-d. 

Clou, fm. nail; aboil; clove; 
Clouer , va. to nail 
Clouter, to find 
Clouterie , sf nail-trade 
Cloutier , fm. a nailer 
Cloutiere, sf. nail-mould 
Ciy^cere , fm. a clyfter 
Coaclif , ve, a, coircive 
Coaaion, sf coercion 
Coadjuteur , fn. & coadjutor 
Coacljutorerie, sf. — -torship 
Coadjut.k-t; , coadjutrix 
CoafU'atiCui, a congealing 
Coao;uler, va. coagulate 
CoaiTement ,y5??. croaking 
Coaffcr , vn, to croak 

C O yr 

Pays dc cocagne , f>n, a land 

of milk and honey. 
Cccarde, sf. a cockade 
Cocatrix, cockatrice 
Coche, travelling coach 

d'sau , a paffagc-boat 

Coche, sf notch; old fow 
Cochenilie , cochineal 
Cocher-, f72. a cQcch-man 
Coclier , va. to tread 
Porte cochere, sf. great gat& 
Cochet ,/in. a cockrcl 
Cochon , a hog 
Cochoii de lait , a pig 
Cochon d'Inde, guinea-pig 
Cochonnee, sf. litter of pigs 
Cochonner, vn. to farrow 
Cochonnerie, sf flthlnefs 
<Zozh.oTin.ct,fm.jack at bowls 
Coco , cocoa 

Cocon, the codof a f Ik-worm. 
Cocatler , a cccoa-tres 
Coftion, sf. coaion ; digcf- 

Cocu , fm. a cuckold 
Cocua-Je , cuckoldom 
Code , fm. code 
Codicille, codicil 
Coefte, coifFe, j/ colfboci 
Coeller , coifrcr, va. to drefs 

one's head ; to back a fail, 
Se coerfer de, vr. to be fondly 

c": ached to. 
Cte.-.,i::', '}z , f a milliner 
CcJ.I'uc, sf. a head'drcfs 
CoCj^al, e, a. co-equal 
Coerciiif, ve, coercive 
Coercitioa, ^/^ coertion 

E n. 

^2 C O 1 

Co^ternel , le , 4. coctcrnal 
Co^ternitc, sf\ — nlty 
Coeur , fm. the heart 
A cceur jeun , fajling 
Diner par cccur, to dine with 

duke Humphrey. 
Ami de coeur, bo/om friend 
Coeveque, /to. co-bishop 
Coexiftence , sf. — cs 
Cocxifter , rn. to co-exijl 
CofKn, fm. fruit-basket 
Coffre, a ckefi, trunk; box ', 

cofin ; hcUy of a lute , &c, 
Coffrer, va. to put in jail 
CofFret, ym. a little chejl 
Coffretier , a tnink-maker 
Cognife , sf a hatchet 
Cogne-fetu, y/TT. a hufy-body 
Cogner, va, to drive in ; heat 
Cohabitation, sf — tion 
Cohabiter, vn. to cohabit 
Coherence, sf coherence 
Coheritier ,€,_/! coheir; co- 

Coheiion , sf. cohefion 
Cohorte, cchort; company 
Cohue, a rcut 
Coi y e , a. Jlill , quiet 
Coignafle, sf. wild qu'nce 
Coignaffier j/ai. quince- tree 
Coin, fm, corner i wedge ; 

Coing on coin , fm. a quince 
Coit , cqition 
Col on ecu , neck ; defle 
Col , neck-cloth. 
Colere , sf anger , wrath 
f^olilQ^ a, 2, pajjionati 

c o 

Col^rique , a, i. choleric 
Colifichet , fm. a gew-gaw 
Colin-maillard, blind-man's 
CoWqne, sf a colick. [huff. 
Colif^e ,fm. colifoeum 
Collatdtal, e, a. — ral 
C olls.te\ir , fm. — tor 
Collatif , ve , a. — tive 
Collation , sf — tion 
Collationner , va. to collate 
Colle , sf pajie ; glue ; fi^e 
Collets , collect i gathering 
Collefteur ,fm. a colltB.or 
Colleftif , ve , a, colleclive 
Colle£lion , sf —tion 
Colleftivement, ad. — vely 
Collegataire, a. s. collegata- 
College , fm. a college. \_ry. 
Coll^gial , e , a. collegiate. 
Collegue , fm. colleague 
CoUer , va, to paJie , to glue 
■ da vin , to clarify wine 

with ijlnglafs. 
Collerette, sf a woman's 

neck handkerchief 
Collet , fm. collar ; fnare ; 

neck of meat. [g^f^-^- 

Colleter ^-va, to collar i fet 
CoUetin , fm. a jerkin 
Collier , necklace ; cellar 
Colliger , va. to colleci 
Colllne, sf. a hill 
Collifion , ~—fon 
Collocation , — tion 
Colloquc yfm. a colloquy 
Colloquer , va. to place in 

Colluder , vn* to collude 

c o 

Collufion , sf, joggling 
Collufoire , a. a. — fory 
Collufoirement, ad. —forily 
Collyre , fm, collyrium, eye 

Colombs, sf a dove 
QoXomhiQi , fm. a dove-houfe 
Colombin , e , a. columbine 
Colombine, sf pigeon's dung 
Colon , fm. a planter 
Colonel , a colonel 
Colonelle , sf, the colontVi 

Colonie , a colony 
Colonnade, colonade 
Colonne , a column, rankoj 
Colophanc, rofn. [ships, 
Coloquinte, cohquintida 
Colorer , va. to colour 
Coloris , fm. colouring 
Colorifte, a colour ifi 
Coloflal, e, a. colofean 
Coloffa , fm. colojfus 
Coloftre , beafiings 
Colportage, hawker's trait 
Colporter, va. to hawk about 
Colporteur ,/}??. a hawker 
Coltis , fm. beak-head bulk 
Colures, coluri, [head. 

Comateiix , ib , a. fopori' 

Combat, fm. a fight 
Combattant, a comhattant 
Combattre, v. to fight 
Combien , ad. how much , 

how many. 
■ , fm. price. [ tion^ 

Combinaifon , sf, ccmbinA'^ 

c o 

Combiner, va, to combine 
"" nble , fm. the tcp 

ii'eau comble, over-mea- 
,.:re; a bushel heaped up. 
Zomhlei , va. to heap up; to 

load one. 
rombuger des futailles, va. 
to foak a cask. 
.-nbullible , a. z. —bU 
: -.bullion, sf. — tion 
...MiieLiie, aplay;play-hoiife; 
shamming. [ dijfembier. 
"^rnedien , ne , /. an aclor', 
:\2iQ , sf. a comet 
lique, a. 2. comical 
- i:queA«»£nt, ad. comically 
-iltii , fm. ,a committez 

ma , a colon 
.uTiandant , commander 
u ^c commande, ad. befpoken 
^lommand^ment, fm. com- 
Commander , va. to com- 
mand ; to bcfpiak. 

dcry. [ dir of an order. 

[^ommandeur, fm. ccmman- 
"omire, ad. as ; like 
;!)ommdmoraiion, sf — tion 
>oinjner;9ant, s,f bepiinncr 
Commencement , fm. begin- 
'omm'encer, v. to begin 
rommendataire , a. & fm. 

commend at ar y . 
i^ommende , sf. commzndam 
iCommenfal, a. m. mzffmate ; 
fating at thcfaim cahU. 

c O^ 

CommenfiirabiliLe, sf. com- 

Coramcnfurable , a. 1. com- 

Comment , ad. how ; why 
Comnientaire , fm. comment 
Commentateur , —cator 
Commcnter, va. to comment; 

to romar.ce. \_rifons. 

Commcr, vn. to make compa- 
Commergable, a. 2.. r.eeo- 

Commsrcaat , fn. a trader 
Commerce, commerce ; in- 

Commeicer, vn. to trade 
Commere, sf. a goffp 
'Commettant, fm. tntfler. 
Commettre , -s'^. to commit; 

to appoint; to expofe\ to lay 
Comminatoire, a. 1. com- 

minatory ; threatning 
Comxnis ,fm. clerk, deputy, 
Commife, sf. forfeiture 
Commife.' ation , pity 
CommiiTaire, Jhi, com.mijfa- 

ry ; commijjicner 
Commillion , sf. commijjion 
Conim\iTi^ cfm.faHcr; 

an errant boy. 
Commode, a. 1. convenient ; 

good-natured. [ drav;s. 

Commode, .'■/. a commode; 
Commoderaent , ad, convc- 

Commodite, sf conveniency 
Commodites , the neaffary 
Comriiotioi^ , commotion 

c o r? 

v>oni5iiuer , va. to com.imiti 
Commun, e , a. common 
Le commun , the generality; 

the under- fa- var.ts ; ths. 

Commufiaut^, sf. communis 

ty ; corporation. 
Communaux, y?/":, common, 

Ccmimuiie, sf. corporation % 

inhabitants of a country 

Communes , inhabitants of 

villages ; common pafltue ; 

the houfe of commons 
Communemer.L , ad, com- 


'.riant, 0-2- 

Commii-it ■; 

ncral^'y'--: •;: :;:^. 

Commun lant 5 e, f. commu- 
nicant. _ r cafy of acccfs. 

Communicable, a. 2. — hley 

Communicatif , ve, a. com- 

Communication, jf! 



nication; intercourje 
Ccmmunier , v. to receive oc 

adminijhr the facrament, 
Comm.union, sf — nion 
Communiquer , va. to com- 
municate ; to have corref- 
pondence ; to produce, 
CommutatU-', ve , a. —tiv& 
Commutation , sf. — tion. 
C o m p a 61 -■ .. <^ . 2 . c ; mn a cl, c iofk 
Compagnc, j/' a female com^ 

p anion ; confer t. 
Compagnie, company 
E iij 

'54 CO . ■ 


jcurneyman ; fellow.. 

Ccmpagnonnage, journey- 

manship. [ Hl^c. 

Comparable , a. ^. — bU ; 

Comparaifon, sf. comparifon 

Par , ad. comparatively 

,Comparant , e, a» s. appea- 
Comparatif, vc , a. — tive 
Comparativement, ad. com- 
Comparer , va. to compart 
Comparoir, vn. to maki one's 
appearance. {appearance 
Comparoitre , to make one^s 
Con;partiment,yw. compart- 
ment ; knot in a garden. 
Comparution , sf. appea- 
Compas , fm. compajfes 
» ■ de cordonnler , yz\fi 
*— — de mer , compafs 
— — de proportion , fecior 
CompafTer , va. to meafure ; 
to proportion ; to order 
well. [formal 

CompalTe, e, a. f arched ; 
Compaffion , sf. corr.pajjlon. 
Compatibilite , — lity 
Compatible , a. 2. — tihlc 
,Compatir, vn. to commlfe- 
ra^j to fiiit, [fionate 

<i^lJrnpatiffant, e, a, compaf- 
Ccmpatriote , /. 1. one's 
ccuntry-man or country- 
•Ccmpendium,/-;:, — dlum 


Compenfation , sf. — ticn 
Compenfer, va. to compen- 

Comperage , fm, the being 
god-father or god-mother. 
Compere, a goffrp ; jovial 

fellow i arch blade. 
Competence, sf. competen- 
ce; competition. [ft 
Competent, e, a. competent; 
Cela n'eft pas de votre com- 
petence , that is beyond 
your fphere. 
Competer , vn. to belong 
Compdtiteur ,yTO. competi- 
Compilateur , fm. compiler 
Compilation , sf. —tion 
Compiler , va. to compile 
Complaignant, e^f. plaintiff 
Complainte , sf. complaint 
Complaire, vn. to pleafe ; 

to humour. 
Se — — — , vr. to delight in 
Complalfancc , sf. com.plai- 
fance ; complacency, [civil 
Ccmplaifant , e , a. — fant; 
Com.plant ,fm. vineyard 
Ccmplanter , va. to plant 

vines , &c. 
Complement , fm. — ment 
Ccmplet, e , a. complete 
Ccmplst, fn. compUtnefs 
Completement , ad. —tely 
Ccmpleteir4ent,_/7n. compU- 

Completer , va. to complete 
Compl^Me , .7, 7.* comphx 

c o 

Complexion, sf. complexion^ 

confiitution ; temper. 
Bien complexionn^ , e, a, 

of a good confiitution. 
Mai , of a bad confiitu* 

Complication , sf. — tion 
Complice , a. 1. s. complice 
Complicite , sf. the being an 

Complies, compline 
Compliment, y^. — ment 
Complimenter , va. to com-' 

plimcnt. [ plimenter 

Com.plimenteur , fe ,f com- 
Complique , e, a. compli- 
Complot, /m. <z^/of. [cate 
Comploter, v. to p!ot 
Componfiion , sf. remorfe 
Comportement , fm. dcmca- 

Comporter, va. to allow oj 

Se , vr. to behave 

Compofe, ym, a compound 
Mot compofe , a compound 

Compofer , va. to compofe; 

to make up. [ looks 

Se ,vr. to fashion one*s 

Compofe ur , fm, a 

CompoUte, a. 2. compof. 
Compofiteur , fm. a compo' 

fer , ( in mujic ) ; a compo- 

fit or. [ trator 

Amiable compofiteiir , arbi- 
Compofllion , sf. ccmpoji^ 
tion. i agreement^ 

1 one s 

paltry f 


CO ' 

ntrer en compofitlon , to 
be on terms ofcompofition. 
omrae de compolition , 
eajy tempered. IJiick 

ompofleur,ym.a compofing 
ompote, sf.fiew 
omprdhenlible, a. a. — hU 
omprehenilon , sf. —fion 
omijreadre , va. to compre- 

omprefle , sf. a comprefs 
cmpreffibilite , being com- 

iomprellible, a. %. ^—hlc 
omprellion , sf. — fion 
ompcimer, va. to comprefs 
ompromettre , v. to com- 
promlfe ; to expofe. 
^ompromis ,fm. compromife 
;omproniilTaire , referree 

c o 

Compter, vn. to depend on 
Compteur,/^. accomptant 
Comptolr , counter y coun- 

ting-houfe ; faciory'i bar of 

a public houfc. 
Compulfer , va* to compel 
Compulfoire ,fm. a warrant 
Comput , computation ofti- 
Computifte , — tifi. [me 
Comtal, e, a. belonging to 

a count or earl. 
Comts , fm. a count ; an earl 
Comte, county , earldom 
Comteffe , sf, a countefs 
ConcaiTer , va. to pound 
Concatenation , sf. — tion 
Concave , a. i. fm. concave 
Concavity , sf. concavity 
Conccder , va. to grant 
Concentrer, to concenter 


o.-nptable , a. i. s. accoun- Concentrique , a. i. —^trick 
Concept, ^/m. conception 
Conception, sf. — tion 


irgent comptant 

Lvoir du comptant, to have 

om^s pocket well lined. 
^ompte , fm. account ; rec- 
koning ; fupputation 
]) e compte fait , by calcu- 
icmme de bon compte , an 
honejl man. [count 

Fenir compte, to keep ac- 
\ compte, on account, [all 
fvu bout du compte , after 
Compter , va. to count ; fet- 
tle accounts ; charge , pur- 
pofe i rschnjt 

Concernant , pr. concerning 
Concerner , va. to relate to 
Concert, /;;2. conccr: 
ConcGxter , va. to concert 
Concerte, e, a, fiarcked ; 

Conceffion, sfagrant. [tee 
Conceffionnaire,y772. agran- 
Concevable , a. a. concei- 
vable, [to word 
Concevcir, conceive ; 
Concierge,/ 2. houfe-kee- 
per of a palace i keeper of 
a prifcn. [place 
Conciergerie^ j/i a keeper's 


Conclle , fm. council 
Conciliabule , conventicle 
Conciliant, e, a. reconciling 
Conciliateur , tries, f. re- 

conciler. [ ment 

Conciliation , sf. reconcile- 
Concilier , va. to reconcile ; 
Concis , e, <z. concife. [gain 
Concifion , sf. concif&nefs. 
Concitoyen , fm. fllow cl" 

ti^en ; countryman ; com- 

burgcfs. _ 
Conclamation, sf. — tion 
Conclave ,fm. conclave 
Conclavifte y -attendant on a 

cardinal during a conclave 
Conclute , v. to conclude 
Conclufion , sf. — fion 
Concoftion , -—tion 
Concombre , fm. cucumber 
Concomitance , sf. — tana 
Concomitant, te, a. — tant 
Concordance , sf, agree' 

ment ; concordance 
Concordant, e , a. — dant 
Concordat J /ot. concordatei 

Concorde, sf concord 
Concourir, vn. to concur ; to 

put in for. [concourfe 

Concours, fm. concurrence^ 
Concret , e , ^i. concrete 
Concretion , sf. —tion 
Concubinage , fm. — age 
Concubinaire,ond who keeps 

a concubine. 
Concubine , sf a-concuhing 
Congupifcenec, — cw»^ 

^^ CO 

Concupifcible , a. i. ' — hie 
Concurremment, ad, in com- 
petition; jointly. 
Concurrence , sf. cencurreri' 

ce ; competition. 
Jufqu'a la concurrence de , 

to the Ofnount of. 
Concurrent , e ,/ competitor 
Concuffion , sf. exaction 
Concuffionnaire, y^. exac- 
tor. \_demnahli 
Condamnable , a. 2. con- 
Condamnation , sf. condem- 
nation, [to blame 
Condamner, condemn ; 

>'■ une porte, to nail 

or wall up a door, 
Condenfation , sf. — tion 
Condenfer, va. to condcnfe 
Condefcendance , sf. condc- 
fccndznce. {difandlng 

Condefcendant , e, a. con- 
CondeTcendre , vn. to con- 

defand ; to bear with, 
Condifclple , fm.fchool- fel- 
low, {vice ; proff'cr 
Condition, sf. — tion -ffer- 
Cens de condition , jt7<r£>^ ^5 
of fashion. [ born 
De bonne condition , v/.^/i" 
Conditionn^, e, a. merchan- 
table, [nal 
Conditionnel, le, conditio" 
Conditionr.eilemerit , ad. 

Ccnditionner , va. to arti- 
cle ; to make well. 

Coftd9lean?e ; sf gondokncc 

c o 

Condu<?ieur,y572. conductor; 

guide ; tutor. 
Conduftrice, sf. conducxrefs 
Conduire, va, to conduci , 

Jieer ; drive. 
— — de I'oeil , to chfervc 

which way one g;oes. 
Se conduire, vr!' to behave 
Conduit, /to. a conduit 
Conduits, sf. conduct 
Cone , fm. cone 
Confabulateur, tale-teller 
Confabulation, sf. —tion 
Confabuler , vn. to confabu- 
Confedion , sf. an elcauary 
Confedeiation, confederacy 
Se confederer, vr. to confe- 
derate. [ ^-•s' > allies 
Confederes , fm. confcds^ra- 
Conference , sf. conference , 

Conferer , va. to confer 
Confeffe , s. corfjjlcn 
Ailer a confcfTe, to go to 

ConfeiTer , va. to confefs 
Se confefier, vr. to confefs 

to a priefl, 
CorJeiTeuTy fm. confejfor 
Confcllion , sf. ccnf,.fjlon 
Confc'lfionnal,/?;:. a confef- 
fion al. 
Con fiance, sf: confidence 
Coniiant, e, a. fangidne 
Confidemment, ad. confi- 
Cgfifid^U^e ) sf trufiing 

! CO. 

:Dire en confidence, to ttl 

I a fecret. 

t Confident ^ Q ^f. a confidem 

'iConfidentiaire , fm. wht 

j holds in trufl. 

\ Cor.fier , va. to intrnfl ..> 

Se ' , vr. to confide in '.» 

Conngaration , sf — tioti^ 

\ Connnsr , vn. to confine > 

I Confins , fm. confines 
Gonfire , va. to prefervt 

r-une peau,?o drefsasU» 

Confirmatif , ve , a, confir- 
matory, r 
Confirmation , sf, — tion:) 
Confirmer , va. to confirrrd 
Confifcablc , a. 2. — his ; 
Confircarion , sfi. • — tion •, 
Confireur , fm. confeciionM 
Confifquer , va. to confifcattk, 
U efl confiique, he is a dcijli 

man or undone. 
Confitures , sf, confits 

fwca'-meats. f mv 

Confiturier, e,y. confe'd, 
Confiagration , sf — tion ■, 
Confrit,^?^. contention, 
Confluent , confi.ux 
Confondre , va, to confouni 
Conformation , sf, — tion •-. 
Conforme, a. 2. — -mahh 
Conformement , ad, confor- 
mahly. . 

Conformer, va, to conform^ 
Enfant bien conforms , a 

wdl-limhcd child, 
Conforrr.ifle,/ 2. — ^mlfi 
Conformiie ;, sf <-^micy 

CO ' 

,n conformite , ad. confor- 
mably. [ boratlve 
;or.fortat'f, ve, a. corro- 
ionfortation , sf. corrobo- 
ration, {tc 
ionforter, va. to invigora- 
icnfraternite , confrerie, 
sf. brotherhood. [ low 
ionfrere , fm. brother ; fel~ 
"onfrontation , sf. confron- 
ting; i comparing. 
onfronter, va. to confront; 
to compare. 
onfus , e , a. confufed 
onfufdment, ad. — fedly 
onfufion , sf. confufion ; 
'jv,'^6,fm. leave; difcharge; 
v/crning ; play-day ; pafs, 
rcndre conge de, to take 
leave of; to licence. 
ongedier , va. to dimifs 
on gelation, sf — tion 
long^ler, va. to congeal 
ongcflion , sf — tion 
'ongiaire, fm, congiary 
ionglobation , sf — :ion 
longlutination, — tion 
'onglutiner , va. to glue 
Congratulation, sf — tion 
■ji^giatuler, va. to congra- 

-ongre yfm. a congar 
Congreer , va. to worm 
-ongregation , sf. — tion 
Congres ^ fm. a congrefs 
Tongru , e , <i. congruous 
Tungruement, ad^ exactly 

c o 

Congruitd, sf congruity 
Conje^lural, e, a. — rat 
Conjeifturaleinent, ad. by 

Conjeilure , sf coweclurc 
Conje(ftureur,yOT. — rer 
Conjoindra , va. to conjoin 
Conjointement, ad. jointly 
Conjondif , ve , a. conjunc- 
Conjonftian, sf conjunction 
Conjon£live, a coniunclLon 
Conjonfture , junHure 
Se conjouir avec, vr. to con- 
gratulate, [tulation 
Conjouiffance, sf congra- 
Conique , a, z. conical, 
Conjugairon, sf — gatlon 
Conjugal , e , dr. conjugal 
Conjugalement, ad. — g^Hy 
Conjuguer, va. to conjugate 
Conjurateur , fm, confpira- 

tor; conjuror. 
Conjuration , sf conjura^ 

tion ; confpiracy . 
Conjurations , intreaties 
Conjures yfm. confpirators 
Conjurer, va. to confpirc ; 

to conjure ; to inireat. 
Connetable , fm. a conflahle 
Connexe , r.. 2. conneBed 
Connexion , sf connexion 
Connexite, connexion 
Qonm\,fm. a coney , rahit 
QOi\ni\\QT t vn. to shift ; to 

life shifts 
Connivence , sf connivance 

, . CO ^7 

Conniver, vn, to connive at} 

to wink at. 
Connoiffable, a. z.knowahU 
Connoiflance, sf knowledge 
En pays de — — , among 

one's acquaintance, 
CoRHoiiTances , Uarninp; 
ConnoifTemsnt, fm. bill of 
lading. {.fur; critic 

Connoiffeur ,fe,f connoif- 
Connoitre, va. to know ; ac- 
count ; take cognifance of 
Se counoitre en , to under" 
Conque, sf a conch, [/land 
C on qu^ ran t,ym.^ conqueror* 
Conquerir , va. to conquer 
Conquete, sf conquejl 
Confacrer, va. to confecrati 
Frere confanguin yfm.half- 

br other by the father* s fide. 
Frere uterin, half-brothtt 

by the mother's fide. 
Confangiiinite , sf "-^nity 
Confcience, confcienct 
C'eft confcience , il y a d« 
la coafcience, it is a mat- 
ter of confcience. 
En confcience , ad, in con- 
fcience ; indeed. 
Confciencieufement , con- 
fciencioujly. [fcientious 
Confciencieux , fe , a. con- 
Conficratcur , fm. -^tor 
Confecration , sf —tion 
Confccutif , ve , a. • — tive 
Confecutlvement, ad. — ly 
Confeil , fm. connfl^ courier, 
cil; rtfolution^ 

ts c o 

jCofifeil de guerre , court- 
martial, {^advifer 
Confeiller, e ,/. cojinfdlcr; 
ConfeiUer, va. to coiinfcl , 

Confentant, e, a, confentlng 
■ConfentementjyJn. confent 
Confsntir ., vn. to ccnj'cnt 

— , to J'prinfi , break 

ConfequeiTiment, ad.confc- 

quently ; accordingly. 
Confequence, sf. confequen- 
ce ; precedent. [quently 
Far cor.fequent, ad. confc- 
JCorxlequent , fm. confequcnt 
Confervateur, prefcrvcr 
Confervation , sf. —tion , 

Oonfervatrice, confcrvatrix 
donC^rvs , conferve ; tender 
Aller de conferve, to gojn 
company, (as ships atfeay. 
Conferves , sf. prefcrvers , 

Conl^rvar , va. to conferve ; 
prcfcrve ; keep in pay. . 

Se , vr. to keep ; mind 

one's fclf 
Confidence , sf. fubfiding 
Confideiable , a. 2. — hlc 
<Confide;-3bIement , ad. con- 
fiderably. [rate 

Confiddrant, e, a. confide- 
CTonfideration , sf. — tion 
A votre — — , on your ac- 
count. ■ 

f aire entrer en , to 

pay a due regard. 

c o 

Confid^rer , va. to confider ; 

to have a value for. 
CoP.f;gnataire,yOT. a truficc 
Consignation, sf. depojitc ; 
carrjt^. [ words 

Confi^^l, a truJI , watch- 
Coiiiigner, va. to dtpofite 
Coniillance , sf. confijience ; 

— d'une terre , total pro- 
duce of an ejlatc. 
Confifter , vn. to confijl 
Coniiftoire ^fm, a confifory 
Confiflorial , e , ^z. — rial 
Coniiftorialement , ad. in a 

Ccnfolable , a. nconfolahle 
Confolant J e, a. comfort able 
Gonfolateur , fm. comforter 
Confolation , sf — tion 
Confolatoire , a. 2. — tory 
Confoiatrica , sf ccnforter 
Confole , a bracket 
Confoler, va. to comfort 
Con foil dation , sf —:ion 
Confolider , va. to ccnfoli- 

date i to heal up. 

Confommateur , fm. finisher 

Confommatlon, sf confum- 

ir.ation ; conjumption ; ^nd 

CcnfommQ yjm. jelly-broth , va. to corfhm- 

mate -J confume i boil to 

rags. [tion 

Confbmption , sf. confump- 

Co;ifonance , harmony ; rhy- 

Confonne , a confonant. [me 

Confort , e , / afoeiatc 

c o 

Confoude, sf. comfrey 
Confpirateur, fm. — ratoi 
Confpiration , sf — racy 
Conipirer , va. to con/hire 
Conftamment, ad. coif an 

ly ; certainly. [frrnn-^j 
Conftance, sf. co;; fancy 
Conftant , e , <j. ccrjlant 
Conftatsr, va, to verify 
II cor.fte. , V. im, it is evider 
Conftellation , sf -^tion 
Confbernation , — tion 
ConfLerner , va. to difpirit 
Corfiipation, sf. — tion. 
■Conlliper, va. to corjiipate 

bind. [tuen. 

Conftituant, e, a. s, confi 
Confcituer, va. to conflitutt 

to place. [pen for, 

aire pcrfion, to fettle 

Rente conitituee, sf. an an 

nuity. [ty; compofition 
Conflitution, — tion; annu. 
Rentier a — , fm.. annuitan 
ConiliUifveur , fm, ship- 
Conft: u£tion , sf — tion 

' , ship-building 

Confiruire , va. to conJlruH 

to build y canfrui. 
Confubrtantialite, .j/— Z/> 
Confubflantiel, e, a. — tia 
Cor.fLjbu.antiellenient , adi 

Conful, yw. a confut 
Confulaire, a. a. covfular: 
Confuiairement, ad^ —larl^ 

c o 

"cnfiilat, fm. confulsh'ip 
] r, :'ultant , a. s. vi> one. who 

.at confultant;, fm. a 
: !i :iTnber-counJcllor 
:onfultation, sf. — don 
o .falter, va. to confult 

iiimer, to confume. 

z — , vr. to %vajh away 

'^di^fm. contacly touch 
I'-.ragisux, fe, a. ccnta- 

-::s. [gue. 

aglon , sf. —gion, pla- 
.ntamination, defiling. 
ontaniner, va. to defde 

tZyfm.aflory. [truth. 
en V&iv , flory void of 


-' Ha'or, \_tcmp!ative. 

'omplatif, ve , a. con- 
:>r.temp^ation , sf. — tlon 

1 contemplation de , in 
confdcration of. [plaic. 
•ntsmplzr, va. to connm- 

temporain , e , a. j. con- 

...ompteur , fm, defpifer 
jntemptible, a. 2. — blc 
ontenance, sf capaclouf- 
I mfs ; appearance ; pofuirc 
:3 parties contendaHtes , 
the contending parties 
■ntenir, va. to contain 

■ • , vr. to refrain 

intent , e , a. contented 
)ntentement,y?72. content; 
fatisfaHion. [fatisfy. 

ontenier, va, to content; 


Contentieux, fe , a. con- 
tentious, [tcntioufy 
Contcntieufemcnt, ad. ccn- 
Contention, sf. — tion; ap- 
Contenu.,fm. contents 
Conter, va. to relate ; to tell 
En conter, to cajole, wheedle 
Contedable, a. 2. difputable 
Conteftation, j/. — tion 
Contefter, va. to contejl 
Conteur , iz ^ f. a teller 
Conteur de fbrnettes ^fm, a 

teller of idle ftories 
Contexture, sf. contexture 
Contigu, e, a. contiguous 
Contiguite , sf. contiguity 
Continence, — nency 
Continent, e, a. continent 
— — , fm. main land 
Contingsnce, sf — g^ncy 
Contingent, fm. quota 

, e, a. cafual 

Continu, e, continual 
BaiTe continue, sf thorough- 

Continu, ym. clofe hody 
Continuateur, — tor 
Continue , sf continuance 

A la , ad. in time 

Continuation , sf. — tion 
Continual, le, a. continual 
Cor.tiniiellement , ad, con- 
Continuement , Incejfantly 
Continusr , va. to continue 
Continuits, sf, continuance ; 

CO 5^ 

Contorfion , sf contortion^ 

Contour , fm. contour; out^ 

line i circumference ; win-' 

Contourner, va. to draw the 

contours of a picture 
Figure bien contournde , sf., 

a figure of a fine contour 
Conttaftant , e , a. s. con- 
, trccicr 

Contra^ler, va. to contract 
Contrafcion , sf. — tion j 

Contraftuel, le, a.filpulated 
Contradi<rj:eur, fm. oppofer 
Contradiftion , sf — tion 
Efprit de — ,fm. a contradic" 

tory temper. [diHory, 

Contradiftoire, a. 2. contra- 
Contradiiftoirement , ad, 

Contraignable, a. 1, compel- 
Contraindre, va. to conf- 

train; tofraitin 
Style conttciint^ fm. fiijffiilc 
Contrainte, sf conftraint 
par corps , a writ to 

ctrrcjl aperfon 
Contraire, a. 2.. contrary i 


■ — , fm. contrary 

AUer au contraire, to fpeak 

againjl ; to oppofe 
Au contraire, ad. on the con- 
trary. [ tory temper, 
Contrariant, e, a, contradic- 

<?o C O 

Contrarier , va, to contra- 
dict; counteraci. 
Contraiiet(^, j/. contrariety 
Contraridtes, difficulties 
Contrafte , fm. contraji ; 

Contrafter, va. to contraji 
Contrat, fm. contract 
*— • — de donation , dud 

Contravention , sf. — tion 
Centre , pr. againji , near 
Contre-amiral, fm. rear-ad- 
¥ -balancer, va, to coun- 
Contrebande , sf. prohibited 

or fmnggled goods. 

Faire la contrebande, v. to 

fmuggle. [ black sheep. 

Korame de contrebande , a 

Contrebandier, e, ffmug- 


* baffe , sf. counterhafs 

Contre-carrer,?'^. ro thwart 
Contr'echange,y77z. counter- 
change. [ hearth. 
Contre-cceur de cheminee , 
A contre-cceur , ad. againji 

the grain. 
Contre-coup , fm. rebound 
>■■ ■ danfe , sf. country-dance 
Contredire, contradict 
Efprit contredifant,y7«. con- 

tradiclions ; humours. 
Contredit , anfwer. 
Sans contredit , ad. ajfuredly 
Cynude, sf, country , region 

c o 

Contre-^tambord interieur, 
fm. inner poji 

exterieur, back of 

the poJi 
Contre-etrave , sf. apron 
Contrefagon , counterfeiting 
Contrefaire , va. to counter- 
feit 'y to ape ; to difguife. 
Homme tout contrefait , ill- 
shaped i ill-looked. 
Contre-fenetre, sf, injide- 

— fineffe , counter-trick 
• — fort, fm. afpur in archi- 
— fugue , sf. counterfuge 
— garde , counter-guard 
— hacher , va. to hatch 
— hatier , fm. a rack 
— jour , falfe light 
— latte , sf. counterlatch 
— latter, va. counterlatch 
— lettre , sf. defla{ance 
— maitre , frn. a mate. 
— mand^, q^ a. counterman- 
ded. [ mand. 
— mandement,/??:. counter- 
— mander, va. to counter- 
— marche.j/. counter-march 
— marque, counter-mark 
— marquer, va, counter-mark 
— mine , sf. countermine 
i — miner , va. to countermine 
— mineur , fm, counterminer 
— mont, ad, up the river; up 

— mur , fm, i^untfrmrc 

c o 

Contre-murer , va. to court' 

— ordre,yOT. counter-order 
— par tie , sf firjl andfecom 

part in mujick 
— pefer , va. to counterpoij 
— pied, fm. wrong fenfe ; re 

— po'ids , counterpoifs; rope 

dancer's pole 
A contre-poil, ad. againfith 

grain ; in a wrong fenfe 
Contrepoint, fm.-countei 

— pointer , va, to quilt o 

both fides; to thwart 
— poifon ,fm. ccunterpcifo 
— poite , sf a double door 
— porter, vn. to hawk ahoi 
Contreporteur,yOT. a hawh 
Contrepreuve , sf, countei 

proof. [prov 

Contrepreuver, va. counte, 
Contre-promeffe , sf. con? 
— quille, keel/on. [ter-bom 
— ronde, counter- round. 
— fanglon , fm. girth-leath, 
Contrefcarpe , sf, counterj 

Contre-fcel, fm. counter-fe, 
— fceller, va. to ccunter-fd 
— feing , fm. counter-fign 
— fens, wrong fenfe ; wror 

Jide, [take thcfenj 

Faire un contre-fens, to mi 
A contre-fens , ad. wrong 
Contre-iigner , va. to cow 

ttf'jiin i to frank. 

c o 

L'ontr'efpalier , fm. hedge- 
rows of trees. 
Contre-taille , sf. counter- 
tally. [ di/appointmeht. 
Contre-temps ,fm.mifckaTice; 
K contre-temps, ad. unfeafo- 
nably. [draw. 

Contre-tirer, va. to counter- 
2ontrevaIlation , sf. — tion 
3ontrevenant, e,/I offender 
Jontrevenir, vn. to contra- 
vene ; to infringe. 
Zlontre-vent , fm. an outfide 

2oMtr€-verite,-f/^ irony 
Zontre-yiCne , fecond fiarch 
^ontribuable , a, i. taxable 
l^ontribuantj/w. — hutary 
"ontribuer, v a. to contribute 
T^ontribution , sf. — tion 
Viettre a - — , to put under 

wCntrifler, va. to grieve 
ZontTii , e , a. contrite 
liontrition , sf. — tion 
l^ontrole, ypi. control', mark 

on plate. 
Controler , va. to control ', 
verify ; mark plate ; carp at. 
Conti61eur,yOT. a controller; 
a critic. 
Uroveffe, sf. controverfy 
"itroverfe , c , a. —ted 
untroveriifte,/OT. — vertiji 
L>ontrouver, va. to forge 
Contumace , sf. contumacy 
Contumacer, va. to caftfor 

c o 

Contus, e, a. bruifed 
Contufion , sf. a bruife 
Convalncant,e, a. conviciive 
Convaincre, va. to convince ; 

to convict. 
Convalefcence , sf. — cenccy 

recovery of health. 
Con valefcent , e, a. —-cent ; 

on the mending hand. 
Convenable, a. 2. fit ; be- 
coming. [ bly. 
Convenablement, ad.fuita- 
Convenance , sf. fuitable- 

nefs i decency. 
Raifons de convenance , 

words ofcourfe 
Convenant, e, a. fuitable 
Convenir , vn. to agree ; to 

fuit ', be proper 
Convet\iicxils, fm, conventi- 
Convention , sf. — tion 
De difficile convention , 

hard to deal with 
Conventionnel , le , a. con- 
Conventionnellement , ad, 
conventionally. \^tual, 

Conventuel , le , ^. conven- 
Conventuellement, ad, con- 1 

Convers, e, a. s, a lay brother 

or fifler 
Converfable , a. 2. fociable 
Coaverfation, sf. — tion 
Converfer, vn. to converfc 
Converfion , sf^ "^ fion y 

c o 


Quart de converfion, fm» 

wheeling about. 
Convertible, a. 2. — hU 
Convertir, va. to convert 
Se — , vr. to be converted 
Convertiffsmentj/wz, change 
Convertifleur , a convertor 
Convexe , a. 2, convex 
Convexity , sf. convexity 
Convi^lion , — tion 
Convid , fm. a guejl 
Convier, va. to invite y incite 
Convive ^ f. 1. a gucji 
Convocation , sf, —tion ,' 

Convoi, fm. convoy ; funeral 
Cofnvoitable , a. 2. covetahle 
Convoiter, va. to covet 
Convoiteux, fe, a. covetous 
Convoitife, sf. covetoufmfs 
Convoler , vn, to many 

Convoquer , va. to convoke 
Conveyer, to convoy 
CoRvulfif, ve, a. convulj1y& 
Convulflpn , sf. — fion 
Cooblig^ i e , a. party in a 

Cooper ateur yfm. - — rator 
Cooperatrice, sf. — ratrix 
Cooperation , — tion 
Coopdrer , vn. to co-operats. 
Copartageant,ym. copartner, 
Copeau , a chip. 
Copie, sf. a copy^ 
Original fans copie , arran- 
ge fellow. 
Copier, ya. to copy, mlmi^ 

Si. CO 

Copieiifement, ad. coplonjly 
Copieux , fe , «. copious 
Copifte,/'". copier; cr 
Copi'opiietaire, f. i. joint- 
Copulatif, ve, a. copulative i 

Copulation , sf. — tion 
Copulative , conjuncVori 
Copule , copulation 
Coq , fm. a cock 
Coq de b. uyere, a moor-cock 
Coq-a-rdne , nonfenfe 
Coque , sj. egg-shell; kink 

in a 'ope, hull of a ship. 
Coquelicot, yw. wild-poppy 
Coqueluche, sf. capuchin ; 
favourite; hooping-cough. 
Coqueluchon ^/m. a hood 
Coi[uemar, ahpiler 
Coquciigrue, sf idle talk 
Coquet, to, a. s, a coquet 
Coqueter , vn. to coquet 
Coquetier , fm, a hi^yglcr 
Coquetterie,,^/". coquet. y 
Coquillage , fm. shells ; 

shell- work ; shell-fish, 
Coquillc, sf. a shell 
Coquin , no , f. a rogue; 

Metier de coquin , fm, ro- 
guish trade 
Coquinaille , sf. pack of ro- 
Coquiner, vn. to loiter 
Coquinerie, sf knavery 
,Cor , fm^ Fnnch horn j a 

CO } 

A cor & a cri, ad. with hue ' 
and cry ; with might and j 

Corail , fm. coral 
Corallin , e , a. coralline ; 

red as coral, i 

Coralloide , a. 1. feed of 

white coral. ' 
Coibeau , fm. raven ,• corhel 
Corbeille, sf. bread or fruit 

Corbelllee, a basket full 
Corbillard, fm. a large tra- 
velling coach. 
Corbiilat , yciir^g raven 
-Coibillon yfmallflat basket; 

Bec-de-corbln , battle-ax 
Gentilhomme a bec-de-cor- 

bin, a gentleman penfoner. 
Cordage, cordage, ropes 
Cordager , vn. to make ropes 
Corde , sf. card, rope , firing; 
La grofTe corde , main point 
Hemme de fac & de corde, 

a villain, 
Cordd , e , a. twijied;jlrlngy 
CoFdeau,/?72. a line 
Cordeler , va. to tv-^ifl 
Cordelette, sf. fmcill cord 
Cordslisre, Franctfcan nun 
Cordeliers , fm. grey friars 
Corder , va, to twiji 
Se — J vr. to grow Jiringy 
Corderic, sf a rope-walk 
Cordial, e, a. cordial 
Un cordial yfm. a cordial 
Cordial^msnt, ad^ fordially 

c o 

Cordialite, sf cordialnefs 
Cordier , fm. a rope-maker 
Cordon, twifl; Jione-plinti 

ring-edge of coin. 
Cordonner , va. to twijl 
Cordonnerie, sf. shoe-ma- 
Cordonnet, /wj. edging 
Covdonniet , a shoemaker 
Coriace, a. l. tough 
Homme coriace, clofefified. 

Coriandre , sf. coriander 
Corme,fm. a fervice 
Cormier , the fervice-tree , 
Cormoran , a cormorant 
CovnaWne, sf. cornelian ;, 
Cornard , fm. cornuto 
Corne, sf. a horn 
d'abondance, cornn e< 

pia. [ hon 

d'amorce , primings 

de vergue, crutch. 

Cornee, cornea of the eye 
Corneille , a rook 
Cornemufe, sf. a bag-pipe 
Corner , vn. to blow a horn J, 

to trumpet about : tingle- ^ 
Cornet , fm, a horn inkhorn } 

dice-box ; rolled wafer 
Cornet de mat , cafe cf a 

maf. ' ,_ 

Cornetier , a horn-drejfer 
Cornette , sf. a cornet '^ 

Corniche , a cornice ; gig ,; 
Cornichon ^ fm, little horn% 

jerkin. , 

Coini^re, sf. fashion-piec^A 





c o 

"ornilIas,y5n. a young rook 
>rnou;Ue, sf. cornil-lcrry 
liornouiller, y^n. cornll-trec 
rornu,e, a. horned ; cor- 

^^ornue, sf, aicurhite 
^orollaire,/^, corollary 
^oronaire , a. 2. coromr 
" jfonal, e, a. coronal 
'(■rporal ^fm, a corporal 
^orporalier, corporal box 
"orp oration , sf. corpora- 
"^orporeite , sf. corporeity 
!!orporel , le, a. corporeal 
k>rporeIlement , ad. corpo- 

: porification , sf. — tion 
-f.orifier , va. to corporlfy 
v:>s , fm. the body 
jrpsperdu, ad. headlong 
: ps-morts , bollards , in 
a duck yard. 
^)rpulence, sf. corpulency 
^orpiifculaire , a. 2. —lar 
^orp^^cuIe,y/«. iz corpufcle 
^•orreft ,6,-2, correct 
"or.-eftement , ad, correctly 
■rnQieur ,fm. a corrector 
' rsftif , a corrccl':ve 
rciftion , sf — tion 
r — , under fay or 
"cflrice , sf she thatcor- 

! regidor , fm. — dor 
r^latlf , ve , a. s. corre- 
'tive. {pondcnce 

refpondance, sfcorrcf- 

c o 

Correfpondant , e, a. ful~ 

table. \pondent 

Correfpondant j/m. corref- 

Correfpondre, vn. to corrcf- 

Corridor , fm. a gallery 
Corriger , va. to correct 
Se • — , vr. to mend 
Corrigible, a. 2. corrigible 
Corroboratif , ve , a, corro- 
Corroborer , va. corroborate 
Corroder, to corrode; gnaw^ 
Corrompre, to corrupt ' 

Corrofjf, ve, a. corrofve 
Corroftf, fm. a corrofivc 
Corroiion , sf. corrofion 
Corroyer , va. to curry j 

Corroyeur , fm. a currier 
Corrupteur , a dchaucher 
Corruptibilite , sf. —lity 
Corruptible, a. 2. — tib'le 
Corruption , sf. — tion 
Corruptrice , corruptrix 
Cors , fm. horns 
Qoxi3.%Q .'shape 
Coriaire, ccr/;2/r, prn'ateer 
Corfelet, croflct 
Corfct , 
Cortege , a retinue 
Cortical , e , a. cortical 
Corveable, a. 2. averabU 
Corvee , sf. a job ; average 
Corvette , a cutter ; (loop 
Corufcation . corufcaticn , 

Coryphe'e , fm, chief 

c o ^^ 

Cofmc-tique, a. i. cofmetic 
Cofmoeraphe, fm. — pher 
Cofrnographie, sf — phy 
Cofniographique ,. a. 2. cof- 

CoiTe, sf shell of peas y &c, 

-, thimble, bulFs eye* 

Co/Ton , fm. a weevil 
ro/Tu , e ^ a. shelly 
Hornme cofTu , fm, fubftan- 

tial man. 
Cote , sf a petty-coat ; num- 
ber:, qifota. 
Cote , a rib ; confi\ declivity 
Cote a cote, ad. a breafi - 
Cotd , /';':. fide yway 
De cote, ad. awry ; fideways 
Coteau , fm.. a hillock 
Cotelette , sf. a chop ; cwr- 

Ict ; little rib. 
Coter , va. to quote', endorfc 
Coterie , sf. a club 
Cotliurne, a buskin 
Cha-uffcr I'e cothurne , ta 

write tragedies ; to talk 

Cotier , a. fm. a coafler 
Cotiere , sf a rnnpe ofcoafl 
Cotignac , fm. quince-maf 

Cotillon , under petty-coat 
Cotir, va. to bruife ; fquat 
Cotifation , sf ajfiffment ; 

Cotifer, va, to ajfefs ; to club 
CotilTure , sf bruifing of 

Coton ffm. cotton. 

ir4 C O 

Cheveux cotonn^s , woolly 

hair. [ couon 

Cotonner , va. to Jluff'wlth 

Se — — > fr. to he covered 

with cotton. 
Cotonneux, fe , a. fpungy 
Cotonnier yfm. a cotton-tree 
CotonninCj sf. coarfe calUco 
Cotoyer , vn. to coajl along j 

to walk by the fide . 
Cotret , fm. little fa^ot 
Cotte d'armes , sf. coat of 

Cotteron , fm, short petti- 
Cou, the neck. [coat 

CoucliaHt, a. m. fettln*. 
'■■ -ifm. the -ivcfi. 
Couche , sf. a bed ; bed- 
Jiead ; lying in ; fiake at 
play ; hot bed in a garden. 
Couchde, an inn where one 

lies on a journey. 
Coucher, va. to put to bed; 

to lay cr fiake. 
» ' ■ en joue , to aim at 
•——par ecrit, write down 
Se coucher , vr. to lie down j 

to go to bed. 
CoMcher ffm. bed-tl/re; bed- 
ding ; night's lodging. 
.Couchette, sf. a couch ; fea 

bed frame. 
Coucheur, k , f. bed-fellow 
Coucou , fm. a cuckoo 
Coiide , the elbow 
Hauffer le coude , v. to tipple 
^oud^2 , sf. elhow-rtiom , 

C O 

Coudepled , fm. an infiep 
Couder , va. to bend 
Coudoyer, to elbow 
Coudraie, sf hafcl-wood 
Coudre ^ fm. hafel-tree 
Coudre, va. to f&w 
Coudrier , fm. a nut-tree 
Couenne, sf.fwari of bacon 
Couladoux,/^. laniards of 

the shrouds of a galley. 
Coulage, yrn. leakage 
Coulamment , ad. fluently 
Coulant, e, a. fluent 
Coulant , fm. necklace of 

diamonds. [(^uld ; flux 

Coulement, running of a li- 
Couler, vn. to flow i melt; 
firain • trickle. 

^a fond, va. to fink 

Se couler ,vr. to flip along, 
Coulcur, sf colour; fuit at 
Couleurs , livery. [play 
Coulevrine , culver in 
Couleuvre, an adder 
Couleuvree y fnake-weed 
Couleuvreau , fm. young 

adder. [ through chinks 
Vent coiilis , r/:nd coming 
Colli is , fm. jelly ; gravy 
CouIifTe , sf. groove ; fcenc 

of a play-houfe. 
Couloir, yJn. afirainer 
Couloire, sf. a cullender 
Couipe , trefpafs ; fin 
Coulure , running 
Coup, fm. blow; throw; 

act; time. [wind 

Coup de vent , a gufi of 

c o 

A ce coup , ad. this time 
Coup fur coup, ever andanon 
A coup fur , certainly 
ToUt-a-coup, fuddenly 
Coupable , a. i. culpable ; 

Coups , sj. cutting ; a cup 
Coupe , fm. a coupee 
Coupeau , top of a hill 
Coupe -gorge, cut -throat 

jarret, a ruffian 

Coupeler , va. to affay gold 
CoupcHe, sf coppel 
Couper, va. to cut 
Se — , vr. to fret {of fluff's) \, 

to contradiH one's felf. 
Ccuperet,yOT. a cleaver 
Couperofs , sf. copperas 
Couperofe , e , a. full ofretk 

Conp3-tite,fm. leap-fog > 
Coupeur , Ce, f a cutter 
Couple , sf a couple , brace 

-, fm, couple {of per* 

, a frame. [ fons )) 

Coupler, va. to couple 
Couplet,/^, aftaff"; couph\ 
Coupole , sf a cupola 
Coupon , fm. remnant y di- 
vidend ; shred. 
Coupure , sf a cut 
Cour , court ; court-yard 
Courage , fm. couraae \ 

heart; pcjfion. 


Courageufement, ad. con-* 
Courageux, fe , a. coura* 

CO 1 

'ourammsnt, ad. currendy 
^JUi-aat, e , a. current i 

louvant y fm. current 
,e douze du courant , the 

twe'fih injlant. 
lou.ante, sf. courant 
oJE courbans , compafs- 


ouvhcitons f fm. fmall knees 
lourbatu, e, a. foundered 

jurbatare, sf. foundering 

ourbe , a. a. crooked 

urbe , e, a. crooked 
ou -be , sf. a crooked piecz 
'■timber ; a rib of a ship 5 

; bement, fm. bending 
\ ber , va. to bend 
bette , sf. curvet 
I better, vn,-to curvet 
:bure , sf curvity 
: caillet,/;;^. a quail-pipe 
et, sf. Qonvo'iy fm. a 
ivinz for a shio 

r '■ 

eur , jm. a running 

j^.^t-man; rambler; racer 

- — d'inventalres, an auc- 

', vureurs , fcouts. [yvalker 
' - ureufe , sf gadder ; ftrcet- 
u^, a gourd 
.ier y fm. a courier 
cle cabinet , a flate- 

>ourir , vn. to run; ramble 
a tomes jambes , to 

run with full fpeid 

c o 

Courlis yfm, a curlevf 
Couronne , sf. a crown 
Couronnement , fm. coro- 
nation ; finis-king , ta^arel 
of a ship. 
Ccuronncr , va. to crown 
Courrole, sfa leather firing 
Se courroLicer , vr. to be 

greatly incenfcd ; to rage. 
Couiroux , fm, wrath ; ra- 
ging, [place, firak 
Cours, courfe-y run ; airing- 
Courfe ,-sf runizir.g ; race ; 


incur ion 

Courlisr ,y;T2. a courfer 
Court , e , <3. short ; hrief 
Court , ad. short 
Tenir de court , to keep a 

firici hand over 
Courtage , _//?:. brokerage 
Courtaud , a thick-fa man ; 

— — de boutique, shop-man 
Courtauder, vc. to crop , {a 
horfe's tail). [breath 

Couite-haleine , sf. short 
Courtement , ad. briefiy 
Couite-pointe , sf counter- 
Courtier , fm. a broker 
Courtine , sf a curtain , (in 

fortification ). 
Courtifan , f'^i. a courtier 
Courtifane , sf. a courtefan 
Courtifer, va. to court 
I Courtois , e , rt. courteous 
I Courtoifement , adt cour- 
j teoufiy, 

C O ^f 

Courtoiiie , sf. courteoufnefs 
Couiin, e, f. coufin; gnat 
Coufinage , Jm. coufinship ; 

kindr:d. [ to fpunge 

Coufin er , va. to call coufin ; 
Coufoir , fm. a fewing-prefs, 
CouiHa , a cushion 
Couflin de beauprd , pillow 

of the how-fprit, 
des, bites ^ fir -lining 

cf the bits. 
d'ecubiers , bolfiers of 

of the haufe holes. 
— — de mire , bed of ct 
CouiTlnet , a bag. [cann-oit 
Coufu , i a. fewed. [word 
Bouche ceufue , mum's the. 
C.'.''\it y fm. coft, [a thing 

Piix coutant , the price of 
Couteau, aknfe. 
Coutelas , a cutlafs 
Coutellerie, sf cutlery 
Coutelier, fm, a cutler 
Couteliere, sf cafe of knives, 
Couter, vn. to coft. 
Couteux, fe, a. expenfiv& 
Coutier , fm. tick'ng-maktr. 
Coutil. cout's, ticking 
Coutf c , coulter 
Coutume, sf cuflom ; toll 
Droit coutumier , fm, com" 

mon-law. [A^^ 

Couture , sf. feam ; fewing i 
Couturiere , a mantua-ma" 

ker ; a feamfirefs. 
Couv(fe , a coviy i neji of 

Couvent , fm. a conviut 
F ii] 

U C R 

Couver, va. to hrood 
Couvercle , fm. a cover 
Convert, the cloth; cover; 

lodging ; shady place. 
'A couvert, ad. under shelter 
Couvertement , fecretly 
Couverture , sf, a cover', 
blanket. ^feller 

Couverturier , fm. bedding- ! 
C Olivet , a fort offiove 
Couveufe, sf. that broods 
Couvi, a. m. addle; rotten 
Couvre-chef , fm. kerchief 
,Couvre-feu , curfew ; fae- 

Couvre-piecl , cover-feet 
Couvre-plat , dish-cover 
Couvreur , a tiler 
«— — en avdoife, a (later 
- en chaunie , thatcher 
Couvrir, va. to cover 

Se ' ', rr, to he overcafi; 

to put one's hat on, 
Crabe , fm. a crab 
Crachat , fpittU 
Cracheroent , /pitting 
Cracher, va. to fpit 
Cracheur, (s^f, a fpiiter 
Crachoir ,fm. afpitting-pot 
Crachotement , fpitting of- 
Crachoter , vn. to fpit often 
Craie , sf. chalk 
Cialndre, va. to fear 
Crainte, sf fear 
Crainte tie, /or /ff.'7r of lejl 
Cialntlf, ve, a. fearful 

C R 

Cramoifi , e , tf. crimfon , 

dyed in grain. 
Crampe , sf cramp 
Crampon , fm. cramp-iron 
Crampcnner, va. to fafien 

with a cramp-iron. 
Se cramponner, vr. to cling 

at any thing. \or fiaple 
Cramponnet,fm. little cramp 
Cran , a notch 
Crane , a fcull 
Crapaud, a toad 
Crapaudaille, goii\e crape 
Crapaudiere , sf. fwampy 

Crapaudine J toad-Jionc ; 

Crapule , grofs Intemperance 
Crapuler , vn. to cat and 

drink to excifs. [rate 

Crapuleux , fe , a. intempc- 
Cracjuelin , fm. cracknel 
Craquement, crack 
Craquer , vn. to crack ; to 

hoafi ; to fnap. 
Craquerie, sf lies 
Craquetementj/m. cracking 
Craqueter, vn. to crackle 
Craqueur, {e^f a boafier 
Craffe , sf. dirt; nafiin^fs 

de la tete, dandrlff 

N^ dans la crafle , very 

meanly born. [ did 

Craffeux ^ fe , d. filthy ; for- 
Cravate , sf. a cravat 
Crayon, y?n. pencil; defcrip- 

tion ; rough draught. 
Crayor.ner ^ va* io draw 

C R 

Crayonneur, fm. a drawer 

with crayons. 
Crdance,jr/ truji; debt 
L^ttres decreance, creden." 

Creancier , e , /. creditor 
Cr^at , fm. an usher in a rl'^, 

Cr^ateur, creator 
Creation , sf. creation 
Creature, creature 
Crecelle , a rattle 
Cr^cerelle , kejleral 
Creche, a manger 
Credibility, — -Uty 
Credit , fm. credit ; intertfl 
A credit, upon thrufl; to no 

purpofe ; without proof. 
Crdditer , va. to credit on^ 

in the day-book» 
Cted<s,fm. creed 
Crddule, a. i. credulous 
Cr^dulit^, sf credulity 
Creer . va. to create 
— — une rente, to fettle am 

annuity, [gcB, 

Cremailliere, sf a pot-han-fMit 
Cr^maillon , fm. a hook 
Creme, sf. cream, 
Cremer , vn. to cream. 
Cv6neau,fm. battlement 
Crenele, e , a. embattled > 
Cr^neler , va. to indent 
Crenelure , sf. indenting 
Creole,/ 2, a Creole 
Crepage,yw. thegloffing of 
Crepe , crape. {crap%9^ 

ClQ]^9l^ f vat to friiU^ 


C R 

iTepi , fm. rouoh'cafi. 
Ili epine , sf. fringe 
Zrepir, va. to parget 
"repiflure, sf. rough- cafi 
>^pon ^fm. thick crape 
yivn, e, a. crifped; frilled 
Irdpufcule , fm. twilight 
>ereau , fort ofwooljiuff" 
licffon , crcjf&s 
iieiTonniere, sf.crejfes-plct 
Irete, cre>'?, cocA'j comb; 
bank of a ditch ; tuft. 
ever la crete, ro ^^ja it high 
rete-marine , famphirc 
rcvafTe, crevice y gap 
evaffsr, vai, to chap 
reve-coeur , fm. heart- 
break, [man 
ios crevd , fwaghellicd 
rever, va.tohurfi\ cram 
; eufer , to dig or <iiVe into 
TQXxfet^fm. crucible 
reux, hollow, mould 
reux, fe , <i. hollow ; ^^cjc ; 
chimerical. [word 
ri ,y^. cry; motto; watch- 
riaiiler, va. to bawl 
riaillerie, sf. bavAing 
riailleur, fe,/. a bawler 
nard , e , a. j. bawling; 
hawler. [hling debts 
:ttes crlardes , sf. dnb- 
r.hle ffm. afieva 
.lijier, va.tQ fift [ship 
— ufi navire, to cripple a 
rioIeur,ym. ayr^rifr 
i^ibiure, sffifnngs 

c R 

Cric , y^. engine for lifting 

Criee , sf. an auction 
Crier , vn. to cry out; pro- 
claim; inveigh. 
Crierie, sf. cry; clamor 
Crieur , fe , /. a bawler ; 

cryer ; undertaker. 
Crime , fm. crime; fin 

de lefe majsfld , high 

Ciiminalirer une affaire , 
va. to make a c.if criminal. 
Criminel , le, a. criminal 
\Jn criminel , fm. malefactor 
Criminellement,i:<f. — nally 
Crin, fm. horfe-hair. [mane 
C iniere , sf. horfe or lion's 
Clique , sf. a creek 
Criquet,/?72. a tit 
Crife , sf. crifis 
Criffer , vn. to gnash 
Critiquable, a, 2. cenfurable 
Critique, critical; captious 

tfm. a critic 

, sf. criticifm 

Critiquar, va, to criticife 
CroaiTement ,ym. croaking 
CroaiTer, vn. to croak 
Croc ^fm. hook; fangs; shar- 
Croc en jambe, trip, [per 
Donner le croc,to fupplant. 
Croc cle capon , cat-hook 

depalan, tackle-hook 

Croche, sf a quaver 
D ouble — , femiquaver 
Crochet, fm, hookj Jied- 

C R r.j 

Crochets ,^s; braces 
Crocheter , va. to pick a lock 
Crocheteur , fm. porter l 

Crochu, e, a. crooked 
Crocodile, fm. a crocodile. 
Crocus , faffron-flower 

Croire, va. to belhme. 

Croifade , sf. crufade 
Croifee, (ferge) kerfey 
Croifee , cafcment 
Croifee d'une ancre , crofs 

of an anchor. 
Crq.ifsmant,/J«. croffing 
Croifer , va. to lay crofs- 
wife ; firike out ; cruife ; 
crofs. [raidry} 

Ctoifette , sf. crojTit , (in he- 
Croifeur , fm. a cruifcr 
Croi^ere, sf a cruife 
Croiflllon , fm. crof-bar 
Croiffance , sf growing age 
Croiffant , fm. a crefcent 
Croit , increafe 
Croitre, vn. to grow 
Croix , sf a crofs 
Cro0uant,yOT. a poor wretch 
Croquer , vn. to fcranch ; 
crackle ; to devour. 

le marmot , to dance 
Croqueur ,ym. a devoisrcr 
Croquigncle, sf. a fillip 
Croffe , crofier; but-end; bat 
CrofTer , vn. to play at cric- 
ket ; treat with great con^ 
tempi. [player 

Crgffsur , fm^ <f erichs^ 

^8 C R 

Cr one, sf, dirf, d-^ng cf 

Poete cxotti ,/m. paltry poet 
Crotter , va. to dirt 
Crottin , fm, dung ofhorfes , 

Sec. [building) 

C oulement', finking ( of a 
Cvouler , vn. to fink; shake 
Croulier, e, a, hoggv 
Croupade , sf. bouncing of 

a korfe. 
Croupe^ croup; top of a hill 
Etre en croupe, to ride behind 
Croupier, y/n, a croop 
Croupiere , sf. crupper ; 

Croupion , fn. rump 
Crouplr , vn. to fiand fiill ; 

Crouitille , sf piece of cruft 
Crauftilicr , vn. to eat a 

crufi. . 
Crouftjlleux , fe , a. droll 
Croute , sf a cruft 
Croutelette, a little crufi 
Crouton , fm, a crufiy piece 

of bread. 
Croyable , a. 2. credible 
Croyance , sf belief; trufi 
Croyant, fm. a believer 
Cru ,-growth. 
Cru , e , d. raw ; blunt 
A cru , on the bare' skin 
Cruaut^ , sf. cruelty; grie- 
iZTi\che,a pitcher, [vou^ thing 
Cruchde , a pitcher full. 
Cruciion, fm. littc pitcher 
Cxucifigr, yfl, io crucify 

C U T 

Crucifiement , fm. crucifi- 
Crucifix , a crucifix 
Cruditd , sf. rav^nefs 
Crue , increafe 
Cruel , \e , a. cruel 
Cruellement , ad. cruelly 
Ci ument , bluntly 
Cruzade , sf. cruvado 
Cvy{kd , fm. cryfial 
Cryftallin, e, a. cyfialline 
Cryftallifation , sf. — Ration 
CryiLallifer , va. to cryfcal- 
Cube , fm. a cube. UK'^ 

Cubique, a. i. cubical 
Cucurbite, sf cucurbits ^ 
Cueillette, harvefi; gathe- 
Cueilleur , fe, yi a gatherer 
Cueillir, va. tc gather , to 

Cuellloir , fm. fruit basket 
Cuiiler , sf. afpooni ladle 
Cuillerc'; , a fpocnful 
CulUeron , frn. bcwl of a 
Cuir, Icatiier ; hide, [fpoon 
Vifage de cuir bouilli , 

Culraffe , sf. a cuirafs 
Cuiraffier, fm. cuira(jier 
Cuire, V. to cook; digefi; 

fmart ; bake. 
Cuifant , e, a. sharp , fmart. 
Cuifif.e , sf. kitchen ; cookery 
Cu'finer, va. to cook 
Cuifinier , t ^ f. a cook 
Cuiffart j/ttz. thigh armour 
CuiiTe , sf thighs 

c u 

CuiiTofi, sf. drefiing victuals t 
fmart [ deer , &c. 

CuiiTot , fm. haunch of a 
Cuiftre , fervant in a col- 
lege ; fchoolmafier's man j 
Cuite des briques , sf. bur'. 

ning of a bricks. 
Cul , fm. arfe ; bottom 
Cul-de-lampe, a tail-piece- 
Cul-de-plomb, a fedentary 

man ; an heavy arfe 
Cul-de-fac , a blind alley 
Cul-de-porc , wall-knot 

£\v[i^\z. Jingle wall-knot 

-double, double wall" 

CuIaiTe, sf the breech of a 

Faue la culbute, to tumble 
Culbuter , v. to overthrow i 

to break. 
Culee, sf. hutment of a bridget 
Culee , fiern-way of a ship 
Culer , vn. to go a fiern 
Braffe a culer ! lay all flat 
Culiere , sf a gutter, ibach 
Culminant, a, m. culmin 

Uon, 'sf -—tion 


Culminer, vn. to culminate 
QvAotyfm. aneflling 
Culotin , clofe breeches y, 

child newly breeched.. 
Culotte , sf hr.evches 
Cuke , fm. worship 
Cultivateur, husbandman 
Cultiver, va, (o cultSyat^ 


c u 

alture, sf. culture', tillage 
umin, fm. cummin 
umulatif , ve , a. accumu- 
lative, [mulatively 
iimulatirement , ad. accu- 
iimuler , va. to accumulate 
jpiditd , j/I cupidity 
irable , a. 2. curable 
jratelle , sf. guardianship 
irateur, trice ,/. guardian 
iiratif , ve , a. curative 
:z at'ion , sf. curing 
lie , a cure ; a living 
y:6 , fm. a parfon 
jic-dent, a tooth-pick 
iree , sf. hound's fees 
jrc cur^e , vn. to junket 
ire-oreille, yJn. ear-picker 
irer , va. to cleanfe 
^rcur , fm. torn- turd-man 
■rial, le , a, belonging to 
-7 parfon. 

jneufement, ad. curioufly 
irieux, fe, a. curious y 

irienx , fm. a virtuofo 
irlofite , sf. curiofity ; ra- 
iile, sf. vjhirl. [lie-show, 
iroir , fm, plough fiaff 
irvil-gne, a. i. curvilineal 
;; vite , sf. curvity 
..(lo d'lnos , fm. who holds 
a living in trufl. \skin 

itlcule, sf cuticle y thin 
uter , fm. cutter 
ave , sf. a tub 
nvQ3i\i,fm. a little tub 
uv^C, sf, a tub full 

D A 

Cuver , vn. to work ; to fret 
Cuvette, sf a cifiern ; a little 
Cuvier ,ym. a fish-tub. [ditch 
Cyclamen , fov/-bread i la- 
dy's feal. 
Cycle, cycle. [fun 

Cycle folalre , cycle of the. 
Cyclope , a cyclop. 
Cylindre, cylinder, roller 
Cylindrique , a. 2. cylin- 
Cymbales , sf cymbals 
Cynique,y/n. a cynic 
Cypres , a cyprefs-tree 
Czar , c^ar 
Czarine , sf czarina 
Czarowitz , fm. C-^ar^s fon 



A , parti cule 
Oui-da, aye marry 
Nenni-da, no indeed 
Dacla , fm. a holhy-horfe 
Dadais , a bochy 
Dagorne , sf. an old bel-dam 
Dague, a dagger 
Dagiaer, va. to flab 
Daguet , fm. a brocket 
Daigner, vn. to deign 
Daim , fm. a buck 
Daine, sf. a doe 
Daintiers, fm. doticcts 
Dais, a canopy 
Dale depompe, sf.pump dale 
Dalle, sf. fiag-flone; flicc 
offish. [hole 

Dalon , Dalot, fm.fcupper- 

D A (^9 

Dalmat'ique , sf. dalmatick 
Dam , fm. coft; loft ; for- 

A fon dam , to his cofi 
Damas , fm. damask ; rfam- 

fon. [mask 

Damafquiner , va. to da- 
Damafquinure, J[/I damaf- 

D amalTej/Tn. damasked linen 
Damaffer , va. work damask 

Damaffure, sf. damasking 
Dame, lady ; goody, [clubs 

de trefle , quesn of 

Dame-jeanne, demi Jan. 
Damer, va. to crown (at 

draughts. ) 

le pion , to out-do cm 

Dameret,yOT. a beau 
Damier, draught-board 
Damnable, c. 1. damnable 
Damnablement, ad, dam" 

Damnation, sf. —'nation 
Les damn^s,^. the damned 
Ame damnde, sf. a profligate. 

Damner, va. to damn 
Damoifeau, y?n. a fop 
Damoifelle, sf. a damfel 
Dan din , fm. a ninny 
Dandinement, ad. joltlrrg 
Dandiner, vn. behave likea 

Danger, /m. danger 
Dangereufement, ad* dan,^ 


70 D E 

Dangereux, fe, a. danot- 
Dans , pr. in , into. \_tous 
Danfe, sf. a dance 
Danfer, v. to dance 
Danfeur , i^^ f. a dancer 
Dard , fm. a dan ; fpindlc ; 

Dat'der, va. to dart; shoot 
Dardeur , fm. dart-fiinger 
Dardille , sf, fpindlc of a 

Dardiller, vn. to fplndU 
Dariole , sf a cujlard 
Dariolette, a lady^s agent 

in her intrigues, 
Darfie, a. wet dock 
Dartre, tetter -, ringworm 
— — farineufe, morphew 
Date , a date 
Prendre date , vn. to minute 

Dater, va. to date 
Datif,y7W. dative 
D atte , J-/; date fruit 
Davaniage , ad. more', hefi- 

d<rs^'y m<fTcov<'r. 
Daube , sf a kind offauce 
Dauber, va. to drub; to jeer 
Daubeur,yOT. banterer; fme- 

rer. \^hoat 

Davied , davit in a long 
Davier, pinar for teeth. 
Dauohin , dauphin; dolphin 
D'autant que, c. whereas 
D'aUtant plus , ad. the more 
*— — mieiix, the rather 
"Dc, pr. of; from ; fame 

peC(jque,c. becaufe 

D E 

D6, fm.a die ; thimhle ; coak 
A vous le d^, it is now your 
Debaclage , clearing, [turn 
Ddbacle, sf breaking of a 

frozen river. 
Debaeler, vn. to break as 
ice in a river , clean c har- 
bour or door. 
Debacleur, fm. water-hailiff' 
Debagouler, va. to blurt out 
D eballer, to unpack ; to pack 
up ; to go away. [ter 

A la d^bandarle , hdtcr-shel- 
LaiiTer a la debandade, to 
leave at random. [tion 
Debandement ,yw. relaxa- 
Debander , Vi2» to uncock; 
relax, f fe 

Se , vr. Jlackcn ; difper- 

Debarbouiller , va, wash the 

Debardage ,fm. unlading 
Debarder, va. to unlade 
Debardeur,y77z. a lighterman 
Debarquement , difemhr.r- 
king; landing, [land 

Debarquer,r. to difemhark ; 
Debarrafler, va. to clear 
Debarrer , to unbar 
Debat,yOT. debate 
Debater , va. to take off the 

Dc^attre , to debate 

Se , vr. to Jiruggle 

Debauche , sf debauchery 
D^bauche ^Jm. a dehoshee 
Debauchi^e , sf, lewd wo- 

D E 

Debaiicher , va. to debauch ; 

to bribe ; to intice away, 
Se — — , vr. to follow ill 

CGurfes J leave off one** 
D6bet , fm. balance, [worl 
DebifFer, va. to di/order. 
Virage debiffe , fm, water' 

gruel phi[, 
De'bile, a. 2. feeble 
Deh'ilement y ad. feebly 
Debilitation, i/. — tion 
D ebilite , fechlenefs H 
Debiliter , va. to enf&ebU ' 
Debit, fm.fale. 
Debiter, va. to vend 
en gros , to fell iy 

whch-f:2ie. [tal 

— — en de'tail , fell by re- 
Debiteur , fe ff. fpreadcr oj 

news. v 
Debiteur , trice , a debtor 
Ddbitter le cable , to unbii 

the cable. {riddaniji 

De'blai ( beau ) , fm. hap^ 
Deblayer, va, to rid; 

Deboire ,fm, twang ; gri 
Deboitement , disjointing 
Debolter , va. to put out ; 

joint', to warp, 
Debonder , to open the da 
Debor.der, vn. Se debonder 

vr. to Jluice out ; hrea 


Ddbondonner, va. tounbut 
Debonnaire, a, 2. affable^ 

Dt'bonaairement, ad, kindly 

D E 

^onnalrete , sf.kindnefs 
;jrde, e, a. dijfoluie . 
demeit,/wz. ovcrfio- 

, ; propcacy, 
border jVn.Se deborder, 
'. to overflow. lout 

•r^rder, vn. lap ov.r ; jut 

L'der , vn. to sheer off. 

.de! int. put off^ sheer 

Ter le cable , va, to 

: off th', fioppcrs. 

rrer , va. to pull off 

" s hoots. 

uche, Debouchement, 

opening ; opportunity. 

-icher , va. to unflop ; 

ucler , to unbuckle 
aquemznt ,fm. difem- 
loguing. [ofafirait 

bouquer , vn. to fail out 
■bourber , va. to cUanfc 
bourgeonner la vigne,' 
ro nip off the young huds 
tfavine. [man 

boxxtrsr i polish a young 
■bourfe , fm. money laid 

bourfement, dishurfement 
•boarfer , va. to disburfe 
bout, ad. up. 
bout au veat , head to 
find. [fea 

a la lame, head to the 
— au corps, e^ffo.'z. [law) 
bouter , va. to reject ( in 
beutynft^r, to unhutton 

D E 

Difbrailler (Se) , vr. to open 

one* s breajl. 
Debredouiller, va. to fave 
the lurch. [patch 

D^brider , to unbridle ; dij- 
Sans debrider , at onefirctch 
Debris , fm. wreck ; wafle 
Debrouillement, clearing 
Debrouiller , va. to clear 
Debrutir, to polish 
Debucher, vn. to unharhour 
Debufquement , fm. driving 
-out. [to fupplant 

Debufquer, va. to drive out; 
Ddbut, fm. the lead ; the he- 
ginning of an entcrpri'^e. 
Debater , vn. to begin; to 

knock away ; to play fir ft. 
Deca, ad. on this fide 
De'cacheter , va. to unfial 
Decade, sf. decade, number 
Decadence, £?eci2r. [of lo 
DecaiiTcr , va. to take out of 

a chcfi. 
Decalogue , fm. decalogue 
D^campement, decampment 
De'camper , vn. to decamp ; 

to move off. 
Decanat ., fm. a deanery 
Ddcantation, sf. decanting 
Decanter , va. to decant 
Decapitation , sf beheading 
Ddcapiter , va. to behead 
Decarrelcr , to unpave 
D^cdder , vn. to deceafe 
Ddceindre, va. to ungird 
DdcelemenL ^fm. deteH.ion 
De?«, va, (kticli difclofe 

D E 71 

D eceleur , fe , / Informer 
Decembre , fm. December 
De'cemment , ad. decently 
Di^cence, sf. decency 
Decennal , e , ii. decennial 
D(fcent, e , a. decent 
De'ception , sf. deception. 
Decerner , va. to decree 
Deces ,fm. deceafe 
Decevant,e, a. deceitful 
Decevoir , va. to dutivs 
Dechainement, fm. cutra-^ 

geous talk. 
Dechainer, va. to unchaini 

to exafperate, \_at 

Se — , vr. break loofe i rail 
D ech al an der, va. to hurt a 

shop^s cuftcm. 
Ddchaperonner I'oifeau , 

to ur.hood the hawk. 
Decharge , sf. unloading ; a 

volley ; florehoufe ; eafe- 

mcnt ; difcharge ; acquit" 

tance. [all 

De' charge devant ! ha^zl off 
Decharger, va. to unload $ 

difcharge. ' [a fail 

Decharger une voile, to fill 
DechzrgeUT ,fm. a porter. 
Decharner , va. pick off the 

flesh. if-cid 

Vifage decharne , fm. thin 
Style decha.rne,ajejunefiylc. 
Dechauffer , va. to pull off 

one's shoes andjlockingsg 

to bare she roots oftrces^ 
D 6 ch 3.u{^o'iv y fm. jleum 

Dechewice , sf, fcrfcitun 

^i D E 

J)6chet,fm. diminution -J lofs 
Decheveler , va., todishsvd 
P^chevetrer , to unKalttr 
Dechiffrable , a. z. that can 
be deciphered. [j'^^g 

Dechiffrement,yffz. dcciphc- 
Dechiffrer , va, to decipher. 
>. — une perfonne, to fct 
one out in his proper co- 
lours, [rer 
D^chiffreur, fm. a dcciphc- 
Pechiqueter, va. to pink; 
flash. {flashing 
Dechiqueture, sf. pinking; 
T>6ch\rQmQnt , fm. tearing 
Pechirer, va. to tear ; defa- 
Pechirure, sf. rent. [me 
Dechoir, vn. decay ; fall off. 
•Pechouer, va. to get off. 
Pecider, to decide 
Pdcimable , a. 2. tithechle 
Decimal, e, decimal, ten- 

D^ciir.ateur,yff:. tithingman 
D^cimaiion , 5/. — tion 
Decimer , va. to decimate 
Decimes , sf. the tenths 
Decifif , vc , a. decifivc 
Decifion, sf. decifion 
Deci^vement, ad.pofitively 
D^cifoire , a, 2. dccifory 
Declamateur , fm. orator 
JDeclamatton , 5/. —tion; 

abufe ; bombajl 

Declamatoire, a. 2. decla^ 

matory, [yeigh 

TiecUmer t V. declaim; in- 

P^cUratif , yg, a* ^rativs 

I D E 

Declaration, sf. — tion 
Declaratoire, a. 2. -^tory 
Declarer , vn. to declare. 
Dcclin , fm. decline 
Declinable, a. 2. declinable 
D^clinaifon, sf. declcnfion 
Decliner, va. to decline 
DecloTTQ, to unclofe. [ned 
Ddclos, e , a. difclofed, opc- 
D^clouer, va. to unnail 
Ddcochement,/m. shooting 
De'cocher , va. to shoot 
Decoftion, sf. deccHion 
Decoiffer, va. to uncoif; 

Decollation, sf. beheading 
D ecollement , fm. ungluing 
Decoiler, va. to unglue; be- 
Decolorer, to difcolour 
Decomhter J clear from rub- 
bish . 
Decombres , fm. rubbish 
Decompofer , va. to difcom- 

pofe J to dijfolve. 
De'compofition , sf. dijfol- 

Decompte, fm. difcount 
D ecompter , va, to difcount ; 
deduH. [ confound 

Deconcexter , difconcert ; 
Se — — vr. to be dashed 
Deconfire , va. to difccmfit 
Dcconfiture, fm. difccmji- 

ture ; rout , defeat. 
Deconforter, va. to difcom- 
fort ; cafi down. 

DeggnfsiU^r, to dijfuadc 

f D E 

Ddcontenancer , va.toptn 

out of countenance. 
D6cora.teuTyfjn. decorator 
Decorations , sf fcenes oft. 

Decorder, untwift, 
Decorer, to decorate 
DicQium^fm. decorum 
Decoucher, vn. to lie tf< 

Decoudre, va. to unfew ; rii 

up. [ brush togcthi 

En decoudre , to have . 
Decouler, vn. to trickle; t 

run down. 
Decoulement yfm. trickling^ 

running ; fluxion of hu 

Decouper , va. to cut intof, 

enures ; to pink ; to carve. 
Decoupeur, (& , f a pihkt 
Decoupler, va. to uncoufl 
DQCQu^inre, sf. pinking , 
Decouragement , fm. di 

couragement. [n 

Decourager, va. to difcob 
Decours,yff7. decreafe;waifii 
Decoufu, e, a. unfewed 

of order. [flitche 

Decoufure , sf. a breach c 
A deniers decouverts, cash 

ready money down. 
Ade'couvert, ad. openly 
A vifage de'couvert , down 

Decouverte, sf. difcovtry 
Decouvrir , va, uncover 



D E 1 

(i^couvrir , vr. to pull off 
one's hat; make one's /elf 
knawn. [ Ush. 

^craffer , va. to clean ; po- 
ecreditement, fm, difcre- 

ecrdditer , va. to difcredlt 
ecr^pit, e, a. decrepit 
ccrepitude , sf, — tude 
ccrety/m. decree; warrant 
ecretales , sf. decretals 
: .e'ter, va. to decree 
i ,fm. crying down ; dif- 
ce, [todifgrace 

isr y va. to cry down ; 
ire, to defcribe. 
ochsr, to unhook 
. V oire , to disbelieve 
ecroiffement ,fm. decreafe 
'^croitre, vn, to decreafe 
'ecrottar,vj. rub off th^ dirt 
'^crotteur,yOT- a shoe-boy 
>^rattoire, sfa shoe-brush 
>dciiple, a. 1. fm. tenfold 
>edaigner, v. to difdain 
'^daigneufcment, ad. dif- 
dtinfully. [ful 

)edaigneux, fa, a. difdain- 
) ddain , fm. difkain. 
)edale, a labyrinth 
)edans , ad. pr. in , within 

, fm. infidt 

)edicace, sf. dedication 
)edicatoire, a.a. dedicatory 
)^diet, va. to dedicate 
)^dire, to difown 
•e ■ ' ' , vr, to recant ^ to 

D E 

D edit , fm. a forfeit 
Dedommagemcnt, indemni- 
fying ; fatisfaciion 
Dedommager , va. to indem- 
D6dorev yto ungild. [nify 
Dedormie (eau) , water of 
whichfhs edge of the cold 
is taken off" 
Dedoubler, va, tounlins 
Deduftion, sf, deduclion ; 

Deduire , va. to dednci 
D^duit, fm. pleafurc 
D6cf[s , sf. goddefs , 
Se defacher, vr. to he pacified 
Defaillance , sf, fainting 
Defaillir, vn. to fail; to de- 
cay ; tofwoon. 
Defaire , va. to undo; de- 
feat; make away with; ecl't- 
pfc ; confound; emaciate, 
Se defaire , vr. to be dashed 
rid one's ftlfcf; kill one^s 
fdf ^ ^ [face 

Yifage defait , fm. pale thin 
Defaite , sf. defeat; evajton; 

Defalquer, va. to defalcate 
D ^favorable , a. 2. unfavou- 
rable, [yourably 
Defarorablement, ad. unfa- 
D ^faut , fm, difecl ; want 
Mettre en — , ro baffle; foil 
Defe£lif , ve , <2. defective 
Defedion , sf. defection 
Defeftueax , fe, tf. defective 
Defeftuofit^, sf. defect 
Defendef$0f J sh-def infant 

D E 7f. 

Defendeur , fm, defendant 
Ddfendre, va. to defend ^ 

prohibit ; forbid 
A Ton corps defendant, in 

one's own defence 
Se defendre, vr. to defend ^ 

to excnfe one's fdf 
Defenfe , sf, defence ; pro- 
Defenfes , skeeds 
Cordes de defenfe , fenders^ 

of junk 
Dcfenfeur,y;«. a defender 
Defenfif , ve , a. defenfive 
Etre fur la defsnfive , to act 

Def^quer, va. to defecate 
Deferant, te , a. complying 
Deference, sf. compliance i 

regard, [cree ; adminijier 
Deferer, vn. to d^er; de- 
Deferler, va. to unfurl or 

loofe a fail 
Deferrer, va. to unshoe ; 

nonplus, [dashed 

Deferrer, vn. come off; be 
Defi ^fn. challenge 
Defiance , sf. difiruji 
Defiant , e , a. diffident 
D^fier , va. to defy 
Se — , mijirujl 
Defigurer , va. to disfigure 
Defile, fm. a defile 
Defile r , va. to unfirir.g;filc 

off; fea^e , as a cable 
D^finir , to define ; appoint^ 

■74 . . D E , 

Definition, sj. — uon. 
Definitivement, ad. — vdy 
Deflagration , sf. — tion 
Defl=;urir, vn, to shed blof- 

Defleurir, va, to nip the hlof- 

foms i take off the bloom 
Defloration , sf. deflowring 
Deflorer, vf, to deflower 
Defon cement , fm. Jiaving 
D^foncer une futaille , va. 

to fiave a cask. [form 
Deformer, to put out the 
T>^^v:i\^fm. defraying 
Defiayer , va. to defray 
Defrichement ,yOT. grubbing 

up. IcUar 

Defiicher, va. grub up; 
Defricheur,yw. he that grubs 

up untillcd ground 
Defriier, va. to uncurl 
Defroncer, tc undo the ga- 
thers, [one's brow 
> — le fourcii , tofmooth 
Defroquer, throw off the 

monkish habit 
Ddfuner, to unrig, [ceafcd 
Defunt,e, a. s. late; de~ 
Air degage, eajy carriage 
Degagement , fm. difenga- 

gcment. [ redeem' 

Degagsr , va. difcngage ; 
Degaine (belle), sf. auk- 

tvard way, [fword 

Degainer , va. draw one's 
Degaineur,yJ72, an hector 
Deganter, ra, to pull off 

cr.i's ^lor^ 

D E 

Degarnir, va. to unfurnlsh ; 

Jlrip i unrig 
Degatj/OT. havock-y wajic 
Degel , thaw 
Degeler, va. to thaw 
Degenerer, vn. to degenerate 
Degingande , e , a.fwinging 

in one's gait 
Degiuer, va. to unglue 
Dsgobillsr, tofpue 
Degobillis ,fm.fpuing 
Degoifer, vn. to blab 
Degorgemeiit ,y?«. overflo- 
wing, [ge 
Degc>riger, vn. to clear ; pur- 
Degorg$oir,y^z. an engine to 
clear a gun , priming wire 
Degourdi, e, a. sharp ; acute 
Degourdir, f(2. fo quicken; 
to warm {water); to polish 
Degourdiffement,y//7. (julck- 
ning; a removal of numb nefs 
Degout, difgufi ; fatiety 
Degoutant, e, a, difgujlful 
Degoutd. e, f que amis h-; out 

of conceit v^ith 
Un bon &6^oi\t6,fm,agood 

fellow . 
Degoutsr, va. to difgufi 
Se — , vr. to be out of con- 
ceit with 
Degouttant,e, a. dropping 
Ddgoutter, vn. to drop 
Degradation , sf. degrada- 
tion; wafic 
Degrader,v<i. degradc;wafte 
Ddgraff^r , to unclafp 

D E 

D^grahTer, va. to four 
Terre a — , sf. fuller's earth. 
Degraiffeur, fm. a fcourer 
Degrapiner , vn, lift the 

fmall anchor. ig''^C 

D egrd , fm. flair ; flep ; de- 
Degre'er, va. to unrig , flrip 
Degringoler^v.T.foriiTa down 

flairs ; to tumble, [or fine 
Degroffer, T'^. tomakefmalV 
De'groffir , to chip ; to clear 

up; to fashion, [in rags 
Deguenllie, e, a. tattered j;, 
Deguerpir, va. to quit 
Deguerpififement , fm, « 

D<fgueuler, vn. to cafcadc i^ 

De'guifcment, fm. difgulfc .'. 
Ddgulfer, va. to difguife 
Degiiftation, sf. dcguftatio, 
Dehaler, va. take off th 

Dehanche, e, a, hip-shot 
De'harnacher , va. to unha. 


Dehcrs, ad. pr. out; abroa, 
, fm, appea 

Sauver les dehors, to kee^ 

up appearances 
Deja, ad. already 
De'ic'ids ,fm. deicidc 
Dejedion , sf. a flool ; de^\ 

Se dejeter, vr, to warp 
Dejeund , dejeuner , y«3 



") Brenner ^ vn. breakfafi 
^(iiiication, sf. — tlon 
3oifier, va. to deify 
)ejoindie , to disjoin 
^clfme, I'm. dcifm 
:)3;fte, a deifi 
)eite , sf. deity 
)oiuchcr, vn. to iinrooji 
\ , ad. off;from.thin:s. 
I & dela, up and down 
-I'l , pr. beyond , over 
) ilahrenxQnt , fm. ruining; 

ruinous condition 
)ci:abrer, va* to rend ; to 
:'?:pair ; ruin 
1 ::er , to unlace 
x'i , fm. a deiay 
J ^ila'ifTement, dcjertlon. 
)elaiffer , va. toforfake 
)dlafrenient , fm. refresh- 
ment ; eafe 
)^iairei', va. to refresh 
)elateur , fm. an informer 
)elal'ion , sf an information 
)elatter, va. to nnlath 
)elay€>- , to dilute 
)^lsaable, a. %. delightful 
Ddle£iation , sf. delight 
)(?leaer, va. to delight 
Delegation , sf. — tion 
)elegatoire, a. 2,. delsga- 

)^leg.ue ,fm. a deputy 
Deleguer, va. to delegate 
)elefl:age, yJ??. unhallafting 
D^leiler, va. to unhalf^Jl 
Delellenr , fm. nnhallafter 
;)eliberant , c , c. unnfolvcd 

D E 

Deliberation, sf — tlon 
Dellberatif , ve , a. — tive 
Dellbdre , e , <z. bold 
Deiiberement , ad. boldly 
Dellberer, v. to deliberate; 

to determine 
D^Iicat , Q , a. delicate ; 

nice ; ivcrtk. 
Affaire ddlicatc , sf a tick- 
lish affair 
Delicaternent , ad. — tcly ; 

daintily ; tenderly 
Delicater, ra. to pamper; 
cocker. [fcrapuloufnefs 
DelicateiOie , sf. delicacy ; 
Dellce, fm. delifiht 
D Alices , sf pi. delight 
Ddlicleuiement , ad. dell- 
cioufy, [ voluptuous \ 

Delicieux, fe, a. delicious; 
Se dillcoter, vr. to unhaher 
Dtlld J e, a. finder; acute; 

Delier , va. to untie; ahfolvc 
Delineation, sf — tion 
Doiinquant, y/Tz. delinquent 
Delinquer, vn. to offend 
Delire , fm. delirium 
En flagrant delit, inthefacl 
Delivrance, sf. deliveran- 
ce ; delivering 
DeIivre,yK7. after-hirth 
Delivrer, va. to deliver 
Delogement, fm, a remo- 
Deioger, vn. to remove 

, vn. to go away elan- 


D E 7i^ 

Delogcr a la fourdine, to 

difodge ; to turn one out 

cf his houfe or lodging, 
Deloyal , e , a. difoyal. 
D(^loyalement ,* ad. perfi'i 

Delcyaute, sf difloyalty 
Deluge , fm. deluge ; flood 
Deluter , va. to'unlute 
DemaiUotter, fo r;nyM'tfM 
Demain,^'OT. ad. to-morrow 
Demancher, va. to unhaft 
Sc' , vr. to be off the 

hinges. \_tion; fult 

Dcmande , sf dem.ani; quej- 
Demander, va. to demand;. 

to ask; to require, [a dun 
Demandeur, fe,/ an asker^ 
Demandeur, fm. ") , . ./r 
Demangcaifon , itching 
Demanger , vn. to itch 
Demantelement , fm. dlf- 

mantllng. - [ /g 

Demanteler, va> to difmant- 
DdmantibuM, e, a. broken; 

out. of o rder^ [ cecding 

Demarche, sf gait; pro- 
Demarragej/OT. unmooring 
Demarrer, vn.fetfail; move 
De'marier , va, to iinmarry 
Demarquer , to unmark 
Demaiquer, to Kffmaj^ 
D^mdter , to dlfmafi 
Demeld , fm. debats 
Demeler, va. to feparate; 

difcovsr; conteji ;unravsl^. 

dif mangle 
^ ij 

7^ D E 

JDemembrement , fm. dif- 

membcring ; cantiin^. 
D^membrer, va. to difmem- 
' her. [yi^g 

3Ddmdnag«jment, fm. remo- 
D^menager, v, to remove. 
D^mence, sf. madncfs 
Se demener, vr, to make a 

biifilc ^ 
D ementl , fm. He ; balk 
JDonner un — , give one the 

D^mentlr, va. to give one 
the lie; to contradict ^ to 
Se — , VT. to he inconjt/lent ; 

to fail; to warp 
Dtfme'rite , fm. demerit 
Demeriter, vn. to do amlfs 
D^mefure , e, <:. huge ; ex- 

Deraefurement, ad. out of 

meafure ; immoderately. 
Demettre , va. disjoint; dif- 

card; difmifs 
Se — , vr. to refign 
DemeubIement,y57T. unfur- 

D^meubler,f^. to unfurnish 
Demeurar.t , fm. remainder 
Demeure, sf. dwelling ;/iay; 
abode. \^ar rears 

Etre en demeure , to be in 
A demeure , for a conti- 
Demeurer , vn. to live ; con- 
tlntte ; f.iy ; remain; tar- 
ry j dwell 

D E 

Demeurer, vn. to accord , to 
Demi , e, a. half. [agree 
Demi , ad. half 
A demi , half; by halves 
Demi-clef, sf. half hitch 
Demie, sf. half an hour 
Demi-lun«, half-moon 
Derol-f^tier , fm. ha' fa pint 
Demiffion , sf. rejig ning 
Democratis , democracy 
Democratique , a. 2. — tical 
Demoifelle, sf, a mifs; wai- 
ting woman ; rammer 
D^molir, va. to demolish 
Demolition, sf. demolishing 
D6moikjfm.a demon y devil 
Faire le demon , to hlvjler 
Demoniaque yf. demoniac 
De'monftrablc, a. 2, — hie 
Demonftratif, ve, a. — tive 
Demonftration ,• sf. —tion; 

affurance. [ clearly 

Demonftrativeraent , ad, 
Demonter, fa. ro unhorfe; 

take to pieces; confound; 

D(^montrer, to dcmonflrate ; 

to defcribe 
D^mordre, vn. let go one^s 

hold; recede from. 
D^mouvoir, va. to take off" 
D^munir, to unprovide 
Demurer , to drain a place 

of fiones 
Demurer, to unwall 
— — , to nntwijl 
Denature, e, a. unnatural 
D^ni ^fm. denial 

D E 

Dj^nlalfement , fm. sharping 
Dt^niaifer , va. to teach wit; 

to bubble. [grow sharp 
S3——, vr. learn wit, to 
Deniaifear,yrn. sharp fellow 
Denicher, va. to unnejilei 

to dijlcdge 
— — , vn. to brush off" 
Denicheur, fm. who goes d' 

birdnefiing. [ hunter. 

•— — de fauvettes , fortune*' 
Denier, money ; interejf. 
• de poids, penny-weight 
Denier, va. to deny ; refuf(^\ 
Denigrement, ym. afperfiom 
Ddnigrer, va. to afperfe 
D^nombrement,/^. enumz- 

D^nominateur, — tor 
Denominatif, ve, \a. -^tlve 
Denomination , sf. — tion 
Denommer , va. to name ? 
Denoncer, to proclaim; t 

inform againfl. [former; 
Denonciateur , fm. an in' 
Denonciation, sf. informun. 
Denotation , — tion 
Denotcr , va. to denote ' 
DenOHer , to untie; makt 

fupplc ; unravel. \ 

Denouement, denoument, 

fm. difcovery ; cataflropht} 

of a flay 
Danree , sf. commodity ;,'] 

ware ; provifions. 
Dertfe, a. 2. denfe 
Denfite , sf. denfity 
Dent , a tooth 





D E 

'rts, sf. teeth 
.-deat-, gag-tGocff. . 
;p.t-de-lion , dandilion 
:r.te , e, a. notched 
.met , sf. bits 
rMclQ, e, a.jcgged 
■ ^3ler , va. to indznt ;jag 
.lie , sf. hone-lacs 
jlure, indnntlng^notch- 
; dented-ti'ork 
j-cule, denticles 
jntifrice ,fm- dmtifrice 
3Rtifte , dcntifi 
;nture , sf. a fct of teeth 
;nuer, va. to bereave 
jaument , denuement , 
fm. deprivation 
^paqueter, va. to unpack 
2pa'.-ager , to marry a girl 
below her condition. 
spareille , e , ^. not com- 
plete ; unmatched 
epareiiler , va. to unmatch 
Sparer , to fir op ; disfigure 
eparier, to unmatch 
eparlsr , vn. to giva over 

epart , fm. departure 
epartager , va. to give the 
cafiing vote 

epartement , fm. depart- 
ment ; difirlbutioni difirici. 
Lepartir , va. to impart ; to 
difiribute. [from 

e ' , vr. to dcfifi ; recede 

JepafTer , va. to go faficr ; 
to get beyond ; to pull out. 
>ipaver , to unpavi 

D E 

D(^payfer , riz. to carry one 

into another country^ to put 

on a. wrong /cent 
Dep^cem^nt,/^. cutting up 
Ddpecer , va. to cut up ; 

carve. [ prefs 

Depeche, sf. difpatch ; ex- 
8elle depeche , good rld- 

Depecher , va. to difpatch 

Se , vr. to make hafie 

Depeindre , va. to depaint- 
Dependamment, ad. depen- 
dent ly 
Dependance, sf dependence 
En depsndant, ad. ec'ging 

Dependre, vn. to depend on; 

to hang on ; to take down. 
Dip:ns , fm. pi. expence ; 

cofi. [pantry 

Depenfe, sf- expence, till; 
Depenfer , va. to fpend 
Depenfier , fm. expcnfive 

man ; caterer 
Deoerir , vn. to decay 
T> i^6i\^QmQr\t.y fm. decaying 
Depetrer , va. to difer.gage; 

to get rid of. \pulation 
Depeuplemerst , fm, depo- 
Depeupler , va. to difpeoplc 
D epilation , sf. — tloa . 
Depilatoii-e , fm. — tory 
Depiler , vn. to caufc the air 
to come off. [ment 

Depiquer, to allay rcfcnt- 
Depit,/m. vexation 
En depit de , infpite of 

D E 7^ 

Deplter, vex 

Se — , vr. to fret. [fipnat& 
Depiteux, fe , a. fretful; paf 
Depiacemcntj/m. difplacing 
Deplacer, va. to difplace. 
Deplaire, vn. to dcfpleafa 
Se — , vr. not to like 
EUe fe deplaitdans ce lieu, 
shi does not like that 
place. [hie 

D^plaifant , e , <z. dijagreea- 
Deplaiiir, Jin. difpUafurci 

ill office. 
Deplanter , va. to pluck up 
Deplantoir , fm. difplanter 
Deplatrefj va. to unplaificr 
Deplier , to unfold 
Depliffer , to unplait 
Deplorable , a. 2. deplorable 
Depiorablement , ad. deplo- 
De'plare, e, a. defperatei 

pafi hope, 
Deplorer , va, to deplore 
Deployer, to difplay 
Depohr, to iinpoUsh 
Deport , fm: -delay. Ition 
Deportation ^sftranfiporta" 
Deportement , fm. deport- 
ment, [from 
Se deporter, vr, to recede 
Depofant, e, a. s. deponent 
Ddpofer, vn. to depofe ; ta 

refign ; to depofite. 
Depofitaire, /. depofitary 
D^poiition , sf. —tion , dc" 

DepofTeder, va. to difpojf^fs^ 
ۥ iJj 

7^ D E 

DepofTsfllon , sf. turning 

out of pojfejjion 
D Spoiler , va. to drive 

from a pofi 
Depot , fm. depofiti 
Depoter, va, to out-pot 
D^poudrer , to comb out the 

Depouille , sf. skin ; cajl off 
clothes ; hooks ; crop ; em- 
ployment or effects of a de- 
ceafed perfon 
Depouilleinent , fm. felf- 
denial ; parting with any 
thing. [get in the crop 
Dep9uil!er, va. tojirip; to 
D^pourvoir , unfumish ; 

leave deftitute 
All depourvu , ad, unawares 
Depravation , sf. — tion 
Depraver, va, to deprave 
Deprecation , sf. — tlon 
Depredation , — tion 
Deprendre , va. to part ; 
loofen. [ one^s felf 

Se — — — , vr, to extricate 
Depreoccupe , e , ^. unpre- 

Deprefier, va. to out-prefs 
Depreffion, sf dcprejfion 
D^prevenir, va, to unpre- 

Deprier, to difnvite 
Deprimer , to dcprcfs 
Deprifer, to difpife. 
Depuceler, to debauch , de- 
flower, [ wering 

Pepucdicment, fm, defio- 

' . D E 

D epuis , ad. pr. ftnce ; from 
Depuration , sf — tion 
D^puratoire , a, i. — tory 
Depurer , va, to depurate 
Deputation , sf -r—tion 
Depute , fm, a deputy , dele- 
gate, {fend 
D eputer , va. to depute ; 
De quoi , pro, wherewithal ; 
what of, [ up 
Deracinement , fm» rotting 
D^raciner, va, to root up 

or cut 
Derader, vn. to part 
De'raifonnable, a, i, unrea- 

Deraifonnablement, a£f. un- 

D^raifonner, vn.fpeaknon- 

Voile deralingude , a fail 
blown from the holt-rope, 
Homme derange , ywz. of a 

diforderly life 
Derangement, diforder 
Der anger , va. to diforder 
Se — , vr, to take to bad 

D draper ,.r/i. to loofen from 

the ground 
Derate, e , a. cunnings sharp 
Derechef , ad. again 
D^regle , e, <z. diforder dly 
Dereglement, /ot. irregula- 
rity; debauchery; diforder. 
Deregiement , ad, diforder- 
ly ; loofely. 
D(|rcgler_j va,t to diforder 

D E 

Se d^re'gler , -vr. to gros 

lewd ; to be out of order 
Derider , va. tofmooth; t 

char up ; to unwrinkU. 
DerJdon, sf derifion 
Derivation, — tion,origii 
Derivatif, ve, a, — tive 
Derive, sf a ship's lee-wa^ 
En derive , ad, adrift 
D6iiv6 ,fm. a derivative 
Deriver , va. to put offfron 

the shore ; defleclfrom th. 

courfc ; derive , iincUnch 
Dernier, e, a, laft; utmojl 

D ernier , fm., the lafi 
En dernier lieu , ad. lafily 
Dernierement, lately ; new- 
Pi. la derobee , by ftealth, [/j 
Efcalier derobe,y5w. a pri' 

vate fiaircafe 
Derober, va, to rob ; con* 

ceal ; deprive 
Se — — , vr, tofteal away 
Derogation , sf. — tion 
Derogatoire, derogeant, e', 

a, 2. derogatory 
Derogeance, sf, a degra^ 

ding action '.■ 

Deroger , vn^ to derogate 
Deroidir, va. to unjiiffen 
Derougir, to take off the\ J 

rednefs, [offtherujl 

Derouillement , fm, rubbing 
D^rouiller , va. to rub off 

the ruji 
Derouler, to unroll. 
Dercute, sf routj difordc^ 

D E 

Deroutcr, va. to bewilder 

Derriere, pr. behind 

Sens devant derriere , the 

cart before the horfe 
Derriere, fm. back-parts; 
D hs , pr, from, [ bach-fide 

; ? que , c, when ; finci. 
:abufer y va. to undeceive 
i jlaccorder , to untune. 
3e2accoupIer, to uncouple 
JeTaccoutumer , to wean. 

from, \^cufiom of a shop 
^ifachalander , to hurt the 
3 cfaffourcher , to unmoor ^ 
Jefagencer, to diford&r 
^efagreable, a. 2. difagrec- 

able. [greeahly 

iagrdablement , ad. difa- 
lagreer , v. to difpleafe ; 

to unrig 
^ elagremcnt , fm. difagree- 

ablenefs; vexation 
3efajufter, va. to difcom- 

pofe. [ thirfi 

3efaltdrer , to quench the 
)elancrer , vn, to weigh an- 
chor,, [ match 
Defappareiller , va, to un- 
Dcfappliquer, to divert from. 
vefappointer, to cashier 
Odiapprendre, to forget 
Jeiappropriation , sf. di- 

ie defapproprler, vr. to di- 

veji one's felf. [prove 
~)erapprouver, va. to difap- 
lefargonner, to mhorfe ; 

to nonplus 

D E 

DeTargenter, va. to wear off 

the Jilver; to drain off cash 
Derarmement,y«2. rednclion 

of forces ; unrigging of 

Deiarmer, va, to difarm ; 

to unrig ; to appeafe, 
Derarrimer , to shift the 

flcwage in the hold. 
Defarroi , fm. diforder 
D efafTenibler , va, take to 

DefafTortir, to unmatch 
Defaflrs , fm. a difafier 
Defaftreux , fe, a. difaftrous 
Defavantag€,yTO. difadvan- 

Defavantager fes en fans , 

to wrong one's children. 
Dcfavantageufement , ad. 

DefavantagcHX, le, a. dif- 

Defaveu , fm. difavowment ; 

D<frav®uer , va. to difavow; 

Defcendance , sf. defcent 
Defceadant , fm, the ebb 
Les defcendans , offspring 
Defcendre, vn, to dsfcent ; 

to come down 

, va. to take down 

Defcente, sf. defcent ; ta- 

king; down j declivity ; in- 

vafion ; rupture 
Defcription , — tion 
Defsmballer, va, to unpack 

D E 79 


Defembarquer, va. to un~ 

■lade i to difimhark. 
Defcmbourbar , v, to take 

out of the mire 
Defemparer, to quit a pla- 
ce ; lay up a ship ; difable. 
Defemperer, unfiarch 
Defemplir, to empty a litdc 
Defenchainer , to unchain 
Defenchanter,fo difenchant 
Defenclouer , to nnnail a 

un cheval , take cut the 

nail that prickt a horfe. 
Deiendormi , e , a. half 

av/ake, [ ling 

Defenfler, va. remove a fwel- 
Defenflure, sf unfwclling 
Defenivrer , v. to remove 

Se defenlacer , vr. to difen^^ 

tangle one's felf 
Defennuyer , va. to divert 
Ddfenrayer , to unskid a 

whtel. Ifoldier) 

Defcnroler, to difmifs {a 
Defenrouer , cure the hoar-' 

Defenrhumer, to cure a cold 
Defenfabler , to get off a 

boat , &C. that has run 

De Ten feigner , to untcack 
Defenfevelir , to dig cut of 

the grave 
Defenforcdsr, tounhewltch. 

So D E 

Derenrorcellement,y?72. un- 

De'enteter, va. to work one 

out of his conciit 
Defeniortiller , tountwijl 
D6f< , to unfcticr 
Defenvenimer, to takeaway 

the venom 
Defenverguer , to unbend 
Defequiper , to unrig a ship 
Defert, e, a. defart; Coll- 

tary. [ nefs 

Defert, fm. dcfart ; wilder- 
Deferter, va. to lay wafie ; 

to dej'ert ; to run away 
Deferteur , /jn. a deferter i 
Defeition, sf.—tlon 
— — de caufe , a non-fult 
A la defefperade , ad. hand 

over head i rashly 
Deiefyeve , e , a, s. defpe- 

rate ; defpaired. \_Tately 
Defcfjier^ment, ad. defpa- 
Detefpever, if«. to defpair. 
— — , va. to drivs to def- 
pair ; to provoke j to make 

Se defefpdrcr , vr. to he 

frantic ; to make away 

with one's fclf 
D sfefpoir, fm. defpair ; grief 
Jc luis au — , 1 0r2 vexed 
Deshabille ^ fm. an widrefs 
Deshabille*-, va. to imdnfs 
Deshabitd , e, rt. uninhabited 
Deshabiter , va. to difpeopU 
D cs h abituer , to difaccufiom 
Dehersnce, sf, dislieriting 

D E 

Deshdriter , va. to difir.herit 
Dcshonnete, a. i. dishoneft; 
indecent. [ nejHy 

Deshonnetement, ai. disho- 
Desbonnetete , sf. disLo- 

Deshonneur,y/w. dishonour 
De^honorablemcRt , ad. 
shamefully. ■ [ erf,:' 

Deshonofant , e , a. difgra- 
Dcshonorcr, va. to difgrace. 
Defignation, sf. appoint- 
Deligner , va. to defcribe ; 

to denote ; to appoint. 
Deiincorporer, to dif.icor- 

Definence, sf. termination 
Definfatuer , va. to ur de- 
DeTmfeaer, to di fir feci 
Definfeftion , sf. difmfecl'on 
D ehntereffe , e , a. difintc- 

re/icd ', indemnified. 
Deiintereffement , fm. di- 

finte refiedn efs . 
DeiintdreiTer , va. to indem- 
DqCix , fm. defire. [nify 

Desirable, a. a. defirable. 
Deliver , va. to dcfire 
D'efireux , fe ,a. dcfirons 
Defillemsnt , fm. defifi'.ng 
Se denfter , vr, to defifi 
Des-lors, ad. from th'-it time 
Defobeir , vn. to difohey 
Defobeiffance, sf. dif obe- 
dience. [ hcdient 
Defobeiffant / c , a, difo- 

D E 

Defobligeamment , ad. un-i 
kindly. lgi"g 

Derob}igeant,>; , a. dif^bli- 
Derobliger, va. to difpleafe, 
Defoccup^ . e, a. unem- 
Se defoccuper , vr. to retire 
from hufi.nefis. [^work 

De:"xuvre , q , a. out of 
Defolant , a , a. grievous. " 
Defolateur, tries, /. defo~ 


Defoiation , sf. — tion ; ex- 

t re me grief . [ j v a fie , 

Defoler, va. to afflici ; to lay 

Defopilatif , ve, a. deobf~.' 

trutnt ; opening 
Defopi'ation , sf. opening 
of ohfiruciion\ 5 

Defordonne, e, a. inordi-'. 
nate. [ dcrly . 

Defordonnernent , ad. difor-,^ 
Defordre , fm. diforder } de4^ 
bauchery. [one out't 

Deibrienter , la. to put 
Defofma'.s , ad. henceforth 
D^foffer, va. to horie ; un- 
bone, [un-rvarp 
Defourdlr , to unravel ;'. 
Defponfation , sf a folemii:, 
engagement of marriage '1 
Defpote ,fm. a defpct 
Dcfpotique, a, 2. defpotic 
Derpotiquement, aJ. defpo 

Defp-tifme ,y/n. defpotifm 
S s deffailir , vr. to diffci\c 
to give up 

D E f 

fTaJfifTement , //«. difpof- 

iTaiionner, va. to manure 
iTaM , e, a. iinfalud 
deiTale,/M. a sharp hladu 
ffalar , va. tofnshen • iin- 
( K^o-Zri. [/^/f 
fr^chement,/?n. a drying. 
ffecher, va. to wither; to 
rain ; to dry up 
flein , fm. dcjlgn ; dra- 
ving ; plan 

leftein , ad. defignedly 
ieficin de , in order to 
fTeller , va. to ur.faddh 
■fferrer , va. to loofcn 
ifTert, fm. defert^ 
ifferte , sf. that which, co- 
nes from the table ; paro- 
chial duty 

jfTervir , va. to clear the 
table ; to do an ill office. 
— unecurci to do paro- 
chial duty 

jfficatif , ve , a. dejicative 
;ffilier,rdi. to open one's 
eyes, [ drawer 

sffinateur ,fm. a defigner, 
sffiner , va. to dcjign ; 
draw ; to delineate 
cHToIer , to unfole 
efTouder, to unfolder 
efToudure , j/. unfoldering 
effouler, r. to make or be 
fbber, [ neath 

effous , ad. pr. under ; be- 
U ^ f below i under 

D E 

Ci-defibus , ad. here under 
Deffevis ^fm. the under part 
Le deffous des cartes , the 
fccret or bottom of an af- 

D E 8r 

Ddtacher, va. to detach ^ 

untie; take off. 
Se — , vr. to loofen ; leave 

off; go off. [fain 

fair ^DetaicheT , takeoffths 

Avoir du deffotts , heworfedWetAil , fm. retail; particu- 
DeiT«s, ad. pr. above; upon] I ar account ; particulars 
Par — , befides , above, over 



Deffus, fm. the top; treble; Ddtailleur,ym. a retailer 

Dcftus du vent, windward. 

Detainer , va. to cut in pie- 
ces ; retail; tellparticulars. 

Ddtaler, v. to shut shop 'y 
fcour off 

weather gage. [vanta[;e DQtzl'in^uer , va. to unbend 
Avoir le — , to get the ad- 

Venir au — , to bring about. 
D eftin , fm. deftiny , fate 
Deftination , sf. —tion; ap- 
pointment, [profperity 
Deftinee , dejiiny ; fate ; 
Finir fa — , to die. [point 
Deiliner, v. to defign; av- 
Deftituable, a. 2. that may 

he turned out of his place 
Deftitue , e, <z. defiitutc; de- 

Deflitiier, va. to depofe] 
De/litution , sf. depoftng 
Deftru<5l€ur , trice , /. def- 


De{^ru£lIon, sf. — tion, ruin 

Deiunion , difunion; vn- 

riance. [ vide 

DeTunir , vd!. difunite ; dl- 

Sg ' , vr. to fall out ; 

come afundtr 
De'tackement , fm. detach- 
ment ; difengagement ; im- 
partiality^ . 

Deteindre , to difcolour 
Se — , vr. to lofe its colour 
Deteler, va, to unyoke; un- 

team. [ down 

Detendre, to unbend; take 
Detenir, to detain 
Detente, sf a trigger 
Detention, — tion; drtal- 

ning. [clean 

Detdrger , va. to purge ; 
Deterioration, sf. — tion; 

wafte. [fpo'd 

Ddteriorei* , va. to wafie ^ 
Determination , sf — tion 
Determine , e, a. bold, for- 
Determindment , ad. ahfo- 

lutely ; boldly; pofitively. 
Determiner ,. V4. to deter- 

mine ; refolve 
Se — , vr. to be refolved 
Deterrer , va. to dig out of 

the grave; to difcover 
D eterreur ,ym. a dlfcoverer 
Deteriif, ve, a, detsrfva 

Si D E . 

Deferrable , a. 2. detiflaUc 
De-eftablement, ad, abomi 

Deteflation , sf, — tlon 
DeteiU'r , ya, to dcteji, ahhor \ 
Detignonner , to pull the 

cap oj^ 
Detirer , to draw out a fivff' 
Detifer , to rake out the fin. 
Detsnation, sf. — tlon 
Detoner, vji. to 
Detoner & fulminer , to 
expdfrom minerals the vo- 
latile p'arts 
Deiordre, va.untwijl; fpraln 
Detorquer , to wrefi 
Deforfe , sf. a fprain 
Detortiller, va. to untwiji 
D trouper, to unJloppU 
Detoupillor.ner, ro unjlep 
Detour , fm. winding ; by- 
way ; way ^bout ; fetch 
Detourner, va. to turn afide; 
■wr?Jl; cmbc-^Tl-; dijfuadei 
deter ; divert ; avert 
Se — , vr. to go about; have 
Detrafter, vn.sofumdcr. [off 
Detrafteur ,//;:. Jlandercr. 
Detraction , sf. — tion , 

Detraquer, va. to put cut 

of order', to feduce 
, D^trempe , sf. watfr-colours 
Dctremper, va. to dilute; 

to foftenjied 
Detriment, y;/?. ■ — meat, lofs 

D E 

Detroit, /?«. flraits ; deflh j 

DciTOir.per, va. to undeceive 
Detioner ,, to dethrone 
DdtroufTer , so untuck ; rifle 
D e;:rou{l'eur , fm. a robber 
Dctruire, va. to deftroy 
Se — , vr. to fall to ruin 
'D^n^ , sf. debt 

a(n:Jve , a deb* due to us 

paffive, a debt owing 

to others. 
Devaler, v. to let dov/n 
Devallferj.rrt. to rob. [cede 
Devanc^r, to out-firip ; prc- 
Devancier, e , / prcdeccffor. 
Devant , ad. pr. before ; 
ovcr-againfi. [fence 

Par-devant , pr. in. the pre- 
Ci-devant, ad. formerly 
D evant , fm. fore-part 
Dcvantiere, sf a riding 

Devanture, a fore-work 
Devaftatior , — tion 
Devailer , va. to Icy.vnajie 
Developpement , fm. unfol- 
Developpcr, va. to unfold 
Deveair , vn. to become 
a iien , to come to no- 
Deventer, va. to efckew the 

wind; to shiver a fail. 

Devergonde, e, a. shame- 

hfs. ^ [bolt 

DeverroulIIer , va. to un- 

Devsrs , pr, towards, about. 

D E 

P?r devers , pr. by. 
Dev^tir, va. to Jiiip \ un 

drefs ; deprit'e 
Se — , vr. to direji one's fel 
Devider, va. to wind toj\ 

skain. [ skaif^ 

Devideur , fe ,/ that wiigi 
DsvidQir ,fm, arecl,fp 
Deurt , mourning 
Grand devil, deep mourn 
Petit deuil , fecond mourn 
Porter le deuil , to mourn 


Devin ^ e ^ f. a conjurer / 
Deviner , va. to divi ^ 

gucfs. ^ [ 

D e vi nerefle , .<•/. a div 
D ev'ineur ,fm. diviner; c 

Devirer, vn. to recoil 
Dev»s,/wi. efiimate of a hi 

Difvifager, va. to disfigi 

thsface. if^ 

D'evife , sf. device ; mottt 
Deveiement , fm. Icofen^ 
Devoilement, unveiling l 
Devoil^r, va. to unveil ; 

veal. [ tit\ 

Devoir, fm. duty; a bo^ 
Devoir, va. to owe; to b{ 

mujl ; be bound 
Devole, sf. the having 

trick at cards, [sfcheatl 
Devolu ^ Q y a. devoir eSi 
D evolu , fm. Upfe. 
Devolut, divolution 
Devolution, sf, — tion 

D I 

vorant , e , <z. devouring^ 


vorateur , fm. a dsvourcr 

voter , va. to devour ^ 

onfume ; brook 

-ies livres , to pore night 

nd day upon books 

vox , e , a, s. devout j 


iTotement, ad. devoutly 
otion , sf. — tion ; dij- 

ofal. [ nefs 

oucment, Jm. dcvotcd- 
,^ouer , va» to devote i 
'cau. [neotu 

roye, e, a. afiray ; crro- 
^ples devoyes, cant-urn- 
•rs. [ hion-p.'ece 

.in-devoye , car^t-faf- 
coyeiTient de Teftain , 
arlng of the fashlon-pU' 
r. [ err 

/•oyer , va. to miftead i 
iteronome ^fm, — nomy, 
IX , Deuxieme , a, 2. 
vo ; fccond 

ixiemement, ad.fecondly 
cterite , sf. — rity ; skill 
Ure , the right hand 
ble , fm. devil 
I diable , wretchedly had 
blement, ad. devilishly 
blsrie , sf. witchcraft ; 
'.vilish trick 

Ibleffe, a shrew 

ihlotin , fm. a little devil 
bio tin , mi\en. top fay- 

D I 

Diabelique, <r. 2. diaholi- 
cal. \_hclically 

Diaboliquement , ad, dia- 
Di aeon at, fm. deaconry 
Diaconeffe, sf diaconefs 
Diaco, fni. a deacon in the 

order of Malta , 
Diaconie, sf deaconship 
D'izcre ,fm. a deacon 
Dlademe , a diadem 
Diagonale, sf, a diagonal 
Diagonalemsnt, ad. — nally 
Dlale^e , fm. dialed 
Dialefticien , a logician 
Dialeftique, sf. diahciick, 

logick. [g^ies 

Dialoglfer , va. make dialo- 
Di&Iogifme ffm. — gifm 
Dialogifte , f. — gifi 
Dialogue, yJn. dialogue 
Diamant , a diamond 
D^amantaire , a lapidary 
Diametral, e , a. — tral 
Diametralement , ad. dia- 
Diametre jfm. diameter 
Diane, sf. the reveille^ a 

heat of drum j morning 

Diantre , fm. the deuce. 
Diapalme, diapalma 
DiapaCme , diap a fm^ perfume 
Dlapafon , —fen, 8th in 

Diaphanc , a. 2. tranfparent 
Diaphaneite , sf, tranfpa- 

rency. [ging 

Diaphoi^tique , a, 7., pur- 

D I 85 

Diaphragms , fm.- midriff 
Du'pre, e, a. diapered. 
Dlaprure , sf diapering 
Diarrhea, diarrhoea y lask 
DJat^ique , a. 2. diatonick 
Diftarr.e , fm. dittany 
Difiateur. dictator 
Diclature , j/. diciatorshlp 
Di£lee, diciamcwy what is 

dictated at one time 
Dicier, va. to diciate', prompt 
Diaion , .'f. diclion ; Jiylc 
D!Ci:ionnaire,y;;j. dictionary 
Di£ton , common faying 5 

Didaiftique, a. 2. didacUsk* 
Diefe , Dieiis , fm. diejh , 
\ Diete , sf. diet. [sharp 

DI£U,/m. GOD. 
Diffiimant , e, <2. defaming , 

Diffamateur, fm. a defamer 
Dlffamation, sf calumny 
Diffamatoire , a. 2. d^fa'• 

D', va. defame, /lander 
Difieremment , ad. diffe- 
Difference, sf difference 
Differencier , va. to dijiin- 

Different , fm. variance 
Different , q , a. different 
Differ er , v. to differ ; delay 
Difficile, a. 2. difficulty 
hard , crabbed, [d/ffculty 
Difficilement , ad. with 
Di&i<iuiti i sf difficulty^ 

S4 D I 

Difficultueux , fe, a, tx- 

D'.fforme,^. 2. ml'shapen 
Difformer, va. to deform 
Difformite , sf. deformity 
Diffus , e , a. dljfufe 
Diffufement, ad. diffufdy 
Difruflon , sf.fp reading 
Digerer , va, to digeji , dif- 

Digefilf, ve , a. digejiivc 
Digeftion, sf. digejiion 
Digltale y foxglove 
Digae , a. 2.. worthy 
Dignement, ad. worthily 
Dicnitd , sf dignity 
■Dllon , fm. fiolk , jhff 
DigreiTion , sf. digrefjion 
Digue, a. dyke 
Dllaceiatlon , dilaceration 
Dilatation , widening 
Dilatatoire, fm. dilator 
Dilater, va. to dilate 
Dilatoire , a. 2. making de- 
Dilayement , fm. delay 
Dilayer , va. to ufc delays 
Dileftion , sf, — tion , love 
Diligemment, ad, diligen- 
Diligence , sf. diligence ; 
carefulnefs ; flage 'machine 
Diligent , e , a. diligent 
Diligenter, vn. to hajien 
Dimanchc , fm. Sunday 
Dime , dixme , sf. tithe 
Dimenfion , dimenfion 

D I 

Dineur , dixmeur , fm. a 

tither, [leJJ'en 

Diminaer , va. to diminish , 
Diminutif, ve, a. dimnutivc 
Diminutif,y7n. a diminutive 
Diminution , sf, —tion 
Dimlffoire , fm. dimijfory 

letter. [brafs ware 

Dinanderie, sf. all forts of 
Dinde , fm. a Turkcy~hen 
Dindon,y^. a Turkey-cock 
Dlndonneau, a Turkey-powt 
Dindcnniere, sf. a country 

dowdy I a turkey-keeper 
Dine , diner , fm. dinner 
Dinee, sf the dinning place 

on a journey 
Diner, vn. to dine. [der 

Beau dineur ^ fm. ahighfec- 
Dioc^fain, a diocefan 
Diocefain , e , a. of a bif- 

hop's diocefs 
Diocefe , fm. diocefs 
Dioptrique , sf. dioptricks 
Diphthongue, a diphthong 
Diplome ,fn. a diploma 
Dire , va. to t^ll , fay , mean 
Se dire, call one' sfdf 
Dire, fm, what one fays ^ 

faying, ^ [fay 

A votre dire , hy what you 
Bien dire , fm. elegance of 
DitQ£i,e, a. direct, [fpecch 
Direfte , sf. tenure in capite, 
Direfiement , ad, directly 
Direfteur , trice , /. direHorj 

Dijsdipn , sf dirselion 

D I 

pire(n:oire,yOT. ruhrick 
Dirlger, va. to direct 
Bien-difant , who fpcdks w< 
Difceptatlon, J-/, difputati 
D ifcernement, fm.judgmn 

Difcerner , va. to difcern 
Difciple , fm. difciple ; pu^ 
Difciplinable , a. 2. docilt 
Difcipline, sf. difciplin 

Difcipliner,v^. to difciplir. 

to chafiife. [tinuat 

Difcontinuatlon, sf difct 
Difcontinuen, v^. todifcc 

tinue y to ceafc ^ 

Difconvenance , sf, dl^ 

greement ; inequality 
Difconvenir , vn. to di^ 

gree ; to difown 
Difcordant , e , a. dijfoni 
Difcorde , sf. difcord . 
Pomme de , a bone 

Difcorder , vn. to jar 
Difcoureur ,£& , f a talk 
Difcouvifj vn. to difcour^ 

talk idly 
Difcours ^fm. difcourfc 
Difcredit, dif credit 
Difcret , e , a. difcreet 
Difcretement , ad. difcreei 
Difcretion, sf. — tion 
Jouer une , to play^ 

Difculper, va. to cxculp\ 
Difcuriif, ve, a. —five 


D I 

)ircuffion, sf. difcnjfion j 

)i( cuter , va. to dlfcufs 
/;fert, e , a. copious ; elo- 
quent, [f^^'y 

Hlertcment, ad. at large; 
ii'ette, sf. want; fcarcity 
'iTcrteux , fe , a. needy 
Mleur , {q , f. a teller 
'ifgrace, sf. difgrace ; mis- 

Mgracid, e, a. deformed ; 
homely ; ou: cf favour 
' lacicr, va. to put out 
jay our 

; acleufement, ad. difa- 

:cahly. \_oTcsnbU 

1 acieux , fs , ad. difa- 

iCi^ation , sf. — tion. 

'indre, va. to disjoin 

T^nclif, ve, a. disjiinciive 

; fK^Vion^ sf. disjunciion 

ocation , bone out of 

. 'nc 

.:quer, va. to dijlocate 

arare , sf. impertinence 
.,>arite, difparity 
•i'paroitre, vn. to difap- 
r-ctr. _ [five 

;:-nd:eux, fe , a. expen- 
jenfateui-j/Tz. a difpcnfcr 
,;nfation, sf — tion 
jonfatriccj difpofer 
■ pcnfe , difpcnfation ; li- 

'.enfer, va. to difpenfe 
■'-ih ; to difribute 
-■i-'^vlQi , to difpcrfc 

D I 

Difperfion , sf difperfton 
Difpos , a. m. active ; mmhlc 
Bien ou mal difpofe, e, well 

or ill affecied. [ he ovtr 
Difpoler, va, to difpofc ; ma- 

Se , vr. to get ready 

Difpofitif, ve, a. preparatory 
Difpolition , sf. — -tion ; dif~ 

pofal : genius ; good-will 
Difproportion , — -rio.i 
Difprcportionne , e , a. dif- 

Difproportionner , va. to 

Difputable, a. 2. difputahle 
Difpute , sf. quarrel 
Difputer , va. to difpute 
Difputeur 5/772. a wrangler 
Difquej disk; quoit 
Difquifition , sf. — fion 
Diffcftion, sf. — tion 
Difiemblable, a. 2. unlike 
Diliembiarice , sf unlikenefs 
D i Mention , dijj'enfon 
Difiequer, va. todijfccl 
DiB'iqneui^J'm. an anatomift 
D-fTertation , sf — iix>n 
Diffimilaire, a. 1. dijfimilar 
Dillimulateur, trice ,f dif- 

DilUmulation , sf —tion 
Diffimule , e , a. d'Jj'embling 
DifTiinule, e^f. dijjcnibler 
Difiinnuler , va. to dijj'cmble; 

to take no notice of 
Difiioateur , tricQ , f fpend- 

thrift _ 

Dilfipation^ sj, ^-^tion 

D I 8r 

Diffiper, va. to dijjipate ^ 

quash, [filf 

Sq . ^ vr. to relax one's 

Diflolu , e , ii. dijfolute 
DiiTolubb, a. x. dijoluhlc 
Diflblva'-t , e, a. dijfolving 
DifToIvant , j'm. a dijj'ohent- 
DiiTolumcnt , ad. lewdly 
DiiToIutif, ve, a. dffolvsnti 

difjclvahle. [lewdmfs 

DifTolution , sf. diffolutioni 
Dlflonance, dijfonance 
DiiTonanta, e^a. difcordant- 
DifToudre , va. to dijjolvc 
Diffaader , to d'jfuade 
DlfFuaiion , sf. — jifln 
D .. ii y 1 1 a b e , /tz . 'iijfy la h k 
Diftance , sf. di (lance 
Diftantj c, a. remote 
Diilendre, va. to dijiend 
Diftenfion , sfjl-etching 
Diftillateur , /ot. a dfiillef 
Diftillation, sf dlfiilling 
Di^iW'^t , di/iil; puiile 

one' s brains 
DiftiiKft, e, a. difiincl 
D'.fti: ftenient , ad. — ly 
Dlftlnaif , ve , a. dfiinclivt 
Diftin£lion, sf' — tion 
Diflinguer, va. to dijiinguish 
Diftique yfn. a di filch 
Diftvaftion , sf. feparaiion i 

a'-> fence of mind 
Diftrairc, va. to feparati y 

to divert from ; to diffuade. 

Efpiit diftrait. 


D.i^iibuer , va. to difiributc 
Djftnbutsur,/?ri. —-butir. 


D I 

I)iftrlbutif, ve , a. — hutlve 
Diftribution, sf. — hation 
Diftiibutrice , she difpenfer 
'D\^x\et,fm. difirici 
■D it, faying 

IDlton , Jecond ( in mujick ) 
Divaguer , vn. to ramble 
Divers , e , a. diverfe 
Divcrfement , ad. diverjly 
Divei filler , va, to diver Jify 
Diverfion , sf, diver fion 
Diveiflte , diverfity 
Divertir, va. to divert; erti' 

ki^le ; recreate 
DivertJfTant, e, a. diverting 
Divertif^.ement , fm. dlver- 
Jlon ; emhewUmer.t ; enter- 
tainment ajter a play 
Dividende , dividend 
Divin, e, a. divine^ 
Divination , sf — tion 
Divinement, ad. divinely 
Divinite, j/. divinity; deity 
Divinifcr , va, to defy 
Divifer, va. to divide 
Diy'ifeur , fm. a divider 
Divifibiiitd , sf — lity 
Divifible , a. 2. divifiblc 
Divifion, .'/. — fon; difu- 
nion ; fquadrcn. [ana 

Divorce, /;«. divorce; vari- 
Diuretique, a. 2. diuntic. 
Diurnal , fm, daily prayer- 
Diurne, a. Z, diurnal 
Divulguer , va, to divulge. 
Dix, a. 2. ten, [the month 
Ls dix du mois , the unth of 

D O 

Dlxieme, a. 2. tenth 
Dix:eme,/«. a tenth part 
Dixiemement, ad, tenthly 
Dizain , fm, a flanip. of ten 
Dizaine , sf, ten. [verfes 

Dhen'iQT yfm, a tithing-man. 
Docile, a, 1, docile 
Docilement, ad. docilely 
Docilite , sf docility 
Do£re , a, t, f. learned 
Doftement, ad. lecrnzdly 
D odleur , fm, a docior 
Doftoral , e, a. docloral 
DoS^otatyfm. docior's degree 
Doftrine, sf. docirine 
Se dodiner , vr. to pamper 
Falre dodo , to fie&p , 'a chil- 
dish word) 
Allcr fairs dodo , to go to bed 
Dodu , e, a. plump 
Dogmatique, a. 2. — tical 
Dogmatiquement , ad. dog- 
Dogmatifer, vn, to teach 
magiflerially , V'f^'' 

Dogmatifeur, yr;?. a dogma- 
Dogme, dogmii; tenet, 
Dogre", dogc,cr-hor.t 
Dogue , a dog , a mafliff 
Dogucs d'amure, holes of 

the chtfirees 
Se doguer, vr. to hutc 
DogUin , Syf a whelp 
T>o\gt,fm. a finger 
Doigt de vln , a little wine 
Doigtier, a sag about afore 

Dol , fraud 


D O 

Doleance, sf. complaint 

Dolemment, ad. moanfull^ 
Doient, e, a. doleful 
Doler , va. to plane 
Doloire,j/^ plane; trufs 
Domaine, /?7z. domain. \ad: 
Doras , a cupola 
Domefticitd, j/. the being i 

Domeftique, a. 1, domcjiit 
Domeftique ,fm. dome/lie o. 

a houfe ox family 
Domeftiquement , ad, ftrv'v 

Icly ; familiarly 
D OTniciie,fjn,dn'clling-kouf 
Se domiciiier , vr, to fettl 

in a piace, [rulini 

Dominant, e, a, reigning 
Domms.teuT f fm. ruler 
Domination, sf. dominion 
Dominer, vn. to rule;pre- 

Oraifon dominicale 

Lord's prayer 
D©mmage,yCT. damage 
Domrnageable , n. 2. damth- 

geable ; hurtful. 
Domptable, a. 1. tameable 
Dompter , va, to fubdue ; tt 
. tame 

Dompteur ,yffz. conqueror 
"Don , a. gift 
Donataire,/ donee 
Donateur , trice , f. a donot 
Donation , sf. a grant ; dccc 

of gift 
D one , c, therefore , then, 

sf th 

D O 

on don , sf. a plump jolly 

on jon , fm. a turret 
L»nne, sf. dialing at cards 
ijnner , va. to give ; to fa- 
ther on i deal , engage; 

onneur , fe , f. a giver {in 
.1 I'jght fcnfe) [wkom 

oi't , pro. whereof ; of 
onzelle , sf. a young gentU- 
v^omany ( by way of rid i- 
oracle , gilt head, [ciilc) 
orenavant, ad. henceforth. 
orer , va. to gild 
occur ,fm. a gilder 
, loter , va. to fondle 
J niar;td'un cordage, y?an- 
dirrg part of a rope 
"' -reur yfe,f. ajleeper 
'.{v: , vn. to Jleep 

: ralr , fm. flceping 
ormitif , ve , a. f foporific 
or^lr , fm. a pafiry cook's 
brush. Ifnts 

.rophage , greedy ofprc- 
ortoir, dormitory 
uruie , sf gilding 
OS , fm, back i fides 

OS d'ane , shelving on both 
^''c y sf. a dofe 
d; T, va. to proportion the 
iii-^redients of a medicine 
oiCisr^fm. the hack of a 
fat or coach -y the head- 

'>:ird of a bid 
! ore 5 sf. ridgeband 
t : , a portion ^ dowry 

D O 

DoieffVa. to endow ; por- 
DomLive,fm. jointure, {tion 
Douair'iere, sf. a dowager 
Douane , cujiom-houfe ; duty 
Douanier , Jm. a cujlom- 
• hoiifc officer 
Doublage , sheating. [ful 
Double , a. 1. double ; deceit- 
Double , fm. tivo-fold. 
Mettre en double » to fold 

in two 
Double d'une manoeuvre, 

bight of a rope 
Doublement, ad. doid^ly 
Doubler, va. to double j to 

line ; multiply 
Doublet, fm. falfe fione ; 

doublets ( at dice ) 
Doubion , a doubloon 
Doublure, sf. a lining 
Douceatre, a. 2. fweetish 
Doucement, ad. foftly; gen- 
tly; pretty well 
Doucereux, fe, a.fweetish; 
precife. [ted beau 

Un doucereux, ym. anaff'ec- 
Faire le doucet , to look de- 
Doucette, sf. a prim woman 
D ouceuv ^ sf fweetncfs ; foft- 

nefs ; mildncfs ; profit 
Douceurs, fivcet things; 

flattcrinir cxpreffions 
Douche , medical pumping 
Douer, va. to make afittU- 

msnt ^ to endow 
Douille , sf a focket 
Douillct, te, a. foft; nice . 

D R 87 

Doulllet, /m. a felf-lover 
Douillettemcnt, ad. tenderly 
Douleur , sf pain ; ciki ; 

grief [youfly 

Doulourcufement, ad.grie- 
Douloureux , fe , a. painful; 

forr awful; tender 
Doute , fm. doubt ;fear 
D outer, vn. to doubt 

Se , vr. to fufpc^ 

Douteufement, ad. dubioufiy 
Douteux, fe, a. doubtful 
Douve, sf. pipe-ftaff, fide- 

Doux, a. m. Douce, a, f^ 

fweet; mild; cafy 
Tout doux , ad.foftly 
Douzaine, sf. a do^en 
Poete a la douzaine , a fcuT'^ 

vy pott 
Douze, a. 2. twelve 
Le douze du nriois , Me 

twelfth infant. [twelves 
Livre in-douze , a book in 
D ouz\emQmznt,'e Ifthly 
Douzieme , a. 2. twclfk 

— , fm. twelfth part 

, sf twelfth ( in mu- 

Doyen , fm. dean ; fnior 
Doyenne , a d can try 
Dragee, sf fugar-plum% 

fmall-shot ; meflin 
Draeeoir , yTrz. a comfit-box 
Dragoon , a fucker 
Drageonncr, r.-z. to shooi^ 

forth fucktrs 
Dragme 3 sf. a dram 


D R 

Dragon , fm. drtfgon ; tcrma- 

r^ant ; dragoon. 
Drague , sf. grains {after 

brewing) ; drag 
Draguer , va. to dreg 
Draiile d'une voile d'etai , 

sf. a flay fail's flay 
Dramatique , a. 2. dramatic 
Drap , fm. clcth ; sheet 
Drap mortuaire, a pall 
JDrapeau , a pair of colours ^ 

a rag; a clout 

Draper , va. to hang with 

mourning j to mill fioc- 

l^ings ; to jeer ; to make 

cloth. [drapery 

Diaperie, sf doth trade; 

Drapi3r,y»2. a woolUn-dra- 

per; a cloth-maker 
Dreche, sf malt 
DrefTer, va. to makeflrait ; 

to raife ; to train up 
DrefTer, vn. to fiand on end 
Se — — < , vr. to rife ;fland up 
DrefToir ,fm. a fide'board 
Drille, a fellow 
Pauvre drille , a poor wretch 
Driller , vn. to fcour away 
DrifTes , sf haliards y gears 
Drogue, a drug; a forry 

Drogman , fm. interpreter 
Droguer , va. to phyfic 
Droguerie , sf drugs 
Droguet,ym. drugget 
Droguier, a virtuofo's cabi- 
net ; a drug box 
Droguifte , a druggifi 

D U 

Droit, e^a.flrait; r/?ht i 

ffl \ • 

Droit, fm. right ; law ; claim; 

fzc ; tax ; equity 
Droit, ad. flrai: ; dire&ly 
A boa droit , juflly 
A tort on a droit , right or 

Droite, sf the right hand 
A droite, ad. on the right 
Droiteraeut, uprightly; wi- 
fely ; fincerely • 
Drnitier,e, a. right-handed 
Droiture, sf uprightmfs 
A droiture, en droiture, ad. 

directly; fir J it 
Diole, a. 2,. drol; funny 

de corns, a comical ot 

queer fellow 

, fm, fellow 

Droiement , ad. comically 
Drolerie, sf drollery; mer- 
Droiefle, a we'jcA. [ry trick 
D:omadaire,/m. dromedary. 
Droffe de racage, sf parrcl- 

Droffe paries courans , dri- 
ven with the currents 
Drouine, sf. a tinker's hag 
Drouineur ,ym. a tinker 
Dru , e , <J. fiedged ; brisk 
Druide , fm. a druid 
Du , due ; duty 
D u , art. fome ; of the ; from 
Du moins , ad. at leafl 
Dubitation , sf. — tion 
Dubitative, a.f. — tive 
DuCjfm. duke; horn-owl 


D U 

Ducal i e , a. ducal 
Ducat, fm. ducat 
Ducaton, ducatoon 
Duche , duchy 
DucbeiTe, sf duche (fe 
Ductile , a. 2. malleable 
Duftilite, sf. mallcabiencfs 
Duel , fm. a duel 
Duellifte, a. dnellifl 
Dulre, vn. to fit or pleafe 
Dulclfier , va. to dulcoratt 
Dulcin^e , sf. fweet-heart 
punicr.t, cd. duly 
Dunes, sf. downs 
Dunette , poop 
Duo, fin. a duet 
Dupe, sf. a dupe ; huhhle 

Duper , va. to dupe ; to guli 
Duperie, sf. fraud , cheat 
Duplicata,ynz. a duplicate 
Duplication , sf — tion 
Dupllcite, — city; doubi 

Duplique , sf. rejoinder 
Duplicuer , va. to rejoin 
Duquel, pro. of vAom y <^j 

■which , whereof 
Dur , e , d. hard ;firm; tougt 
Dur d'oreille, dull of hea- 

Durable ^ a. 1. laflir.g ; 
Durant , pr. during '>l 

Durant que , ad. whilfi\ 

. v^hen 
Durcir, v a. to harden; to dull 

Se , vr. to grew hard 

D ure , sf ground ; floor 



E B 

•dtie, sf. duration; conti- 
nuance ["fi^If- 
\.\>:emsnt,ad. hard ; harsh; 
lu er , vn. to lafi ; hold out; 

uret , te, c. fomcwkat hard 
uretd, sf. hardnzfs ; harsh- 
ncfs ; tou^hnefs ; cruelty 
uretes , hard words 
'jr ill on i fm. callofity 
izr-ilonnei:, vn. to grow 

j!;1, fm. a quill (^ for a cask) 
uvct, dowri 
uvereux, fb y a. dovmy 
ynaftie , sf. dyaajly 
ViTenterie , bloody fux 
yfurie , dyfury. 

.AU , sf. watsr 
i_ douce t fresh water 
. ve5 eaux , fpring-tides 
ortes eaux , neap-tides 
lux d'un vaiffeau , wake 
cf:z ship 

ebahir , vr. to wonder 
jcihiffement, fm. wondc- 

'at , diverfion. \merry. 

jattre , vr. to make or be 
luche, sf. a sketch 
i-;her , va. to sketch 
-choir, y'ra. chijfel ; Lit- 


'y^, sf. ebb , ebb-tide 
.'Cne J ibony 


Ebenler, /ot. an ebony-tree 
Ebeniile , a cahinct-makcr 
Eblouir , va. to da-r/Je 
Eblouiffement , fm. da^yjing \ 
i-borgner , va. to put out an i 

eye; to blind \ 

Ebouillir, vn. to boil down I 
Eboulement , fm. falling 

down ( of a bin' ding ) 
Ebouler , vn. to fall down 
Eboulis , fm. rubble 
Ebourgeonnement, pruning 
Ebourgeorrner, va, to prune 

vines , trees 
Ebouriff^, e, a. difordsred 

with the wiT:d 
Ebranchenient ,y;?z. lopping 
Ebrancher, va. to lop off" the 

branches. [shock ; fear. 
Ehr RvAemsnt , fm. shi:king ; 
Ebranler, va. to shake 
S'cbranler, vr. to move ; give 

Ebi echer , va. to notch 
Ebrener , to turn a child dry 
Ebriilade , sf. a jerk 
S'ebrouer , vr. to fnort 
Ebruiter , vn, to divulge 
S'^bruiter, vr. to he talked 

of; to take air 
Ebullition, sf. bloth; rant 
Ecachement, fm. bruifing 
Ecacher, va, to crush : ;:; 
Ecacheur d'or, fm» gold 

Ecaiile, sf.fcale; skel 
Ecailld, Q , a.fcaly 
Ecaiiler , v. tofcak y uafcaU 

E C S^ 

S'^cailler , vr. to peel off^ 

Ecaiiler , fm. oyfkr-ma% 
Ecailleux , fe , a.fcaly 
Ecale , sf. a shell 
Ecaler, va. to shell 
S'ecaler , vr. to come ojT 
Ecarlate , sf. fcarlet 
Ecarlatin , fm. fcarht-cyder 
Ecarcuillement , Jpreadin^ 

Ecarquiller les jambes , va». 

to Jpread the legs 
Ecart,fm. ramble; cardJt laid 

out; fcarf. \_afidim. 

A I'ecart , ad. in a hy place j 
Ecarteler, va. to quarter 
E carter, to difpirfe ; miflead^. 

difcard ; avert 
S'dcarter , vr. to ramble ; 

fwerve ; to lofi. \ tic 

Eccldiiaftlque, a. 2. ecclcfiap 

^fm. church-man 

Eccleilaftiquement , ad. ec-^ 

Ecei'veld , e, a', hare-brained 
Ecbafaud , fm. a fcaffold ^ 

E c h a f au d a g-e , ^'J a^o I ding 
Echafauder, vn. tv fca^old: 
Echalas, fm. a prop for a. 

vine ; a pole 
EcbalafTement,^'^?. p^opping;^ 
Echalafier, va. to prop a vine. 
Echalote , sf. a shalot 
Echancrer, va. to cur f oping; 
Echancrure, sf. ajlope 
Echange , fm, exchange ^ 


H iij 

^o E C 

Echanger, va. to exchange ; 

Echanfon , fm. a cup-hearer 
Echanlbnnerie, .'[/". the king's 

wine cellar 
EchantUIon , /tz. /ample ; 

pattern ; fcantlinos 
Echantillonner , va. to exa- 
mine hy the jirtndard 
Echappatoire, j/I a com>Df\ 

a shift 
Echcippee, a prank 
Par (fcH apples , by girds and 

Echappee de vue , sf. a vifio 
Ecliapper , va. to t.Jcape \ let 

fall , forget one' j f elf 
EcViarcie , sf. fplintcr 
Eckardonner, va. topiill out 
I the thifiUs 
Echarpe , sf. afcarf\ a. fling 

for the arm. {turn coat. 
Charger d'dcharpe ; to he a 
Echarper, va. to fash. 
Echa. s ^ventj) ,fm. shifting 

EchafT:? , sf flilts 
Ecbaubouii, e, a. full cf 

EchaubC'LiIure , sf a pimple 
Echaude , Cm. wig^fimnel 
Echauder , va. to fcald 
S'dcLauder, vr. to burn one's 

fingers ly illfuccefs in fomi 

affa'r. [ houfe. 

Echaucoir , fm, fcalding- 
EchaufTiiron , sf. an over- 
^ heating of one's feif 

E C 

EchaufTement ^ fm. heating; 

Echaiiffer , va. to heat- 

n/arm ; Jlir up 
S'^chaufFer , vr. to over-heat 

one's flf'y grow angry ; 

EchaufTouree , sf a rash en- 
ter p rife ; a hajjli 
Echauffure , red pimple 
Echauguette, a watch-tower 
Echeance, expiration 
Echec , fm. check ; lofs 
lenir en ^chec , to keep in 

Echec & mat, chechmate 
Echecs , chefs 
Echslette, sf.n little ladder 
EchcUe , a ladder; a fcale ; 

a trading fea-port town 

on the Levant 
dc rubans , afiomacher 

of ribbons 
Echelon, /ot. a ladder fiep 
Echeniller, va. to clear of 

Echeoir , Echoir, vn. to ex-^ 

pire ; fall due ; fill out 
Echeveau, fm. a skain 
Echevele , e, a. dishevelled 
Echevin , fm. a skcri^ 
EchcviiTage , sherif^il.y 
E chine, sf. chine -y f pine 
Rchinee , a chine , {of pork) 
Echiner , va. to break the 

back ; to knock on the 

Echiquet^ , e , a, chsckend 


Echiquier,yw. a chefs-hoar, 

En ^chiquier, checker-wife 
Echo./rf. an echo 
Echonietrie , sf. echometry 
Echoppe , flail ; flat gravei 
Echouage , fm. the teir. 
Jlranded. [grounc 

Echouement , fm. runni.ig 
Echouer, vn. to run agroum 
. to mifcarry. [ ou 

Echu , e, a. expired \ falU 
Ecimer , va. to cut the top i 

a tree 
Eclabouffer, to fplash 
Eclabouffure , sf the din c 

water one Is plashed with 
Eclair, fm. lightening 
Eclaircle, sf. clear f pot in 

cloudy sky 
Eclaircir, va. to clear; clar. 

Jy; thin ; inform; unfold 
S'eclaircir , vr. to hecon 

clear; to inform one's fe 
Eclairciflement,/?72. e.vpi:*;. 

tion ; hint. [foms rna;- 
Homme a », a quarrel 

Eclairer , va. to light ; tn 

lightcrt ; fparkli ; watch 
Eclanche , sf. a leg [ofnrut 

ton ) 
Eclat , fm. fplendor ; bright 

ncfs; clap; uproar; burfl 

Eclatant , e , ^. shining 

bright ; tranfcettrdent 
Eclairer , vn. to burfl; crack 

exclaim ; fitter 

E C 

Iclatar de rire , to hrtak out 

into lauehtir 
Lclipfe,^/ eclipfe 
'.clipfer , va. to eclipfe 
'< '(^cllpfer , vr. to vanish away 
Icliptique, sf. the ecliptic 
'.cliCCe, a /plirzt; ckeijc-\at; 

fide of a lute, &c. 
.clifier , va. tofplint 
.cloppe, e , a. lame 
dorre , vn. to be hatched ; 

to blow 

clufe , sf. a f nice , dam 
cluf^e , (Inicefull of water 
cofi ai , fm. a cutting-hoard 
coldtre, fchoolmajlcr, reHor 
cole, sf. afchool 
colier, e , /.' afcholar 
conduire , va. refufc ; shift 


conomdit ^ fm. /iewards hip 
conome , a. 1. s. faving ; a 
fiewcrd. [ order. 

con 017) is , sf aeon amy ; 
conomique , a. 2. oe;ono- 


— — — , fm. economics 
conomiquement , ad. fru- 
conomifer , va. to ufejpa- 

ringly ; to manage v^ell 
copCy sf. afcoop. [out fide 
corce, ha-k; shell; peel; 
corcer, va. to peel 

ecorche-cu, ad. againfithe 

corcher, va. to flay; to 

gall; to exact upon 

E C 

Ecorclierie , sf fiaughter- 

houfe ; cut-throat place 
Ecorcheur , fm. a flayer ; 

ex ^ Her 
Ecorchure , sf excoriation 
Ecore , a flc&p shore 
Ecorner , va. to break the 

horn ; curtail 
Ecornifler, to fpunge 
Ecorniilerie, ^f fpunging 
Ecornifleur, fe, / afpunger 
Ecoffe , sf Scotland 
Ecofier, va. to shell 
Ecoffeur, f?, f he or she who 

are shelling 
EcofTols , fe , a. J. Scotch 
Ecot , fm. fcot\ club; com- 
pany ; reckoning 
Ecotards , chain-v;alis 
Ecoud , e, fl. crop-tailed 
Ecouer , va. to dock 
Ecouets, fm. tack 
Ecoufle J a puttock 
EcouIement,j?<5M'i/i^ j illapfe 
Econler , vn. to run out 
5/ecouler , vr. toflide away 
Ecourter, va. to crop 
EcQutant , e , c. j. hearer 
Ecouter, va. to hear; Ufien; 

to mind 
Ecoute, sf aprivateplacefor 
^^ liflening. 
Etre aux ecoutss, to he on 

the watch 
Ecoutes, sheets ofaf^il 
Ecoujteur ^fm. a liflener 
Ecouteux , a. skittish 
Ecoutille, sffcuttU; hatch 

EC 91 

Ecoutillon , fm. fmall hatch- 
Ecouvillon , maulking; drag 
EcouviJlonner , va. to fweep 

with a maulkin or drag 
Ecran , fm. a fcrecn 
Ecrafcr, va. to crush ;fquash 
Ecremer, to fleet milk 
EcreviiTs, sf craw-fish ;lob» 

fter; the fign cancer 
S'ecrier , vr. to cry out 
Ecrin ,fm. a jewel-box 
Ecrire , fm. to write. 
Ecrlt yfm. a writing 
Ecriteau, a bill 
j^critoire, sf. an ink-horn 
Ecr iture , writing ; fcripture 
Ecrivain ,fm. a writer ; pur- 

far of a ship 
Maitre ecrivain , a writing' 

Ecrou , fm. nut of afcrew 
Ecroue , sf. afcroll 
Ecrouelles , the king's evil 
Ecrouer, va. to enter into the. 

gaoler's look ; to deliver by 

fc rolls 
Ecr oulQtnent , fm. falling in 
Ecrouler , vn. to shake down 
S'ecrouler » vr. to fall down i 

to give way. [crufl. 

Ecrouter, va. to cut off the 
Ecru , e , a. raw, {offilk and 

thread ). [piece. 

Ecu , fm. a shield; a crown- 
Ecubiers , hawfes 
Ecueil , a rock ; fund 
Ecuelle , sf, a porringer 


E C I 

le de cabeftan , sf. 
Ecuellee , a porringer full 
Eculer , va. to tr^ad down 

at the heel 
Ecume , sf. fcum ; froth ; 

foam ; drofs 
Ecumer, va. tofoam\ to skin 

> les mers, to infcH the 

Ecumeur de mer, fm. a 

Ecumeux, fe , a. frothy 
Ecumolre , sf. a skimmer 
Ecurer , va. to fcoiir 
Ecureail , fm. afjuirrcl 
Ecureur , a tom-turd 
Ecnr eufe , sf. chair-woman 
Ecurie , JiabU ; equipage 
EcuiTon , fm, an efcutcheon 
EculTonner , va. to ingr/ift 
EcuiTonnoir , fm. grafting 

Ecuyer, efquire', gentleman of 

the horfe j ridin^-maflsr 
Ecuyer de cuiline, head-cook 
Edente , e , ^, toothlcfs 
Edenter, va. to break a toothy 

a notch , &c. 
Ed.fiant, e, a. edifying 
Ediilcateur , fm. a builder 
Edification, sf — tion, im- 
provement '^ edifying 
Edifice, fm. edifice; building 
Edifier, va. to edify y impro- 
ve ; pleafe 
Edit, fm. edici 
Editeur , an editor 

E F 

Edition , sf. edition ; Imprsf- 

fion. [ tion. 1 

Education , — tion ; inftruc- 
Edulcoration , fwcetning 
Edulcorer , va. to fweeten 
Effagable, a. 2. that may] 

he effaced, [out ; blot out [ 
Effaccr , va. to efface ', ftnke \ 
Effa.qure,sf blot;dash;crofs . 
Effare , e , a. feared \ 

S'effarer, vr. to he feared j 
Eftaroucher,r^. to fright ^ to ' 

difgujl; to ftartic j 

S'efFaroucher , vr. to grow 

W'ld or fierce. [tnal. \ 

EfFeftif, ve , a. — tive, ^ffcc- ' 
Effeiftivement, ad. really. 
Efte<ftuer , va. to effeci 
Eifemine , s , .'Z. effeminate 
Effdminex , va. to effeminate 
Effcrvefcence, sf. ebullition 
Effet , fm. effeci; deed 
En effet, ad. really 
En efFet , c . and indeed 
Pour cet effet, ad. to that end 
Effeuiller, va. to firip of 

Efficace, a. 1. efficacious 
-— — , sf efficacy 
Elticacenient , ad. (ffeHually 
EfE^-acite , sf. infiu^nce 
EfHcient , c f a. iffcicnt 
Efngle, sf. effigy 
Efii^ier, va. to execute in ef- 
E fKIe , fm . fringe. [f^y ■ 

Eitile,e, a.JIender; unwouv^n. 
Effiler , va, to unwcaye ; to 


E G 

Ef^anquer, va. to make lean 
EfHeurer , to glance on 
Efrondrer, to break open ; to 

draw a fowl; to fink 
S'efFond:er, vr. to fink down 
ExTondrillss ,y/72. grounds 
S'tfTorcer, vr, to firive; t<y 

do one's endeavours 
Effort, fm. effort y attempt i 

EfTracLion , sf burglary ' 
EiTrayant , e, a. frightful 
EfFi'ayer, va. to frighten 
Effi-en^ y e , a. unruly 
Effroi , fm. frioht ; terror 
Eflfronte ■, Q , a. shamelefs 
Effronte , e , /' brazen face 
EfFiOnteinent, ad. impudent' 

ly, [ impudence* 

EfFronterie, sf. effrontery \ 
EfFroyabIs , a. 1. frightful 
EfFroyablement, ad. fright' 

fully ; horrilly. 
Effufion , sf effufion ; over' 

Egal , Qy a. s. equal; even 
Egalemsnt , ad. equally ^ 
Egaler, va, to equal; to make 

even ; to compare 
S'(f galer, vr. to compare one*sit 

fclf. [ i^qaaL 

Ev:i\i{atiQn,sf making share. 
Egallfer , va. to equalife 
Egoiite , sf. equality ; even 

Egard,/h. r^ga-d; refpeB fans egards , w6# 

regards nobody \U 




EG ] 

I'egard, pr. in comparlfon 
of; as for. [ K'i/i. 

gare , e , a. ^vandcring ; 
garement,^'^. ^olng out of 
the way ; wandering 
garer , va. to miflead; to 
n'flay a thing 
c ;;>rer , vr. to lofe one's 
v/iy ; to wander 
gayer , va. to enliven ; 
' .^ , sf. Jupiter's shield 
n.tier ,fm. eglantine 
e , sf a church , 

^;a2, an eglogue 
h'-rXQ J a hand-fa-jv 
: ■ qrer , va. to cut the throat; 
■'o fliughter 

j joliller, vr. to make one's 
tkrjat fore by vociferation 
'i^^yat ^ fm. running of wa- 
t:^s ; common fewer ; fink 
outter , vn. to drain 
dgoutter , vr. to drain 
^outtoir, fm. a drainer 
^ratigner , va. to fcratch 
5;ratigneur , fc , f. fcrat- 
cher ; pinker 

;ratignure , sf. a fcratch 
^ravillonner, va. to ungra- 
vel. [ grain 

Tfener , to shake cut the 
jrillard , e , a. fprightly ; 
mettlefome. [pond 

^rilloir, fm. a grate in a 
grugeoir, /?7z. a grater 
^ruger , va. to grate 
jrugeure , sf grating 

E L 

Ej^ueuler, va. break the gul- 
let of a pot, &c. 
Eguillettes, sf.knittles 
Egullleter unnalan, tofrap 

a tackle 
Eguillots , fm. pintles 
Egyptien , ne , /] a gypfy 
Eh i int. ah I alas ! 
Ejaculation , sf. — tion 
Ejaculateur,y;72. — lator 
Ejaculatoire, a.z. — latory 
Elaboration , sf. — tion 
Elaguer,vrt. to lop, to prune 
Eiaricement, fm. pungency : 
shooting of a pain ; ejacu- 
Elancer, vn. to rush upon; 

to shoot forwards 
Elaris, fm. jerk; leap ; rap- 
ture, [leafe; extend 
Elargir, va. to widen; re- 
ElargivTement ,7^. en'arge- 
ment ; releafe. [piece 
Ehrgiffare , sf. widen in g- 
Elafticit^, — city 
Elafiique , a. 2. elafiic 
Elef^eur , fm. an elector 
EleiSlit , ve , a. elective 
FAe^lon , sf. — tion; choice 
Eleftora! , Ic , <?. — r.^/ 
EIe£J:orat, yrj. eleclorship 
'Eled::icc , sf. eleciorefs 
Ele^lricJte , — city 
ElsiTcuaire , /wj. an electuary 
Elegamment, ad. elegantly 
EI'fo;ance, sf elegance 
Elegant , e , a. elegant 
Elegiaque, a. 2. elegiac 

li.egie, sf. an elegy 
Element, ym, element 
Elemsntaire, a. 2. — tary 
Elephant, y?7z. an elephant 
Elevation , sf. rifing ground; 

preferment ; front view 
Eievatoire, y/7z. elevatory 
Eleve , a pupil 
Elever , va. to raife. [proud 
S'elever, vr. to rife; grow 
Elevure , sf pimple ; hlifierm 
Elider , va. to make an elifion 
Eligible , a. 2. eligible 
S'elimer , vr. to be worn out 
Elingue, sf. flings 
Elingiier, va. to fling 
Elinguets , fm» pawls of a 

Ell re, va. to elect ; choofi 
Elifion , sf elifion 
Elite, choice 
Elixir , fn. elixir 
Ellc , pro.f she , her; it 
Elles , they ^ them 
Ellipfe , sf ellipfis 
Eliiptique ,3.2. — tical 
Elocution , sf — tion 
Eloge , fm, elogy , praifc 
Eloip'nsment, removal ; ah" 

fence ^ d< fiance , averfion 
Eloigner, va. to remove; to 

delay ; to alienate 
Elonger un vaifTeau , to lay 

along fide of a ship, [ly 
Eloquemment, nd. eloquent" 
Eloquence, sf. eloquence. 
Eloquent, e, a. eloquent 
Elu ,Qy a. eleclsd; chofea 

54 E M 

Un elu , fm, an elect 
Eluder , va. to elude 
Ely lee , fm. elijtum -■ 
Email , fm. cnamd 
Emailler, va. to cnarnel ' 

Eraailleur, fm. an eramcUer j 
Ema'iilui'c , sf. enamelling 
Emanation , ijfuingfrom 
Emancipation , — tion 
Emanclper, va. to emanci- \ 

pare; to ft fee 
S'emancipet , vr, to taki too , 
much l.hzrty j 

Einaner , vn. to emanate ; to | 
proceed frcm. [s^-'' 

Emhabouiner, va. to invci 
Einbaliage , fm. packing 
Embal'er, va. to pack up 
Emballeu;- , fm. packer ; ro- 
S'embar.fjuer , vr. to ccme\ 

on a fishing bank 
Em b a- cation, sf j craft 
Eniba'd^e , sf. yaw -f lee lurch 
Einbarder , vn. to yaw or 

fleer ohVoudy 
Embargo , fn. an embargo < 
Emharqiu-rrent , embarka- 
tion -y unclertak'ini 
Embarquev , ■>-«. /o embark, 
Emba'-'a^ , fr^. enzbar: ajj'- 

ment ; '■rouble; craved 
Embarraffant ^ ^ , a. trou- 
ble- fame 
EmbarraiTer , va. to emhnr- 
ras ; to incumbe, ; perplex 
EnibiUvher, to hire ; n^coy 
Embducheur , fm^ a recruiter 

E M 

Embaumement, fm. embal- 
ming. I to perfume 
Embaumer, va. to embalm • 
EiTibe-jjuiner , to mufle up 
Embeliir, to embellish 

, vn. to grow kandfome 

EmbclliiTement , fm. embel- 
Embefognd, e , a. bufy 
Emblaver, va. to fo-'A> with 
corn. [on fit 

D\.'niblee , ad. at the f.rfl 
Ernblematique, a. i. — tical 
Embleme , fm. an emblem 
S'emboire, vr. to f oak in 
Emboifer, va. to coax 
Emboifeur, fe, / a coaxer 
Emboitement ,ym. jointinpr 
Err^baiter , va. to joint ;fet in 
ExTiho liar s, sf. a joint 
Embonpointj^yTO. good cafe 
Emb.-idurer , va. to frame 
Emboffure , sf. a fpring 
Embouchement , fm. mou- 
Emboucher , va. to bit a 
horfc; to j^ive one his cue 
S'emboucher , vr. to dif- 

charg: {as a river) 
Embouchoir , fm. a boot-tree 
Embouchure , sf. a river's 
mouth; a hit; a mourh 
pi''ce. Ian anchor 

Err.boudinure , puddening of\ 
Embnu'juer , vn. to enter in 

a flraizht 
Embourher, va. to put into 
the mire cv mud 


E M 

Emhourrer, va. to (luff" 
Embourrure , sf fluff' 
Embourfer, va. to pocket up 
Embraqucr, to fling 
Embrafcment , fm. confla~ 

grar.ion; commotion 
Embrafer , va. to fet on fin 
EmbrafTade , sf embrace ; hut 
Embra(rement,yOT. embrae$, 
Embraf/er , va. to embrad^jj^^ 

to comprehend 
Embrafiire , sf. embrafurei 

Embrener , va. to befoul-": 
Embrocher, to fpit t 

Embrouillemer.t , fm. con* 

fuflon ; intricacy 
Embrouiller , va. to perplex; 

to intricate 
Embrumd, e, a. fo^gy 
Emhry on , fm. embrio. [n 
Embuche , sf embush ; fn 
Embufcade , amhufcade. 
S'emburquer, rr. to lie 

Emeraude , sf. emerald * 
Emerillon , fm. merlin ; h 

ge fishing hook 
Emciillonne, e, a. fprig, 

tly ; m.erry 
Emeruon , sf. ew.erflon 
S'emerveiiler , vr. :o wondi 
Em^tique , a. emetic] 
Emcute , sf uproar 
Emier , va. to crumble 
S'emier , vr. to crumhle 
Emigration , sf. —tion 
Emlnemment, ad. eminene^^\ 

E M 

nlnence , sf. emimruc; 


ainent , e , <i. eminent i 

imminent ; high 

linentiffime , a. 2. moji 


nCz'ixs, fm. an emiffary . 
fion , sf. eje&ion 
■alUoter , va. to fivath 
incher , to haft 
ancher , vn, to enter in 

ancheur , fm. a Hafter 
, narine, e, a. hardened 
n fca-fervicc 

nenagem2nt , fm. the 
urnishing of a houfe 
mm^nager , vr. to provide 
ine's felfwlth furniture 
mener, va. to carry away 
menoter, to handcuff 
mieller , to fweeten. with 

miellure , sf ointment 
'or horfcs. [up 

mitoufler, va. to muffle 
mortaifer , to mortoijc. 
muleler, to munlc 
oilient , e , a. emollitnt 
oX'amsv.t^fm. emolument 
ondloire, emunciory 
onder , va. to prune 
otion , sf emotion ; infur- 

oucher , va. to rid of flies 
ouchet , fm. musket-havA 
ouchetts", sf. a horfe- 
loth to keep off the flies 

E M 

Emouchoir , fm. a fly-flap 
Emoudre , va. to prind ( kni- 
ves ^ &c.) 
Emouleur ,fm. a grinder 
Eaioufler, va. to blunt ' 
Emoiivoir , to movej affect; 

Empail'er , to bottom chairs 
with Jiraw ; to pack up in 
flraw. [mender 

Empaiileur , ie , /. chair- 
Empaiement , fm. empaling. 
Empaler, va, to empale 
Empan ^fm. afpnn 
Empaqueter , va. to make 

into a bundle^ 
S'emparer, vr. to fei\e 
Empatement, fm. haCe of a 

EM 5j^ 

Empetrer , va. to intangU 
Emphafe, sf emphc^fes 
Emphatique , a. 2. — tical 
Emphatiquement , ad. — ti" 

Empleter, va. to incroach 
EmpifFcein-int , fm. guttling 
Empiffrer, va. to guttU ; cram. 
Empiler , to pile up 
Empirance, sf deficiency of 

Empire , fm. empire ; com^^ 

Empirer , va. to make worfc 

, vn. to grow worfe 

Empirique , fm. a quack 
Empl^CQtncv.t , fm. fite ; feat; 

ground; place 

ii.mpiatre . 

f. a plaijltr. 
bargain ; pur- 


Empater , va. to make gluish ^inplette 

Empature , sf. fcarf ,/\ chafe 

Empatimer, va. to grcfp ;\f£^iTe Qm^lcttQ^^ , tohuy 
wheedle Empllr , va. to fU 

Empechemcnt , fm. liindran" ^ 
cc ; impidiment 

Empecher , va. to hinder 

S'cmpecher, vr. to forbear 

Empeigne , sf the upper lea- 
ther of a shoe 

Empenneller , va. to hack 
an anchor 

Empenner, to feather 
EiTipeieur,y?72. an emperor- 
Emperage, ftarchlng 
Ernpefer , va. to fiarch 
Empefear, fe ^ f. aftarcher 

Emploi , jm. nfe made cf any 

tging ; employment 
Employer, va. to ufe ; to 

EiTipIumer , to feather , to 

pen {a fpinnct y &c. ) 
Empocher, to pocket up 
Empoigner, to gripe; grafp 
Empois J fm. fiarch 
Empoifonnement, poifoning 
Empoifonner, va. to pcifcn; 

to infect ; to put an ill con" 

firuciion upon 

Ernpefter , va. to injecc; caufe ^ Empoifonneur , fc , f. a pot- 
a horrid fmelL in a place 1 foner 

5)(^ . , E M 

Empo"iffonnemenr,_/^. Jloc- 

hing a pond wuhjish 
Empoiflonner , va, to Jiock 

a pond with fish 
Emporte, c ,a. s. pajfionate 
Emportcme nt , fm. pajjion 
Emporter , va. to cany 

away; toexcd; to prevail; 

to obtain. ip^''^'-^^ 

S'emporter, vr. to fly into a 
Empreindre, va. to imprint. 
Empreinte, sf. irnprcjfion 
Empreffe, e, a, eager; in 

Empreffement,^^z. ea^trnefs 
S'empreiTer, vr. to he eager 
Emprifonnement ,fm. impri- 

fonment. L/^^ 

Emprifonner, vh. to impri- 
Emprunt , fm. borrowing 
Emprunter , va. to borrow 
Emprunteur , fe ,f. borrower 
Empuantir , va. to caufc an 

ill fmdl; to befiink 
Empyree , a. empyreal 
Emu , e , d. niovid 
Emulateur , fm. a rival 
Emulation , sf. emulation 
EmLile,y772. a rival 
Emiilgent , e , «. emrdgcnt 
Emulfion , sf. emu! f on 
En , pr. in , into , of 
En avant, ad. forward 
En tant que , as 
D'en bas , from below 
Encablure,j/ia cable's length 
Encager, va. to cage ^ to lay 

by thi hmls 

E N 

Encaiffement ,fin. putting in 


Encaiffer, va. to pack up ; 

cafe, ' [ auction 

Encan , fm. publick fale ; 

S'encanailler , vr. to keep 

low company 
Encaper , vn. to embay 
Encaquer, va. to barrel up 
Encadele , a. hoof-bound 
Encaftclure , sj. the being 
hoof-bound. [ into 

Encaftrer, va. to fit ; to fit 
Encavement , fm. lowering 
into a cellar. [cellar 

Encaver, va. to put in a 
Encaveurj/w. a winz-porter. 
Enceindre, va. to inclofc 
Enceinte, sf. inclofure, cir- 
— f — , a. with child 
Enc^ns y fm. incenfe ; praifc 
Enceniement, cenfing 
Encenfsr, va. to cenft ; to 

Encenfsur ,/•;:. a flatterer 
Encsnfblr, a ccnfr 
Enchainement , connection 
Enchainer , va. to chain; 

Enchainure , sf. chair. ; links 
Enchantement,y/7. enchant- 
ment ; any thing very cu- 
rious and beautiful 
Enchanter , va. to enchant; 

charm ; to delight 
Enchantereffe , sf. forctrefs 
Enchant£ur,/a, a magician 

E N 

Encliaperonner, va. tohooc 

a hawk 
EnchafTer, to enchafe 
EnchalTure , sf. enchafing 
Enchere , auction ; outbid- 
Encherir , va. to out-bid 

excel ; raife the price of 
Enchirir , vn. to rife in pric 
Encheriflement, J'm. rifin\ 

in price 
Ench^riiTeur , outbidder 
Enchevetrer, va. to halter 
S'cnchevetrer , vr. to entan 

gle one's fdf in a difficulty 
Enchifrener , va. to fio^ 

with rheum 
Enchifrenement, /ot. afio^ 

page in the head 
Enclave , sf a boundary 
Enclaver, va. to inclofc 
Enclin, e, a. inclined 
Encloitrer , va. to cloyfii 

up ; to confine 
Enclorre , to inclofc 
Enclos , fm. an inclofnre. ' 
Enclouef , va. to nail up ^ 
Enclouure , sf. a prick im 

horfe's foot ; a difficult 
Enclun\e, an anvil ji 

Encochement , fm. not 

Encocher, va. to notch 
Encoffrer, to lay up in 

Encognure , sf. a corner 
Encoiure , the chefi of 

horfcj looks 
i Engombrcmeftt 


E N 

-.combrement , fm. the in- 
c::nbra7icc of a ship 
icombrer , va. to incumber 
icore , ad. yet ; again ; 
even ; bcjldds 
ijore que , c. although 
uragement yfm. encoit- 
. arap^er, va. encourage 
co-rir , vn. to incur 
. ..rtiner , va. to clofe 
h curtains 
JAqv , to daub 
a Her , vr. to gro%v 

■y ; '"fiy 

:e , sj, ink 
cx\zx, inkhorn 
;rer , va. to put into 

lopedie, sf. cyclopedia 
ite, e, a. indin'.ed 
L tter , vr. to run in debt 
devd, e , a. mad 
sndeve de voir , it makes 
him mad to fee that 
diabie , e, a. bedeviled 
dive , sf. endive 
idoclriner , va. to infirucl 
dommager , to er.dam.ivc 
'.dormsur , fm. a whcedler 
idormir, va. to lull ajlcep ; 
to coax ; to hen..mb 
jndormir , vr. tof^llajleep 
idoffement , fm. endo.fe- 

\ioKer,va. to endorfe ; to 
put on 
idoffeur , fm, an endorfer 


Endroit, fm. a place ; a bit; 

thi right fide of a fluff 
Endulre, va. to do over 
Enduit , fm. plaifisring 
Endurant, e, a. patent 
Enduicir , v.?. to harden ; 

inure. [^nefs of heart 

EndurcifTement , fm. hard- 
Endurer , va. to endure 
Energie, sf. energy 
Energi/jue , a. 2. encgical 
Enerc^iquement , ad. ener- 

Energumene,yi a demoniac 
Enerver, vn. to enervate 
EnTaiter, to cove'- a houfe 
Enfarice , jr/^ infancy ; chil- 

Enfant , /. a child 
Enfantement , fm. bringing 

forth a child 

Enfanter , va. to bring forth 

Enfantillage, y/;z. childiih- 

Enfantin , e , <7. chddish 
En-ariner , va. to makewhite 

with meal 
Enfer y fm. hill 
Enfernier, v.i. to shuf ; to 

inclofe; to comprehend 
Sentir reaf^rm 


EN •» 97 

Enfin , ad. in fine ; at lajl 
Enflammer , va. to inflame^ 

to fet in aflame 
Enflechures , sf. ratlings 
Enfler, va. & n. to fwelL 
Enflure , sf a fweU-ng 
Er.foncement, /m. bottcmi 

hole ; breaking open 
Enfonce, e , a. immer/ed ^ 

Enfoncer , va. to break openi 

to thrufl in ; to fink 
S'enfoncer , vr. to plunge 

one's ftlf wholly into ; to 

Enfongure, sf. boarded bot- 
tom of abcdflead ; a hollow 
Enfoicir , va. & n. toflreng- 

then; to gather firength 
Enfouir, va. to hide in the 

Enfourcher, to bfflride 
Enfourner . to put in the oven 
Biea ou mal enfourner,ta 

be3:ln well or ill 
Enneindre, va. to infringe 
S'enfroquer, vr. *o turn monk 
S'enfulr , to run away ; to 

Lak out 
Enfumer , va. to befmoak 
to fmell) Engageant, c, a. engarrmg 
^Engagement, fm. — menti 

Enferier, vc. to run through 
EnfJade , sf. a range of 

chambers j a long infipid 

Enfilcr , va. to thread 'y to 

firing -J to go through 

mortgage ; inllftlng 
Engager , va. to induce -, in» 

ifi; mortgage ; engage 
S'engager ,' vr. to inVfi\ hire, 

one's felfi run in dibf, in* 

•58 E N 

Engainer, va. to sheathe 
Engcance, sf. breed; fpawn 
Engelure, chilblain 
Engendrcr , va. to engender; 

produce ; beget 
Engerber, to hind up Into 

Engin , fm. an engine; tool 
Engloutir , va, to /wallow 

up ; to fquande"- away 
Engluer , to dawb with bird- 

Engoncer, to cramp; confine; 

firaitcn. [coaked up 

Engorgement, fm. a being 
Engorger , va. to choah up ; 

to objirucl 
Engouement ^/m. choaking; 

infatuation \fondnefs 
S'engouer, vr. to choak one's 

felf; to he infatuated 
S'engoufFrer , to be cngul- 

Engourdir, benumb 
lE.n^ou'cdiffemQnt, fm. numb- 

ncfs ; fliffncfs 
Engrais , paflure ; manure 
Engraiffer; va. to fatten; 

to manure ; to cram 
Engranger, to inn 
Engraver , to run aground 
En gr el are , sf. purl , edging 
Engrener , va. to put the 

corn in the mill-hopper 
En gr offer , to get with ch.'ld 
S'engrum'eler, vr, to clod; 

to coagulate 
Enhardir, ya, (9 mhldin 

.EN I 

S'enhardlr , vr. to grow hold \ 
Enharnachemsnt, fm, har- i 
nefing 1 

Enharnacher , va. to harnefs \ 
Vaiffeauenhuche, a. a moofl- 

shaped ship 
Enjaler une ancre, va. to 

flock an anchor 
Enjambee , sf a firide 
En j amber, v, to firide; to 

project ; incroach 
Enjaveler , va, to bind into 

En'jeu , fm. a fiakc, (at play) 
Enigmatique, a. a. enigma- 
tical. [ tnatically 
Enigmatiquement , ad. enig- 
Enigme, sf enigma; riddit 
Enjoindre, va. to enjoin 
Enjoler, to whezdle 
Enjoleur, fe,/. a wheedler 
Enjolivement , fn. embel- 
Enj Oliver , va. to embellish 
Enjoliveur ,fm. a fetter-off 
Enjoue , e , a. chcarful. 
Enjouement , fm. chtarful- 
Enivrement ^fuddling, [ncfs 
Enivrer, va, to make drunk. 
S'enivrer, vr. to fuddle one' s 

Er,lacement,ym. intanghng 
Enlacer , va. to iritangle ; 
firing. {.grow ugly 

Enlaidir , v. to make ugly ; to 
EnIaidi{rement,yJ72. the gro- 
wing ugly. [ a rape 

Enlevement j a tarrying off; 

E N 

Enlever , va, to lift upj 

carry off; to charm 
Enleviire, sfpufiulc; hUfler\ 

Enluminer , va. to colour 
Enlumineur , fm. a map oi 

print colourer 
Enluminure , sf. colouring 

maps or print 
Ennemi ^ e , f an enemy 
Ennui , fm. tedioufnefs ; vth 

tion ; laffitude 
Ennuyer , va. to weay 
Ennuyeuferaent , ad, «•* 

dioufiy. [fame ; tirefomn 
Ennuycux, fe, a. s. wcari' 
Enoncer , va, to exprefs ; tt 

declare, lont's felf 

S'enoncer , vr. to exprefi 
Enonciatif , ve, a. exprefiivt 
Enonciation, sf. expreffion; 

declaration. [p'^ff^P* ' "'' 

Enorgueillir,va. make proud] 
Enorme , a, 2. enormous; 

huge, Ifurahly 

Enormement , ad. unmeA" 
Enormite , sf heinoufnefs', 

Enquerant, e , a. inquifitivi 
S'enquerir , vr. to inquire 
Enquete, .'/. inquiry 
S'enqueter , vr. to inquire 
Enqueteur ^fm. an inquifitn 
S'enraciner, vr. to take root 
Enrage , e , a. mad; outra* 

Enrageant, e, a. provoking 

E N 

raver , va. to put the /po- 
kes to a wheel; to trig a 


1 ayure , sf. the firjl furrow 
regimenter, va. to inroU 
regifttement,yOT. regijle- 
'ins ■ recording 
re^V-ftrer, va. to regifler ; 

, record 

imer , to diufc a cold 
'r. amer , vr. to catch cold 
;ir , va. to enrich 
chir , vr. to grow rich 
hiiToment , fm. enri- 

h'nrr ■ embel'.ishmcnt 

ji-msnt , lijiln^ 

oier , va. to Vjl 

ouement , fm. hoarfenefs 
uer, va. to mak-: hoarfe 
, j.iiller , to maki rujiy 
:ouIer , to roll; wrap up 

,-bler , to run aground 
I'icher , to put in a bag 

aifinement, fm. feirjn 
Taiiiner , va. to inveji 
ianglanter, to make blco- 
Iv ; to imbrue 
feigne, sf fgn; token; 
-.lujhr of diamonds 
— , fm. an enfign 
ieignement,/OT. Infiruc- 
'ion ; precept 
feigner , va. to teach 
rcmble , ad. together 
— , fm. the whole 
fcmencer , va. to fow 
:^rvcr^ to shut up; contain 
f*;vclir, to bury , to inter 


EnreveliiTement,/m. burying 
Enforceler, va. to bewitch 
Enforceleur ,y77j. hewitcher 
Enforcellement , bewitching 
Enfoufrer , va. to dip in 

Enfouple , enfuble , sf. a 
weaver's beam. [then 

Enfuite , ad. afterwards ; 
S'enfuivre, vr. to follow 
II s'enfuit, it follows 
Entablement , fm. entabla- 
Entach^ , Q , a. tainted 
Entaille , entaillure , sf. 
notch ; jag. • {^jag 

Entailler , va. to notch ; to 
Entamer , to make the firjl 
cut ; to begin. [ cut 

Entamure, sf cut; the firft 
EntaneiTjent,yOT. a heap 
Entailer, va. to heap up 
Ente , sf. a graft ; grafted 

Entement , fm. grafting 
Entendement , undcrfian- 

ding ; judgment 
Entendre, va. to hear; to 

underfiand; to mian 
Entendu , e., a. knowing; 

well performed. 
Fair€ I'entendu , e , fo ie 

conceited ; ajfuming 
Bien entendu, to he fur e 
Bien entendu que, on con- 
dition that 
Entente, sf. meaning ; skill 
Enter, va, to ^r aft 

.EN 99 

Entdrinement ,fm. a grant 
Entenner, va. to grant 
Entevtcment yfm. a burial 
Enterrer , va. to bury 
Entete, e, a. infatuated 
Entetement,fm. infatuation 
Enteter , va. to affect the 

head ; p nffup . [ fiafm 

Enthoufialme , fm. enthu- 
Enthoufiafmer , va. tranf- 

Enthouiiafte , fm. enthufiajl 
Enticher , va. to taint 
Entier , e , <j. entire y wholes 

complete ; ohfiinats 
Entii^rement , ad. entirely 
Entonnement, /m, the put- 
ting in a cask 
Entonner , va. to barrel up} 

to chaunt 
Entonnoir , y^Tz. a funnel 
Entorfe , sf a fprain 
Entortillement, fm. twifling, 

Entortiller, va. to wind; to 

twiji ; to perplex 
Entourer , va. to fur round 
Entours ^ fm. adjacent parts 
Entr'afte,yr/t. an interlude 
S'entr'accufer, vr. to accufa 

one another [thcr 

S'entr'aider , to help one ano' 
Entrailles, sf. entrails 
Avoir de bonnes entrailles, 

to be companionate 
S'entr'aimer , vr. to love on«^ 

another. [ hurry away 

Entrainer , va. to dra^ j ta 

•,00 E N ! 

S'entr'appelcr , vr, to call 

one another 
Entraver, va. to shackle 
S'entr'avertir, vr. to ^ive one 

another notice 
Entraves, sf. shackles 
Entre , pr. between j among ; 

in. [open. 

Entre-bailler, v. to gnpe ; 
S'er.tre-baifer, vr. to kffs one 

S'entre-battre, to heat one 

S'enrre-blefTer , to wound 

each other. 
Entrechats ,/m. crofs capers 
S'entre-choquer , vr. to hit 

agalnfi one another j tu 

Entre-colonne,"! fm. inter- 
Entre-colonne- > columnia- 

ment , Jtlon. 

Entrecouper, va. to traverfe ; 

to Interfperfc 
Entre-deux,yCT. middle /pa- 
ce ; pa'-tition 
Entre-deux, ad. between 
S'er.tre-donner , to give each 

Entree, sf. entry; admif- 

Jion'y entrance money;firJl 

cou'fe ; duty 
D'entrde de jeu, at the very 

iDans CZ5 entrefaites, fur ces 
entrefaites, in the, mean 

E N 

S'entre-frapper, vr. tojirikc 

each other 
Eritregcnt,/CT. acutenefs 
S'entr'egorger, vr, to cut one 

anathcr^s throat 
S'eiitreheurter, to knock one 

again fl another 
Entrelacemer.t , fm. interla- 
cing', twijl 
Entrelacer , va. to interlace 
Entrelacs ^ fm. a knot 
Entrelarder, v a. interlard ; 

Entreligne, sf. interlineation 
S'entre-Iouer , vr. to pra^fe 

one another 
Entre-Iuire , vn. to glimmer 
S'entre-manger , vr. to eat 
one another. \^S^^' 

Entremeler, va, to intermin- 
Entremets ,fm. a by-dish 
Entremettant, e, a. med- 
dling, [betwicn 
Entremetteur , (q , f. a go- 
S'entremettre, vr. to inter- 

pnfe _ 
Entremife , sf interpofition 
S'entre-nuire, vr. hurt each 
other. [ble 

Entrepas , fm. a broken am- 
S'entre-percer , vr . to run 

th'-o' one another 
Entrepont, yrz between decks 
E 'trepot , a Jiaple 
Entreprenant , e, a. bold; 

Ent eprendre, va. to under- 
take; to attempt; incroach 

E N 

Entrepreneur , fm. underta- 

Enti epris ,e,a.who has loji 
the life of his limbs 

Entreprife, sf. enterpriie ; in- 
croachmcnt. [come in, 

Er.trei , vr.. ro entir ; go in; 

S'er.tre - repondre , vr. toi 
anfwcr onz another 

Entrefabords , fm. intervallsi 
between the ports of a s 

S'entrc-fecourir , vr. to 



each other 
Entrefol , fm. a little roo; 

between two floors 
Entre-rouYcil , the fcace h^t* 

wein the eye-brows 
i S'entre-fuivre, vr. to follom 
1 each other 

! S'entre-railler, to int^rfere^' 
\ Entre-tailiure , sf a cut got 
j by interfering. 
' Entretemps , fm. intermt* 
I diate time 
Entretenement, keeping 
Entretsnir, va. to ho'd to- 
gether; to keep; toc:>nverft 
Entictien ,/ot. maintenance; 
keeping in repair; difcourfi 
Entretoile , sf cut-work 
Entretoife , a crofs quartet' 

of timber 
S'entre-tuer , vr. to kill on» 

Ent. evoir, va. have a glimp' 
fe of; to have a conferena 
S'entrevoir , vr, to vijit each 




"trevue , sf. an intirvuw 
lUi'ovivrir, va. to open half 

une porte , to put a 

door upon the jar 
entr'ouvrir , vr, to open, 
to gape 

ituie , sf. grafting 
nvahir , va. to invade 
nvahiilement, frn. invafion 
iveloppe , sf. a cover 
iveloppement, fm. wrap- 
ping or folding up 
-.veiopper, va. to wrap up ; 
to furround ', involve 
ivenimer , to envenom ; to 
cxafperate ; to fefttr 
iverguer une voile , to 
bend a fail to its y.ird 
ivergure, sf length of the 

ivets , pr. towards; to 
ivers , fm. the wrong fide 

I'envets , ad. the wrong 
fide outwards 
I'envi , with emulation. 
avie , sfenvy ; dcfire 3 mark 
of the mother's longing 
nvieiUi, e , a. inveterate 
ivier, ra. to envy ; to wish 

ivieux, fe, a. s. envious ; 

av'non , ad. pr. about 
ay'itonsjm. adjacent parts; 

nvlronner, va^ environ; 


E P 

Envifager, va. to eye ; view; 

Enumeration , sf. — tion 
Envoi , fm. fending ; envoy 
Bien envoifine , e, a. in a 

good neighbourhood 
Envoler , vn. to fly away 
S'envoler , vr. to wing it 

Envoye ,fm. an envoy 
Envoyer, va^ to fend 
Epaifte , sf. epact 
Epagneiil ,777;. afpanieldog 
Epagneuie , sf a fpaniel 

Epals, fe , a. thick; dull 
Epais , fm, thickncfi , thick 
Epais , ad. thick 
EpaifTeur, sf thickncfs ; thick 
Epalflir , V, to thicken 
EpaifuiTement, fm. thicke- 
Epamprer , va. to unleave 
Epanchement, fm, pouring 

out ; effufion 
Epancher, va. to pour out ; 

to difclofe 
Epandre, to fcatttr 
S'epanouir , vr. to blow ; to 

bloom; to cheer up 
Epanouiffement , fm. blo- 
wing of flowers ; chcarfal- 
nefs. [ heels. 

S'^parer , vr. to fling the 
Epargnant , e, a. ^faving ; 

Epargne , sf, favingnefs ; 
I parfmony 

E P 10 1 

Epargner , va. to fpare ; to 

fave. [ring. 

Eparpillement , fm. afcatte- 
Eparpiller, va. to fcatter 
Epars , e , a, fcatttred; loofk 
Eparvin , fn, fpavia 
Epate, a, (verie) , a glafs 

without afoot 

(nez), a broad flat nofe 

Epave, a. i, flrayed 
Epaves , sf. wreck 
Epaule , shoulder; flank 
Epaulees , girds and fnatches 
Epaulement, fm. shouldi-^ 

Epauler , va. to flip one's 

shoulder; to prop ; to back 
Epaulette, sf. shoulder-piecs 

or Jirap 
Epauliere, shoulder-piect 
Epc aVLti e , fm. fpelt 
Epee , sf. fword 
Epeler , va. to fpell 
Eperdu , e , a. extremely dlf^ 

Eperdument, ad. defperately 
Eperlan , fm. a fmdt 
Eperon , fpur ; ship's beak'* 

head ; huttrefs ; fiarlings 
Eperonnd , e , «. fpurred 
Eperonnier , fm. a fpurrier 
Epervier , fparrow-hawk ; a 

Eph^mere, a. i. ephemeral § 

exifling only afingle day 
Epliemerides , sf. ephemeris 

iEphod, fm. ephod 
Ephgrc, ephorus 

-102 E P 

Epi , fm. an tar of corn 

Epice , sf.fpici 

Pain d'eplce , fm. ginger- 

'Epices y sf. fees. [bread. 

Epicer, va. to fpice 

Epiceric, sf. Jp ices ; grocery 

Epicier , e , f. a grocer 
Epid^mie , sf. tpidemy 
Epidemique, a. 2. epidemical 
Epier , vn. to ear ^ to fpire 
Epier , va. to watch , to fpy 
Epierrer , to clear of ftoncs 
Ep!grammatiftc,y?7z. — tift 
Epigramme, sf. an epigram 
lEpignLphe , evig'^aphe 
Epilepfie, failing-ficknefs 
Epileptique, a. 1. epileptick 
Eplleptlque, f. one troubled 

with the epilepfy 
Epilogue , fm. — gue ^ con- 

Epiloguer, v. to carp at 
Epilogueur , fm. fauLt-jinder 
Epinards , fpina^c 
Epine, sf a thorn 
Epine-vinette , barberry 
Epine du dos , back bone ; 

Epinette , a fpinet 
Epineux, fe, a. thorny; di^- 
Epingle, -v/. <2 ^/n. [cult. 
Epingles , a pair of gloves , 

( a prefnt ) 
Epmglette, priming wire 
Epinglier, e ,/ a pin- maker 
Epiphanie, sf. epiphany 
Epi^ue, d, a, efiek^ heroick 

E P 

Eplfcopal, e, a. epifcopal 
Epifcopat, //«. evifcopacy 
Epifode, an epifode 
Epifodier , va. to epifodii^e 
Epifodique, a. 1. epifodical 
Ep.iTer , va. to fpTue a rope 
Ep\{[o\r,fm. marling f pike 
Epicure, afplice 
Epiftolaire, a. 2. epijiolary 
Epitaphe , sf. an epitaph 
Epithete, an epithet 
Epitome ,yJ72. an epitome 
Epitre, sf. an epijlle 
Eplore , e , <r. all in tears 
Eploye , e , a. difplnyed 

{ in heraldry ) 
Epluchement , /'m. pickir.g 
Epiucher , va. to pick j to 

fift; to lop off 
S'epiucher, louCe one's 

Eplucheur ^ {q , f a picker 
Epluchoir, fn. a basket- 
maker's knife 
Epluchures , sf. pickings 
Epointer , va. to b!unt 
Eponge, sf. a fpon^e 
EpomiWe fjianchio:! ; prop ; 

Epontiller, va. to p'-op; shore 
Epoque , sf epoch 
Epoudrer, va. to dujl 
S'epouffer, vr. to Jical away 
Epouiller , va. to loufe 
Epoufailles, sf. a wedding 
Epoufe, a fpoufc 
Epoufee , a bride 
Epouferj va, to marry 

E Q 

Epouffeter , va. ro dufi; U 

EpoufTettes , sf. a brush 
Epouvantable, a. 2. dread- 
ful, [ribly, 
Epouvar.tablemant, ad. ter-i 
Epouvantail, fm. a bug-bearm 
Epouvante, sf. a fright 
Epouvantement, fm. terror 
Epouvanter , va. to frighten 
Epoux, Jm. a fpoiife 
Epreindre , va. to fquee^c 

Epreinte, sf a tcmfmus 
Epreuve, trial; proof 
Epris, e, a. fmitten 
Eprouver, va. to try 
Eprouvette, sf a probe 
Eptagone , fm. eptagon 
Epucer, va. to flea 
Epuifable , a. jl. that may HEi; 

be exhaufltd 
Epu'fement, ym. faintnefs $■. 

Epuifer , va. to drain ; wajlc 
Epurer , to refine ; to purgt< 
Epurge, sf fpurgi{aplant)\ 
Equarrir , va. tofquare 
Equarrifiage , fm. fquarenefiv 
EquarrifTement ^fquaring 
Equateur, Cijz/aror 
Equation , sf equation 
Equerrage, fm. bevel 
Equerre, sf. fquare ; rule 
Equeftre , a, 2. equeflrian 
Equlangle , a. 2. equiangular \ 
Equidiflant , 6 , d. equidij^ j 

E R 

qu!lat(fral, e, a. equlla- 

r/'jilibre , fm. equiUhrlum 
juinoilial, e , a. — tlal 
: uinoxe yjm. equinox 
quipage, tqi^lpage; ship's 

lijjde , sf. a foolish enter- 
^ :;pement,yra. equipment; 
fitting' out 

■a" per, va. to equip; to 
f out; to man 
.: pet , fm. fmall open 

uipollence, sf equalvaJue 
ipoUent, e , a. equiva- 

;qulpoIlent, ad. propor- 
■^nahly. [vaieni. 

lip. -Her, va. to be equi- 
quitable , a. 2. equitable 
pitablement, ad.jujily 
\\xit6, sf equity 
quivalcnt, Q, a. s. — lent 
quivoque , a. 2. equivocal 
quivoque, sf equivocation 
quivoquer, vn. to equivo- 

equivoquer , vr. to miflak- 
one word for another 
rable , fm. a maple 
rafler , va, to ^ra^e on 
raflure , sf a jlight hurt 
railler , va. to fray 
raillure, sffaymg 
rater, va. to cut the fphen 
re, sf. xra 
refteur, a, ireHar 

E S 

Erection , .-^f. erection ; fian- 

din(j. [^back. 

Ereinter , va. break one's 

Eiefipclle, sf. St. Anthony's 

EigOt, fm. a ccck's [pur 
Erg vfter, va. to cavil; wran- 


Ergotcur , fm. caviller 
Eriger , va. to erc3: 
S'enger , vr. to ft up. 
Eitant, e, a. fraying; va- 

^rant ; wandering 
Errata . /m, an errata 
AUer belie evrc , to ^o at a 

great rate. 
Errer, va. to err; tvandcr 
Erreur, sf an error 
Errond , e , a. erroneous 
Ets, fm.jhch 
Erudition , sf learning 
Emclits yfm. the learned 
Erugineux, f s , a. eruginous 
Eruption , sf. eruption 5 hurfi 

Efcabelle, sf] ^ J ^^ ' 
Efcache , sf. a fcatch 
Efcaclre, ajquadron (of ships) 
Chef d'efcadre, fn. commo- 
dore. [ horfe) 
Efcadron , a fquadron ( of 
Efcadronner, vn. to Jqua- 
ECcaliide , sf. fcalade. (dron 
Efcalader, va. to fcale 
Efcalier, fm. a flair cafe 
Efcalin , skiliing 
Efcamote , sf, a juggler's 

E S 105 

Efcamoter , va. to juggle , 

to palm ; to pilfer 
Efcaraoteur , yi,';. a fJcher ; 

pilferer. [away 

Efcarnper, va. to fcamper 
Efcapade, sf. a prank; fling 

of a horje 
Efcarbillaid, e, a. \ merry ^ 
Efcaibillat , c , a. f brisk, 
Efcarbot , fn. a beetle 
Efcafboucle , sf a carbuncle 
Efcarcelb, sf. a large purf& 
Efcargot , fm. a /hail 
Efcarniouche , sf skirmish 
Efcarmoucher , va. to skir- 
mish. [ misher» 
Efcarmoucheur , fm. skir- 
Ei'czrpe,sf.fca.'-p (of a ditch) 
Efcarpe , e, a. flap 
Efca; pernci t , fn. declivity 
Efcarper , va. to cut fi^^2 

Efcarpins , fm. pumps 
Efcarpolette , sf a Jiving 
Efcarre , flough ; efchar ; gap 
A bon el'cient, a^. willinglyi 

in good earneft 
Efclandre , fm. a difajlcr 
Efclavage ,flcvery , bondagi 
Efclave , /. a f.-ife 
Efcocher la paiC , v. to pat 

the dough 
E'coffion , fm. a woman's 

Ef'cogiiffe , a fpunger 5 a 

shabby fellow 
Efcompte, a difcount; di-'^ 


104 E S 

Efcomptar , va. to dlfcount 
Elcop , fm. a sheet . 

. a main , /coop 

Efcopette, sf. a fen of ca- 

Efcopetterie, a volley 
Efcorte , an efcort ; gUiird 
Efcorter , va. to efcort ; 

Efcouade, sf. the third part 

of a foot company 
Efcourgee , a fcourge 
Efcourgcon , fm. annel-corn 
EfcoufTe , sf. a fpring in 

runninr, or leaping 
Efcrime , fencing ; tilting 
Efcrimer , va. to fna ; to 

tilt j to difputc , debate 
S'efcrimer de,vr. to dahbU in 
Efcrimeur ,ym. a fencer 
Efcroc, a sharper i plftrtr 
Efcroquer , va, to trick ; 

Elcroquerle , sf. sharping ; 

Efci'oqueur , ie, f. a shar- 
per ; a pilferer. [ pipe. 
Efophage, fm. the iveafand 
Efpace , a fpace ; difiance 
Efpaces imaginaires , va- 
cuum ', fpace 
Erpacement , diflance ; fpace 
Efpaccr, va. to dijlancs 
Erpaci.on,y77z. a two handled 

fword j a ftvord-fish 
Ei'pale, sf. the firji feat of 

rowers in a galley 
Efpalier , an hidgi-row of 

E S 

fruit-trees ; the frji rower 

in a galley 
Efpalmer , va. to grave a 

ship J- to careen 
Efpatule , sf. afpatula ; flice 
Efpcce ^fpecics; kind 'y cafe 
Efpcces , coin ; goods ; forms 
Payer en efpeces fbnnantes, 

to pay in cash 
Elperance , sf. hope, hopes ; 

trufi. [pea 

Efpercr, va. to hope ; to ex- 
Efpiegle , a. a, s. waggish ■ 

a wag 
Efpieglerie , sf. afrolick ,• <i 

waggish trick 
Efpion , fm. afpy 
Efpionne , sf. a fpy 
Efpionner, va.tofpy 
Efplanade , sf. a parade 
Efpoir , fm. hope 
Efponton, fponton; half-pike 
Efputyfpirit j mind ; genius ; 

wity mot-ve ; ghoji; foul 
Le Saint-Efprit, the Holy 

Efquif , fm. skiff ( a boat) 
ECqullIe, sf. JpHnter {of a 

broken hone ) 
Efquine, ahorfe's back 
Erquipot,y7H. barber's mo- 
Efquiffe , sf. a sketch 
Elquiffer, va. to sketch 
Efquiver , to efchew , avoid 
S'cfquiver, vr. to fieal away 
Efl"ai,yJ-^. <^jj ay, proof ; trial i 

tajh •) fpicimm 

E S 

ElTaim , fm. fwarm 
Eflaimer, vn. to fwarm 
Eflanger, va. towetfouUin- 

ncn before washing 
Effarter , to grub up 
ElTayer , to try; attempt 

tajie. [metali 

Effayerie , sf. the ajfaying o^ 
Eilayeur , fm. affayer. [an i 
Effe , sf. any piece of iron lih 
Effence , cf'ence ; nature, 
Effentiel , le , a. eJJ'ential 

real. \_poin 

L'elTentiel , fm. the mail 
EiTentiellementjdJ. — tially 
Effov,fm. flight ; foaring wj 
Effoicr j vn. to f oar 
Effcrer , va. to air ; to day 
EiToriller, to cut off the ear 
Eff'juflQT yto put out of breath 
Effui , fm. drought; drying 
Efiuie-main, a towel. [plac< 
EfTuyer , va. to wipe; to dr^ 

up ; to bear ; endure 
EVi/fm. eafi 
Edacade, sf. a Jlaccado 
EfrafTe , contrihution-mone^ 
Euafrette, a courier; exprej. 
Ellaflier ,fm. abodyfuoimat 
Eftaiilade, sf flash ; rent 
Eflafilader, va. to flash 
Eilame , sf. fpun-wool wor- 

Efiampe , print , cut ; flamp 
Eftamper, va. to ftamp ; cm 

Eftimable , a. a. eflimahk 
Ellimateur , fm, an appraife, 

E S 

ilimation, sf. — tlon; efii- 
matc. [ ty 

ftimanve , difcerningfacul- 
ilime, cjhcm; value 

— du chcmin d'un navire, 
eflimation of a ship's courfe 

i^imer , va. to efl:em ; to 
appraife j to reckon 
flive , sf, trimmm?, a ship 
ic , fm.JIock i Uncage 
: caie , sf. a thuji, [dun 
^cader , va. to tiU; to 
mac,y?77. tke/lcmach 
riji citomaquer, vr. to refcnt 

i1j ade , sf an alcove 
!(i ittre I'efL.a-'s , v. to /com 
ittexii sd'cd-L ads, fm. fours 
;lragon , terragon {an h::b 
^ramagon , th: eds^c (.fa 
fahe ; a cut over the hcid 
(Irartng .inner , vn. to play 
ot fight wi.'h .7 I ah re 
Urapade , sf firappado 
iLtapade.-, va. to give the 
fi' appado 

ftraper, to now thcJiukhU 
ftrapontin ,y^. a crlckit 
3r(| ftrop , fl op 

— de i ame , grummet cf 
flT oar 

ftroper une poulie , va. to 
fir op a hLck 

ftropiat , fm. a lame beggar 
la, ftropie , e , /: maimed body 
ftropier , va. to lame 
fturgeon,/^. afiurgeon 
t, c. and 
tablage , fm. fiabling 

E T 

Etable , sf cow-houfe ; ox- 

fia'lihog-JIy {b!e,^c. 
Etcibler, va. to put in afia- 
Etahli, fm. shop-board j joi- 
ner's bench ; hank of a 

printing- p'cfs 
Etablir , va. to efiablish i to 

appoint ; to ajj^crt 
S'etablir, vr. to fettle 
EtablifTcment , fm. efiablish- 

ment ; jcttlem.ent 
Etage , a fiory ; degree 
Etai , afi,^y 

Etaic , sf. a prep , fupport 
Etaim ,fm. ca-ded wool 
Era'n , p.'wt.r. [sh,:w 

Elalage , falling; farr.pU ; 
Marec eiale , a. the highifi 

of the flood 
Vent —— « ^fettled wind 
Etaler, va. to hang out for 

file; to make parade of 
Etaleur,y5;z. a fiall bovkfcl- 

ler , &c. 
Etalier , a fiall butcher 
Eralingue ou dtalingure , sf 

EtaLnguer un cabb, va. to 

clinch a c.ibi:. [ dard 

Etalon ^ fm. afiallion ; fan- 

• Eialonrement , the marking 

by thf fi.indard 
Etalonner , va. tofiampwith 

a public mark 
Etalonneur ,fm. officer ^ ap- 
pointed to mark meafuns 
Etambbrd, a flern-p^fl 
Et^mbrm, partner of a mafi 

E T lOf 

Etamer , va. to tin over 
Etamine, sf bolting cloth ; 
Eumme, tinning, [famine 
EtcLnchement, jm.fianching, 
Etancher , va. to fianch ; 

flop ; quench ; dry up 
Etangonner , va. to prop 
Etang,yCT. a pond; lake 
Etape, sf a fiipli ; fiore- 
hotife ffoldicr's daily allo- 
Etap'ier, fm. cfflcir appoin" 
ted to give the foldias al- 
Etat,fiat:; lifi ; efiimate 
Faire etat, to depend on ; to 
haveavalu: for; to fuppofc 
Etau , fm. fiall ; vice 
Etayement ^fi'^ying; shoring 
Etayer , va. to fupport ; to 
Ete , fm. fummer. [fiiy 

Etcig^ioir, extinguisher. 
Eteindre , va. to extinguish; 
to put out 

la chaux, to kill lime 

S'eteindre , vr. to go out 
Et.ndard, fm.fiandard ; ban* 

ncr ; colours 
Eiendoir, a printer's p eel 
Etendre, va. ex.end; fpread; 
to fir etch. [fion;tracl 

Etendue, sf extent ; exteri'^ 
Eternel , le, a. eternal 
L'Eternel , fm. the Lord; 

Eternellement, ad. eternal- 
ly J everlafiin^ly ; for ivst 

io(? E T 

Eternlfer , va. to eternl:^e 
Eternite, sf. eternity " 
Eternuer , vn. to fnce\t 
Eternument , fm. fncctjng 
Etefies , fm. Etefians 
Etetement , lopping 
Etcter , va. to lop off the top 
'Eteu£,fm. a tennis-ball 
Eteule, sf.fiuhhle ,fialk of 
Ether , fm. ether. [corn 

Ethdr^ > e , fl. ethereal 
Etincelant, e, a. fparkling 
Etinceler , vn. to fparkU 
EtlncsJle , sf. a /park 
Etincelleraent,/v;. fparkling 
Etique , a. 2. confumptive ; 
lean. [ to 

Etlqueter, va. to put a note 
Etiquette, sf. note; ticket ; 
ceremonial; concert -, title 
Eto?£c, fuf; cloth 
Etoffer, va. to Jiuff; gar- 
nish : fi'mish 
Etoile , sf. a far ; far-fish ; 
far-wort. [with fars 

Etoile , e , a. farry ; fedcd 
Etole , sf afloh. [fully 
Etonnamment , ad. wcnder- 
Etonnant, e, a. wonderful ; 

amazing ; ftrange 
Etonnement , fm. amaze- 
ment; wonder; terror 
Etonner , va. to afcnish ; 

to furpri^e 
Etouffant, e, a.fultry ; clofe 
Etouffement , fm. ajioppa^e 
- of breathing. . [ther 

iSiouffer, va, to fiifle 3 Jmc- 

E T 

Etouffer rie rire, to fplit 

one^s fides with laughing 
Etoupe , sf. tow ; hards ; oa- 
kum. [ tow ) 
Etouper , va. to flop {with 
Etoupillons ,fm. toppins 
Etourderie, sf. a blunder 
Etourdi,e, a. hare-brained 
Etourdi , e , / hlundcrhufs 
A I'etourdie , ad. hecdlcfsly 
Etourdiment, rashly 
Etourdir, va.toftun; par- 
boil; take off the chil; be- 
S'etourdifj vr. to beat out 

of one's brain 
EtourdifTant, e , a. funning 
Etourdiffement , fm. fun- 
Etourneau, afarlirg 

Poll d' , flea-bitten 

Etrangemcnt, ad. firangely 
Etranger , e , a. foreign , 

Eti anger, e,/ a foreigner 
Etrani^er, va. to drive away; 

to for fake 
Etranglcment , fm. contrac- 
tion ; wringing 
Etrangler, va. to (l^angh ; to 
make too fcanty ; to choke 
Poire d'etranguillon , sf. a 

choke pear 
Etraque, sf firake 
Etrave , sf. theflem 
Etrc , vn. to be^ to belong 
Etre , fm. a being. [ life. 
Bien-etre, convenkncUs of 

, E T 

Etres, fm. the federal parti 

of a body , houfe , 8cc. 
Etrecir, va. to jlraitcn 
S'etrecir , vr. to grow f rait. 

to sh'irik 
Etrdciflement, fm.firaimini 
Eti-ecilTure , sf.firaltning 
Etrein , fm. litter 
Etreindre , va. bind or wrln^ 

Etreinte , sf binding 
Etrenne , a Chrif mas-box 

Etrenner , va. to give a nev. 

year's gift ; to make a pre 

ftnt ; to handfel 
Etrier , fm. a fir nip 
Vin de I'etrier, the parting 

Etrieux , pi. iron-fllrrups 
Etrille, sf. a curry-comb 
Etriller , va. to curry ; tt 

Etriper, to embowel; to unrlj 
Etrlviere , sf firrup-leathe; 
Donner les etrivieres , t( 

lash foundJy 
Etroit , e , a. f rait , narrow 

A r^troit , ad. too narrowly 

Etto'itement , friclly ; f rait- 

ly ; narrowly 
Etron , fm. a turd 
Etrongonner , va. cut th 

branches of a tree 
Etude , sffudy ; learning 
Etudiant , /». afudent 

E V 


Etudler, V. tojludy',to mind 
S'etuclier , vr. to endeavour ; 

itudiole , sf. a fcrutotn 
It ui , fm. a cafi ; tivu^&r 
'.tuve , sf. ajiovi 
Ztiivee , Jhwing ; Jiewed 

711 cat 
-tuvement, fm. fomenting 
iltuver, va. to bathe, to 
foment. [ has^nlo. 

!,tuvifle , fm. who keeps a 
"tymoiogie , sf. — logy 
'.tymologicue, a. 2. — gical 
Itymologifte , fm. — gifi 
'.vacuation , sf. evacuation^ 

voiding. \_void. 

.vacuer , va. to evacuate ; 
'dvader , vr. to make one's 


vagation , sf. >. — tion 
'evaltonner, vr. to he affu- 

ming. [ ttng. 

.valuation, sf. ejlimate; ra- 
valuer, va. to appraife. 
vangdllque , a. 2. — lical 
vangeliquement, ad. evan- 
gelically, [g^fp^^- 
vangelil'er , v. to preach the 
vang^lifte , fm. — li/i 
vangile, gofpel 
evanouir , vr. to fwoon ; 


vanouiffement yfm. fwoon 
vantiller , va. to fan 
vap'bration , sf. — tion ; 


yapox^, e, f giddy-h rained 



E V 

Evaporer, va. to evaporate ; \ 
to vent 

Evafer , to widen 

Evauon , sf. efcape; evafion 

Evafure , widening 

Euchariftie , encharifl 

Eveche , fm. a bishop's pa- 
lace, bishopric; eptfcopacy 

EvelUd, e, a. fp rightly 

Eveiiler , va. to awaken ; to 
awake ; to roufe 

Eveneinent ,yOT. event; end 

A tout — , ad. at all 


Event, fm.fmack, twang 

Sentir I'event, vn. to be tou- 

Mettre a I'event, to air 

Tete a I'd vent, giddy headed 

Even tail , fm. a fan 

Eya.nidi\\ldiQ , fan-maker or 
fdler. ■ [flat. 

Evente, e, f. flighty ;giddy ; 

Eventer , va. to fan; to air; 
to fill a fail 

Eventer le grain|, to winnow 

Eventer une mine, to give 
vent to a mine 

S'(5venter, vr. to grow flat i 
to take wind or vent 

Eventoir, fm. a fin- fan 

Eventrer, va. to embowel 

Eventrer une voile , to fplit 
a fail 

Ever.trer un lievre , &c, 
draw a garc, Sec. 

Evsiituel, le, «, iymual 

E V 107 

Eveque , fm. a bishop 
Everrer , va. to worm 
Everflon , sf. everfion , ruin 
S'evertuer , vr. to exert 

one's felf; to take pains 
Eufraife, sf. eye-bright (fan 

herb ) 
Eviftion, evlHion^ evidence 
Evidemment , ad. evidently 
Evidence, sf. evidence; dc- 

Mettre en -, va. ta 

make evident 
Evident, e , a. evident ^lain 
Evider , va. to unftarch ; to 
cutfloplno; make a groove 
Evier , fm. a fink 
Evincer,rd. to evici, recover 
Evitable , a. 2. avoidable 
Evitee , sf. breadth of a ri- 
ver or channel to be navi^ 
Eviter , va. to avoid; shun 
Eviter , vn. to fwing or tend 
Eunuque , fm. an eunuch 
Evocable, a. 1. that may be 
brought before a higher 
Evocation , sf. conjuration 
— — d'une caufe, the bring- 
ing of a caufe before a hig- 
her court 
Evocatoire , a. 1. fummcns 
Evolution , sf. — tion 
Evoquer , va. to conjure up ; 
to bring before a higher 
EupateifC, sf.fwiit maudlin 

io8 E X 

Eux, pro. them; they 
Exaft , e , a. exact; accurate 
Exaflemsnt , ad. exactly ; 
duly. [extortioner. 

Exafteur, fm. an exaaer, an 
Exadlon, sf. — tioriy extor- 
^xaftitude , exacl.iefs ; care 
Exag^rateur ,y?;2. amplifier 
Exageratif, ve, a. exagge- 

^ rating 
Exagdration , sf. amplifying 
Exagerer , va. to exaggerate 
Exaltation, sf. — tion ; ad- 
Exalter, va. to exalt , to extol 
Examen,ym, examination 
Examirateur , an examiner 
Examiner, va. to examine; 

to weigh 
S'examiner, vr. to wear out 
Habit examine, yro. a thread- 
bare coat. [c/jj-. 
Exarchat , ejffl'-cAiifs; exar- 
Exarque , an exarch 
Exaucer, va. to hear favou- 

Excavation , sf. -— tion 
Excaver , va. to hollow 
Excedant,y^. overplus 
Exc^der, va. to exceed ; ahn- 
fe. {ly. 

Excellemment, /7r/. excellent- 
Excellence , sf. excellence ; 

excellency ; eminence 
Excellent, e, a. excellent 
Excellentiffime, a. 2, mofi 

E X 

Exceller , va. to'excet 
Exceatriclte, sf. — city 
Excentrique , a. 2. excen- 

Excepte , ad. except 
Exceptor , va. to except 
Exception , sf. exception 
A Texception de, pr. ex- 
Exces , fm. excefs ; riot 
Exceffif, ve, a. exccjfive 
Exceiftvement , ad. — vely 
Excitatif, ve , a. excitative 
Excitation , sf. — tion ; fiir- 

Exciter, va. to excits 
Exclamation, sf — tion. 
Exclure , va. to exclude 
Exclufif , ve , a. — five 
Exclufion , sf. — fion 
Excluiivement, ad. —vely 
Excommunication, sf. ex- 
Excommunie, e, f. an excom- 
municated per f on 
Excommunier, va. to excom- 
municate. [ /.'/ look. 
Vifage d'excommuni^ , an 
Excoriation , sf — tion ; 

fretting of the skin 
Excoriei", va. to take off the 

Exc:ement , y?n. — ment 
Excrementeux, fe, a. excre- 

mentitious ; excremental 
Excrefcence , sf excefccnce 
ExcurHon , —tion., inroad 
Excufabk, a, 2, €xcufablc 

E X 

Excufat'ion , sf exemption 
Excufe, excufe ; prettncc 
Excufer , va. to excufe 
S'excufer , vr^ to defire to hi 

excufed ; to decline 
Exeat , fm. a pafs to go out 
Exdc>able, a. 1. execrable 
Execiabl.ment , ad. execra 

h^y. [horrence 

Exec ation , sf — ti^^n ; ab 
Ex^cuter , va. to execute 

quelqu'un , di/Irain on 

Execateur , fm. executor 

Execution , sf — tion 
Execution , dijlraining 

Homme d'execution , fm 

an enterprising man 
Executoire , fm. a writ 

Executoire, a. l, executivt 
Executrice , sf executrix 
Exemplaire, a. z. exemplar 
Exemplaire , fm. a patter. 

a copy of a book 
Excmplairement, ad. exem 

pl.irily. [tanc 
Exemple ,fm. example, inj 
, sf. written copy ', 

Par , ad. as for injianc 

¥.xempt, e y a. exempt; free 
Exempt , fm. an exempt ^^ 

Exempter , va. to exempt 
ExemptioB, sf. — tion; fret 





E X 

\y.ercer , va. to exercife ; 

train up ; to praclife 
.xerc'ce , fm. exercfjfe; prac- 

ticc ; trade 
.xergue, cxerpie of a medal 
.xf. Jiation , sf. — tion 
'exfolier , vr. to exfoliate ; 

CcaU off 

halaifon, sf. exhalation 
xhaler , va. to txhale j to 

evaporate ; to vent 
xhaufrement , fm. raifing 
xhaufTer , va. to ralfc 
xheredation , sf. dijinhcrl- 

xhereder, va. to difinherJt 
hiber, to exhibit 
;'-iibition, sf. — tion 
xhortation, — tion 
xhorter , va. to exhort 
xhumation , sf the digging 
a corpft out of the ground 
xhumer , va. to dig a corpfe 
out of the ground 
Exigence , sf. exigence ; ur- 
gency. \_exaci 
Ixiger , va. to require ; to 
ixigible , a. i. dtimandable 
•xigu , e , a. exiguous^ fmall 
.xil , fm. exile 
.yi\\i , e , y. an exile 
'.xiler, banish , exile 
Ixiftant y e , a. exijlcnt 
Ixiilence , sf. exijicnce , 

Ixifter ,. vn. to ex'rjl , to be 
'xode,y772. Exodus 

-xoine , sf. ejfoim 

E X 

Exorable, a. 2. exorahle 
Exorbitamment, ad. exorbi- 
tantly, [^extravagant 
Exorbitant, e, a. exorbitant; 
Exorcifer, va. to exorcifc ; 

conjure out 
Exorcifme , fm. exorcifm 
Exorcifle , an exorcifl 
Exorde , exordium 
Exatique , a. 2. exotic ; 

Expanfif, ve, a. expanjive 
Expanfion , sf. expanfion ; 
extent. [country 

S'expatrier , vr. to quit one's 
Expedant ^fm. an expectant. 
Expeftative , a. sf expe'da- 

tion ; nvirfion ; hope 
Expectoration , — tion 
Expedient . f,n. expedient ; 

Expedient , a. m. proper , fit 
Expedier , va. to difpatch; to 

draw up 
Expeditif, ve , a. expeditious 
Expedition , sf. — tion ; dif- 
patches ; commijjion ; pa- 
tent, [perience 
Experience, experiment; ex- 
Experimental , e, a. — tal. 
Experimenter, va. to expe- 
rience; to try 
Expert, e, a. expert, skilful 
Expiation , sf. atonement 
Expiatoire , a. 2. expiatory 
Expier, va. to expiate; to 

Expiration , sf, <-^tion i end 

E X ro9 

Expirer, vn, to expire; to die 
Explicable, a. 2. explicable 
Explication, sf. expUnatiort 
Explicatif , e , a. explicative 
Explicite, a. 2. explicit^ 

Explicitement, ad. explicitly 
Expliquer, va. to explain ; 

Expioit,/OT. exploit; atchic- 

vement ; writ 
Exploitable , a. 2. that may 

be dijlrained 
Exploiter, va. to do feats; 

to work ; to fell 
Explofion , sf. explofion 
Expofant , Q , f. a petitioner 
Expofe yjm. fuggefiion of a 

petition ; preamble; pre" 

Expofer, va. to expofe; to 

fet forth; to expound 
Expofiteur , trice , / ons 

who endeavours to put off 



Expofition., sf. — tion ; eX", 

pofing ; account 
Expres , fe , a. exprtfs ; 


, fm. an cxprefs. [pofe 

, ad. purpofcly ; on pur" 

Exprefrement , expresjly 
Expreffif , ve , a. expreffive 
ExprelTion , sf. exprcffion * 

e.xpr^ffwg; fquec^ing out ^ 
Exprimable, a. 2. expreffb'c 
Exprimer , va. to cxprefs ^ 

to fquw{e out 

.10 EX 

Expulier , va. to expel ; to 

turn out 
Expiilfif, ve, a. expulfiyc 
Exp u Hi on , sf. cxpuljlcn ; 

Expultrice, a.f. expuljive 
Expurgation , sf. — tion 
Expurgatoire , a. m. — tory 
Exquis , e , a. exquijltc 
Extant , e , a. extant 
Extafe , sf. extafy ; raptu- 
re j tranfe 
S'extafier, vr. to he in rap- 
tures; to fly into an extafy 
Extatique, a. i. extacic 
Extcnfible , a. 2. — fible 
Extenfior., sf. — fioni extent 
Extenuation, — tion; a fal- 
ling away. {^emaciate 
Extdnuer, va. extenuate; 
Extdrieur, e, a. exterior^ 

outward , external 
Ext^rieur,yOT. the outfidc 
A I'cxterieur , ad. out-xardly 
Exterieurement , outwardly 
Exterminateur , a. fm. def- 

troyer\ defiroying 
Extermination, sf. —tion; 

Exterminer, va. to extermi- 
nate ; to extirpate 
Extern e, a. 1. external 
Externe , f. a day-fcholar 
Extinftion , sf. — ticn ; 

A rextiiiftion de la chan- 

dclle, by inch ofcandU 
Extirpat«ur, fm% a dejhoycr 

E X 

Extlrper, va. to extirpate; 

root out 
Extorquer, to extort 
Extorfion , sf. extortion ; 

Extra£lion , — tion; difcent 
Extrare , va. to extract 
Extra!t,y^. extract; ahflract 
Extraordinaire, a. 2, extraor- 
d'nary i uncommon ; Jin- 
,^ fm. extraordi- 
nary ; fupplement to the 
gaT^ttte. \traoTdinarily 
Extraordinairement, ad, cx- 
Extravagamment, extrava- 
Extravagance , sf. — gance 
Extravagant, e, a. s.—'ganty 

filly ; mad 
Extravaguer, vn. to extra- 

vagate ; to rave 
S'extravafer, vr. extravafate 
Extreme, <?. 2. extreme; utmofi 
Extreme , fm. extreme 
Extr ememe nt, ad. extremely 
Extreme-ontftion , sf. ex- 
Extremity, — mity ; utmofi 

part ; extreme ; Jirait 
Extrinfeque, a. 2. extrir.fic 
Exuberance, sf — ranee 
Exulceratif, ve, a. —tive 
Exulc^ration, sf. — tion 
Exulcerer, va. to exulcerate 
Exultation , sf — tion , jcy 
Exulter , vn. to exult , to 
leap for' joy 

F A 

JC A , fm.fa, (mujical note] 
Fable , sf fable. [turet 
Fabricant, fm. a manufac 
Fabricateur , coiner ; forger, 

Fabrication , sf. coining i 

Fabrique , sf fabric ; manu^ 

faclurc; coinage 
Fabriquer , va. to manufaC' 

tare ; to coin ; to forge 
Fabuleufement , ad. fabu- 

Fabulcux, fe, a. fabulous 
FahnUfte , fm. fabuliji 
Fagade, sf. front 
Face fface ; fore-front 
Faire face , va. to face 
Facdtie , sf pleafantry; wit- 
ty faying 
Facetieufement , ad. face- 

Faxetieux , fe , a. facetious i 

witty ; jovial , merry 
Facette , sf facet 
Fache , e> a. angry ; forry 
Facher , va. to vex; grieve y 

to tia\e 

Se , vr. to be angry 

Facherie , sf vexation 
Facheux , fe , a. grievous-% 

ill-natured » 

Faciende, sf cabal; club 
Facils , a. 2. eajy ;free 
FaciUmcr.t , ad, cafil^ 

F A 

acllite , sf. eafinefs 
aciliter, va. to facilitate 
agon, sf. fashion; manmrsy 

ceremony ; affeclednsfs 
emme de bonne fagon, a 

well looking woman 
'j fagon que, that 

Conner , va. to form 

connier , e, a. s. cere- 

jtiVLT , fm. a ficlor ; poji- 

man ; maker 
Aiflice , a. 2. faclitlous 
i6lieuXi fe, a, factious 
iftleux , {q , f. a ringleader 
iftion , sf. faciion 
tre en , to he upon 

duty. [c en tine I 

iftionnaire , fm. private 
iftorerle , sf. faHory 
iftotum , fm. faciotum 
iftum , a cafi (in a plea ) 
ifture , sf. invoice 
ic\i\t6 , faculty 

cnh6s , fortune 


de, a. 2. infpid; filly 
ideur , sf. infipidncfs 

got, fm. fagot ; bundle 
jnter des fagots , to tell 

'die /lories, [gof^ 

igotage , fm. making offa- 

gotaille , sf. an edgffor a 


goter , va. to make into 

fago:s ; to drefs up auk- 


goteur,y^, a fagot-maker 


Fagotin,y?72. ajack-piiddlng; 

a forry jefiir 
Faguenas , a rank fmell 
Failli , a bankrupt 
Faillibilite', sf failure 
Faillir, vn. to fail 
Faiilite, sf. bankruptcy 
Faim , hunger 
Faine, hccch-majl 
Faineant, e, a. la^y , idle 
Faineant , e , f. Jluggard 
Faineanter, vn. to loiter 
Faineantife, sf. flothfulnefs 
Faire, va. to mak: , to do 
Faire faire , befpeak ; to 

prompt to 
II fait, V. imp. it is 
Fai fable , a. 2. fafiblc ; 

Faifan , fm, a phcafant 
Faifandeau , phcafant-pout 
Faifander , va. to keep meat 

till it gets a venifon lafle 
Faifandeiie , sf phiafant- 

Faifceau, fm. a bundle 
Falfeur , {e , f. maker ; doer 
Fait , fm. faci ; cafi ; feat 
Tout-a-fait , ad. quite; inti- 

rely. [ and indeed 

De fait & de fait, indeed 
Faitage,/772. covering ahoufet 

Faite , top ; ridge 
Faitiere, sf. a gutter-tile 
Faix , fm. a burden 
Falaife , sf. a fieep shore 

FA in 

Fallace, sf. fallacy 
Falloir , v. imp. to be needful 
II faut faire cela, that mufi. 

be done 
II falloit faire cela , that 

should have been done 
II me fallut payer les frais , 

/ was obliged to pay the. 

cofl. [apes 

Falot , fm. crcffet ; jack-an~ 
Falotier, the light-man at tht 

king's court 
Falourde, sf. great fagot 
Falques, wash-boards 
Falfiiicateur , fm. a falfifief 
Falflfication, sf — cation ^ 

Falfifier , va. to falfify 
Fam^lique, a. 2. hunger- 

Fameux , fe , <7. famous 
Se familiarifer , vr. to f ami'- 

li a rife one's fe If 
Familiarite, sf. familiarity 
Familier, e, a, familiar ^ 

free ^ 
Familierement, ad. freely 
Famille , sf a family 
Famine , a famine , fm. hay-making 
Fanal , ship's Ian thorn j 

Fanatique, a. 2. s.fanatick 
Fanatifme yfm. fanaticifm 
Faner, va. to caufe to fadei 

\c hay. 


Se faner , vr. to wither y to 
Faneur , fe , / a hay-maUf 

'Ill FA 

Fanfare, sf. a flourish of a 

trumpet y a parade ' 
Fanfaron , ne , a. bragging 
Fanfaion , fm. a burly 
Fanfaronnade , sf. braf^ging 
Fanfaronnerie , habit of 

Fanfreluche, gew-gaw 
Fange, mire; dirt 
Fangeux , Ce , a. miry 
Fanon,yOT, dew-lap ; fetlock ; 

.pendents. [whim 

Fantaifie, sf. fancy ; mind ; 
Fantafque , a. 2. fantaflical 
Fantafqucment , ad, fantaf- 

FantafTin , fm. foot-foldicr 
Fantaftique, a. 2.. fantajiic. 
Fantome , fm, phantom ; chi- 
"Baon y a fawn. [mera 

Faonner , vn. to fawn 
Faquir^, fm. a fcoundrcl 
Faquin , e, a. bafe , vile 
Faquinerie, sf mcannefs 
Farce, fluffing ; farce 
Farceur, fm. a bi/fl'aon 
Farcin , farcy , a horf difafe 
Farclneux, i"e, a, that has got 

the farcy 
Farcir , va. to fluffy cram 
Farciffure, sf fluffing 
^SLvd^fm. paint; tinfd ; dijji- 

Fardage , fm. dunnage 
Fardeau , burden 
Farder, va. to palm 
Tarfadet , fm^ hobgoblin i 


FA r 

Farfouiller , va, to rummage 
Fariboles , sf. idle talk 
5^arine, meal ^ flour 
Gens de meme farine, birds 

of a feather 
Fariner, va. to flcur 
Farineux, fe, a. white white 
meal. [ tetter 

Dartre farineufe, sf a white 
Farinier , fm. meatman 
Farouche, a. z.wild;flcrn 
Fafce , sj. f:Jfe ■> in heral- 
Fafce y e , a. feffy i dry 
Fafcinag *, fm.fafcim work 
Faiclnation, sf inchaniment 
Fafcine, fafcine 
Fafciner, va. to inchant 
Fafeole, sf. a kidmy-bean 
Fafier ou fafeyer , vn. to 
Y i^z , fm. pageantry . [shiver 
Faftidieux, fe, a.tire-fome; 

over-nice ; fafiuous 
Faftueufement , ad. proud'y 
Faftueux, fe, .':. ofientatious 
Fa.t,fm. a coxcomb 
Fatal, e, a. fatal 
Fatalement, ad. fatally ; un- 
luckily, [fortune 
Fatalit^ , sf fatality ; mis- 
Fatidique , a. 2. prophetic 
Fatigant, e , a. fatiguing 
Fatigue , sf fatigue; weari- 

nefs; hardship 
Homme de fatigue , fm. a 
laborious man. [ tear^e 

Fatiguer , va. to fatigue ; 
Fatiguer, vn. to labour 
Fatras „ fm, trash 

F A 

Fatultd , sf flllinefs 
Faubsrt,yOT. a fwab 
Fauberter , va. to fwab 
Fauchage , fm. mowing 
Fauchaifon, sf mowing-tin 
Fauche, mowing 
Faucher, va. to mow 
ie grand prd, to I 

a galley-flave 
Fauchet ,/to, a rake 
Faucbeur , a mower; fpinn 
Faucille , sf a fickle 
Faucillon , fm. little fickle 
Faucon , a falcon , hawk 
Fauconneau ,ya/co/2 ' n gu; 
Fauconnerie, sf falconry 

Faucon nier, fm, afalconfi 
Faveur , sf fivour ; kindhe 
Lett res de , letters 


Jours de , d.tys ofgra 

A la faveur de , by means 
En ma faveur , in mybehc 
Faufiler . va, to bajie. 

Se , vr. to keep compa 

Y^une , fm. fawn. [ 
Fa /or able, a. 7..favouraS\ 

kind. [ rah 

Favorablement , ad. favc 
Favori , te , a. s. favours 

favourite^ a minion 
Favorlfer , va. to favom 

FaufTaire , fm. a forger 
Faufle-couche , sf. mifcc 

riage. [mat 

— marche , a jcigt 



aiiffe-monnoie , sf. falfe 

luffe-pleur^fie , a fort of 
phurify, {of the mild kind) 
— pointe , a dull je/i 
— • porte , a back-door 
lufl'es-manches , shams 
lufiement, cid.falfly 
lufTer , va. to break ; to 
bend; zc flinch 

fa parole, to break 

onc*s word 

ufTet , fm. a faucet , psg ; a 

faint treble ( in mufic ) 

ulTete , sf falshood ; for- 


uts, fault , error ; want 

— , ad. for v/ant 

■ns faute , without fail 

'j.tsml,f/n. an elbow-chair 

uteui, rice , f. a favourer 

utif , ve, a. faulty 

uve, a, 2. fallow ; rufus 

tes fauves, sf fallow deer 

^\ettt , torn-tit; linget 

ax, sf a fey the 

ax, fauffe, a. falfe ; sham 

ax , ad. wron^ ; jalfe 

'aux, wrongfully 

ax, fm. falshood 

xx-h our ^,fuburb 

ax-frals, idle expences 

— fuyant, a shift 

— fourreau, a pijlol-cafe 

— faunier, a falt-muggler 
-femblant, deceitful ap- 

-briliant, tinf^l 


Faire fgux-bond , to fail; to 

deal falfly 
Fayance , sf dclf-ware 
Fayance, e, a. china-like 
Fayancerie, sf china-trade 
Fayancier, Q, f. a china-man 
or woman , one who fells 
fine earthen ware 
F^al , e , a. trufty 
Febricitant , e , ^. troubled 

with an ague 
F e b r 1 f u g c , y ;7Z . /fi ^ rifuge 
Matiere fecale , sf human 

Feces , feces , dregs 
Fecond , e , <i. fuitful 
Fecondite , sf. fecundity 
Feculence , fediment 
Feculent, e, a. fcuUnt 
Fee, sf a fairy 
Feerie , fairy ifm. {limp 
Feindre, va. to feign ; to 
Feinte, sf feint ; difguife 
Feintife , deceit 
Feler , va. to crack 
Felicitation , sf congratu- 
Felicite , felicity ; blifs 
Feliciter , va. to congratu^ 

late ; to wish joy 
Felon, ne, a. s. felonious ; 

Felonnie, sf felony; rebel- 
Felouque, felucca^ (a fort 

offmall veffd ) 
Felure, a crack 

F E 



googings of the rudder 
Feminin , e , a. feminine , 

womanish [ minine 

Fdininifer, va. to rrzak: fe-- 
Feinme , sf a woman ; wife. 
Sage-Fomme, midwif 
Fsmme de charge, honfckce- 

per. [woman 

Femmelette , a filly mean. 
Fenaifon , hay-harrefi 
Faire le fcndant , to bully , 

to heHor 
Fendeur,ym. a cleaver 
Fendre , va. to chave ; to 

fplit i to break through 
Fenetrage, /;/^. the windows 
Fenetre , sf a window 
Fenil , fm. a hay-loft 
Fenouil , fennel 
F inomllctte ,sffennel-watirM 
Fonte, a cleft ; chink ; crack 
■ d'une chsmife , the 

bofom of a shirt 
Feodal , e, a. feudal 
Sailir fdodalement, tofei^e 

for the lord of the manor 
Fer , fm. iron 
Fers, chains ; fiavery ; fetters 
Etre auxfeis, to he fettered 
Fei-blanc , fm. tin 
Ferblantier , a tinman 
Feriable , a. 2. belonging to 
Fene y sf.fria, [the fer la 
Sans coup fdrir, without 

fir iking a blow 
Ferler , va. to furl , fiow i 

hand the faih 

K iii 

!ii4 F E 

Fermage , fri. rent 
I'crmail , a clafp 
Ferme , sf. a farm 
prendre a ferme , to talc 

to farm 
Bailler a fsrme, to let to 

farm. [rcfoliite 

Ferme ,^^. i. firm ; fieady ^ 

I , ad. fafi; hard, 

Fort & ferme , fiontly 
Ferniemcrit , firmly 
"^^iCimsnt, frn. J'crment; leaven 
Fermcntatif , ve, a. — tative 
Fermentatioii , sf. fermcn- 

Fermenter , va. to ferment 
Fermer , to skut , to clofe. 
Feimetd, sf.firmnefs 
Feimeture, shutters, ^q. for 

the fccurity of a houfe 
Fsiniier, ^,f. a farmer 
Fermoir , fm. a clafp ; chlfel 
Ferocc , a. -2.. fierce ifavage 
Ferocite, sf ferocity 
Ferraille , old iron 
Ferrailler , vn, to fence ; to 

Ferrailleur , fin. a tiltcr 
Ferrandine , sf ferrandine 
Ferraadinier , Jm. ferrandi- 

Feriant (mar^chal) , farrier 
Flau feaee, sf chalybeate 

Ferrement , fm. an iron tool 
Ferrer un cheval , va. to 

shoe a horfe ; to ta^^ to tip 

Feiret,>3, a tag 

F E I 

Ferretier , fm, farrier's ham- 
Ferreur , a tagger of laces 
Ferriere, sf farrier's pouch 
Ferron , fm. ironmonger 
Ferronnerie , sf. iron ware- 

Ferronnier, e^ f ironmonger 
Ferrugineux , fe ,' <z. ferru- 
ginous i iron-like 
Fetrure , sf. iron work ; 

shoeing of a horfe 
Fertile, a. ^. fertile , fruit- 
ful; full of 
Fertilement , ad. fruitfully 
Fertilifer, va. to fertilife 
FertilJtd, sf. fertility 
Fervemment , ad. fervently 
Fervent , -e , a. fervent 
Ferveur , sf f rvour ; ^eal 
Ferule , ferula • palmer 
Fefle, buttock. [writer 

FeiTe-cahier, fm. a hackney 
Feffe- matthieu , a hunk ; 

a mifer 
Fedee , sf. whipping 
Fefle r , va. to fog ; to whip 

over a writing 
Fefieur, i's,f. afiogger 
Feiller , fm. the breech 
Fellu , e , a. that has good 

Feftin , fm. a feafi ; banquet 
Fefton , afefioon j j'col/op 
Ftftonner, va. to fefioon ; 

J coll op 
Feftoyer , to fcafi 
Fets , sf afinfii holiday 

F E 

Payor fa fete, to entertain o 

one's birth or name day 
Feter, va. to keep holiday ; t 

make welcome 
Fetide , a. 2. ftid ; Jiinkini 
Fetu , fm. fir aw , mote 
Fetus , foetus 
Feu , fire i beacon ; family 
Feu-Sa'int-Eime, jack with 

Feu , e , <3. late , deceafed 
Feudataire , fm. feudatory 
Feudifte , a. fm. fiudijl 
Feve , sf a bean 
de marais , a gard, 

bean. [ ba 

de haricot , Frenci 

Feveroies, fmall beans. 
Feuillage , y^. the leaves 

a tree ; leaved branches 

Feuille , sf. leaf; sheet 

paper ; foil , minute 
Feuille bretonne, sf. fpi 

FeulUee, a bower 
Feuilie-morte , fm. fillem 
Feuillet, a leaf cf paper 
Feuilletage , puff-pafie 
Feuilleter , va. to turn o\ 

a book 
la pate , to ma 

Feuillette, sf half hogshea 
Feuillu , e , <i, full ofleay 
Fevrier , fm. February 
Feurre , Jtraw 
Feutre , faU 

F I 

jTeutrer , va. to felt 
Fi ! int. fy I fy upon I 
Fiacre, fm. a hackney coach 
Fiangallles , a betrothing 
Fiance, fm. bridegroom 
Fiancde, sf. bride 
Fiancer, va. to betroth 
Fibre , sf. fibre ; filament 
Fibreux, fe, a. fibrous 
Plante iibree , fibrous plant 
Fie, (m. fleshly excrcfccnce 
Ficelle, sf. packthread 
Ficeler , va, to tit ; to 

Fic'ne , sf hinge-hook ; fish 

(at cards ) rag-bolt 
Ficher , va. to filck in 
Fichu , fm. a woman^s neck- 
Fichu, e, a. pitiful; filly 
Fiftif, ve , a. fiSiitious 
Fiftion , sf. fiction ; lye 
Fideicommis , fm. feoffment 

Fideicommiffaire , foff'ee 

Fidelitd , sf. fidelity ; faiih- 

'Flclelle , a. 2. s. faithful; be- 
Fidellement , ad. ■ faith fully 
Fiduciaire, a. -2.. fiduciary 
Fief, fm. fief; tenure ; fee ; 

FiefF<^ , e, a. arrant 
Fieffer , va. to infeoff 
Fiel , fm. e,aU ; grudge 
FigZXtS / sf dung 

F T 

Fienter, v;;. todimg; tomute 

Fier, va. to intruji 

Se fier, vr. to rely 

Fier , e , fl. proud 

Fier a bras , fm. heclor ; hul- 

. b i huff 
Fidrcmcnt , ad. haughtily 
Fierte , sf. pride 
Eicvke , a fever ; ague 
Fievreux, fe, a.fvirish 
Fievrote, sf little fever 
Figement, ccigealinv 
Figer , va. to congeal 
Figue, j/dj% 
Figuerie , an orchard of fig- 
Figuier , fm. a fig-tree 
Figuratlf, ve , a. figurative 
Figu.-ativemer.t, ad. —-vcly 
Figure , ^f figure ; form 
Danle ligur^e , a figured 
dance. [f'^A 

Le figur^ , Jm. a figurative 
Figuremcnt, ad. figuratively 
Figurer , va. eir figure' 
Se — , vr. to ima(>ine 
Fil , fm. thread ; vnre; edge; 

Filage , fpinning 
Filament , filament 
Fiiandiere , sf afpinfier 
Filandres , fea-weeds on a 

ship's bottom ; motes 
Filafl'e, flax or hemp ready 
to be fpun. [drefier 

Fiiaffier, fm. flax or himp 
File, sf.fihj r&w 

F T iif 

Filer , va. to fpin ; to wire- 
draw. [ words 
Filer doux , to give fair 
Filerie , sf fpinning houfe 
Filet , fm. a firing ; fnafle ; 
fillet ; net. [ catch 
Beau coup de filet, a good 
Fileur, fe, /. a fp inner ; a, 

Filial , le, a. filial 
Filialement, ad, fon-like 
Filiation , sf — tion ; dcf 
cent . [ iron 

Filicre , a wire - drawing 
Filigrane , fm. filigrane 
FilipeRduIe, sf drofwort 
Flile , girl; daughter 
Flllette, a young lafs 
Fiileul ,fm. a god-fon 
Filieule , sf a god-daughter 
Filou , fm. sharper ; pick- 
Filouter , va. to pilfer ; cheat 
Filouterie , sf. pilfering ; 

Fils yfmifon; child; hoy 
Filtration , sf.firainir.g 
Filtre , fm. fli-ffforfiralnlng 

liquors ; 
Filtrsr , va, to fil t rat & 
Filure , sf. fpinning 
Fin , end; aim 
Fin , fm.^ cunning ; main 
point; cream. [cunning 
Fin, e, a.fine;fuhtle; fly; 

Fin contre tii 

diamond cut 

x-lC F L 

A la fin , ad. at length 

Fin age , jm. extent of a ju- 

Final, e, a. find; lafi 
Finalement , ad. finally 
Finance, sfi. duty, tax 
Court de fiaar.ce , low in 

Finances , finances , treafury 
Financer, va. toraife money 
Financier ,y?7:. a financer 
Finafler , vn. to carry It cim- 
ninrly. [wcman 

Finai'iier , e , /T a fy man or 
Finafferie, sj'. cunning 
Finement , ad. finely ; cun- 
_ n'-ngly. [flynefs 

Fineil'e, sffinencfs; artifice; 
Finer, te, a. fuhth;fly 
Finiment, fm. the finishing 

of a piciure 
Finir , v. to finish ; to end 
Firmament , fm. the firma- 
Fife , the king's treafure 
Flfcal , e, a.fifcal 
FiAuIe, sf.fifiula 
Fiiluleux, fe, a. fijlulons 
Fixation , sf — tion 
Fixe, a. l, fixed ; flzady 
Fixement , ad. fixedly 
Fixer , va. to fix ; fade 
Fiache , sf. a hole in the pa- 
Flacon , fm. a decanter ; 

fmelling bottle 
Flasi^-nation , sf fccnrging 
FlagsiUer , va^ to fccurgs 

F L 

Flageolet , fm. afiagelet 
Flageoieur , who plays on 

the fiagelet 
Flagorner, vn. topick-thanhs 
Flagornerie, sf picking of 

thanks, [ thank 

FJagorneur, fe , f. a pick- 
En flagrant d6\it,in thefaci. 
Flair , fm.fcent, {in hunting) 
Flaircr, va, tofmdl; to fo- 

Flaireur de cuiflne , fm. a 

FlaiTibant , e , <?. tlarjng 
Flambart , fm. finhrand 
Flambe , sf flag, (a flower) 
Flambeau , fm. a fi.:mheau ; 

a candlejiick ; a light ; a 

Flamber , va. to finge ; to 

, vn. to hla^e. [bafie 

Flamberge, sf a rapier. 
Flamboyant , e , a. gUfiering 
Comete flamboyante^ a 

blading fiar 
Flamboyer , vn. to glifler 
Flamme, sf. flame; ship's 

pendent; fleam 
Flammeche, a fpark of fire 
Flammerole , ignis fatuus 
Flan ,/w. cuflard; plate , f.ank ; fide 
Flanconnade; sf flancona- 

dc , a thrufl in the flank 
Flandrin , fm. a fiim long- 
hacked fellow • 
Flanelle, sf flannel 
Flanqugr, ya, to flank 

F I 

Fianque , sf. plash; pond; 

Flaquee , a dash of water 
Flaquer, va. to dash; to 

Flafque, a. z. faint; flabby 
, fm. th: two cheeks of 

the carriage of a great gun 
— — , sf. gunpowder flask 
Flatir , va. to flatten 
Flatoir, fm. flatting hammer 
Flatter, va. to flatter ;phafei 

to make much of 
Flatter le de , to flidc dice 
F\a.ttene , sf. flattery 
Flatteur , fe , a. s. flatten 

ring ; flatterer 
Flatteufement , ad. flatterin- 
gly ; fawningly 
Flatueux , fe , a. flatulent 
Flatuoute , sf. flatuofty , 

Fleau , fm. a flail; a plagti'ei 

a beam of a balance 
Flecbe ; sf arrow ; flitch 
Fldchir, V. to bend; to fof- 

tcn ; to relent 
FlechifTable, a. 2. flexible', 

Flechiffement , fm. genu- 

fliciion ; bending 
Flechifieur , bender 
Fletrir , v. to fade ; ta bU" 

mish ; brand 
Fl^trifTure, sf. withering i- 

blemish ; mark of having 

been branded. \blcom 

Fleur , a flower ; hlujj'cm } 

F L 1 

■offe k^QVirs, flowered Jltiff' 
fleur de , ad. even with ; 
cloft to ; near the edge 
;1;Ui' d'eau, betwixt wind 
and water 

eurdelifer , va. flourish 
with flower-de-luces ; to 

eurer, vn. to fmell 
euf et , fm. a ferret ; fen- 
cing foil 

2uretis , flourish in mufick; 
empty fluff' 

curette, sf a little flower 
onte- des fleurettes , to 
cijol:' a womtn 
yle fleuri , fm. florid fly le 
eint fleu; i , riiddy com- 
plex' on 

iques fleuries , Palm fun- 

leurir, vn. to blajfom^ to 
blow ; to flourish 
leur'fme , fm, florlfm ; the 

bc'-ii' a florifl 
ieiirifte , f. aflonfi 
leuron , fm. a flower-work ; 

^em ; border ; tool 
lauve , a lars.e river 
iexibilite , sf pli-zblenefs 
Lxible, a. ^. flexible ; fupplc 
lexion , sf. flexion ; bending 
libot ,fm» a fly-boat 
libuilier, a buccaneer 
locon , fm. flake; flock; 

lorer , va. to careen 

F L 

Florin , fm. a florin , ( coin ) 

worth about is. lo d. 
FiOruTant, e, a. flourishing 
Flot , fm. a wave ; tide 
A flot , floating, afloat 
A grands flots , in abundance 
Ligne de flottaifon , sf wa- 
ter line 
Flottant, e, a. fl.oating; wa- 
ve ing; fleeting 
Flotte , sf a fluet ; a crowd 
Bois ^oXti ,fm. float-wood. 
Plotter, vn. to float; fluc- 
¥\oi\lle , sf. flotilla, [tuati 
Fluftuation , — tion 
Fluer , vn. to flow; to run 
Fluer & refluer , to ebb and 

Fluet , te , a. puny ; tender 
Fluide , a, i.fluiid; fluent 
Fluidite , sf — ty ; volubility 
Fliite , a flute ; pink ( a ship ) 
Flute Allemande ou traver- 

fiere, a. German flute 
Enter en flute , v. to inocu- 

late , 
Vo IX flut^e , foft fweet voice 
Fluter , vn. to pipe ; to tope 
Fluteur ,fm. a piper 
Fluviatile , a. 2. of fesh 

Flux , fm. flood , tide ; flux ; 
flush (. at cjrds ) 

de fang, bloody-flux 

de venire, loofencfs 

d'urine, diabetes 

de bouche , flux ; al- 
ways talking 

F O 117 

Fluxion , sf. fluxion 
Fluxlonnaire, J. 2. rheuma- 
Foe , fm. jib 
Focile , facile bones 
Fo e n e , fish-gig. [fe alty 
Foi , sf faith '; evidence ; 
Foible, a. 0.. fteble ; weak 
'?o\h\e,fm. foible , wcakfldt 
D J fort au foible , one with 
another. [faintly 

Foibiement , ad. weakly ; 
FoiblefTe , sf weaknefs 
Tomber en foiblefie , to 

faint away 
Foiblir, vn. to flacken; give 

Foie ^fm. the liver 
Foin , hay 
Foin ! int. fy upon I 
Foire , sf a fair ; fairing i 

Foirer, vn. to fquitter 
Foireux , fe , a. s. troubled 
with a loofcnefs ; a shitten- 
arfe boy or girl 
Fois , sf. time ; bout 
Une fois , once 
Deux fois , twice 
Trois fois, thrice, three' times 
A la fois , ad. all together 
Tout a la fois, all at once 
Par fois , now and then 
Fois du corps , fm. the waiji 
Foi fan , sf. plenty 
A foifon , ad. plentifully 
Fo'ifonner , vn, to abound^ 

i.S F O 

Fol , le , c. foolish ; mad 
Folatre , a. 2. s, playful ; 

Folatrement, ad. wantonly 
Folatrer , vn. to play ; to toy 
Folatrerie , sf, playing ; wan- 
ton trick 
Folichon , ne , a. s. fporti- 

ve ; a wag 
Folic, sf folly y madnefs 
Un in-folio , fm. a folio book 
Follement , ad. madly j foo- 
Follet , te , a. wanton 
Efprit foIIet,y?77. a hobgoblin 
Poll follet , downy beard , 

Feu follet , ignis fatuus 
Follicule, sffoUiculus or the 

bladder of the gall 
Fomentation , sf. — ticn 
Fomentef, va. to foment; 

abet. [ grounded- in 

Foncd, e, a. monied; well 
Couleur foncee , sf. a deep 

Fencer , va. to fupply with ; 

to put a head to a cask , 

» a rappointsmentj to 

pay the expences 
Foncier, a. skilled in 
Seigneur foncier , fm. lord 

of the manor. [ rent 

ReRte fonclere, sf. gronnd- 
CoUT fonclere ^ a court haron. 
Fonci^rement, ad. thorou- 

Shly _ 

F O 

Fonftion , sf. function ; office 
Fond , fm. bottom'; ground; 

main point 
A fond , ad. fully 
Au fond, in the main 
De fond en comble, utterly 
Fondamental, e, a. funda- 
Pierre fondamentale , sf 

foundation flonc 
Fondamentalsment, ad. fun- 
Fondateiir , fm, a founder 
Fondatlon , sf. foundation ; 

Fondatrice, afovndrefs 
FondQment,fm. foundation; 

caufe ; fundament 
Fonder, va. to found; ground', 
to lay the foundation ', en- 
Se — — , vr. to he grounded 
Fonderie , sf. afoundiry 
Fondeur, fm. a founder 
Fondis , finking of the ground 
Fondoif , a melting-houfe 
Fondrc, v. to melt', to fall 

in ; to rush upon 
Fondriere, sf a quagmire 
Fon drill 65 , grounds , lees 
¥onds,fm. land; foil; fund; 

FoRger, vn. to fink , to Hot 
Fongueux, fe, a. fpongious 
Fongus,/wz. excrefcence 
Fontaine , sf fountain ; 
fprlng ; well ; ciflern ; cock 
Fontange, a top-knot 

F O 

Fonte, sf. melting; cafi; hra^ 
Canon de foate,yOT. bra 

Fontenier, a conduit-mak 
Fonts , the font. ^cou 

For ecciefialliilue , — tic 
Forain , e , a. j. foreigi 

' ,f foreigner. [all 

Forants , fm. pi. balks 

Forban , fm. a pirate 
Forgat , a galley-Jlave 
Force , sf firength ; fort 

tude ; violence. [meat 
A tonte force , ad. by c 
A force de , by firength; b^ 
Force , ad. many ; plcnt- 

fiort \m 
Temps forc^ 

Forcemeht, ad. forcibly 
Forcene, c, a. mad, in 

fury [ op 
Forcer, va. to force ; hrec 
un cheval, to over-rii 

a horfe 
un Ilevre , to hut 

down a hare , &c. 
un bataiilon , to brea 

through a battalion 

une clef, to bend a k 

de voiles, to make th 

bcfi one's way at f 
Se forcer, vr. to firain one* 

^'^^ . , 
Forces , sf shears 

Forces , forces , troops 

YovcQUQiffmall shears^ 

a firefs 

F O 

rclorre , va. to forejudge 
rclufion , sf. forejudging 
rer , va. to bore , to drill 
Til\\sr,fm.foreJiir, ranger 
lies foreftieres , sf. forefi 
?t ,fm. a fflmht, a piercer 

:e, V, to trc 



td'ityfm. a cri/ne^ \_fcit 
reprendre a forfait, to 
ndirtaki hy the s^reat 
faiture , sf. forfeit 
fante ^fm. a rajcai 
fanterie, sf. romancery-, 

ge , a forge. [ hammer 
ger , va. to forge ; to 
ger, vn. to over-reach , 
asfome horfes do ) 
geron ,/;«. a blackfmlth 
^enr , forger y hammerer 
jet , Jhi. Forjetture , sf 
jutting cut 
Jeter, vn. to jut out 
ligner, to degenerate 
forlonger , vr. run a 
■ngth ; to linger 
armalifer, to take offence 
■nalifls, a. 2. s. formal if 
nalit;^ , sf formality 
mariage , fm. clandejline 

nat ifi^e of a hook 
nation , sf. forming 
ne, form; hjl; shape -^ 
ill in a choir -J a dock 
: la fgrius , for form-faks. 

F O 

Forinel , le , a. formal; pre- 

cife; explicit 
FormellemeiTt , ad, formal- 
ly ; explicitly 
Former , va. to form ; to 

Se , vr. to be made ; to 

be bred ; to arife ; to grow 

a man \_ble 

Formidable, a. 2. formida- 
Formier yfm. a lafl-makcr. 
Formulaire , a formulary 
Formule , sf a fet form 
Fornic^tenr ,fm. fornicator 
Fornication , sf. — tion ; 

Fornicatrice, a whore 
Fort, e, c. firong; Jlout ; 

A plus forte raifea , ad. hov/ 

much more 
Se fairs fort, to undertake ; 

to rely much 
l^ott, piece; main 

point ; middle ; height ; 

heat i bias ; fort 
"Port, ad. veryi very much; 

YoTtemsnt^ Jirongly ;/loutly 
Fortercffe, sfafortrefs 
Fortifiant, e, a. Jlrengthe- 

ning. [ ner 

Fortificateur , fm. Jlrengthe- 
Fortification , sf. — tion 
Fortifier , va. to fortify; to 

Sc — , vr, to gather firength 
Fottia , fm, a UttUfort 

V O IT^ 

Fortuit , e , a. fortuitous , 

Cas fortuit , mere chance 
Fortuitement , ad. acciden- 
tally ; cafual ly 
Fortune , sf. fortune ; lack j 

Fortune de mer , form 
Voile de fortune, crofs- 

De fortune, ad. or c. hy 

good hap, L^^Ppy 

Fortune, e, a. fortunate ^ 
Forure , sf. a key-hole 
FoiTe , grave ; pit ; ditck 

, a melting kettle 

Baffe-foffe, dungeon 
Foffe , fm. ditch , moat 
FolTet , it peg; faufu 
Foffette, sf. chuck-hole ; dlm~ 
Foffile, a. [pic 
FolToyer, va. to moat round, 
Fofloyeur ,yOT. grave-digger ^ 

ditcher. [foolish 

Fou , fol , le , a. mad , Jilly ; 
Fou, fm. a fool; jejier ; a 

bishop at chefs ; beech-tree 
Fouacs, sf dough-cake; bun 
Fouacier , fm. a bun-maker 
Fouage , harth-money 
Fouailler, va. to flog , to lash 
Foudre , sf. thunder-bolt 

(iV.^. Foudre, is fn. in 
a figurative fenfe.) 
Foudroiemsnt, fm. thunder' 

Foudroyant, e, c, thundc 
, rin^ i dreadful 

T20 F O 

Foudroyante, sf.fqulh , roc- 
ket refemhling a thunder- 
Foudroyer , va. to thunder- 
Jirikc; to batter ; fulminate 
Foudroyer, vn. to jicrm 
Fouet,/OT. whip-y whipcord i 

rod; lash 
Poulie a fouet , tail-blcck 
Fouetter, va. to whip ; lash ; 

to cut 
Fe uettcur ^ £e,f. a fioggcr 
Fougeraie , sf. ferny ground 
Fougere , fern. 
Fougonyfm. a cook-room y 

{^in n ship ) 
Fougue, sf. heat; impetitofity 

»- i d'un cheval, the. mcttU 

of a horfe 
Fougue, miien-top 
Fougueux , fe , a. fiery ; hot; 
unruly. l^'f^g "P 

Fouillc, sf. trenching; ra- 
Fouille-au-pot , fm. a fcul- 

Fouuler , va. to trench ; to 

rakt up ; to rummage 
Foulne , sf. a pole- cat 
Fouir la teire , va. to dig the 
ground. [^herrings 

Foulage , fm. thepreffing cf 
Foule , f/I crowd ; throng ; 

opprcjjion ; fulling 
En foule, a la foule, ad. in 

a crowd 
Venir en foule, to flock 
Entrer a la fouU, to crowd 

F O t 

Sortir a la foule, to crowd \ 

out. [deer \ 

Foulee, sf. the foiling of 

Fouler, vd. to tread ; to full ; j 

trample on ; opprefs ; gall < 

la vendange , to Jlamp i 

the grapes. [fencw \ 

— — un nerf, to fprain a \ 
Foulerie, sf hatter's or fu I- i 
ler^s work - hcufe ; wine- I 
pnfs. \jder ; a fuller \ 

Fouleur , fm. a grape-trea- 
Fouloir , hatter's working- 
board ; trough of a winc- 
Youlon ^ a fuller, Vpi'^p 

Terre a foulon , sf. fuller's 

Foulque,yJn. iz coot ; moor- 
cock or hen. U^^S 
Youlute f sf fprain; furha- 
Four y fm. an oven; a kiln ; 

a back-houfe 
Fourbe , a cheat , impojlor 
Fourbe , a. 2, cheating ; de- 
ceitful ; crafty. [trick 
Fourber , va. to cheat , to 

Fourbe y sf. ^ . ^t 
T^ 1 • <■ im^vojture 
touroerie, i '■ •' 

Fourbir, va. to furbish 

Fourbifieur , fm. a fword- 

Fourbiffure, sf. furbishing 
fourbu, e, a. foundered 
Fourbure, sf. foundering 
Fouxche , a pitchfork 
d'un arbre , a forked 

shoot. [gibbet 

Fourches patibulaires , a 

. , F o 

Falre a la fourche, to do 

thing bunglingty 
Fourche, e, a. forked ; d 
ven. [k 

Fourcber, vn, to grow fc 
La langue lui a fourche , 
has tript with his tongut 
Fourchette , sf a fork 
Fourchette , a rejl {for 
musket ) 

du pied du chevj 

jfush of a horfe' s foot 
Fourchon , fm, a three / 

Fourchon , prong of a for 
Fourchu, e, a. forked -yC, 
ven. im 

Chemin fourchu, yj?:. crfr 
Fourchure, sf a fplitiin^ 
Fourgon ,fm. a fort ofwi 
gon ; an oven fork ; pok 
Fourgonner, va, to fiir 
fire ; to poke ; to fum 
Fourmi , sf. an ant ; pifm 
Fourmiliere, an ant's m 

a throng ; a fwarm 
Fourmillant , e , a. fwarm 
FourmiUement , fm. pp 

king , itching 
Fourmilier, vn. fwarm wi 

to be full of 
La main me fourmine,/_, 
a pricking in my hands i 
the flinging of ar.ts 
Fournage , fm. furrage 
Fournaife , sf. a fiirna Z''^' 
Uln ' ^ ' i.1i 


F O 

ourneau, fm, aflovt ; kiln ; 
fmdll mini. \_ovenfull 

ouriiee, sf. hatch of bread; 
ourni, e, a, full ^ thick 
ournler ,ym. an oven tender 
ournil, a bakc-lioufi 
ourriiment , a powder' 

ournir , va. to furnish-, 
find ; afford. [turn 

ournir , vn. to fsrve the 
ourrliTement , fm. furnitu- 
re; equipage 
ourniture, sf furnishing; 
provlfion ; remittancz ; 
trimming; fmall fallet 
outrage , fm. fodder; fora- 
ge, [ravage 
ourrager , v, to forage ; 
ounageur , fm. a forager 
ourreau, a cr.fe; fcabbard 
ourrelier , fcabbard-mahcr 
'ourrer , va. to thrnjiin, to 
fiuffwlth ; to fur 
e , vr. to intrude one's 


ourreur , fm. a furrier 
currier , harbinger 
'ourriere , sf. a wood-yard 
lettre en , to pound a 

horfe , &c. 
ourr ure, sf a fur ; furllning 
outvoiement , fm. a going 

afiray ; error 

ourvoyer , va. to mlJI^ad 
e , vr. to go out of 

one's way ; to err 

F R I 

Foyer , fm. a hearth ; heat ; 

a tyring room 
Fracas, crash; clutter; nolfe 
Fracaffer , va. to break in 

Frad;ion , sf fraHlon 
du pain , breaking of 

the bread. [king 

Fracfrure , a fraclure ; bren- 
Fragile, a. 1. frail; brittle 
Fragilite , sf — llty; frailty; 

Fragment, /m. a fragment 
Frai , fpawn ; fry. [new 

Fi'aiche, a. f. cool; f'esh , 
Fraichement , ad. cooly ; 

newly ; freshly 
Fraicheur , sf coolncfs; 

freshncfs; light airs of wind 
Le vent fraichit, the wind 

blows fir ongir 
Frairie , sf a merry-making 
Frais, fraiche, a. cool; fresh; 

new ; newly ; recent 
Vent frais , afresh gale 
Frais ifm. cool 
Frais , pi. charges^ expcnces 
Se mettre en f ais , to put 

onc^sfe^fr.0 charges 
Fraife , sf. a firaw-herry ; 

ruff; drill [pluck 

de vea;3 , (yc. a calf^s 

Fraifes , frclfs {pointed Jla.- 

kes in fortification^ 
Fraifer , va. to plait; knead; 


Fraiii , frai/ll , fm. cinders 
Fraiiier , Jiiaw-b^rry plant 


Framboife, sf. rashcrry 
Framboifer , va. to vive a 

tajlc of rasber'y 
Framboilier , fm. rasberry" 

Franc, Uvre, apiece of money 

value 20 pence French 
Franc, franche , a. free^ 

frank ; mere ; arrant ; true ; 

Franc , ad. plainly ; flatly ; 

compUatly. [cffalt 

Franc- Tale, fm. allowance 

tillac , lowermoji-dcck 

ofier , ofier , withy 

lieu , a freehold 

fanin , white h.iwfr 

Franchemsnt , ad. plainly ; 

frzcly. [to ov ere urns, 

Franchir, va. to leap overi 

le mot, tofpjakdown" 


Franchife , 

immunity i 

freedom ; candour 
Fran^ifer, va. to frcnchlfy 
Fiangois , e , a. j. French 
Franqois , fm. Frenchman 
Frangoife, J-/. Frenchwom^rz 
A la francoil'e , ad. after ths. 

French fashion 
F'.ancohrs , fm. heath-cock 
Flange, sf. fringe 
Frans^er, va. to fringe 
Frangcr, e, f. frlngc-mak:r 
A la franquette, ad. frank" 

ly; openly 
Frappant , e , a. firiking y, 

cjfintlul; material 

'711 T^ 

Frapps, sf. JijTTipitg 
F^appe du tonnerrs , tkun- 
■ dcr-JIruck 
Frappe d'etonnemsri^t, fm. 

L.maT^cd; ajlonlshed 
Efprit frappe, ohjlinate 
Frappement cie raaihs, clap- 
ping of hands 
Ffapper, va. tojlrik^ ; knock 
■de ia monnoie, to fi.imp 
money. \_hands 

i dar.s la main , to shaks 

> des mains, to clap 

Frappei^r, ie, /. a Jlrikcr ; 

Trafque, sf. a trick 
Frater,yw7. a young harher 
Fraternel , Ie, :?. brotherly 
Fraternellement, ad, frater- 
nally; loviu'^iy 
Fraternifer, vn. to live in d 

brotherly manner 
Fraternite, sf. — nity; bro- 
therly-love; focicty ^ 
Fratricide , fm. f-atricide 
Fraude, if. fraud ^ deceit 
En fraude , ad. deceitfully 
Frauder,rvi. to defraud; cheat 
Fraudeur, /ct. defcudsr 
Frauduloufement, ad. frau- 
dulently ; by a trick 
Frauduleux , fe, a, fraudu- 
lent ; fraudulous , crafty 
Fraxinelle , sf fraxinelLi , 

bdflard ditanny. 
Frayer , v. to open ; to 
shew ; rub agai/iji ; graie ; 

F R 

Frayeur, sf a fright ; dread 
Fredaine, a prank.; frolick 
Frzdon, fm. trilling ; qua- 
vering ; a glcck 
Fiedonner, m. to trill; qua- 
ver ; shake 
Ftegate , sf. a frigate 
Fiein,ym. bit; bndh; curb 
Frelater , ya. to adulterate 
Fr elateri e , sf ft>phiJlication 
Frele , a. 2. frail ,• weak ; 

Frelon , fm. a hornet 
Freluche , sf. a tufc 
Frcluquet , fm. a prig, fpark 
Fremir , vn. to shudder ; 
chafe ; to roar; to fimmer 
FremiiTement , fm. a shud- 
dering; trcmblin^^; humming 
Frene , an ash-tree 
Frenefie , sf a fren\y 
Frendtique , a. 1. f. frantick 
Frequemment , ad .frequen- 

Fr(^q!aence , sf frequency 
Frequent, e, a. frequent 
Pouls frequent , a quick 

Frequentatif, a. m. - — racive 
Frequentation , sf frequen- 
ting; haunting 
Frequenter, va. to frequent ; 

to kzep company with 
Frere , fm. a brother ^ 

de lait , fofier-brother 

F. efaie , sf fcritch-owl 
Frefque ( poindre di ) , to 
p.iint in fcfc^ 

V R 

FrefTure de veau, sf, calve 

Fret , fm. freight 
Fr^tement, fc'ghting 
FretQt , va, to freight | 

Freteur, fm. freighter; owm 
Fretlllant , e , a. fiuttering 
F.etille, sf Jiraw 
Fiet'ilhnient ,fm, frisking 
Fretiller, vn. to frisk 
Fretin , fm. ^ fy ; trash 
Frette , sf. ferrule ; ferril 
Frette' , e , d. fretton ( in hi 

raldry ) 
Friable , a. 2. friable , brLtit\ 
Friand, e, a. dainty ; nice 
Friand de nouvelles , fan 

of news 
Friand , e , /! fweeth-tooth 
Friandife, sf. daintincfs 
Friandiies, tin-bits 
Fricandeaux , fm. fcotch 

Fricalfee, sf. a fricajjee 
Fri caller , va. to fry ; t 

fqtiander a\vay 
Fricafl'eur , /^2. a paltry coo 
Friche, sf. land untilled _ . 
Ei#-iche, ad. untilled ; fl^^^,^ 

Friftion , sf. — tion; ruhbin 
Ffigeiier, va. to make cold 

relent. [dii 

Frigidite , sf. natural frig, 
Frigorifique, a. 2. that pre 

cureth cold 
Frilleux, fe, a. chilly 
Frimas,y?7;, rima hoar fro^ 

F R ' 

! n'en a fait que la frime, 

he only madi a sh:w of it 
riiigant , e , a. gamcjbmc , 
a iry , brisk 

> ingucr, v. to frisk ; to rinfc 
'. iper , va. to rumple ; gob- 
ble down i fpoii ; fqnandir 

iiperie, sf. a fccond-hand 
clothes shop 

, a broker's trade 

iipe-fauce , y777. a lickjnit 
ripier, ^ ,f. a faUs-rn:in ^ a 
broker. ['"^^"2 

ripon , ne y a. f. roguish ; a 
iponncau ^ fm. little rogus 
npor.ner, iv. to cheat i to 
play the truant 
ipor.nerie , sf. knavish 

a k'nd of fpnr.'ow 
.iquet, te, a. brisk, airy 
rire, va. to fy 
'•;-> sffri^ie 

u'er, va. to curl, cri/p ;■ 
era'^c ; ru^c ; nap 
voile friie, the fail shivzrs 
in the ^vind, (a fa term) 
] I foil , fm. hair bodkin 
ifon, under-petticoat 
Ifoter, va.tofrii^U, crifp 
ifqu'.tts, sf afriskct 
iflbn , fm. a shivering; a 
cold fit. {vcring 

i(ronncm2nt,/v'>'£/7^/2 shi- 
ifTonner , r/z. shiver ; 

F R 

Fi-ifure , sf curVrg 
Friture , sr/i frying J fried- 
fish ;, dripping . 
Frivole , a. i. frivolous , 

vain , trifiJng 
Frivolite, sf frivoloiifnffs 
Froc , fm. a monk's habit 
Prendre le fi oc, to turn monk 
Froid, e, a. cold; frigid; 

, fm. cold , coldncfs 

Faire fi old , to receive cold- 
ly ; to lock cold on 
Froidement , cd. coldly ; 
weakly. [reception 

Froideur, sf. coldn:fs ; cold- 
Fro.idir, vn. to grow cold. 
Froidure , sf cold {of the 

Froidureux, fe, a. chilly. 
Froiffomer.t , fm. coUifion ; 

bru'fing ; dashing 
FroJfTer, va, to Irulfe; to 
rumple ; to d:Jsh to pieces 
Froiffure, sf. a bruifc 
Frolement, fm. gj^ling 
F> oler , va. to gra^e 
Frqmage , fm. cheese 
Entre la poire & le fromage, 
v/kcn thz jriiit is upon the 
Fronlager, e,/ cheefemonger 
Froipi^igerie, sf ckeefe-mar- 

Frcment , fn. wheat 
Pain de fioment, whcatcn 

bread, wheaten loaf 
Fioi'iizni6-i, sf. frumenty 

F R 115 

Froncement dz fourclls,_/m. 

Frcncer, va. gather , pucker 

1 e fo ur c i 1 , to fro 

Froncis , fn. gather , pucker 
Frongure, sf. gather-^ pucker 
Fronde , a fiing ; faciion • 
Fronder, va. to fiing; fickle 
Frondeur, y^i. aflingir; an 

nnticourtier ; a fick'cr 
Fi'ont , forehead ; front ; im* 

Front d'airain, brar^en face 
Faire front, v. to face 
De front , ad. a-brecfr, in the 

Frontal ,fm. a frontlet 
F fonteaix, front let ; head-fiall 
Frontiers , sf. frontiers i 

Frontiere , a. f. frontier 
Front! fpice , fm. frcntif; 

piece , title-page 
F/onton , a pediment 
Frottage, rubbing 
Frottement , frriciion ; rub- 
bing. [ hang 
Frotter , va. rub; do cvcri 
Se — — - , vr. to meddle with. 
Frotteur , fe , f a nbber 
Frottoir , fm. a rubbing cloth 

de velours , a rubber 

Fruftifier, v. to fruclify ; to 

thrive, to be fruitful 
Fruftueufemcnt, ad.fucceff- 

fully ; profitably 
Fru(ftu£ux, le, a. lucrative, 


h 1} 

iH F R 

Frugal , e , a.fobcr , 'frugal 
Frugalenient , ad. foberly , 
frugally. [bcrnefs 

Fiugalite , sf. frugality ; fo- 
'f run , fm. fruit ; advantage 
Fruitage , frint ( in general) 
Fiulterie , sf.fuite-y 
Fruitier , a. m. fruit-bearing 
Arbre fi uiiier , fm. a f-uit- 

tree [terer 

Fruitier , fruit-garden ; frui- 
f"! uitiere , sf. a fruit or kerb- 
Frufquin , fm. one's all 
Frufiier, va. to frujirate ; to 

balk ; to deprive cf 
Fugitif, ve , a. s. fugitive 
Pieces fugitives, loofe pieces 
Fugue , sf fugm , chacc , 

( in mufick ) 
Fuie, a coop 
Fuir , V. to fly , to run eway ; 

to shift off; to shun 
Fuite , sf. flight; avoiding ; 

evafon. {nous ^ footy 
Fui i g ifi e ux , fe , a. fu ligi - 
Fulminant, e, a.fiorming; 

mad. \pans 

Or fulminant ^curinifulmi- 
Fulmination , sf. — tion 
Fulminer, v. to fulminate; 

to fret and fume 
Fumant , e , a. fmoaking ; 

Fumee , sffmcke ; ftzam 
Fume'es , fumes ; fumus 
Fumcr, V. tofmokc; to dung; 

to fret , to chafi 

F U 

Fumst , fm, flavour 
Fumeterre , sf. fumitory 

Fumeur , fm. a fmoker 
Fumcux, fe, a. fumy ; heady 
Fumier, fm. muck; dunghill 
Fumigation , sf. ■ — tion 
Fumiger, va. to fumigate 
Funambule , /.' rope-dancer 
Funebce, a. 2.. funeral; dif- 

mal. [ral f'mon 

Oraifon funebre, .»/ afunc- 
Fun brailles, sf. ohfquics 
Funeraire, a. 2. s. funerary 
Funefte, a, ^. fatal; unlucky 
Funeftement , ad, fatally 
Funeur, yw2. a rigger 
Funin , rigging 
Au fur & a mefure , ad. as 

faft ; as foon ; proportio- 
Furet , fm. a ferret, [nally 
Un vrai furet , an arrant , 

Fureter , r. to ferret ; to 

fearch. [prier 

Fureteur , fm. a ferretter , 
Fureur, sffry, rage , 

nefs ; cagernefs 
Furibond , e , a. j. furious , 

raging mad 
Furie , sf fury^ paffon , heat 
FurieufeiTicnt, nd. excejjlvely 
Furieux, fe, a. mad- fu- 
rious; prodigious 
Furoncle , fm. furuncle 
Furtif , ve , a. clandefline ; 

by ftealtk 
Fattivement , ad, by Jicalth 

F U 

Fufain , fm. the fpindle-trtt 
Fufeau , fpjndle ; bone 
Jambes do fufeaux, i-_/\^irti- 

Fufde, fpindh-full; rocket; 
fquib; fufee; barrel; fillet 
Chaux fufee , a. (laked-lime 
Fufeii va. to flake 
Fufiblc, a. i.fufihle 
Fufil , fm. firelock ; tindcf 

box;flcel; light gun 
Pierre a fufil , sf flint 
Fiifilier , yw. afufileer 
Fuliller un foldat , va. tt 

shoot a foldier 
Fufion , sf, fnfion or meltinf 
Fufle , fofji ( a kind o^ 

Fuftigation , flogging 
Fufliger, va. to fcourge, las) 
¥ut,fm. gun-flock ; shaft 

a pillar , drum-barrel 

cask. [tree. 

Futaie , sf aforeft of lofty 
Futaiile, a cask 
Futaillerie , wood fit fo 

Futaine ,fuflian , dimitty 
Futainier , fm.fuflian or di 

mitty weaver 
Fut^ , e , fl. crafty , cunnin 
Futile , a. 1. triflJng; vain 
Fatiri.te, sf. futility , vanity 
Futur, e, a. future, to com 
Futur , fm. future tenfe ; fu 

Couleur fuyante, sffadin 


G A 

G A 

'n hwx-fuyav.t, fm. a shift \'Ga.gne-deniQT , J'm. a la- 


_:yard, a run-away-y 

JABARE, sf.aUrhter 
iabaiier,/m. lightgr-man 
Jaba/it , draught of a ship 
'onner de la gabatme , 
to impof upon 
■abelle , sf. txcife , duty 
•abet , fm. var.c of an oc- 

abiers, top-men 
•abion , a gabion 
abior.ner, i^<2. to cover with 

rabord , fm, garb card fir ake 
rdchc, sf.fijplc^ ■wall hook 
'icher , va. to mix ; rinfe 

lacheux, fc, a. miry; fiahby 
r^ch'is, fm. Jlab; plash 
radcle , sf. currants 
ladelier,/;;;. ciirrr.nt-bush 
iadouard , a ni(jfit-man 
radoiie, ff ordure. 
raffe, sf. boat hook 
rage , fm. pawn ; token 
rages , wages 

lairer aux gages , to cashier 
rager , va. to hire ; to bet 
Jageur ^^q , f. a better 
Jageure, sf wager, bet 
»agnant, c ,f. a winner 
Jonner gagne, to yidd 


Gagne-paln , HveV'hood 
Gagne-petit, knives oc fcif- 
Jars-grinder. ' [ w/Vj 

Gagner , va. to get , gain, 
Gagiier aa pied , fcamper 

atfay. [ v/in dward 

Gag'.er au vent, to get to 
Gagneur , fe, f a winner 
Gagui, if. jolly plump girl 

or woman 
Gai J e, <?. guy , merry 
Gaiement , ad. merrily 
GaietCj sf gaiety ; mirth 
De gaiete de coeur, ad. wan- 
Ga:llard, e, a. merry, brisk, 

tipfy , gallant 
Gaillard d'avant , fm. forc- 

Galliard d'arriere , pocp 
Gaillardement, ad. marily ; 

Gaillaidife , sf. folic 
Gain , fm. gain. [yield 

Donrer gain dc caufe , va. 
Galne , sf a sheath 
Gainier, fn. a sheath or 

Galamment , ad. gcnteely 
Galant, e, a. genteel ; clever 
G3.\znt,fm. fpark,fwectheart 
Galanterie, sf galantry, in- 
Galantifer , va. to court the 

trigue. [ ladies 

Gal axle, sf milky-way 
Galbaii-uiTj /ct, -^nui:: {^um) 

G A 12^ 

Gale , sf the itch ; the mange 
Galeace, sf. a galeaffe 
Galee, a printer^ s-galLy 
Gaiefretier , fm. a fccundrcL 
Galcrc, sf. ag::lley 
Vogue la galere , hep hi 

Gaierie , sf gallery 
Galerien , Jin. a gaUcy-flav^ 
Galet, a shuj/lc- board 
Galctas , a garret 
Gslette J sf. a cmm.plet 
Galeux, fe, a. itchy 
Galeux , fe, f afcahby man 

or wcman 
Galhaubruis , fm. hack flays 
Ga'imafiee, sf gallimau- 

fy ; hotch-potch 
Galmatias, fm, bcmbafi y 

GalioH , a galleon 
Galiote , sf. a bark, galliot 
Galiote a bombcs , tonil- 
Galle , gall-nut. ^ \kctcli 

Gallican , e-, a. gallican 
Gallicifme , yw. '— cifm 
Galoche , sf. galosh ; hoi" 

low cleat 
Galon, fm. galoon ; lace 
Galonner , va. to lace 
Grand ^a.\op , fm . fall gallop 
Petit galop , hand-gallop 
Galopade , sf. galloping 
Galoper , vn. to gallop 
Galopin , fm. an errant-boy 
Gambade, sf. a gambol i jcji 
GdLm.hd.dQr , vn. to gambol 
Gambage , fm. mali-t<V$^ 
1 J- iJj 

■11^ G A 

Gambes de.hune, sf. fut- 
tock-shrouds. [one'j legs 
Cambiller , vn. to wag 
Gamelle, sf. a wooden- bow! 
Gamme , the gamut 
Chanter la gamrr.e, to re- 
primand, to rattU 
Garache, sf. thick-skulled 

Gance , a loop 
Gangrene, gangrene 
Se gangrener, vr, to gangrene 
Gant , fm. a g'ovc 
Gantele'Cj sf fox-gloves 
Gantclet , fm. gauntht 
Gatiter , va. to put on gloves 
Gantsrie , sf. glove-making 

cr filling 
Gar.tier ^ q , f. a glover 
Garance , .■•/. madder 
Garancer, va.. dye with mad- 
der. \_cher 
ij3.Ta.nt , fm. v^arranter, vcu- 
' — — , fall of a tackle 
Garantie , sf. warranty 
Garantir , va. warrant ; 

Garce , sf. a (trumpet 
Garcsttes , ga.<:kets 
Gargon, fm. a boy; a bat- 

chelor; a jjiirr.cyma.n. 
Garde , sf guard \ keeping ; 
nurfe. [^koiife 

Corps ds garde , guard- 
Prendre garde, take care, 
obferve. [ware 

Se donner de garde , to he- 
In 'avoir garde de^ not t^ be 

G A 

chle to — , not to be in- 
clined to — 
Garde , fm. a keeper 
Garde-hois , fm. a forefl- 

Garde-boutique, a shop-kee- 
per ; commodity that will 
not go off" 
Garde-chafle, a game-keeper 
Garde-coLs , a cruifcr 
Garde-feu, iron-bars before 

a fire 
Garde-fou , rails along brid- 
ges , keys , &c. [per 
Garde-maga^in , afon-kee- 
Garde-manger, larder, but- 
Garde-meuble, a wardrobe ; 

yeoman of the wardrobe 
Garde-nore , a notary 
Garder , v. to keep; take 

En donner a garder , to de- 
ceive ; to gall; to impofc 
Se garder de , to keep from 

doing any tiling amifs 

Garde-robe , sf. wardrobe , 

do ft. [ the rolls 

Gards-role,/;?;. the majhr of 

Garde-vaiiTelle, agzntleman 

of the ewry 
Gardsur , iQ,f. herd-keeper 
Gardien , ne,f. a guardian^ 

a fequsjiree 
Gardon , fm. roach. [care 
Gare , int. make way , ^ake 
Garenne, sf a warren 
Gzi' snn'iQt ,fm, a warrcn:r 

G A 

Se gargarifer , vr. to gar^i 
Gargarifme, fm. — rifm 

garglir.g. [vicluai 

Gargotage , kag-m:ig , nafi 
Gargote, sf. paltry eating 

Gargoter, vn. to haunt naji 

cle-houfes,to eat and drin 

Gargotier , e, f. paltry vii 

t nailer. [fpf*^ 

Gargouille , sf a guttei 
GargouilIement,y?7i. agrun 

bling in the bowels 
Gargouiller , vn. to dabhh 

to paddle 
Gargouillis , fm. fpoutino 
Gargouffe , sf a cartouch 

cartridge for a cannon 
Gargoulliers, a pouch f 

Garnement , fm. a profliga. 
Garniment , apparatus 
Garnir, va. to furnish; trim 

ftore ; adorn ; to rig 
Garftifon , sf garrifoii 

people put in a houfe c 

an execution 
Garniture , furniture; gai 

nishmtnt ; trimming 
Garouage , fm. a brothel 
Garret , withers ; packing 

Garrottsr,vfl. hindvAth con 
Gars , fm. a lad 
Gafcor.nade, sf. gafcona* 
Gafconner , vn. to hoajl 


G A 

GaCpWlzr , va. to lavish, >to 

wn/Ie , to fpoil 
Safpillear, f'e , f.fpcndthrift 
Gateau ,ym. cake 
■ai'tager le gateau, to go 

Jate-maifon , fm. a ninny , 

a fpoil-fihiily 
jate-metiei; , one who works 

or fells at under prices 
3dter , va. to fpoil , wafu 
jii gatcr dans le monde , to 

set an ill name 
jiteav , Te , yi fpoilcr , cor- 

Sa:t3 , sf. manger 
Gavache , fm. a fcoiindrcl 
jauche, a. 2. hft; aukward 
K gauche , ad. on the. lef: ; 

La gauche , sf. the hjt- 

hand, left- fide 
f^auchement, ad. aukwardly 
Gaucher, e, a. f left-han- 
ded. \jf'''fi 
Qauchir , vn. shrink back , 
GauchiiTement , fm. sarin- { 

Craude , sf. woad 

Gaufrc , sf. a homy-comh ; 

pcijiry ) wafer 
Gaufrer (Lis 6ioEss , fowc 

Gauf.eiir, fm. onz who f"u- 

res Jiujfs 
Gaufricr , wafer-iron 

lufrure, sf. figuring 
.-auis , afwi£ih;jpoU 

G E 

Gaulcr , va. to brat down 

■with a pole. [hcncfiman 

Bon ^^nXo'is^fm. a downright 

Ceil du gaulois , that^s old 

Gavotte, sf. gavct, {a dance) 
Gaupe , a fiut 
GaufuT, vn. to jeer 
Gauilerie, sf jeering 
GaufTeur , C e , /.* a jeerer 
Gaze , sf. gauie 
Gazelle , an attelops 
GzzciieTffm. gaicteer; haw- 
ker, [hlab 
Gazette , sf. a newfpaper ; 
Gazon , fm, green turf 
Gd.zonn$mcnt, covering with 

Gazonncr , va. line turf 
Gazouillemenf, fm, war- 
bling ; purling 
Gazouiller , vn. warble ; 

purl; chirp 
Gazouillis , fm. chirping 
Geai , a jay 

Geant , e , / giant; giant efs 
Geindre , vn. to whine 
Gelndre , fm. a baker's man 
Gelee , sf. frofi ; jelly 
Geler , va. to freaj. 
Gclinotte , sf. a fine tit ; 
pullet; wooA-hen; water- 
Gomeaux , fn. pi. the fign 

Gd/nir , vn. to ^roan ; to coo 
Gsmiirerrient , yT;;. groaning 
Gemme ( f^l ) , mitieral-falt 

G E 117 

Gdnant , e , <?. trouhlefome. 
Gen civ e , sf. the gum 
Gendarme, fm. life-guard 

man; a termagant; afpaik 

of file 
Se gendannsr, vr. to bluflcr 
Gendarmerie , sf. horj^ of 

the houshold 
Gendre , fm. a fon-in-law 
Gene , sf. rack , pain 
Genealogie , ij£;2ja/<3£y 
Gdnealogique, a. 1. genea- 
Genealogifle,/^. — giji 
Gener, va. to closi; cofijlraln 
Ger.eral , fm. a general 
General , e', ^. gene'al 
En g<f n^ral , ad. in general 
Le general , fm. the gene-* 

Gen^ralat, generalship 
Generale , sf. the general', 

a heat of drum 
Gdneralement , ad. — 'rally , 

nniverfa'ly. [ralijjimo 

Gdneraiiffime , fm. a gene- 
Generality, sf. — ?>', pre 

Gendratif , vc , a. — tive 
Generation , sf. — tion 
Genereux, fe, a. generous 
Genereufcment, ad. gem" 

Gene'rique , a. 1. —rical 
Gdneroiitd, sf gencrofity 
Genefe, sf. Gcnefis 
Genet, fn.- broom; genet-, 

a fine jpaniih-horf^ 

118 G E T G E 

A la genette, ad. with short \ Gccgraphique, a. 2, geogra- 

fiirrups I 

Genevrier, fm. ajunipet'trec 
Genie, ocnius , talents 
Genievre, a juniper- berry ; 

gentva- Oi gin 
GeniiTe , sf. a heifer 
Ge.Tital, e, a. genital ^ gc- 

n native 
G6uiuf,fm. genitive cafe 
Genitoires yfm. pL genitals 
Genou, fm. hue 
Genouillere, sf the top of 

a hoot ; puih-pisce 
Genoullleux, ft , a. kneed; 

knotty. [ der 

Genre, /ot. kind; fly le; gen- 
Gens , f. pi. folks , people , 

fervants. [folks 

Ger.s cie condition , gentle 
Les petites gens , the lower 

fort ofpecple 


Geolage , fm. prifon fees 
GeoIC', sf a gaol 
Geolier , fm, a paoler 
. Geolisre , sf. a gaoler's 1 

! ^'A I 

Gsometre , fm. a geometer '. 

Gdometrie, sf — try i 

' Geometrique, a. 2. — trical ' 

Geometrique^ment, ad. geo- j 
\ metrically. \ 

Gerbe , sf a sheaf i 

i Gerb^e , sf bundle cfjlraw 
• Gerber, va. make up in siiea- 

\ '^^■^ 
Gerce, sf. wood-loufe \ 

Gercer , v. to chop , crack 

i Gergure , sf. a chcp , a 

: chft 

, Gerer, va. to manage 

j Gerfimt , fm. a ge-falccn 
Coufin-germain ^j^-'/f-cou/zn 

I 1? , „«,^,^",„ ^ 

Gent , sf. nation , tn 

Gentil, Je, a.' genteel, pretty \ Frere germain , own broth 

Les gcntils ,y;;2. pi. the gen- i Geimandree , sf germander 

tiles. [man j or English treacle 

Gontilhomme , f:n. a gentle- j Gcrme , fm. a hud , a shoot 
Gentilhommiere , sf. gentL- 1 Germer , vn. to shoot , bud, 

man's feat. [heathenif 
Gentilite, sf. the heathens 

! Jpri'jg "P 

; Germination , sf 

Gentilldtre,y/n. petty coun- 

enrillefTe , sf. gentednefs ^ ^ 
pretty faying, pretty trick;': Gci^^ 

G^iondif, fm. a gerund 
Gefier , a gi-^yird 
GefTe ,' sf. chichellng , vetch 
lC , jpi. geflure 
Qcv.lif^tnt , ad. prettily . [toy j GePiC dc tcte , a nod. 
G';ni'.flexion , sf. kneeling. 1 Gefticulateur, a man full of 
Gr'ographe, fm. a — pher I aHicn in fpeaking 
Gtt. i^raphie, sf — phy | GsHiCulation, sf — tion 

G I 

Geft'culer, vn. to ufe much]i 

aclion in talking 
Gcftion , sf admlniflration 
G;l~beux, fe, a. gibbous 
Gibboiite, sf f;ibbofity 
G;becie; e , a pouch , a bag 
Gibelet , fm. a gimlet 
Gibet , a gibbet 
Gibier , game 
Gibier de potence, a new- 

Giboulee, sf a shower 
Gibcyer, vn. to fowl ^hawk 
Arquebufe a giboyer, afoW' 

ing piece 
Giboyeur , fm. a fowler 
Gigantefque, a. 2. gigantlt 
Gigot , fm. leg of mut' 

ton, &c. 
Gigote, e , a. well triiffed 
Gigue , sf. a fig ; a tall 

frisky girl 
Giguer , vn. to jig about 
Gilet ,fm. under-waiflcoat 
Faire gilles, yn. to fcampa 

Gimblette , sf. gimbel < 
Gtr.gembr2 , fm. ginger 
Ginguet, tart-wine 
G-randole , sf a candle- 

ftlck; a clujier of diarzondi 
Girafql ,fn. kind of opal 
' Gu'cfle , cloves 

Clou de girofle, a clove 
I GiroPiCe, sf flock gillyflowei 
' Giroflier , fm. a clove-tree 
Giion , lap i pale 
Giionner, va, to round 

G I 

rouetts , sf. a weather- 
cock or fla?, , a vane 
iemcnt , pa. bearing ( a 
fza term ) 

te , hare's form ; whzre 
one lies at night on a jour- 
ney , lodging 
'er , vn. to lie 
vre, fm. rime, hoarfrofi 
ace , <:f. ice, p;lafs, 
.nts glices , fm. glared 
gloves, \_chill 

acer , va. to fru\e , to 
acial , e, ^. fror^en; sharp 
aciere, sf anicchoufe 
acis ^ fm. a f oping bank 
<gon , a piece or fake of 
'ce_ [ li- fighter 

adlateur , a gladiator ;pri- 
atre , sf. flimy matter , 
£ I aire, white of an egg 
airer , va. to glaire , to 
'^n.iar with the white of an 

(eux , fe , a. ft 'my, ropy 
i fe , sf. potter's earth 

fer , va. to do over with 
otter's earth 
r^'^eux, fe, a. clayey 
've , fm. a fword 
mage , gleaning 
ir.d , acorn , majl 
ande, sf a o]and , kernel 
an H ee , foreft-mafi 
andule, afmall gland qx 
kernel [Iqus 

anduleux, fe, a. glandu- 
lane, jr/. gUaning 

G L T 

Glane d'oignons , sf. a rope | 
, of onions. [pears 

Glane de polres , clujier of 
Glaner , va. to glean 
G'anfeur , fc , f. a gleaner 
Glanure, sf gleaning 
Glapir, rr:. to yelp , to faueak 
Glapiffant, e, a.fqueaUng, 

shrill. [fqueaking 

Glapiffement , fm, yelping; 
Glayeul , corn-fag 
Glebe, sf. glebe, land, ore 
GlifTade, a flip , (l-pplng 
GIHTant, e. a. flippery 
Gliffer , vn. to flip , to flide 
Se glifler, vr. to flip ^ creep 

GViiTeur , fm. aflider 
Gliffoire, sf. aflidc 
Globe , fm. a globe 
Globule , a globule 
Globuitux , fe , a. glohulous 
Gloire , sf. pjory , pride 
Glorieufement , ad. glo- 

rionfly. ofl<:ntaticus 

Glorieux , f- , a. glorious , 
Glorieux , fe ^ f a proud 

man or woman 
Glorification , sf — t'on 
Gloriiier , va. to glorify 
Se glorifter, vr. to glory in 
Glofateur, GlofTateur ,_/?«. 

a ghflofrrapi'ier 
Glpie, sf glofs , comment 
Glofer , va. comment , cen- 

fure. [^-er 

G'ofeur, fm. cenfurer, car- \ 
Gloffaire , a glojfary | 

G O lip 

Glouglon ,yOT. guggling of a 
liquor poured out of a hottU 
GIoulTement , clucking 
Glouffer , vn. to cluck 
Glouton , nc , a. gluttonous , 
greedy [ dy gut 

Glouton, nQ,f. glutton, gree^ 
Gloutonnement , ad. gree- 
Gloutonnerle , sf. gluttony 
Glu , bird-lime 
Gluant, e, a. vifcid , gluey 
Gluau , fm. a lime-twig 
Gluer, va. to make clammy 
Glutlneux, fe , a. glutinous , 

Gnomon , fm. fiyle , index 
Gnomoniqiie , sf dialling 
Gobelet , fm. a goblet-, cup, 

a juggler' s-b ox 
Goheloiter , vn. to gu^^ls 
Gob'^r , va. to gu'p down, to 

nab , to fwallov/ down 
Se goberger, vr. to banter y 
to make much of one's f If 
Gobsrges , sf boarded bot- 
tom^ of a bcdfiead 
Prendre au gobet , to take 

one napping 
Gobin , fm. a hunch-bach 
Godaille , sf paltry wim 
Godelureau , fm. a fop 
Gorienot, a juggler's puppet 
Godet , a little cup or mug 
Godiveau yfort of pie 
Godron, rt puffy plait In linen 
Godfonner , va, to plait 

I30 G O 

Vaifi'elle godronnee, plate 

wrought on the edges 
Goelette , sf. fchooner 
Goffe , a, 2. ili-shapcd , auk- 
Gogaille , sf. merry-making 
Vivre a gogo , to live in 

Goguenard , e , <j, j, jocofe 
Goguenarder, vn. to jvkc 
Goguettes, j-/i merry Jtories 
Chanter gcguettcs a quel- 
qu'un , to rattli cnc to 
fhme tune 
GoLnfre ,/'m. a tofs-pot 
Goin'rer, vn. to guttle and 
guirU. ^ ■ ^gi^vJ'^ng 
Goinnerie , sf. guttling and 
Goitre, fm. hernia gutturis 
Goitreax, fe , a. throat-hur- 
GoUe , fm. a gulf [Jlen 

Gomrae, sf. gum 
Gommer , va. to gum 
Gommeux, fe , a. gummy 
Gommier , /to. gum-tree 
Gond , hinge. [voke 

Mettre hors des gonds\,/7ro- 
Gondole, sf gondola, cup 
Gondolier , fm. gondoliir 
Gonfalonier, gonfanonier, 

a holy ficndard-bearer 
Gonflcrmnt y^ a fwell'ng 
Gonfler, v. tof^ell 
Maitre gonin , fm. a (ly dog 
Tour de maitre gonin yfcur- 

vy trick 
Gonne, sf afea-cask 
Goret t fm, a pcrker 

G O ! 

Gorge, sf throat, hrcajl, 
Ac file [vomit 

Rendre gorge, to refund, 
Gorgie, sf. a gulp, [ 
Gorgsr , va. to gorge ^ to 
Gorgerette , sf woman's 

n eckh andh erch izf 
Gorgerin , fm. neck-piece 
Gorgette, sf a flay 
Gofier , fm. the gullet 
Gothicue, a. 2. gothick 
Goudron y fm. pitch and tar 
Goadronner , va. to tar 
Goue^mon , fm. fea-weeds 
Gouffre , abyfs , pit 
Gouge , sf gouge , trull 
Goiijat , fm. a foldicr's hoy 
Gouine, sf. a Jirumpet 
Goujon , fm. a gudgeon y (a 

fish and a pin fo called) 
Gnujurs, sf. notch , channel 
Goulee , a large mouthful 
Goulet, fm. a narrow en- 
trance of A harbour 
Goulot, a neck cf a hcttle, 
&c. [ greedy gut 

Goulu , e, a. J. gluttonous y 
Poi s gou'ius , 
Goulument, ad. gluttonoufly 
Goup'Ile, sf a watch-p:n 
GoupHlon ,fm, a holy v/ater 

fpri'zkle , a bottle-brush 
Goupillonner , va. to clean fe 

bottles with fuch a brush 
Gourd , e y a. numb ,fliff 
Gourde , sf. a gourd 
Gourdin , fm. a cudgel 
I Gourdiner , va. to cudgel 


Gourgandine , sf. a trull 
Gourgane, little v^ild bean 
Gourmade , fi/Sf-cuff 
Gourmand , e , a. s. a glut 

Gourmander, va. to finh 

Gourmandife, sf gluttony 
Gourms, thejlranglesy ( 

difeafi In young horfcs ) 
II a jete fa gourme , he ha 

fowed his wild oats 
Gourmer, va. to curb , ho. 
Gourmet, fm. a wine con 

Gourmette , sf a curb 
Gouffe , cod , husk , shell 
Gouii'e d'ail, a clove o 

GoufTet , fm,. fob , guffzt 

bracket , armvit 
Gout , tafle , palate , fm.ell 

re'ish , ftyle , fancy 
Mettre en gout , to whsttU 

defire , to caufe a liking 
Goiiter , V. to tajic , approve 

relish , to eat one's bzver 
Gouter ,fm. hcver , collatm 
Goutte , sf drop ; gout 
Goutte , ad. not at all 
11 ne voit goutte, he dot 

not fee at all 
Goutte a goutte , ad. 

drops , drop by drop 
Gouttelette, sf^-a little droj 
Goutteux , fe, a. gow.y 

Un goutteux , fm. a goutj^^ ^''i 


G O 

uttlere-, sf. a gutter 

luvcrna'.l , fm, rudder , 


mvernante, sf. gov erne fs ^ 

,:pvern^ntc ; houfekeepcr 

)\\veinemcnt , 'fm. goveru- 

ncnt , governor's houfi 

luverner, vir. to govern^ 

■0 fticr , hush.tnd 

mvefneur , fm. governor , 


abat , a truckh-hcd 

abuge , a fquabbU 

ace , sf. favour , grace , 

lardon , thanks 

n de grace 17S0 , t'm 

year of our Lord 1780 

: grace, ad. pray 

aciable , a. 2, pardonable 

acicufement , ad. kindly 

acieufer, , va. to treat 

kindly. ^ [ei/c 

acieufete , sf. hndnefs , 

a\:iaux , fe , a. kind^ gra- 

:efuL [Jlenderncfs | 

acilite , sf. shrillnefs , I 

adation , — tlon , climax 

ade, fm. dc'jrcc 

adin , a Jicp 

aduation , sf — tion 

adue, fm. a graduate 

adiiel , \^ , a. gradual 

aduellement, ad. — ^illy 

aduer,v^.ro conf.r degrees 

aillon, fm, a remnant , 


ain , corn , grain , berry 

aia de ^tqIq] a hailjione 

c R 

Grain de vent ^fm. fquall of 
Grain e , sf. feed [ wind 

Gra.\{ie ,fat J g'-eafz 
GraifTer, va. to greafe 
GraiiTeux , fe , a. greafy 
GrcLmen , fm. cow-grafs 
Gtammaire , sf grammar 
Grammairien ,fn. gramma- 
Grammatical, e, a. — cal 
Gramniaticalcmeat , ad. 

Grand, e, a, great., large 
Grand , jm. grandee 
Tranch^^r du grand , to 

carry it h'gh 
A ia grande , ad. in a grand 

Grandelet, te , a. pn^ttyb-g 
Grandement, ad. largeiy 
Grandeur, sf talinefs, lar- 
genefs , grandeur , lord- 
ship , honour , grace 
Grandir , vn. to grow tall 
Giange , sf a barn 
Gvangier, fm. a farmer 
Giappe, sf bunch, clufler 
Grapplllei', vn. glean, fcrnpe 
up. [ cleaner 

Grappilleur , fe , f. a grape 
Grappiiion , fm. a lit'le 

bunch of grapes 
Grappin , grappling iron , 
Utile anchor 

Gias , fe 

, a. jat , plump 

greasy , Oi\cene 

Jcur , fe.Ji'day 

Gras , fm.faij calf of the l^g 

GR 131 

Parler gras , to lifp , talk 
bawdy. [greafe 

Gras-fondure , sf wo I ten 
GT3.sdouh\2,fm. double trips 
GraiTcment , ad. plentifully 
GralTet, te , a. fatty , plum- 
Gi afTeyement , fm. Ufping 
GraiTeyer , vn. to lifp 
Graffeyeur , fe , f. a lifper 
GiafTouillet, te, a. plump 
Grac , fm. fcraping pLce , 

(for hens , tkc. ) 
Envoyer au grat, to turn 

one away 
Gratification , sf gratuity 
Gratifier, va. to make apre- 
fent. [a fauce-pan. 

Gratin , fm. the hurnt-to in 
Gratis , ad. for nothing 
Gratitude, sf gratitude 
Gratte , fcraper 
Grattc-cu , fm. hep 
Grattclie , sf itch 
G'attelcux, fe, a, itchy 
Gratter , vfl. to fciatch , 

f crape 
Grattoir, fm.fcraper 
Gratuit, te , a. gratuitous 
Don giatuit ^fn.fee-g'ft 
Gratuite , sf mercy , favour 
Giatuitement , ad.- freely 
Grave , a. 2. prave , v^ei^hty 
(jraveiee, sf. tartar, lees 
Graveleux, fe , a. gravelly , 

troubled with the grarcl 
Gray die , sf gravel 

Grayelure ; ohfcaiuy , 

751 Cr R 

Gravement , ad. ferloujly 
Graver , va. to engravK , to 

etch, imprint 
Graveur, fm. an engraver 
Gravier , gravel 
Gravir , vn. to clamber 
Gravitation, sf. — tion 
Gravite , gravity ; impor- 
Craviter , vn. gravitate. 
GravoJs , frz. gravel, rubbish 
Gravurc , sf. engraving 
Gre , fm. accord , will 
Savoir mauvais gre , to take 

Savoir bon gre , to be pUc- 

fed , to take kindly 
Grec , Grecque , a. s. Greek 
GrecKine ,/m. Grecifm 
Gredin , e , a. s. beggarly j 

ragged fillow 
Gredinerie, sf. beggarlinefs 
Greement , fm, rigging of a 

Greer , va. to rig (^ ship^ 
Greffe , fm. the rolls , a re- 

gifhr , a graff 
Greffer , va. to graff 
GretHer, fm. a reg-jzcr 
Greffoir , grafcing-knifi 
Feu grcgeois, wild~fre 
Grele , sf. hail 
^relc, a. a . fJm , lank , shrill 
Greler , v. imp. to hail 
>— — . va. to fpoil , to ruin 
Grelin ^ fm. fmall cable 
•Grelon , a large hail-ftonc 
Grelot, a UttUbdl 

G R 

Grclotter , vn. to shiver 
Gr;.4uchon , fm, a littU rash 

Grcmil , flone-crop , ( herb ) 
Grenade , sf a pomegran::- 

te ; a granado 
Grenadier , fm. pomegrana- 
te-tree ; grenadier, [pouch 
Gre.iadiere , sf. grenado 
Grenailie , fmall shot 
Greiiailler , va. to pound 
Gvenat^, fm. granate 
Grenaut, garnet 
Grener, va. to pound 

, vn. to feed 

Greneterie, sf. corn-trade 
Grenetier, e , f. corn-chand- 
ler , a huckjisr 
Grenetis,/-.^. ingr ailed ring 
Grenier , granary , loft , 

Grenouille, sf. c fog 
Grenouillere, a fn 
Grenu , e , d. full of corn , 
grained. [ marble 

Marbre grenu , granate 
G: es , fm. a fort of brown 
free-Jlone. . [ bottle 
Boute'.Ue de gres, sf.fior.e~ 
Greiil , fn. hoar-fojl , rime 
II gieiille , there's a rime 
Gfe'illement , fm. shnvcl- 

linp^ ; wrinkling 
GrcfiUer, va. to shrivd 
GrefTerie , sf.ftone-w&re. 
Greve , fandy ftrand 
Grever, va. to opprefs 
Griblgtt^ , sf a pork-Jiak^ 

G R "^ 

Gribouiilette, sf fcramb. 
Grieche, a. i. fpeckled 
Ple-grieche, vixen 
Grief-", fm. grievance \ 
Grief, ve , a. gnevcus 
Grievement, a.^.. gricvoti 
Grievete, sf. gricvoufntf 
GrifFe , a claw , a clutch 
Donner un coup de grift 

to do a diskindnefs 
Gnfiton , fn. a grijfn 
Griffonnage , fcmwling 
Griffonnement, rough dra 

inos, [ ski 

Griffonner , va. fcrav 
Grignon , fm. a cmfiy pi 

of bread 
Grignoter , va. to nibble 
Grigou, fm. a beggarly] 

low ; a fordid mifer 
Gril , a gridiron. [tho 
Etre fur le gril , be u] 
Grillaue , sf grilled mea. 
Grille , a grate 
Griller , va. to broil ^ L 

impatiently , grate up 
Grill on , fm. a cricket ' 
Grimace, sf. grimace y'^. 

face, difjimulation 
Grimacer, vn, to make ^ 

faces , to grin 
Grimacior, e, / one ^ 

makes wry faces , hypoc 
Grimaud , fm. a rjiv fchc 
Grime , a brat 
Grimelin , a shit-breech h 

a low gamcjlcr 

I Hi 


G R 

rimelinage , fm. playing 
for a trifle , trifling gain 
nmeliner , v. to play for 
a trlfli. [I'ook 

rimoire , fm. a conjuring- 
rimper , vn. to climb, [her 
:inipereau,/ra. a wood-pcc 
Impeur , i'e , f. a climber 
lincement , /m. pnashlng 
rincer , va. to gnash 
ringotter , vn. to warble 
inguenaude , sf. fartU- 
htr^y. [ hie 

L-inguenoter , vn. to war- 
lotte, sf. a black-cherry 
iottier , /ra. black-chtny- 
lope, sf.whim. [tree 
-^pper, vn. to clutch ,fel:^e. 
■ gripper, vr. to have cro- 
chets , to shrivel 
rippe-lbu , fm. a petty- 
agent. [ tlpfy 

15, e, a. grey t brown, 
rnps gris , raw wcachcr. 
is , fm. grey colour 
. i^aiUe , sf. daw king 
'ifaiUer , va. to dawb 
lifer, v. grow grey , fuddle 
rifatre, a. 2. greysh 
rifet, fm. young goldfinch 
nfette , sf. grey gown , 
mean girl 

lifon , ne, a. s. grey-hea- 
ded ; fpy ; afs 
•ifonner , vn. to grow grey 
live f sf a thrush 
livele , e , a, dappled , 

G R 

GrlveMe , sf. extort/on 
Griveler, va. to extort 
Griveieric, sf. plunder 
Giiveleur, /^w. extortioner 
Gnvcns , a jovial fellow 
Grivoii'e , sf. a foldler's 

wench ; tobacco grater 
Grog a e , grumbling 
Fdirsi la grogne, to grumble 
Grognement ,fm. grunting 
Grogner , vn. to grunt , 

Grogneur, ^Q,f. a grumbler 
Groin, Jm. fnout of a hov 
Grommeler , vn. to grumble 
Grondable , a.i. that defer- 

ves to hefcolded. [nolfe 
Grondement, fm. rumbling 
Gronder, v. to growl, fcold. 
Gronderie , sf. fcoldlng 
Gronoeur , f'e, a. grumbling, 


, f. grumbler , shrew j 

Gros , fe , a. big , la'-ge , ! 

coarfe. [meat i 

Gr olTe viande , butcher's • 
Gros, fm. main part i chief \ 
Gros , a dram. [point \ 

Coucher gros . to bu high ; i 

to talk out of the way ; 

En gros , ad. by whoUfaU 
Tout CT gros. In all 
Grol'eille , sf. a currant ; 

Grofeillier , fm. a currant or 

gcpfcbcrry bush 
Gi'offe , sf. grofs , copy of a, 
GroflV, bGUQTnry, [wrUing 

G U 151 

GroffefTe , sf. pregnancy 
Grofieur , bignefs, fwclllng 
Grolfier , e, a. coarfe, c!o\v 

nlsh. [ Ufale mart 

Marchand groffier , a who" 
GrofTierement , ad, coarfc" 

ly ; clownlshly ; In gemral 
GiOindrete , sf. coarfenefs\ 

Grofiir , va. to make bigger 
Grofiir , vn. to grow bigger 
Grofloyer , va. to engrofs 
Grotefque , a. z. grotefque-, 

Giotefquement, ad. oddly 
Grotefqces , sf.pL an::cks , 

idle fancies 
Grotte , sf. a grotto 
Groueteux, fe , a. Jiony 
Grouillant, e, a. Jilrrlng ^ 

fw arming 
Grouiller, vn.toJll-,fwarm 
GroLipc , fm. a group 
Grouper , va. to grcua 
Giuau . fm. oatmeal , water^* 

gruel , younc^ crane 
Grue, .-/! a crane, fool 
Gruerie, court of jufllcc it 

eyre of the for aft 
Gruger , vc. to crunch , prln.l 
Giuvr,^a.\i, fm^^ clod , lump 
Se grumeler, vr. to clot 
Grumeleux , d , a. rugged 5 

Gi uye; , fm. a jufllce In cyrs 
Gue, a ford 

Gueable, a. -3.. fordahk 
Gusdg, sf. woad 

•T34 G U • 

Gueer , va. to ford , foak 
Cuenille , sf. a rag 
Cuenillon , Jm. a Little rag 
Guen:pe , sf. apujhumpct 
<^uenoii , an ape 
Gu6nuchc ,^iz younff ape 
Cuepc , a Vi'ajp 
GnQp'iev ffn. mlldwold 
Guepiere, sf. a wafp's neA 
Guere, gueres, ctf. but Lltt 

fcarceiy, very few 
Gueret , fm. fallow ground, 
Xiudridon, a ftand. [fi^ld 
Guerir , v. to cure , to be cu- 
Guerilon , sf. cure. [red 
GueiiiTable , a. 2. curable 
Gueririeur,ym, healer, curer 
Guerite , sf. centry-box, tur- 
Guerre, war. [fit 

Nom de guerre , borrowed 

"Guerrier , e , <2. manLT.1 
Guei rier ^ q , f. a warrior 
Guet , fm. a watch 
IVIaifon du guet, round-houfe 
"Mot du guet, ivatch-ivord 
Guet-a-pens ,y^;. ambush 
De guet-a-pens, ad. v/ilfuUy 
Un giiet-a-pens , wilful rrair- 
Guetre, sf.fpattcrdash. [dcr 
Guetre , e , a. who has fpat- 

terdashcs on 
Se guetrer , vr. to put on 

K.7\\enQt ,va.towatch. \ pad 
Guetteur de chemins , foot- 
Gueule , sf. thi mouth of a 

teajljfishf cisn, &«. 

G U 

Fort en gueule, a hard mou- 
thed fellow 
Gueulee, sf.ahuge mouthful 
Gueulees, bawdy-words 
Gueuler, vn. to bawl 
Gueules , fm. gules, [beggars 
Gueufaille , sf company of 
Gueufailler, vn, to beg 
Gueufant, e, a. begging 
Giieufe , sf. a fow of iron ; 
■^ -i^ whore 

Giieu/er , v. to mump 
Gueuferie, sf. heggay, trash 
Gueux,fe, a. beggarly, poor 
Gueux y{s,f.a beggar 
Gm,fm. ir.ijlitoe 
Guichet, wicket 1 shutter 
Guichetler, a turnkey 
Guide, guide y tutor 
Guide , sf a rein , conduct 
Guider, va. to guide 
Guidon , fm. a guidon , fight 

of a gun 
Guigne, sf. black hardcherry 
Guigner , -,'. to leer , to have 

in one's eye 
Guignier , fm. black hard 

cherry -tree 
Guigncn, ill luck, [at play') 
Guildive, sf rum 
Gu'llee , a shower 
Guilledin , fm. gelding., nag 
Couiir le gijllledou , to 

haunt bawdy-houfes 
Gulllemets , fm. inverted 

Guliiocher, va. to wave 
Guillot,/^. chcefcrr.aggot 

] HA 

Guimauve,^/.' marsh-malic 
Gmnda^e,fm. the unleidii 

of a ship , hoijlir.g up 
Guinde , e , a. homhafiii 

fiarchcd. [overjira 

Guinder , va. to hoijl u^ 
Se guinder , vr. to foar u\ 
Guindereffe, sf. top-rope 
Guir.derie, conjiraint 
Guinee , a guinea 
Guingois , /ct. a wryncfs 
Dc guingois , ad. all awr^ 
Guinguette , sf. a puhli 

houfe out of town , lit\ 

Guiper , va. to whip , guii 
Guipon , fm, mop 
Guipure , sf vellum-lace 
Guiilande , a garland 
Guife , way , fancy 
En guife de , ad. like , as 
Guitai Qy sf a guitcpf 
Guttural , e , a. guttural 
Gypfe , fm. a parget fione 
Gypfeux , fe , a. chalky 
Gyromancie, sf. — manc^'\ 



! int. ha I oh ! 

Habile, a. a. knowing , all 

clever , aciive 
Habiicment , ad. skilfully 
Kabilete, sj. ability , skil 

Hjibiliffime, <7. 2. very ah 
Habiliter , va. to qualify 
Habillcmeas , /r/2, atiirt. 

H A 

ab'.ller , va. to drefs , to 
clothe, to palliate , to skin 
nabiller , vr. to ri^ one's 
/"t if out 

.biilear , fm: a skln-taylor 
At, fait of clothes, garb 
-jitable, a.%. habitable 
ib;:acle , fn. habitation , 

.bita;it, e, a. inhabiting 
ibitant , fm. i}:habitant 

. bitation , sf. ahodz , colo- 
ny , plantation 

'. biter, vn. to inhabit 

. bimde , sf. habit , ac- 

Inituel , le, a. habitual 

Jhituellefnent, ad. — ally 
pituer, va. to accuficri 
ibituer en un lieu, to 
^ttt'e it! a place 
jbler , 1-72. to rovtanci 
blerie*.y/. rom.Tncing 
jbleur , (z, f. romancer. 
ijche, sf an axe 

I-!ie d'armes , battle-axe 

Icher , va. to hash , mincz , 

Bchereau,yCT. hatchet 

l^chis , a hash 

I:hoir, chopping - board, 
r.ife , &c. 

l:hure, sf hatching . 

^^ard , e , a. wiUi ,ji:rce 

Jne , sf. a hedffe 

E!"^ sn ha'.e , to line the 
■'tt , to a lane 
: ! int. hel I 

H A 

Hai'e au hovx , fomethlns; to 
Haillon , fm. a rag. [boot 
Haine, sf hatred 
En haine, ad. out offpite 
Hair , va. to hate , abhor 
Haire , sf hair-cloth , poor 

Temps haireux , haiy, cold, 

rimy weather 
Haiflabia , a. 2. hateful 
Halage, fm. towing, 
Kalbran , younz wild duck 
Haie , fun-burnlnz 
Haleine, sf brc:ith. [JI.-c:ch 
Tout d'une halsine, at one, 
Ouvrage de longu? halein 
a long - winded piece of\ 
Halcnes , sf. breathing 
Halener , va. to fnell one's 

breath ; to get fcent cf 
Haier , va. to tow, to hale ^ 
to fit a dog at one , to tan 
Se haler , vr. tan , be fun- 

Halster, vn. to pant 
Malle, sf a maket-hall 
Langage des hallos , hillinf 

Hallcbarde, sf. an halberd 
Haliebardier,/-;:. halberdcer 
Halicbreda,/ .a lubberly fel- 
low ; a tall ungainly wench 
Kal!i?r, fm. a thicket 
HiJte , sf hdt 
Halte-Ia ! flop , filence ; no 

more of that 
Halter , vn. halt yjiop 

H A 15^ 

Hamac , fm. hammoc 
Hameau , a hamlet 
Hamsgon , a fish-hook 
Hampe, sfsliaftof a weapon 
Hanche , a hip 
Hanchcs d'un vaifTeau, th& 

quarter cf a ship 
Hangar , fn. a cart-boufs 
Hanneton , a May-bn^ 
Hanfe Teutonlque , sf. Teu- 
■. tonick Hans 
Hanfiere , a haJfsr 
Hanter, va. to frequent 
Hantife, sf keeping compa- 
ny ; ffllowship 
I Happeiourde, a falfz dia" 
rnond ; an empty fx^o 
Mapper, va. to fnap 
Flaque^ee, sf a ^a<r, a pad 
Haquet , fm. a dray 
Hacyuetier, a </r.iv-OT-trt 
Harangue, sffpeech 
Haranguer, vn. to harangm 
Harangueur ,_/;;:. a fpccch- 

maker; a preacher 
Haras, J?<^d-^ breed of horfes 
Harafr:;r , va, to harafs , tin 
Flarceler , to tea^z , to vex 
Harde , sf a herd of deer 
Hardes , cloth's j goods 
Hardi , e , a. hold; impudent 
HarnlefTe , sf. holdnejs 
Hardiment, ad. boldly 
Harcng , fm. a hernng 
Hareng b\Ai\c , fresh herring 
Kareng-faur J red hetring 
Harangalfon , sf herring 

M ij 

15<? H A t 

Harane;ere, sf. afish-woman; 

a /cold 
Hargaeux , fe , a. moro/e 
Haricot , fm. kidnsy-bean ; 

Haridelk , sf. a jade 
Hazmonie , hannony 
Harirjonieufement, cd. har- 

monioiijly. \_mdodious 
Harmon icux, fe , a. — nicus, 
Harmonique, a. 2. — nical 

( in mufic , geomet;y and 

mathematicks ). [^^'o' 

Karmoriiquemsnt, ad. — ni- 
Karnachement , Jfn. harnefs 
Harnacher, va. to harnefs 
Harnois , fm. armour -^ horfc- 

trappin^,s; harnefs 
Chevai de harnois , cart- 

Haro , a hue and cry 
Se harpaillsr, vr. to fcuffle 
Harpe, sf. harp; toothing 
Ho.rpeau, fm. a grapple 
Karpie , sf harpy ; shrew 
Harpon , fm. harpoon; two 

Harponner, ha'poon 
Harponr.cur , /tj-z. a harpo- 

necr. \ k alter 

Hart , fn. hand of afafigot ; 
Hazard , fm, harvard, risk 
Chofe de haiard , penny- 
worth. [v.'iLl\ 
A tout hafard , ccvti what 
3Mot hafard^ , bold e.xprdjfion 
JJararder, ra. io ruk; ven- 


H A 

Hafardeufement , ad. ha- 

Hafardtux, fe , a. d.ingcrous; 

venturefome ^^ hold 
Ha'e , sf. a doe-hare or coney 
Armes d'hail , Long hajtcd 

Uzts , sf hajle , fpeed 
A la hate , ad. in ht^fle 
Hater , va. to hajlen ; for- 
Se hater, vr. to make hajie 
Hatevir , fm. ovcfccr cf the 

rocifl. in the king's houf- 

Hatier , [pit- rack 
Katif , ve , a. forward ; 

early rips 
Hativeau , fm. hafiy-pear 
Hativement, ad. forwardly 
Hitlvetd , sf forwardnefs 
Haubans, fm. pi. shrouds , 

shrouds of the majis 
Haubergeon , habergeon 
Haubert, coat of mail 
Have , a, 1. pah j wan ; 

Haveron, fm. wild oats 
Havir, V. to fcorch , as meat 
Havre , fm. haven, harbour 
Havrefac , a knap-fack 
HaufTc , sf. piece cf leather 

to under -lay the shoe 
HaufTe-colj/CT. a sorgct 
HaufTement , raifing 
Ha'.;-n':mentd'epa'!les, sh-ng 
HaufTer , va. to raifc i lift 
Hauiier , v, to rife 

H E 

Se haufier, vr. to fiani 

tiptoe \ clear up 
Haufliere , sf. a hawfer - 
Haut , e , a. high ; tall 

upper. [ cart 

Hautes cartes , sf. court 
Haute-taille , a treble 
Haut , fm. height , top 

' , ad. high , aloud 

En haut , above 
Par haut , upwards 
Hautain , e, a. haughty 
Hautainement , ad. proud 
Hautbois , fm. hautboy 
Haut dc chauiVe , breeche. B^ifc 
Hante-contre , sf counti 

Haute-futaie , lofty- trees 
Haute-liffe , tapeftry 
De hautc-lurt3 , by mt 

force i by dint cf power 
Haute - maree , sf hit 

Haute-paye , high-pay 
Hautement, ad. haughtit 

oppenly , briskly 
HautefTe , sf highncfs y 

^randfeignor's title 
Hauteur , height ; sminen 

h a u--', h^incfs ; a It it a de 
Hauturier , jm. expert pi 
He , int. eh , hoe 
He bien , v,n'l ^ 
He , Ha , foho , 
KeaiiTne , fm. helmet 
Heaum'er , armourer or / 

Hebdomadaire, a. 2. wet 



iit;. '■ 


tbdomadier , f:n. hi whoje Here yfm. a poor wretch 

vcek it is to be on duty 
•berger , va. to harbour 
Dete , e , a. fiupid 
■bete , e , yr a dunce 
'■hety va. to fiupify 
jrai'que, a. 2. Hebrew 
jLa.iCme,/m. an Hcbraifm 
breu , a. s. Hebrew 
catombe , 5/. an hecatomb 
gire , hcgira 
las ! int. alas ! 
ler un vaideaii, va. to 
'.ail a ship 

mifphere , fm. hemlfphcre 
rniillche, half verfe 
raorragi'e , sf. bloody- 
lux. [ rods 
morroi'des , plhs , cm- 
rinir, vn. to neigh 
nnifTement , fm. neighing 
patique, sf. liver-wort 
:;t2gone, a. 2. — gen , 
"even angles 
raldique, heraldry 
aut , fm. a herald 
hage , herbage , greens , 
nfiure ground 
'be, sf. grafs , herb 
uvaifes herbes, weeds 
b^ux , fe, a. grcjfy 
bier , fm. herbal 
biere, sf. hcrh-woman 
borifer, vn. go afimpling 
borllte ,frn. an hcrbaliji , 
'ho fells Jzmples 
bu , e , a. grajfy , ahoun- 
Ing in h&rbcgc 

H^reditaire, a. 2. hereditary 
IlereJitaireinent, ad. here- 
Here'ditl, sf heirship 
Hereiiarque, fm. hcrefiarch 
Hei-efie, sf hcrefy 
Heietique, ii. 2. s. hereti- 
cal '^ an heretic 
Herifler , vn. to fi-and an end 
Se heriil'ar , vr. to (tare 
HerifTon , ynx. hedge- hog i 

Heritage , inheritance , eflate 
Heriter, vn. to inherit 
Hcritier , Q , f heir ; heirefs 
Heriticr prelcmptif , heir 

Hermaphrodite, /ct. ~-d:tc, 
one of both fexes 

Hsrmetique (fciencc) , sf. 
chymiji'y. [ cally 

Hermdtiquement, ad. — ti~ 

Hermine, sf. ermine 

Herminette, adr^ 

Hermitage yfm. hermitage 

Hermite , hermit , anchoret 

Hernis, sf rupturz 

Hernieux, fe , a. hurficn 

Heroine, sf. an heroine 

Heroique, a. 2. heroic. 

Heroiquement, ad. heroi- 

HeroiTme , fm. heroifm 

Heron, a him 

Heronneau, young hern 

Heronniere, sf hernshaw 

UQi:os, fm, a hao 

H I 


Herpes d'eperon , sf. rails 

of the head 
Kerlage, fm. harrowing 
Herfe , sf a harrow ; a port- 
cullis ; rails 
Herfeau , fm. a cringle 
Herfer, va. to harrow 
Herfeur ,fm. harrower 
Heliution , sf — tion 
Hdfiter , vn. to hi'f^-ise 
Heteroclite , a. 2. irrcguLiri 

He'terodoxe , ct. 2. — dox 
Heteroger.e, a. 2. — genous 
Hctre , fm. the beech-tree 
Heu ! int. good lack ! 
Heu y fm. hoy 
Heure , sf hour ; time 
Donner hev.tQ ,fx a timi 
Do bonne heure , ad. betimes 
Tout a i'heure, prefsntly 
A la bonne heure , well and 

A toute heare, at every turn 
Heureufement , ad. happily 
Heureux, fs, a. happy 
Heurt , fm. hit , mishap 
Heurter, v. to kit y knock, 

Hsurtoir .^ fm. a knocker 
Heufe de pumpe , sf, lowir 

box of a pump 
Hexagone, fm. — gon 

y a, 2. — gonal 

Hexametre , a, f. — ter , fx 
fet. [puig 

Hiatus, fm. gap, interga-^^ 
Hibou, an owl 

15^ HI 

Hicicufement , ad. hideoujly 
Ilideux, fe, a. hideous 
Kic , sf. a pavine:-h€ecle 
Hieble , dwarf dder 
Hier , va. to ram in ; heat in 
Jiier , ad. ycficrday 
liierkichie , .<•/ — chy 
Hierarchique, .c. 2. — chlcal 
Kierarchiquement, ad. hie- 
Hieroglyphs , fm. — phlck 
Hieroglyphique, a. z. hie- 
roglyphic at 
Hirondelle , sf. a fw allow 
-Jiiflcr, va. to hoifi up . 
llirioire, sf hijlory ; fiory 
Hiiloiial , e , a. h'ftorlcal 
I'iflorien ,yra. an kificrian 
Hlftorier , va. to embellish 
Hiftorlette , sf. a novel, fiery 
Hiftoriographe yfm. — phcr 
HiAorique , a. 2. hifiorical 
Hiftoriquement ,ad. '—cally 
lilftrion , fm. a buffoon- 
Hiver, -y inter. ' '[trumal 
Kivernal , e , <z. win-erly , 
Hlvernagc, /;«. winter-time, 

■ wintering place 
Hiverner, v.-:. to winter 
S'hiverner , vr. to inure one's 

felf to cold 
Ho ! int. ho ! 
Hoche, sf. a notch 
Hochement , fm. jogging , 

Hochepot J hotch-potch 
Hochequeue, a wag-rail 

H O 

Hochct , fn. a chili* s coral 
Hoirie ,1 sf inh.ritance 
lloir, fm. an heir 
Hola , ad. & int. hold , peace i 

no more , enough 
Hollande , sf Holland 
Hollander une plume, va. 

to make a Dutch 


Uochcr, va. to jo^ 


HoIIandois , e , a. & f. 
Dutch, Dutchman^ Dutch- 
Holocaufte , fm. a hurnt-of 

Homai'd , fm. a lohfler 
Kornbre , ombre {game at 

ca'-ds ) 
Homelle, sf. homily 
Homicide , fm. homicide , 

Hommage , homage; duty 
Hommager , homager 
Hommaiie, a, 1. ;;z^«/y 
Elle eft hommaiTe , she is a 

Homme , frz. a m^^n 
, Komogene, a. 2. homoc;eneal 
Homologation , sf. allowan- 
ce, confrmation (Jaw term) 
Homologuer , va. allow , 
confirm. \_mous 

Homonyme,^. 2. homony- 
Hon ! int. hum I 
Hor.gre , a, fm. a gelding • 
Hongrer, v^, to gdd y {a 

horfe ) 
Hongrie , sf. Hungary 
Konnete, a. 2. hcn-fi , vir- 
tiicus , ciryily creditable 

H o 

Honnetement, ad. honefll^ 

decently , pretty well 
Honn etetd , sf civility , vi 
Honn&ar , fm. honour, [ti 
Honni foit qui maiy penfe 
eyil to him that evil thir.i 
Honorable , a. z. honcun 
hh. { rah 

Honorablement, ad. hono 
Honoraire,~a. 1. honorary 
HonoraiF e . fm. fee 
Honcrer , va. to honour 
Honorifiquc , a. 2. titulai 
Honte , sf shame 
Hontcufement, ad. sham 
fuUy. [bashj 

Honteux, fe , a. shamefu 
Le morceau honteux, t 

bit Isft for manner-s 
Kopiul , fm. hofpital 
Hoquet, the hiccough 
Koraire , a. 2. horary 
Horizon , fm. horizon 
Horizontal, e, a. — tat 
Horizontalement, ad. hot 

:^on rally 
Horloge, sf. a clock 
Horiogcr , fm. a clock-m 

ker , watch-maker 
Horlogerie ,sf clochmakh 
Hormis , pr. except 
Hororcop£,/J7j. cafting out 

Horreur , sf. horror, skudc 

ring, fright 
Horrible, a. 2i hornble 
Horriblement, ad. — bly 
Kors , pr, i'tic , except 

H O 

)rs d'oeuvre, without the 


)rs-d'(su.yteyfm. outwork, 


ifpitaliGr, e , a. hofpitahle 

tpltalite , sf. hofpit^iUty. 

Ale, vicllm ; hofi. [manner 

nUement , ad. in a hoJiiU 

IJite, sf. — lity. 
»ce ,j7Jt. hofii oueji't lani- 

eel , lodging ; houfe 
):el de ville, guild-hall 
'relicr, e, /. innkeeper 

■ ollerie, sf. an inn e 
cd'ti , ho/iefs i land-lady 

Ate, a dojfer 

)tte£ , a dopr-full 

jtteur , fe , /^ who carries 

th4 doJf<:r 

DLiage , houache , fm. a 

ship^s furrow or wake 

;>ublon , hops 

ublonner, va. to hop 
. ubionniere , sf. hop- 

JU2 , hoc ; fpade ; dihhU 
ouer , va. to hoe , dig 
ouille , sf. pit-coal 
"ulette, a crook; dihhh 

-ille, billow; skillet 
juUeux, fe, a. billowy 
)uppe, sfa tuft 
^uppelaside, aridlng'coat 
'Uppe , e , <7. tufttd 
.upper, va. to tuft 

■ urailUs , fm. a good fo~ 
nothing pack of hounds 

H U 

liont6iTL^2,fm.roiigh mafonry 

Hourder , va. rough work 
Hourque , sf gnat hoy , 

howker. [ haul , to tug 

Houfpiller , va. to pull and 
Houffaie , sf holy-oak grove 
HouHard , fm, a hujfar 
Houil'e, sf. a horfe-cloth ; a 

cafe for a chair 
Houfler , va. to fvap ; dujl 
HoufTeiir, fe, f. fivceper 
Houlneres , sf. nurfcry of 

young trezs 
Houffine , afwitch 
HouiTiner , va. to jerk 
Houfloir , fm. hair-hroom , 

Hoax , holly-oak, holm 
Petit houx, butcher's broom 
Hoyau , a mattock 
Huche, sf a hutch ; trough; 

mill-hopper; mtal-tuh 
Hucher , va. to hollow after 

one. [huntfr^an's horn 
Huchet , fm. pofboy's or 
Hue , Hue ho ! int. gee ho ! 
Haee, sf. hooting; holloa 
Huer , va. to hoot 
Huguenot, e.,a.f.-—not 
Hails , sf. cil. [unHion 

Les faintes huiles, extreme- 
Tache d'huile , indelibUfiain 
Huiler , va. to oil 
Huileu:: , fe , a. oily 
Huilier •, fm. an oil-man ; 
Huis, a door {cruet' 

A huis clos , privately 

H U 


HulfTcrie , sf. door-cafe 
Huiflier , fn. door-kczper ^ 

tip-fiaff; bailiff'; vsrger 
Huit , a. 2. eight 
Huitaln , fm. fianip. of S 

Huitaine , sf eight days 
A la huitaine , this day fe- 
ven-night. [the Sth part 
Huitierne, a. 1. fm. eighth^ 
Huitidmemcnt , ad, eighthly 
Huitre , sf. an oifiir 
\l\.\\ottz , an howlet. [mans 
Humain , ne , a. human ; hw 
nnmBi'ms , fm . mortals 
Hurrraineinent, ad^. human- 
ly ; humanely 
Humanifer , va. to hiimanl- 

fc ; to make traciahle 
Hamanifte , fm. humanifi ; 

grammarian ; philofopher 
Humanite , sf. human na- 
ture ; humanity. [ning 
Hamanites , clajjical lear- 
Hiin-,ble , a, 1. humble ; 

Humblement , ad. humbly 
Humeftant, e, a. moijlening 
Hume(flation , sf. — tion 
Humeiler , va. to moifien 
Humer , to fup up 
Humeur, sf humour; molf- 

tare ; caprice 
Humide, a. 1. damp 

, frn. moijiurc. [ce 

Hus-nidement , ad. damppU" 
Humidite , sf humidity 
Humiiiant ,§,<?. m,Qrtifying 

140 H U , T ID 

Humiliation, ^y. — tLon,7nor-\ Hymen, Hymenee,/};:. hy- 

tification. [mortify 

Kumilier, va. to humble, to 
S'humilier , vr. to humble 

one's felf 
Humilite , sf. humility 
Hune , /cut tie of a mnfi , top 
Hunicr , fm. top-mafi ; top- 

Huppe , sf. puct , lap- wine: : 

tuft. [p^^S j cunning 

Huppe y e , a. tufted ; top- \ Hypocras , fm. hypocras 
Kure , sf wild hoar's head-, \ Hypocriiie, sf hypocrzfy 

men; wedlock 
Hymne,y7ra. a hymn 
Hyperbole, sf — boU 
Kypetbolique, a. 2. — lical 
Hyperbcliquement, ad. hy- 

H^/percritique,, — tick 

Kypocondre , Hypocon- 
diiaque, a. 2. — driac 

Hurhaut , gee-ho. { joll 

Hurlement , fm. a howling. 
Hurler, va. to howl, roar 
llurluberlu , ad. abruptly 
Un hurlubeilii, fm. a hare- 
brained fellow 
Hutte, sf a hut 
Se hutter, vr. to provide huts 
Kyacinthe, sf. — cinth , pur- 

Hydraulique, a. 2. sf hy- 

draulicks ; tv at cr- engine 
Hydre , sf. hydra ; adder 
Hydrocele, watry-fw&lling 

of the cods 
Hydrographie , — phy 
Hydrograpbiquc , a. i. hy- 

Kydromancie , sf — cy 
Hydromel , fm. mead 
Hydropiper , watsr-pcppcr 
Hydropique, a. i. s. — pick 
Kydroplfie, sf. dropfy 
Hydiopote ,/! water-drinker 
Hygromstrc,yw, -^mctir 


Hypoftafe, sf. perfonality 
Kypothecaire, a. 2. — cary 
Hypotheque , sf n:or:^ag 



Hypothequer, va. to mart- 
Hypothefe, sf. - 
HyiTope , hyjop 


N. B. See with the J what 
you don't find with I. 

I CI , ad. here , hither 

D'ici, hence 

Ici pres, hard by 

Iconodaile , fm. — cla/i 

Ideal , e , fl. ideal 

Idee , sf idea ; notion j hint; 

Identique, a. a. identic 
Identite , sf identity 
IdioiuQ , fm, dlalccl , idiom 

' . II- 

Idiot , e , a. J. filly , idiot 
Idiotirme , ym. idiot ifni 
Idolatre , a. i. s. idola 
trous ; idolater J excejfivel 
fend cf 
Idoldtrer, va. to worship 

idols; to idoli-^e 
Ido!atr:e , sf idolatry 
Idole , an idol 
If, fm. yew 
Ignare, a. 2. illiterate 
Ignee, a. ^. finery 
Ignoble, a. i. ignoble 
Ignominie, sf ionominy 

Ignominieux , fe , a. igno- 
Ignorance, sf ignorance 
Ignorant, e, a. dcs. ignoran 
Ignorant nette, mere igno' 

Ignorer , va. not to know 
II, pro. he ; it 
He, sf ipcand, ifle 
l\ot,fn.fmall ifle 
Iliaque, a. l. iliack 
lUtfgitime , a. 2. illegal', il- 
Iiiegitimenient, ad. illegal^ 
lilegitimite, sf — timacy 
Illicite , a. 2. unlawful 
lUicitement , ad, unlawfully 
Illimitd, e, a. illimited . 
Illuminatlf, ve, a. — nattd 
Illumination , sf — tion ■, iliuminAtt:\ 

I L 

Lifion , sf, illnjlon; fallacy 
ufoire , a. 2. illujive 
ufoiremcnt , ad. dictit- 
fdly . 

uftiation , .*/. — tion 
mire, a. 2. iliujinous 
uftter , va. to lllufirate. 
uflriffime , a. 2. right 
, pro. ?At:j' 

age, sf. image', fancy 
lager , e , /. a print- feller , 
rt print-shop 
aeinablej^ <?. 2. — ndt^^/e 
:agi-airej a. ^. imaginary 
lai^inatif, ve , a- — fire 
.:nnation , j'/ — :ion 
, orjner, t^ii, imagine; con- 

imaginer, vr. to fancy 
ibq;:lllc, rf. 2, i-. «'£.:.\ 
ibecUlitd, sf imhcillity 
nbibe; , imkih-T.; Joak 
imbiber , vr. foak , he im- 

nbu , e , a. irvhued 
aitable , a. 2. imitahh 
nitat-'ur , //«. imitator 
nitation , sf. — tion 
nitatrice, — tatrix 
niter , ra. to imitate 
nmacule , e , d. unfpottsd 
nmanquablc , a. 2. itrfal- 
lible ' 

nmanquablement , ad. in- 

nmarcctlible, a, 2. -—bh'y 
never fading 

I M 

Immateriality , sf -^Uty 
Immatdrlel, le, a, immaterial 
Immateriellemsnt , ad. itn- 

Immat.icule, sf. matricula- 
Immntriculcr , va, to inroll 
Immetliat, e, a. immediate 
Immediatement, ad. — tely 
Immemorial , e , a. — rial 
Immenfe, a. 2. immenfe 
Immenfite, sf—fity 
Immerlif, ve, a. — five 
Immerfivin , sf — fion 
ImiTseuble, ym, real ejlate 
Isrim'inent, e, a. imfninent 
S'lmm'-fccr , vr. to inter- 
Immob'Ie , a, 2. immoveable 
Immob'ilicr , e , a. immo- 
Immcblliti, sf — lity 
Immode're , e, rt. immoderate 
Immod^remcnt , ad. immo- 

laimpdeAe, a. ?.. immodcfi 
Immodedement , ad. immo- 

deflly ■ 
Imnrjodeftle, !r/ immodcjly 
Immolation , —tion 
Immolcr , va. toficrifice 
Im-.Tiondic?, sf fil:h 
Immorralifer , va, to imtnor- 

Immoitalit^ , sf. — lity 
Immortol , \e , a. immortal 
Immortslle , sf. amaranth ■ 
Immuable, a. 2, immutable 

IM 141 

Immuablement , ad. immu- 
Immunite, sf immunity 
Immatabilite , —lity 
Impair , a. 2. odd 
Impalpable , a. 2. — hie; not 

to be felt 
Impanation , sf — tion 
Impane , a. 2. in the bread 
Impardonnablsj a. 2. unpar- 
Im'parfa't, e, a. imperfeSl 
Imparfaitemerit , ad. imper- 
faiy. [vifibU 

Impartagsable, a. i. indl- 
Impartial , 2 , a. impartial 
Impartialemcnt, ad. — tially 
Impartialite , sf impartid", 

lity ; jvfi'ce 
Impaini/ilite, —lity 
ImpalTible, a. 2. — hit 
Impatiemment, ad. — ticnt^y 
impatience , sf impatience 
Impatient, e, a. impatient 
Impatienter., va. to put out 

of patience, to provoke 
S'impatienter, vr. to fret ', 

to be angry 
S'impatronifer , tale pojfcf- 

fion of 
Impayable , a. 2. Incf'imahk 
Impcccabil^te , sf — 'ity 
j Impeccable , a. i. impec- 
Impenetrabllite , sf — lity 
\ Impenet' able , a. 2. — trahle 
Impen(ftrablement , ad. im"^ 

'142. I M . 

Impenitence, sf. — 'tencc 
Impenitent, e, a. impenitent 
Imperatif, ad. & f. — tivc 
Imperativement, ad. haugh- 
Imperatoire , sf. mafln-wort 
Imperatrice , an emprefs 
Imperceptible, a. 2. — tihh 
Impcrceptiblement, ad. im- 
Imperfeftion , sf. —tion 
Imperial , le, ^. impe-ial 
Impdriaie , sf. coach's roof 
Imperiaux, fm. imperial '/is 
Impdrieufement , ad. impe- 

Imperieux, fe, a, imptrious 
ImpdrifTable , a. 2. imperif- 

Imparl tie , sf if^norancc 
Imperfonnei, le , a. imper- 
fonal. [pcrfonally 

Imperfonnellement, ad. im- 
Impertinemment, — nendy 
Impertinence, sf. '—■nence 
Dire des impertinences , 

talk fillily 
Impertinent , e , a. & s. 

Imperturbable , a, 2. im- 
Impe'trable, a. 1. ohtainc^hle 
Impetrant, e, a. grantee 
Impetration , sf. — t':on 
Impetrer , va. obtain by en- 
Impetiieurement, ad, irr.pc- 
■ tuoufly 

7 M 

Impe'tucux, fe, a. impetuous 
Impetuoiite , sf — -fiy 
Impie, a. 2. impious; ungodly 
Impiete', sf impiety 
Impitoyable , a. 2. mercilcfs 
Impitoyablement , ad. un- 
Implacable, a. 2. implacable 
Implication , sf — tion 
Implicite, a. 2. im.p'icit 
Impiicitement, ad. — citly 
Imphquer , va. to entangle ; 

implicate; imply 
Implorer, vn. to implore 
Inipoli , e , a. unpolite 
Impo'iteiTe, sf rudcnefs 
Importance, importance 
D'importance, ad.Jtoutly; 

very much 
Important, e, a. important 
Importer , vn. to import 
N'importe, no matter 
Qu':mporte, what of that 
Importun , e, a. & s. impor- 
tunate ; trouhlefome 
Importui^ement, ad. impor- 
Importuner, va. to importune 
Importunite , sf — nity ; 

Impofint, e, a. firikirrgawe 
Impofer , va. impofe ; lay on 
£n imp jfcr , to tell an un- 
truth ; to deceive 
Imposition , sf — tion; tax 
ImpofTibilite, — lity 
Impcffible, a. 2. impcffibli 
Impoflwur , fm. Impojlor 

f I M 

• Impofture , sf impoflurt 
\ Irnpot , fm. impoji ; tax 
: Impotent, e , a. impotent 
Impraticable , a. 2. imprui 
\ ticabie 
Imprecation, sf. — tion 
Impregnation , — tion 
Imprenable , a. (1. impre 

Imprefcriptibilite, sf — lit 

Imprefcriptible , a. 

Im.preflion, sf imprejjiofi 
ImpraVu, e, a. unforefeert 
Imp:imd , fm. any thin 

Imprimer , va. to print; t, 

prime; to engrave 
Imprimctie , sf printing 

print in g-houfs ; prcfs 
Imprimeur , Jm. a printer 
Imprimure, sf. printing 
Improbable , a. 1. imp ohabl 
Improbation , sf difprovim 
Impropre, a. 2. improper 
Improprement, ad. — perly 
ImproprJete, sf — priety 
A I'improvifte , ad. unawa- 
res. [Vi 
Improuver , va. to difapprO' 
Imprudemmcnt , ad. impru- 
Imprudence, sf. — dence 
Imprudent, e, a. im prudent 
Impudemment , ad. impw 

Impudence, sf — dcncc 


I M 

ipiident , Q, a. & s. —~dcnt 
-ioudicit^, sf. hwdnefs 
ipuciique, a. ?. immcAzfl 
lyudiquement , ad. livnlly 
pugner , va. to impiion 
i;;uifrance, sf. inability 'y 
impotmcy v~ 

piiiiTant , e J a. impotent; 

pulfif , ve , a. — five ; 

nulflon, sf. impulfi 
vjnement , ad. with Im- 

uni J e , a. unpunished 
.ijnite, sf. impunity 
pur, e, a. impure -, lewd 
purete , sf. impurity 
outation , ■ — tion 
putsr , va. to impute 
ibordable , a, 2. inaccef- 

Lcceflible, inacceffiblc 
hccommodable , not to be 
:iadi up 
coftable, unfociahlc 
. .;coutume, c , a. unac- 
\ ::tflomcd 

I ftion , sf. inaclion 
] ifn'ifiibk', a. 2. not ad- 

1 clvsrtence, sf. — tency 
I Jienable, a. 1. — able 
I iiiable , that can't he 


I iiuTibk, a, a, — hU 

_ I N ^ 

Inanime, e , a. inanimate 
Inanition , sf, emptinefs 
Inappilcation , heediejjnefs 
Inapplique , e, a. fupine ; 

Inattendu, e, a. unexpected 
Inattention , sf. hccdUjfncfs 
Inauguration , — tion 
Inaagurer, va, to initiate 
Incaguer, to defy 
Incantation , sf. — tion 
Incapable , a. 2. — hie 
Incapacite , sf. — city 
Incarnadm , e , <z. bright 

carnation colour 
Incarnat, e, a. carnation ; 

Incarnatior. , sf — tlort 
S'incarner , vr. become in- 
Incartade, sf. in fuh ; freak 
Incendiaire, f. incendiary 
Incendie, sf. a great fire ; 

comhuflion ; broils 
In certain, e , a. uncertain 
Incertainement , ad. uncer- 
Incertitude, sf. incertitude 
Incefiarament, ad. inccffam- 
ly; forthwith i every moment 
Inceffible, a. 2. inalienable 
Inccftj, fm. incefi 
Inceftueufement , ad. in- 

Inceftueux, fe, a. incefiuous 
Incidemment, ad. incidently 
Incidence , sf. — dcnce 
ircidgnt, fm^ an incident 

I N 145 

Incident i e, a. incidental ^ 

Incidenter, vn, to fplit a 

Incineration, sf. — tion ^ 

rcdiu:ing to ashes 
Incirconcis , e, a. & s. un^ 

circumcifed. [cifioa 

Incirconcifion, sf.uncircum^ 
Incifer, va. to make an incl- 

fion. [ting 

Incilif, ve , a. — five; cut^ 
Incifion , sf. — fion; cutting 
Incitation , — tion ; motion. 
Inciter, va. to incite 
Incivil, e, a. uncivil 
Incivilement, ad. uncivilly 
Incivilitd, sf. incivility -y a 

piece of rudenefs 
Incle'mence , inclemency 
Inclination, — tion; love 
A vos inclinations, to your 

hefi inclinations 
Incliner, v. to incline 
Indus , e , a. inclofcd 
L'inclufe, sf. inclofed letter 
Inclufivement, ad. — -vdy 
Incognito, nd. — to 
Incombuftibilite , sf. — llty 
Incombuftible, a. 2. — tible 
Incommenfurabilitd, sf. in- 

commenfur ab iiity 
Incommenfurable , a. 2. in- 

Incommode, a. 2. inconve- 
Incommodemsiit , ad, unea- 


144 IN'. 

Incommoder , va. to Incom- 
mode ; diftnfsi difiurb 
Incommode ,e, a. dijlurbedi 
indifpofed; dlfahUd; at a 
Incoramodit^, sf. inconvc- 
niency; indifpojhion ; want 
Incommunicable , a. z. in- 

comT?:uni cable 
Incomparable , a. i. — ble 
Incomparablement , ad. in- 

Incompatibilite, sf. -—lity 
Incompatible, a. z. — tible 
Incompetemment, ad. in- 
Incompetence, sf. — tency 
Incompetent, c, a. — te^zt 
Incompr^henfibilite , sf. in- 

Incompre'henfible, a. i. in- 

Inconcevable , a. z. incon- 
Incongru, e, a. Incongruous ; 

Incongruement , ad. incon- 

Incongruite, sf. — grnity 
Inconnu , e , d. s. unknown 
Incor.fequent, e , a. — f/tent 
Inconfiddration , sf. — tion 
InconrHdre, e, a. — derate 
Inconildcrement, ad. rashly 
Inconfolable, a. 2. — ble 
Inconfolablement, ad. in- 

Inconftarament, U^ln^y 

I N 

Inconftance, sfficUencfs 
Inconftant , e, a. inconjiant 
Inconteftable, a, i. — table 
Inconteftahlement, ad. un- 
Incontinemment, — tinently 
Incontinence, sf. — nency 
Incontinent, e , a. ^—mnt 
Incontinent, ad. Immediately 
Inconvenient , fni. inconve- 
nience ; difcppolntment 
Incorporation , sf. — tion 
Incorporel, le, a. bodllefs 
Incorporer, va. to incorpo- 
rate; annex ; admit 
Incorrigibilite , sf. — gible- 

Incorrigible, a. 1. — ble 
Incorruptibilite , sfr—Hty 
Incorruptible , a. 1. — tible 
Incredjbilite, sf. — lity 
incrddule , a. 2. s. incre- 
dulous ; an unbeliever 
Incrdduiite, sf. —lity^ un- 
Incr^e, e, a. uncreated 
Incroyable, a. z. incredible 
Incru'ftation , sf — tion 
Inciufler, va. to inciijl 
Incubation , sf — tion , the 

fitting upon egss 
Incube, fm. night-mare 
Inculquer, va. to inculcate 
Inculte, a. 2. uncultivated 
Incurable , a. 2. s. — bis 
IncuiTion , sf. — tion, inroad 
Indes ( les ) , Eajl Indies 
PouUt d'Inde, fm, a Turkey 

I N 

Inddcemmcnt, ad. indecen 
Indecence , sf — cency 
Indecent, e, a. — cent 
Inddchiffrable, a. 2. not 

be decyphered ; unexplica 
Indicis, e, a. wavering '^i 

Ind^cifion, sf — fan 
Indeclinable , d. 2. — na 
Animal indecrottable , 

unpolished clown 
Indefini , e , a. indefinite 
Indefiniment , ad. — nil 
Indemnifiable , a, 2. un 

Indelebile, a. 2. indelibi 
Indelibere, e, a.fuddcn 
Indemnifer, va. to indemt 
Indemnite , sf. Indemnifi 

tion. [pender 

Indcpendamment, ad. ir. 
Independance, sf — der. 
Ind^pendant, e. a. — dct 
Ind^termination , sf. irri 

Ind^termine, e , a. inde 

minate ; undetermined: 

refolute. [ termina 

li'detcrmin^ment, ad. ij 
Indevot, e , a. irrelirio- 
Ind^votement , ad. ung 

Ind^votion , sf. indevoti 
Index ,//«. index ;fvre-fii 
Indicatif, ve , a. — 1> 

Indicatif ,y«. — tive mdi 
Indication , sf -^cion ; n 

IN . 1 

] lice , ftn. fign ; prohahllhy 
j ic'ible, rt..2. unfpe:ikable 
] :£li>n , sf. — tion ; cal- 

ing of a council 
] :jn, ne, a. s. Indian 
I lenne, sf. printed ciHito 
I ilTiremment, ad. indiffe- 

I iffsrence, j-/. — 'ence 
I ifferent , e , a. indijfe- 

:nt; impartial ; InfcnfibU 
I igence , sf. indigence ; 

I gent , t y a. indigent ; 

oor. [raw 

I ^eile, a. 1. undigejlid; 

I gcftion, sf. indigejlioni 


r gnation , indignation 
L gne , a. 2. unworthy:, 


;gnement , ad. hcfdy 

:gner , va. to irritatz 

digner , vr. to be fJUd 

nth indignation 

ignitd , sf. unworthinefs 

rgo , fm. indigo 

Iquer , va, to indicate ; 

opoint. [ nijiir 

.reft , e , d. — rec? ; y^- 
reftement , ad. — reczly 
fciplinable , a. 2. indo- 

•U', fro ward 

fcret , ^ , a. & s. — creet 

fcrdtion , sf. -^tion 

fcrdtement, ad. rashly 

fpenfable, a, 2, indif- 


I N 

Indlfpenfablement, ad. in- 

Indifpof^, e, a. out of or- 
der ; difaffecied; fet againji 
Indifpofer , va. to difnclint ; 
to fit agalnfi. [affeciion 
Indifpafition , sf.illnefs ; dif 
Indiffoluble , a. 2, — -ble 
IndiflTolublement, ad. —^bly 
Indi{lin<n: , e , a. indiflincl 
Indiftinftement, ad. indif- 

tinclly ; indifferently 
Individu ,yfl2, individual 
Avoir foin de fon individu , 
to take care of number one. 
Individuel , le , a. —dual 
Individuellement, ad. indi- 
Par indivis , jointly 
Indivifibilite , sf, — lity 
ladivifible , a. l. —fible 
Indlvifiblement, ad. — biy 
Indocile, a. 2. unteachable; 

Indocilite , sf. — lity 
Indolence, indolence 
Indolent , e , ^. indolent ; 
fupine. [ ble 

Indomptable , a. 2. untamea- 
Indompte , e , <x. not tamed; 
unruly. [''^•^ 

In-douze ,y?n. a book in tweJ- 
Heures indues , unfeafonabU 

Indubitable , a. 2. — bU 
Indubitablement , ad. — bly 
Induftion , sf. — tion 
Induem^nt, ai, unduly 

I N i4f 

Induire, va. to induce; Lead 
Indulgence, sf. — crence 
Indulgent, e, a. — gent 
Indult , fm. indulto 
Induftrie , sf. induflry 
Chevalier d'induftrie , fm* 

sharper. [ duflrioufly 

Induftrieufement , ad. in^ 
Induflrieux , fs , a, induf- 

trious , ingenious. [ble 
Inebranlable , a. z. unmovea^ . 
Indbranlablement , ad. un-~ 

moveahly [ nefs 

Ineffabilite , sf unfpe.akable-' 
Ineffable , a, l. ineffable 
IneiTagable , a. i. indelible 
Inefficace , a. i. inoffeclive 
Inefficacite, sf. incffcacity 
Inegal , e , <z. umqual 
Inegalement, ad. unequally 
Inegalite, sf. unsquality ; un^^ 

Inelegant , e. a. —pant 
Inenarrable,.a. 2. unfpea-= 

Inepte , a. i. unfit ; filly 
InQpt'ie, sf. foolery. \tihle 
Ine'puifable , a. i. inexhaufi' 
Inefpere , e , a. unexpeSicd 
Inefpcrdment , ad. unexpec- 
Ineftimable, a. z. inffi-mabU 
Inevitable, a. 2. inevitable. 
Inev'tabiement , ad. — bly 
Inexaft, e, a. inaccurate 
Inexactitude , sf. inaccuracy 
Inexcufable, a. 2. inixcii» 



^14^ I N . 

Inexecutlon , sf. non-perfor- 
Inexorable , a. 2. inexorable 
Inexorablement , ad. — hly 
Inexperience , sf. * — ricnce 
Inexperimente , e , a. inex- 
Inexpiable, a. 2. inexpiable 
Inexplicable , a. 2. inexpli- 
cable, [p'-'le 
Inexprimable , a, 2. incxp-^ef 
Inexpugnable, a. 2. impre- 
gnable. I IguishabU 
Inextinguible, a.z.incxtin- 

Inextricable, a. 2.' 


Infaillibilite , sf. infallibility 
Infaillible, a. z. infallible . 
Infaiiliblement , ad. infal- 
Infamant , e , a. defamatory 
Infamation , sf. defaming 
Infame, a, 1. s. infamous 
Infaniie , sf. infamy ; fcan- 
dalous action ; foul names 
Infant , e , / infanto ; — ta 
Infanterie , sf. infant-y 
Infatigable , a. 2. indefati- 
gable, tf^^^g^^^y 

Infatlgablement , ad. inde- 
Infatuation , sf. infatuation 
Infatuer , va. to infatuate 
Infecond , e , ^. unfruitful 
Infccondite , sf barrennefs 
Infe<ft , e , <z. infecied 
Infefter , va. to infect; taint 
Infeftion , sf. — tion ; taint 
Infeodation, infeoffment 
Inf^odgr, va% to infeoff 

I N 

Infarct , va. to infer [wer 
Ir^firieur , e, 3. inferior; lo- 
Inferieurement , ad. below 
Inferiorite, sf. — '■ity 
Infernal , e y a. infernal 
Infertile , a. 2. unfruitful 
Infertilird , sf. barrennefs 
Infefter,r<i. to infejl. \chery 
Infidelite , sf infidelity; trea- 
Infjdelle , a. 2. unfaithful 
Inndelle, / an infidel 
Infidellement, ad. unfaith- 

Iniini , e , <i, infinite 
A rinfini , ad. without end 
Infiniment, — nitely 
Infinite , sf infinity 
Infinitif ,y5n. — tive mood 
Infirmatif , ve , a. annulling 
Infirme, a. 2. s. infirm 
Infirmer , va, to invalidate 
Infirmerie, sf. infirmary 
Infirmier , Q , f. overfar of 

an infirmary 
Infirmite , sf. — ty ; ftckntfs 
Inflammable, a. 2. inflamea- 

Inflammation , sf. — tion 
Inflammatoirs, a. 2. — tory 
Infl^xibilite , sf. — lity 
Inflexible , a. 2. inflexible 
Inflexiblement , ad. —bly 
Inflexion , sf infleciion ; ben- 
Inflii'iion , infliciion 
Infliger, va. to inflici 
Influence, sf influence 
Influer, yaftoinfiusnci 

I I N 

Information , sf inqnefi 
Informe, a. 2. shapelefs 
Informer , v. to inform 
S'in former , vr. to enquin 
Info. tune, sf. misfortune 
Infortiind , e , a. unlucky 
Infi afteur , fm. infringer 
Infradion , sf. infringem 
Infiuftueufemeni , ad. i 

Inffuflueux , fe , a. fruitl 
Infus , e, a. infufed 
Infufer, va. to infufe ; ft 
Infufion , sf. —fan 
Ingenieur ,/ot. an engine 
Ingenieufement , ad. wit. 
Ingdnieux, fe, a. ingeni 
Ingenu, e, ingenuous ;fr 
Ingenuite , sf ingenuoufr. 
Inge'nument , ad. frankb 
S'ingerer , vr. to ir.tcrmec 

with. [ 

Ingrat , e ^ a. & s. ungri 
Ingratitude, sf. ingratiil 
Ingredient , fm. ingrediei 
Inguerifiable, a. 1. incurtl 
Inhabile, unqualified 
Inhabilite , sf, incapaclty\ 
Inhabitable , a. 2. uninhi 

Inhabite, e, a. uninhahit\ 
Inherence, sf. — rency 
Inherent, e, a. — rent 
Inhiber , va. to prohibit 
Inhibition , sf — tion 
Inhofpitalite , — lity 
Inhumain, q, a. s. inhun 

a CTud man Qi womaa\ 

I N 

lumainement, ad. cruelly 
lumaniie , sf. — nity 
lumation , interment 
■jumer , va. to inter 
efter , to inj&ci 
eftion , sf. — tion 
maginable, a, 2. not to 
he imas;ined 
mitable , inimitahlc 
mitie , sf. enmity 
ntelligible, a. 2. inintel- 

on<^'On, sf rnjimciion 
que, a. 2. iniquitom 
quementj^^. uniiifily 
qi.'ite, sf. iniquity 
tial» le, a. initial 
tier, v/i. to initiate, admit 
lire , sf. injury ; ahufive 

re des injures , to call one 
names. [ names 

urier , va. to call one 
urieufement , ad. inju- 

urieux, fe, a. injurious, 
tbujtve , wrongful 
ufte , a. 2. uniufi 
uftement, ad. unjnjlly 
uftice , sf injuficc 
le, e , a. iftnate 
locemment , ad. inno- 

iocence , sf innocence 
locent, e, a. innocent ^ 
'larmlefs ^ 

locent, e,f. an idiot 
lOcenter, va* to acquit 

} IN 

Innombrable , «. 2. innume- 
rable. [ change 
I-.novation , sf innovation; 
Innover , va. to innovate 
Inobfervition, sf. non-oh- 
fervance. [ in^raffcr 
IiTocuIateur, trice, /^ — tor; 
Inoculation , sf. inocula- 
tion ; g'aflng. [irifjaff 
Tnoculer , va, inacnlate ; 
Inofficieux, fe , a. vnh.nd 
Inondation , sf. inundation 
Inonder , va. to overflow 
Inopine , e , ^. unforefeen 
Inopinement , ad. uncxvec- 
[noiii, e, a. unheard of [tedly 
In-promptu , fm. extempore. 
IrqMiet, e, a. unenfy 
Inquieter, va. to dijiurb 
Inquietude, sf. difquiet 
Inquifitcur , fm. inquifitor 
Inquifition , sf. — tion 
Infatiabilite , infatiahlenefs 
Infatlable , a. 2. — able 
Ii'fatiablement, ad. — tiably 
Infcription , sf. infcrivtion 
Infcrire, va. to infcrihe 
Infcrutable, a. 2, — hh 
Inre£le,y?w. an mfcH. 
r^-feize , a book in fixteen^s 
Inf^nfe , z y a. s. fenfelefs 
Infi^nfibilite, sf — 'ity 
ITenfible, a. 2. — hie 
Infe^fiblement , ad. — fib^y 
In^enarable, a. 2. — hie 
Infeparabhment, ad. infe- 

Infdrer , va, to infert; add 

.IN 147 

Inrsrtlon , //. — tion 
Inildicu'ement , ad. infi- 

InfidieiiX , fe , a. inftdious 
Infigne, a. 2. notable; ar- 
Indnuant, e, a. engaging 
Iniinuation , sf — tion ; rC' 

Iniinuer , va. to Inftnuatc 
S^infiauer, vr. to ftcal in 
Infipide , a. 2. infipid; flat 
Infipidite , sf. — dity 
Iniifter , vn. to infifl ; urge 
Infociable , a. 2. unfociahlc 
Infolemment , ad. infolently 
Infolence , sf infoUncc ; 
pride. [proud. 

Iniblent , e , a. infolent ; 
Infoler , va. to dry in thefuit 
Infolite , a. 2. unufual 
Infolvabilite, sf infolvency 
Infolvable , a. 2. infolvenc 
Iff)Iuble, infoluhle 
Infomnie , sf want of refl 
Infoutenabla , a. 2. indc- 

fen f hie 
Inipidienr , fm. Infpecior 
Inrpeftion,, sf — tion, 
Infpiratien , — tion 
Infpirer, va. to infpire 
Irftabilite , sf. — lity 
Inftallation , — tion 
Infla! ler , va. t@ injlal 
Infiamment, ad. urcently 
Infta'-ce , sf entrca'y ; pro^ 

cefs ; proof 
Inftant , fm. inflant 

'M-S I N 

A rinflant , ad. injT.mtIy 
Inilant, e, a. urgent 
A I'mftar , ad. like 
Inftauvation , sf. — tion ; 

Inftigateur , fm. — tor 
liiftigation , sf. — tion 
Inftiller , va. to injiil 
Inftin^ , fm. inJi.nH 
Inftituer , va. to inJlUiite 
Inflitut , fm. an Infiltute 
Inftituteur ,/o««ier ; tutor 
Inftitution , sf. — tion 
Inftitutrice , she- founder 
Inftru£lif, ve , a.infiruHivc 
Inftrudl'ion , sf. — tion 
Inflruire , va. injlrua ; in- 
Inftrument , fm. Injlrument 
Inftrumental , e , a. -^tal 
Jnfirumenter , vn. to make 
deeds. [knowledge 

A mon infu , ad. \vithout my 
InfufHramment , infufftcicn- 

Infuffifance, sf —ficlency 
InfujfiRlant , e , a. -^ficient 
Infulaire , a. z. s. infular ; 

Infulte , sf infult 
Jnfulter , va. to infult 
^Infupportable, a. 2. — tahle 
Infupportableir.ent, ad. in- 

Iniurmontable , a. 2. invin- 
Sr.tariilable, incxhauftiblc 
ia'iS^re, honeji) upright 

^ T N _ 

Integrite, sf integrity 
Intclle!fl,/;;z. intellect 
Intelieftuel, le, a. — tual 
Intelligemment, ad. knowin- 

Intelligence, sf underflan- 

ding^ ; fpirit. [ ludz 

Etre d'intelligence, tocol- 

Intellia;ent , e , a. intelU- 

gent ; knowing. 
Intelligible , a. 2. intelligi- 
ble; audible. \.g''^h' 
Intelligiblement, ad. intelli- 
Intemperance, sf — ranee 
Intemperant, e, a. — perate 
Intemperie , sf — perature 
Intendance, management 
Intendant, fm. lord-lieute- 
nant ;Jieward 
Intenfe , a. 2. intenfe 
Intenfite > sf intenfenefs 
Intenfivement, aJ. intenfcly 
Intenter une aiVion , va. to 

bring an action 
Intention, sf. intention 
Bien ou mal intentionne , a. 
who is well or ill affec- 
Jour intercalaire , interca- 

lar day 
Intercalation , sf -—tion 
Intercaler, va. to infrt 
Interc^der, to intercede 
Intercepter , to intercept 
Interception , sf — tion 
IntercefTeur , fm. — cejfor 
Interceilion , sf — fton. 
Interdi^ion , •>^tion 

I N 

Inter^.lre, va. to prohibit 

take out an a?l of lunacy 

amaie. [fufpenfu 

Interdit , fm. interdiclior. 
Interdit , e , a. confounde'i 
Intereffant , e , of great co 

cern ; affeciin^. [^toi 

Int^refTi^ , e , /elfish; cov 
Intereffd , Cm. a party coi 

cern:d ; proprietor 
InterefTer , va. to concert 

Inter et , fm. interejl; prOj 
Prendre interet , ro take 

concern for 
Inter jecflion , sf — tion 
Interjeter un appel, va, 

b''ing in an appeal 
Inte'rieur , e, a. interior; i 

ward. [ d 

Interieurement , ad. inwO', 
Interim , fm. interim. 
Interligne, sf inte'-line 
Interlireaire , a. 2. interliit' 
Interlocution , sf. — tion 
Interiocutoire, a. s. — to 
Interlope , fm. a fmugglet 

an interloper 
Interloquer, va. to grant i 

Intermcde, fm. an inttrlu; 
Intermediat , e, a —diat 
Interminable, a. 2. — bit 

that cannot be decided 
IntermilTion , sf — miffiot 

pa life. [ 

Tntermittence, difcontinua, 
Intermittent, e, 4> — ting^ 

I N 

terne, a. ^. internal 
terpellation , sf. fummons 
.erpeiler , va, to fummon , 
to require 

rerpolateur , fm. — later 
erpolatlon , sf. — tlon 
icrpoler , va. to interpo- 
late ; to foifl 
erpofer, va. to interpofc 
erpcfition , sf. — tion 
srpreration , — tion 
erprete , f. — interpreter; 
C'preter, va. to inter- 

dt ; tranjlate ; explain 
jrregne, fm. interregnum 
errex, — rex 

int interrogant , note of 
■ntcrro?^ation (?) 
errogat , fm. qmfiion 
errogateur, an examiner 
errogat.'f, ve, a. — tive 
iToeation , sf — tion; 
cmand. [ nation 

rregatoire, y^. exami- 
rroger, va. to interro- 
dte ; to ask quefiions 
ei rompre , to interrupt 
crruption , sf — ti<yn 
"feftion , — tion 
iilice , fm. interjiice 
ivalle, incerva' ; fpace 
intervalles , ad, hy fits 
rvenant, e, a. —vening 
Tvenir , vn. to intervene 
rvention , sf. — tion 
eftgt, e, a. inteftat^ 

I N 

Inteftin, e, a. intcjline 
[Intimation, sf a fummons 
Intime , a. 2. s. intimate 
Intime , Qy f. a defendant 
Intimement , ad. intimately 
Intimer , va. to fummons; 

give notice 
Intimidation , sf threatening 
Intimider, va. to intimidate 
Intimite, sf intimacy 
Intitulation , title of a book. 
Iniitnls , fm. title of an acl , 
V:\t\t\x\tryVa.toer.title. [&c. 
Intolerable, a. 1. — hie 
Intcl^rablement, ad. — hly 
Intolerance , sf intolerance 
Intonation , — tion 
Intraduifible, a. 1. that can- 
not he tranfatzd 
Intraitable , untraciahU 
Intrepide, intrepid 
Intr^pidite , sf. — dlty ;fear- 

Intngant , e , a. s. who puts 
himjelf forward ; an intri- 
guer. [.^T'-'i amour 
Intrigue , sf. intrigue ; plun- 
Intriguer, r. ro embroil; plot 
S'intriguer, vr. to bufile;put 

ont^s felf forward 
Intrigueur y fe , f a procu- 
rer, a procursfs 
Intrxnfeque , a. 2. intrinfic 
Intrinfequcjnent, ad. intrin- 
fically. [introduces 

Introdu£lion , sf — tion 
Introduire, va^ £9 introduce 

^ I N 14^ 

Introntfation , sf. inthroning 
Intronife.' , va. so inthrom 
Introuvable , a. 2. not to be 

found. [intruder 

, Intrus , e, a. 2. J. intruded i 
Intrufion , sf —fion 
Intu tif, ve, a. intuitive 
Invaincu , e , unvanquished 
lavallde, a. 2. s. difabledi 

of no force ; invalid 
Invaliden^.ent, ad. without 

Invalider , va. to invalidate 
Invalidite, sf — dity, nullity 
Invariabilite, immutability ' 
Invariable , a. 2.. — able 
Invariablement, ad. firmly. 
Invasion , sf — fion 
Inveft've , ■ — tive 
Invcftiver, vn. to inveigh 
ln\ int^i: Q , fm. inventory^ 

Inventer , va. to invent 
Inventeur,yOT. — tor ; forger 
Inventif, ve , a. ingenious 
Invention, sf — tion; device 
Inventorier , va, to draw up 

an inventory 
Inventrice , sf — trefs 
Inverfe, a. 2. inverted 
Inverilon , sf. — fion 
Inveftir , va. to invefi 
Inveititure , sf — tare 
{nv(ft^re, e, a. — terats 
S'lnveteter , vr, to grow ot^ 
Invincible , a, 2. —ble 
Invinciblement, ai. — cibly 
liivioiable, a. 2. —bU 

^ iil 

^3^0 I N . 
Jnviolablement , ai. — lally 
Invjfible , a. i. — bU 
invifiblement , ad. — fihly 
Invitation , sf. — don 
Invitatoire , fm. — tory 
Inviter , va. to invite , bid 
Invocation , sf. — tion 
Jnvolontaire, a. 2. — luntary 
Involontairement, ad. invo- 
Invoquer, va. to invoke 
InuCite , e , a. unufual 
Inutile , a. 2. ufdefs; unem- 
Inut'lement, ad. needle/sly 
Inutilite , sf. — Ury ; trifle 
Invulnerable , a. 2. — bU 
Iota , fm. a jot , a tittle. 
Ipreau , Dutch dm 
Irafcible , a. 2. — blc, apt to 
Ire , sf. wrath. [be angry 

Iris , iris j the rainbow 
Irlande , Ireland 
Irlandois , e , ^. Irish 
Ironie , sf. irony 
Ironique, a. 2. ironical 
Ironiquement, ad. — nically 
Irradiation , sf. — tion 
IrraifonnabIe,a. 2. irrational 
Irreconciliable , — lable 
Irreconciliablemsnt , ad, ir- 
irrefi agable, a. 1. undeniable 
Irregularity , sf, — la-ity 
Irve'gulier , e , ^. irregular 
Irregulierement, ad. — larly 
Irreligieufement ) profaic'y 
irisligieux, fe , a, —^icus 


Irrdllgion , sf, irrellglon ; 

Irre'mediable , a. 2, — ble 
Irremediablenaent , ad. irre- 
Irremiffible , a. z, -—ble 
Irremiffiblement, ad. — fbly 
Irreparable , a. 2. — ble 
Irreparablement, ^i. —?>/>' 
Irreprehenfible, a. 2. — Jible 
Irreprehenfiblement , ad. ir- 

Irreprochable, a. 2. hlame- 
lefs. [blamiably 

Irreprochablement , ad. un- 
Irreiiftible, a. 2. — hit 
Irr^flftiblement, ad. — tibly 
Irr^folu, e, a. -^lute 
li-refolument , ad. — lately 
Irrefoluiion , sf. — tion 
Irreverence , — rence 
Irreverent , e , <i. — rent 
Irrevocabilite , sf — lity 
Irrevocable, a. 2. — ble 
Irrevocablement , ad. ".—bly 
Irrlfion , sf. mockery 
Irritation, — tion 
Irriter, va. to irritate 
Irruption, sf, — tion , inroad 
Ifabelle, a. s. a fort of yellow 
iflande , sf. Iceland 
Ifole , e , rt. infulate ; lonely 
Bon irraelite , fm, a man 

without guile 
IfTu, e, a. born; fprung 
Iffue, sf iffue -y outlet; pur- 
ten ance. [t/Jier 

A Muc dc , adt immediatdy 

J A 

lUhme , fm. a heck of land 
Itague , sf. tye or runner 
Italien ,ne,a. s. Italian 
Italique , a. 2. s. italick 
Item , ad. item ; alfo 
Voila I'item , that is th 

main point 
Iteratif, ve , a. repeated, 
Iterativement, ad. repeated 
Itineraire ^fm. itinerary, [i 
Ivo'ne, ivory. [ma 

Ivoirier , ivory-turner', t©j 
Ivre , a. 2. drunken 
Ivre mort , dead drunk 
Ivreffe , sf. drunkennefs 
Ivrogne , a. 2. s. a drunkar 
Ivrognerie, sf drunkenncj 
Ivroie, darnel, tares 

J ABLE yfm. croe or note 

of a cask. [croe a cas 

Jabler un tonneau , va. t 

Jabot , fm. a bird's crop 

the hofom of a shirt 
Jab otter , va. to prattle 
Jacee, sf. heart's-eafe 
]a.chere ,fallov.'-ground *■ 
Jaculatoire, a. 2. —tory • 
Jadis , ad. of old 
Jaillir , vn, to fpout out, 
Jailliffement , fm. fpoutin^ {l 
Jais , ']et. [ou 

Jalap i jalap 
Jalon , a pole , flake 
Jalonner, vn. to Jiick pokt t^l 

in the ground 


J A" 

oufie ^ sf jealonfy ; awe ; 
. oux , fe, a. jealous, [skip 
iment jalouX_, rolling 
lais, ad. never 'i ever. 
ibage fjOn. jambs ; Jlroke 
ibe , sf. leg; bajing Jlone 
ibette , a clafp knife 
ibon yfm. gammon ; ham 
ibonneau, a fmall ham 
r gammon 

iflaire , a Janljfary 
le, sf. jaunt 6fa wheel 
} /ier , fm. January 
J jn , Japan 
J :)enient , yelping 
J| )er , vn. to yelp, 
J aeniart , fm. a jack to 

rike the hour 
I Liette , sf child's coat 
J^ lin , fm. garden. [ dens 
Jl linage , gardening ; gar- 
J liner, vn. to garden 
J iinet , fm. a little garden 
J linier , a gardener 
J iiniere , sf gardcner^s 
ifc. [risk ; cant 

J' ;cn , fm. jargon ; gibbc- 
Ji ;onner, v. jabber gihhe- 
^h. [rer 

J; onneur, fe , / jahhe- 
J; e , sf. a jar 
J; et , fm, the ham 
— ^ de bceuf , shin of beef 
C pe-j arret, a ruffian 
Jfleti3re , sf. a garter 
J^on, fm. fmall jar 
^^ -J a gandir 

J E r 

Jafer , vn. to chatter; to hlab 

Jaferie , sf. prating 

Jafeuf,re , f a prater ya hlab 

Jafmin, /ttj. jafmine 

Jafpe , jafper 

Jafper , va. to marble, to 

Jafpure, sf marbling 

Jat d'ancre ,fm. anchor Jiock 

Jatte , sf\ a howl 

Jattee , a bowl full 

Javeler, v. to bind in sheaves 

Javeleur , J?n. gatherer ' of 

Javeline , sf a javelin 

Javelle , a sheaf 

Javeiot , fm. a dart 

Jauge , sf a gage 

]inge;xge,f7n. gaging 

Jauger , va. to e,age 

Jaugeur , fm. a gager 

Jaunatre, a. ^, yellowish 

Jaune , fl. i. Jm. yellow ; the 
yolk of an egg 
I Jaunet ,7^. a butter-flower ; 
I a pifs-a-hed 
\ Jaunir , v. to make yellow ; 
' to grow yellow 
' Jaunifle , sf the jaundice 

Je, pro. I 
■ J(5!uite , fm. a Jefuit. 

JESUS, JESl/S; i. e.our 

Jet,fm. cajl , throw ; fwarm , 
fprig; Jet 

Jet d'eau , a v/ater-fpout 

Jetde , sj] jctiQi f bank , mcle 

J O If! 

Jeter , va. to throw , to caji; 

to fuppuratz ; to fvarm. 
Jaton , J'm. a counter 
Jeu , game, fport , play 
Jeu de voiles,- a complete 

fuit of fails 
Jeudi , Tkurj'day 
A jeun , ad. J'afling 
Jeune , a. 2. young 
Jcune, fm. faji , fjfling 
Jeuner , vn. to Jaji 
Jeunefife , sf youth ; frolic 
Jeunet , te , ^. ve-y young 
Jeuneur , fe , / afijhr 
Joaillerie , sf'. a jeweller's 

trade , jewels 
Joaillter ,y?3. a jeweller 
JociiHe , a cotquean 
Jr-delet, an empty fellow 
Joie , sf. joy ; delight 
"Feu de joie, fm. a bonfire 
Joignant , pr. hard by , next 

to. [take 

Joindre , va. to join; over" 
Se joindre, vr. to meet clofe» 
Prier a mains jointes , beg 
Jo\r\t,fm. joint ; Jeam. [hard. 
Joint que, c. bcfides, to 

which add 
Join tee , sf two hands -full 
Jointure, joints , juncture 
Joli , e , a. pretty , genteel 
Jolict, te, a. pretty enough 
Joliment, ad. neatly, prettily 
Jolivete'5 , sf. toys ; pretty 

doings ox fayings of chil- 
. dren 
Jjuc , fm, rush 3 hoop-ring 

ifi J o 

Jonch^e , sf. firewlng flo- 
wers , cream-cheefc 
Joncher , va. to firew 
Jonftion , sf. joining 
JongIsur,ym. a juggler 
Jonques, chlnefi junks 
Jonquillc, sf. a jonquil 
Jouailler , vn. to play for a 

trifle, for nothing 
Joue , sf. the chick 
Coucher en joue, to aim at, 

to have in one's eye 
Jouer , V. to play j to act 
Jouer de Ton refte , to make 

onc*s I aft push 
Jouereau , fm. hunvhr at 

play , one who plays low 
Jouet , plaything ; fport 
Joueur ^ic , f. a gameftcr 
JoufRu , e , a. chuhbid 
Joug , fm, yoke ; flavery 
Jovial, e, a. jovial, m:rry 
Joujou, fm. a plaything 
Jouir ,vn. to enjoy 
Jouiffance, sf enjoyment 
JouifTart, e, a. enjoying 
Jour , fm. a day ; light 
Journal, journal; day-book; 

log-hock; diary, acre 
Journalier , e, a. daily, 

diurnal ; changeable 
Journalier , fm. journey- 
Journallfte, — nallfl 
Journee , sf. a day ; a day's 

work ; a battle 
Voyager a grandes jour- 
nees j iQ tray si f^Ji 

J u 

Gens de journee , labouring 

Joarnellement, ad. daily 
Joute, sf jufi ; tilt 
Jouter , va. to jufi; to fight 
Jauteur , fm, jufihr , tiltzr 
Jouvenceau , a lad 
Jouyenceile , sf a lafs 
Joyau , fm. a jewel 
Joyeufemenr , ad. joyfdly 
Joyeufete , sf a joke , jcfc 
Joyeux , i"e, a, mirry , jo- 
Jube, fm. a lobby 
Venir a jube , to truckle to 
Jubilation , sf rejoicing 
Jubile, fm. a jubilee 
Jucher , vn. to roof 
Jucho:r , fm. a roof: '■ 
Judaique , a. 2. Jewish 
% la Judaique , ad. after the 

Jewish manner 
Judaifer, vn. to judaife 
Jndziimz ,fm. 
Judicature, sf judicature 
Judiciaire, <i. r. judicla-y 
Judiciairemerit, ad. — daily 
Judicieufement , — cioufiy 
Judicieux, fe, a, judicious 
Juge ,Jm, a judge. [tence 
Jugemerrt , judgment , fen- 
Juger , va, to judge ; try 
Juif , ve , a. s. Jewish, a Jew 
Juillct, fm, July 
Juin , June 

A la juive, ad. Jew-like 
Juiverie, sf Jew's Quarter ', 
j b,Qk;rsJiriQt 

J u 

Julep , fm, julap 
Julienne, sf julian-flowe 
Pe'riode Julienne, Julian p 
]urr\att ,fm. a mule. [rii 
JumsaUjJumelle, ^.5. twin 
Jumeler , va. to ftrength 

with cheeks , beams , & 

to fish 
Jumelles , sf checks , fi 

beamsofaprej's, & 

of the majls and yards 
Jument , sf. a mare 
Jape , a petticoat 
Corps-de-jupe , y»z.y?i«yf 
Jupon , under- petticoat 
Jure, warden of a companr 

jury ; juryman 
Jurement , an oath 
Jurer , v, to J wear 
Jureur, fe,/ a fwearer 
Juric:i(flion , sf jurifdiciior 
Juridique, a. ^. juridical 
Juiidiquement , ad. — cat 
] iizii'co nCults , fm. a lawyt 
Jurifrjrudence , sf — det 
Jurifie ,J'm. civilian , ;ur( 
Juron , afficiea kindtcjoah 
Jus , juice , gravy 
Jufant , ehh , reflux 
Jufque, jufques , fr. to^ 

far as , until, till, [vt 
Jufqu'a , jufqu'au , eve, 
Jufquiame, sf hen-bane 
Juilion , command 
Juftaucorps , fm. clofe-cOe 
Jufte, a. 2. fm, j:'fl ; fi 

Juile , ad. right -f exactly 


J u 

ement, ad.juftly; exncl- 

ci]e , sf. jiifinefs. [ly 
ze , jujlice i law i righ- 

,s de juftice, lawyers 
;iciable, a. 2. — ciahlc 
;>cier, va. to executi 
icier , ftn. a judge 
ifiant , e , a. jufiifying 
;e juftificative , a vou- 
her ,\in a law fuit 
ification ^ sf, —tion ', dc- 
:nce. [ve-f char 

ifier, Va. to jufiify ; pro- 
uftiiier, rr. to clear om's 


ETCH , fm. a ketch 
•idle , sf. a legend , a 
mg tedious fiory 
-y the Jit any 


I, art. f. the 
pro. her, it 

fm. ay {note of mnfic) 
ad. there y yonder; t hi- 
rer. Ifoftly 
a , fo fo, come come , 
eur , fm. labour y wo-h. 
noire labile , bad me- 

oratoire, fm. — tory 
orieufement, ad. ha^-dy 
orieux, fe , a. laborious 
our , fm. tillage 

L A 

Labourable, a. 2. ar.-ihlc 
Labourage , fm. tillage 
Labourer , vn. to till; to toil 
Laboureur, fm. a ploughman. 
Labyrinthc, — rinth ; ma\e ; 
l.diQ,alake. v [^intncacy 
Lacer , va. to lace. 
Lac(fration , sf. — tlon 
Lacerer, va, to lacerate; 

tear. [noo^e 

Lacet , fm. lace j fnare ; 
Lache , a. 2. loofe fflothful -, 

cowardly ; hafc 
Un lache , fm. a poltroon , a 

Lachement, ad. hafely 
Lacher J v. to loo fen; let go ; 

fire; go off ^ 
Lacher le pied , to give 

ground , to run away 
Lacher ^n(e,letgo one's hold 
Se lacher, vr. facken ; un- 

Lachate, sf. cowardife;f.othj 

bafemfs , hafe aaion 
Lacis, fm. net-work 
Laconique , a. 2. — nick ; 

Laconiquement, ad, laco- 
Laconifme , yJTi. —nifm 
Lacrymal, e, a. — mal 
Fiil:iile lacryrnale , weeping 

fiflnla. [fpr^nS^ 

Lacs , fm. fpring ; noof ; 
Lafte = , a. i.lacieal; milky. 
Lacur.e , sf. a gap in a book ; 

fomcthin^ left out 

L A r^5 

Ladre, a. 2. leprous; fiingy 
Ladre, effe , /: a leper; a 

fordid hanks 
Ladrerie , j/ leprofy , /a^a- 

retto ; fordid avarice 
Lai , e , a. J. lay ; layman, 
Laid , e , a. ugly 
Laideron , sf a homely pufs 
Laideur , vgUnefs; deformity 
Laie, wild fow; lane through 

Lainage , fm. woollen goods 
Laine, sf. wool 
Lainerie, woollen trade 
Laineux, fe , a. woolly 
Lainlcr, e,f. a woolmonger 
Laique, a.i. s. lay , layman. 
Les la'iques , the la'.ty 
Lais,yrtz. a flandard-trec 
LailTc , sf. a hash ; a hab* 

hand. [wolf, &c. 

Laifr^es , leffes , dung of a 
LaifTer, va. to leave ; to let. 
Laiffer, vn. I'ancre alaiffe, 

the anchor is atrip 
Lait , fm. milk 
Laitage, milk-food 
Laitance , laite , sf. milt 
Laite , e, a. foft roed 
Laiterie, sf. a dairy 
Laiteron , fm. fow-thiJlU 
Laiteux , fe , a. milky 
Laitiere, sf a milk-woman 
Laiton , fm. latt:n ; hrafs 
Laitue, sf lettlce 
Laiz-e , breadth of cloth or 

Lamanagc, /m, pilotage 

1^4 ^ A 

Lamaneur,y^. acoaJlpUot 
Lambeau , a rag ; a shred 
Lambel, a label 
Lambin j e , f. a humdrum ; 

a (low back 
Larnbiner, vn. to dream , to 

he a lounger 
Lambourde , sf. a joift 
Lambrequins , fm. mantels 
Lambris, ceiling; wainfcot 
Lambriffage, ceiling, vainf 

coting. [wainfcot 

Lambriffer , va. to del , 
Lame , sf. a plate of metal ; 

a blade ; a wave 
Lamentable, a. a. — table 
Lamentabiement, ad. moan- 

Lamentation , sf — tion 
Lamenter, va. to lament 
l^zmino'iz , fm. a flatter 
Lampe , sf lamp 
Cul-de-lampe ,fm. tall-piece 
Lampee , sf bumper 
Lamper, vn. to tofs off brim- 
mers, [latnp 
Lamperon , fmi pipe of a 
Lampion , a fmall lamp for 

Lamproie , sf. a lamprey 
Lance, a lance , fpear 
Lancer J va. to dart, fling; 

Se !?.ncer, vr. to rush 
Lancette , sf a lancet 
Lingolr, fm. a mill-dam 
Lande , sf heath, [plates 

Landes de kune , futtoch 

f L A 

Landier , fm. a kitchen and- 
Lan^zgQ , language, [iron 
Langes , fo'adding-dothes. 
Lange, a printer's blanket 
Langoureufement, ad. lan- 

guiskingly. [pinine 

Langoureux, fe , a. languid, 
Langoufte , sf large lobftcr 
Langue, tongue ; language 
Lvinguette, tongue of fve- 

ral things ; lingcl 
Langueur, languor ; pining 

Tenir en langueur , drill 

one on pining 
Langueyer , va. to f arch a 

hog's tongues 
Langiie'yeur , fm. fearcher 

of hog's tongue 
Languier, dried hog's tongue 
Languir , vn. to languish ; 

pint away. [guifhingly 
Languifiamment , ad. lar- 
Languiflant, e, a. languij- 

hing; pining. [wool 

Bourre-lanice , sf flecks of 
Lanier , fm. a lannsr 
Laniere , sf. firap ; lash, 
h^ntetne , lantern. [tern 
Lantcrne four de , dji^k lan- 
Lanterne de moulin , trun- 

dU-head of a mill 
Lanterne magique, magic 

Lanterne des matsdehnne, 

the hounds of the top mafls 
Lantern es , fooleries 
Lanterner, y/z, to trifls. 

1 A 

Lanternsrie , sf filly Jiu§ 
Lanternier, e,/ lantert 

maker ; tedious talker 

Lantiponnage,yra. nonfen 
Laniiponner, va. to tall 

nonfenfe ; to tea^e 
Lanugineux , fe, a. hair^ 

Layer , vn, to lap , lick upi 
l.:ivevca\x , fm. young rahl- 
Lapidaire, lapidary , jeweli 
Lapidation , sf fluning 
Lapider , va. tojionc to dea 
Lapidification , sf — tion 
Lapidiiisr , va. to lapidif 

to turn into /lone 
Lapin , fm. a rabbit 
Laplne , sf a dee rabbit 
Laps de temps , fm. lenA 

of time. [ and r.lapj 

Laps 8c relaps , a. lap 
Laquais , fm. a lackey 
Laque , sf lacker 
Laquelle , pro. f. tl 

■which., who 
Larcin , fm. theft , robl 
Lard , bacon ; lard 
Larder , va. to lard 
Lardolre, sf. a larding ^^ 
Lardon , fm. thin flic*, 

Donner un lardon , to 

one a whipe or nip 
Large , a. i. large , wi 

Au long & au large , 

far and wide , to andfrl 


'^C^fm, breadth 
ge , the offing , tkc mali. 

large , ad. off"^ offward 
gement , — gdy; fully 
geffe , sf. largefs ; gift 
geur, largencfs j breadth 
It largue, a. large wind 
guer une manoeuvre , 
i d. to eafc any rope 
J ix , fm. the larch- tree 
Ii ne , sf, a tear , a drop 
]j -nier , fm, the brow of a 
I ill, houfe or cave 
II noyer, vn. to weep 
l on, ncffc. f. thief; the 

h of a quill 
.. onneaii , fm. a young 
Miefi pilferer 
'■ , laiTe, a. wea-ied; tired 
f[ :if , ve , a. lafcivious 
I -ivement, ad. — vioufly 
L Ivcte , sf. Lifcivioujnefs 
L ant , e , a. tirefume 
L er , va. to tire , fatigue 
L imde , sf. — tude j wca- 

L ;ral, e, a. lateral, he- 

nging to the, fide 
L;ralement , ad. — rally, 

L; n , e, iT. Latin 
Li n , fm, the Latin tongue 
f-^nifer, va. to latinise 
irme,ym. Lutinifm 
iiite , Latinifi 
■ ".ite , sf. latinity 
-liiudfi , iatitudi 

L E 

Latrie (culte de) , sf. -i^cr- 

sh'p due to God alone 
Latrines , houfc of office. 
Latte , a lath 
Latter, va. to lath 
Lattis , fm. latthing 
Lavage, washing , puddle 
Lavande , sf. lavender 
Lavandiere , a laundrefs 
Lavaffe , violent rain 
Laudanum , fm, laudanum 
Lave-main , a fiandin^ ewer 
Lavement, gUjier ; washing 
Laver, va. to wash 
Laver la tete , to rattle one 

Laveton ,frn. 


Lavette , sf. a dishclout 
Laveur , {e,f. a washer 
Laveufe d'ecueiles , sf. pew- 

Lavis , fm. wash , in d'^nwing 
Lavoir , a wash - houfe ; a 

fink ; a laver 
Laureole , sf. fpurge-laurel 
Laurier, fm. laurel; bay 
Lavure , sf. dish-water 
Laxatif, ve, a. — rive, ope- 
ning , loofening 
Layer , va. to cut a lane 
Layetio" ifm. a box-maker 
Layeti:^, sf. a drawer ; box ; 

shelf; child bed linen 
Lazaret , fm. a pefi-houfe 
Le , art. m. the 
Le, \dL,pro. him; her; it 
Le , fm. breadth of linen 
Leche, sf. a thin flice 
Lschefnte , « dripping-pan 

^ E Iff 

Lecher , va. to lick 

A leche doigt , ad. very littU 

Legon , sf. leciure , lejfon 

Ledl:eur,y;72. a reader 

Avis au le6leur , preface ; 

hint ; fair warning 
Lefture , sf reading ; lec- 
tor ship ; fiudy ^ 
Legal , e , a. Ugal 
Legalement, ad. honcfily 
Legalifation , sf the making 

a writing authentlck 
Legalifer , va, to make au- 
Legalite , sf. honcfly 
Legat , fm. a Pope's Icgati - 
L^gataire ,f. a legatee 
Legation , sf. legateship 
Bdtiment lege, wait-ship 
Legende , sf. legend; tedious 
narrative. [ trifling 

Leger, e, <£. light; nimble ; 
A la legere , ad. inconfide- 
ratily ; lightly. [nimbly 
L6^crement ,' ad. lightly ^ 
Ldgerete , sf. Ughtnefs; agi- 
lity; levity 
L6g\on , legion; vafi number 
Legiflateur,yOT. a legifiator 
Ldgiflatif, ve, a. — tive 
Legiilation , sf. legifiatnre 
Lcgiilc , fm. civilian. 
Legitimation , sf. — tion 
Legitime , <2. 2. legitimate 9 

Legitimement , ad. jufily 
Lcgitimer, va. to legitimate 
L(?giiimite , sf. legitimacy 

js(^ I E 

Legs , fm. legacy 
Legu^r. va. to bequeath 
Legume ^fm. legume ; pulfi 
Legumes , grans , roots 
Lendeir.ain ,Jm. next day 
Lendore , / a humdrum 
Ldnltir,yCT. lenitive ; allay 
Lent, te, a.jlow^ dull 
Lente , sf. a nit 
Lentement , ai. Jlowly 
Lcnteur , sf. Jlcwnefs 
Lentille , a lentil ; freckle 
Lentilleux, fe , a. freckled 
Lentifque,yrrj. majlick-tnc 
Leopard, a Uopard 
Lepre , sf Uprofy. {a leper 
Lepreux , fe , a. s. leprous ; 
Leprofcrie , sf. a laiarctto 
Lequel , pro. m. which 
Les , the ^ thetn 
Lefe-majefle , a. high trcafon 
L^fer, va. to wrong 
Le^ne , sf niggardliiiefs 
Leaner , vn. hefordidly par- 

Ldfion , sf -wrong 
Lefquels , pro. pi. which, who 
Lefquelles , /'. that 
Leffive , sf. lye to wash with 
Left , fm. hallajlj lajl 
Leftage , lafiage 
Lefte , a. 2.. fpruce; clever ' 
Leftement , ad. fprucely ; 

Lefter , va. to hallajl 
Lefteur,y»2. a lighter 
Ldthargic , sf lethargy. 
L^thargique , a, 3;. Uthargic 

L E 

Lettre , sf a letter^ 
Lettres , litterature 
Lettre, e, a. lettered, littcrate 
Levain ,y772. leaven , y^Ji; re- 
licks ; old grudge 
Levant , the eaji^ the Levant 
Da levant au couchant , 

from eaft to wejl 
Levee, sf hank ; levy ; har- 
vefi; trick at cards j riding ; 
fwell of the fea 
Lever , v. to Lift up ; levy ; 

remove; collect; shoot 
Lever boutique, to fct vp a 
shop, [ up 

Se lever, vr. to rifei break 
Lever , fm. levee 
Leveur, tax-gatherer 
Levier , a lever 
Pont-levis , a draw-bridge 
LdvitS , a Levite 
Levltlque , Leviticus, \thcy 
Leur , pro. their , them , 
Levraut ,fm. a leveret 
Levre, sf the lip 
Levretts , greyhound hitch 
Levretter , vn. to hunt hares ; 

kindle, as hares do 
Levrettcrie , sf way of brin- 
ging up greyhounds 
'Lcvx'ichQ , young greyhound 

Levrler ^fm. a greyhound 
Levron , little greyhound 
Leurre , a lure ; decoy 
Leurrer, va. to lure; decoy 
Les , plural ofle, la; the 
Levure , sf. yeji 

I I 

Lex'cographe, fm. -—pi 

a writer of diciionaries 
Lexicon , Lexique, a G. 

Lezard, a li:{ard 
Liais , very hard frecjion, 
Liaifon , sf binding ; c | 

neclion ; firoke of a pe\ 
Llaifonner, va. to bindjic 
Liant , e, a. affable , mi 
Efprit liant, obliging ten 
Liard , fm. a farthing 
LiafTe , sf. bundle ofpap< I 

Libation , — tion , offe j 
Libelle ,fm. a libel. 
Libeller , va. to dcclareh\ 

an aHion of trefpafs . 

Liberal , e , <j. liberal 
Liberalement, ad. — ra\ 
Liberalite , sf — lity , g | 

Liberateur, trice , f. de, 
Liberation , sf difcharg j 
L'berer, va. to fee; cle\ 
Se liberer, vr. to clear o\ 

debts ; to get from . 
Liberte , sf liberty ; fac I 
Libertin , e , a. licentioti 
Libcrtin ^e ^ f. a lewdpe\ 
Libertinage ,yJn. lewdm 
Se libertiner , vr. to ^| 


Libidineux, fe, a. lewdl 
Libraire , fm. bookfel\ 

Librairie, sf, hook-trad 

L I 

■re, a. i.freeieajy; open 
■ ement, ad. freely ; eajily 
2 , sf. liji for combats ; 

r.ite-lice , tapzfiry hangings 
cence, licence , licentiouj- 

czr\ci6,fTn. a licentiate 
; inclement , disbanding 

cencier, va. to disband 
: licencier , vr. grow li- 

cencieufement, ad. lewdly 
4 cencleux, fe, a. licentious 
citation , sf auclion 
cite, a. 2. lawful 
cit-ement, ad. lawfully 
.citer, va. to fell by auction 
.corne , sf. an unicorn 
,cou , fm. an halter 
ie , sf lees , dregs 
tege , fm. cork 
ouchon de liege , a cork 
ieger un filet , va. to cork a 

, fm, firing-:, tie 
S , bonds , ch.iins 
terie, sf lientery 
ler, va. to bind; tie; knit 
slier, vr. to league; thicken 
iCTTcfm. Ivy 
ierre terreflre , ground ivy 
leu , place, room; caufc; 

leux , pi. houfi of office 
u lieu de , prep, inflzad of 
ulieuq^ue, c yvhr^as 



Tenif lieu de , to he as 
Lieue , sf. a leagut 
Lieur , fm. tier of sheaves 
Lievre, a hart 
Lieutenance, sf. lieutenancy 
Lieutenant ^ fm. a lieutenant 
Ligament, a ligament 
Ligamsnteux, fe, a. firingy 
Ligature , sf. a ligature. 
Lignage,yOT. lineage 
Ligne , sf. a line ; race 
Lignde , lineage y ijfue 
Ligneul , fm. shoemaker's 

Ligneux, fe, a. woody 
Ligue , sf. a leagm; faciion 
Liguer, va. to league 
Ligueur , fe,f.a leaguer 
Lilas , fm. lilach , pipe-tree 
Limace , sf limas ,fm. aflug 
Limacon , fm. a fnail 
Limd9on de mer, perriwinkle 
Efcalier en lim,'i9on, a win- 
dins^ ft air- cafe 
Llmaille , sf fJe-dufi 
Limande, hurt or bret fish 
Limbe , fm. limb , border 
L\me, sf. fie ; I me ; fa froth 
Limer , va. to fil ; polish 
Llmier ,fm. a blood-hound 
Limitation , sf. — tion 
Limiter , va. to limit 
Limites , sf limits , bounds 
Limitrophe , a. 2. bordering 

Limon , fm. mud; Jlime i 

lcmt>n i shaft 
Limonade , sf, lemonade 


a feller 

I I 

Limonadier , e , /T 

of lemonade 
Limoneux, fe , a. muddy i 

(limy ; marshy 
Llmonier , fm. a thill-horfc^ 

a lemon-tree 
Limoufin , a rough waller 
Limoufinage, rough walling 
Limpide , a. 2. limpid , cleat 
Limp:dite , sf. clearnefs 
Limure , filing 
Lin , fm. flax 

Umcenl , a sheet. [ture 

Lineament, lineament , fea- 
Llnge , linen. {ftrefs 

Ouvriere en linge, sffeam- 
Linger, q, f. ore v^ho makes 

or fills linen ; a linen-dra"^ 

per ; a feamftrefs 
Lingerie , sf linen-trade. 
Lin got , fm. ingot ; wedge 
Lingotiere, sf. ingo*-mould 
Liniere , flax-pot ; fljx-wo<-' 

Liniment , fm. a liniment 
Linon , lawn 
Linot, the cock-linnet 
Lmotte, sf. a linnet 
Linteau,ym. lintel 
Lion , a lion 
Lionceau , a young lion 
Llonne, sf. a Uon:fs 
Lipothym'.e , — my, fainting 
■Cippe^ <2 blubber lip 
Llppde , a mhiithjul 
Lippitude, — dc , bUarednefs 
Lippu, e, a. blubber-lipped 
J-iqusfa<^ion , sf •—tioti 

;ic8 11. 

Xiqucfisr , V. to Uqn'fy 

Liqueur, sf. liquor 

yins de liqueur, lufcious 

Liqueurs , sf, drams, [ring 
Liquidation , fettling , cha- 
Liquids , 'a. i. liquid; clear 
Lio'uidemcnt, ad. clear 
Liquider fes dettes , to clear 

one's debts 
LiquiditCj sf liquidity 
Liquoreuk, fe, a. lufcious 
Lire , ra. to read , fludy 
l^h,fm. a lilly 
JFleur-de-lis , sf flower-de- 
luce; burning in tin hand 
Li(erage , fm, embroidering 
Liferer , va, to embroider 
)Lifet,fm. a vine-fretter 
LiTeur , xe,f a reader - 
Lifible , a, 2. legible 
Liiiblement, ad. legibly 
LiiivJre , sf lift ; leading- 
firings ; skirts of a place 
LiiTe, a. i. fleck ; fniocth 
Liffer , va, to f.^ck 
LifTes , ^QS couples , sf rib- 
bands in ship-building 
Liffoire , a fiecking-tool 
Ui^niQ , fii eking 
Uikc.a lift;aron 
hi{isl,fm. a lifcl; fillet 
iit , a bed ; chan-iel of a 

Lit du vent, direction of 

the wind 
Litanies , sf litany i a Icng- 

Liteati , fm. a vfolf's haunt 
L'lthai^ef sf. litharge 
Lithotomie, lithotomy 
Lithotcmifte , fm. — ,7:ij2 
Litiere, sf. a litter 
Litigant, e, a. s. litigant, 

f iit or 
Litige, fm, a fult at law 
Litigieux, fe, a. litigious 
Litilpendance, sf. the du- 
ration of a lav;-fut 
Litre , fm. black girdle with 
_ coats of arms 
Litteraire , a. 2. literary 
Liiteral , e , a. literal 
Litteralement , ad. literally 
Litterature , sf. literature 
Liturgie , liturgy 
Voile a livarde, fprit-fail 
Liveche, lovage 
Livide, a, 2, livid ^ black 

and blue 
Livraifon , sf delivery cf 

Liure ^ binding ; lashing 
Livie yfm, a book 
A livre ouvert , ad. at fight ; 

Livre , sf pound ; livre , 

Livre'e , livery -fcrv ants \ 

board wages 
Livrer, va. to deliver up 
Se livrsr, vr. t,o place an 

unreferved confidence in 
Livret , fm. a little book 
Llxiviation , sf — tioa 
LixivisI, le, a, < — yidl 

L o 

Lobe yfm. lobe of the Inn '• 

cod of pulfe and feeds 
L(?c, log f to compute 

way cf a ship 
Ligne de loc , sf log-Un 
Local, e, a. local ^ of p. 
Locataire , f lodgir; ten 
Loche r^f <t loach 
Locution , phrafc 
Lodiet ,fm. quilted conn 

pane. [nfi. 

Lods & ventes , fines oft 
Lof, loof of a ship 
Au lof, ad. loof up 
Lof pour lof, tack ahou 
Lofer , vn. to put the h 

Logarithme , fn. logarit 
Logs , sf hut ; cell; box 
lien efi ioge-la, thats 

Maifon logeable , a cot 

nient houfe 
Logenient,yj?z. lodgment 
Loger, V. to lodgz, harl 
Si Isger , vr. take a lod^ 
Lcgeite , sf little cell or 
Logicien , fm. a loglcl 
Logique , sf logick 
Logis , fm,. dwelling , he 

lodging; inn 
Logifiinue , sf loglfiick 
LogogL-iphe , fm. a nb 

riddle. [r 

Loi , sf lav; ; decree ; dc 
Gens de loi , lawyers 1 
Loin, ad. far , far off 

Loin de, bin que yfnTf. 


L O 


i'ntain , e , a. remote , far 
. iSmtsanSy/hi. dcepnings, 

:•: a pi'diire ) 

- , a diyrjiouf-i 

^ible, a, 2. hv'fitl 

\( , Cm. lc'j}:rc ; timt 
r.beSj Jm. the loins 

dres , LondGn. 

g, longiis , a. foVig 
,i! fait long, he''s akno- 
wlr.o; one 

long, au lorg, pr. along 
I long, ad. at large 
la league , in time 
; longus main , long while 

ng?irAmit^, sf. forbearance 
nge, loir.;firap 
nger le bois , to go by the 
(idp of a wocd 
ngitudc, sf. !or.'j/-t::d: 
ng-temps, ad. a long v.'hile 
nguement, a long t'.ns 
nguet, te, a. prery long 
ngueur, sf. length"; fow- 

, fm. a gob , a lunch 
e , sf. a rag , tatter 
t , fm. a latch 
teau , iLnle latch 
ette , sf. a litth bit 

rgner, va. to leer , to ogle 

rgperie , sf ogling 

rghettc , ogling glafs 

rgneur , fe , f an ogler 

nxftyfm. wit' wall 

'S de , prep, at the tlm^ of 


L O 

D es-Iors, ad. from- that time 
Pour lor.-; , at that time 
Lofange , sf. a lofengc 
Lot ^ fm. lot; portion ; prh^e 
Loterie , sf. a lottery 
Lotion , lo:ion , medicinal 

Lotir , va. to d'v':'c lots 
Lctiffage , /;/". d'Jir:bution. 
Loi-ilTeur , difrlbuUr 
Lofte, sf ee'-po-it 
Lou able, a. z. IcudJ-h 
Louablement, ad. luudahly 
Louage,/i72. iure; rent 
Louangc, sf praifz 
LouangCFj va, trumpet, cry 

up. [pt^ercr 

Louangsur , f;n. pa: c7yrif. 
Louche, a. ^. fpiint-eyed; 

Loucher , vn. to fqu'nt 
Louer, va. to hire; let; 

prai/c. [pl::afhdwith 

Se louer da , to he much 
Lover , va. to coil 
Loiieur , fs,f. one who lets 

out ; a fat':crer 
Louis , fm. Lewis 
Loup, wo'fi nicer; black 

mask ' 
Saut de loup, a ha-ha 
Loup-garou, nnfociaolc man 
Lcupc , sf a v.'in ; a knob of 

a tree; round m.ign'Jyinu 

Lourd , e, a. heavy; dull; 

Lourds faute , a grofs fault 

Lourclaud, e, a. an cuhvj.rcl 

fd'ow or vjcnch 
Lourdemsnt, ad. cukwardlyi 

Lourdene, sf a grofs fault 5 

a blunder 
Loutre , sf an otter 
Louve , a she wolf; whore ^ 

the flings of a crane ' 
Louvetcau,yw. a wolf's cub 
Louveter , vn. to wheip 
Louveterie, sf \voIj-hu-:ting 
Louveticr , Jtu. ivV; rnafier of 

the wolf-hunters 
Louvoyer, vn. to lover ; tack 
Loyal , e , a. loyal ; jufi j 

Loyaiemeni- , - ' 
Loyaute , sf. . Jity 

Loyer , fm. ruu ; friary ; 

re -.-jard 
Lubie , sf crotchet , v-^him 
Lilbricirs, lubricity ^ lechery 
Lubrique, a, 2. lecherous 
Lubriquement, ad. wantonW 
Lucarne , sf dormer ^vlndow 
Lucide,^. 2. ludd, hri-ht 
Lucratif, ve , a. lucrative 
Lucre, y/;t, iucrc, gain 
Li^cttfi , sf uvu/a 
Luaur, a gUr.imir, faint light 
Lu^ubre, a. 2. dolsful , fii 
Lugubrement, ad. dol fully 
Lui , pro. him , her , to him , 

to her 
Lui re , vn. to glitter 
Ver laifant , fn. a glow* 


Lutf^nt, fm. the glofs of a 

Lunuere, sf. iight; touch- 
hole. [ light 
Lumiere zodiacale , r^cdiacal 
jLum'ignon , fm. fnuff of a. 

Luminalre , a luminary 
J umineux, fe , a. luminous 
Lunaire , a. a. lunar 
iunaire, sf. lunary ^ moot- 

JjUnaifon , lunation 
Lunatique , a. i. s. lunatic , 
luwvii^i, fm. Monday, [mad 
Lune, sf. tht moon 
3-unette d'approche, y/ry-'"? 

glafs. ^ [tiplyingg'afs 
I^unette a facett^s , a mul- 
iiUnettes , fptdacles 
Xunettier,ym, fpcclaclc-ma- 
i.upin , lupine. ~ \ker 
i.uftral, e , a. every fifth year 
Eau luflirale , sf lufiral or 

holy water 
Lufiration , — tlon 
3Luflre , fm. luflre ; glofs ; 

fconce ; litjlnim 
TafFetas lufti e , lufirlng 
jLuftrer , va. to give a glofs 
S-ut , fm. lute or chyniifVs 

Luter, va. to lute or cover 

with clay 
Luteranifme, fm. — nifm 
Lutherien, ne,/ Lutheran 

Lithier,/^. a 

ment maker 

M A 

Lut'in, fm. a hobgoblin; a child 
full of tricks and noife 

Faii-e le lutin , to b'ujier ; to 
make a great noife 

Lutin er , va. to plague ^ to 
make a great noife 

Lutrln , fm. a reading-desk 

Lutte , sf. wrefiling 

Lutter , vn. to wrrfil^ 

Lutteur ^ fm. a vneftler 

Luxation , sf. disjointing 

Luxe^y?ra. luxury 

Luxer , va. to put out of joint 

Seluxer, vr. to luxate or 
he out of joint 

Luxure, sf. lujl 

Luxurieux , fe , a. lafci- 
vious ; libidinous 

Luzerne, sf. lucerne; Spa- 

Luzin, houfing,houfe-line 

Lycanthrope , fm. wo-f-man 

Lycanthropie, sf. frenfy of 
a -wolf-man 

Lymphatique , a. i. — tick 

Lymphe, sf lymph 

Lynx , fm. lynx 

Lyre , sf. a lyre or harp 

Lyrique , a. 2. lyric 



> i A , pro. f. my , mine 
Macaron , fm. macaroon 
Mace'ration , sf. —tlon ; 

mortification. [fi'^^P 

Macerer , va. to mortify ; 
Mache, sf corn-fallad 

M A 

Machefer , fm. drofs of In 
Dents • machelleres , .• 

check-tooth , grinders , 
Mdchemoure , the crum 

of fea-hisket 
Macher , va. to chew ; 

claw it off 
Macheur , Te , /I great ea, 
Prendre du tabac en macl 

catoire, to chew tohac 
Machinal, e, a. mecham, 
Machinalement , ad. meci 

ni^ally. [ contrl 

Machinateur,y?n. aplott 
Machination , sf, contrivi 

ce , plot. [fy tr \ 

Machine, machine; engii 
Machiner , v^. to devi^ 

machinate , hatch, [ma 
Machinifte, fm. a machii 
Machoire, sf. the jaw 
Jou.^ de la machoire, 

p!y one's jaws, tocad avl 
Machoires d'etau , vi\ 

Machonner, va. to.mutt\ 
Machurcr, to dawb 
Macis , fm. mace 
Magon, amafon; hricklA 
Magonnage , mafonry 
Magonner , va. to hui\ 

wall up a door; to do\ 

a bungling manner 
Magonnerie , sf. mafom\ 
Macreufe , a fa-duck 
Maculature , a made 

very coarfe brown papt\ 
Macule , afpot j ajlaia 


M A ^ 

:u!er , va. to jjiot , to 


'ams , sf. my l.idy , ma- 

jin , mifirefs 

i'fTioifelle, madam, mrfs 
Lure, e, a.fpcckUd,fpot- 
ted. [ b la de- 

ll fin madre , a sharp 
ladrier , fm, a thick plank. 
[adrigal, madrigal 
Eadrure. sf. fpick, fpot 
lafRe, e, a. chnb-cheekcd 
iagaila , fm. magai^ins ; 

agafinage , the. hire of a 
warchoiife. [ houfe 

agafiner , va, fll a ware- 
agafinier,yw. ■warehoufc- 
keeper cr clerk 
ge-raage , chief jufilce 
agicien , a forarzr 
^agic'ienne, sf. a witch 
igie , magic 
^agique , ^. 2. m:i§ic 
agi{!oi-j_,^ra. country fchofil- 

agiftere, grand majler ship 
of an order 
agiftral , e , a. imperious 

iitralcment , ad, impe- 

agillrat ,/72. a m.agijlrate 
agifcratuf e , sf. magifiracy 
agnanlme , a, 2. magnani- 

2gna:nimlte , sf. — mlty 
agnetique , a. 2. magnetic 
igr.liica'£,/w, — car 

M A ^ 

Magniiicence , sf. fump- 

Magnifier , va. to magnify 
Magnifique, a.2. magnificent 
Magnifiquemsnt , ad, ncoly 
Mzgot , fm. baboon', hoard 
Mahoniei'an , ne , a. s. ma- 
home tan 
iMahomecifme , fm. "—tlfm 
Mai, May; a may-poh 
Maie , sf. a kneading-trough 
Majefle , majefiy 
Lefe-Majsfl4, high-treafon 
Majeftaeuienient, ad. nchly 
MajeflueuXj fe , a. maje/iic 
Majcur , e , a. of age , fen • or 
Maigre , a. 2. Uan^ fUght 
Maigie , fm. lean 
Maigreiet , te , a. leanish 
Maigremcnt, ad. poorly 
Maigret, te , a. lean; thin 
MaigreUi, sf. Uannefs 
Maigrir, vn. to grow lean 
Mail , fm. a mdllet ; a m.all 
Pvlaille , sf. mash ; fitch ^ 

weh in the eye 
Mailler , va. to make the 

Titaskcs of a net 
Maillet,/^. maiUt 
IvlailletagejVAt; sheathing of 

a ship's hottcm vjithfcup- 

per nails 
Maillet«r , va. to sheath a' 

ship's bottom with nails clothes 
Main, sf. hand; trick at 

cards ; tajj'cl in a coach ; 

pak i qair^i 

?vl A i^r 

Hauf a la main , a, h,:ughfy , 
po.Jficnate '' ■'-/ 

A pleines r- 

Ds loflgiie ::. , ,•■ - 

Main chdiide, sf. hot cockles 
Preter rna'a-forte , to aid 
Maia-ievee , sf. replevy 
Main-niorte , mortmai:i_ 
Main-pote , a lame hand, 
Maint , te , a. many 
Maintenant, ad. now 
Maintenir , va. to maintain. 
Miiintenu , e , ^. maintaineA 
Mamrlep. .> fn. imintenance, 

Major , a major 
Majordome* , majordoms 
r ■ .y'. majority 

'■ . a mayor 

Miiric, Sf. mayoralty 
Mais , c. but 

MaiCon , sf. houfe ; family 
Maifonx^.ee , the whole /;:-»' 

mily ; fire- fide 
Maifonnette, a fmall houfa 
M^itre,y57z. n mafic; trooper 
jyiaiLTe-^argon , luad jour" 

Petit-maitre , a beau 
Maitre fripon , crran.': hiavs. 
Maiii-eiTe , .v/. inifirejs , 

Maitiife , freedom cf a com- 
Mauriier , va. tD dcminser 
MajLifcuIe, sf. capi:al letter 
Mai , fm. evil; akc ; difeafe^ 


■1^1 M A 

Mai de mer, fm.fe a- fickmfs 
Tvlal , ad. badly , ill , not well 
ivlalade, a. z.s^fuk; ill; 

iMaladie , sf. ficknifs jfoihU 
Jvlaiadif , ve , a.fickly 
Maladreile , sf. laiantto 
XvIal-adreiTe , unski fulmfs 
3Vial-adroit, e, a. unhandy 
3Vlal-adtoitemcnt, ad. auk- 

Jvlal-aife, sf. trouble j fiate 

of hardship 
Mal-aife , e , <z. difficult ; 

uneafy ; under misfortunes 
»— airement , ad. with much 

» — a propos , unfe.'r finally 

— en centre , sf. mifchancs , 
mif chief 

•— avife , e , a. imprudent 

— bati, e, a. ill- shaped ^ 

*— content , e, a. diffatlsfied 
3V4dl2 , fm. male , cock , he. 
3VIaIe , a. 2. mule , m.inly , 

2V!er male , rough fea 
Tvlalebete , sf bad man 
r,'laledi<^ion , a curfe 
Jvlalefice , fm. a forcerer 
3Vlalefi9ie , e , a. f.ckly;faf 

iVIalefique , a. 2. malignant 
^Vlalencontreufement , cd. 

Malencontreux, fc , a. un- 

M A I 

Malenpoint , ad^ at an ill 
pafs ' j 

Mal-entendu , /;;z. a mifiake . 

Maienuit, sf. ill night j 

Mal-fagon, defect ; foul play '. 

Maifai(^eur, ym. malefaclor] 

Mal-faire , vn. to do ill j 

Mal-faifant, e , a. mifchic- \ 
vous ; u'nwholefomc \ 

Mal-fait , e , a. ill made or ! 
dons ugly ' 

Mal-gracieufement , ad. ru- \ 
dcly. - \_nish ; aukward] 

Mal-gracieux , ie , a. clew- '. 

Malgie, fr. in fpite of \ 

Mai-habile , a; 2. unskilful ^ ] 
ill-bred j 

Mal-habilete , sf. want of\ 
parts ; incapacity j ill' ' 

Malheur ,yr?/. misfortune 

Malheur , ad. wee to 

Par malheur , malheureufe- 
ment, ad. unluckily 

Malheureux . fe , a. unhap- 
py ; unlucky j pitiful 

Malheureux , y;«. an unfor- 
tunate fellow 

Mal-honnete , a. 1. inde- 
cent , rude , dishoneji 

Mal-honnetement , ad, dis- 
hcmftly ; ruddy 

Mal-honnetete, sf, rudencfs^ 
dishoncjiy. '' [trick 

Malice , malice , roguish 

MaKcieufement , ad. mali- 
ciouj^y. [ vcus 

Malicisux, fe, a, mifchle- 

M A 

MaligneiTient , ad. with ,\ 

ill dejign ; mifchievoufly 
Maiignite, sf. malice ; m 

Mahn , igne , a. mifchi j 

vous ; unaicky ; hurtful 
Le malin-Elprit,yn?.rAt de-i 
Maline, sf. fp ring- tides 
Malingre, a. 2, peakin^ 

ftckly. _ i'^ff&ci 

Mal-intentionne, e , a. i 
Mal-juge,//72. illegal dec 
Malic , sf. trunk , m^il 
Maiieabiiite , mulleablen 
Malleable , a. 2. malleabl I 
Malletier, yrz. trunk-makl 
Mallette , sf a little tnl 
Mailisr , fm. a pack-horjl 
Mal-mener , va. to ufe ii\ 
Malotru, e, a. fad ; ,t\ 

gainly. [ wre. 

Malotfu , fm. fad piti\ 
Mal-peigne, afloven 
Mal-plaiiant , e, a. di\ 

greeahls. [ 

Mal-propre , <i. 1. fluttisX 
Mal-pi'oprement , ad. j\ 

venly. [Jlovenlini 

Mal-propretd, sf dirtine\ 
Mal-fai.n> e, a. ftckly; 

Mal-feantj e, unhecominiX 
Mal-fbnnar.t , e, ill-fo.\ 


Maltote , sf. opprejfivt tc\ 
Maitotier , fm. tax-gath: 
Maltraiter , va, to ufe i\ 


M A 

Vlalveillance , sf. ill-will ; 


Vlalveillant, fm. mahvolent 
Vlalverlation, sf. mifdsmca- 
nor. [^in aa&ri^ployment 
Vlalverfer , vn. to misbehave 
Vlalvo-lie, j:/. malmfzy. 
Vlal-voiontieis , ad. um^il- 

Vlal-voulu, e, a. hated 
Via man , sf. mamma 
'Azxu^C , fwesrkeart 
Vlamtlle , thi breajt; vap 
Vlamelon ,fm. a nipple 
Vlamelu, e, a. fidl-hreafled 
Vlanant, fm. a clovm 
Mane lie , fm. handle , sf. 
■ flzive. [^channel 

La Manche, sf. St. Gdorge's 
Mancheron , fm. plough- 
Manchette , sf. a rnfle 
Manchon,y>/i;. a muff 
Manchot , c , a. maimed 
U n'eH: pas manchot, he's 

no fool 
Mandat , fm. mandamus 
Mandaiiaire, a pro.v;)' 
Mandemsnt , an. order 
i inder , va. to write word 
:ander quelqu'an , to fend 
Mar.dillc , sf. manddion , a 

fort of great 0:011 
Mandore , mandore 
Mandragore , mandrake 
Manducation , mandi^catlon; 

M A 

Manege , fm, managing a 
hor/cj riaing-hoiife; inLri" 

MAmamnJiamper; maniquln 


rhade , ghoji 

Alangcable , a. 2, eatable 
Mangcailie , sf. food ; vic- 
Mangeoire, a ma/iger 
Manger, va. to eat 
M3.n^si- , Jm. food 
Maiigerie, .tf eating; exac- 
Mangeur, fe,/ eater. l*ion 
Mangeure , sf. nibbling ; 

gnawing. {traHable 

Maniabie , a. 1. fipplc ; 
Vent maniabie , moderate 

wind. [ mad 

Maniaque, a.l. s. maniac, 
MaaicleSj sf. hand fetters. 
Ivlaaichordion , fm. clari- 

cord., piano forte 
Manie, sf madnefs ; excef- 

fivi} fondnefs. [ manage 
Manier , va. to handle ; to 
Au TmiueCjad. by the feeling, 
Ivianie , e , <7. current, {of 

words and phrafcs) 
Man! ere, sf. manner; way; 

file. [ viour 

Manieres , carriage, heha- 
De manier e que, ad. fo that 
•Mani^e, e, a. ajfeded- 
Man.ifeilation , sf. — tion 
Manifefts, a. 2, manifijl 
rvianiiefre, fm. maniffo 
Maaifeflement, ad. clearly 
Ma/iifcilcr , va, to diclaie 

M A 


Se manifeiler, vr, 

one's fe'.f 
Manigancs, sf. fy dralings 
Maniment , fm. fading ; 

handling j management 
Maaipule , maniple; handful 
Manivque, sf a handleather 
M^niveau,y,7j. afish-basksit 
Manivelle , sf handL; roimct 

cf a prir.ter's prcfs 
Manr.e , manna ; voider ; 

Rlanceuvrc , fm. a labourer', 

an able feam^an 
Macceuvre , sf. tackliny of 

a ship ; motion ; procedure 
Manocuvrer, vn. work a ship 


Manoir , a manficn ho:ifc 
Man on , sf. Molly 
xManouvrier , fm. labourer 
Manque ^ \yant , lack 
Manque de, ad. for want of 
ManquemCnt , fm. fault , Jiip 
Ma;iquernent de parole, ths 

breach of one's word 
Manquer , v. to fail; mifs ; 

want ; fall short 
Maafaetude, sf. gendznefs 
Mante , mourning- man' la 
Manteau,/OT. ac:.d:c; ?;:.'..',■- 

tun; mantle-tree; p.-r^ir^ce 
Sous le manteau , privately 
Mantelet, mantzle':, c.-puchin. 
Maa'telcts de fabords , port 

Mantsline, sf, ridin^-h^od 

i-?4 M A 

Manuel, le, a. manual 
Manuel, yw. a manual 
Jvlanuellement, ad. manually 
Manufafture, sf. — ture 
Manufacturer , va. manu- 
facture, [faciurer 
Maniifafltirier , fm. a manu- 
Manufcritjej^. v^rit by 
M.a.n\xCcnt,fm. a manufaipt 
Manutention , sf. prcfer- 

ving , upholding 
Mappemonde, a map of the 

Maquereau , fm. a macha- 
rd; a pimp ; a fpot , in the 
l:gs by the fire 
Maquerellage , pimping 
Maquerelle, sf a bawd 
Maquignon , fm. a jockey 
Maqaignonr.age , jockey- 
ship ; intrigue 
Maquignonner un cl^eval , 

va. to fit a hcrfe for f ale 
Maquignonner, to pUy the 

part cf a broker 

Maquilleur , fm. a mackard- 

boat. [shy gardener 

Marager, Maraicher , mar- 

Marais , marsh j fwamp ; 

garden ground 
Marats falans ^filt-pans 
Mai-atre , j/. a j2:p-mother ; 

a cruel mother 
Maraud ,y/r;. rafcal; villain 
Maraude , sf jade^ hitch ; 

Marauder , vn. to go a ma- 
rauding or robbing 

M A > 

Maraud eur , fm. a marauder 

Marbre , marble 

Marbrer, va. to marble 

Marbreur , fm. paper marhler 

Maibrier, one whofaws and 
polishes marble 

Marbrure, sf. marbling 

Marc , fm. eight ounces ; 
husks ; grounds 

Marcaffin, young wild boar 

Maicaffite, sf. marcjfite- 

Marchand , e , a. merchan- 
table ; trading; navigable 

Ville marchande , trading 
town. \_chant man 

Vaiffeau marchand , m^r- 

Marchand, fm. a mcrchar.t; 
a dealer; chapmar. 

Marchand en gros , a who- 
lefalc dealer. [ tail dealer 

Marchand en ddtail ^ a re- 

Marchand drapier , a wool- 
len draper \ green grace- 

Marchande d'hcrbes , sf. 

Maichander, va. to chea- 
pen ; haggis 

Marchandife, sf merchan- 
di/c , goods , ware 

Marchs , march , way , fcp , 
tread , head-way of a ship 

Marche, fm. market; bar-^ 

Maichepied, a foot fiool ; 
foot rope of a yard 

Marcher , vn. to walk ; 
march ; rank j triad ; to 

M A 

Marcher droit, to he honej 

to behave well, [v.'alki: 
Marcher , fm. gait ; way . 
Marcheur, fe , f. a walker 
Marcotte , sf layer; shoo 

fprig. [ c: 

Marcoiter, va. to fet shoot 
Mardi , fm. Tuefday 
Mare , sj. a pond; tnesr 
Mareage , hire br pay 

a fail or 
Marecage ,fm. marsh, fwar, 
Marecageux, fe , a. marsh 

Mareehal , fm. farrier ^ ma 

"Mardchal-des-logis, a que 

ter-mafier, [ tra^ 

Marechallerie , sf. farrie) 
MarecbaufTee, marshalft^ 
Maree , tide ; fresh fea-fisi 
Haute maree , high water 
BaiTe maree , Low water 
Morte maree , neap tide 
Margajat, fm. urchin , br. 
Marge , sf margin 
Margelle , brim, of a well 
Marginal , e-, a. marginal 
Notes marginalss, annott 

Margouiilis , fm. a puddL 
Marguerite, sf. daily; pea 
MarguiUerie, ashurchwa 

den ship 
Marguiilier , fm. a churc) 

Mari , a husband 
Mariubie, a, 2, marrlageah 



M A 

larlage , fm. marriage ; por 

lariage 2n derrempe , li- 
ving ilka man and wife 
e marie , bridegroom 
a maries , sf. the bridt 
larler , va, to marry ; jo'n 
e xnarier , vr. to marry 
laneur , fe, / match-maker 
larin , e , rt. belonging to 
the fea 

rens de marl ■^e , feamcn 
larin , fm. afeiman 
lari'iade, .<•/ pickled meat 
la'rine , navy ; /ia affairs ; 
beach ; fea-piece 
Mariner, %'a. to pick' e ;foufe 
larir.2,r, fm. a mariner 
iaijolalne, sf. marjoram 
•larj Xztyfm. a fop 
/larion, sf. Polly 
/lar 1 n n e tt e , a p upp et 
yl'arital, e, a. imonlal 
ilaritalemcat, ad. likcahuf- 

vlaritim3 , a. l. maritime 
vlarmaille, sf a heap of lit- 
tle children, hrats 
4arm2la<le , ma-malade 
viarmite , a po' ridge-pot 
ilarmiton /fm. a fcu'dion 
Vlarmonnsr , va. to mutter 
Vlarmot,/?:. a kind of mon- 
key ; a puppet 
Warmotfe, Jf. mountain-rai 
Vlarmotte ou cache-meche, 

match- tub 
VlaimcttQr . va. to mutter 

M A 

Marmoufet , fm. of a gro- 

tcfque figure ; little monkey 
Maine , sf. marl t 

Marner, va. to marl 
M^vneron ,fm. marler 
Marniere , sf a marl-pit 
Marotte , vfh m ; hobby hot' 

fc; fooPs bauble 
M-iroufle, /w2. a fcoundrel 
Ma "qae , sf. a mark ; token 
Marques , counters , fishes 
Marquer, va. to mark; fco- 

re ; fign ify; she>v. [in lay 
Mirqueter, va. tofpickU; 
Maiquitei'le, sf inlaid work 
Marqueur ,{ii , f. a markir 
Marquis, fm. a marquis 
Marqu'ifat, marquifatc 
Marquife , sf. marchiomfs ; 

tilt over a ttnt 
Marraine , a godmother 
Marri, e, a.forry, concerned 
Marron , y^. largi chcfnut ; 

buckle of hair [tree 

Marronnier , large chcfrut- 
Marroquin , Turkey , Spa- 
nish , RuJJia , Marocco 

Marroquincr, va. to coun- Turkey leather^ &c. 
Marroquinerie , sf art of 

making the above leather 
Marroauinier, fm, Turkey 

leather maker 
Marrube , ho^ehonnd 
Mav.s , March; Ma^s 
Mirfouin, apoyofe; fl?.mfon 
Maitagon , mountain lily 

M A i^f 

Marteau ,fm. hammer', knoc' 
M artel , uneafinefs. [kit 

Marteler, va. to ham-ncr ; 

vex. [liki 

Martial , e, a. martial, war^ 
Martinet , fm. fiat candle^ 

fiick ; a mill hamrmr ; a 

cat o'nine tails ; kinre^s 

fisher ; peek haliards of the 

Martingale, sf mtningal 
Martrc, marten'', marten-skin 
Martre-zibelir.e, afabU 
Martyr , e , f. a martyr 
Martyre , fm. martyrdom i 

Martynfer , va. to torture 
Martyrologe,/OT. — los,y 
Martyrologifte , — logijl 
.Ma^carade, sf mafquerade 
Maicaret , fm. eddy of water 
Mafculln ,e, a. mafcuUne , 

male. V^'fi 

Mafculinite , sf mafculine- 
Mafque, fm. a mask; a maf- 

querader; an ugly witch 
Mafquei , va. to mask 
Maflacre , fm. maffacrs , 

fiaughter, ^ [hungU 

Maffacrer , va. to majfacre ; 
Maffacreur, fm. bungler; 

murderer. ' [l^t ; chih 

Made , sf viafs ; flock ; mal- 
MafTepain , fm. march-pane 
■Mailer, va. to fake 
Mafficot , fm. majiicot , _yi/- 

low colour 
Maffisr, a maci^bearer. 


M A 

IHlallit' , ve, a. majfy, dull 
IViaflif, fm. mafopjy work 
Maiuvement , ad. luavlly ; 
MafTue , sf. a club. \_duUy 
IVIaftic , fm. mafilch _ 
Maflication, sf. chewing 
Mafticatoire, fm, -—tcry 
Mafiiquer , va. to ccmmt 

with majilc 
Mafure, sf. tke ruins of a 

houfc , a paltry houft 
Mat , te , <i. unwrougkt 
Mat , fm. a mafi 
JNlatamore, fm. a drawcan- 

fir , a bully 
Matailinade , .f/ a frolic, a 

wanton trie. [tfout 

MataPaaer, vn. to caper a- 
]V!ateIas , fm. mattrefs ; wad 
JvIatelafTer, va. to quilt j wad 
Ivlatelaffier , fm, quilt-mai:er 
I'.Iatelof , failor -yConforc ship 
Tviatelotage , a failor's pay 
Matelote , sf. hotch-potch of 

fiveral forts of fish 
A ldimztslote,ad.fcanian-like 
Ivlater , v. to maji 
IVlatereau , fm. piece of a 

broken maft; [mail mafl 
Materialise , sf. — lity 
Materiaux, y?;?.p/. materials 
Materiel , \e , a. matci^^l ; 

lumpish; dull; heavy 
Mateiicllement, ad. — rially 
Maternel, le , a. maternal 
Mater nelleme-it, ad. mo- 
therly, [inother 
Mdtejiiirer, vn, to be like the 

M A 

Maternltd , sf. — nity , mo- 
Mateur,y7a. a mafl-maker 
Mathematicien , — tician 
Matl'icmatiques, sf — ticks 
Mathematique , a. 2. — ileal 
Mathema'iiquement, ad, ma- 
Matiere , sf. matter ; fuh- 
feci; bullion [of 

En matiere de, ad. in point 
MaUn, fm. & ad. morning 
Matin , fm, a mafuff 
Matinal , e, c. an early riftr 
Matincau , fn. little majiiff 
Matinee , sf forenoon 
Matin er , va, to abufc ; line, 

as a cur does 
Matines, matins 
Matineux, fe, a. early rifcr 
Matiniere (I'^toilc), the 

morning ftar 
Matois, e, a. cunning, sharp 
Pvlatoiferie, sf. cunning, trick 
Matou , fm. a ram cat 
Matricaire , sf mother-wort 
Matrlce, matrix , v/omb 
Matricule, — cuiar regijler 
IMatrimonial, Q , a. — nial 
Matrone, sf. matron , lady 
Matter , va. to macerate , to 
mortify, to humble, to curb 
IVlature , sf. majling , mafis 

cf a ship 
Matuvite , ripenefs 
Avec maturite, ad. maturely 
Maudire , va, to curfc 
Maudit , e , a, ^, curfed 

M E 

xMaugere, sf. cow~hldc 
Maiij^reer, vn. to curfc 
^Faire le maupitsux , la mai 

piteufe , a. to whine , i 

make a poor mouth. \tOTt, 
Mau-rolee , fm. maufoleun. 
Mauffade, a. i.fluttishyfic 

veniy , clumfey 
P^auffadgment, oi, naJUly 
MaufidderJe , sf. flovenh 

nefs , clumfinefs 
Mauvais ,z,a. had, evil 
Mauvais, fvi. had 
Mauve , sf. mallows 
Mauvis , fm. mavis 
Maux , evils 

MaxiHaire, a. 1. maxilL^r 
Maxime, j/I maxim, axlo: 
Mazette , a tit ; a novice a 
Me , pro. me , I. f pla^ 

Mecanicien , fm. mechanic 
?v4ecaniques , sf. mechanic 
Mecariicue , a. z. mechanic 
' foidid 
Mecariiqxiement, ad. mec 

nically ; fordidly 
J/lecap.ifme , fm, — nifm 
Mdchatr.ment , ad. wickedly 
Mechancete, sf. wickednefs 
' wicked aclion \ palling 

Mechant , e , ^r. wicked, had 
Faire le mechant, to bully 

be ohfireptrous 
Meche, sf. wick; match 
Mecompte, frn. mifreckonlni 
Se mecompter , vr. to mif 

reckon. \hc known agait 
MetonnoiiTdbie^a, 2, notu 

iconnoifTant , e, a. un- 

iconnoitre , va. to forest, ' 
not to know 

^content, e,a, diJafi;f.:J. 
s me'contens , fm. raalc- 

;contentemi?nt , dlfcon- 
•.ent , difpUcifure, \ fz 

;con tenter, va. to dlfpl-sa- 
Igreanr, fm. a mifcrzant , 
I villain , an. iniidzl 
rcredi , Wednefday 
daiJle , sf. a medal 
id^AWcx , fin. cabinet of 
nedals. [?"^S' 

daillifls , mcdalim ] antl- 
dailloi'i , a. imda'dion 
decin , a vhyfzicin 
decine, sf. ph\'(ic\ r>ur^z 
aecmer, vn. :o pnyjic 
diane, ^. m:dian vein 
dianoche , fm, midnight 

diat, e, a. mediate 
diatement , ad. by means 
diateur, fin. a mediator 
diation , sj. msdiation 
diatilce, a. rmdiatrix 
fTances mediatrices , mc- 
'iating powers 
dical , e, a. medical 
d!caraent,y;K. — nzjnt 
dicamenter,-va. to pJyfic 
dicamcateux , fe, a. mi- 

dicinal , e , medicinal 
diocr^, a, a, msddlin^ 

M E 

Mddiocrement , ad. ind'-^:- 

rtr.tly , fo fo. ["/.</■/ r: 

Medtociite , sf. mediocrity ^ 

Medire , va.tofpeak evil; 

.'o fJ.i.idsr 

.2 , sf.evil-fpcaking 
^ , a , a. s. an evil- 
fpeaktr , a JIandcrcr 
Medkatif , ve, a. —tivz 
iM'iditafion , sf. —tion 
Miditii" , va. to meditate 
M>:d;tOi-ranee,jr/". the Medi- 
t<n\i-i:an. [die 

iVi^'diuai , fm. medium , rnid- 
M e fi a a c e , sf. m 'ft ■ uj I . 
Meiiatit , e , a. mifl'ullfil 
Se meiier , vr. tomUhuft 
Pai- m-igards , ad. iiiadvcr- 
tently. {siimv 

Migcre , sf. hitter fcold ; 
M e g i iTe r i e , ta v/ ijig 
Megiffier , fm. a tav/er 
Meilleur , Q , a. better 
Lemeilleur, la meilleure , 

m. & f. the befi 
Melancolie, sf. melancholy 
Melancolique , a. t. s. me- 
lancholy, [lancholily 
Melancoliquement, ad, mc- 
Mslange , fm. mixture 
r»4elangcr, va. to mingle 
Me'IatTi , sf. molajfcs 
Melee , the thick of a fight ; 

frny or achate 
P.lcler , va. to mix , shtflc 
Se rncler de, zo meddle , to 

h: co::ccrncd in 
Mglvi:, fn. fia- groundling 

I M E 1^7 

; RIeleze, fm. the la-ch-trec 

■ A 1 iWlct , m elinot (herh) 

■ Miliile , sf haim-rnint 
Mcloclie, melody 
Meiodieufenient, ad. mda- 

Melodieux, fe, a. melodious 
Milon , fm. a melon 
Melonniere , sf a melon-bed 
Memarchiue , a fprain 
Membrane , a 7nanbram 
Membraneux, fe, a. mtm" 

Membre, fm. me/nhtr , limb 
Mcm'^ra , e, a. flout , vnlU 

Membrure , sf. a pannel- 

fquare ; cord for meafw 

ring wood 
Memc , a. 2. fame ; fjf 
Meme , ad. even , very , alfo 
Boire a meme , to drink by 

word cf mouth 
Mettre a merne , to enable 

one to ju/iify his wish. 
De meme, ad. in like manner 
De meme que , c. jujl as 
Memento ffm, a memento 
Memoire , sf. memory , fm, 

note ; bill 
^tlemoires , fn. memoirs 
M em r a iid e , -rz , 2 , m ;m orahU 
Mimoriai,/w, a i-.-cr.iorial ; 

a wafu-book. Vf'^ly 

Menagant, e, a. threatening , 
Menace , sf. threat 
Menacer, va. to threaten 
Mcnacgur ,/J». a thieatinif 


M E 

Menage , fm. hcufekesping ,^^ 

Faire bon menage, to live 

■■^ Will together 

Menageir.ent, fm. regard 
conduct , difcrctlon I 

Menager , va, to husband ; 
maui^ge; he tender oj j pro- 
cure j contrive j 

Se" irenager , vr. to make 
much oj one*sj'e'f; to keep j 
fair v/ith * j 

!Menagc:r , e , a.f. thrifty ; i 
hcufe keeper \ 



place for 

keeping foreign ' birds and 

hecjis ; a poultry-yard . 
Mendiant, e, a. s. a beggar 
Menuiclte , sf. beggary 
Mcr.dier , vd. to beg 
Mcnee, sf. underhand device 
Mener , va. to lead j drive ; 

head; amufe ; carry 
Mener le branle , lead the 

Meneur , fm, gentleman- 1 

Meneur d'ours , a governor 

cf young gentlemen on their 

Menin , fm. a minion 
Menote , sf a little hand 
Menotes , handcuffs 
Menfe , income , jlock 
Men forge , fm. lie; illuflon 
Menfonger , e, d. illujory 
Menftrue ,y77z. menjiruum 
Mcniirucs , sf menfes 

M E 

Menflruel , le , a. menjlnious 
Mental , e , mental 
Mentalement, ad. mentally 
Menlerie , sf a jib , lye 
Menteur, fe, a. s. lying , 
Menthe , sf mint. [liar 

Mention , mention 
Mentionner, mention 
Mentir, vn. to lye 
Men ton , fm. the chin 
Mentonniere , sf chin-clo'h 
Meny., e , a. flender, fmall 
Menu , fm. a bill of fare ; hill 
• of parcels 

Se donner du rftenu , to ma^ 

ke merry [f^fl 

Dru & menu, ad. thick and 

Menuaille, sffmall money; 

fm all fish ^ trash 
Menuet , fm. a minuet 
Menuiferie, sf. joinery 
M^nuiiier ,fm. joiner 
Se mepiendre, vr. to rr^ijiake 
Mepris , fm. contempt 
Mepris , e , a. m.ijlakcn.[ble 
Mpprifable;, a. 2. contewpti- 
Meprifant, e , a. dlfdamful. 
Mepi ife , sf. a' mifiake 
Meprifer ,va\ to defpife 
Mer, sf. thefea 
Mercantil, e, a. mercantile 
Mcrccnaire, a. 2. s. merce- 
nary ; an hireling 
Mercenairement , ad. mer- 
Merc&rle , sf. mercery 
Dieu rnerci , ad. thank God 
Grand merci , thank yi 

M E 

Etre a la merer de qii 

qu'un 3, to be at one's nu 
Mercier, e y f. a habc'ra 

her. ] 

Petit mercier , pedlar , Ji, 
Msrcure , fm. mercury 
Mercuriale, sf. a re prim 
xMer^daille ,- heap of ski, 

arfe children 
Merde, turd 
Msrdeux , fe , <z. turdy 
Mere, sf mother 
M^reau ,f}n. ticket, tok 

(for the facram.ent ) 
hiQve.ilt,sf.fve~ penny mo 
Meridien , jin. the meiidi 
Meridienne, sf nap a 

Falre la m^ridierne,ro i 

a nap after dinner 
Meridional , e , <7. fouth 
Merife, sftart kind cfchc 
M^rifier , Jm. Jmall chc. 
Merite , merit , dcfen. [ 
Se faire un mente de 

value one's Jc/f on. [ 
Meiiter, ra. dcj'crvc; / 
Meritoire, a. 1. merirorii 
Metitoiiemcntj, fli/. mcr 

Merlan , fm. a whiting 
Meile , black-bird 
Un fin merle , keen , ro^ 
Merlette , sf a marltt . 
Merlin, fm. conjurer ^ 
Merlin , marline, [: 

Meiliner une voile, v<: 

max I a fail 


M E 

Merlon, y5n. mtrlon , ( in for- 

tification ) 
Merluche , sf Jiocl-fish 
Merraia , fm. sh'>p timber 
Merveille , sf. a wonder 
A marveille , ad. rarely wtlL 
Pas tant que de meryeille , 

not overmuch 
Merveilleufemcnt, ad.won- 

Merveilieux, fe , a.wondtr- 

ful , flange. 
Merveilieux, fm. marvdlous 


cs ^ pro. pi. my 

Me/alliarce, sj. a marrying 

beneath one's fdf 
Se m^fallier , vr. to marry 

below one's /sij 
Mela ige , sf. a tom-tit 
Mefai river , vti. to come to 

any harm 
Mefentere, fm. mefenu 

Merenterique , a. 2. 


Mer^ftimer, va. to 

2.1 rd , to undervalue 
Mefinte'ligence , sf. mifun- 

M^rofftir, va. underbid 
MeAjuin , e , a. nie.gard'y 
Mefquiiiement , ad. furdidJy 
Mefqiunerie , sf. fiiisinefs 
Mefiage ^fm.mejfa^j^e , errand 
Medager , e , ■ y." mejfc.aer ; 
a c.irrler ,• a penny poftinan 
Meffagerie, sf. thepojihoufe 
MefTc , a majs 
Meileance , indecency 
jMeir*;ant^ e, a, unhcoming 


MefTie , fn;. M-.flih 

M E I M E k;^ 

I taphyfically 

2. meafurahh 
. measurement 

Meffier , keeper of vineyards 
Meffieurs , '^,c 
Mefurage, fn ^ . 
Mefure , sf. meafure ; 'time ' 
A m jfare que , ad. even as , 

accordinc, to 
Outre mefure, immoderately 
M'fure, e, a. circumfpecl ^ 
Mc-rurer , va. to meafure 
Se mefurcr avec , to ent'tr 

into comp/tition w^th 
Mefurfjur , fm. k meafurer 
Mefafer, vn. to mifufe 
Pilev.aiine , sf. af^rm 
Me'al , jm. metal 
Meta'lique , a. 2. -^Uck , 

MetalluL-g.rte , fn. mctallifl 
rvletamoiphofe , sf. — phofis 
Pvleamoiphofer , va. to me- 

tamorphofe, [f'^^f 

Se — , vr. transform one's 
Metaphor e, sf — phor 
Metaphorique , a. 2 — rical 


Mdtayer , fm. a farmer 
Mefeil, m:fi'n 
Me:emprycore , sf -^chofls 
M6te'->rs,fm. a m.'teor 
Mechodo , sf. method ; way 
Methodiqae , a. 2. — dical 
Method! quement , ad. mz- 

MethoJifte,/^2. mcthorVfi 
Mdtier, trade:, loom ;f rams. 
Metif , ve , Midsy a. s, 

Pt-letropole , sf — rolis 
Metronni'tain ,fnu —litan 
JVlvf^roooIitaiM , e, <i. arcki- 

Mats , fn. m-:fs 
Meaable , a. 2. wearable i 

Homma fort mettable , a 

very likely wan 
Metteur en ceuvre , fnt^ 

Meltie, va. to put ; fet ; lay 
Se mettre fur Ton quant a 

foi , to carry if h-^h 
ent, d[i. me-| Se mettre en fVais , to put 
\ one's felf to expmces 

littcral^^ Se mettre a , to bfgin 

ISe mettre apies , to fet 
about , to urge rude 'y , in- 
flit. \frnitur& 

Meiible, fm. houshold i^oods^ 

Metaphrafe , sf. 

Metaijhrafle , fm. • 

literal farfator 
Metaphyficien , — 

Melaphyiiqui, sf. —ftcks ?M€;jbler , va. uf^misfi 
Metaphyllque, a, ;i, ^-jUah \ Mdvendre , to unde-fell 

ahfiraHid | Mevsate , sf. underfelling 

I70 M E 

3VI;::gJei"ertt , fm. heUo\ylng 
Meaglur , vn. to low 
IVleule, sf. mlUJionei grind- 
MouIb de foin , a haycock 
Tvleule da pailb , Jcack of\ 

j2raw. [ hiad 

MwUlcs , burr of a dzer's 
Meullere , milljloni-quarry. 
Ivleunier yfm. miller; pollard 
MeuP.iere , sf. miiUr's wife 
JS'l c u r f r 2 , /t: . :r,u rdcr 
C'eft ur. meurtre ds , it is a 

pity to-— 
Tvleurtrier , e, a. mwdcons 
Meurtfier, e, j\ a murderer 
Meurtfiere , sf. a hop-hoU 
Meurtiir, va. to hu!fe 
?vieuitriiru-c, sf. a bruifc 
IslQxite , pack of k ounds 
l\ii, pa t. half 
A mi-chemm , ad. half way 
A mi-jambc , to the middle 

of the l:g 
Portrait a mi--co:-ps, a half- 
length piciurc 
]\I aulement , fm. mewing 
Mauler, vn. to mew 
Miche, sf. ma.ichit 
Un mich^ yfm. a nify, cull 
La Saint-Michel, Michael- 
Micmac , fm. JiniJIsr devices 
lVli-c6i£, sf. hcnditiQ of a hill 
Alicroc^jfme , fm. micro- 

Micrographie, sf. — e^raphy 
MiQiomiUijfm, micioimtir 

MI _ I 

Microphoxie , a. i. s. micro~ ' 
phon j kind of funnel for \ 
dcjj peopU j 

Mlcfyfcope, fm. micro fcope 
IVIicrofcopique, a. 2. — pic 
Midi , fm. noon ; fouth 
En plein midi , openly 
Mie, sf. a crumb 
Miel, fm. honey 
Mielat , hon.y-dew 
Mieileux, fe, a. lufcious 
Mien , ne , pro. mine 
Lss miens , my relations , 
friinds. [ tie bit 

Miette , sf little crumby lit- 
Misvre, a. 2. unlucky, ro- 
guish, [prank 
Mievrerie, Mie'vrete , sf. 
Mieux, ad. better; raiher 
A qui mieux mieux , to out 

do one another 
Mignard, e, a. pretty , nice , 
delicate. \_ tenderly 

Mlgnardement, ad. nicdy , 
fviignarder, va. to cocker, 
to fondle. [featucs 

Mignaidiftf, sf delicacy of 
, a China-pink 

Mignardifes , beaut i-is ; de- 
licacies of features j Jlile; 
Migiiature, sf. miniature 
Mignon , ne , a. diUcate , 
pntty, [ mamm.y 

Maman mignonne , 
Mignon, ne, / a darling, 
a favourite. [and plum 
Mignenn^;, sf. fort cf piach 

J\i I 
Mignonnement , ad. dell 

citzly , curioufly 
Mignonnette, sf. minioneti 
Mignoter , va. to cocker 

Mignotie, sf. oculus ChriJ 
Migrais-je, wifjpri/Tz, hcad-ai 
Migration, -^tion, paffa^ 
Mijaurde , a female piece < 

excjffive afficiaticn 
Mil ,Jrn. a thoufand; mill 
Milan, a Aire 
Mi lice, sf. militia; foldiei 
Milicien , fm. militia-mar 
Miligu , middle , medium 

temper, [ amic 

Au milieu de , pr. among 
Militaire, a. 1. s. military 

warlike ; foldier 
Militairement , ad. —tari, 
Mil'.tajite, a. 2. militant 

Militer , vn. to milithte 
Mdle ,fm. thoufand ; a mi 
Mille-feuille , sf milfoil 

Huile de mllle-fleurs,^/^'// 

of all flower water 
Millenaire , a. 2. s. millenai 
Mille-psrtais,y/72. 5f. John 

Miliefime , the date of 

coin or medal 
Millet , millet 
Colonrie milliaire, sf mil 

flcne. [ Hot 

MilUar , fm^ thoufand mi 

M I 

[illiafTe , sf, world , thoxi- 
fands of chovfands 
iillieme, a, i. thoufiwdth 
^iliierne , fin. thoufundth 
^il'ier, a thoiifand. [pa't 
miir»ers , ad. fofufely 
illion , fm. a million 
i lionnaire , a very rich 
man , a Cfccfus 
ilord , a lord 
mc , f:irc£ ; buffhon 
inaqs , mcaftnlns; of corn 
b^ the mins : fz thc-cof 
inarct, minaret , dome 
inaucler, vn. to priui It 
nauderie , sf. primming 
iri<iadier ,'6, f. a prim man 
or woman 

ince , a. z. t 
ne , sf. a m 

pretence ; 
look ; mine ; ore. [ on 

Iner, va. undsrm'ne , prey 
ineral , fm a mineral ; ore 
in^/al, e , a. mineral 
'meral,)c;ie, sf. — 'ofv 
mdralogue , /m: mimralifl 
Inervc , sf Mine va 
met,, te , / pif , kitten 
incur , fm. a miner 
ineur , e ^ a. s. a minor 
I itiincure , the minority 
iniere , sf. mine 
inime , fm. fort of mcnk ; 
dun colon'" 

— '5 a. 2. of a dark, du-i 

'ini^,zxz,fm. office; agen- 
cy i mlnifay 

M I. 

Minlflre , fm. a mlnijlcr , 

Mmois, look, face; humkin 
Minqn , cr pufs , kitten 
Minorite, sf. non-age 
Minot ,. fm. half a mine , 

Minotaure, mir.otaurus 
Mi n ait, midni<yht 
Mi'-iufcuie, sf.fnall U.tttr 
Minute , minute , fmall wri- 

rvli.Tuter , va. to mak; a 

rough draught ; to purpofe 
Minutle, sf. trific i minu- 

Mnutieux, fe, a. trifJng 
Mi-r>a'ti, e, a. divided into 

two. [ dcr 

Miracle, fm. m'''acJe, won- 
A • miracle , ad. extremely 

Will. [f'-^y 

Miraculsufement , wonder- \ 
Miraculeux, fe, c miracu- \ 
Miraiider, t\-2. fo ,<r^^f. [/o«^ j 
Mire , sf aim cf a gun 
Mirer , va. to aim 
Se mi: er , vr. to vic^y one*s 

f elf in a glafs 
Mirmldon , frn. a short-arfe \ 
Miroir , look'ng gj^ifs \ 

M i r o i t e r 1 e 3 sf look ing-g lafs j 

fade I 

Mifoitic.- , fm. a looking,- \ 

(i'lfsfdhr or mcth:r. [jail ; 
Miiaine, sj. fonmafl; fore- \ 
Ml ■'a :1th'- ope 


M I 171 

iMifanthropIe , sf — thropy 
iMifcellanees , mfcdlans 
M:;e, dishurfamnt; current 
Kornnie de miTe . an ap-ee- 

cbu man 
Mifdrable , a. 2. mifenirle ; 

wicked; \vorthlcfs 
MiferabL^ment., ad. — hy i 

wickedly ; in mif-'y 
P^ifere, sf mijhy ; calarrity 
Dans un iriife. ere , in a t-icn. 
Mifdiicorde, sf mercy ,pitv 
Mif^si icorde ! int. blefs mcl 
Mifericordieafement , ad. 

me-cifully. [pajjionatc 
M-fericoi-dieux, fe , 
M.^z\, fm. ma^'s'hook 
Mtffion , sf. mjfion 
rvliffionnaire ^fm. miffionary 
Mitaine , .«/. a mitten 
Mite, a mite; cheefimite 
Mthridate', fm mi:hridatt 
Mitigation , sf — tion; aba- 
Mitiger, va. to mitigate 
Mitor.per , to let foak , to 

Mitoyen , nc, a. middle 
Mur mitoytjn ,pa'tition-(i\'ill 
Mitra'lle , sf iron or hafs 

ware-, cafe sho-t, langrel 
Mitre , mitre 
Mitre , e , a. mitred, xvearing 

a mitre. [ a baker 

Mitron , fm. c^^p'cntice to 
Mixte, a. 2. m'-X'-.d 
Mixtion, sf. mixture 
Mixtionner , ^"r. to mix 





, "■ 

7.. moveahle ; 




mobile CT mover 


a. 2. moveable , 

per (anal. 


3Viobilite , sf. — lity ; movca- 
Mode , mode , fa allien ; w.iy 
"Mode , fm. modality; modu- 
lation; mood 
IVlodele, model 
IVIcdelcr. va. to model 
Jvloderatcur ^fm. a prsfuhnt 
Moderation, sf. moderation; 

abatement - 
!Mocldie, e, a. moderate 
Mod^:-emcnt, ad.fcherly, va. to moderate; 

nprcf-i ; abate 
5e miderer, rr. to refrain 

ene^s felf 
Moderne, a. r. modern 
IVIodtfle, modefl ; grave 
Modedement, fl^. modtfl'y 
Modeflie , sf. modcjly 
Modicitd , fm.illncfs 
Mod fication , — tion, limi- 
Modifier , va. to modify 
Modiilon , fm. moddlon 
Modiaue, a. l. moderate, 
fmafl. [ tcly 

Mociiquement, ad. modcra- 
Modalati >ft , sf. modulation. 
Module , fm. a model 
Moelle , sf. marrow; pith 
Moclleux , fe , a. full of 

marrow ; pithy 
Mceurs, sf. pi, mannsrs 

Vi o 

Moi , pro. /, me 

Devous a moi, betweenyou 
and mi 

Moignon , y;?2. fump 

Pvloilon , rough f one 

Moindre, a. i. lefs ; icafi 

Molne, fm. a monk 

Moineau , a fparrow 

Moinerie , sf. monkc-y 

MoineiTe , nun , ly way of 

Moinll'on ,_ fm. a petty 
monk , in contempt 

Moins , ad. Isfs , except 

A moins , for lefs 

A moins qus , c unlcfs 

Du molr.s , at Iccfi 

Sur & tant moins , In part , 

on arcount 
Moire, sf. mohair 
Moire , e , a. cloud :d, wate- 
Mois,y»i. a month. I red 
Mo'is , pi. mir.Jes ; women's 

Moifi ,fm. mouldy hoarinefs 
IVlo'ifir j V. to mould 
Se moifir , vr. to grow mould 
MoifiiTare , sf. mon:din:fs. 
MoilTon , harveft. [.'^''■f 

MoiiTonner , va. reap , har- 
MohToaneur , fe, / a '■eaper. 
Mo'ite^ a. 2. moljl , damp 
M )iteuf , sf moifcncfs 
Moitle , half 
A moitie, de moitle, ad. 

by halves 
Moi ,lc, a. fof: ; mellow 
Molle mer , Jlack water 

M O 

Dents molaires , sf. the /ai 

teeth , the grinders 
Mole , fm. a mole , a pier 
Mole ysf a moon-calf, kin 

of abortion 
Molefter , va. to molejl , ve 
MoUette , sf. a rowd of 
fpiir ; a painter's mullar 
Molleie, sf. a grind-ftone 
Dents molierey-, the orinde. 
MoIlafiV, a. i.fiabby';fumf 
Mollement , ad, foftly 

faintly ; effeminately 
MollefTe , sf foftntfs ; eff 

Mollet, te , a.foftish 
Oeufs mollets , foft-bqjil 

Mollet , fm. the calf of t. 
len ; short fringe ; nippe. 
Molleton , jwanskin 
' Nifjllifier, va. to mollify 
Moliir , vn. to foften j- 

grow fof: ; to flag 
Moment , fm. moment 
A tout moment, ad, at ev 
ry turn. [ ta 

Momeritanee, a. 2. mcme 
Momeile , sf. mummery 

Momie , d mummy 
Mon , pro. my 
Monacal, Q , a. monachc 

Monacalement , ad. like 

Monachifme, ,^:. monker 
Monarchic , sf. monarchy 


M 6 

fonarchique , a. 2. monar- 

lonarque , fm. a monarch 
Ipnaflere , a'mcnajicry 
lonaftique , a. 2. mcnafilc 
loncoau , fm. a .heap 
londain , e , a. s. -ivorldly ; 

londa-nement , ad. aftzr a 
■worldly manner 1 
[ondanite , sf. xvorldllmfs 
londe , f7n. the world ; fit- 
vants ; company 
[onder, va. to decnfeypeel 
[on^taire , fm, warden of 
the mint 

loViiteur , monitor 
lonition , sf. -non. , -war- 

lonitoire, a. 2. monitory 
lonnoie, sj. momy ; coin; 
mint. \_a mint 

lonnoierie , fiamproom in 
lonnoyage jy^TJ. coining 
lonn-^yer, va. coin ^Jiamp 
lonnoyeur ,y?7z. a cointr 
lonccorde , monochord , 

( mufical infi'umcnt ) 
loiiologue , — loguc , foli- 

lonopoie , — Jy ; tax 
lonopoler , va. to mono- 

lonopAQur , f/n. moT'opolif 
lonofyilabe , moncfyllabU 
lonotone , a. 2. of one and 
the fame found 
lonotonie, sf monotony 

M O I 

Monfeigneur , fm. my lord <. 

Monficur , fir , msfer \ 

Faire ie moniieur , to fet up 
for a genthman 

Devcnir gros ir.onfieur, to 
become a great man i 

iMonilre , a monfler 

Monftrueufement , ad. pro- \ 
diglovfly. [^trous] 

Mor.ft; ueux , fe , a. rncnf- , 

Mont , fm. a mount 

Montage , cowlny up 

Montagnard , c, a. s. monn- \ 
taineer. \^hill\ 

fviOnfagne , sf. ivonntain , \ 

Montagneux, fe, a. moun- 
tainous i 

Montant , fm. the upright in 
a building ; total 

Montic ,sf fjir-cafe j fi:p ; 
afccnt. [ rij'e 

Monter , v. go or cor^e up ; 

Monter un cheval, ride a 
horfe. l^tain 

Monticule , fm. Utth monn- 

Montoir , a joffing-block 

Montre , sf. a watch ;f am- 
ple ; shtw-s'afs ; mufier 

Montrer , va. to shr,v; teach 

Monfjcux , ie, a. mountai- 

Monture , sf. n beaf for a 
faddlc ; fiock ; frame ; 

M.or\\imznt,fm. am.onumcnt; 

Se moquer de , vr, to laugh 
at j :g jeer 

^Ai O 175 

Moqneris , sf. mockery j 

foolish thing; ) 
Mo'.Tuette , mockadocs 
Moqueur, fs, a, s. meeker, jO" 
Motailles, ,«■/.' barnachs. [ker 
Moral, e, a. moral 
Moiale, sf morality 
Moralement, ad, morally ; 

Moralifer , vn. to morcllft 
Moralifeur ,y?7z. rt moralifer 
Moralise , moralift 
Moralite, sf morality 
Morbifique^rt; 2. morbific 
MorceaUj^OT. a bit; piece 
Morceler, va. cantU,parcil 
Moi (iB.c\^Q y sf. a gag. [out 
Morda.ate , mordacity ; acri- 
mony of fpe:ch 
Mordant, e, a. sharp, fmart 
Mordant , fm, a printer^ s 
vlforium j £1^0 pointed nail 
Mordlcant y e , a. sharp • 

Mordiiler , va. to bite a lit- 
tle and often ; carp at 
Mordre , bite ; corrode 5 
More ,fm. a Moor, \_carp at 
Cheval moreau , a black 

Moreile, sf. nightshade 
Morefque , a. a. moorish 
Moi efquc , sf. morris d,inc& 
Morfil , fvi. a wirc-er!i-e 
Se morfondre , rr, to dance 
attendance j to wait in 
vjcin i to catch cold upon 

P iij 

■174 M O 

Morgue, sf, haughty fur ly 

Morguer, va, to hully ', dare 
Moribond , e , a. in a dying ! 

condition i 

T/loricaud,/;;:. a black men 
Moricaude , sf. a black m>o- ' 

man. [fchool i 

X/J.origener , va. to tutor, \ 
TVIo/ilFe, sf. morel ^ for: of 

IVIoriiie, chickweed 
IVIorlon , frn. murrion 
Morr.e, a. r. dull ^ fulhn 
Tvlornifle, sf. box on the ear 
Morpion , fm. a crab-loufe 
Mors , a horfc-bit 
Movlure , sf. a bite-, biting 
■Mort ; death 
A mort, ad. mortally 
Mort, e, a. dead 
Morte-marc2, neap tide 
Mort, e,/I adeadbody 
Mort auxrats , rats-bane 
Mortadellc, sf. lt.aUanfau- 

Mortaliti, OTor/^//ry ; plague 
Mortol, le, a. s. mortal 
MorteUement , ad. mortally 
Mortier , fm, mortar 
Mortifere, a. 2. deadly 
Morafiant, e , a. grievous 
Mortification, sf. — tion ; 

crojs ; gangrene. \_vex- 

Mortlfier , va. to mortify, 
3VIort-n^ , e , a. fiill-horn 
MortoiTe , sf. mort If. 
M&rruaire, a, ^^ funeral 

M O 

Di'ap moriuaire, a pall 
Morue , sf. a cod 
MoTve, fnot i glanders 
Morveux, {el a. s. pnotty 
Petit morveux, a little brat 
Petite morveufe , young Jlut 
Mafaiqiie, sf. Mofaic-vvork 
MoffjL'.ee, a mofque 
Mot ,fm. word; note ; motto 
Mot du guet, a watch-word 
Mot a mot,ad.word for word 
En an mot, in short 
Motelle , sf eelpowt 
MotQt , fm anthem, [triver 
Moteur , an author ; con- 
Motif , a motive ; aim; cauf. 
Motion , sf motion , aciion 
Motlver, va. relate the mo- 
tive.. [^-'''O' 
FacuUt^ motrice, motive fa- 
Motte, sf clod; turf; hil- 
lock ; pi at 
Se motter, vr. to lurk behind 

turf, as partridges do 
2 A oil , fm, lights of a sheep , 

Sec. cat's meat 
Mou,molle, a.fofc,fuggish 
Temps mou, clofe weather 
Mo u-char d , fm. a fry 
Mouche, sf afiy;patch 
Mouche a miel , a hee 
Mouchcr , va. to blow one's 

nofe ; to fnuff 
Moucheron, fm. a gnat; 

fnuff of a candle 
Moucheter, va. topink;fpot 
Cheval mouchcte, a fisa- 
bittea horfe 

M O 

Mouchette , sf. kind of jo 

ner's plane 
Mouchcttcs , fnujfcrs 
Mouchetutc , pinking ; fpo 
Moucheur , fm. a fnujjcr 
Mouchoir , handkerchief 

hum fodder 
Mcuchijre de cbarsdellejj 

the fnuff of a candle 
Moudre , va. to grind 
fa';re la moue , to pou 

make mouths, [az 

Mouette , sf a fea-mcw , 
Mouflard, e , f. bloatcdfai 
Moufle , sf a mitten 
Mouillage , /ct. anchorag 

anchoring place. [cA 
Mouiller, va. to wet; a 
Pvlv^uillctte , sfjlice ofbre 

to cat boiled eggs 
Mouiliure , watering, w. 

ting. [for 

Moulage , fm. moulds ; m 
Moulant , a miller's man 
Moule , a mould ; model 
Moule, sf. a mufcle 
Mouler, va. to mould; ca 

print ; pile up 
Moulettcs , sf fmall she 
Mouleur de hois ,fm. ajji 

of wood 
Moulin , a mill 
Moulin a vent, wind-mil 
Moul:-i a eau, water-mill 
Moulin a papier ,papcr-m 
Moulinet , capfian ; har\ 

mill ; turnjUle i chocola\ 


M O 

ionlure , sf, a moulding 
lourant , e , a. dying; pale 
louiir , vn. to die 
e mouiir, vr. to be a dying 
louron , fm. chick-wud ^ 

ioufquet , musket 
loufquetade , sf. m::sket- 


lonfc\uzta.\te,/m. musketeer 
louKiaeterie, sf. a volley 

offnallshot. [toon 

loufqj.eton , fm, c, mn:kc- 
loufT^, sf. rnofs -y lather. 
I juiTe , fm. a cahhin-hoy 
loufTe , e, a., dull^ hlunt 
louiTeline , sf. mujlin 
loiifler,yn. to froth ; lather 
loufieron , fm. fmall white 

louffeux, fe, a. frothy 
louffonSj sf monfoons 
'loufTu, e , d!. mojfy 
/louftache , sf whiskers 
lout, frz. mu(i; wort 
'loutarde , sf mnjiard 
•loutaidier, fw. a mujlard 

pot; a m'uflard-maker 
/louton, a weather, mutton ; 

sheep ; rammer 
liontons 5 foaminf^ waves 
/lautoaniiiiie, sf. a parcel 

of sheep. ^ [ head 

"ete moutonnee , frilled 
4outonner , vn. to foam , 

..{J louture, sf grinding: mixed 

corn -J miller's fei 


M U. 

Mouvance de fief, sf dcpen- 
dance of a fee upon, ano- 
Mouvant , « , ^r. movirt^r. 
Sable mouvaiit , quick fand 
?/iouveni2nt, fm. motion', 

movement ; time 
Mouyemens , brails ; com- 
Mouvoir , va. to move ; fiir 
Moyen, fm. means ; power 
Moyen , ne , a. middling 
Au moyen de,prep. hy means 

of, in confidiration of 
M'jyennant , pr, for , hy 
. msans of. [ ded 

Moycnnant que, c. provi- 
Moyennement, ad. fo fo. 
IS J oyen ner , va. to procure , 

get that 
Moyeu , f<n. a flock of a 
whcl't the yolk cf an cfg 
Maabie , a, 2. fuhj^-ci to 

Mu.a.nce, sf. divi/ion in mufic 
Mucilage , fm. mucilage 
Mucilagineux, fe, a. muci- 
Miicoiite , sf mucous matter 
Mue , sf fough ; skin; coop 
F.tTS en mu2 , to he moulting 
Muer , xn. to moult 
Mu3t , te, jj. s. dumb ; mute 

Muge , a mullet 
Mugir , vn. to low ; roar 
MugliTeinent , fm, lowing 

M u 17 r 

Muguet,yTO. Idly of the val- 

Mugueter , va. to court ; 
aim at 

Muid , fm. a hog.:h^ad 

Mulatre, a. & f. a mu- 
latto. [shi-muU 

Mule , sf a woman's flipper; 


pi. KlOi 

Mulct, fm. he-mule ; mullet 
Miiletier , a mule-driver ■ 
Muiette, sf. a calf's maw 
Mulot , fm. a jield-moufe 
Multiple , a. a. s. multiple 
Muhipiiable, a. 2.— pliable 
Multipiicande , fm —cand 
Miiltiplicateur , — -^or 
Multiplication , sf — !:ion 
Muhiplicste , — city 
Multiplier , va. to m:iltiply 
Multitude, sf multitude 
Municipal ', e 
Ville rr.unicipale, corpora- 
tion town 
Munificence, sf. munif.ce?7ce 
Munir, va. to f up ply ; pro- 
Munitions, j/ ammunition. 
Munition's de bouche , pro- 
vifions. Ifi'^O' of fores 
Munitionnaire, fm. ccmmif- 
Mur , a wall. [ wall 

Mur mitoyen , a partition 
Mur , mure , a. riv^ 
Mu-aiUe, sf a ^v^lL 
Mure, a mulberry 
Murement , cd. mzturdy 
Mui-cne , sf lamprey 

ij6 M U I M Y ' ■ 

Marer , va. to wall; mu'n up ! Paroles mufqudes , fair 
Ville muree , willed town } words. [Tw^k 

MCu'ier I fm. mulberry tree Mufulman , fm. — man , a 
IV'Iurir, vn. to ripen JMutabilue, sf. — liry . 

Murmurateur,_/C7z. OTurwjurer ; Matat'on, — tcn^ change 
Murmure , murmur ; purling \, Mat lation, — tion, mwrning 
MmmursT ,vn. to mwmur i M-iVler , va. to muula;e ; 

to whi/per; purl; warble { cafirate 
Mufaraigne, j/. shrew-moufc ; Mutin , e', a. s. hendfirong : 

JVlufard , e , a. s. a loiterer 

Mufc , fm. musk 

Drap couleur de mufc , dark 
coloured cloth 

Mufcade , sf. a nut-meg 

IViufcadet , fm. mufcadine 
g^ape ; mufcadd 

Mufcaciier , nutmcp; tree 

Mufcadin , mufcadine , dain- 
ty cake. [ wine 

Jiubhorn ; mutinous 
Se m ttiner, vr. to mutiry ; 

ri'e in arms; b'fuward 
Mutin erie, sf mviny ; fro- 

wardnsjs. {^birds of prey 
Mutir , vn. to mute , as 
Mutifme , fm. dumb.icfs ; 

Mutdcl , le , iT. m.ut:ial 
Mutuellimcnt, ad. mutually 

Mufcat ( vin ) , mufcadine j Mutule, sf. corbel , brjck^t 

Mufcle , a mil file 
Mufculaire , a. 2. mufcular 
Mufculeux, fe, a. mufculous 
Mufe, sf. mufc 
MufeaUj/h. m.wa^c fnout 
Mufeiiere , sf. a mu^le 
Mafer , vn. to loiter, trifle 
Muferolie, sf. the nof-band 

of a bridle 
Mufctte , a bag-pipe 
M'J^acal, e , a. mufical 
Muficien , re ,f a mufcian 
Mufique , sf. mufc 
Muiique cnrags^e , cater- 
wauling, [musk 
Pviufquer , va. fcent with 



mufquee* , odd 

Myriade, wry-'/ac , 10, coo 
Myrobolan , fm. India nut 
Myrhe , sf. mynk 
Mjrte,ftn. my tic- tree 
Myftere , a my fiery ; fere: 
Sans autre myftere, without 

any more ado 
Myflierieufsment, ad.myfle- 

Myilerieux,fe , a. myfierious 
Myfcique, a. 2. myfdccil 
Myitiquement , ad. myfi- 

Mytholog'ie, sf —Icgy ' 
My^hologique, a. 2. mytho- 

Mythologifte , fm, mytho- 


N A 

NaBOT, E, f short 

afc , shrimp 
Nacarat , e , a. s. livei 

orange red 
Nacelle, sf a fm all boat 
Nacre, sf. mother of pearl 
Nadir , jm. nadir 
!Nafi:e , sf orange flow 

A la nage, ad. by fwimmit 
Etre tout en nage , to be a 

in a fwcat. [. 

Nagv'ioir ,fm. a place to fwi 
Nageoire , sffin ; cork , 6* 

for fwimming. [ro 

Nagv-r , vn. to fwim ; fai 
Magcur , (t ^ f. a fwimmer 
Nageur , fm. waterman 

Na^uere , ad. not long ag 
Naif, v£, a. artlcfs ; dow. 

right; natural 
Nain , q, a. s. dwarf 
Arbrerain, dwaf-trce 
Naine, sf dwaf, shrimp 
NailTance , birth ; rife 
Naitre , vn. to be born 

breed; arife 
Naivcment, ad. plainly 
Naivete , sf. ingeniouj'nej 

Nanti , c , a. pojfcjjcd of 
Nantir , va. to infure 
Nantlflfcnvent , fm. fecurit 

N A" - ■ 

ippe, sf. a table-cloth ; 

iqueJer , vn. dance atten- 

irciiTe , /m. daffodil 
ircotique, a. 2. s, nar- 

ird, pn. fpikcnard 
irgue de lui , a fig for him 
ire Txargue k , to ec'ipfe 
trine , sf. a nojiril 
irquois . C^ , f. a. sharper ; 
gibhi'i.'ih-y cant 
irrate!ir,yCT. a ra'attr 
irratlf , ve , a, —-zivt 
irrarion , :f. a narradvc^ 
a. re! uion ; a.:' a:c(,::nt 
irratlvc, a k'^/ jfrc'u:'n.^ 
afwry. [jianativc 

arre , fm. a r :ri:r' ; o- 
arrer, v. to :\ 
af^rd, e , a. . . 
fpeaks throu/h the mf 
afarde, sf. a fillip 
afardcr , va. to rap on the 
nofe ; to jeer 

afeau , fm. noflril of a h:a/i 
jndeur de nafeaux, ahecior, 
hulJy , huff 
afillei- , vn. to fpeaJc th'-o' 

anile ur, fe , f. one who 
fpeaks through the nofe 
afitort , fm, nafiurtiiim 
affe, J-/. aho,i> net or weel; 


n. n:itiil 
. <z. native 

^ • N A 

Nation, sf. nation; race; 

National, e, a. national 
Nativite, sf. nativity y birth 
Natte, a mat, twiji 
Nat::er, va. to , twiJl 
Nattier, /?;:: a mat-maker 
Naturaliration , sf. —tion 
NatUt alifsr, va. to natwalife 
Naturalifte , fm. a naturaliji 
iMaturalft^j sf. being a native 
Lertres de naturalire , a 

grant of naturalifation 
Nature*, native ; conflhution 
Naturel , Ic , a. natural ; 

frcz ; inge^mous 
Na.tu .e! , /r,i, nature^ conjli- 

t!it:u:: ; genuine temper ; 

L-s !-v^tL!rels F.angois , 
■ ' m'm 

imr.Ly ad. r.atursi- 

h; piain'yifi-eeh 
Naval, e , a. naval 
Comba: naval , fea-fight 
Navet , fin. a twnip 
Navei'te , sf. rape-feed ; 

Naufi-ags , fm. shipwreck 
Navigable, a. -z. navigable 
N:ivi;-ateur ,fm. navigator 
Navigation, sf. — tion; 

En dix joars de navigation ,- 

in ten dfiys fail 
Navij^uei", vn. to navigate ^ 

to [fail 
Navire, fm, a sh'p 

N E 177 

Naulage , fm. freight , fare 
Naumachie, sf a mock fsa- 

Naufee , c q:tai:r: ; rcadrn'^ 
Nautiqus, a. 2. naufical 
Nautonnier,yj72. a mariner 
Ne, part, nor, no 
Ne y e , a. born 
Premier ne , fni. firji-hcrn. 
Neanmoins , c. nc^tn^d'-fs 
Neant-, fm.,izfs , 

Nebuleux, fe, <?. chn'-'y 
NeceiTaire, a. i. 
Ne'cCiTaire , /Tr?. C: , 

N^ccffairen.- -zcef" 

farily ; /.■'. 
Neceiur^? , sj./ic: i v.nesd; 
NeceiHtes , necef.z'ics 
Aller a £&s necel'ii'cs, to fs 

to do one^s nal 

needs. [;:c ^:-r-cs 

NecelTiter, va. to ncccijiiare ; 
Necefllteux,, fe , r '-■'-''> 

tons, indigent 
Necromancie , . 

mancy , J. 
Necromanci : " ;•;- 

cromanccr , c^. 
Neclar , fm. n. 

wi^e. •': 

Nef, sf. naye or [ z 

Nefle , a medlar 
V,6?i)er , fm. a 772'./'" :'■'-;■; 
Ndi^atif, ve, a, K:r:::iv^ 

I7S N E 

Negation , sf. — tion 
Negative , a negative. 
Negativemcnt , ad. — vdy 
Ncj^^lige, fm. undrcfs 
Negligcmment , ad. ncg'i- 

Kdgl gence, sf. negligence 
K(f«;i gent, e, a. ncgl:g:nt 
Neglieer , va. to neglcci ', 

Negoce , fm. trade 
Kegoclant , a merchant ; 

Nigcc'ateur , a ncgoclaror 
Kerioc'.ation, sf. ncgocia^lon 
Ne^ocier, va. trade; n.go- 

Negre, neg^refTe, /I a n^'gro 
Negrerle , sf. negro-ya-d 
VaiTeau n eerier , a gain en 
Neige, sf. fnow. l>nnn 

Bel homme de neige ! a fn 

fellow ir.dced ! 
Nciger, r. imp. to fnow 
Ncigeux , fe, a. fnowy 
2:^1 2rrii , ad. no indeed 
Nenufar , fn. wat.r-Hly 
N^pnretique, a. z.s.fcne- 

Ndpotifme , fm. nepotifm 
Nereide, sf fea nyrrph 
l^eT{ , fm. a fin?w , nerve 
Nerf de boeuf , a huirspi^le 
< ferure , sf upper at- 
Nsrprun , fn. iuchho'r. 
tietvcx , va. to ccvtr with 

N E 

Nerveux, fe, a. nervous 
Neviire, sf a twiji , round 

edging. [clear 

Net, te , a. mat; cleanly; 
Net, ad. chan ; c'everly 
Tout net, plainly 
Mettre au net un ecrlt , 

to write fair 
Nettement ., ad. neatly ; 

plain y. i^'-f 

Nettete, sf channcfs;plain- 
Nettoyement , fm. cleaning 
Nettcyer, va. to clean ; fcour 
Neveu , fm. a nephew' 
Nvjf, a. 1. nine 
Neuf, ve , a. new ; unex- 
Faire corps nciif, to take a 

new L'afe of one's Ife 
T errc-n'£,Ne-rvfour.d land 
Terre-neuvier, a Niwfuur.-d- 

land man 
A neuf, ad. anew 
Hubillcr de ncaf, to n:w 
■ clothe 

Ncatro-leiTient, ad. nciitral'y 
Neutallte, sj. neutrality 
N:utrc, a. 2. neirer; neutra' 
Ne vaine, sf. a nine days 

Ncavieme, a. z. s. nir.-'h 
Neuvieme, f'n. ninth pert 
Neuviemernent , ad. ninthly 
En neuvicmelicu, ninthly^ 

in the ninth place 
N.-2, fm. a nofe 
Avoir un j.ied de nez , to he 

quite dashed 

N I 

Ni J C. neither , nor , 

] Niable , a. 2. d^ninhte. 
Niais , e , ^. filly , fimpU 
Niais , e,y. afimpUton 
Niaifement, ad. jlllily 
Nlaifer , vn. to (land triflit 
Niaiferie , sf. filUnefs ; foe 
ley; o-fi-ly thing or fayh 
Nich.;, niche; ro2u-sh tric't 
Nichee-, whole neji of bird. 
Nichse de fouris , brood i 

N'cher , v. top' ace , to sho 

to neJlU 
Nichoir , fm. breeding cage 
Nid, a nefi 

Nid a rats, a forry hovel 
N see , sf a niece 
N;e'!e , mi!d:v^ ; bh-rfi; giil 
I N:eiier , va. to b'ajl; mUdt 
N'er , to deny ; difown 
Nigaud , e, a. s. filly fin. 

• pie ton 
Nieaudcr , vn. play th' fo 
N i g ;•. 13 d e r i e, j/! fiUin cf , fil 

Nille , a vine tend-el 
Nimbe, fm. glory in paint 
N pper , va. to rif^ out 
Nippes , sf. goods ; clothci 
Faire la nique a , to jeer 
fight. \cri 

N t uche, sf demure hyp 
Nitre , fm. nitre 
Nitreux , fe , a. nitrous 
Nitriere , sf. nitrous vein < 

Niveau, fm, a levd 

N I ! 

■ vclcr , va. to level 
iveleur , fm. a UvcUer 
ivdUmtnty UveUing 
obiliaire , hoof of pce^a^e 
oble, a. 2. s. noble y no- 

oblemtnt, ad. nohly 
oblefle, sf. noblLlty ; nc- 
bler.efs. \_tLnls 

Dce, noces, marriage^ r.up- 
DCS, wedding t, the company 
at a wedding 
>cher , /m. a pilot 
jftambule , /. one who 
walks In hh Jlecps 
iftuilabe , fm. a nocturnal 
ifturne , a. 2. nocturnal 
jfturnement , ad. — nally 
jdus , frn. nodus J node 
i'el , Chrijlmas ; Chrlflmas 

jCud , fm. a knot ; Jirefs ; 
tie; knuckle; node 
:>\r ,fm. a black , negro 
sir, e, a. black; bafc ; 

anrte noire , black ni;at 
nt Aq fumee , Jm. lamp- 

:iKli:e noir , va. to afperfe 
)iratre, a. 2. blackish 
hiraud , e , a. j. of a black 
Uomplexion'j a black man 
pr woman 

>irceur , sf. blacknefs ; 
ylack fpot 

'ircir , V. to blacken ; af- 


NoircifTure, sf. bUckcnlng 

a black fpot 
Noire , a crotchet 
Noife , firifc , fqiiahble 
Cherchor noifs , pick i 

Noiri;tier,y?n. a kfUil-fee 


xtU, sf. ha;el:iuc,fiberd 


Noix, a walnut 

Noix de galle , a gall-nut 

Nolis , fm. f eight of a ship 

Nolifer , va. to freight or 

hire a ship 
Nom , fm. name ; nounifzmc 
Nombies , sf namhles 
Nombre , Jm. rMmber ; vajl 

Nombrer , va. to number 
Nombieux, fe, a. numerous 
Nombril, fm. the navel 
Nominataire , king's pre- 

J'entee. [vowee 

N-'^minateiir , patron y ad- 
Nomir:at;f , nominative cafe 
Nomination, sfnomin^z'iion:, 

advowfon. [nick oj liirit 
A point nomme , ad. in t^e 
Nommement , namely, par' 

Nommer , va. to name 
Comment fe nomms-t-il ? 

what's his name ? 
Nompartil, Ic ,. a. matchlefs 
Nomparcille , sf crimpt 

ribbon ; nomoarcl 
Non , part, no , not 
Pair ou non, epen or odd 
Non-iiiulsnisnt, ad, nu 

\ N O 

Nonagenaire, a. 

years of a^z 
V.-> !. 2. ninety 

i -• , <2. 2. ninetieth 

No,.c-r. , ;/.;. a nuncio 
Nonchal::ni!Tient , ad. fuo!.'- 

nely , neg'igent'y 
Nonciialance, sf nes:lig:ncs^ 

fupintnefs. [negligent 

Nonchalant, e, a. s.jupme; 
Nonciatu 6 , sf. nunciature 
Non-conformirte, jr:. a non- 

Nonne, nonnette, sf anntt 
Nonobflant , pr. nutwith- 
Nonpair , a. odd. [funding 
Non-valeur , sf dcjiclency j 

Non-ufage, fm. difufe. 

>: only | 

Nord , north 
Nord-efc , norths ajz 
Nordeller , vn. to Jiar to 

the north- CO fi 
Nord-oueft , jm. no'th-vj:Ji 
Nordouefier , vn. to feer to 

the north-wcjl 
Norv/ege, sf. Norway 
Norv/egien , ne , f. Norv^s- 

Nota, fm. note, mark 
Notable, a. 1. eminent; re- 
^(otablement , ad. notably 
?*/o tables , fm. topping men 
Nolaiie , a notary 
Notammer.t, ad. cfvccia'ly 
Notarial, Jin, n-jtaty''s hu- 

iSo M O 

Note, sf. nets i remark 
Noter, va. :o ohjlrve; note 
Hcmme note , black sheep 
Notes, sf. pi. notes ^ shon*- 
Notice, account. \_hand 
Notice de ia Grande-3re- 
tagne , the prejlnt Jlatc 
of G? cat Britaifi 
Notification , — tion , decla- 
NvOtifier ^ va. to notify 
Notion , sf. notion ■ 
Notoire, a. 2. notorious 
Notoirement, ad.'manifcfily 
Noforlete, sf. notoriety 
Nutre , pro. our 
Le notre , ours 

Notre^. 'jl. on 



Novale , sj. mw pioug 

Novateur , fm. an innovator 
Novation, sf. novation 
Noue , a pantile 
Nous , e , a. tied ; rickitty 
Novembre , fm. November 
Nouiiment , tying 
Nouer , va. to tic 
Se nouci- , vr. to fet or knit 
Nouet , fin. a rag tied into 

a knot ivitkfome drug in it 
Noueux, fe, a. knotty 
Novice, a. -r. s. a novice', raw 
l^ioy'ici^X y fm. probation-time 
Nourrice, sf anurfe 
Nourricier , a. nutritive 
Vae nouTric'ier, fo/lcr-father 
Nourrir, va, to nourish j feed ^ 


^ ■ N U 

Nourrlffant, e, a. nourishing 
NonrrifTon , fm. fcjier- child 
Nouniture;, sf foot ; bree- 
Nous , pro. we , us 
Nouveau, nouve!, le, a. new 
Etre nouveau , to be afiran- 
ger. [ te!y 

De nouveau, cd. again j la- 
Nouveaijtd , sf newncfs ; 

Nouvelle , news ; novel 
FaufTe nouvelle, apocrypha^ 

doubtful piece of ncVr^s 
Nouvellement , ad. ncvily 
Nouvelhtte, fm. news-mon- 
gir. [kernel ; nuel 

Noyau , the fane of a fruit j 

hed \ Never , walnut-tree 

Bois de noyer . walnut- 

Noyer, va. to drov^n 
tioyon, Jhz. the ditch of a 

Nu , nua , a. naked; plain 
A nu, ad. openly; plainly ; 

naked , bare 
Nuage , fm. a cloud ... 
Nu alien , sf. a trade-wind 
Nuance, a shadowing 
Nuancer , va. to shadow ; 

to variegate 
Nubile , a. 2. ma-riageahle_^ 
Nudire, sf. nakednefs ; nudity 
Nue , <2 cloud 
Nuee , a cloud 
Nuement, ad. without dijjl- 


N U 

Nuer ,^ va. to shadow . 

blend various colours 
Nuire, v>:, to hurt ^ araio\ 
Nuifible, a. 2. hurtful 
Nuit, sf. night 
De nuit, ad. by night 
A nuit fermee , at the c 

of night , 
A nuit fermante, at the 

of night 
Nuitee, sf. a night's exp 

at an inn ; a n.ght^s t- 
Nul ,16) a. void; none ; 

one; no 
NvJ'e-part , ad. ro wherl 
Nulle, sf a nu'lo 
Nullement, ad. in no «*»] 
Nullite , sf nullity , cr/| 
Nuir.ei al ,2,3. nxim&rtu 
Numerateur ,/h7. — ^o^ 
Numeration , sf. -r-tiof 

payment cf money 
Kumdrique, a- 2 rwmel 
Numero, fm. num' 
Numero cinq, nurnhir'jX 
Numeroter, va. to nun 

to mark with a n::mhei\ 
Numifmatique , a. 2. n.\ 

Numiimatographie , sj\ 

mifmatography , k\ 

ledge ~of ancient m\ 

and coins 
Nummulaire , — lari\ 

Nuncupatif, ve, ^- — J 

verbal , nominal 

Ttfiament, , wHl-A 


N U ^ 

Tuptial, e, a> nuptial 

fuque , sf. nape of the neck 

rutritif, ve, a. nutritive 

'utrition , sf. — tion 

utritum , fm. — turn , 


ymphe, sf. nymph ^ nympha 


J ! int. oh I 

> mon Dieu ! oh I my God! 
'bedience , sf. obcdiance, 
(^ufid only in a religious 

)b^dienclel, le , a. -—tlal 
)beir , vn. to obey ; bend ; 
be eafy , be wrought 
Jbeiffance, sf. obedience 
>beiffant, e, a. obedient 
),beiifque , fn. an obelisk 
)berer , va. to run in debt 
)befite , sf corpulency 
)bje<fter , va. objsci ; re- 

)bje(^if, fn. objecHvc glafs 
)bieftion , sf — tion 
)bier , fm. maple-tree 
)biet, objeci ; aim ; motive 
)bit , a dir2:e 

)bituaire , book of burials 
)blation , sf oblation , of- 

)bligation, obligation, bond 
)bligatoire, a. 2. obliga- 
)blig^, fm, indeniurs 

O B 

Obligeamment , ad. obli- 
Obligeant, e, a. obliging 
Obliger , va. to oblige ; bind 
Oblique , a. 2. oblique ; 

flope i fraudulous 
Louange oblique , by praife 
Obltqueinent , ad, obliquely; 

flopin^ly • frauduloufy ; 

Obliquite , sf obliquity 
ObloKg , ue, a. oblong 
Obreptice, a. z.fubreptl- 

tious / 

Obreption , sf. — tion , 1. e. 

getting things by crafty 

Obfcene , a^ 1. ohfcene 
Cbfcenii^ , sf obfccr.ity 
Obfcur , e , <J. dark ; gloomy 
Son obfcur , dull found 
Obfcufcir , va. to darken; 

dim. [ dark , gloomy 

S'obf:urcir , vr. to grow 
Obfcurciffcmea: , fm. dark- 

Obfcurdment, ad. ohfcurely 
Qbicmxti , sf ohfcuriiy"; 

Obfeder , va. to befet 
Obfeques, sf. ohfequies 
Obfervance , ohfrvance ; 

rite. [ver 

Obfervateur, trice, / ohfer- 
Obfervation, sf ohfcrvance; 

^keeping ; obfrvation 
Obfervatoire , fm. — tory 
Obferver , va, to chferrc 

O C T^I 

Obfefver les longues & hs 

breves, to be very punc" 

S*obferver, vr. to be upon 

onc^sguardy to watch one's 

Obfiffion , sf obfejfion, i. e, 

be fitting 
Obllacle , fm. oh fade ; bat 
Obftination , ?/ ohjiinacy 
Obitine, e, a. s.Jlnhborn 
Obftinement, ad. ohfiinatdy 
S'obftiuer , vr. to perfifi, 

to be ohflinate 
Obftruaif, ve, a. ohfimc 

tive^ flopping 
Obftuftion, sf. olfruciion, 

Obtenir , va. to obtain , get 
Obtention , sf obtaining 
Obtus , e, fl. obtufe , dull 
Obvier, vn. to obviate 
Occafe, a. wefierly 
Occafion, sf. ccccfion i op" 

par (unity ; fght 
Dans I'occaiion , ad. whtrt 

opportunity o^^cs 
Par occauor. , cccforally 
Occafionnel ^\z . a. -—lal 
Occafionner, va. to occafion 
Occident, fin. wefl; decline 
Occidental, e, a. wrftcrn 
Occultation ^ sf — tion 
Occults , a. 2. occult^ fccnt^ 

Occupant , e,/ an occupier 
Occupation, sf occupati:,n^ 


'j%? o c 

Occupe , e,a. bufy ; taken up 
OccuDC-r, va. to take up, 

S'occuper , vr. to hufy one's 

fdf. ['event 

Occurrence, .«•/. occurrence, 
Occurrent, e, a. occurring , 

Oc6^n,fm. the ocean 
Oclue , ocre , sf. okcr 
Ociant,/?:. ociant 
0<f^ante, a. 2. eighty 
Oftantieme, a, 2. eightieth 
0£lave , sf. octave;diapafon 
In- o£lavo , fm. an ociavo 
Oftobre, Octoher 
Oiftogenaire, a. 2. s. ccio 

genarian , eighty years of 

O£iogone,^. 1. fn. ocian- 

gular;oclogonfu e. eight 

Octroi , frn. grant 
Ofiroyer , va. to grant 
Oculaire, a. 1. ocular 
Temoin oculaife , eye-wit' 

Oculifte, fm. an oculifi 
Oculus Chriili , clary , a 
Ode , sf. iin cdc. [ former 
Odeur , odour ; fragrance 
Etre en mauvaife odeur, to 

have a bad name 
Oiiieufement , ad, odioufly j 

mafic ioujiy 
Oclieux, fe , a. odious 
Odorant, e, a. odorous 
•ipdorat,/^, //»*;// 


Odoriferant , e , <z. odori- 
(Ell , fjn. eye ; hud; glofs 
A vue d'cEil , by thefght ; 

(Eiiiade, sf. ogle; leer 
Jetsr des (Eillades , to ogle 
Dents oeilleres, a. the eye 

(Eillere, sf. a horfc^s eye-flap 
(Eillet ,fm. carnation 
(E'.iilet d'Efpagne , pink. 
(Eillet de poete , fwect-wil- 
(Eillet, an eyht-hole. '[Hams 
(Eilleton , fucker of a pink 
(Euf , an egg 
Pondre fur fes ceufs , to live 

fnug and comfortably 
GEuve, e , a. hard roid 
(Euvre, sf v/ork; a3don; 

hc^el. [a hangman 

Maitre dss hautes ceuvres , 
Mairre d^s baiTes ceuvres , 

a nightman 
(Euvres mortes , dead works 

cf a ship 
• vives, quick works of 

a ship [shaws 

Hors - d'ceuvre , fm. kick- 
OlTenfant, e, a. off'infive 
Offer.r3 , sf offcnf. [ded 
Offenfe , fm. the party offcn- 
Of^'enfer , va, to ojfmd 
S'offenCer, vr. to be angry 
Offsnfeur ,y«. an offender 
Offenfif , ve, a. offenfvc 
Offenfive , sf. ajfault, attack 
Off;;nriy«rnent^ ad^ — yely 

O T 

Offefte , sf ofcring, 
OffsTtolrc ,fm. theoffirtot 
Office, office; part, goodtui 
Faire quelque chofe d'oiHc« 

to do a thing of one's ow 

Office , sf. a buttery 
Official, y^z. official 
Officialiie, sf doctor's con. 

mons ; epifcopal court 
Officiant , a. & fm. officii 

ting prlcji 
Officier , vn. to officiate 
Officier ,fm. officer; butle 
Officieufement , ad. offi 

cioufly, obligingly^ friem 


Officieux , fe , a. obliging 

forward to do good offici 
Ofrraade, sf an oblation 
OfFrant , a. s. bidder 
Au plus offrant, to the hi^ 

hejz bidder 
Offre, sf. offer ^ proffier 
Offrir, va. to offer, bid 
Oftufquer, to darken; cloui 

eclipfc ; daiils 
Oh ! int. ho ! or oh ! 
O'le , sf, a goofe, \_mlt 

Petite oie , giblets ; trin. 
OignerAent , fm. ointment 
Oignon , an onion ; root 
Oiile , sf oglio , rich foop> 
Oindre , va. to anoint 
VJeux oing , fm. cart grca 
L'Oint du Seigneur , // 

Lord's anointed , i, 1 
Chri/it tht Mcffiah 


O 1 

)ireau,/?rt, a bird; a hod. 
)ireau de proie, a hawk 
iha-ffe aux oifeaux ^fowling 
>ifeler , vn. to ^o a fowling 
lifeleur , fm. bird-catcher , 

•ifelier , a bird-feller 
hfellerie , sf. bird- felling ; 

'if'eux , fe , a. idle 
'ifif , ve, idle 

'ifilloii ,y^72. young or little 
'ifivemeat, ad. idly, [bird 
ilfivettf , sf. idlencfs 
'ifon ^ fm. a go/ling ; ninny 
'Idagineux , fe , a. olea- 

•Ifa^toire , a. olfaclcry 
>Iigarchie , sf, oligarchy , 

iligarchiquej a. 2. — chical 
>Uvail"oii , sf. crop of olives 
>l!vatie, a. I. olive-coloured 
)iive , sf. olive 
>lives , olive-bit 
)livler , fm. an olive-tree 
)Iographe, a. a. all written 
with the tcjiator^s own hand 
)lympe , fm. olympus 
)lynipiade, sf. olyrp^piad 
snx olympiques , Olym- 
pic games. [^brage 
)mbrage, fm. shade; urn- 
)mbrager , va. to shade 
)mbrageux , fe , a. skittish ; 

)mbre, sf shade; shadow, 
^hofii proce^iun ; prcicncs 

O N 

Fair e ombre a quelqu'un , 

to drown one's merits , 

eclipfe him 
Ombrer, va. to shadow 
Ombreux, fe, a. umbrageous 
Omelette, sf. omelet 
Omettre , va. to o:nit 
Cmlffion, sf. omijfon 
Omoplate , shoulder-blade 
On, Ton, pro. it is , they ^ 

one ,fcmebody 
On dit, it is reported, they 
Once , sf. ounce 
Onclo ,fm. an uncle 
Onftion, sf unction , grace 
Onftueux , fe , ^. uniHuous , 

Oniluofite , sf. vncluoftty 
Ondc, a wave , furge 
Soie onde's , v/atered fJk 
Bois ondd, the grain of wood, 
Ondee , sf a shower, [wave 
Ondoysr , vn, to undulate ; 
Ondulation, sf. undulation 
Onifiaire ( tuteur ) , a. 2. 

guardian in trufl 
Onereux, fe, a. omrous , 

Ongle,y/n. a nail; claw 
Avoir du fang aux ongles , 

to bijieel to the back bone 
Ongiee , sf. a numbnefs at 

the fingers end 
OngIet,/57z. a sharp graver 
I Onguent ,falve; ointment 

Onyx , sf. onyx 
I Onze, a, 1. fn. eleven 
I Or.zisme 3 a, 2, ehventh 

O P iS? 

Onzieme, /m. eleventh pa-t 
Onzlcrnement , ad. in the. 

eleventh place. [n^fs 

Opdc\t6, sf opacity , dark- 
Op ide , opal, precious fione 
Opaque , a. 2. opaque, dark 
Opera , fm. opera ; mr.Jler- 

piece; trouhlefcme bufinefs 
Operateur , operator i quack 
Operation, sf — tion ; effect 
Operatrice , a f male opera" 

tor or qunck 
Opdier, va. to operate , work 
Ophtalmie, sf — my ^ fo^ 

rencfs cf the eyes 
Opbtalmique, c. 2. — mick 
Opiat, e ^ fm. opiate 
Opilatif", V0, ad. — tive , 

cbjlruclive , flopping 
Opilatlon , sf — tion y ob- 

Opiler, va. to obftrucl 
Oplnar.t , fm. a voter 
Oplner , vn. to vote 
Opiner du bonnet , to vote. 

as others [te , fiiff 

Cpiniatre, a. 2. s. obfilna- 
Opinlatrement , ad. objiina' 

Opinlatrer , va. to be obfU- 

nate in a thing 
Opiniatrete , ^/ obfiinacy 
Opinion , opinion ; vot& 
Opium , fm. opium 
Opobairanium , — mum 
Opportun, e, a. cf need ^ 

convenient. [cafion 

Opponuaits, sf. -^nity, oc^ 

',S4 O P 

Oppofant , e , a. opponent 
Oppofe , a. s, oppojite 
Oppofar , va. oppofe; ailed' 

A Foppoflte , ai. over a- 
Oppoi:t!cn , sf. oppofitlon 
Opprelier, va. to opprefs 
Oppreffeur,y7ra. opprejor 
OpprefHon , sf. opprsJ_f:on 
Opprimsr, va. to opprefs 
Opprobre , fm, difgracs 
Optatif, optative mood 
Opter , va. to choofe 
Opticien,y?n. an optician 
Option, sf. choice 
Optique , a. ^. sf. optics ; 

optic. \ ly 

Opulemraent, ad. plentlful- 
Opulence, sf. opulence 
Opulent y t , a. opulent 
Opufcule , fm. afmall piece 
Or, fm. gold; or 
11 parle d'or , ke talks finely 
Or, c. but , now 
Oracle , fm. an oracle 
KjidL^^ , a ftorm ; broils 
Orageux, fc , a.Jlormy 
Oraifon, sffpeeck; oration 
Oral , e, <7. oral 
Orange, sf orange 
Orangd, e, a. orangc-colcu- 

Oiangeade, sf. sherbet 
Orangeat,yrz. orange chips 
Oranger, an oranze-tret . 
Orangerle, sf.agreen-houfe, 

an orangery 

Ozixti'^ffmt angrator 

O R 

Orateur de la Chambre 

baffe, fpedker of the houfe 

of commons 
Oratoire, a. i. oratorial 
Oratjire, ywz. a houfe-ctiapel 
Oratoirement , ad. orator- 
Orhe, fm. orb. [like 

Coup orbs , heavy blow ; 

bruife, [round 

Orbiculaire , a. 2. — lar , 
Orbicalairement, ad. — lar- 

ly. {the eye 

Orbite , sf. orbit ; focket of 
Orcheftre ,y77z. orchefire 
Ordalie , ordeal. [ vulgar 
Ordinaire, a. 2.. ordinary; 
A I'ordinaire., ad. as tifual 
D'ordinaire, pour Tordinai- 

re, ufually 
Ordiriairement , ordinari- 

Jy , ufually 
Ordinal, a. — nal ; a ritual 
Oc^m^nA J fm. one that is to 

he ordained 
Ordination , sf. —tion 
Ordonnance , ordinance ; 

prefcriptlon -yW arrant ; dif- 

Ordonr.ateur,y7«. an orderer 
Ordonner, va. to order; dif- 

pofe ; prefcribe ; ordain 
OrdTe,fh2. order; rate ; dif- 

pofition ; word; warrant 
Ordure , sf. filth ; dujl;fvee- 

pings i corruption ; lewd- 

nefs. {as a horfc 

Oreillard , e, a. wide^eared , 
Oreille , sf. the ear 

O R 

Echa'jffer les orellles , t 

Chatcuiller on flatter I'o 

reille, to tickle the ear 
Oreille d'ours , sf an aar. 
OTf^'iUer , fm. a pillow, [cul 
OreUIette, sf. the auricle c 

the heart 
Oreillon , fm. handle 
Orfevre, a goldfmith 
Orfdvrerie, sf agoldfmhh 

ware or trade 
Orfraie , ofprey 
Oi froi , 7772. broad welts i 

gold, &c. 
Organs, organ; means 
Organeau, the ring of at 

Or(^anique , a. 2. — mical 
Organifer, v.i. to crganift 
Organi/te,yOT. an organifi 
Orge , .^f barley 
Faire fes orges , to make u 

one^s mouth 
Orgs monad , fm, peek 

barley. {ti 

Orgeat, fugar'^d harley-w. 
Orgue, Oigues , sf organ 

ship's fciipper-holes 
Orgueil , fm. pride. \dt 

Orgueilleufement, ad. prot 
Orgueiileux , f e , a. proud 
Orient, fm. eafi. [rientc 
Oriental , e , <i. eafiern , c 
Les Orientaux, fm. the ca 

flern nations 
Orienter , va. to fet in a 

eafiward expofurs 

O R 

orienter , rr. to confidcr 
wh',re on-: is 
riiice ,fm. an orifice 
rigan , wild marjoram 
riginaire , a, a. origlnal'y 

figinairement , ad. origi- 
nal fy , primitively 
rieiiial . e, a. orieinal 
ivoir d'origlnal , to know 
from thz firji hand 
nginal, J'm. original 
rigine , sj. origin 
f ieinel , le, a. original 
jclie originel, — nal fin 
riginellement, dirf. — nally 
tin, fin. buoy rope 
rion, Orion, a conficllation 
'ripeau , tinfid 
rme , an elm 
'rmeau , a young elm 
^•moie , sfi. an elrrt-plot 
'me , fim. a wild ash 
>rnement, orriamsnt 
•rner , va. to adorn 
►rrtiere , sfi. a v;hicl-rut 
^rphelin , q^ a. fi. an orphan 
'rpiment ,y?;2. orpimsnt 
>rfe, ad.^-fihif 
>rteil , fim. a toe 
)rthodcxe, a. 2. s. orthodox 
)ithodoxie , sfi. — doxy 
>fthogiaphc, —phyfifipel- 

ling. _ [fij 

)rthographie , — phy , pro- 
)rthograph!cr , va. to fipdl 

or write fm. [pher 

)»thographifte,/;7. '—^ra- 

o U 

Or tie, sfi. a nettle 
Oitier , va. to nettle 
Ortive, a. 2. orti'/e, rifi-ng 

as afiar 
Ortolan , fim. an ortolan 
Orvale , sfi. clary 
Oryietau , fm. orvictan 
Os , a hone 

O16 , e, a. darings bold 
Cfeille , sfi. fiorrd 
Oier , vn. to dare 
Ofsraie , sfi. an oficr-plot 
Oiler, ^/Tra. an ofi^cr 
Off^lst ^fimall hone ^ cockals 
Offemens , bones j bones ofi 

df:ad bodies 
OfTcux, fe, a. hony 
OfTu , Qy a. large honed 
Oftenfible, a.\. that will 

bear shewing 
Ol^entation , sfi. oficntation 
Ofteologie, — fy 
Oftrogot , fim. barh.fian , 
Otage , an hcfiagc. [clown 
OtCj ad. except ; fiavc. 
Oter , va. to take away ; pull 
Ou ,c.ory either f elfie. [off 
Ou, ad. where i v,>hither ; 

wherein , in v^-hich. [ho'.v 
D'oii, firom whence i %yhat ; 
Ouais ! int. heyday ! 
OuaJlle, sfi. flock ofiapafitor 
Ovair Q , fim. ovary 
Ovale , a. 2. fim. oval 
Ouate , sfi. wadding, \ylcn 
O vhWyfim. fiorgetfiulnefis ^obli- 
Oublie, sfi. a wafi^r 
Oiiblier , va, to fivrget 

O U iS^ 

S'oubller, vr. to fiorget one's 

Oublieur ^fim. a wafier-mart 
Oublieux , fe , a. fiorgetfiul 
Ove , fim. egg, ( in architect 
Oiieil, weji. [ture') 

0-a£[int. Olphol 
Oui , part. fim. yes 
Oxii-A'irQ , fim. hearfiay 
Ouic , sfi. the hearing 
Ouies, grills 

Ovipare , a. 2. oviparous 
Ouir, va. to hear 
Ouragan , fim. a hurricane- 
Ourdir , va. to warp ; firame. 
OurdiiToir , fim, weaver's 

Ourdiffure, jr/^ warping 
Ourler , va. to hem 
Ourlet , fim. a hem 
Ours , a bear 
Ourfe , sfi. a she-bear 
O ar fes d'artimon , ml^^en 

Ourfo'n ,fim. a bear's cuh 
Outarde, sfi. a hufiard. [jiard 
Outardeau , fim. young bu" 
Outil, a tool 
Outrage , outrage y injury 
Outrageant, e, a. outrageous 
Outrager , ya, to afiront , 

cbufie , vjrong or injure 
Outra^euiement, ad. outran, 

Outrageiix, fe, a. — geons , 

A outrance , a touts ou- 

trance , ad: to the utmo_^ 

■jU O U 1 

Outre, sf. leather hotdc , 

Outre , prep, farther, hzfidcs 

D'outre en outre , adverb, 
through and through. 

Outie &L par-defTus , over 
and ahovs. \_vcd; rank 

OutiTC, e , a. incenfed ; grk- 

Outre-mer, a. & ad, hiycnd 
fca ; ultra-marine 

Outre-mefure , ad. beyond 
meafiire, excejp.vcly. [half 

Outre - moitie' , beyond the 

Outre-palTer , va. to exceed. 

Outrer, to over-work ; over' 
ride ; incenfc; run into ex- Lf''^^ 

Ouvert, e, a. open; frank , 

A force ouverte, ad. with 
open force 


Ouverture, sf. an openings 
hole ; opportunity ; hint 

Ouvertuie ci'e'prit , genius 

Jour ouvrable , working-day 

Ouvrage ,fn. work ; work- 
manship. , [figured 

Ouvrage , e , ^7. wrought ; 

A jour ouvrantj ad. by break 
of day 

A portes ouvrantes, at the 
opening of the gates 

Linge ouvre, diaper 

Ouvreur , fe , / boxkeeptr at 
the playhoufe 

Ouvrier , e ;/ artificer ; la- 
bourer i author 

Tour ouvrisr, working-d^y 

o u 

Cuvrir, v. to open 
Oavrir un avis, to make a 
motion. [mind 

S'ouvrir, vr. to open one^s 
Oxycrat ,fm. a gargle 
Oxycrater , va. to gargle 
Oxygone, a. oxygon 
Oxymel, fm. cxymd 

i AC ACE, fm.pafure 
Pacificateur, pacfer 
Pacification , sf — tion 
Pacifier , va. to pacify 
Pacifique , a. 2. peaceable 
La mer Pacifique, South fca 
Pacifiquement, ad. peactab'y 
Pacotille, j/. fcaman's ven- 
Vd.8iQyfm. conspaciy treaty 
Pa^lifer, vn. to covenant 

Padou, fm. fei 


Paganifme, heathcnifm 
Pagaie , sf. a peddle 
Pagayer , va. to paddle 
Page , fm. a page ; ship-hcy 
Etre hors de page , to be 

one's own man 
Page , sf page, fide of a leaf 
Mont pagnote,ywi. a place 

out of harm's w,:iy 
Pagnoteiie, sf. cowardice, 

an impertinent thing 
Pagode , sf a pagod 
Paillard , e, a. s. a Uwd Ic- 

chir j a harlot 


Paillarder , vn. to commit 

dultcry. [Uwdne 

Paiilardife, sf whoredom 
Paillaffe, a firaw-hed 
Paillaffon ,f7n. a lay offira 

to f nee cfpaliersfromfrc 
Paille , sf firaw ; flaw 
Rompre la paille avec, 

fall out with 
Paille-en-cu , fm. drive. 

ring- tail ( a fail ) 
Pailler , a farm-yard 
Paillet ou pailler, mat 
Vin paillet , pale wine 
Paillette , sf fpangle ; goU 

Pailleur, y^. a firaxv-felUr 
Fer pailleux , brittle iron. 
Paillon , a link 
Pain , bread ; loaf 
II fait plus que fon pa 

manger, he will make h 

way in the world 
Pain d'epicc , gingerbread 
Pair, a., equal ; par ; even 
AUer de pair avec , to be i 

a footing with 
Semettre hors de pair, : 

tirer du pair , to rife ah 

ve others 
Pair , fm. a peer ; mate 
Paire , sf. a pair ; brace 
Pairie , peerage 
Paifible , a. i, peaccabL 

fill j calm 
Paifiblemer.t , ad. quietly 
Pa.flon , sf a majl ; fnit 

tanner^ sfiretchir 

P A 

alflbnner une peau , va. to 
fit etch a skin 

aitre,*t'd. <S' n. to feed, grai^e 
nvoyer paitre, fend one 

lix, sf. peace ; pax ; blade- 
bone ofmuitcn , &c. 
il , fin. pale , ( in heraldry) 
iladin , knijiht- errant 
ilais, palace -J court of ju- 
dicature ; the palate 
ens de palals, laivyers 
erme de palais,^ law-term 
alan , fn. a tackle 

— d'amure, tack tackle' 
- — (j'etai , flay tackle 

— fimple , fmall tackle 
alanquer, va, &n. to bowfc 
alan qu in , fm, a fedan ; 
fmall tack's 

alatln , Palatine 
alatlnat , — nate 
alatine, sf a tippet 
alaut. fni. a clodpate 
ale , sf a dam , a f nice 
ale, the fiat of an oar 
ale , tz. 2. paU ; wan 
alefrenier , fm. a groom 
aleron , shoulder-blade 
aleftre , sf wrcflUng-place 
aIet,_/;«. quoit 
alette, sf. hattLJore ; pain- 
ter^ s pallet i printer's fi- 
ce ; porringer 
aleur , p.iUncfs 
alier , fm. a ianditg-phce 
alinodie , sf. pallnody , re- 

\ P A 

Chanter la palinodie , vn. 

to recant 
Palir , vn. to grow pale 
Palis , fm. fence of pains 
Paliffade, ir/. paUffado ; fla- 
ke ; hedge : row of trees 
Paiifiader , va. to pa'ifade 
Paiiffer , to pale up 
Palliatif, ve, a. pa'Vative 
Palliation, sf. palliation; 
extenuation \ 

Paliier , va. to palliate 
Pallium , fm. a pall 
Palma Chvm,Pal^:Ta Chrifli, 
[a plant). [p n Im t ree 

Palme , sf. a branch of a 
Palme , fm. a hand's breadth. 
Palmier, a palm-tree, [a coach 
Palonnier , fpring-tree bar of 
Palombes, sf ftraps. [clear 
Palpable , a. i. p.ilpahle ; 
Palpablement , ad. palpably 
Palpitant, e, a. panting 
Fa'-pkation , sf palpitation 
Palplter, vn. to palpitate 
Paltoquet , fm. a hobnail 
Se pamer , vr. to fwoon ; 
faint. [fainting ft 

Pamoifon , sf a fyoon or 
Pampre , fm. vine - branch 

with its ler.ves 
Pa mure, e , a. decked with 

Pan , fm. lapftt; pane y front 
Panacea, sf panacea 
Panache , fm. bunch of fea- 
thers ; mixture of colours 
in a flower 

P A 1S7 

Tu'inc panachfjc, tulipbeau- 

Panade , sf. par.ado 
Sepanader, vr. tofirutv/ith 

a proud ^ait 
Panais , fm. parfnep 
Panaris , whitlow , fellon 
Pancarce, sf hill pofled up 
Panci;eas , fm. pancreas or 

Pane gyri que , a panegyric 
Panegyrifie , a panegyrifl 
Paner , va. to do meat over 


crumbs o 

f bread 

Eau pande, toafl and water 
Panerea , sf. a basket-full 
Paneterie, pantry 
j Panetier , fm. pantUr 
j Panetiere , sf. shepherd's 

I Paneton , fm. the key-bit 
I Panicule , fleshy pannicU 
ParJer, basket; hoop-petti- 
Terreur panique , panic fear 
Panne, sf, shag; hog's fat 
Mettre en panne ; to lye by^ 
! ( a fea term ) 
i Panneau , fm. panncl ; panel 

Panonceau, efcntch^onifani 
\ Panfe , sf paunch , gats 
jPanfsment , fn. ^ drcjfng 
\ wounds ; looking rjter 
Panfer, ra. to d'ef\ .■ v^cnnd; 

to look after a horje 
Panfu , c , a, s, paunch- 

1^3 P A • 

P.-intalon , fm. — hons ', huf- 

ran'.alonnade, sf. droll dan- 
ce ; buftooTic'y 

Panteler , vn. to pant 

Pan there , sf. a panther 

Pfintiere , a draw-net 

Pantomime , f. pantomime 

Pantoufle, sf. a Jlipper 

Raifonner pantoufie, cotalk 
like a ninny 

Pfton ,fm. a peacock 

Faonne , sf a peahen 

Paonneau , fm. young pea- 
ce ck 

Papa, papa, father 

Papable , a. 2. that may he 
made a Pope 

Papal, e, a, papal 

Papautd, sf. papacy f pa- 

Pape , fm. the pope 

Papegai , wooden bird to 
shoot at 

Papelard , q , f. an hypocrite 

Papeline, sf. poplin 

PaperafTe, old dujly writings, 
wafii paper. \bUng 

Paperaffer , vn. he ever fcrlb- 

Papeterie , sf paper mill ; 
papertradi. \_flatloner 

Papetier, e, f. paper-maker; 

Papier , fm. paper 

I'apillon, butterfly 

Papilionner, vn. to flutter 

Papillotage^ym. the putting 
buir upon plpu 

V A 

Papillote, sffpaagle ; cur- 
Una paper. [ upon pipes 
Papilloter , va. to put hair 
PapiTme, fm. popery 
Papifte , a papifl 
Paque , sf the pajfovcr 
Paqus , Paques , f. Er.fler 
Paquct,y?72. packet; parcel 
Paqaet-bot, a packet-boat 
Par, /jr. by ; on ; thro' j out cf 
Par-ici, ad. this %vay 
Par-ou , which way 
Par- la, that way; thereby 
Par-tout, every where 
Par-tout-oii, where-cver 
Par-deffus , prep, over 
Par-ci , par-la, ad. here 

and there 
Parabole , sf a parable - 
I Parabolique , a. 2. — Ileal 
Pataboliqucmentj^d. — cally 
Paracenteie , sf. the tapping 

for a dropfy 
Parachronifme, yTn. —nlfm 
Paraclet , the Comforter 
Parade , sf parade ; fiate ; 

shew i parrying 
Lit de parade, a bed ofjlate 
Paradis, fm. paradife s the 

upper gallery 
Paradoxal , e , ^. — dcx'cal 
• Paradoxe , fm. a paradox 
Parafe, paraphe , a flourish 

added to one^s flgnature 
Parafer , paraph sr , va. to 

fign with a flourish 
Parage , fln. part ofthefea 
Paragraphs , paragraph 


Paraguante, sf. pair ofglo 

ves y a preCent 
Paraguay, fm. — gi^ay yfor 

of Peru tea _ 
Paraliaxe , f. parallax 
Parallele , a. 2. sf parallel 

a comparifon 
Parallelogramme , fm. pa 

Paralcgilme, — glfm 
Paralyfie , sf a palfy 
Paralydque, a. 2. s. para 

Parangon , fm. type ; prime 
Dlamant parangon , a dla 

mond without a blemish 
pr,rant , e , d. adorning 
Paranymphe , fm. public eh 

Parapet , parapet , hreajt 

Blens paraphernaux, p<zrtf» 

Paraphrafe , sf. paraphrafe 
Paraphrafer, va. to com 

ment ; to romance 
Paiaphiade , fm. an ex 

Parapluie, an. umbrello 
Parafelene , sf. a mock-mop 
Par a fit e , fm, a fpungcr 
Parafol , an umbrello 
Paravent , folding-fcreen 
Pare , fm. a park ; a fold 

Parcelle , sf. a parcel 
Parce que, c. hecaufe 
ParcheiAir. , fm, parchmini 

P A 

rcheminerie , sf. place 
where parchment is mads ; 
rcheminier, fm. parch- 

fCOUr'T , va. to travel 
over; run over ; furvcy 
t-dsrriere , ai, behind 
r-deiTous, pr. underneath 
r-deffus , fm, over and 
jbove, [beyond 

r-deffus, ^r. over; higher j 
rdevant , before i in prC' 

rdevers , hy 

rdon , fm. pardon , forp- 
venefs. [nahJe 

rdonnable, a. 2. pirdo- 
rdonner , va. to pardon, 
forgive. [ match 

.reil , \e, a. s. like , equal ; 
la pareille , ad. I shall hi 
even with you 
ireil'ement , in like manner 
ir^lie 5 fm. a mock fun 
irement , facings of gar- 
ments; freefone; pavement 
on the fides ofjireets 
item, e y f. a relation 
irens, fm. parents , parcn^ 

irentd , sf kindred 
iventhefe ^ parcnthefis 
irer , va. to deck , fet off; 
parry; ward off ; weather 
ireffo , sf foth 
arelTcuxj fi, a. s.Jlothful; 

P A 

Parfajre , va. to perfici 
Pa: fait i e, a. pcrfcl 
Parfaitemer.t, ad. pcrfecily 
Parfois , a^. fcmetimes 
Parfondre, va. to melt 
Par%m , fm. perfume , va. to pcfume 
Parfum cur , f e , /! perfumer 
Pari , fm. a wager 
Pariade, sf. pairing time ; 

Parier , va. to bed 
Pai'Jetaire , fm. pelUiory of 

the wall 
Parieur, a better 
Parifienne, sf pearl, (a type) 
Parite, parity , equality 
Parjure, a. i. s. perjurzr 
Parjure , fm. perjury 
Separjurer, vr. to fo^:fv,•■•ar 
cne^s felf. \ fefjion 
Pariemerit , fm. parliament ; 
Pavlenientaire, a. 2. s. a 

Vaiffeau parlementaire, car- 
tel , cartzl ship 
Parlcmenter, vn. to parley 
Parier, vn, to ffsak 
Parier, fm. fpe^ch 
P.-.ileiir y fs yf. a talker 
Parloir , fm. parlour , ( in a 

Pairae/an , — fan chcefe 
Parmi , pr. among, amldjl ' 
Parnaffe , fm. Parnaf'us , 

poetry , poets 
Parodie , sf. parody 
Parodier 5 va, to parody 

P A r8^ 

Parodlfie, fm. parodijl 
Parol , sj. wall , partition 
Paroir , fm. a farrier's but- 

Paroiffe , sf. a parish 
Paroiilial, e, a. parochial 
Paroifiien , e , f. parishioner 
Paroitre, vn. to appear; look 
Faire paroxtre, to shew 
llparoit, imp. it appears; it 

is plain 
Parole , sf. word ; fpeech 
Paroli, fm. paroli 
Parotide, sf parotis 
Pavoxifme, fm, paroxifm 
Parque , sf. a d^Jiiny 
Parquer , v. to park ; fold 
Parquet , fm. bar of a court 

ofjufdcii inlaid-floor 
Parquetage, inlaid-work 
Parqueter , va, to inlay 
Parrain , fm. a godfather 
Parricide , a p,irr:cide 
Parfemer , va. to Jirew 
Part, sf par:, concsrn ; 

A part , ad. afide 
Viixtag-2 , fm. a share; lot 
Partager , va. to share ; di" 

vide ['"/■'^ <^f ^ ^^'? 

Par tan ce , sf, failing, depar- 
Partant , c. therefore 
A-parte , fm. a,i afde 
Parterre , flower-garden ; 

grafs plot; pit of a play- 

Part! , party I means i offir}, 


-I90 P A 

Patti fortzhleyfuitahle match 
Partial , e , rf. partial 
Paiti^.l3ment, ad. partially 
Se partialifar, vr. to be par- 
Partialite , sf. paninlity 
Participant , e , a. partaker 
Participation , sf. — tion 
Participe, fm. — pUj part- 
Participer , vn. to partake 
PartTcularifer, va. particu- 

Particularity , sf. particula- 
Particule , a particle 
Partical er, e, a. particular; 

odd ; fingular 
Vivre ea partlculier , to live 

a private life 
Un particulicr, /ot. private 
man. [tely 

En particulier , ad. priva- 
Particuli^rement, — larly 
Partie , sf part ; (Qualifica- 
tion ; fim y ^aim ; party ; 
Parties , a bill. [client 

Par:ies cafuelics, efchcats. 
En partie , ad. partly^ in part 
Partir , vn. to fet out ; pro- 
ceed ; flan, [tracior 
Pa: tlfan , fm. partifan , con- 
Pa; tllion , sf. — tion ; divi- 

Parveiiir, vr. to arrrive, 
reach ; come to preferment 
Parvii , fm. a conn before a 
church parch 

P A 

Pafure , sf finery; attire 
Pas , part, no y not 
Pas , fm. fiep ; pace ; '^ile , 
freight. [hilt 

Ptis-d'ane, colt*s-foot, basket' 
Pafcal, e, a. pafchal 
L'agneau pafcal , paffovcr 
Pafquinacie, sf. a lampoon 
Palqulnifer, vn. to fiandcr 
PaiTable, a. 2. paJJabU 
Paffablement , ad. fo , fa 
PaHade , sf going through 
Paffage , fm. pajfagz ; way ; 

Pafiager , e , a. papng ; 

Pafiagsr , e, f. a pajfenger 
Paffant , fm. a pajfenger ; a 

En pafTant, ad, curforily; hy 

the way 
Pafiavant, yr?:. a pafs 
Paff^ , sf. pafs ; channel ; 

Pafl"e-avants,yr:. gang way 
VdM , time pajl 
PafTe- droit , indulgence ; 

Paflee , sf. pajfage of troops 
Paftementicr ^fm. a lacernnn 
PaiTe-partcut, a rnafier key 
PalTe-paffe , /. juggling 

-pied , fm. a pajfep 


poil , a chain-lace 

port, a pajfport 

pafier, v. to pafs, to excel; 

to allow. [withouc 

Se paffer , vr, fade j do 

p A 

PafTerage, sf. dittanitt 
Paflereau , fm. fparrow 
Paffe-temps , pafiimc 
PalTe-vclours , ainnranth 
Faire pafle-vogue , sf., 

row amain. [a mu 

Va{^e-vo]a.nt,fm. afaggo. 
PaiTcur, a ferryman 
PafTibilit^, ^/— /.'O', aptt 

to fuffer. V^ f" 

PafTible, a. 1. —hie,' 
Paffif, ve, a. paffive 
Dsttepaffive, a debt ovt 

tc another 
Paffion , sf. pa^isn 
Pallionne , e , a. paffionat 

in love ; prepoJJ'effcd 
Paffior.nement , ad. paj) 

natdy. [a tunc , a p 
Paffionner , va. to hum 
Se jialiionrer , vr. to hi 

afirong defirc ; fly inu 

Paflivement, ad. — vely 
PaiToirc , sf. a cullander 
Paflel , fm. woad ; paftil 
Paii:eur , shepherd (figui 

tivdy ) 
Paflille , sf pafiil 
Paftoral, e , a. — ral; ru 
Pailorale, sf. a pafioral 
Pafiroralemert , ad. like 

good pafior 
Pailoureau , fm. a fwain 
Paftourelle , sf a lafs 
Pat , f ftale mate at chefs- 
Patache , sf a guard vefft 
Patagon , fm, a patacocn 


P A : 

iraffe , sf. a fcrawl, a 

ish in writing 

ite, a patatve 

lud , fm. thick - footed 

mng cur, [ or gir! 

lud, e,/. great plump boy 

;, sf. pafi:-^ dough ; con- 

tution; t^mpsr 

•, fm, a pic j a. blot 

•e , sf pajlc for poultry 

:lin , fm. a crafty fillow 

linage, wheedling 

•liner , vn, to wheedle ; 


•lineur , fa,/! whsedler 

:ne , sf. chalice's cover 

'■notves , chcpUt ; bead 

inotrier ,fm. head-maker 

:nt, e, a. patent 

res patentes , letters 


r , fm. the Lord^s prayer 

rnel , le , a. fatherly 

rnellement, ad. —nally 

^r^.ite , sf — ty ; father- 


!r-nofter , fm, — ter 

iux , fe , d. clammy 

ietique, a, i. fm.pathc- 

c, [ tic ally 

i^tiquement , ad. pathe- 

jetifir.e , fm. — ticalntfs 

lologia , sf —logy 

lologique , a. 2. — logic 

lOS , fm. pathos , moving 

e patibulaire , hanging 


emment , cd. p.iticntly 

P A 

Patience, sf. patience 
Patient, e, a. patient yconf- 

Patient,y«. malefactor going 

to be hanged 
Patienter, vn. to have pa- 
Parin, fm. skait; dog; patten 
Patiner, vn. to skait 
Patiner , va. to fumbU ; paw 
Patineur, fm, skaiter ; fum- 

Patir , vn. to fuffer 
Patis , fm. pafiure. [work 
Patiffsr , vn. to make pajlry- 
PatiiTsrie , sf. paftry-work 
Pacijaier , e , / pafiry- cock 
Patois , fm. country-fpetch 
Pdton , poultry pafic j infide 

leather of a shoe 
Patre , a herdfman 
Patriarchal, e, a. — ckal 
Patriarchal, ym, — chatz 
Patriarchs, a patriarch 
Patrice , patrician; noble 
Patricien , ne , a, — cian , 

noble , defcended of Roman 

Patris , sf native country 
Patrimoine , fm. patrimony 
Patrimonial, e , a. — niaL 
Patriote , fm. a patriot 
Patron , patron ; pattern 
Patronage , patronage 
Patronne, sf apatroncfs 
Patrouiliage ^ fm. paddling 
Patrouille, sf. patrol 
Fairs U-«— ' 

f .PA 1^1 

Fcitroiilller , vn. to paddle i 

Patrouillis , fm. puddle 
Patte, sf. a paw ; foot', fiap 

( in hiraldry ) 
Pattes d'urie ancre , flukes 

of an anchor 
de boulines, bridles of 

the bowlines 
— ■ — de voiles , tabling of 

the fails. [valdTy) 

Patte , e y a. patce ( in hs' 
Pattu , e , a. rough-footed. 
Pigeon pattu, rough-footed 

Paturage, fm. pajlurage 
Pature , sf. provender , food 
Paturer , vn. to feed 
Patureur , fm. a feeder of 

horfes in the army , in 

■ivar time 
Paturon , a p.ijlern 
Pavage , paving 
Se pavaner , vr. to Jlrut 
Pave , fm. pavement 
Etre lur le pave , to le cut 

of bread 
Paver , va. to pave 
Pavefade , sf ncning-faila 

Paveur , fin. a pavior 
Pavie , a nectarine 
VsivWlon, pavilion ; tent bed ^ 

fiag , colours 
Paume, sf.palm of the hand; 

hand ;f yes ; tennis 
PaumsUe, sf fail-maker's 
palm, [a tennis court 

, to patroll Paujnier, fm, the mafier of 

i<)i PA. ■ 

Parois yfm. a great shield; 

wa-Ji cloths 
Pavoifer un vaiffeau , va. 

to drejs a ship 
Pavot , fm. a poppy 
Paupiere, sf. eyelid, eyelashes 
Paufe , paufe ; fiop 
Paufer, vn. to paufe ; to fiop 
Pauvre , a. i. s. poor 
Pauvrement , ai. poorly ; 

Pauvret, te ,/ poorish 
Pauvrett^, sf. poverty ;mean- 

ne/s ; filly thing 
Payable , a. z. payahh 
Paye, sf. pay 
Payement , fm. payment 
Payen, ne, a, s. a pagan 
Payer , va. to pay 
Pay cur, fe^, '/. paymaflcr 

or viifirefs 
Pays , frr.. a country 
Payfage , a landjcapt 
Payfagifte , landfcapt-paln- 

Pay fan, ne, / countryman 

or woman ; peafianf,clGA>n 
A la payfanae, ad. cokntry- 

likc , h 

Peage, ftn. toll; turnpike 
Pdas;er , turnpiki-vmn ; pu- 
blican. I peel 
Peau, sf. skin ; hide ; rind ; 
Peauflier, fm. a skinner 
Hareng pec , a, m. pickled 

Peccable , a. i. peccable 
JPuccadiU? , sf. peccadillo 

P E 

Humeur ptccante, a. pec- 
cant humour 
Peche J sf. peach ; fishing 
¥6ch6 , fm. a fin 
Piw^cher , vn. to fin ; trefpafs 
Pecher , va. to fish 
Pecher, fm. a peach-tree 
Pecherie , sf. fishery 
Pt^cheur, Pechereffe , f. a 

Pecheur , fm. a fisherman 
Pecore, sf. afiupid creature 
Pecque , a. a fidly woman 
Peftoral , fm. brcafi-plate 
Peiboral , e , a. • — ral , fio- 

P^culat , fm. emheiilcment 

of publick moniy 
Pecule , peculium ; fuhfiancc 
Pecimiaire , a. i, pecunin-y 
Pecunieux , fe , a. monied 
Pedagogie , sf. —gy 
Pedagoglque , a. i. — gick 
Pedagogue, /«. pcdagcgus 
Piidale , sf. pedal ; low key 

of organs 
Jugs pedanea , inferior judge 
Pedant, e , f. a pedant 
Pedant , e , a. pedantic 
Pddanterie , sf pedantry 
Pedantefque , a. 2. pedan- 
tical [ dantickly 

Pe'dantefquement , ad. pc- 
Pedantii'er, va. to aci a pe- 
dant's part 
P^dantifnie,y7;2. pedantry 
Pcd(f i-aite , a fodomite 
P^derafli?, sf fodomy 

\ P E 

Peaeffre, a. 2. pedefirlou. 
Pedicuiaire , — lar, louji 
Pedicule, fm.fiaikj ped 
Peigne , comb , cards ; bra 

Peigner , va, to comb ; 

card; hackle. [h 

Se pelgner , vr. comb o> 
Pelgnier j/m. comb-mah 
Peignoir , combing-cloth 
Peignures , sf, hair con, 

P«;indre, va. to dravr'; pa. 

defcribe ; write 
A peindre , ad. extrcmely^ 
Fait a peindre, txctedit. 

well made or done 
Peine, sf. pain; penai 

vains ; trouble 
A peine , ad. hardly; fcai 
A grand' peine, vAth m 

ado. \_blc; work h 

Peiner , v. to pain ; tt 
Se peiner , vr. take g 

Pemtre , fm. a painter 
Peintre en miniature, I 

Peintre en email , enamt 
Peinture , sf. painting ; ^ 

ture ; court-card 
Peinture, e , a. painted t 

with one. colour 
Peinturlurer, va. to dau 
Pelade, sf filling of tht 
Pelage , fm. hair's quali 

IBois pelard, barked woi 
Pelaftie,f^/i of a shove. 

P E 

I ;-mele, ad. cunfufcdly 
I :r , va» to make bald ; 

F ;rin , e,f, pilgrim, sharp 

How; cunning ^.ypfy 
r ;rinage,y?n. pilgrimage 
F can , a pelican 
I (Te , sf. furred petticoat 
F e, a shovel 
F id!a.\'nonyhladeoiwash 

f^ an oar 
I er6e , pellet^e , pellee , 

F eterle , skinner's or fur- 

er's trade ; fur-skins. 
F etier, e , f. furrier, skin- 
F icule , sf. a pellicle, [ner 
F )te , pin-cushion ; bottom 

''^ thread; clew; ball 
F /te ou ^toile , Jlar in a 

nfe's forehead 
F )ter, va. to tofs ; to bang 
t »ton , fm. a clew of 

I iread ; knot of people ; 

P )ufe , sf a down 

V iche , shag ; tuft 

i^ mone peluch^e, tufted 

P ire , sf. paring; peel 

V aillc , monkery 

P aillon ^ fm. a rag , ( in 
mtempt) a monk ; a friar 

P al, e, a. penal 

P' ard , fm. a dotard ; old 
fly fellow 

P< lud , e , a, out ofioun- 

p E 

Penchant , fm. declivity ; 

propenfion ; decline ; brink 
Penchant , e, a. leaning; 

bending; declining 
Penchement , ym. leaning; 

Pencher'i va. to bend; to 

incline ; to be inclined 
Se pencher , vr. to fioop ; 

lean ; lull. [ ter 

Cas pendable , hanging mat- 
Pendant, pr. during 
Pendant que , ad. whilji 
Pendant , fm. ear pendant ; 

ship's pendant 
Pendard, e , f, a villain; 

Pcndeloque , sf. an ear-bob 
Pendeurs , fm. pendants 
^des grands palans , 

main tackle pendents 
Pendiller , vn. to dangU to 

and fro 
Pendre , va. to hang 
Pendule , sf. a clock 
Pendule , fm. a pendulum 
Pene , holt of a lock 
Penetrability, sf — Uty 
Pe'netrable, a. 2. penetrable 
Pertiftrani- , e, a. penetra- 
ting; fagacious 
Pdn^tratif , ve , a. '^tive 
Pendtration , sf. — tion ;/a- 

Pene'trer , va. to penetrate 
Peiiible, a. 2. laborious 
Penibleraent , ad. painfully 
P^ixilifule , sf, piJiinfula 

P E I9J 

penitence, sf. repentances 

Peni tender, fm. — tentiary 
Penitent , e. , a. s. pemnnt 
Pfeaumes pemtentiaux , tht 

penitential Pjalms 
Pdnitentiel, le, a. — tential 
Penitentiel , fm. pcnanci" 

Pennade, sf. a kick 
Pennader , vn. to kick 
Penne , sf beam-feather of 

a hawk 
Penne d'une antenne , the 

peck of a lateen ya'^d 
Pennon, yw. dog-vane 
Penfee, sf. thinking; carei 

notion ; thought ; sketch 
Penfer , v. to think ; imagine 
Penfif, ve, a. penjive 
Penfion , sf. board; boar- 

Penlionnaire^yT a penjioner i 

a boarder 
Pentagone, a. fm. pentagon 
Pentametre , fm. — meter 
Pentateuque , — tcuch , i. e. 

the five books of Mofes 
Pente , sf. declivity ; va-» 

lance ; pronenefs 
Pentecote, Whufunday 
Penture , ironwork of a. 

door , window , &c. 
Penture de f'abords , goo^ 

gings of the port lids 
P^nultieme , a. 2. s^ laji hut 

one ; penultimx 
Pepi« , sf. pip 

•194 PE 

J^epier , vn. to peep , chirp 
Pepin , fm. kernel 
Pepiniere, sf. nurfcry; feed 

Per^ant , e , a. piercing j 

sharp ; acute; boring 
Mettre en perce , to broach 
Chaife-percee , a clofc ftool 
l?ercQ-{ox2t,frn. great hunter 
"Perce-neigc, sf.whitc winter 

Perce-oreille,/rw. an earwig 
Perceptible , a. 2. — blc 
Perception , sf. — tion ; re- 
ceipt. Inbreak through 
Percer , va. to pierce ; tap ; 
Fercevoir , to gather ; re- 
Verceur , frn. a horer 
Perche , sf. a perch , pole 
Percher , vn. to perch j roojl 
Perchoir , fm. a perching 

flick or roofl 
Perclus y e , a. who has lofl 
the ufc of his limbs; im- 
Per^oir , fm. a piercer 
Per^u , e, a, received; ga- 

Perculfion ^sf. — fion ,flroke 
Perdant , e ^ f a lofer 
Perdition , sf. perdition 
Perdre, va. lofe; ruin; cor- 
Seperdre, vr. to lofe one's 

felf; he cafl away 
Perdreau , fm, young par- 

P E 

Perdrigon ^fm. fort of plum 
Perdrix , sf a partridge 
A corps perdu , ad. defpe- 

A coup perdu, at random 

Tirer ., to shoot at 

random. [^proftitute 

Une femme perdue , sf 
Fere , fm. father 
Peremption , sf. non-fuit 
Peremptoire , a. 2. peremp- 
tory, [^ily 
Peremptoirement , ad. — to- 
Perfef^ion , sf. perfection 
Perfeftionner , va. to per- 
fect; to finish 
Se perfeftionner, vr. to im- 
Periide , a. 2. s. pcfid'.ous 
Perfidement, ad. — dioufly 
Periidie, sf. perfidy 
Pe'iicarde , fn. — dium 
Perlcliter,r;z. fo be in danger 
P^ricrdne , frr.. — nium. 
Peridot , — dot , a precious 
P^riz&a , perigee. [flone 
Perihelie , — Hum 
Peril , danger , peril 
Perilleufement, ad. — loufly 
Periileux , fe, a. dangerous 
P^rimer , va. to non-fuit 
Periode , sf. period 
Periodique , a. 2. — 'dical 
Periodiquement, ad. — di- 

PerlcEciens , fm. periaclans 
Feriofte ,' — tcum , shin that 
covers thi boms 

P E 

Peripi^tle, sf fudden tnrr 

fortune. [re< 

P<^ripherie, — ry^ circum 
Periphrafe , — phrafe 
Periphrafer , vn. to pe 

Pdripneumonie , sf. — ny 

inflammation of the lui 
Pdripneumonique, a. 2.^ 

Perir , vn. to perish 
Periffable , a. 2. perisha 
Perle , sf a pearl 
Bouillon perle , good jt 

broth. [i 

Perlures , sf. curlings , /, 
Permanent, e, a. Uflin^ 
Permettre , va. to permit 
Permis , e , a. lawful 
Permiffion , sf pcrmijjit 

Permutant, fm. permnttr 
Permutation , sf — tic 

exchange of living 
Permuter , vn. to excha 

a living. [nicioi 

Pernicieufement , ad. / 
Pernicieux, fe , a.psrnici 
Pdronnelle , sf. a filly 1 

man y a fot 
Peroraifon , peroration^ c 

of an oration 
Perpendiculaire , a. 2. 

Perpendiculairement , 

Perpsndicuiaritd , sf 
Perpendicule,ywi, a pi 

P E 

rpetres , sf. a common. 
rperri^ , e , -a. committed ^ 

rpetrer , va, to commit 
rpetuation , sf. — tion 
rpetuel, le, a. perpetual 
rpetueilcment , ad. per- 

rpetiier, va. to perpetuate 
rpetuite , sf. perpetuity 
perpetulte , ad. for ever 
2nd ever 

rplexite, sf. ps'-plexlty 
rquifiiion , finci inquiiy; 
ihorcugh fearch 
rrique , fmall parrot 
rron , ^fm, fleps before a 

rroquet , a parrot; atop- 
valiant mafi 
rruche , sf a parroa.uzt 
rruche , miT^en top gal- 
Idnt fail 

at de la perruche, ml-;^en 
top gallant maji 
rruquc , sf. a wig 
rruquier , fm, periwlg- 

rs , e , a. bluish-grey 
■ pers , bluish grey thread 
rfe , sf. Perjtan callico 
rf^cutant , e , a. — cu- 
ting , tea-^ing 
rfecuter , va. to perfecut: ; 
to importune 

rfecuteur, trice,/, per- 
rfecution , sf, perficution 

P E 

Perf^verance , sf perfevs- 

rance. [tant , refolutc 

Perfeverant, q y a. s, conf- 
PerfeVerer, vn. to per fever e 
Pferucaire , sf. arfe-fmart 
Pcrfii , fm, parfuy 
Perfillade, sf 'beef - flakes 

v/ith parjley. Ickeefo 

Fromage perHIIe , green 
Periique, sf large peach; 

an order in architecture 
Perfliler , vn. to perfijl 
Pcrfonnage , fm. perfon ; 

pcrfonagz ; part, [ li-^e 

Pt'ffonnalifer , va. perfoza- 
Perfonnalite, sf. perfonality 
Perfonnat , fm. perfonate , 

fort of benefice 
Perfonne , sf. a perfon 
Perfoiine , fm. nobody ; any 

Perfonnel , le, a. pcrfonal 
PsrfDnnellemcnt , ad. per- 
fon ally 
Perfon niner, va. to perfonify 
Perfpe(n:if, a. optical 
Perfpeftive , sf perfpeclive 

Perfpicaclte , perfpkacity 
Perfplcaite , perfpicuity 
Perfpiration, — ticn;Jwsa- 

Perfuader , va. to perfuadc 
Se perfuader, vr. to fancy 
Perfuafif , ve , a.pcrfuafive , 

Perfuafion , sf. perfuafion 
Pertc , lofs i damage; ruin 

PE i5r 

A perte , ad, with lofs 
Apeite de vue, as far as 

one's eye can reach 
Pertinemment , ad. perti- 
Pertinent, e, a. pertinent 
Pertuis , fm. a narrow pafs 
Pertuifane , sf. partifan ; 

kind of halberd 
Perturbateur , trice, f. dif^ 

turber. [ trouble 

Perturbation , sf — tion, 
Pervenche , periwinkle , ( an 

herb ) 
Pervers, e , a. perverfe 
Les pervers , fm. the wicked 
Perverfite , sf perverfuy 
Pervertir, va. to pervert 
Pefamment, ad. heavily 
Pefant, e, a. hecvy;duU 
Pefant yfm. weight 
Pefanteur, sf weight, hea-* 

vinefs ; dulnefs 
Pefee , weighing ; all that is 

weighed at once 
PeTer , v. to v^e'gk ; ponder 
Pefeiir yfm. a weigher 
Pefon , a fteel-yard; whirl 
Peffaire, pejfary, fuppofitory 
PefTo , sf pitch ox fir-tree. 
Peftard, fm. tell-taUfchool 
Peflre , sf the plague. \b<^y 
Pefter , vn. to rail at; to 

inveigh againji one 
Peft'!ferd,e, a. s. infected 

with the plague 
Pef^ilence, sf pefiilence 
Peftilent, e, a. peJiiUnt 

lo^ , P E 

Pefiilentlel, Ic, a. pefillen- 

Pet, fm. fart; crack 
Petalifme , — lifm , ^ , years 

Petarade, sf. fan'ng 
Petard , fm. petard ; cracker 
Petarder , va. to blow up j P^trir 

■with a petard or mortar 
Veiatdiei- , fm. apetardcer \ 
p^taudiere, sf, a confufcd 

Peter , vn. to fart ; poop ; 

crackli', lounce 
Petevr, fe,/! cfancr 
pet'Uant , e, a. foarkl.'ng; 

m^^dcfome. [fparkling 
Petillement , fm. crackJingi 
Petlller , vn. to crackle ; 

fparkle ; long , be eager 
Petit, e, a. little ^ fmall , 

Le potit Deuple , the lower 

fort cf people 
Petit-!a:t , fn. whey 
Petit-a-netit , etd. by depjees 
Petlte-verole , sf fma't-pux 
Petits , fm. pi. young ones , 

whelps ; brood ; litter 
Petits-pieds , fowl ; fmall 

birds. [anly 

Petitement, ad. little ;mc~ 
Petiteffe , sf. littUncfs; low- 

ncCs. Xg'ng the qucjlion 
Petition de principe, beg- 
Petitoire , fm. demand 
Peton , a little foot 
JPitoncle, sf, a cockle 

P H 

P^treau , fm. fprig ; wild 

Petrde , a. 2. petma 
Petrification, sf — fying , 

Petrifier, va. to petrify 
Petrin , fm. kneading-trough 

va. to knead 
PetrifTeur, fe, f. a kneadir 
Petrcle , fm. — ly or rock-oil 
Petulamment , ad. — lantly 
Petulance , sf petulancy 
Petulant, e, a. petulant 
Petan , fm. tobacco 
Petuner , vn. to frr.oke 
• Peu , ad. little. [ little 

I Pour peu que , c. if ever fo 
'' Peu-a-peu , nd. by degrees 
I A-peu-pres , almofl, about 
\ Un peu,y77?. a little , feme \ 
Pcuille , sf. apiece of new 
coin brok: cff for an effay 
Peupladj , a colony 
Peuple , fm. peoph ; nation ; 

the vulgar ; the fry 
Peupler,v. to people; flock 

a pond ; propagate 
Peuplier , fm. poplar 
Peur , sf fear ; dread 
De peur de , pr. for fear of 
De peur que , c. lefl 
Peureux, fe, a. fca-ful 
Peut-etre, ad. perhaps 
Phaeton, yj«. a chaife 
Phalange, sf phalanx 
Phare , fm. a light- houfe 
PharifaiVrue , a. a. — faical 
Pharifaifme ^fm. •—-faifm 

P H t 

Pharlflen ,fm. a pharifet 
Pharmac:e , sf. pharmacy 
Pharmaclen ^ fm. apothect 
Pharmacopce , sf. — cop 
Phafe , phafls, afpecl 
Phebus , fm. bombafl;thej 
Pherix , a phcnix 
Phenomene , phenomenon 
Philantrope, humane 
Philantropie , sf humani 
Phllautie , — ty , felf lov 
Philologie , —gy , univer 

Phiiologique, a. i, — gi 
Phllologue , fm. — ger 
Philomcle , sf. — mel, ni 

tin gale 
Pierre philofophale, thef\ 

lofophsr's flone 
Philofophe,/;;:. philofoff^^, 
Philcfophe , a. i.philofop 
Philofopher , vn. to philo 

phife i moralise 
PJliIclophie , sf. philofoi 
Philofophique , a, 2. phi 

fophic. [lofopkica 

Philofophiquement , ad.f 
Philtre , fm. — ter , /p* 

Phimofis , phimofis 
Phlole , sf. vial, glafs~hot 
Phldbotomie, — myylett. 

of blood. [blc 

Phlebotomifer , vn. to 
Phlebotomies , fm. — ton 
Phlegmatique , a. 1. s.phl 

matic ; dull , fedate 
Phlegme, fm, phlegtn ^^r^ 


P H 

egmon , fm. — men , red 

];moneux , fe, a. — nous 

.:jh.OiC yfm. — fus 

:le , sf. phrafii 

iiie, phthijic , corfump- 

on. [conjhmptive. 

liifique, a. i.pkthlfical; 

lactere , fm. — te.ry 
•ficien , a natural phllo- 
■)phsr ; a phyfician 
'iiologle, sf. — logy 
fionomie , phyftognomy , 
yohs. [ gnomifi 

•fionomlfte , fm. phyfio- 
•fique, sf. phyfcks, na- 
tral philofophy 
'fique, a. 2. — fcil , 

■fiquement , ad. — fically 
Her , vn. to fcold , bawl 
llerie, sf fcoldrng, buw- 
H' [fquawUr 

Ueur , (q , f. a fcold ; 

, fm. a pic-ax , wood 
ecker; peak; peck ; gaff 
ic, ad. perpendicularly 
i,fm. Icnglng 
lolines , sf. fmall olives 
)ree , plundering 
)t , fn, purl , ( in lace ) 
)tement , a pricking 
Jte de petite verole , 
itted with the fmall-pox 
)ter , va. to prick ; peck; 
iger, [teaming 

' ering i 

)terie , sf. hick 
>tin, fm. apQck 


Pie, sf. magpie; pied-horfc 
Pie-griech2 , a shrew 
Pie- mere , pla-mater 
Oeuvres pies, charitable ufes 
Piece , sf a piece ; ftoma- 
chcr ; trick. [ ^"i/b' 

Fine piece, sharp blade ; fly 
Pied , fn. a foot 
Prcd-bot, cliim.p-focted 
Pied de mat , hcelcfa mafl 
Coup de pied , a k>ck 
Pied k pied, ad. gradually 
Sur le pied , at the rate 
D'arrache pied, without in- 

Depied en cap, cap-a-pee 
Piedef^al,/;7z. a pedefal 
Piedoiiche , little pedefal 
Pied-droit, pisdroit, pier 
Piege , fnare; fpring; wile 
Pierraille , sf ahaap of 

fmall Jlones 
Pierre, a flor.c 
Pierre de taille , freefone 
Pierre a fufll , flint 
Pierree, water-ccurfe; drain 
Pierreries , jewels 
Pierreux, fe, a.ftony 
Picrrier, pevner ,fm.fwivel 

gun , pederero 
Piete , sf piety. [ f'^y 

Pieter, vn. to flar.d fair at 
Pietiner, to dangle one^s legs 
Pieton, ne,y! a walker 
Pietre , a. i. paltry 
Pietrerie , sf trash , pitiful 


Pieu , fm, a flakt 

P I 157 

Pieufement , ad. plo-fly 
Pieux, fe, a. picus , o;odly 
Piffre , efle , f a fat-guts 
Pigeon , fm. pigeon ; huhbU 
Pigeonneau , fm. young 

Pignocher , vn. to piddle 
Pignon ,/?;:. gahle-end ; pine- 
apple; kernel; watch-pinion. 
Pi! afire , a pilafter 
Pile , sf a pile ; a heap ; 

pier ; pefile 
Piler , va. to pound 
Pilier , fm. a pillar , a pcfl 
Pillage , pillage. [derzr 

Pillard, e, a.s.filching^plun- 
Pilier , va. to plunder ; pi-' 

rate;fical; fet a dog at cm 
Piilerie , sf plundering 5 

Pilleur , fm. a plunderer 
Pilon , a peflle 
Pilori , the pillory 
Pilorier , va. to fet in. thi 

Pilofelle , sf. moufe-ear 
Pilot de (c\.,fm. heap of fah 
Pilotage, pilotage; pile-work 
Pilote , a pilot 
Piloter , V. to drive in piles i 

to pilot a ship 
Pilotis , fm. a pile ; flaks 
Pilule , sf. a pill 
Pimbeche, affected fiUy wc- 

Piment , fin. aU-fpice 


e , a. flaunting 

I9S P I 

Pimprenelle, sf. burnt 
Pin , fm. a pir.e-cree 
Pomme de pin , sf, pine- 

Pinacle , yr;. a~pinnach 
pinafl*-:, sf. a pinnace 
Fina{lre,ym. wild pine-tree 
Pince, sf nippers; mafon's 

crow; lever; fwihill 
Pinces, a horfe's gathers or 

fore- teeth ; lob/hr's claws 
Vincca.-dy fm. pencil i brush 
Pincee , sf a pinch 
Pincelier , fn. painter^s • 

Pince-maille , pinch-penny 
Pincer, va. to pinch; nip; jeer 
Pincer le vent , to haul the 

Pincettes , sf. tongs ; pincers 
Pingon , fm. the mark of a 

pinch on the skin 
Pindanfer, vn. to affecl lof- 

tinefs ofexprcjjion 
Plndarifeur , fm. one that 

fpeaks affecitdly 
Pin^e, sf. fort of dried cod 
Pinque , a pink , {a ship^ 
Pinfon , fm. chajffinch 
Pinte , sf a pint 
Pinter , va. to tipple 
Pintereau, fm.forry painter^ 

a dauber 
Pioche, sf. mattock, pickax 
Piccher, v^i. to dig the ground 

with a mattock 
Pion ^fm. a pawn at chefs ; a 

man at draughts 


Pionnler,/^. a pioneer 
Pipe , sf. a pipe 
Pipeau,yCT. a pipe; birdcall 
Piper , vn. to catch birds 
with a bird-call ; to cheat 
at piny 
Piperie, sf a cheat , a fight 
Pipeur, fe,/] sharper; cheat 
Piquant, e, a. pricking; tart; 

poignant ; keen 
Piquant , fm. a prickle 
Pique , sf pike ; bickering , 

Pique , fm. fpade at cards 
Pique-bcEuf , a drover 
Pique-nique , clubbing at a 

Piquer, va. to prick; to quilt; 

lard; anger; encourage 
Se piquer, vr. Lo pretend 

to ; to take pet 
Piquet, /to. a flake; picket 
Viqiiette, sf. tart fort of wine 
Piqucur , fm. a hiintfman ; 

an overfeer i larder 
Piquler, a pikeman 
Piqure , sf. pricking ; fling ; 

quilting ; pinking 
Pirate, fm. a pirate 
Pirater , va. to pirate 
Piraterie , sf, piracy ; ex- 
Pire , a. s. worfe ; worfl 
Pirogue , sf pirogue , It}- 

dian boat , 
Pirouette, whirligig; turning 
on one's leg. \_lcg 

Pirouetter, y«, turn on one's 

P I 

Pis , fm. udder , dug 
Pis , a. s. worfe ; worft 
Au pis aUsr , come to 

Pis alier, the. lafl shift 
De mal en pis, worfe 

Plffat, fm. pifs 
Piffenlit , pifs ~a-h 

PifTer , vn. to pifs ; flalt 
Pifieur, fs,y: apijfer 
Piffoir , [m. a piffng-pla 
PiiTots , sf little trough 
Pifforer , vn, to pifs oft 
PifTotiere, sf water-fpi 

pijjwg place 
Piftache , a piflachio-nut 
Piftachier ,//«. pifiachio- 
Pifte , sf a track 
Piftole, a piflole 
Pifloler , va. to shoot w'l 

Piftolet, fm. a piflol 
Piftolier , a good pij 

Plftpn , fucker of a pump 
Pitance,^/. allowance of 
Pitancier , fm. pitanctr 
Pitaud , e y f. a clown 

coarfe woman 
Pite , sf a mite ; old cc 
Piteufement , ad. pitifi. 
Piteux, fe , a, pitiful, » 
Pitie , sf pity 
Regarder en pitie, to de 
Piton , fm. a pin or nail 
a round eye 

p I 

itoyable , a. 2. compajjio- 

nate ; woful; paltry 
itoyablemcnt , ad, piti- 
fully ; fadly 

tuite , sf. phlegm, [fadly 
ituiteux, fe, a. s. phlegmatic 
wtrt, fm. a wood-pecker ; 

a fpider-catchcr 
tvoine, sf. piony 
.voine , fm. gnat-fnapper 
.vot, pivot', axis ; trendle 
;vt)ter , va, to hang on a 


i.acage , fm. veneering 
..acard, billpojied up ; libel 
lacarder, va. to pofi up or 

lihcl one 

lace, sf. place', room; fquare 
lacer , va. to place ; put ; 

lay. [tion 

lacet , fm. low flool\ peti- 
lacier , e , /^ owner of a 

lafond , fm. the celling 
lafonner , va. to ceil 
lage , sf. flat shore ; nglon 
lagiaire , fm. a plagiary 
lagiat , plagiarifm 
ourplaidable, court-day 
ivocatplaidant, a pleading 

laider , v, to plead; to fne 
laideur, fe, a. s. one who 

is at law ; litigious 
'laidoirie , sf. pleading ; 

Jinn our plaidoyable , court- 


P L 

Plaidoyer, fm. plea, plea- 
ding; brief 
Plaids , court'lcit. {fitting 
Le»- plaids tenans , court- 
Plaie, sf. a wound , fore 
Plaignant, e, a. s, plaintiff 
Plain , e , <:. plain , flat 
Plain pied, a floor 
Plain dre, va. to pity 
Se plaindre , vr. to complain 
Plains, sf. a plain 
Plainte , complaint; lamen- 
Plaintif , ve , a. plaintive 
Plaire , vn. to pleaft 
Se plaire, vr. to love ^ dc- 

Vint kD'ien I would to God! 
A Dieu ne plaife ! God 

forbid ! 
Plaifamment, ad.pleafantly; 

ridiculoufly. [a feat 

Maifon de plaifance , sf. 
Plaifant , e , d. pleajing ; 

merry ; ridiculous 
Plaifant , fm. a jejltr 
Plaifanter, vn. to joke 
Plaifanterie , sf a joke 
Plaifir , fm. phafure , joy 
A plaifir , ad. carefully , at 

one's eafe 
Par plaifir , by way of trial 
Plan , fm. a plan, fcheme ; 

Plan , e , 4. plain 
Planche , sf. plank ; shdf ; 

garden-bed i cop£>er-pUce ; 


PL 15,^ 

Plancheier , va. to floor j 

Plancher, fm. floor; ceiling 
Planchette, sf a little board^ 

a shelf 
Plangon , fm. a fet , a twig 
PIar.9on , plank timber 
Plane, fm. a plane-tree 
Plane , sf. a plane 
Carte plane , plain chart 
Planer, vn. to hover, tv Jlli 
Planer , va. to plane 
Plan^tairc, a. 2. — tay 
Via.n6ta.iTe , fm. orrery 
Planete, sf a planet 
Planeur , fm. a planishcf 
Planimdtric , sf. — -metry 
Planifphere, fm. — fpherc 
Plant, a fet ; plant 
Plantade, sf. a fet of trees 
Plantain, fm. plantain 
Plantage , planting ; plan* 

Plantard, a fet, a twig 
Plantat, vine a year old 
Plantation, sf — tion ; plan* 

ting. [the foot 

Plante , a plant y the foU of 
Planter, va. to plant; to fet 
Planteur , fm. a planttr Ji 

Plantoir , a dibbU 
Plantureufcment , ad. plen- 
tifully , in abundance 
Plantureux, f e , a. plentiful 
Planure, sf. a chip; a plain 
plaque , a plan. ; a crown of 

4 wig ; fh(ll of a fwQii 

loo P L 

Plaquer, r<2r to clap on 
PIaftron,yOT. a hreajl-platc 
VltX , dish i mefs ; flat fide 
Plat, e, a. flat; infipid ; 

mean. [wale 

"Plit-hord y fm, gunnel, gun 
Pied plat , /m. a wretched 

fdloiv. [down-right 

Tout a plat , ad. flatly ; 
Plateau , fin. a wooden fcaU; 

a tea-board; a platfiorm 
Plate-bande , sf. plat-band 
Plate-bancie d'atfut, cap- 

fiquare or clarr.p of a giin^ 
Plate-forme , a platfiorm , a 

fiat rocf 
Platine, sf. ficutcheon of a 

lock ; plates of a watch ; 

platen. [talk 

Platitude, dullnefs ; infipid 
Platrage ,fm. plafier-work 
Piatras , rubbish 
Platre , plsfier, parget ; paint 
Platrer , va. to plafter ; to 

Platreux , /e , a. limy 
Platfier , frj:. a plafier-feller 
Platriere , sf a lime-pit 
Plaufibilite , — lity 
Plaulible , a. 2. plaufible , 

Plaafiblement , ad. —fibly 
PieLeien , ne , a. j. a ple- 
Pleige, fim. pkdge , bajj, 
Pleiger, va. to hail 
Plein , e, a. full 
A pur & a plein, ad, entirely 

V L 

Porter plein , to keep the 

fails full 
Pleine , a. f. with young 
Plein, fm. the full 
Pleinement , ad. fully 
Pleyon , fni. a twig, an cfier \ 
Plenier, e, a. plenary; fee 
Pl^nipotentiaire ,fm. pUni- 

Pls^nitude, sf fullnefs 
PIeonarme,ym. — nafm, re- 
dundancy of words 
Pldtore, sf — thory , full of 

PlsUi-ant, e, a. weeping 
Pleurer , vn. to weep , cry 
Pkurejlie , sf a pleurify 
Pleureur, fe, /". a weeper^ 
mourner jP 

Pleureufes , sf. weepers 
Pleureux, fe, a. crying 
Pleurs , fm. pi. tears 
Pleuvoir , v. imp. to rain 
Pli , fm. a plait ; fold ; ply ; 

wrinkle ; rumple ; habit 
Pliable, a. 1. pliable, flexi- 
Pliage , fin. a folding up 
Pliant , a folding chair 
Pliant , e , J. pliant, flexible 
Plie , sf a plaice 
Plier , va. to plait ; fold ; 

bend ; give ground ; furl 
Plieur , ie, f a folder 
Plinthe, sf. a plinth 
Plioir ,/w. a foldi'ig-filck 
Pliffcr , va. to plait ; fold 
Pliffure , sj. plaiting 

P L 

Plomb , fm. had; plummi 

level; bullets; shot 
Cul de plomb , fedenti 

A plomb , ad. perpendiculai 
A plomb , fm. a level 
Piombagine, sf. lead a 

fiilvcr ore 
Plomber , va. to die o- 

with lead; to lead 
Plomberie , sf lead-wi 

or trade 
Plombier , fm. a plumber 
Plongeon, diver ■, fea fowl 
Plonger, va. to dip; immcTj 

dive; plunge 
Plongeur, fm. a diver 
Pluie , sf rain 
Plumage, fm. feathers , pi 

Plumail , feather-broom 
Plumart , feather-broom 
Piumafleau , a harpficor 

quill ; a pledget 
Plumaffier, a feather-man 
Plume , sf feather ; quil 

Bonne plume , a fine writ 
Plume'e , pcnful of ink 
Plumer , va. to pick ; fleet 
Plumet , fm, a feather for 

hat ; a beau ; a porter 
Plumetis , foul paper 
Plumitif , a minute-book 
La plupart , mofi 
Pluralite, sf plurality 
Pluriel , le , a. plural 
Plurisl , fm, plural numb» 


IS , ad. more ; Item 
• plus , bejldes 
li plus , qui m.C)\ns t fome 
nore , fome lefs 

plus , the mofi 
ifieurs , a. 2. pi. many 
IS loin, ad. farther 
1$ pres , nearer 
IS tard , later 
itot, fooner-y rather 

plutot » as foon as pof- 

ivial , fm. a ehafuble 
u pluviale , sf. rainwater 
lYier yfm. a plover 
ivieux, fe , a. rainy 
ichine pneumatique , an. 

eumonique , a. i. s. pneu- 
nonick , good fur the lunges 
che, sf. pocket -y bag; kit; 
craw ; pur fc- net 
cher des oeufs , to poach 
eggs. [black eye 

cher les yeux , to give a 
cheter Acs fruits , va. 
to pocket fruit 
chctte, sfpurfc-net; little 
purfc. [fet 

dagre , a. i. s. gout in the \ 
euxpodagre , old goutifed ' 
oerfon , ( cont:mptuouJly ) 
ele , sf. frying-pan 
ele, fm. Jlwc ; pall; ca- 

^lier , iron-monger 
elon , skillet; fauce-pan 
ilonnee, sf a skilletfid 

P o 

Poeme , fm. a poem 
Poefie, sf poetry , poefy 
Poete,/^ a poet ; a poetefs 
Podtereau , fm. poetafier 
Podtique, a. 2. poetical j 
Po^tiqua , sf. an of poetry \ 
Poetiquement , ad. poeti- 
Poids , fm. load; weight 
Poignard , dagger ; poniard 
Coup de poignard, a fiab 
Poignarder , va. tojiab 
Poignee , sf handful; handle 

A poignee, ad. hy handfuls 
Poignet, fm. wrijl; wrijl- 

Poil , hair; colour of a heajl ; 

beard of men 
Poil folet, downy beard 
Faire le poil, to shave 
Poilu, e , a. hairy 
Poingon, fm, bodkin; punch ; 

Poindre , vn. to dawn ; shoot 

f.rth; fling 
Poing, fm. the fifi 
Point , ad. no, not 
Point, fm. point ; dot; hole 

in a flirrup leather; flitch 
De point en point, ad. com- 

De tout point, totally 
A point , in time 
A point nommd , feafonahly 
Pointe, sf point ; top;fprig; 

pun. [wit 

Points d'efprit, a flash of 

P O 2QI 

Pointe de terre , fore land 

or point 
En pointe, ad. point-wife 
Pointemont , fm. pointing, 

level! inf^ , { a cannon ) 
Pointer, va. to flitch ; dot; 

point ; level 
Pointeur,yff2. a pointer 
Poin tillage , dotting; flip* 

pling ; pricking 
Fointille y sf bickering ; ca* 

vil ; punBHio 
Pointiller, va. to dot ; quar* 

rel ; nettle; flipple ; prick 
Pointillerie , sf. bickering 
Pointilleux , fe , a. captious 
Pointu , e , a. pointed ; sharp 
Poire, sf. a pear; a powr. 

Poire , fm. perry 
Poireau, a leek ; wart 
Poir^e , sf. beet 
Poirier , fm. a pear-tret 
Pois , peas 

Pois hatifi , green hafllngs 
Poifon , poifon 
PoifTardc, sf a fish-woman^ 

a flut 
Poiffer , va. to pitch ; to glut 
PoifTon , fm. a fish 
PoifTond'Avril, an April fool 
PoifTon d*eau-de-vie , a 

quartern of brandy 
PoifiTonnaille, sf. fry 
VQ>\^c>Vi\\^x\Q , fish-market 
Poiflonneux, fe , a. full of 

fish ; fishy 
Poiffonnier, q, f. fishmong^tr 

102 P p 

PoifTonniere , sf. a fish-pan 
Poitiai!, y;n. hrcafi cfa horfc, 

breafi-ptfce , architrave 
Poitrinaire , /. confumptivc 
Poitrine, sf. the brcuji 
Poivrade , a pepper and vi- 
negar fauce 
Poivre , fm. pepper 
Poivrer , va. to pepper 
Vo'wTiQT y fm. pepper-plant ; 

pepper-box ; pepper-feller 
Poivriere, sf. a fpia-box 
Poix, pitch 
Polx-reline, rofin 
Polaire , a. i. polar 
Polaque ou polacre, sf. a 

Levantine veffcl 
Vole, fn. a pole. 
PoMmique, a. n. —mical 
Poll , fm. polish , glofs 
Poli, e, a. polite; neat; po- 
lls hed; bright 
Police , sf. police , polity 
Policer, va. to govern or 

Polichinel, fm. punckinello 
Poliment , fm. polishing y 

Poliment, ad. politely 
Polir , va. to polish, fmooth 
PolifTeur , fm. polisher 
PolilToir , polishing-iron or 

Polifibn, blackguard ; wa" 
PolifTonner, vn. to play the 

fiol; to crack jokes 
PolifTonnerie, sf. .vaggcry ; 
flaying in thcjlrccts 

P o 

Poliffure, sf polishing 
Politeffe , politenefs 
Politique , a. 2. political , 

Politique, yJn. a politician 
Politique , sf. politicks ; 

Politiquement, ad. —'C ally 
Polluer , va. to pollute 
Pollution, sf. pollution 
Poltron , nc, a. cowardly 
Poltron , ne y f. a coward 
Poltronnerie, sf cowardice 
Polycrefte , a.z. — chreji , 

artificial fait 
Poly game, fm. polygamifi 
Polygamic, sf. — gamy 
Polyglotte, a. 2. — glot , of\^ 

feveral languages 
Polygene, a., — gon^ 

of many corners 
Polygraphie , sf. — phy 
Polype , fm. polypus 
Polyfyllabe,(2.2.y7/7. — lahle 
Polytheifme,yOT. — theifm 
Pommade , sf. pomatum 
Sc pommader, vr. ufe po- 
Pomme, sf. apple; head of 

a cane , lettice , &c. 
Pommes de pavilion, trucks 

of the enfgn faffs 
l-'omme d'dtai , moufe of a 
Pomme , fm. cyder. [fay 
Pommeau , a pommel 
Ciel pommcle , a curdled sky } 
Cheval gris - pommel^ , a 

dapple grey horfe j 

P o 

Pommelle , sf a call 
Pommer , vn. to pome , ca 

Pommcraie , sf. an apt 

Pommette , pommel ; ball 

wood or metal 
Pommier , fm. apple-tret 

Pomoyer, vn. to under r 

the cables 
Pompe , sf. pomp; pump 
Pomper, va. to pump 
Pompeufsment , ad.fatel 
Pompeux, fe , a. pomoous 
Pompon , fm. a trinket 
Ponant, the weft. [ftoi 

Pierre-ponce , sf. pumic 
Ponce , fmall-coal dnft 
Ponceau, fm. red popp^ 

dtep fear let 
Poncer , va. to pounce 

print ; to rub \yith a pi 

Vonche, fm. punch 
Poncire, great lemon 
Poncis , print pricked an 

rubbed over with coal di 
Ponftion , sf. puncture 
Pon(^ualite , puncluality 
Pon(riuation, . punciuatiofi 
Ponf^uel , le , a, punctual 
Pon£^aellemcnt, ad. exa' 
Pon(fluer, va. to point 
Pondre, to lay eggs 
Pont, fm. a bridge; a de. 
Pont-Ievis , a draw-bridge 
Ponte , sf. laying of eggs 


a, I 






P o 

ciment pontd , a decked 


ntife , fm. a pontiff' 

ntlfical , e , ^. pontifical 

ntificalement, ad. — cally 

ntificat , fm. pontificate 

nton , a lighter ; ponton 

atonage, pontage, brid- 


ntonnier , ferry -man , 


plitaire, a. z. poplitick 

pulace , sf. populace , mob 

pitlaire , a. i. popular 

Dulairement, ad. — larly 

pularit^ , sf. — rity 

race , e , a. Uek-green 

re , fm. a hog ; pork 

re- epic , porcvpine 

rc-fanglier , wild-boar 

rcelaiiie , sf china , por- 


rehe , fm. a porch 

rcher, a fwineherd 

re, pore 

reux , f e , a. porous 

rques , sf. riders 

rofite , sf. — fity 

rphyre , fm. porphyry 

rphyrifer, va. to grind or 

found on porphyry 

tt , fm. port ; harbour ; 

wharf; burden ; poflagc ; 

:arrlage ; gait ; prefence 

rtage , carriage 

rtail, front gate of a 

:hurch. [with another 

m portant i'autrc , one 

p o 

Portant,/-^. handotrlngof 

a trunk 
Poi tatif, ve , a. portable 
Porte , sf. a door , a gate 
Porte de derriere , a back 

door , a fubterfuge 

Porte-alliette , fm. a tahle- 

fiand. [§"^ bearer 

Porte- arquebufe, the king^s 

Porte brifee , sf. folding 

De porte en porte, ad. from 
door to door. '[<^^fc 

Porte-crayon ,fm. a pencil- 
Porte-eroix , crofs- bearer 
Porte-croffe , crofier-bearer 
Porte-balle , a pedlar 
Porte-drapeaux , colours- 
Porte - enfeigne , colours 
Porte-dp^e, belt, {hearer 
Porte-etendard , fiandard- 

Porte-faix , flreet-porter 
Porte- feuille, port- folio 
Porte-haubans, chain-wales 
Porte-lettre , letter-cafe ; 

Porte-manteau , port-mant- 
le ; cloack-hearer 
Porte-mouchcttes, y}i/ijfl'ri-- 
pan. [punch 

Porte - piece , shoemaker's 
Porte- vergues , sf. iron- 
horfe. [trumpet 

Porte-voix , fm. fpeaking- 
Portee , sf. brood , litter j 
rQ^(h f capacity, range 

P O 105 

A portee du fufil , within 

musket shot , 

Porter, va. to carry; bear ^ 

wear ; induce 
Se porter, vr. to he , to do^ 

in point of health 
Se porter bien, to he wdl 
Comment vous portez- 

vous ? how do yon do ? 
Se porter , to be inclined j ot 

behave one's felf 
Porteur , fm. a porter ; hea- 
rer ; chairman. [bearer 
Porteufe, sf. basket-woman; 
Portier , fm. a houfe-porter 
Portiere, sf, coach- door', 

door-keeper in a nunnery 
Portion, pan ; portion ; a/- 

lowance. [rex 

Portique,/m. a portico; pia-^- 
Portvait , portrait , picture ; 

defer ipt ion 
Livre de portraiture, a <fr<2- 

wing-booL [nc 

Pofe , sf the laying ofafio- 
Pofe , e, a.fiaidlgrave 
Cela pofe' il 5'enluit , this 

being granted it follows 
Pofement , ad. jofdy ; gra~ 

vely. I pofe; grant 

Pofer , va. to ft ; lay ; fup^ 
Pofitif , ve , a. pofitive. 
Theologie pofitive ,pofitive 
?ofitif,jm. pofitive. [divinity 
Poiltion , sf pofition ;fitua" 

tion ; maxim 
Pofitivcment, <7i. — vely 
PoiTeder, va^ to pojfefs; enjoy 

104 P O 

Se poffeder, yr. to keep onc*s 

PoffefTeur, Cm. a pojfcjj'or 
PoiTeffion , .v/ pojfejjion 
Poffeffoire , fm. pojj'cjfwn 
Poffeffoirementjarf. —forlly 
.Po(ret,/m. pojfet 
Poflibilitd , sf. poJfihiUty 
Poirible , a, 2. fm. poJfibU j 

Je ferai tout mon poflible , 

/ will do all I can 
Poftdate , sf. pofldate 
Poftdater , va. to pojidate 
Pofte, sf poji-y pojl-boy; 

pofi'office; hail-shot 
Pofter , va. to poft , place 
Poft^rieur , e , d. Utter, hin- 
Poft^rieurement , ad. after 
Paft^riorit^ , sf pofieriority 
Pofterite , —rity j offspring ; 

after- ages 
Pofthume , a. a. pofihumous 
Poftiche , a. 2. sham } falfe ; 

Poftillon , fm. a pofiilion 
Poftpofer , va. to ejleem lefs 
Poft-fcriptum, fm. pofifcript 
Poftulant, e, a. s. candidate 
PoAuler , v. to be a candida- 
te; tofiandfor an employ- 
ment; to plead 
Pofture , sf pofiurc ; way 
Pot , fm. a pot 
pgt a brai , £it(h-pQ$ 

P O 

Vct-p&urt'i,fm. hotch-potch 
Potable , a. 2. drinkable 
Potage , fm. pottage , foop 
Potager, ajlove for cooking; 

a kitchen garden 
Poteau , a pojl ; afiake 
Potde , sf. a pot-ful ; putty 
Potel^ y ty a. plump ; chubby 
Potelet,yOT. little pojl 
Potence, sf a gallows 
Potence , e, d. potency 
Potentat , fm. potentate 
Potentiel , le , <z. potential 
Potentiellement,ai/. — tially 
Poterie , sf. earthen-ware ; 

patterns work-houfe. 
Poterne , pcjiern-gate ; hack- 
Potler , e, f a poter. {door 
Potier d'etain ,fm .pewterer. 
Potin, brittle hr.tfs 
Potion , sf draught , potion 
Potiron , fm. a large mush- 
room ; a pumpion 
Pou , a loufe 

Pouacre , a. 2. najiy^floven 
Police , fm, thumb ; inch 
Poucier , worker's thimble 
Pou-de-foie, padefoy 
Pouding , pudding 
Poudre , sf powder ; dufi 
Poudre a canon , gunpowder 
Poudrer , va. to powder 
Poudreux, fe , a, dufly 
Poudrier, fm. a fand-box ; 

gunpowder -maker 
Pouf , plump bang 
PoufFer de rire , vn. to hrfak 
out into Uughtit 

f V o 

j Chanter pouilles , to rail 
! PoulIIeux, fe , a. s. loufy 
Pouillicr yfm. an hedge al 
' houfe 
PoulaiUer , fm. hen-rooj 

barton ; poulterer 
Poulain , colt ; bubo ; pull 
Poulaine, sf head of a sh 
Poularde, pullet 
Poule ,Ae/i j^oo/, {at care 
Poulet , fm. a chick ; lov 

Poulette , sf. a young he> 
Poulevrin. V. Pulverin 
Pouliche, pouline, sf. sh 

PouUe , a pulley ; block 
Poulier , va, to lift up wi 

a pulley 
Poulierie, sf. the shedwk 

blocks are made, [or fel. 
Poulieur , fm, pulley-ma) 
Poulieurs , block m 
Poul'mer, v<i. fo/oa/. [^t 
Jument pouliniere, marej 

Pouliot , fm. pennyroya* 

fmall puUey 
Poulpe, sf. pulp 
Pouls , fm. pulfc 
Poumon , the lungs 
Poupard , a babe ; baby 
Poupe , sfjiern , poop 
Poupde , a doll. {cc 

Poupelin , fm. fort of f 
Poupetier, a doll-maker 
Poupin , e, at s, beauis. 




p o ] 

upon, ne , /. plump ; a 
:hiibhy child y homy 
ur, pr. for ; in onlir ; to 
ur lors , ad. at that time , 
then. [Ut'J.c 

ur peu que, c. ntver fo 
voir le pout & le contrs , 
fo know the pro and con 
urceaa , fm. hog , fwine 
urceaii de mer, porpoife 
urchaiTcr , va. to purfuc 
' in hunting ) 

urparler , fm. parley ; con- 
\xr\)\eT , pu-flain, [ference 
U! point, a doubht 
urpre , purple ; the purples 
urpre , sf. purple die 
urpre , e , a. purple colour 
urquoi ? ad. why ? 
;ft pourquoi , theffore 
urrir , v. to rot; putrify 
urri , fm. Ex. Sentir le 
pourri , tofmell rotten 
urriture, sf. rottenmfs 
urfuita , purfuit ; proctf's 
urfuivant ^fxp.' ^ candida- 
te ; a J'uitor ; a purfucr 
urfuivre , va. to' purfue ; 
to pcrfecute ; 'to put in for 
urtant , c. however, not- 

urtour , fm. circumferen- 
ce ; cornpafs 
urvoir , v. to provide 
pourvoir,rr. to make ap- 

'urvo3'eur, fm. a purveyor 
urvu , an incumbent 

P R ! 

Pourvu que, c. provided that 
PoufTe , sf. sh:ot ; purftnefs 
Pouflee de voiite , thej'prea- 

ding of a vault 
Pouder , V. to push , thrufi; 

drive in ; egg on ; bud 
PoufTera bout , va. to non- 
plus, to provoke 
PoufCier , fm. coal-dujl 
Pouffijfe, sf dufl 
PouiHf , ve , a. purfy ; shortr 

PoufTin , fm. a youn^^ ch ck 
Poufii iiere, sf. the PLiadcs 

or J Jlars 
Poutre , a beam 
Poutrclle , a fmall biam 
Pouvoir , V. to bi able 
Vonvow , fm. power; interefl 
Pozzolan^ , sf. — lana 
Prairie , a meadow , a field 
l^raline, crifp almond 
Vvd.tue yfiat-bottomid beat 
Pi-aticable, a. i. praclicabl: 
Pfaticien , fm. a praclitioncr 

in the law 
Pratique , sf. practice ; cuf- 

tom; skill; ciflomer 
Pratiques , clandefiine devi- 
ces. [skiJful 
PratiQUS , a. 2. praSiical ■ 
Pratlqiier , vn. to pjaci's: ; 
to kzep company with ; to 
tamper with . 
Pre , fm. a meadow 
Prealable, a. 2. previous 
Un prealaiile, fm, previous 

P R lof 

Prealablement, ad. previous 


P.eambule,y;;x. a preambuli 
Pr^au , a green 
Preoendler, a prebendary 
Piecaire, a. 2. precarious 
Precairement, ad. prcca" 

Precaution , sf. precaution 
Se prdcautio.iner , r,--. to be 

cautious. {h.ntofore. 

?i6c6dcmmsnt, ad. formerly f 
Precedent, e, a.fwm^r 
P. 6c6dec , va. to precede. 
Preccintes , sf. wales 
Pr^cepte , fm. a przcept 
Pre'cepteur, a pr^ccp:or 
Preceptorat , tu'orjhip 
Preceptoriale, sf. — tory 
Pi eQh.e,fm.proteJ}ant church; 

a fermjn. [ up 

Precher , v.- to prjnch ; cry 
Pi ec;ieur , fm. a forty prea- 

chir , (in derifion). \jnan 
Precleufe, sf africifwo- 
Pieclcufement, ad. ciioicely 
Precieux.fe, a. precious i 

Precipice, fm. apr'.rio'cr. 
Precipitamment . 
Precipltati )r , <■/. 
Precipite , fm. prec pitc^e 
Prdclplte , e , ^. — tated ; 

ovirh:.ti9y ; hurried 
Precipiter, va. to precipita- 
te, to h firry. ^tancc 
Vvic'iS , fm. fum-nary , fuhf-~ 
Precis ^ a ^ a, przcife^fixii 

%o6 PR 

Pt ecifement , ad. preclfcly 
Frecifion , sf. — Jion 
Precoce, a. 2^forwa'-d, ear- 
ly ripe 
l>i6codt6 , sf. forwardnefs 

in fruits , pulfc , &c. 
Precompter , va. to dtducl 
Freconiler , to extol , {^j'^- 

cular word) 
Pi ecurfcur , fm. a forerunner 
Pf edecedei-j vn. to die bforc 
Predeces , fm. death before 

that cf another 
Predeceffeur , predecejfor 
Pr^difceffeurs, anccjlors 
Prederiinauon , sf. —tion 
Prddefliner, va. to prcdcjii- 

pi edetermination, .«/". — tlcn 
Predicament , Jm. — rrent 
Predicateur , a preach -r 
predication, sf. pr&cching , 

a fcrmcn 
PrediiTtion , prediction 
Predileclion , predilection 
Predire , va. to foretell 
Predominant , t , «. — nant 
■ predominer, vn. to prcdcmi- 

nate , prevail [ cs 

Preeminence, sf pneminen- 
preeminent, e, a. — nent 
Preexiftant, e, a. — tent 
Preexiftence , sf — c« 
Preface , preface 
Pr^tVau^e,— r.'.rs 
Preferable, a. 2. prefcrahls 
Preferablement, ad. — hly 
?<cr(^r£, sfprefinnci 

P R 

Pi efifrer j va. to prefer 
Pi efet , fm. prefect; infpecior 
Piefinir, va. to fet ; appoint 
Frclix, e, a. prefixed ffcttled 
Prefixion, sf. fettled time 
Prejudice , fm. detriment 
Prejudiciable , a. 2, prejuii- 

Prcjudicier , vn. to prrjudice 
Prejiige, fm. precedent ;pre- 

fage I prepffifjlon 
Pr^juger , va. to conjecture 
PieIart,yOT. tar-pawling 
Pre! at , a prelate 
Prelature , sf prelacy 
Prele, horfctail 
Pieier, va. to rub with hor- 
Pr^lever, to deduci. [fetail 
Preliminaire, a. z.fn. pre- 
Pre'Iude, /t!. prelude 
Preliider, vn. to prelude 
Premature, e, a. premature^ 

not yet ripe 
Pre'r.aturement , ad. prema>- 

turely , too foon 
Prematurite , sf. — turenefs 
Prdmeditacion, — tivn 
Pr^medlter, v a. to premedi- 
tate. [ifj'.jy 
Pr^mices , sf firft - fnuts ; 
Premier, ey.a.frf, chief, 
fonncr. If/ fling 
premier-ne, fm. firjl-born , 
Prcrnieiement , ad.firji 
Pre-mifTes, sf. premfes 
Premotion , prederrrunation 
Premunir, ya, to forewarn 

P R 

Sepremunir, vr. to provi 
one^s felf [tal 

Prenable, a. 1. that may 
Careme - prenant , Shrov 
Tu^'fday. [put 

Prendre , va. to tali ; ca'c 
Se prendre , vr. to he take, 

lay hold of; thicken 
Preneur, {q , f. a taker j 

Pr^.iom , fm,. firfl name 
Prenotion , sf. notion ^ fi 
mife. [fi 

Preoccupation , prepoff. 
Piecccuper, ra. to prepojfi 
Preoplnant ,y»z. fi.ft vott 
Preopiner, vn. to vote hef 
Pre'paratif, ve , a. — tivi 

■ , fm^. preparatio. 

Preparation, sf. — tion 
Pr eparatoire, a.i. preparai 
Preparer , va. to prepare.''] 
Se preparer , vr. to get on} 

fe If ready 
Prepoi'e , J'm. an overfeer 
Prepofer , va. to fet over 
Prepofilion , sf. — tion 
Fiepuce , fm. fjreskin , 
Prerogative-, sf. prerogak 
Pres , ad. near , hard hy '■ 
A cela pres , ad. that exc» 
ted, except tkat^fo"- all tf 
Pre5-a-pres , cloje 
Plus pres-a-pres, clofr 
Pres duvent, clofe ham 
Preface , jm. prefage , fig. 

De inauvais — — , amine 

P R 

sfagsr , va. to prsfa^^i 
^sbytdial , e , ^i. — rat 
ishytete , fin. parfonagi 
;sbyte. ianifrne , —nifm 
isbyterian , — r'uin 
jsbyterica , ne, a. s. pres- 
'^ytcrlan. [ge 

.'fcience , sf. foreknowUd- 
ifcriptiijle , a. i. — bU 
•fcription , sf. — t'.>n 
fcrire , vn. to pr:f ■■■:.' c 
Teance, sf. precedence 
fence , pre/ena 
feat , e , i7. prefcnt 
'rdfent, ad. nov^ 
Cent , fhz. prsfl :i t'-c ; 
r^fent tcnfe ; a /••.;;,;•, 
'ift. ' [ri.jke 

fsntateur, patron of a bz- 
r3ntatior. , ^f. — 'ion 
fentement , ad. at prefent 
Tenter, va, to przjtnt , 


[Jhr:: th: 

hvitz- au vent, rv. to 

prdlentcr, vr. to co!r.e , 


lerval- , - ■: —th'c 

^dencc, .j. fi^j-.'^ntship 
fident , fiji. a prcfidcnt 
fi-'er , va. to pnjid't 
fidlal , fin. — dial-court 
fomptif , ve, a. prcfump- 
've , appircnt 
Co ir. p t ! n , rf. pr^fi: nptio n 
.■omptu'.u'bment, ad. pre- 
imptuoujly. [fmnptiious 
rpir.ptusux, iQ^ a. pre- 

P R 

Prefque, ad. almofi 
Pr^fru'ile , sf. a pininfula 
Pre.^'amment , ad. prcijing'y 
PreiTant, e, a.preijln/y 
Pi ell e , sf. crowd ; a prefs 
Prefi'i, s, a. s. in haftc 
Pt eHentimsnt .fin. fiirmifis. 
P/el?cntir, va. to fircfia 
Prefix ntir quelqu'ua , to fift 
I one. [crowd 

P; e;^>r , to prcfs ; fini^eie ; 
Se pieiTer , vr. to be in liajh j 

lay clofe 
Pre<Tter , fm. a prejjrnati 
. Prelli„n , sf. coinprcjjlon 
I Preffis , fm. juice or g'avy 
I fcv.tty^cd out. [tub 

i Pfcffoir , a prefs ; falting- 
Prsffurage , prejjinfr ; wine 

expreffed; prefs- fc 
Prefiu:er, va. to prcfs; fjucc' 
\e ; wriiio 
\ Pre^;';,.- , fn. a prcjfmcin 
\ Picn. iTCJ , .<f. noh'c carriage 
Pteitation de reimcn , ?a- 

^ ki:rg an oath 
Prci^e, <7. 2. qu'ck; nimhU 
Prefts , a<i'. ^ri-'c/c 
Prcltemer.t , bla:7t'y , bafilly 
Prqftige , y}?^. prcfilgi , i//«- 

Preitigiateur , M/i'ij^ar^ 
Pi-eilo , ad. — to ; quick 
Prefumer, va. to prsfumc 
Prefuppofer , to prcfuppofe 
PreTuppofition , sf. — tion 
Prefure, rennet 

P R 

Pret , fin. a lean 


e , a. ready 

•et, la pretantaine , ta 

rarnhlc, to gad up and down. 


rreiendant , c 

candidate. [. 

Pr^tendre , v. to p-e;:nd ; 
Pretendu , e, a.fiuvpofid 
Pietention , sf. claim ; aim 
PiCter, va. to lend 
■Se preter , vr. to comply 
Preter, vn. to Jlrctch 
Preter, /?;:. lending 
Preterit, prtter-nnfi 
Preteur fur gage , oawnhro-^ 

ker. ^ ' [ler 

Pret-iur, pretor, Romai rii^ 
Pretexts , — text ; pretence. 
P.erextcr, va. to pretend 
Pfetintailie , sf. wcm:n^s 

trini;r:'ngs , trinkets , fur- 

hihws, ' \_loyv, to trim 
Pietintailler, va. to furbe- 
Pfetoire , fin. judgmcnt-kall ; 

p-xtor's palace 

etonen, m 

/• -■ 

Preti e , fim:a p-ifi 
Pretreffe , sf. a pricfiefs 
P £• e t r 1 fe , /7 riefai 00 d 
Preture , prctor's dignity 
Prevaloir, vn. to prevail 
Seprevaloir jVr. to takzad" 

vantage , to glory in 
Prevaricateur , fm. — tor 
Prevarication , sf. collufion 
Prevariquer , vn. to preva-i" 

cate. [to oblige 


los P R 

Prev^nant, e, a. forward to 
oblige ; engaging; preven- 
Pi cvenir , va. to prevent , 

Prevention , sf. pv^pojjcjjion 
Previlion , sj. fon-jight , 

Pre'voir, va. to forefec 
Prevot,yOT. provo/i , sheriff' 
Prevot de maitie a oanfer , 
a dancing mcfier^s ajfifiant 
Prevotal , e , rt prowftal 
Pre'.-6t3lcin:r.t, ad. hy mar- 
tial law 
Prevoie , sf. provoflshJp ; 
court and prccincis of a 
Prevoyanccf, sf for :fi<y,ht 
P.evoyant, e , a. provident 
Preuvc , f. proof \ ordeal 
Priap^e ,' bav.'dy verfes 
Priapifme, fm. — p'fm 
Prie-Dieu, praying-desk 
"Lqs pries , the guejis 
Prier , va. to pray ; to invite 
Priere , sf. prayer ; dcfire 
Prieur , Jm. a prior 
Prleure , sf a priorcfs 
Prieure, y7,T. a priory 
Primat, a primate 
Piimatial, e, a. — tical 
Primat'e , sf primacy 
Primaute , priority ; eldefi 

hand at pLy 
Prime , premium ; pri\e j 

Primer , v./urpafs; prevent 

PR f P R 

Prime-yere, sf. prlmrofe ; 'Priva.tWstnent, ad. exch 

cow-'jllp ' fively 

Primeur , firjl coming in of Privaat^, sf. privity , int, 

f ults ; newncfs of liQuors Vr\\'6 ,fm. a privy. \mai 
Primitif, ve, a. s. prlm'tive Prive, e, a. privatt; tarn 
Piimitivement, ad. primiti- Confeil prive, privy counc 

•mo , fi'-ft 
sf. birth- 

P;iveiTient, ad. intimately 
Privet, va. to derive 
Privilege , fm. privilege 

Pnvile;j;!e, e, a. s. — leg 


Pfimo , ad. f. - 


right _ ! 

Primordial, e, a. — dial 
Prince, fm. a p-incc 

Princ^ffe , sf. a prince fs Prix , fm. price ; rate ; prii^ 

Prirjcipal, e, a. p-incipal Au prix de , pr. In camp 
Principal , fm. principal ; rij'on of 

capital fum; ma'' n point i Probab.lite, sf — Hty 
Pinc'palemc.-t, di. — ^p^Vj Probable , a. 2. probabl 
Pincipal.te, sf the place] Ukc'y 

cfa p--incipal • Probabl :ment , ad. — hal 

Principaute, principality jP/oba'CU , fm. — tor ^ 

Principe , fm. pnncp'e 
Principion , a petty prince 
Piii-.tan:er,e, a. ofthefpring, 

Prirt^mps, fm. the fpring 
Priority, sf priority 
P;is, e, a. taken , fe\ed 
Pri'e, sf.jakingipriie; dofe; 

Prif^s , an auclioneer^s prir^e 
Prifer, va. to rate, to value 
Prifear ^ fm. an auctioneer 
Prifmatique, a. 2. — tick 
Prifme , fm. a prifm 
Prifon , sf. a prifon , gaol 
Prifonnier, e, a. s. prifomr 
Privatif, ve, a. — tive 
Privation , sf —■'tion, want 

Probation, sf. — tion 
Probil^ , p'-vbity 
Proble'matique , a. 2. pit 

Problemati^uement, ad.pi 

Problems , fm. problem i 
Precede, procedure'^ di 
Proceder, vn. toproceei. 
Procedure , sf. proceel^ 

at .'aw ; 

Proce" , fm. a law-fuit . 
P.ocefTif, ve, a. litiglotii 
ProcelTion , sf — fion ; p\ 

c ceding 
Prochain , e , j. next , nee 
Prochain , fm. a neighkt 
Prochainement, ad. mxt 

P R 

'^roche en prochs, ad. 

\e , a. a. nen^" , mxt 
■hes, frz.pL rc'at-on: 
-'.s , pr. near , nip^h 
.. Ii 3 , ad. by , hard by 
^ ciamation, sf. — don 
clamer , va. to proclaim 
conful, fm. — fisl 
cor.fuiat, — Ju!sh;p 
creation. , r/i — tion 
cr^er , va. to beget 
curateur , fm. — ,'or 
cutaiii>n , sf. a Utter of 
t tor my 

curatrice , proxy 
curer , va. to procure 
cursur , fm. attorney , 

diguleir.ent , ad^ — g^^^fy- 
digalite, sf. extravagan- 
dige , fm. a prodigy, [c c 
digieufoment , ad. pro- 

Kligieux, fe , a. — ?Jous 
idigue , a. 2. profufc , 

'' ;L:e, f. fp end- thrift 
idjguer , va. to lavish, 
mfic. [roujly 

ditoirerr.ent, cd.treachc- 
(iudllon, sf. prcdu'Siion 
duire, va. to produce. 
duit ,fn. produci ^produH 
fanateur, a projamr 
fanation , sf. — tion 
fane, a, 2, s. profans , 


Profaner , va. to profane 

Profarer , to utter 

Pi'.fiis , fe , a. s. profcjjed 

monk or nun 
Profk-'iTcr , va. to profefs 
pLof-ciTjur, fm. a prof Jf or 
Profedlcn , sf. profefjlon , 

Profil , fm. profAe 
Vifa^^e de pro HI, a fide faa 
Profiler , va, to draw the 

Pr oiit ,/;?J. pro ft ; vrofciency 
Pt ontabie, a. 1, — hie , ufefi! 
Profiler , vn. to ^ain ; im- 
prove; profit ; zivivi 
Profond , e , a. deep , pro- 
found. [_ceep'y 
Piofonddment , ad. detp , 
Profondeur, sf depth 
Profu'ement, ad. profufdy 
Profusion , sf. profujion , 

Pi-Ot^res , Jm. pragrsfs . pro- 
Proe;rcflii , ve , c. — five 
ProgrelFiOiT, sf. —fan 
Proh'bc-r, vn. to prohihU 
Marchandij'es f):oh;i:ics , 

prohibited goods 
Prohibition , sf — tion 
Pioie , p'-ey ; hcc:y 
Proje-ilion , — t:cn 
Pro; St, fm. projzci; rou^h 

Projeter , va. to project 
Vicle^omtnes , fm, '—nuna, 
lon^ preface 



P R 109 

O'lX , t:u:ous 
Prouxcm'^nt ,. ^f/, tid'oufly 

Prolixltd, sf. ~ty ^ t^difuf' 


Pi-ologiis , ftn, — lorm 
Pi-o!or.gat;on , sf. —tion^ 

Prolonger, va. to prolong 
Promev:ade, sf walk; wal- 
king. [ had about 
Pron^iCner, va. to v^alk ; to 
Se promener , vr. to v-^rilk 
Pi'omeaoir , fm. walking 

Prom;;fie , sf. promifc ; nots. 
Pf ornetteur , ie , /: promiur 
Promettre , va. to proiyiifi 
Promontoire, fm. — -oiy y 

cape. -[^fTZQtei' 

Prcm : teur , advancer , pro^ 
Promotion, 'sf — tion 
Pfomouvoir, va. to promotz 
Proinpi: , Q,a. quick j aciivc ; 

P, omptement , ad. quickly 
Promptitude , sf. hajie; nim,' 

bU-iefs; pajfion 
Prompuiaire dii droit , fm, 

abridgment of the civ'il lav^ 
Promulgation , sf. — tion j 

Promulguer , va. to pro-, 

mulgatc , publish 
Proner , va. to cry up ; t<f 

preach tedioufy 
Pf on«iur , ic^fonc ivho cricf. 

up; a great talker, 
£ iij 

Pronom'j/J^. a pronoun 
PiOnoncer, va. to pronortnce 
Prononciation , sf. pronoun- 
cing :, ddiv-cry. [omen 
Pronoltic , fm. prognojlic , 
Pf onoftlquer, va. to pr^Jagi, 

to foretell 
Vvop.OiiiqucuT^fm. foreteller 
Propagateur,' — tor, fpreader 
Propagation , sf. — tion 
Pi opager , vn. to propagate 
Pfopenfion , sf. —fy 
Prophete,yOT. a prophet 
Prophetcfle,..?/ aprophetefs 
Prophetic , prvphccy 
Prophetique, a. a.' — thai 
Prophetiqu's-meiit, <zrf. pro- 

phiHcally '• ■ 

Propircti'er, v. to prdphefy , 
foretell. [knd 

Piopice , a. l. propitious ', 
Propiration, sf. atonement 
Pi-opiliatoire , a. 2. • — tory 
> , fm. mercy feat 

Propolis , sf. — lis 
Proportion , — tlon 
Compas d^ pi oportion , frr:. 

a jeaor 
A proportion de , ad. Pro- 
portionable to 
Proportionncl, le , a. pro- 
Proportionneliernent , ad. 

Propoitionnement, with pro- 
Pf oportionner , ya, to nro- 

P R 

Propos , fm. difccurfe , pro- 

pofal, defign 
A propos , a. fit , pat 
A propos , adi pertinently 
A, propos , now I think of it 
A tout propos , at evtry 

turn. [nedly 

De propos dellbere, defg- 
Propofable , a. i. that may 

be prop of d 
Propofant , fm, a propofer ; 

ajiudent in divinity 
Propofer. va. to propofe 
Se propol'er , vr. to purpoft 
Propofer , vn. to deliver a 

Propofltion , sf propofal ^ 

propcfition ; fialfermon 
Fains de propcfition , sh'^w- 

bread. [neat 

PfOpre, a. 2, proper ^ own , 
Propre , J'm. property 
Proprement , ad. properly ; 

Propret, te , a. nicely mat 
Piopretd', sf cUanlinefs 
Propr'ecaire , f proprietor 
Propriete ^ • sf. propriety y 

Au prorata de, ad. propor- 
tionab'y to. [delny 

Prorogation , sf. — tion , 
Proroger , va. to prolong, 
. p^'orogue , put cjj 
Profaique, a. l. profalc 
Profateur, yk. a profe writer 
Profcription , sf outlawry 
Prcfcrue, va, to </utlaw 

P R 

Profcrit , fm. an outla 

Prole , sf profe 
Profelyte , / a profcUtt 
j Prof.) die, sf profody ■ 
': Profopopee , —^popeia 
Profpere , a. i. pro/ptro- 

Profperer , vn. to profi 

to be lucky 
Profperite , sf — rity 
Profternation , projlrati 
Profterr.ement ,y772. prc^ 

ticn. [tratc one's 

Se proilerner , v. to p 
Proftituee, sf a prof it 
Picftitucr , va. to prof i, 
Proflitution, sfprcfitu 
Vvott€tcnr , fm. a protet 
Proteftion , sf — ti 

Proteftrice, a prctccirCj 
Prot^e , fm. a proreus 
Pioteger, va. to protcci 
Proteflan.t, e, a. s. prote 
Piotefla' tifme,yOT. tht 

teftant religion 
Proteflation , sf proteft, 
Pfotefl:er, v. «o prore/ipiroati 
Protet , fm. a protcji 
Protocole, a rcgifur 
Protonotaire , — tary 
Prototype, firfl model 
Protube'rance, sf — rat 
Proue , prow 
Prov^diteur , fm. — a 

overfeer ' 
Proven ant, e, a, accn 


P R 

fOvenlr de , vn. to proceed 
from, to accrue 
rovenu , fm. profit 
rovcibe, proverb , faying 
roverbial , e , a. — bial 
roverblalemeut , ad. pro- 
verb a 'ly 

roueiTe , sf proivcfs 
rovidence , providence 
rovigner, y. to propagate y 

rovin , fm. layer of a vine; 
new yine-fprig 
rovin ce , sf a province 
rovin cial, e, a. s. a country 
gentUmanox gentlewoman^ 
(ojy way of contempt') 
rovifeur J fm. provifor^ pa- 
tron of a college 
roviiion , sf. provifion 
'roviilons , grsnt ^ patents 
loviiionnel , ie, a. provi- 
fion al 

rovifionnellement, ad. pro- 
'rovlfoire, a. %. — fional 
'rovifoirement , ad. pro- 
vifion ally 
'fovocation , sf — tion 
'rovoquer, va. to provoke 
'rouver , to prove ; make 

'roxenste, f a broker 
'roximite , sf proximity 
'rude , a. 2. s.fia'.d , Jober ; 

'ruacmmcnt, ad. prudently 
^xudence, sf. prudenca 

p u 

Prudent, e, a. prudent, wife 
Pt-uderie, sf.prudey^ referve 
Prud'homme , fm. a viewer 
Ptime, sf. a plum 
Pruneau , fm. a prune 
Pruneiaie, sf. orchard of 

Prunelb , a fioe; the pupil 

of the eye 
Prunellier ,y?n. a floe-tree 
Prunier , a plum-tree 
Piurit , itch , itching 
Pialmlfte , pfa'mifi: 
Pfalniodie , sf — mody 
pralmodier, v. to fing pfalms 
Vfa.h6iion , fm. pfa'tcry 
Pfeaume, a pfalm 
Pfcautier , a pfalt^r 
Puamment, ad.fiinkinoly 
Puant, e, a. s. finking 
Puanteur , sf. a fiink 
Pub ere , a. 2. of age for 

Puberte , sf ripe age 
Public, que, a. public 
Public , fm. the public 
En public , ad. publickly 
Publicain ,yJ72. — can 
Publication , sf. — tion , pu- 
Pablicite, puhUcknefs 
Publ-er, va, to publish 
P^bliqucment , ad. publickly 
Puce, sf a fiia 
Hcrbe aux pucfes , fua-wort 
Puccau, fm. a jocular word 

for a male virgin 
Pucelagc , nuidirJaad 

P U Hi 

Pucelle , sf a maid 
Puceron , fm. a grub 
Pudeur, sf. mode fly 
Pudibond , e, a. modefi , 

Pudicit^ , sf. — 'city 
Pudique , a. 2. chafie,mo~ 

Pudiquement , ad. chafily 
Puer , vn. to fiink 
Pue'rile , a. 1. puerile ; 

Puerilement, ad childishly 
Puerilite , sf. puerility 
Puine, e , a. younger 
Puis , ad. then , afterwards 
Puifage , fm. the drawing up 

Puifard , drain-well 
Puifer, va. to draw up 
Puifque , c. fince ,feiiri% that 
PuilT'amment , ad. mightily 
Puiffance , sf. power , might 
Toute-puiffance , omnipo" 

Puiffant, e , a. powerful ; 
Puits , fm. a well. V-'^fiy 

PuHuler, vn. to multiply y to 

fpring up 
Pulmonaire , sf lungwort 
Pulmonie , confifmp:ion 
Pulmoi.ique, a. 2, j<. con- 

Puliation , sf — tion , hea^ 

ting of the pulfe. ' \der 
Pulveiin , fm. priming p ow- 
Pulveriration, sf — Ration, 
Pulvefifer, va, to pulyeriis 

PuiTiicln , /m. palm-oil 
Punais , e, a. s. one who has 

a fitid no ft } hu^.gy 
Punaife , sf. a hug 
Punir , va. to punish 
Punifiable, a. i. punishable 
Piinit.ion , sf. punishment 
PupiUaire, a. i. — iary 
Puplilarlte, sf. pupilage 
Pupii.'e ,/ ward , pupil; tyi- 

Pupitre , fm. a desk 
Pur , e, d!^ pure; mar 
A pvir & d flcin , ad. en- 
tire ly 
En pure perte , in vain 
Piu (ie , sf. peafe-foop 
Puremsr.t , ad uprightly ; 

purely ; intirely 
Purement & iimpleraent , 

without any referve or 

Purete , sf, purenefs ; purity 
Purette , black shining fand 
Purgatif/vCj a. s. purging ; 

Purgation, sf a purge 
Purgatoire , fm. purgatory 
Purger, va. to purge, clear 
Sepurger, vr. to takephyfick 
Purgerie, sf. nfining , v/hi- 

tening of fugar 
Puriiication, — tion, clcan- 

Vv.vincato'iie , fm. —eatery 
purifier, va. topur/fy, cleanfc 
Purifme, y^;:. nicety in the ufe 
of (xpreJJ:ons 

. QU 

Purlfl:e,y?H. a pnrifl 
Pu;italns , — tans y English 

Purpurin, q , a. purp'ish 
Purpurine, sf. ground brafs 
Purulent, e , <:. — lent ; 

Pus , fm. pus , matter 
PuflUdninie , a. i. — nimous 
Puhilanimite, sf. — nimity 
Punule , pujlu'e , pimple 
Putain , a whore 
Putanifme, fm. whoredom 
PutalHer, a whcremifier 
Piitatif, ve, a. Juppoftd 
Put -is , fm, a pole-cat 
Putrefatftion, sf. — tlon 
Putreiier , va. to putrijy ; rot 
Putride , a. a. putnd 
Pj-gmeej/ra. a pygmy, dwa-f 
Pylore , — rus , lower orifice 

cf the flomach 
Pyramidal , e , ^. — dical 
Pyramide, sf pyramid; heap 
Pyrite , sf. fire-fiom 
Pyrctechnie, — nlcs ^ art of 

making fireworks 


2. s. forty years old 
Quadra gefimal , e , <j. — niai 
Quadragefime, sf. — fima 
Quadrangle , fm, — gU , 

Quadrangulaire , a, 2. ^na.- 


Q U 

Quadrat, fm. qurJrat 
Quadrature, sf. — ture 

Quad.-ilk, fm. quadril 
QuaJrupede , a, Qi. f. qtta. 

drupcd. [fol. 

Qaad.apler, v, — plicate 
Qaai yfm. the key on a river 
Quaichc ouketwh, sf. a ketc 
Qaakie, eihj, / a q::aker 
Qualification, sf. — tion 

n.imi , characrer 
Perioane qua'ihee , a ma, 

of qualiiy 
Qualiiier , vn. to callj t 

give the tide of 
Qualite , sf. quality , condi 

tion , nature 
Quand, c. though , if 
Quan«'i , ad when 
Quant a , pr. as for that 

Toutes & quantes fo'is, ai 

v^hemver i as often as 
Quantieme, a. 2. fm. wha» 

which ; day cf the month 
Quantite, sf. quantity^ abm 

darce ; a v.yl deal 
Quarantaine , for;y ; qua 

rantine -.^ 

Quarante, a. 1. forty j. 
Qaaranteuier ,yw. aropejb 

thific of the ratling lines 
Quarantieme , a. & f. for 

Quart , fn. a quarter , ■ 

fca-iyan's wa-ch 


lart de ci. clo , fm. a qua 
I rant 

art de vent, a point of 
hi coir.pafs 
iart, e, j. fourth 
vre quarte, quaitan ague 
quart denier , the fourth 

.arte, sf. a quart; a fourth 
n mufic , at picket , in 
'^encins. , &c. 
arter.ier , fm. alderman 
f a ward 

avteron , quarter of a 
icund i quarter of a hun- 
hed. [ters ; ward 

'artier, a qaa'tcj ; quar 
laitier, a quad'-ant 
— do redudion , fin'cal 
quadrant. \jnoJler 

ia^tlc -maitre , quarter- 
quartier , ad. afidi 
\ in-quarto , a quarto book 
iafi, ad. almofi; even 
:jafimodo , sj. Low- Sun- 
day « 

aaternniie, a. i. — na-y 
iatorz3 , a. 1. fm. jourtcen 
-latcizierr.e , a. 2. j. fou 
tecnth. [verfes 

Jatrain ,^aoffou 
:iatre, a. l. fm. four 
iatre-vingt, a, z.fourfcore 
ualrleme, a. i. fm. fourth 
\3itnemement, ad. fourthly 
•le , pro. that ; which ; 
whom; what 
ae, c, that i till 


Que, ad. how, how much ; 

than; but; leji; unlefs ; 

Quel ? quelle ? p'O. a. what? 
Qael que foit , whatever 
Tel quel , indifferent, [none 
Quelconque, whatever^ rzn^; 
Qucloue, fomcy howfoever 
Quelquefois, ad. formtimes 
Qaelqu'un , fm. fomehody 
Qnenouille, sf d.Jhf; bcd- 

Querelle, a quarrel 
Qaerellei- , vn. to fcold 
Se quareller , vr. to quarrel 
Querelleur ^Cq ,f a quarrel- 

fome jnan or wom^n 
Querelleux, fe , a, quar- 

Qucrir , va. to fetch 
Qaeilion, sf, qnefi-on ; di~ 

hat' ; rack , torture 
Qu.ftionnaiie,/72. atorturer 
Qucftionner,y^. to ask que,- 

ticns. [miner 

Quedionneur , fm. an exa- 
Quete , sf. quejl ; fe.irch ; 

Quete de VcJambord , rake 

of the ftcrn poft 
Queter , v. to hunt ; make 

a gather ins; go a beogn^ 
Qiieteur, fe , f. one who ma- 
kes a gathering 
Queue, sf. tail; train; handle 
Qui , pro. that, who, whom; 
- which 
Qui que ce foit, whoever 

^ Q U III 

Mettre a quia , va. to non- 
Qaiconque , pro. whoever. 
Quietude , sf. quietnefs 
Qu gnon , fm. luncheon of 

Qui lie, sf a nine-pin ; keel 
Quiller, vn. to throw who 
is together , at nine-pins , 
QuiUier,y5z». nine-pin; fquare 
Quinaud, e, a. abashed, 

Quir.gonneau , fm. target 

Quinquagenaire , a. 2. s, 
fifty yza's old 

Quu",quao;eume , sf quln- 
q u ageflma-Su n day 

Quinquina, fm. jefuits bark 

Quint, e, a. fifth 

Quintal, fm. a quintal 

Quinte, sf a violent fit of 
coucrhing ; a freak; quint 

Quinte-feuille , cinqucfoil 

Qu nteffence, — ce 

QuintefTencier , va. to hi 
r.'ce or critical 

Quinteux , fe , a. whlmfical 

Quintin , fm. kentin 

Quinzaiiie, sf. fifteen ; fort' 

Quinze, a. a. fifteen 

Quinzicme, a. i. fm. fif- 

Quiproquo, fm. a irJfiAs. 

Quittance, sf an acquit- 
tance. [receipt 

Quittancer , va, to write, a. 

zr4 Q IT 

Quitte , a. 2. quit , clear ; 

free; rid 
Quitrement , ad. clear 
Qaltter, v. to quit iforfakc ; 

pull or cajl off" 
Quoi , pro. which , -.vhat 
Quoi qu'il en foit , be it as 

it may 
Quoi ! part, what ! how now ! 
Quoique, c. alcho\ the* 
Quolibet, ym. quirk , pun 
Quote part, sf. quota 
Quotidien , ne , «. dally 
Pain quotidien , dally bread 
Quotient , fm. quotient 
Quotite, sf. quota 

K ABAIS , fm. nhaumznt , 
fall ; tare , deduction 

RabaaTorasnt, /:///.;^; lif 

Rabaifier , v. to abate ; 
ieffcn; check; fall 

Rabans, fm. earrings , gas- 
kets , rcpe-hands , knlttles 

Rabat , fm. a band ; ths tip- 
ping at nine-pins 

Rabat-joie, a fad balk 

Rabattre , va. to abate, hate; 
tip ; fall on 

Rabattues , sf. hances or 
falls of the rails 

Rabbin tfm, a rabbi ; Jewish 

Rabbinique , a, a, — nlcal 

R A 

Rabblnifme , fm, --^nlfm , 

Rabbinifte, — nifi 
Rabetir, v. to fiuplfy ; to 

grow dull 
Rable , fm. back of a hare ; 

rake for an oven 
Rablu, e, a.Jhong-hacktd 
Rablure , sf rabbit or chan- 
nel cut in the keel of a ship 
Rabot, fm, a plane 
Rabotar, vq. to plane; tew 
Rabcteux, fe, a. rugged 
Se rabougrir , vr. to grow 

P.abouillere , sf. a rabbit's 
P.abrouer, va, to fnub 
Raca^e , fm. parrel 
Racaille, sf. rabble; trash 
Racamb^au , traveller 
Racambeau du grand foe , 

the jib-iron 
P.accommodage , fm, men- 
dim'^ , piecing 
Raccommodemsnt , recon- 
FvaccoiT.moder, va. mc:ul ; 

ft right ; reconcile 
Raccommodeur, {e y f. a 

ir.endcr ; a botcher 
Raccorder, va. to reconcile 

again ; to new tune 
Raccourcl, fm. abridgment ; 

foreshortening ' 
Raccourclr , va. to shorten 
R;iCCOUrc:frement,y/?i. shor- 
tsning, abridging 

R A 

F.accoutrer , va, to mend 
Raccrocher , va. to ho 

again , to recover , to 

Race, sf. race; b'ced; kin 
Racbat,yOT. redemption , . 

covery. ^ [and , 

Rache , sf dregs of pii 
Rachetabls , a. 1. redi 

Racheter, va. to buy agai 

redeem; regain 
R:ichitique, a. 2. ri::kstt^ 
R a c h i v i s , /«7 . rick ets j| r^ 
Racine , sf. root ; princ'M 
Racmer , va. to fpring^ 

dye with roots 
Racle-boyau, fm. fcrapt 

forry fdlcr 
Racier, va. to fcrape ^ gr, 
Racleur,/;7z. afcrapcr,fo. 


Racloir, afcraper ; a rah^ 
Racloire, sf. afirickU \ll!ut e , fcraping \ 

Raconter, va. to r^atCy% 
Racornir, to make touyh 
S& racquitter, vr. win 
Rad e , sf. road for sh 'ps 
Radeau,ym. raft cftimi 
Fvadcr , vn. to come intpt 

F.auiatio!i , .if. radlatio. 

ci offing out 
Radical, e, a. radical 
Radicalement, ad, — call 

Pv.adier , fm. apron in a dc 

R A 

iieux , fe , ^. ra<^:nnt 

lotage , fm. dotazi 

ioter , vn. to dots 

loterie, sf. dotage 

[otsui , is ,/; a dotard; 
dotine: man or ivorzan 
oub , fm. rcjieting of a 

hip. [pair 

ouber, v:i. to refit, re- 
oubeur , fm. a calkcr 
oucir, va. to fwjtten, 
' foftsn. [gatlon 

ouciffement, fm. miti- 
dles , sf. fuddin fqualts 

ermir , va. to Jircngthen 
ermiilement, fm. cfia- 

inage , refinement 
[n6 , e , f. sharp blade 
Lnement , fm. refining; 
Tzcied nicety 
iner , va. to refine 
affi.ier , vr. to grow 
arp. [ho life 

nerie, sf. fiigar hake- 
aeiir ,»ym, a fugar-ba- 
•; hype'-critick 
: ralfoler , vn. to make 
e mad 

! J sf. pair - royal at 
e; grapi^s fialk 
:r , va. to fwecp thi 
ird. {fresh 

iichir , V. to cool ; rc- 
ifraichir , vr. to grow 
d, to blow fcsh 
lichiliaatj e, a, eooling 

R A 

Ra. f>: rAch'ii^einent, fm. a coo- 

lir.g , refreshment 
Ragaillardir , va. to brisk up 
Rage , sj. madncfs , r.-zge 
Ragot, Q,a. thick atid short 
Pvagot , e , /. short- arfe 
Ragoiit , fm. rao-oo 
Ra-outant , e , a. rclif- 
hing; p leaf ant. [hit 

Un mets ragoiitant, a tid- 
Ragouter , va. to revive one^s 

Jiomach , to quicken 
Ragraffer , to clafp again 
Rate , sf. line ifiroke {finak; 

furrow ; thorn-back 
R.ajeunir , va. to make young 
Rajeanir , vn. to grow young 
Raj.^uniiTement , fm. grow- 
ing young again 
R.aifoit, horfe radish 
Railler , v. to rally; banter 
R-aillerie , sf. bantering 
Railleur, fe , a. s. bante- 
ring ; hanterer 
Rainure , sf. a groove 
Raiponce, ranifions 
Rais , f;n. afpoke of a wheel 
Raifln , a grape 
Raiflns de Corinthe , dried 

Raifins iecs , raifins 
Raifine , thick confection of 

Raifon , sf. reafon ; fcnfe 
A raifon dc, ad. at the rati of 
A plus forte raifon, much 
nan , mugh lefs 

Ralfonnabie , a. 2. rtafona- 

blc ; competent 
Raiibnnablement, ad. ra" 

tionally fjufily , reafon ably 
Raifjnne, e, a, rational 
Raifonnement , fm, reafo^ 

ning ; judgment 
R.aifonner , vn. to reafon 
, Raifonneur,fe,/ arcnfoner 
' Raj-iftement, /«. reconci- 
R.ajufler , va. to fet in order 

again ; reconcile 
Rile,fm. rayl; rattling in 

the throat 
Ralement , rattling in ths 

Ra'entir , va. to fiacken 
RalentifTemontj/OT. fiacke- 
, «^«^' [threat 

Raler , vn. to rattle in the 
Rahngue, sf- bolt rope 
Ralinguer, vn. to fiy loofc 

to the wind 

, va. to Jew the holt" 

ropes to a fail 
R a I h e m e n t , /ot. rallying 
Rallier , va. to ral'y 
Rallierau vent , vn. to haul 

the wind again 
Rallonger, va. to lengthen. 
R.aHumer , to Ugh: again 
Ramage , fm. the warbling of 

' birds ; flowering 
R.amager , vn. to warhle 
Ramaigrir, v. to make lean 

Raraas ,y»?, colUclion , heaps 

ii(j R A 

RamafTe, sf. fudge ufcd vn 

the Alps 
Ramaffer , va, to gather ; 

colUa. [&c. 

Rair.alils, fm.heap of rags, 
Ramberge , sf. advice-huat 
Rame , an oar ; ream ; fiakc 
Rameau, fm. a hou^jh 
Ramee , sf, an arbour 
Ransender , v. to fall in 

price , to mend 
Ramener , va. to bring hack; 

to reclaim. [ rabbet 

Ramequin , fm. a welch 
R.amer , V. to row \ fct up 

fiicks for pcnfc , &c. 
Ramereau , fm, young ring- 
Rameur , fm. a rower 
Rameux , (c , a. branchy 
Rainier, y^z. a wood-pi gion 
Ramification , sf. tion , 

branching out 
Se ramificr , vr. to ramify , 

to part into branchss 
Ramoitir , va. to damp , 

Ramoilir , to foften 
RamollifTant, jm. emollient 

phyfiC. [ chimniy 

Ramoner , va. to fv^zep a 
Ramoneur , fm. a chimncy- 

Rampar.t , e , ^. rampant ; 

crawling ; cringing ; fer- 

viUy mean 
llampe , sf. fight ofajlair- 

fafci balujlrade ; fiop^ 

R \ ■ 

Ramnement , fm. creeping 
Pvamper, va, to crawl , cresp , 

Ramure , sf horns of a d^cr 
Ranee, a. 2. fm. rancid, 

Ra'csdite, sf ruftinefs 
Rancir , vn. to grow rancid 
Pvanclffure , sf ranc'dnefs 
Rangon , ranfom 
Rar.gonnemert , fm. extor- 
tion ; exacting 
^angonner , va, to ranfom; 

to extort 
Rancune, sf. rancour , grud- 
ge. _ [ rous 
Rancunier, e, a. s. ranco- 
Randonnes , sf. hunger's 
courfe. [ r.zte 
Rang ^fm. rank; row ; turn ; 
Pvangee , sf. a row 
Ranger , va. to Jet in O'-dzr 
Ranger la cote, to coaft 
— le vent, to claw the wind 
Se ranger , vr. to fiand by ; 

to fde 
Ranimer , va. to revive 
Rapace , a. a. rapacious 
Rapaclte , sf. rapacity 
Rapatrlement , fm. recon- 
Rapatrier , va. to reconcile 
Rape , sf. grater ; rafp ; fh 
Rape , fm. new wine 
Raper , va. to grate ; rafp 
RaaetafTer, to patch up, piece 
Rapctiffer, v. to Lffcn;grow 
lefs or ihort-j shrink 

R A 

Rapide, a. a. rapid, fwlj 
R a p i d em e ■ ; t , ad. fwftly 
Rapi dive , sf. — ty , fwiftt 
P.ap'dcsr, va. to piece 
Rapiecetage , fm. pate 

work. [p 

Rap eceter , va, to pat 
Rapiere , sf. a rapier 
Rapine , 7'apine, plunder! 
Rapiner , v. t > pillazt.^ ; 
Ray)ineur , fm, plunderer 
Raplquer au vent , vn 

brino a sh'p to the wiili 
Pv.appel , fm rsc.ill 
P-appc-ler, va. to c.all h. 

call over again ; recal. 
Rapport, I'm, rep on ; 

duce ; affinity ; rcfpeB. 
Pieces de rapport, if 

work. [ compA 

Par rapport , pr, as to 
Rapporter, v<7. to bring! 

relate ; yield ; tell tal 
Se rappo.ter, vr. to ai 

join iff lie 
Rapporteur , fe,/ ai&WP;f* 
Pvapporteur , fm. judgi ^'tr 

nports the cafe; pro 
Pvapprendre , va. to 

Rapprivoifer , tarr.e agt 
Psapprocher, to draw 

again; reconcile . 

Rapfodie, sf rhapfody\ 
P. ap fo d ! ft e , fm . rh apfo\ 
Rapt , rape 

Raquetier , yJw. racket-. 
Racju^tt? , sf. d racket] 

R A 

ueton , fm. large racket 
e, a. 2. rare j uncommon 
efaiflif, ve, a. — nvc 
efaftion, sf. — don 
efiant, a. rarsfiabU 
sfier , va. to ranfy 
sment , ad. rarely, f:ldom 
ste , sf. rarity , fcarcity 
iflime , a. 2. very rare 
, e , a. shaved clofe ; 

i campagne , open field 
-de-chalon, fm. shaloon 
dss Saints , the race of 
ints near Breil 
de ma'de, tide gate or 
ide , sf a brimmer, [race 
» , caulking pitch 
;ment , fm. demolishing 
it , va, shave i ra:^e ; 

bus , ad. clofe 
y\r , fm. a rar^or 
afiant , e, a. cloying 
afiement, fm. fatigty 
'aSirc , va. tofi!l;fatiati 
"embler , to gaihsr ; col- 
cl; join togither again v 
eet again 

affxfri^ner, vr. to clear up 
ledger , va. befege again 
IS y e, a, fiale ; Jiaidy 

eoir , vn, to fettle 
raffeoir , vr. fa down 

'arer, va. to fecure; put 
'. heart again 

R A 

Se rafTurer , vr. to cheer up 

again , fettle 
Rat , fm. a rat ; fmall raft 
Ratafia , ratafia , cordial //- 

Ratatin^, e, n. shrivelled 
Rate , sf. the fpUen 
Rateau , fm. a rake ; ward 

of a lock 
Ratelee , sf. a raking 
Rateler , va. to rake 
Rateh\xr,fm. a raker 
Rateieux , {e , a. s.fplenetic 
Rateiier , fm. a rack 
Rater, vn. to fncp ; to flash 

in the pan 
Ratier, fm. a humorijl 
Rati ere , sf. rat or moufe 

Ratification , ratification 
R-atifier, va. to ratify 
Ratillon , fm, little rat 
Ratine, sf, rateen 
F-atiocination , ratiocina- 
tion , argument 
Ratiociner, vn. to argu^ 
Ration , sf. share of provi- 

fions ; daily allowance to 

Rationnel , le , a. rational 
R.atiffer , va. to fcrape ; rake 

Ratiflfoire , sf. an iron rake 
RatifTures, fcrapings 
Raton , fm. cheefcake 
Rattacher, va. to tie again 
Ratteindre, to overtake 
Rattsndri/ , to fofan again 

R A 1T7 

Rattf aper , va. to overtake ^ 

regain ; catch again 
Rature , sf. rafure ; fcratch 

in writing 

R^tmer yva. to raie,fcratchg 

blot out 
Ravage , fm] ravage , wafls. 
Ravager , va. to ravage 
Ravalement, fm. difgrace^. 

fall of a vejfcl*s deck 
Ravaler, va. to debafe ; t@ 

fwallow down again 
Ravaudage,^^.' botching 
Ravauder , v. to botch ; fold 
Ravauderie , sf. filly faff' 
Ravaudeur , fe , / a kotchef^ 
Raucite, sf hoarfensfis 
Rave , sf. a radish 
R&vcVin , fm. ravelin 
Raviere , sf. radish plot 
Ravigote, a shalot faucc 
R.avigoter , va. to revive 
P.avilir , to vilify 
Ravin , fm, a hollow road ^ 

a gutter caufed by a flood 
Ravine, sf, a flood; hollow 

in a road 
Ravir , va. to ravish , charm 
A ravir , ad. charmingly 
Seravi^er, vr. think better 

of it, [cha rm ing 

R-avifTant , e , a. ravenous ; 
Raviffement yfm. ravishing , 
, rapture 

RaviiTeur, fm. a ravisher 
Ravitaillemenf , fpply of 

provifions and ammunition 
RavitaiUer, va. vlstual again 

iiS R A ^ I 

Raviver, va. to hrisk up j 
Ravoir , to get a^ain j- 

Pvauque , a. 2. hoa-fz \ 

Rayer, va. to Jinak ; era/e; 

rifle a gun 
Rayon ,/Jn. a ray; furrow ; 

/poke i radius 
Rayon de miel, honey-comh 
Rayonnant , e , a. radi-int 
^Aycnnemtnt, fm. radiation \ 
Rayonner , vn. to emit rays | 
Ray are , sfftripts; the rifle 

of a gun 
Re , fm. d, re , mujical note 
Reaggrave , fm. laji commi- 

nation. [ gravate 

Reaggraver , va. to rcag- 
Reajournement , new fum- 

mons. [ again 

Rsajcurner, va. to fummon 
Reale , sj. commander's gal- 

Realifcr , va. to renhit 
Realite , sf. reality 
Reappofer , va. to feal :iv 

again. ifi^g again 

B.ear>pi eolation , sf. apprai- 
Rearpentage , Jm. fecond 

land furvcy 
Reaffig'^.ation , sf. new af- 

fignment ; new Jummons 
R^affigner , va. to fummon 

again ; to ajfign anew 
R,eatteler, ra. to put toagain 
Rebaifer , to kifs again 
Rebander, to cock ^pifiol 

again ; hind up a wound 

eiAin; mw-bind a bow 


Rebaptifation , sf haptijlr.g 

Rebaptifer, va. chrijlen again \ 
Rdbarbatif, ve, a. crabbed, j 
Rebater , va. to pack-faddle 
Rebat'ir, to rehnild. [again 
Rebattre , to hzat again ; 
shiijjle again j repeat over 
and over. [ rebel 

Rebelle , d. 2. s. rebellious ; 
Se rebeller , vr. to rebel. 
Rebellion , sf. rebellion 
Rehdnir , va. to new confc- 
crate. [f^^^ 

Se reb^quer , vr. to he mala- 
Reblanchir , va. to new- 
wash or white. 
Reboire , to drink again 
Rebondi , e, j. round, plump 
P>.ebondir , vn. to rebound 
Rebondiffement , fm. re- 
Rsbord, border ; htm; ledge 
Reborder , va. to new border 
Se rebotter/ vr. to put on 

one's boots again 
Rebouchement , fm. blun- 
ting. [ blunt 
Reboucher, r. to flop again; 
R.ebouillir , vn. to boil again 
Pvsbours , fm. wrong fide ; 

wrong fenfe 
A rebours , au rebours , ad. 
againji the grain ', wrong 
Pvcbours, e , a. crofs grained 

Reboufe , sf, flanin^ bolt 

R E 

Reboutonner, va, to hut 

Rebi afier , to brew again 
Rebrlder , to bridle agai, 
Rebroder, to imbroidera^ 
Rebrouiller , tc mix , emb 

A rebroufle-poil, ad. ago 

the grain , the wrong w 
RebrouiTer , va. to turn 

th: hair. [l 

RebrouiTer chemin , to 
Rebroyer , to grind aga. 
R.ebrunir, to burnish age 
RebufFade , sf. a rebuff 
Re'bus , fm. rebus ; fUyp 
Rebut , repulfe ; trash 
Rebufcant , e, a. craffh 

Rehuter, y. torefufeiiii 

harshmfs ; thrufl am 

dishearten ; difqulet 
Recacher, va. to hide <?!« 
Recacheter, to feal up at 
Recapitulation , sf. — ti 
Recapltuler , va. to reC, 

Recarreler , to new-pc 

to new~fole 
Recelement , fm. cone 

Receler , va. to conceal 

Receleur , fe , /. receivi 

ftolen goods ; concealer 
Re'cemment , ad. lately 
Recent, e, a. recent y^ 
Recepifle , /w, a naipt 

R E ] 

eptacle ,fm. a recepta- \ 

'e,jneji; common-sho^c \ 

eption , sf. reception j 

imittance j 

zttQ , receipt ; recipe j 

evable , a. 2. that may j 

: admitted j 

eveur , fe , f. a receiver \ 
• • I 

evoir , va. to receive 

hdiffdLnd.e:T,toncwJcjjfold j 

liange , fm. change of, 

ms , cordage , to ufe on \ 

cafion. [ again \ 

langsr , va. to change \ 

lanter , to Jing n^cin j 

lapper , vn. to cfcape ; 


large , sf. fresh charge; 

iditional tax 

larger , va. to load 
■ " J- ^ 

ai-n ; to direa again. 

laiTcr, to beat back 
laud , fm. cha^ng-dish 
lautver , va. to warm 
din ; ftir up again 
aufFoir , fm. fmall flove 
• cooking [ again 

aufTer , va. to put on 
lerche , sf inquiry , 
\rch \ courtship 
levcher , va. to fek 
ain; make enquiry, court 
lerchrur , fm. fearcker 
iigne , e , grim-faced 
X rechigne , fm. old 

ligner , vn. to look gru^ 
lUte , sf a Til op fa 


Recidive, sf a relapfe 
R.ccid:ver , vn. to relapfe 
Recif , fm. reef or ridge 
Recipe , prefcription , re- 
cipe. [ chemiflry 
Recipient , — plent , vejfel in 
RecprocaLion, sf — tion 

Rcciprocite , cation 

Rcciproque, a. 1. s. reci- 
procal. \_^^lly 
R.ecIproqucment, d^. — pro- 
Rdciproquer , vn. to requite 
B.eclrer , va. to vjax a^ain 
K6c\t,fm. recital ; recitative 
Recitateur , rehear fer , reciter 
Rdcitatif, recitative 
Recitation , sf rehearfin^ 
Riciter , va. to recite ; tell 
Reclamateur , fm. claimant 
reclamation , sf — tion 
Reclame, direction- word; 

catch- word 
Redamer , v. to claim ; 

irjiplcre ; object again 
Se reciamer de, vr. to make 

ufe of one's name 
Rsciiner, vn. to ncllne 
Reclouer , va. to nail again 
Reclure, to cloijler up 
Reclus , e , a. s. reclufe 
Se lecoifTer , vr. to drefs 

one's head again 
Recognsr , va. to beat back ; 

to knock in again 
Kcco'itiyfrn. nook i by-place 
Pv.ecoIetnent , re-examination 
Recoler , va. tore-examine 
Reioilsiition , sf ---tion 

R E 215^ 

V^ecoWex t V a. pajle or glue 

Se recoiliger, vr. to recollect 

o-e's feff 
Rccolte, sf. crop ^ harve/i 
Recommandable, a. z. com- 
RecommandarefTe, sf. wo- 
man who keeps an cjfci 
for maids and nurfts 
Recommandatioa , rccom* 

mendation; ejltem 
R.ecommander , va. to rc- 

Recommencement ^fm. new 
beginning. [ again 

Recommencer , va. begix, 
Rdcompenfe ^ sf a reward ; 
amends. [^turn. 

En recompenfe, ad. in re- 
Recompenfer, va. to re- 
ward ^ make amends 
Recon^pofer, to compofe. a- 
gain. [gain. 

Recompter, to tell over a- 
Reconciliabie , a, 2. rtcon- 
cihahle. \ciler 

Reconcillateur ,ym. rzcon- 
Reconciliation, sf, — Uracftt 
Reconcilier, va. to reconcile 
F.econduiie , to reconduct 
Reconfirmer, to confirm a- 

Reconfort, fm. comfort 
B.econf3rter , va. to cheer , 

to Jlrengthen 
Reconfrontation , sf\ th& 
confronting again 


110 Px E I 

RcconfiOiiter , v<7. to con- 
front af,ain 
Kecoimoiilable , a, i, cafy 

to hi knoH'.'i a^ai.i - \ 

Reconnoiffar.ce, sj\ grati- 
tude ; reward ; ccr.fcjjion ; • 
a knowing again ; a fca- 
mark [ fid 

Kecor.noiflant , e, a. grate- 
Reconnoitre, va. to know 
again ; acknowlcdgt ; ob- 
fcrve, \_to oni's fdf 

Ss reconnoitre , vr. to come 
Keconqu^rir , va. to recon- 
quer, [dif^g again 
Reconftruftion , sf. a buil- 
Reconilruire, va, to build 
again. ~ {g^i^ti 
Reconfulter, to confiilt a- 
Reconter, to relate or till 
' again. i 
Recont:afber,r/2. fo contract 

Keconvoquer ^ va. to con- \ 
vene again I 

Reconier, to copy again \ 
Recoqu:llcment,y7;z. shrin- ' 
kin-r ; curling ap j 

RecoqaiUer, va. to curl; 

shrink. [on'es lejjon I 

Recorder fa logon , to con 
Recorriger , to correcl again i 
Recors,yw. bailiff* s folio- i 

wer. i^gain 

Recoucher, va. to put to bed 
Recouctre , to fev,' again 
llecoupe , sf rubble offco- 
ms}, bran 

R E 

Rscouper , va. to cut again 
Recourber, to bend 
Recourir , vn. to run again : 

to have recourfc to 
Recours , frn. ncourfe ; rc- 

PvecoufTe, sf. refcuc, help 
P,ecouvrable , a. 1, recove- 
rable, [ry 
R.ecouvrement, y^. recove- 
Recouvrer , va. to recover , 

to retrieve 
Recouvrir, to cover again 
Recracher, to f pit often 
R^creatif , ve , a. diverting 
Recre'ation , sf. recreation 
Pvecr(^dentiaire, y?n. — tiary 
Recreer, va. to recreate 
Recr^er , to recreate anew , 
regenerate , be a new /crea- 
ture in Chrif. [drofs 
Recrement , fn. —mint , 
Recrementlel , le, a. — ci- 
tioiis , drojfy. [^ii^ain 
Recr^pir , va. to parget a~ 
Recreufer , to dig; again 
Recribler, to fift again 
Se reciier , vr. to exclaim 
Recriniination , sf. — tion 
R«fcriminer, vn, to recrimi- 
Recrire, va. to write again 
Recroiire , vn. to grow again 
Se recroqueviller ^ vr. to 

shrivel y to shrink up ^ 
Se recrotter , to dirty one*s 
felf again, _ [fpent 

Reeruj c ^ a, jaded ^ quite 

R E 

Recrue, sf recruit; ret 

Recruter , va. to recrui 
Re<rtangle , a. 2. s. recic 
Reiftangulaire, a. 2. re 

Re^leur , fm. a rector 
Redincation , sf — < I 

Re(^ifier, va. to rectify 
Reftiligne , a. 2. reHii 
Re£litude, sf reHitudc 
Reao,>. thefi^fipa^ 

a Ic.-.f 
Reftoral*, e, a. recloral j 
RciTrorat , fm. rcclor^hk\ 
Regu , a receipt V 

Recueil , a collection , 
Pvecu-eillement , recoil 
RecLieillrr, va. to ga\ 

reap ; recollect ; com 

receive I 

Recuire , to roajl or h 

gain ; to neal 
Recuit, e, a. over-don\ 
Kecnit, fm. nealing 
Reculteur, b'ancher oi\ 

ler in the, mint 
Recul , a recoil 
Recule, e, a.di(tant^r\ 
Feu de reculee, gri^ 

that makes pcoplit^i 

IXccvilement, fm. puttiA 

drawing back; delay I 
Pxcculer , v. to put bacl\ 

back ; retard ; recoil i 
A reculons , ad, buckm 

R E 

:ufsble , a. 2. exctptlona- 
U. [ law 

:ufation , sf. exception in 
:ufer, va, to except a- 

i aft ion , sf. digcfiing 
Unfer, ra. to dance again 
Idition , sf. funend-tr 
Idbattre , va. to debate 


to declare , 

.edier , to new dedicate 
lefaii e , to undo again 
ejeuner ^ breakfaji 

.^libdrer , va. to take 
^ain into confideration 
elivrer , to ftt a fecond 
me at liberty 
lemander , to ask acraln 
iemeurer , vn. to fay a- 
ain. Is^l^' 

lemolir, va. demolish a~ 
lempteur ,fm. a redeemer 
'emption , sf. — tion 
^epecher , va. difpatch 
^ain. l^down again 

lefcerdre, v. to come 
'evabk, a. 2. indebted 
^evip.ce , sf. rent , fei^icc 
levancier J e,/ tenant, 
affal. [gain. 

levenir , vn. become a- 
.evider, va. wind up again 
.evoir , to owe fill 
;iger , to commit to wri- 
'ng,to dlgefi. [one's felf 
rediraer , vr, to acsmpt 

R E 

P.ed'mgote , sf riding-coat 
Pv.edire, va. to fay over again; 

to blab ; to find fault 
Redifeur , fm. repeater ; tell- 
tale, [again 
Pvcdiiliibuer, va. to dijiribure 
Redifc^.ibution , sf. new dif- 

Redile , repetition 
Redompter , va. fubdue a- 

Redondance , sf. redundance 
R.edondant, e, a.fupcfluous 
Redonder, va. redound; re- 
flect \.f^'l ^^ again 
Redonner , to give again i 
Redorer , to nzvj gild 
Redormir , vn. to fecp again 
Redoublement, /ra. a vio- 
lent ft \ incnafe 
R.edoubler, vd, to new line ; 

to incrtaft 
Pv.edoutabie, a, 1. formidable 
Redoiite , sf a redoubt 
Redouter , va, to fear, dread 
Redrefferr.entj/rz. reforming 
Redreder, va%to rectify; ma- 
ke firaight ngain ; fet up 
again ; redrefs 
Redreffcr un vaifleau, tc 

right a ship 
Reduilible, a. 2. reducible 
Redu<^if, ve , a. reductive 
P.eduffc'ion , sf — tion , redu- 
V^idmre, va. to reduce, [cing 
Se reduire , vr. to amount. 
Riduit , fm. a little habita- 
tion i by-place 3 nogk 

R E 221 

Redr.pUcaiif, ve , a. — tire 
Rdduplication , sf. — tion. 
Recdification , re-edijy/n^ 
FvCsdifier, va. to re-cdfy 
Reel, le, a. real 


ment^ aa. really , in* 

deed. [ 

Pvcer , vn. to bellow , as a 
Refagonner, va. to form a- 

Rsfaire , va. to do again ^ 

mend; deal again. 
Se refaire, vr. to recover 
Refait,ym. a drawn game . 
Refaucher, vfl. to mow again 
Refeftion , sf repafl ; repair 
Refe£loire,//w. nfeciory 
P.efe£i:orier , ere , sf houfc- 

keeper in a nunnery 
Refend (mur de),/i7z. parti' 

tionwall. [ gaitt 

Refendre , va.. to cleave a- 
Refe^e , fm. report 
B.eferendaire , — dary in 

Pv.eferer, v. to refr; report 
Ps.efermer, va. to shut a^ain 
PvC'ferrer, to new shoe a horfc 
P.efster,; i> keep holiday a^aia 
Pveficher , to flick in again 
Refiger , to congeal again 
Refixer, to fx again 
f.,eflatter , to flatter again 
Reflechir , v, to think on^ 

P^efiechifTement , fm. reflec- 
tion, [flouriih again, 
Reflsurir , '^»- ^o blajfom 02 

Ill R E 

Keflexe, a. 2. repx 
Reflexibilitd, sf. -^lit.y ^ 
Keflexible, a. 1. reflcxiblc 
R:fflexion , sf. reflexion 
Ketlaer, vn. to nflow 
Keilax , fm. ehb , nflux 
Kefonder, va. to refound 
Jlefondre, new-cajl; mdt 

P^efondre un valiTeau , to 

repair a ship thoroughly 
Pvsfontc, sf. melting down 

again. [^ship 

»■■ , thorough repair of a 
Reforger , va. to new forge 
Pv^formateur , fm. reformer 
Keformation , sf. — tion 
Keforme, reformation, rcdu- 

cement cf troops 
"B^i^ozmis , fm. Protefiants 
P.eformcr , va. to reform 
Reforr^.er , to cashier 
Plefouetter , to whip again 
Kefouiller, to fear ch again 
Refouler , to full; flamp a- 

giiin ; ebb : to againjt tide 
Refouloir , fm. cannon-ram- 
mer, [bish 
Pvcfourbir, va. to new fur- 
Refournlr, to fupply again 
Eefraftaire, a. 2.. rtfraciory 
Pv(ffra£iion , sf. — tion 
Refrain ,fm. a burden , {of 

Fvefiangibillte, sf — llty 
Pvefran^ibley d. z. — c^:hle 
Refrapper , va, to firlki a 

gcdnj tonsw-Jiump 

Refrayer , va. to fmooth 
Refri^ner , to refrain 
Refrigerant , e , a. cooling 
R(ffrigerant , fm. the cooler 
Refrigeratif, ve, a. s. — tive 
Refrigeration, sf. a cooling 
Refrire , va. to fry again 
Reffifer, to curl again 
Refrognemenr_,y/;2, a fullcn- 

ncfs of lock 
Se refrogner, vr. to knit 
one's brows , lo look grim 
P.efroidir , v. to cool 
Refroidiflement , Jm. coo- 
ling ; coldnefs 
Refrotter, va. to ruh again 
Refuge, y;n. refuge; excufe 
Rfffugid , Q , a. & f a refugee 
Se refugier, vr. to fly for 
refuge. [hies 

Le cerfrefuit, the flag dou- 
Refuite , sf. shifting ; dou- 
bling of a flag 
Kefus, fm. refufal , refife 
Refufer , va. to refnfe 
Le vent refufe , the wind 

Se refufer quelque chofe, 
to deny one' s felj any thing 
Refusion , sf. r^^funding 
Refutation , —tion 
R^futer , va. to refute 
Regagner, to win back 
Regain ,fm. afier-grafs 
R^gai, a treat 
Regalement, affeffment 
1-J'd:alev , va. 10 tnat ; affefs ; 

R E 

Regard, y?;:. a look . 
Regardant, a looker-on 
Regarder , va. to look 

face ; confidcr; concern 
Regarnir , furnish aga 

new fim 
Regeler , vn. to freeze ag 
Regence, sf. regency •,fck 

Regeneration , regenerat 
Regenerer, va. to regener 
Se regenerer, vr. grow ag 
Regent, e, a. s. regent ^j^ 

tcclor i fchoolrnafler < 
Regenter,r«.;o keepfchoi 

to domineer 
Regermer, to bud again 
Regicide , fm. — de ; ki 

killer; murder cf a kin^ 
Re'gie , sf adminifirazioi 
Regimbement yfm. kick^ 
Regimber, vn. to kick 
Regime, yra. diet; regi4, 
Regiment , a regiment { 
Region , sf. a region 
Regit , va. to govern 
RdgiiTeur ,y/72. a mana^ 
Regiftrateur, aregifier's-^ 
Regiftre , regifier [ 

VailTeau de regiftre, af^ 

n.'sh rcgifler ship 
Regiftrer , va. regifier 
H-egle , sf rule; ruler i^- 

tern. [d. 

R.egie, e, a.fct, regular, 
Regiement , fm. r.^ulatit 
Reglement, ad, rsgulSrl 


rier , va. to nils ; rcpilate 

rlet , fm. a regUt ; ruler 

?leur, fe , /. ruler of books 

rViffc , sf. liquorice 

;Iure , ruling ; lines 

ine , Jm. reign ; kingdom 

;ner, vn. to reign. 

;nicoIe , f. a dcniT^cn 

;onflaracnt,yf7z. thefwd- 

■fig of the waters by form 

bjliuClion. i^vaters) 

;onfler , vn. to /well , (of 

;orgement , fm. ovcrflo- 


;orger , vn. to overflow 

jouter, tajh again 

jrat, fn. regrating 

jratter, va. tofcratch a- 

ain ; to fcrape the cutfide 

fa houfe; nety-vamp 

;ratt€rie , sf^ huckjier's 


'rattier ^q^ f. a huckfler 

;refier , va. to new graft 

;res , fm. a regrcfs 

;ret , regret ; concern ; 


egret, ad. with ngret ; 

rudgingly. [mcntcd 

jrettabie , a. 2. to he la- 

;retter , va. to rcga . ; to 


;uinder , to hoifi up a- 

ain ; to foar ao^ain 

;ularlte , sf. regularity 

;ule , fm, regains 

;ulier , g , 

a, regular 


Rdgulier, fm. regular, monk 
Regullerement, ad. — Inrfy ; 

punctually. [re-enabling 
Rehabilitation, sf. — tion, 
Rehabiliter , va. to re-injiate 
Se rehabituer, vr. to ufe 

one's felf again 
Rehacher, va. to mince again 
Rehanter , to ke,ep company 

again v^ith one 
Rehauffement , fm, ralfng 
Rehauffer, va. to raife; in- 

hance. [painting 

j Rehauts , fm. sky parts in 

Reheurtgr, v. to knock or hit 

again. [to refltB. 

Rejaillir , vn. to fpurt up; 
Rejailliffement , fm. refi- 
ll tion 
Rejaunir, va. to make or 

grow yellow again 
Rejet , fm. a shoot , a fucker 
Rejetable, a. 2. that defer- 

ves to be rejected 
Rejetar , va-. to throw back j 

to caji up ; to reject 
Rejeton ffm. fucker, fprig 
Reimpofer J va. to reajfefs a 

Reimpofition, sf reaffejfment 
ReliTiprefHon , reprinting 
R.eimp»imer , va, to reprint 
Rein , fm. the rein , kidney 
P.eins , the loins 
R.eine , sf. a queen 
Remette , renctte , pippin 
Reinfefter, va. infect anew 
Reiailalisr , to nhfall 

RE IX^y 

Relnte^ e , c firong-backed 
Reincegrande, sf. a replevy 
Reintegration, rejhring of 

one to his ov/n 
Reiiitegrer, va. to refiorc 

one to his own 
Reinterroger, to re-txamlns. 
Reinviter , to invite again 
Rgjoindre., to put tog^etha 

again -y to meet again 
Ke]onQry to play again. 
Rejouir, to rejoice; revive 
Se rejouir avec quelqu'un , 

^^ wish one joy. [man 
Un gros rejOui,y^. jovial 
RejoLiiflance , sf rejoicing* 
Rej outer, vn. to tilt again. 
Reiteration, sf. — tion 
Reiterer , va. to repeat 
Relaclie , fm.. relaxation 
Relache , sf, road ; harbour ^ 

hay ; touching , calling ai 

any port;fi^y of a 'ship 
Relache, e, a. loo ft, remlfs 
'Relachement , fm. fiacke~ 

ning , relaxation ; rcmiff- 

nefs , abatement 
Relacher , va. to f:tcken ; to 

rcleafe ; remit; put into ; 

touch at any port 
Se relacher, vr. to grow re- 
. mi fs ; forego I unbend one's. 

mind. [for hounds 

R&Wis,fm. fresh horfes^ relay 
Rslancer, va. to rcufe; to 

give one a Rowland for his 

R.elaps J « J a. J, fl rshpfi 

124 RE 

Rclargir, ya. maki wider a- 
Relatsr, to new-lath, [gain 
Kelatif, ve, a. relative 
Relation , sf. narrative , re- 
lation. \_quainud 
Etre en relation , be ac~ 
Relationaire , fm. a. narrator 
Jlelativement , ad. — vely 
Reiaver , va. to wash agiin 
Relaxation , sf. — tion. 
Relaxer , va. to rdeafe 
Relayer , to relieve i take 

fresh horfes 
delegation , sf. banishment 
Releguer , va. to banish 
Relent , fm. a mujiy fnzell 
Relevailles, sf the churching 

of a v/oman 
Rcleve , s , a. raifcd, noble , 

lofy. [^^ai.T 

Relevement , y/ra. raifing up 
Relever , va. to raife again ; 

fet 0^; extol ; relieve 
Relever un mot , to take 

hold of a word, \lofs 

Se relever , vr. to recover a 
Reliage , fm. new-hooping 
Relief, relievo ; ornament ; 

fine; offals, [to new-hoop 
Relier, va. to bind; tie a7,ain; 
Relieur ,y?7:. a bookbinder 
Ileligieufement, ad. godly 
Religieux, fe, a. religious 
Religieux , ie , f. a religious 

monk or n:in 
Religion , sf. religion , piety 
Religion, order of Maltha 
RciigionnaiiS;/. a Calrim/i 

R E 

Re'lmer , va. to file again 
Rtliquaire , fm. shrine for 

Reliquat, remainder of an 
account y a tabic ^ a rem- 
Reliquataire , one that is 
behind-hand in his accounts 
R clique, sf. arelick. [ders 
Reliques, relicks, rertain- 
Rclire, va. read over again. 
Rellure , sf. binding 
Relogcr, va. to lodge again 
Pv.elouer , to let again 
Reluire , vn. to shine , glitter 
Rsluifant, e, a. shining 
Relultrer, va. to giveafe- 

cond glojs 
Remacher, to chew again 
Remander , to find word 

R.emanger, to eat again 
Remanier, to handle again 
Remanier une page , to 
overrun a page , ( in prin- 
ting ). Ug^'^n 
Remarchander , to cheapen 
Remarcher , yn. to walk, go 

or ma'ch again 
Se remarier, vr. marry again 
Remarquable, a. a. remar- 
Remarque , sf remark ; note 
Remarquer , va. to make 
another mark ; remark ; 
Remarqueur , fm. an chfcr- 
vaior , ( in (vntimpt ) 

Vx E 

Se remafquer , vr. to 

on one^s mask again 
Remballer , va. to pad 

again. [barl 

F.embarquement , fm. re 
Rembarquer, va. to rciml 
Rembarrer , to baffle, v 

ketn words 
Remblaver , to fow a^y 

with corn 
Remboitement , fm. ftti 

into joint again 
Remboitar, va. to fet i 

joint again. 
Rembourrer , va. to fiu^- 
Reinbourfement, fm. re 

hurfement. [^b. 

ReiTibourfer , va. to re 
Rembfafer , to kindle ag 
Rembrafier, to reimbrac 
Rembrocher, to fpit a^ 
R-embrunir, to make-darl 
Rembruniffement , fm, 

being darker 
Rembuchement , dri^ 

back into the lair 
Se rembucher, vr. to go I 

into the lair ; to skulk\ ^ 
Remede,yTO. remedy ;phy 

medicine ; gUfter 
Remade de droit, redrej 

Remedier , vn. to reme- 

R.emeler, va, to shuffle 

mix again, [membra 
P.eixiemoratif , vg , <». 

R E 

nener, va. to carry or 
ring hack 

nercler, to thank 
ntt c\ mint , fm. thanks 
nere , powsr ofredemp- 
■on. \.^g'^''"- 

nefurer , va. to meaftirc 
netteur, fm. a reinitter 
nettre , va. to put or fet 
^ain i rcconciU ; delay ; 
■>rglvi-y rtftore; recover 
emettre, vr. to recollecl; 
ifer; be reconciUd. [nish 
ncubler, va. to new far- 
ninifcence, sf. memory 
nlfe , a ccach-hou/e; thic- 
a ; de.'ay ; remittance 
nifTible, a. 2. remij/ihle 
Hi (lion , sj. rem(Jjion , 

■niifionnaire,/^. thcparty 
'ho has a pardon 
■nmalllottsr , va. tofivad- 
lle at^jin 

nmancher , to nev.'-haft 
mmener, to carry back 
inolade , sf. sharp fauce 
mole, Vy'hirlpool 
mollient, e, d. •» emol- 
moliitif , \e , a. i lient 
montc , sf. ncwhcrfcs , 
in war^ 

montcr , r. to go up 
igain ; rr.ake up again ; 
vind up again 
montrance , sf remonf- 
rancc ; advice, [jnonjirats 
montrer , y^, to re- 

R E 

Pvemordre, va. to bite again 
Remora,/^. objiacle, delay 
Remords , remorfe 
Remorqus, sf. towisig of a 

ship, \_ship 

Remorquer , va. to tow a 
A remotis , ad, dijiant ; afide 
Remoucher , v^i, to fnuff a 

candle again 
Se remoucher, vr. to blow 

one's nofe again 
Rcmcudr;; , va. to grind 

Remcuillcr , to wet or dip 

again ; anchor again 
Remous , fm. dsad water 
Rempaquernent , /. barrel- 
ling of herrings 
Rempaqueter , va. to pack 

up a^ain 
P.emparement, yri. a fence 
Se remparer , vr. to intrench 

om'sfe'f. [fnce 

R.empart , fm, a. rampart , 
Remplacement , replacing ; 

Remplacer , va, to replace ; 

make amends 
Remplage , fn. a filling up 
Remplier , va, to take in , 

turn in 
Remplir, tofillup; fill again ; 

RertipliiTage , fm. lacc-mcn~ 

Couples de rempljflage , 

filling timbers 
Rempiiffeufej sf, lacc-mendsr 

R E iif 

Remploi, fvi. replacing of 

money ; compenfation 
Remployer , va. to ufe again. 
Remplumer , to new-feather 
Renjpocher, to pocka up 

Reiripoiffonnetrent,y?;?. ths 
■- new flocking of a fend 

with fish 
RempoifTcnner, va. to mw 

fiock a pond with fish 
Remporter , va. to carry 

hack ; obtain 
Remprifonner, to remand to 

prifon. \again 

Remprunter , to harrow 
Remuant , e , a. fir ring ; 

Remue-mdnage , fm. rtjno- 

ving ; changing fervants ^ 

Remuement i /ct. removing'^ 

Remuer, va. to mcve\flir 
Remueur , fe , / a rocker 
Remugle, y>?2. mvftincfs 
Sentir le remugle , fmdl 

mnfiy. \v;j:rd&T 

R^raune'ratcnr , fr:z. 
P.emun^ration , sf. reivard 
Rdmunergr, va. to reward 
RjenaifTance, sf.'^ 
' ^'revival ,». 

Renaitre , vn. to revive ; 

faring up again ; le born 

aga in 
Renard ^ fm, a fox i /re- 


115 R E 

Rsnarde » sf, a she-fox 
Renardeau ,jm. afox^s aih 
Renardisr , a fox catcher 
Kenardiere, sf. a fox's bury 

cr koU 
Renafquer, vn. to sniifls 
Renchainer , va, chain up 

Rencherlr , v. to make dea- 
rer; grovj dearer 'y excel 
RencherifTemsnt , /%. rifing 

in price 
Rencontre , / accidental 

meeting ; accident; rtn- 

counter ; fun; occafion ; 
Rencontrer, va. meet ; hit; 

pun. [ bodice or fays 

Rencoifer , to make a mw 
Rencourager , give fresh 

courage. [ again 

Se reudetter , vr. run in debt 
Refldeur, fe,/ rcjlorcr 
Rendez-vous, fm. ajfgna- 

tion ; the place of meeting 
Rendoimir , va. to hill to 

Jleep, [ afeep again 

Se rendormir , vr. to fall 
RendormifTement , fm. the 

falling ajleep again 
Rendoubler, va, turn in 

fold up 
Rendre, to render; reflore 

produce ; repeat ; void 

fur render 
Se readre , vr. furrcndcr 

yield ; rcfort 
Un rendu, yw, a deftrttr 


Renduire, va. to newplafier; Se rengorger, vr. to hrld. 
davjb over again 

Rendurcir, to ha' den again 
Rene, j/. the rein 
R5ndi;at,y?n. a renegado 
Reneiger, vn. tofnow again 
P. enctte , sf. pippin 
Renettoysr , va. to clean 
again. \Jioujc 

Reiifaiter , to new roof a 
Renferme , fm. mufly 
Renfermer, va. to shut up 
again ; inclofe j include ; 
reduce. [f-f 

St———, vr. to recoHeclom's 
Reaflammer , va. to new 

Pvenikment , fm. hdly or 

f veiling of a pillar 
Rentier , v. to fwell again 
Renfoncement , fm, hollow 


Renfoncer, va, to new head , 

or bottom a cask ; fr.k 

again. [thcning 

P.cnforcement , fm. flreng- 

Renforce, e, a. thick, Jircng, 

( as clothes , Jiuffs ) 
Renforcer, va. coreinfo-cc; 
Ji-engthen; fortify [firength 
Se renforcer , vr. to gather 
Rep.fofrnoir , fm.. a firctchcr 
Ren(oTt y fupply ; recruit 
Rengagement , re-engage- 

Ren^assr , va. to pawn 
again ; re-sngags one sjcij- 
Ren gainer, to sheath; put up 



Ren^reger, to increafe o) 

dlfeafe or forrow 
Ren^' emr, to put again c 

in the mill-hopper 
Reniabie , a. i. that ma^ 

denied [fwcai 

Reniement , fm. curfing 
Renier, va. to deny; 

jure ; curfe and fwear 
Renieur , fe , /. po/ 

fvearer. [one's j 

PvE nifler , vn. to fnuff 
P.enifierie , sf fnuffing u 
Reniileur , (e , f one i 

fnnfs up (hot 
Reniveler, va. to take 

level of a piece of gro 

Kenn e f fm. a rein- deer 
Renoircir, va. blacken a^ 
Renom ,yr/i. renown , fat, sffame; re^ 
Rsnommer , va. to | 

Se renommer de quelqu' 

to make ufe of a peifi 

Rsnonce , sf. renounce 
Pvcnoncement, fm. renc 

cing. [f'-f-de 

P.enoncement a foi-mer 
PvCnoncer, vn. to renout 
Pvenonciation , sf ren 

Renoncule, ranunculus 


R E 

3vation , sf. nnovatlon \ 
3uie , blood-wort 
Duemenr , fm. rcconci- 

>iicr , va. to tie again ; 
i(W i reconcile I 

menr , fjn. a bonc-fctter] 
)uveau , the fpring j 

^uveler , va. to renew ; i 
'ive j 

emencer, to new fow \ 
amer , to cut a^ain i \ 
'in again j 

affer . to kcap up again \ 
e t sf. rent ; yearly in- 

e fonciere , ground rent 
fi^odale , fiee-farm rent 
viagere , an annuity 
er , va. to endow 
errer , bury again 
ier , e , f. annuitant ; 
ant. [ to 

oiler, va. put other linen 
onner , to tun up again 
ortiller , to new twifi ] 
raaner , to drag or carry \ 
ck j 

ra'ire, to fine-draw 
raire une tapifferie , j 
darn a tanejhy : 

raiture , sf. finc-dra^ 
ng; darning 
rayeur, iQ,f. fine-drawer 
de , sf. beginning of 
m; taking in at cards 
rer , vn. to corns, go 
gtt i-n. again 

R E 

Renvaliir , va. to Invade 
again [^aga'n 

Renvelopper , to wrap up 
Renvenimer, to make afore 
fjlcr again. [wards 

A la renverfe , ad. back- 
Renverfement j/ot. overtur- 
ning ; pulling down 
Ren verier, va. throw down; 

to overthrow 
Renverfeur, yrn. overthrower 
Renvi , fm. a rcvy 
Renvier , vn. to rcvy 
Renvoi , fm. fending back ; 

Chevaax de renvoi, returned 

Ren V oyer, va. to fend again ; 
fend back ; difmifs ; put off; 
deny ; refer 
Reordination, sf. — tion 
R^ordonner, va. to re-ordain 
Rcpaire, fm. haunt or den 
of wild beafi::^ ; skelter of 
thieves ', hares dung 
B-^paiffir, V. to thicken again 
Repaitre , to feed ; bait 
R^pandre, va. to fpill;fcat- 

ter; fpread ; leak 
Reparable , a. z. repairable 
Reparatcur,/»z. repairer 
R.eparation, sf, repair pre- 
Reparer , va. to repair ; to 

Reparler , vn. to fpeak again 
Reparoitre, to appear again 
Repartie , sf, a reparm 

R E 227 

Repartir, vn. to fee out 

again; reply; share again; 

Re'partition , sf. ajfeffmmt 
Repas , fm. a repaft , meal 
Repa -Ter , v. to 'repafs; carry 

over again; wket again i 

Repaver , va. to new-pave 
Repayer , to pay a fcconi 

Repecher, to fish up again 
Repeigner, to ccmb aga:n 
Repeindre , to draw or paint 

Rependre, to hang up again 
Repenfer , vn. to think of 

Repentance, sf. repentana 
Repentant, e, a. repentant 
Se repentir, vr. to repent 
Repentir , fm. repentance 
Repercer, va. to pierce or 

tap again 
ReperculTif, ve, a. — cnffvt 
Repercuffion , sf. • — tion 
Repercuter , va. to repcr-'_ 

cute; reflect 
Rep er die , to lofe again 
Repertoire , fm. — tory 
F.epefer, va. to weigh again 
Repeter , to repeat ; to teach 

in private 
Repetiteur , fm. private tea- 
Repetition , sf. — tion ; tatu 

to logy ; rehearfal 
Repeuu , VA, to k.n(ad again 

zi^ R E f 

P.epeuplsrnent , fm, fupp^c- 

rrnnt oftr&es in aforcjl 
Repeapler, vet. to rcpeoplc 
, — \ un^tang, to new 

fiock a pond -ivlth fish 
RepiCj/fl. repeck, (at picket) 
Repiler , va, to pound again 

in a mortar 
Repiquer , to prick again 
Repit , fm. refpitc 
Replacer , va. place or lay 

again. [again 

Replaicier , to go to law 
Replancheier, to new floor 
Replantcr , to tranfplant 
Replatrer , to new plaficr 
RepLrit, te, a. replete , too fat 
Repletion, sf. — tion , fur- 

Rspleuvoir, vn. to rain again 
Rspli, /;7?. a fold; winding ; 

Replier , vs. to fold again 
Se replier, vr. to fall back; 

wriggle , as afnake 
Replique , .<■/. a reply 
RipUquerj va. to reply 
Repliffer, to plait again 
Replongsr, dip or dive again 
Repolir , to polish ao<^in. 
Tiei^olon , fm. kalf-'voita , 
Repondant, yro. cailj furc^ 

ty i refpondant 
Repondre , v. to anfwer j 

R^pons , fm. refponfe 
Pveponfe , sf. anfwer; reply 
Reportage , fn^ ha'f titlns 

R E 

Reporter, va. to cnrry hac\ 

Rspos, (Tn. reft, quiet; lan- 
ding place ; being uncockt 
Repolee , sf. lair of deer 
Repofer , v. to rcji ; /lumber 
Se repofer fur, vr. to rely on 
Repofoir , fm. rejling-place ; 
altar , ( in the Roman 
church ) 
Repous , fort cf mortar made 
with brick-duji, lime , &c. 
Repoufer, va. to marry again 
Repouffement , fm. recoi- 
ling ; repulfing ; repelling 
Repoufier , v. to repel ; rc- 

pulfe; recoil ; bud again 
Repouffoir , fm. driver; chi- 

fel; drive-bolt 
Reprehenlible, a. i. — fiblc 
K.epr^henfion , sf. — fion ■ 
Reprendre, va. to retake; 

refume; chide; carp 
Reprendre un palan , to 

overhaul a tackle 
Sz reprendre, rr. to recoiled 

one's felf ; clofe again 
Repreneurr,y?.'2- a carper j 
Reprefailles, sf reprifals 
R^prdfentant , /m. a proxy 
Reprefentatif, ve, a. — tive 
Reprefentation, sf. — tion; 

Reprefenter, va. to repre- 
sent ; produce ; call to 
mind; aci; act like one^s 


P..epreter, to lend again 
Repriei , to pray again 


Reprimande , sf. reprln 
Reprimander, vh. to re^ 
Reprimer, toreprefs,i\ 
PvCprife, sf retaking; \ 

wing ; burden of a j 

time ; retaken ship 
R.eprifer, va. to new ap^ 
Reprobation , sf. — tic I 
Reprochable, a. 2. repr \ 

ful; exceptionable 
Reproche , fm. reprc 

Sans reproche , blame. 
Repiocher, va. to repr 

upbraid ; except agai 
Reproduftion , sf. 
Pvcproduii e, va. to rep) I 
Repromettre , to pi 

B.eprouve , fm. a repr 
Reprouver, va. to t\ 

di fallow j reprobate 
Reptile, a. 2. fm. re 

R^publicain , q, a, f. 

blican , a whig 
Re'publique, sf a re} 
Repudiation , — ticn 
Rtpudier, va. to repu\ 
Repugnance, j/I — cj 

Repugnant, e , a. rep 
F.epugner, vn.tocla.\ 
RepuUuIer , to grow 

again exceedingly 
F.(^puHion , sf. — Jion\ 
Repurger, va. to pi 


R E 

putation , sf, 


tlon , cha- 
[ count 
puter, va. to repute ; ac- 
querable , a, 2. dcmanda- 
hie. I tiff 

querant , e , a. s. plain- 
querir , va. to requejl; re- 
quire ; fach again 
quete , sf. nqucfi , petition 
queter, va. to qucfi again 
'jn hunting) 
quin , fm. a shark 
requinquer , vr. to fmu'j 
or trick one.^s fdfup 
quint , fm. jf/z part of the 
^th penny 

iquiper, va. to new rigg 
:quis , e , a. requifite 
jquifitlon , sf. rcquefi , pe- 
tition. [ {juefi 
jquifitoire , fm. fait ; re- 
jfcindant , demand to ob- 
tain a. rscifion 
ifcinder , va. refcind ; make 

efcifion , sf. — fon , ahro' 

efcifoire , fm. -—fory 
efcription , sf, affignment 
'crit , fm. rcfcript , edict 
eau, hag-net, net-work 
iervation , sf refervation 
lerve, referve; provifo 
iiofe de re{erve,fpare thing 
larei'erve, />r. except; but 
n referve , ad. by , infiore. 

ans referve, 

witnout *.i 


ticn j fixily , prodigally 

R E 

Pvefeive , e , a. j. refcrvtd, 

clofe , shy 
Referver , va, to refervz , 

fa vt , keep 
Re'i'ervoir , fm. refavoir ; 

Refidence , sf. ref.dcnce; re- 

fidentship ; fediment 
Resident , fm. a refidcnt 
Reader, vn. to refide, abide. 
Re'fi,du,y«7. reftdue 
Refignant, e,y". a rcfgner 
Refignataire ,/! rcfgnec 
Refignation , sf. — tion, ds- 

R^dngner , va. to refign 
F.eiilier , to cancel , annul 
Rdfine , sf rofin 
R.e{i;ieux , fe , a. rofnous 
Refipifcence, sf. refipifcence 
Reiiftanco, refijlancc , oppo- 

fiuon. [fs 

Rsfifter , vn. to refifc; oppo- 
R.efoIu,e, a. s. refolved, 

refo lute y bold , flout 
Relbluble, a, 1. folvihU 
Reibliiment , ad. ahfolutily ; 

boldly. [folving 

Refolutif , ve , a. —tiv& , dif 
R^iolutif , fm. a — tivc or 

diffcHving medicine 
Refolution , i/. refoluticn-, 

ftoutn&fs ; cancelling 
Refonnant , e , <2, founding; 

echoing. [ ding 

Reronnemcnt , fm. rcfouii.- 
Rdfonner, vn. to founds n- 

foundj ring again 

R E 11^ 

Refoudre, va. to refohe-^ 
folve ; induce ; cancel ; 

melt , nduce. [vid 

Se refoudre, vr. to be refol- 
KQfp&Siyfm.refpcci, regard, 
Refpeiflable , a. 7..rejpcdabl& 
Refpeftsr , va. to rejpeci 
Se refpe<E^er, vr. to acl fui-* 

tably tf) one' s Jlation 
P.efpeftlf, ve, a. refpealve 
Reipeifllvement , ad. — vely 
Refpeilueufemcjit , refpeu- 

fully, Iful 

Refpeftaeux, fe , a. rejoe'd- 
Refpirable , a. 1. that may 

he breathed. [breath 

R-efpiration , sf refpiration, 
Refpirer , v. eo breathe ; gaps 

after. _ [glijier 

R-elpiendir , vn. to shine, 
Refplendiflaat , e , a. ref- 

plendcnr. ' [radiancy 

RefplendifTement , fm. great 
Refoonfable , a. 2. — fibl& 
Kq{^!ic, fm.furf 
Reffacrer, va. to rtcohf-. 

crate, [blood again 

ReHalgner, to bleed or he 
Reffaifir , to fei-^c again 
Reffaler, to fait again 
Reflalusr , to falute again 
Reffarcler , to weed again. 
R-eirafTer , to fift again 
RefTaut, fm. jutty 
RefTauter , vn. to hap aga'ri 
Reff^cUer , vn. to dry up, 
j again 
I Rsiieller , to faddh again 

I Y 

150 R E 

Refiemeler , va. to new fo!e 
ReiT3mer , to fow again 
Reffemblance , sj\ refcm- 

Reffemblant, e, a. refcm- 

Reffsmbler , vn. to rcfemhU 
jR-effentiment , fm. a flight 

touch of; fenfc , refent- 

Reffentif , va. to feel; refent 
Sereffentir, vr. to feci':, refent 
Refferrement , fm. ohjiruc- 

tion ; oppreffion 
Reflerrer , va. to bind up ; 

tie tighter -J contract; lay 

up. [find ; rcfort 

Reffort , fm. Jpring ; cogni- 
Reffortir , vn. to he under 

th-: jurifdiclion of a court 
RefTortlr , to go out again 
ReffortiiTant , e , d. lying 

under a jurifdiclion 
RefTouder, va. to new folder 
Reflburce, j:/ refource; shift, 

Se reiTouvenir , vr. remember 
Reffouvenir , fm. remem- 
Reffucr , vn. to fweat again 
P.tjfTui , fm. lair of a deer 
RefTufciter, v. to raifc^ rife 

from the dead, revive 
RefiTuyer, va. to wipt again 
Reftant , e, a. .t. remainder 
Reftaurant , fm. refiorative 

Reflaurateur, uice,/ ref- 

[ R E 

I Reftauration , sf. rcjloratlon 
■ Reilaurer , va. to rejlon 
1 Refte , fm. remainder , lea- 
I - vings. {^enough 

jDe refle, cd. more than 
Du veils , hefides 
I Au refte, as for the reft. 
I Rsder , vn. to remain \flay 
iReftituable, a. i. refiorable 

IReftituer , va. to return ; re- 
fund; rcjlore 
Reititutsur, /to. nflorer of 

lame paffage in authors 
Reftitution , sf — tion ; ref- 
toring. [jflrain ; confine 
P..eftre!ndre , va. to bind; re- 
Reftri(n:if , ve , a. — tive , 
binding. [ mitation 

Ref^ii(n:ion , sf. — tion ; li- 
Reftiingent, e , a. binding 
Reflringent , fm. a rejlrin- 

Refultat, refult, upshot 
Refuiter, V. ro refult , follow 
Refumer , va. to rtfume 
Refumpce , sf. aci in divi- 
ReTumptlon , fumming up 
Refure , bait , to catch fish 
Pv-efurreciion , — tion 
Pv.etable , /ot. altar-piece 
Retabiir , va. to refiore ; re- 
trieve; repair; recover 
P.etablifTement , fm. re-ejia- 

blishment ; repairing 
Retailles , sf. shreds. [ ting 
Retaillement , fm. re-cut- 
Rgtaillijc^ vny to (us a^ain 

R E 

Retaper, va, to cock u 

Retardation , sf. delay 
PvCtardement, fm. delay 
Retarder , v. delay , c 
later ; go too flow , c 
Retater , va. to feel y t 

or revife ag.iin 
Retelndre , to put out at 
Retendre , tofiretch aga 

— — , to extend aga 

Retaxer , to tax again 
Reteindre , to dye again 
Retenir, to retain , him 
get hold again ; referv 
Se retenir, vr. to forbeai 
Retenter , va. to try or 

tempt again 
P».etentif , ve , <2. — tive 
Retention , sf retentu 
refervation. [ ; 

Retentir , vn. to refoui 
Retentiilant, e, a. echoi 

refounding , ringing 
RetentifTement , fm. gi 

Rstentum , claufe , pro 
Retenu , e , a. refervcd; 
erect. [ difcret 

Retenue , sf, referv^dne 
Reticence , conczalmtnt 
Retif , ve, a. reflive 
Retine, sf. the retina 
Retiradc, intrenchment 
Retiration , retiration 
Rctird, e, a. retired, foUt 

Rstiremsat , fm^ contrafl 

R E 131 

rer, va. to draw again; 

.?w out ; retire ; harbour , 

roifer , to meafure over 

rombe'e, sf. declivity 
omber, vn. to fall apain 
londre , va. to sheer agnin 
ordement , fm. twijling 
gain , in manufaciorics 
ordeur , a twijiar 
ordre , va. to twiji again. 
orquer , to retort 
orfion , sf. retorting 
orfoir , fm. cord-v.'hcd 
orte , sf. retort^ in chym. 
oucher , va. to touch 
gain ; to lick over 
out ,fm. return ; decline ; 
y hoot 

ourne , sf. trump 
ourner , v. to return ; 

» , vr. to go back 

racer , va. to draw a- 
ain ; defcribe 
railation , sf. — tion , 
'.carnation. [cant 

rader, va. retraci; re- 
raftlon , sf. — tion 
raire , va. to redeem an 

rait , fm. a privy 
raite, sf. retreat, tattoo 
ranchement , fm. re- 
enchmcnt, intrenchr.ient 
rancher, va. to retrench. ; 
» intrench 

R E 

Retr^clr , va. to flrahtn. 
Retreciffement , fm. con- 
tra cling. 
Retreindre , va. to raife me- 
tal with the hammer 
Retremper, to f oak again 
P^etreffsr , to new v/:ave. 
Retribution , sf. requital; fu 
P.ctriller, va. to curry again 
R.^troceder, to make over 
again. [ again 

Retrocefiion, j/I making over 
Retrogradalion , — tion 
Rei:rograde, a.i. retrograde 
Ri^trograder , vn. to retro- 
grade. \^up a^ain 
Retrou/Tement , fm. tucking 
Rctrouliis , Jm. cock of a hat 
Retrouver, va. to find again 
F-ets ,fm. a net 
Retudier , va. to fludy again 
Retuver , to batht over and 

over ; jcmtnt a wound 
Revaloir, vn. to return like 

for like , to he even with 
Revanche, sf. revenge; re- 
En revanche, ad. in return 
Revancher, va. take oriels 

Se revancher, vr. to retalia- 
te ; be even with 
Revancheur , y?/j. revenger; 

RevalTer, vn. to have a great 
many dreams j be full of 

R E 231 

Reve , fm. a dream. 
Reveclie, a. 2. harsh; fro- 

Reveche , sf. kind ofbai^c 
Reveil./OT. awaking; alarrn 
Reveille-matin , alarm-clock 
R^veIIler» va, mvakc ; revivj. 
Re'veilleur, fm. a waker ; 

R.eveJlIon, midnight regale 
Revdlation , sf. — tion ; dif- 

Reveler, va. to reveal, [kiny 
Revenant, e, a. likely , ta- 
Revenant , fm. fpirit that 

haunts a lioufe. [emolument 
Revenant-bon , perquijice , 
Revendeur,huckjicr; retailer 
Revendcufe , sf. ends woman. 
Rsvendication , claim 
Revc'ndiquer , va. to claim 
R-evendre , to fell again 
Revenir, vn. to come or ^rovt 

again; cofl; accrue ^fuit y 

Revente , sf. felling again 
Reventer une voile, va. to 

fill a fail again 
R.;venu ,fm. revi-nue^ income 
R: venue , sf. young wood 
Rever , vn. to dream; rave^ 

be light-headed ; mufe 
Rdvciberation , sf. —tion 
Reverbere, ftn. actual fire; 

Reverbdrc , va to reflecl 
Rcverdir , vn. to b'ccmegreen 

again ; break out again 

V ij 

■25^ .RE 

Beverdiffetnent , fm. the 

crowing ^rarz again 
Keveiemment , ad. reve- 
rently, [bow; curtfy 
Reverence, sf. reyerence ; 
B.^veiencieufera5nt, ad. re- 
Keveiencleux, fe , a. reve- 
rential; full of curtfies 
P^everend , e, reverend 
B.^'verendiirime,y/72. moji ox 

right reverend^'- 
R^v^rer , va. to revere 
Reverie, sf. revery; mufing; 

idle fancy ; delirium 
Rev^rnir , va. gla^e over 

Rsvers , fm. back of the 
hand; reverfc of a coin ; 
hack-Jlroke ; misfortune 
'Alonges derevers, top tim- 
bers, [^sheets 
Ecoutcs de revers , weather 
iBoulines de revers, /ee boKf- 

Reverfer, va. to pour again 
Reversible , a. 2. reverfibU 
Pv^verfion , sf. reverfion 
Pvcveftiaire , fm. a vejiry 
Revetement , lining of a 

ditch , bajiions , &c, 
Revetir, va. to clothe; con- 
fer; line; inveji. [fire 
Revetiffement , //«. invejli- 
Kcveur, fe, a. s. thoughtful 
Rtveur , fm. dctard ; idle 

Revirfcinent, (aching ahout 

. RE 

Rev'irer , va. to tack about 
Revifer , to revife 
Rdvifeur , fm. a revifer 
Revifion , sf review , revifal 
ReviHter, va,to vifit again 
Revivification , sf. — tion 
Revivifier , va. to revive 
Revivre , vn. come to life 
again. [ciling 

Reunion , sf reunion ; rccon- 
R^unir, va. re-unite, recon- 
P.evocable , a. 1. revocable 
Revocation , sf. repeal 
Revoir , va. fez again ; revife 
Reveler , vn. to fly again 
Revolin , fm. fquall of wind 
Revoke, sf. revolt 
PvCvolte's , fm. rebels 
Revoltsr , va. to raife a re- 
hellion , to revolt 
Revolu , e , fi. revolved 
Revolution , sf. revolution 
Revomir, va. to vomit again 
Revoquer, to repeal^ quefiion 
Revoquer un commis , to 

dimifs a clerk 
Revouloir, to will again 
Revoyager , vn, to travel 

R-euffir , to fucceed 
ReufTite, sf fuccefs ; i[fm 
Revue , review ; diligent 

Pv^vulfif , ve , a. pulling hack 
Revulfion , sf. revulsion 
Rez pied, rez terre , ad, even 
with the ground 

R I 

Rez de chauffee,/?;!. theU 

Appartement au rez 

chauiTee , ground floor 
Pvhabiilage , fm. patchin 
Rhabiiler , va. to new cloi 

drtfs again ; patch up 
Pv.heteur, Rhetoricien, 

a rhetorician 
Rhetorique, sf. rhetoric 
Rhinoceros, y/Tz. rhinoc 
Rhubarbe, sf rhubarb 
P«.humatifme , fm. rheu 

Rhume , a rheum , cold 
P\.iant , e , <i. chearful . p 

fant , pretty ^ - {j 
En riant , ad. in jeft, wi 
Pv ibaud , e , ^. J. lewd 
PJblette , sf. a broiled j 
Ribleur , fm. a rambler 
Ribot , churn- flaff 
Ricanen^.ent , fneerlng 
Ricaner , vn. to titter 
Ricaneur , fe , / gig^ 

fneerer. [more nor 
Pdc-a-ric, ad. exaclly, 
Richard , 7772. a monied 
Riche , a. 2, s. rich 
Pichemcnt, ad. richly 
PvichefTe , sf wealth ; i 

RichefTes, riches 
Faire des ricochets, ; 

ducks and drakes 
Fvideau , fm. a curtain 
Pv-idelle, sf rack of a m 
Rider , va, to wrinkle 

R T 

'sr un cordage, va. to 
lughten a rops 
rider, vr. to frown ; to 
<e shrivelled 

leSjj/". wrinkles ; I amUrs 
les des haubans , laniards 
)fthe shrouds 
licule , a. 1. s. ridiculous 
'iculement , ci. — ^oujly 
.icuiifer, va. to laugh at 
n j/ffl. nothing ; any thing 
ns, nothings ^ trifles 
ur , is , f. cm who laughs 

lard , fm. large plane 
loir, fort ofjiU 
ide, a. 2. ri^i^, y?/]^, 

idement, ad. rigidly 
idit^ , sf rig'dity 
;odon , fm. a rigadoon 
;oIe, J/." trench ; gutter 
prifme , fm. Jiiffhefs 
orifte , (liff mor aVifl 
oureufemer.t , a^. y?jm- 
y t feverely, [fevere 

oureux , Cs , a. rigorous , 
ueur, sf. rigour. 
lallle , paltry verfe 
lailleur , fn. a poetajler 
le, sf. rhymi 
ler , vn. to rhyme 
leur , fm. rhymer 
ceau , foliage 
cer , r^, to rinfc 
9ure , j/. water ufcd for 
itrmre , va, tot^ach anew 

R I 

Ripaille (faire), to banquet 
Ripe , sj. joiner's plane 
R-iper , va. to fmooth 
Ripope , fm. forry vjine 
Ripofle , sf keen reply; parry 

and thrujl 
Ripof^er , va. to reply sharp- 
ly ; parry and thrujl 
Rlre, vn. to laut^h; to joke 
Se rire, vr. to laugh at. 
Rire, fm. laughter, [fmile 
Ris , reef of a fail ; laugh, 
Ris de veau , veal fvcet- 
bread, [ini:-Jiock 

K'i[eii,sf. laughter; laugh- 
Rifee , gufi ox fquall (at lea) 
Riiibllite , sf. — lity 
Rifible, a. 1. rijiblc; comi- 

ca I ; ridiculous 
Rifquable, a. 2. hazardous 
Rifqus , fm. risk , ha-^ard 
Rifquer, va. to risk , venture 
Riffer , to lash or fei-^e 
RifTes de chaloupe, sf. gripes 
RiiTolaj sf. fort of minced 

Rifloler, va. to roafi brown 
Rit ou rite , fm. a rite 
Ritournelle, sf a flourish, 

a voluntary in miific 
Rituel,y?7z. a ritual 
Rivage J a shore 
Rival , e J £t. rival 
Rivalite, sf. rivalry - 
Rive, hank, waterflde 
Pviver, va. to rivet , cUnch 
Rivet, fm. a rivet 
Pvivisrs ^ sf, & rivir 

R O 153 

RiZ , fm. nee 
Riziere , sf a riccfeld 
Robe , sf. a gown , a robe 
Gens de robe , fm. lawyers 
PvObin , a limb cf the law 
Robinet , a cock , fpout 
Roboratif, ve, a. corrobo- 
rant. [ hardy 
Robufle, a, 2. robvfl, lufly ; 
Robuftement, ad. robuflly 
Roc , fm. a rock 
R.ccaiiie, sj. pibbles for a 
grot'o. [ hir 
Roca^lk'ur , fm. a grot-ma- 
Rocambole , sf. fort ofshal- 
Roche, a rock. [lot 
Rocher , fm. a rock 
Rochet, lawn-flieves 
R.oder, vn. to roam , rove 
Rodeur , fm. rover , rambler 
Rodomont, a bully ^ huff 
Rodomontade, sf. — tado 
Rogations , — tion-vmk 
Rogatons y fm. wafte papery 

Rogne, sf. fcurf.fcab 
Rogner , va. clip , shred , 

pan i^ cut 
R.ogneur, {c , f. a clipper 
Rogneux , fe, afcahhy 
Rognon , fn. kidney ; tiftl" 

cle of fomc 
R-Ognurc, sf parings ; shreds^ 


Rogue , a. a. furly , proud 
PxQi, fm. a king 
Roide , a. 'x.flijji flcep; ra- 
pid; fiiihkorri 

:i;4 R O 

Roidcmsnt, ad.fiiffly 
jloideur , sf. fliffnefs ; fieep- 

r.cfsi rapidity •yfiuhbormfs 
Rcidir , vs. to ftifftn 
Se roidir, vr. toftlff^n ; hear 
. up n7.:^infi. \ wren 

Roitelct , fm. pstty ki:2g ; 
Role , roll', fcrol i lijl; part 

in a play 
Holer , va. to write rolls 
PvOmain , e, a. f. Roman; 

roman , ( printing Utter ) 
Jlomaine ,' sf. fiaclyard 
Roman , fri. a romance 
Romance , sf. Spanish ballad 
Romancier ,_/7n. Tomancifl 
Tvomanefque , a. 2. romantic 
Roman sfqusm-^nt, ad. fal- 

Romanifer, vn. to romance 
P-.omanifte , sf romancifi 
Romatin ^ fn. rofcmary 
R.omp.?nierii: de tete , trou- 

hlc-fmz nolfe. ; vexatious 

hnfimfs. [of 

Rompre , v. to break ; break 
A tout rompre , cd. at mojl 
Tout rompu de fatigue , 

quite jaded 
B-once , sf a briar 
Ivond, e , a, round 
Rondyfm. rc::r.d, orb, ring 
ilv^ndache, sf. Urge shield 
Ronde, round '7 the rounds 
En rond, a ia rcnde , ad. 

round about 
Rondeau, fm. rondo; pnfly 


Vx o 

Rondelct, te , a. plumplsh 
Rondslle , sf a tar^ret 
Rondement , ad. roundly , 

frankly ; even 
Rondeur , sf rorjndncfs 
Rondin.ym. billet ; cudt^el 
Ronflcment, fm. fnoring 
B^onfler , vn. fnore ; fnort ; 

Ronfieur , fe , / fnorer 
R.ong2r , va, gnaw; pick; 

nibble. [ chefs 

Roquer , vn. to cafle , at 
Roquet , fm. a shock dog 
B.oquette , sf. rocket , ( a 

fallni herb) 
Roquille , a jill 
Rolaire , fm. a rofa^y 
Rofat, a. ofrofc 
R.ofe , sf a rofc 

card of 

Rofe des vents , 
a fea compafs 

Yin rofe , fm. wine of a li- 
vely red 

Rofeau , fm. a reed 

R.oiee , sf dew 

Ko£srd!\Q , garden of rofzs 

Rofette, artificial rofe; red 
ink ; molten copper 

Roliar , fm, a rofe-bush 

RofTe , sf. a jade ; roach 

Roffer, va. to lick , belabour 

Roffignol ,y572. a nightinga- 
le ; pick-lock 

RofTolis , rofolis y ro fa foils 

Rot , a belch 

FvOt , roafi mc.rt 

R O 

Roter, vn. to belch 
Roteur, {q, fa belcher 
Rotl , fm. roafied meat 
Rotie , sf a toafi 
Rotir , va. roafi ; br( 

Rotiiferie, sf a cooPss 
Rotiffeur, le, / a pub 

RotifToir, fm. Dutch-ov, 
Rotonde, sf rotundo, f 

theon. [ 

Rotondite, rotundity, roi 
Rotule, the knee-bull 
Retire , foccage 
Roturier , e , rt. s. of 

parentage , a plebeian 
Roturierenient, ad. me 
R-ouage , fm. wheelworh 
R.ouan , a, roan 
Rouannettc , sf a marJ<. 
Rouanner , va. to mark c 
Paon rcuant , peacock ii 

pride , (in heraldry) 
Roucouler , vn. to coo 
R.oue , sf a wheel 
Rouelle, round Jlice ; ^ 

of veal. [* 

Rouer , va. to break 0: 
Rouer un cable, to c< 

Rouer de eoups, tc^ 

Rcuet,/OT. fp inning -wi 
Rouge , a. 2. red 
Rouge , fm. women's pi 

ruddock ; roach ; red a 
P.ougeatrff, a, 2, reddi, 

R O 

Ugeaud ^ Cy a. s. red- fa- 
red ; ruddy complcciioned 


ugeole , sf, the meajles 
uget , fm. a roach 
iigeur , sf. rcdnefs ; pim- 
ile ; blush. [blush 

ugir, V. redden ; colour ; 
uille, sf. rujl 
uiller , va. to ruft 

, vr. gro-iv rufiy 

uillure , sf ruft 
uir , va. to ficep 
— le chanvre , to fiaep 
hemp'. [mufc 

lulacle , sf trilling , in 
Ullage , fm. rolling 
mlant , e y a. cafy , [of a 
carriage or read) 
laife roulante , sf a ca- 
lash. \_pi^- ', roller 
mlsau , fm. a roll ; rolling 

)uler , va. & n. to roll ; 

liffcau rouleur , a ship 
which rolls much at fca 
julette, sf. little wheel; 
cafiir , truckle-hcd ; gocart 
)ulier , fm. a v^sg^onzr 
)ulis d'un vaifTaau, the 
rolling cf a sh • p 
)Upie , sf fn:v:L 
Jupieux, l3 , .2. s. fiiivcl- 
ly ; frlvdling 

^ R U 

Roupllleur , fe , / do-fmg 
RoLiquet , fm. a he-hare 
RoufTatre , a. 2. reddish 
RoufTeau , fm. red haired 
Roufleur, sf rednefs 
RouiTeurs , fnckles 
Rouffi , fm. Ri/jjia leather; 

burnt fmell 
Rouflin , firong built horfe 
Rouffir, V. to grow red; to 

make look red ot yellow 
Roufter un mat , va. to 

vjoold a maji 
Rouftures , sf wooldings 
l?.oute, sf road; way ; cour- 

fe of a ship ; route 
Pv.outier , fm. rattier 
Pvoutine , sf rote 
Routoir , pooltojleepflax or 
. hanp 

Rouvre , fm. the hardsfl oak 
Rouvrir , va. to open again 
Roux , roufTe , a. s. red; red 

haired [noble 

Royal, e, a. royal; regal; 
A la royal e , ad. the 

court^s fashion. [ce-likc 
Royalement , royally , prin- 
Royalifte , fm. — liji ; tory 
Royaume , kingdom , realm 
Royauie , sf royalty, crown 
Ruade , a horfe's jerking 

with his heels 
PvUban , fm. ribbon 
Rubanier, e,f ribbon-weaver 
Pv.ubinerie , sf. ribbvn-trade 
P.uLantd , e , tf, trimmed 

■with ribbons 

R U 25^ 

Rubaffe, sf artificial cryfal 
Rubican (cheval) , — can. 

Rublcond , e , a. red , ruddy 
Rubis ,fm. a ruby ; red pLTi" 

Rubvicairs , compiler of ru- 
brics; a fy or cunning man 
Rubrique, sf rubrick 
Ruche , a bzc-hive 
Rude , a. 1. harsh , rough , 

sharp. [harshly 

Rudemcnt , ad. roughly , 
Rudeffe , sf harshncfs 
Rudeffes , harsh words , 

harsh ufage 
Rudiment ffm. rudiment 
Rudoyer,vi7. to ufe harshly 
Rue , .♦/. rue ; a flreet 
Ruclle , a narrow Jlrect or 

lane ; bedfide 
Ruer , V. to fling ; jerk 
Se ruer fur , vr. to rush upon 
Ruglner les dents , ra. to 

chanfe the teeth 
Pv.ugir, vn. to roar 
Rugiffement, fm. roaring 
Rume , sf. ruin , decay 
Ruiner , va. to ruin 
Pv.uineux , fe , a. ruinous ; 

Pvuiffeau ,fm. brook; rivulet; 

Ruiffelant, e, a. gushing 
lluilTcler , vn. to gush; rim 

out. [of the compafs 

Rurcb de vent, y^;. a point 
iP^umsur, sf ri^mour 

17,6 R U 

Rumination , sf. — tlcn 
FLuminer, va. to ruminate^ 

chew the cud ', mufc on 
Rupture , sf. fracture; rup- 
Rural , e , a. rural 
Rufe , sf. cunning , sh fts 
Rufe, t y a. s. cunning , f.y 
Rufer, vn. shift ; ufc cunning 
Ruftaud , e , <7. J. bconsk 
, Rufticite, sf. rujiicity ^ clow- 
Ruftique, a. 2. rural i clow- 
Ruftiquement, ad. ruddy 
Ruftre , a. 2. s. mjiical ', 

Rut , fm. rutting , lujl 

*3 A , pro. f. his , her , its 
Sabatte d'une ancre, sf 

shoe of an anchor 
Sabbat , fm. fabhath ; a fup- 

pofed nightly meeting of 

witches i a racket 
Sabbatine , sf the/is on lo- 

gick or moral philofophy 
Sabbatique, a. 2. — tical 
Sable , fm. fand ; hour- 

Sabler , va. to gravel , to co- 
ver with fand 
Sabliere , sf a fand pit 
Sablon , fm, fmall find 
Sablonncf , va, fcour with 


S A 

Sablonneux , fe , j. fandy 
Sabionnier ^ fm. a fandman 
Sablonniere, sf afand-pit 
Sabord , fm. a port hole 
Sabot, wooden shoi i horfe's 

hooj ', a top 
Saboter , vn. to whip a top 
ShboUQV^fm. a wooden-shoe- 
Sabouler, va.'to tofs ^ tumble 
Sabre , fm. a fahre , hanger 
Sabrer , va. cut with afabre 
Sac , fm. fack ; bag; pillage 
Saccade , sf jerk ; repri- 
Saccagement, fm. facking 
Saccager, va. to fack 
Sacerdoce ,fm. priefhood 
Sacerdotal , e, a, facerdotal 
Sachee, sf. a fackful 
Sachet , fm. afatchcl 
Sacoche , sf. a couricr^s ha? 
Sacramental , e , a. — tal 
SaCiamentalcmcnt, ad. fa- 

Sacre, fm. coronation , con- 

fecratlon ; faktr 
Sacrd , e , a. f acred 
Sacrement . fm. a facramcnt 
SacrerjVrj. confecrate; crown 
Sacret , fm. taffel-hawk 
Sacfliicateur , fm. facrifcer 
Sacrificature , sf priefhood 
Sacrifice , fm. a facrlfice 
Saciiiier , vj. to facrificc 

_ SA 

Sacfiflain , fm. afexton 
Sacrlfliej sf. a vefiry 
Safran , fm. faffron 
Safran du gouvernail, a/ 

piece of a rudder 
SaiVane , q y a. of faff, 

Saft-aner, va. to faffron 
Safranier, q , f a broi 

tradefman or woman 
Safre , a, t. greedy 
Sagaclte , sf fagacity 
Sage, a. 1, fm. wife; modt 

good; fugi 
Sage-femme , sf, a midwi^ 
Sagement, ad. wifely 
SagsjlTe , sf. wifdom; mod-. 
Sagouin , fm. marmofe 

floven . 
Saignant , e, a. bleeding 
Saignee , sf. blood letting 
Saignement yfm. bleeding 
Saigner , v. to bleed; blot 
Saigneur,yw2. a bleeder 
Salgneux, fe, a. bloody 
Saillant, e, a. jutting out 
Salllie , sf fally ; projcHu 

rant , flash of wit 
Saillir, vn. to project; 

out; leap. [fo 

Sair. , e, a. found ; who 
Sain-doux,y»7i. hog^s lar> 
Sain erne rit , ad. found a 

well; judicioufy 
Sainfoin , fm. fainfoin 
Saint , e f a. s. holy ; fain 
^ainte-barbe, sf. Gun-ro 

S^LQnU^Qtnwt f ad,^giou(ly\ Ss^int^m^iit f ad, holUy 

S A. 

itetd, sf. hollntfs 

jue , faick , fort of ship 

i^fm, debtor 

le , sf fciiure 

ine, ft' fin, pojfejfion 

ines dss huni,ers , hand 

•ech line for the top fails 

ir, va. to fti\e. 

iflant , e ., a. s. fei\cr 

iffement , fm. shock ; 


'on , sf feafon ; time ; 

roper time 

ide , fallet 

idler , fm. falacl-dish ; 

askct to drain fallet in- 

age , fahine, ; fair-duty 

aire, [alary \ reward 

aifon , sf. faking ; fait 


ama 1 e c , fm . Tu rk Iskfa- 

utatlon. \_of lli^ard 

iarnandre , sf. — dcr , kind 

.rais falant, fm. a falt- 


s, a. i.fouly dirty ; filthy 

if fm. fait pork or meat 

ement , ad. filthily 

er , va. to filt; powder 

ete , sf fil thine fs 

eur , fm. he who cures fish 

.iere, sf. falt-fellcr ; falt- 

igaud y e , a. fluttish 
in , e , ^. faline , hrin-sh 
Jne, sf. fa't-meat ; falt- 
Ish ; falt-pit 
iic[us (loi), Sallck law 

S A 

Salir , va. to foul; fialn ; 

SalifTon , sf a young flat 
SalifTure , fpot ; dirt ; filth 
Salivaire, a. 2. clammy 
Salivation , sf. falivation , 

S alive, fpittle 
Saliver , vn. to he under a fa- 
livation. [ward; lower 
Salle , sf. halt ; parlour ; 
a manger, dinir<r-room 

a danfer , dancing- 

fchool. [fchool. 

d'arrnes , foncing- 

du palais , palace-hall 

Salmi, ym. a hash 
Salmigondis, hotch-potch 
Saloir , falt-tuh; powdering- 

Salon , great hall ; parlour 
Salope , a. 2. s. jlovcnly ; 

nafiy ; flat 
Salopement, ad. nafiily 
Saloperie, sf. fiovenlimfs 
Salorge , fm. heap of fait 
Salpetre , falt-pctre 
Salpetrier , fah-petre-man 
Salpetrierc , sf, falt-petre- 

Salfifis , fm. goats-heard 
Salfugineux, fe , a. falfa- 

ginous , fomewhat fait 
Saltimbar.que , fm. a quack 
Saluade , sf. falutation 
Salvage , fm. falv age-money 
Sd.W3.tionjsf. pleddJhgyin law 
Salubre, a, 2. faluhri^^us 

_ S A 237 

Salubnte, sffaluhrhy 
Salve , a volley , difcharge 
Saluer, va. to falutc ; bow 
Salure, sf.faltnefs , hrine 
Salut , fm. falutation • fa.- 

fay ; falvatlon 
Salutaire , a. 2. falutary , 

whole fame 
Salutairement , ad. ufcfully 
Salutation , sf. falutation 
Samedi , fm. Saturday 
Sancir , vn. to fink 
Sanclificateur ,yCT. faiclifier 
San(fi)iication , sf. —tion 
San£tifier, va. to fanil'.fy ^ 

to keep hcly 
San<n:ion , sf. a fancllon 
San<fiuaire , fm. a chanal 
Sandal , fandal-wood 
Sandale, sf. a fandal 
Sandalier , fm. fandal-maktr 
Sandaraque, sf. —-rack, 

Sang, fm. blood; race 
Sang froid , cool blood, pre- 

fence cfmind. [yous 

Sanglant, e , a. bloody; grie- 
Sangle , sf. a girth 
Sangles , mats or paunches 

cffpun yarn 
Sangler , va. to gird ; lash 
Sanglier,y?7j. a wild hoar 
Sanglot , fob , figh , groan. 
Sangloter , vn. to fob 
Sangfue, sf leech; blood- 
Sanguification, — tion 
Sanguin, e, a. fanguint 

138 S A 

Sangulnaire , a. 2, fang^ui- 
nary. [fione 

Szn^yxitse^ sf. red lead ; hlocd- 
Sanguinolent, e, a. bloody 
Sanicle, sf.fclf-h:n.l 
Sanie, matter of a fore 
Sanieux , fe , rt. fanioiis 
Sans, pr. -without 
Sanfonnet ^fm. a fiarling 
Santd, sf health ; pcjl-huufe 
Sap y fm. fir wood 
Sap^ , sf. undermining a wall 
Saper , va. to fup , dig 
Sapeur, fm. an undcrmincr 
Saphir, faphirc 
Sapience , sf wifdcm 
Sapin ifm. a fir-tree 
Ais de fapin, detil boards 
Sapiniere , sf. forefi of fir- 
Sarabande, a faraband 
Sarbacane , shooting trunk 
SaTC2.fmQ,fm, farcafm, taunt 
Sarcler , va. to weed 
Sarcleur , fe , f. a weeder 
Sarcloir , fm. a hoc 
Sarclure, sf. weedings 
Sardine , fardina , pilchard 
Sardoine, the fardonyx 
Sarment , fm. vine-branch 
Sarrafin , buck-wheat 
Sarrau, a waggoner's or 

groom'' s frock 
Sarriete , sf. the htrbfavory 
Sas , fm, a fiev: 
Sailer , va. to fift 
Sa{Tet,y?72. little ficvt 
Satan , fatan 

S A 

Satellite , fm. armed atten- 
dant ; guard; fatdlne 
Satiete, sf. fatiety „ furfcit 
Satin , fm. fattin 
Satine , e, a. fattin-like 
Satire , sf. a fatyr 
Satiiique, 4. 2. s. —-ric^ 

Satiriquement , ad. fatyri- 

Satirilcr, va, to fatyife 
Satisfaction , sf.fatisfaclion 
Satisfattoire, a. 2. fatis- 

SatisFaire, va. to fatisfy 
Satisfaifant, e , a. pUdJing 
Satisfait, e, contented 
Satrape, yJn. a fatrap 
Satrapie , sf. fatrapy 
Saturnien, ne, a. faturnlne ^ 

Satyre, fm. fatyr 
Savamment, ad, learnedly 
Savant, e, a. s. learned 
Savantaffe, fm. pedantic 
Savate, sf, an old shoe 
Savaterie, old shoes trade 
Sauce, fauci 
Saucer, va. to dip in the 

Sauciere , sf. faucer ; fauce- 

Saaciffe ^faufage ; pudding 
Sauclffon , fm, thick and 

short faufage 
Saveter , va. to cobble 
SdiVQU'ZXffm.cohUr; bungler 
Saveur, sf favour i relish 

S A 

Sauf, ve , a.'fafe 
Sauf, pr. favs, under 
Sauf-conduit ^fm.fafe i 

duSl ; pafs ; letter oflict 
Sauge, sf. fage 
Saule , fm. willow ot ^ 

low- tree 
Saumatre, Saumache , a 

briny , brackish 
Saumon , fm. fdlmon ; 

of lead ^ &c. 
Truite faumonnee, sf,j 

mon- trout 
Saumure , brim 
Saunage , fm. falt-tradt 
Sauner , vn. to make fait 
Saunerie, sffaltcm 
Saunier, fm. a filt-mdk 

a fah- feller 
Faux-faunier , falt-fmug^ 
Sauniere, sf a fa't-box 
Savoir , va, to know 
Savoir-vivre, to underfl. 

one's fclf 
Savoir , a (avoir , c'efl: a 

voir , ad. to wit , name 

that is , the quefiion is 
Sa.vou ,fm. knowledge y h 

Savoir-faire, skill, wit 
Savoir-vivre , manners 
Savon , foap. [/< 

Savonnage , washing » 
Eau de favonnage ,/tiiJ/?-y 
Savonner , va. wash v 

foap ^ 
Savonnene, sf. afoap-ho 
Savonnette , sf a wash-l 

S A 

'onneux , Te , a. foapy 

■outer, va. to favour ^ 


ouret , fm. marrow-hone 

oureufement , ad. re- 

' shingly 

oureux, fe , a.favoury 

piquet, /to. hi^h-rdisked 


poudrer , va. powder , 

yrn ; fprinkle ; flrew 

:val faure, fm. forrd 


eng faur , a red-herring 

:ef i.ts harengs , va. io 

y herrings 

iTaie, sf. a willow-plot 

t,fm. leap; water-fill 

:e de vent, sf fuddcn 

lifting of the wind 

:eT , V. to Lap ; skip a 

ord. [fpinmt 

rereau , fm. jack of a 

:erelle, sfagrafshopper. 

eur, fe , /. leaper , turn- 

illement , fm. skipping ; 

'.pping along 

iller, vn. to skip, trip 


o'lT , fm. falteer 

'^age , d. 2. favage , wild 

-age , fm. filvage ' 

'ageon , wild flock 

-agin , &^ a. s. fishy ; 

mma^e tafli 

CTrabans , fm. mats or 

untbis of thi' yards 

s c 

Saiivegarde, sf. fafc guard. ^ 

S auvement , fm. falvage 
Sauver, va. to favc; excufe 
Se fauver , vr. to efcapc 
Sauveur,yOT. a favicur 
Saxlfiage, sf. fiont-hreak 
Scabc'loa ,y/7z. a fiand 
Scabieufe , sf, fcahlous , 

Scabieux, fe, a. itch-Lke 
Scabreux , fe, a. rugged i 

difficult ; ticklish 
Scammonee, sf. fcammony 
Scandale, yw. fcandal ; of- 
fence. [ loufly 
Scandaleufement, ad. fan- 
Scandaleux, fe, a, fcanda- 

Scandalifer, va. to fcan- 

dalife ; give offence 
So fcandaiifer, vr. to be of- 
Scander, va. to fcan 
Scapulaire.yJn. — lary 
Scaramjuche, Italian Zany 
Scarificateur, — cator 
Scarification, sf, — tion 
Scarifier , va. to fcarify , 

Sceau, fm. a ftal 
Scel , a feal 
Scaler at, e, a. s, flagitious; 

a villain 
SceldratelTc, sf. villainy 
Scelle, fm. the feal 
Scellement, cramping 
ScsUer,y;j, to fiali cramp 

S Q 255? 

Scelleur , fm. a fealer 
Scene, sf. a fiage ; fcent 
Scenique, a. 1. fcenical 
Scenographle, sf. — phy 
Sceptre, fm. a fccptre 
Schelin, shilling 
Schifmatique, a. 1. s. fchif- 

Schifme , fm. fchifm 
Scholaftique , a. 2. — tick 
. ^ fm. fchool- 


sf. divinity 

Scholiafle , fm. fcholiafi 
Scholie , sf. fcholy , com^ 

Sciage, fm. fawing 
Sciatique , sf. fciatica 
Scie, a faw 

Scieniment , ad. knowingly 
Science , sf fcicnce 
Scientifique,- a. %. fcientl" 

Scisr, va. to faw 
Scier avec les avirons, vrit 

to hold water 
Scieur, fm. a fawyer 
Scintillation, sf. twinkling 
Scion, fm. twig i shoot i 

Sclure, sf. faw-dnfl 
Scolopendre , sf. — dra j 

hart's tongue 
Scorbut, fm. the fcurvy 
Scorbutique, a, 2. s. fcor- 

Scorpion, fm. fco'pion 
Scorf&ngi?, sf, /cQrion&ra 

14.0 S G 

Scnhs f fm. a fcribe ; copier 
Scrupule , fcnsple ; dcuht 
Scrupuleufement , ad. fcru- 

Scrupuleux, fe, a.fcrupulous 
Scrutateur , fm. — tor ; 

Scrutin ^fm.fcrutlny; ballot 
Sculpter , va. carve; in- 
Sculpteur , fm. a carver 
.. r- en pbrre , Jlone- 

cntter. [carving 

Sculpture, sf. fculpture ; 
Scurrilcmsnt, ad. bufoon- 

Scurrilitd, sf. — :y , drollery 
ScvZQ, fort of boat 
Se , pr. one's felf, himfslf ,^ 

herfclf, themfelvcs , iff If 
Siiance , sf. place ; feat ; 

S^ant , e , a. becoming 
Sean, fm. a pail, bucket 
Sebile , sf. a wooden bo}vl 
Sec , fm. drinefs 
A Cec , ad. dried up 
Mettre un vaiffeau a fee , 

to ground a'ship 
ValiTeau qui met a fee , a 

ship that fpoons 
Secance , sf. fequence 
Sdcante ,fcant 
Sec , Seche , a. dry ; blunt 
Seche , sf. cuttle-fish 
Seehement , ad. dry; coldly ; 

.Sdclier , Vt to dry ; wither 


Sechereff^, sf. dryntfs ; 

blvntnefs. \dry 

Seches , fands or rocks left 
Sechoir, fm. horfe or hoard 

for drying linen 
Second , e , a. s.fecond 
Seconde, sf fecond 
Secondement , ad. fecondly 
Seconder , va. to fecond ; sf- 

fifi. [jolting 

Secouemsnt,/^. shaking; 
Secouer, va. to shake; sha- 
ke off; jolt ;-jog. [ajjyi 
Secourable, a. 2. willing to 
Secourir, va, to fuccour , 

help. [of eafe 

SQConrSyfm. fnccour ; chapel 
Secouffe , sf^ a shake ; a 

jolt; fit; check. 
Secret, te, a. fecret 
Secret, fm. fecret , niyfiery 
En fecret, ad. fccretly 
Secretaire, ym. a fecret ary 
Secretairerie , sf. the fccre- 

tary's office. [ship 

Secretariat, fm. fecrttary- 
Secrecement , ad. fccretly 
Sec^aire ,yTO. a feciary 
Se^iateur , follower f difciple. 
Sefte, sf. a feci 
SQ€zsuv,fm. a fscior 
Seflion, sffedion, divifon 
Secalair?, a. 1. fecnUr 
Secularifation, sf. — lation 
Secularifer, va. to fccularl-^e 
Secularitd , sf. fecular Iff 
Seculier, c, a, s, r—iar; 


. S E 

Seculiereir.ent, ad. woi 
Securite, sffecurity 
Sedanoife , pearl , ( in ^ 

ting ) 

Sedentaire, a. ^. fcdent 
Si'Viment, fm. fcdimcnt 
Seditieufement, ad. — / 

Jy-. ^ [ 

Seditieux, fe, a. s.fcditi 
Sedition, sf fedition 
Scdufteur, trice ,/. fc 
S^duftion , sf feduHion 
Sdduire , va. to fcduct 
Seduifant, e , a. feducl 
Segment, fm. fgnicnt 
Sei'gle , rye 
Seigneur , lord 
Seigneuriage , feignorc 
Seigneurial , e , a. o/c 

longing to the lord 

manor. \r) 

Seigneurie , sf. lord 
Sein , fm. hrcafc ; ho 

womb ; gulph 
Seine , sf fean , {a lo 

S eir, gy fm. fgnature , n 


Seiour,y?.''V, abode ; mc 
Scjourner, vn. to abid. 

Seize, a. 2. s. fix teen 
Scizieme, a. %. s.fixu 
Sclle, sf. faddle; pi 

Selle de calfat , n ca 
S^lUr, ya, to faddle 

S E I 

!erle , sf. cupboard for 


[ette,Jioolt {at trials) 

Her , fm. a fadUr 

an , pr. according to 

on que , c. according as 

nailles , sf. fo wing ^ fad 

own i fad-time 

naine, week ; iVcclCs work 

'• wages 

aainier , e , a. weekly 

laqae, sf fmack , {vcjfd) 

nblable , a. 2. fm. like ; 

dike. [fe 

iblablement , ad. likev^i- 

nha.nt,fm. pretence, shew 

re fi'iriblant , to make as 

f->f^S"-i pretend 

nbier , vn. to fecm 

ne femble , it feems to me 

nelle , sf. a f/e 

nence , fid ; caufe 

Tier, va, to fowffprcdd 

■neftre , a. z. that conti- 

vies fix momhs 

iieilre , fm. fix months 

meur , a fowcr 

iti-preuve , sf half-proof 

millant , e , fl. frisky , {of 

% child ) 

TcanzirQ , fm. a feminary 

mlnarifle , a femin.iriji 

moir , a feed- b a or 

monce, sffummons ; war' 

ning. [trot 

eille fempirernelle , old 

nat , fm. fenate 

natsur, a fcnator 

S E 

Senatorial , e , a. fcnntorial 
Senatorien, ne, a. fcnato- 

rian. [in Poland 

Senatrice, sf fenator''s wife 
S^natu'S-confuIte, fm. decree 

of the Roman fenate 
ScndM , fnow , a fort ofvejfd 
S6nQ , fena 
Senechal , ^fenefchal 
Sen^chauflee, sf. fen: f chalks 

Scne^on , fm. groundfel 
Sdneve, mufiard-fced 
Sens , fenfe ; opinion; fide 
Sens-deiTus-deiTou5 , topjy 

tnrvy. ['^^J' 

Sens-devant-derrierc, wrong 
Senfation j sf. fcnfation 
Senfe, e, a. fen fib U , ratio- 

Scnf^ment , ai. rationally 
Scnfibilite, sf fnfibiLity^ 
Senfible, a. 1. fenfiklc; ten- 
Senfiblement , aL fnfihly 
Se^'fitif, ve , a. fcnfitive 
Scnfitive, sf. — £ive(aplant) 
Senfualit^ , fenfu/ility 
Senfuel , le , <a. s. fenfual 
Senfuellement, nd.fnfually 
Sentence , sf femence 
Sentencier, ra. to fentence 
Sentencieufement, flrf- fn- 

tentionfiy. \tioiis 

Sentencieux , fe , a. fenten- 
Senteur , sf. fcent , odour 
Senteurs , perfumes ,fweets 
Sentier ,/?w, pain ; hy-way 


S E 

24 r 

Sentiment, fm. fenfation ^ 

Sentine , sf. fink of a ship 
Sentinelle , fentind , fentry 
Sentir , va. to feel ; he fenfi" 

hie of y fmelL ; tafie j per-^ 

ceive ; favour of 
Sep de ririfle , yTTz. knight 

heads of the gears 
Separable , a. -3.. fp arable 
Separation , sf. — tion \ di" 

vcrce i partition ; parting 
S^pai ement , ad. afunder 
St^parer, va. to feparate% 
Sept, a. 1. feven. [part 

Sept , fm. a feven ; feventh 
Septante , a. 1. fm. ftvtnty 
Septembre , fm, September 
Septenaire (nombre) , fep^ 

tcnary number , feven 
Septentrion , fm. the north 
Septentrional, e, a.northerti 
Septentrionaux , fm. nor- 
thern people. [fptiemc 
Septieme, a. r. fm.fcventh i 
Septiemement , ad. feventh- 

ly. _ {years vf ags 

Sepruags^naire , a. i.feventy 
Septuageiime , sf — fima 
Septuple, a. -x. fm. feven tl" 

mes as much 
Sepulcral , e , ^. ftpulchral 
Scpulcie , fn. fpulchre g 

grave. [rying place 

Sepulture, sf. burial ^ a /;«-« 
Sequelle , gang , crew 
Sequence , fequence 
Setjueftfation, — tion 

141 S E f 

Sifqueftre-, fm. fequcjlratlcn j 
Sequeftrer, va, fcquejlcr , fc- ■; 
Sequm yfm. -^cchin, [crete. \ 
Serans , a hatchel , fiax- 

Serancer, va. to hatchd 
Seraphin ,yJn. a/eraph 
Seraphique, a. z./craphlc 
Serein , fm. evening dcvy 

, , e , (I. ferene , clear 

Serenade , sf. ferenade 
Setdnifume, a. 2. mofi ferene 
Serenite , sf fcrenity 
SdreUx, fe, a. f reus 
Serf, ferve^ a. s. a bondman^ 

Ser^e,sffrge_ ferj ear.t ; hadiff 
Sergenter , va. to fend bai- 
Ujfs af'-r one. [place 

Sergentcile , sf. ferjcaat's 
Sergerie , frgc trade 
Sergette.. thin and light ferge 
S6rie , sf a fries , in geom, 
SerieufciTient , ad. ferioufy 
Serieux, fe, a. firious, grape 
Serieux , /rz. firioiifmfs 
Serin , fm. a canary-bird 
Serin gue, sf a fy rings 
Seringuer, va. to fy>inge 
Seringuer un vaiileau , to 

rake a ship 
Serment,y//2- an oath 
Sermon , a frmon 
Sermonnaire, author of prin- 
ted fermons 
Sermonner, vn, to preach ; 

S E 

Sermonncur, fe, f prea- 
cher ; fault-fp.dcr 
Seroiit^ , sf ferofuy , ferum 
Serpe , sf a hedging-bill 
Serpent , fm. ferpent , fnake 
Serpentaire , fnahe-root 
Serpente , sf fort of paper 
Serpcnteau, fm. young fnake 
Serpenter , vn.'>vind, fcrpen- 

tine, [sket 

Serpentin, ym, cock of a mu- 
Serpentine, sf — tine-Jionc; 

grafs plantane 
SCrper , vn. to weigh anchor 
Scipette, sf pruning-knfe 
Serpilliere , packini]- cloth 
Serpolet , fm. wild thyme 
Ssrrail fferaglio 
Serre , sf green-lioufc ; fruit- 

houfe J a talon 
Canons en ferre , houfed 

guns. [fluff 

Serre - bauquieres , thick 
Serre, e , a. nfcrved', clofe- 

ffted ■ 
Serre, ad. hard ; foundly 
Serre- file, /ttz. hringcr-up 
Ssrre-tete , night-cap hand 
Serre papiers , afccure place 

for kztping papers 
Serrement , fm. fquet^lng , 

Serrer , va. to fquee\c ; draw 

clofe ; tic tight ; lay up 
Serrer le vent , to haul the 

Serrure , sf a lock 
Serrarerie, icckfmith's trade 

S E 

Serrurrer , fm. a lockfml 
Sertir , va. to fet a gem 
ServHrure , sf fetting a ^ 
Servage, fm. villainage 
Gentilhomme fervant, 

gentleman waiter 
Servante , sf. fervant-m 
Serviable, a. 1. ferviceal 
Service, fm. fervice ', w 

Serviette, sf. a napkin ■ 
Servile , a. 2. fervile ; m 
Servilement , ad. flavishl 
Servir, v.frve; wait; h 
Se fervir de , to make ufe 
Ssrviteur , frn. fervant 
Servitude , sf fervitua 

Sci um , fm. ferum^, ferof. 
Ses , pro. pi. his , her ^ iu 
Sei'Hi , fm. hart-wort 
Sellion , sf fjfion 
Seiier J fm. 12 bushels i 

Seton , afcton , rcwel 
Seve, sffap 
Severe, a. T.. fever e , flert 
Severement, ad. feverc, 
Severite , sf feverity 
Se'vices , fm, ill uf^gt- 
Seuil , threshold. [U 

Seuillets , pert- fells . 
Sevir , vn. to mifufe 
Seal , e, a, alons , Jcle, a 
Seulement , ad. on!y,fole. 


Seulct, te, a. lonely ^ all 
Sevrer , va, to wean 

S E 

ag^r.aue, a, 
itars old 

tagifime , sf. — fima. 
:2 , fm. fx 

beau fexe, th: fair fcx 
:t8 , sf. fxte 
;til , a. s. fcxdle 
tuple , fiX' tim;s as much 
'•n£, fm. sheriff 
c. if-y fo , as 
(I , ht fides , ytt 
)ien qs-ie, fo that 
■« n'cft que , tinJcfs 
ylle , sf. a Sihyl 
cite , ficcity , drinejs 
.e, y?72. d shekel 
cle , ^ century , an a^e 
.e i , r. i;72/>. it becomes 
It, fm. fe^t; fie:fe<^e; 
Qlirt of jnflicc 
3, !7e, /jro. hjs', hers; 
is awn , h:r own 
R:e , sf. afternoon's n.ip 
\xr , I'm. lo d of a manor 
l-msnt , w hi filing ; hliju:^ 
ler , V. io whifile ; hif ; 
hl^; gr've om his cue 
{et,fn. a ^vhifllc ; cat- 
ail \ wind' pipe 
leur , {q , f. a iv hi filer 
ilee (terre) , terra figil- 

lal , fm. Jirna' , fi'^n 
nale , e , a. fgnal , fa- 

ralement , fm. a defcrip- 
'•.on if a man 
aakr, va, to fgnalife 

r SI 

Signature , sf. fignature , 

Signe , fm. fign , token ; 

beck ; omen ; wink ; nod 
Signer , v. to fign , fubfcribe 
Sign 51- i fm. a taffel _ 
Significatif , ve , a. fignifi- 


SU'.nmcatlon , sf ^—tion 
Signifier , va. to fignify , 
Silence , fm. filencc. Imean 
Silencicux , fe , a. filent, of 

few words 
Silique, sf cod, husk , shell 
Sillage , fin. track of a ship 
Siller , V. to fuer , to fail 
Sullen , fm. a furrow 
v^ifags filionnd , wrinkled 

Sillonner, va. to furrow 
Simagr^es , sf. grimace, 

Simarre , fmar , a fort of 

Simi'aire, a, i. fmilar 
Similitude, sf. fmilitude 
Simcniaque , a. i. s. fimo- 
niac^l ; a fimov.iafl 
Simon'' e , sf fimony 
5imple , a. 2. fm. fimple ; 
plain ; filly ; medicinal 
Sinipkinent , ad. merely; 

pla'n'y ; only 
S i mpli J te , sf fimpliclty 
Sirnpliner, va.. to relate the 

bare matter offacl 
Simulacre,/7J, idol; image 

. ^ T 243 

Sin- Illation , sf. — tlon 
S 1 m ul e r , vn. to feign 
Simultanee, a. 2..' fimulta- 

Sinapi'me , ftn. -finapifm^ 

Sincere, a. 1, fncere 
Sincerement , ad. fincereiy 
Sincerity, sf. finarity 
Singe , fm. ape ; monk.y ; 

Sinp;erie, sf an apish trick 
Sz iiniTularifer, vr. to affect 

, {Inzularity 
Singularite , sf. fingula'ity 
Singulier, e, a. fm. fingu.- 

lar; rare; affected 
Singali^renvont, di. fingu- 

lasly ; afftPtedly 
Siniitre , a. a. finijler , un~ 

lucky , perve'O, 
Sinilli eir.ent,' ad. untowardly 
Sin on , elfe , fave, except 
Sinople , fm.. finople , green 

in her. il dry 
Sinueirx, fe , a.finuous^ win' 

S i n 12 fi r ^ , sf. fir, u cfty 
S i p lis ,fm.finz , in math em. 
Siphon , fiphon; watcr-fpout 
Sire , fir ; lord 
Sirene , sf. mermaid 
SJrerie, lordship 
Siroc , fm. Sonth-eafi wind, 

on the Mediterranean 
Siflre , fifirum , cittern 
Site , fite , in la/idfcape 
Sitot-que , c. as foon as 

2-44 . ^ ^ . 

Situation , sf. (itunt'ion ^ fttc ; 

pojlure ; condition- 
Situer , va. to fituats , feat 
Six , a. 1, fm. fix ; fixth ; a 

BiX3.m J frrz. fian:(^a of fix ver- 

fes ; fix packs of cards 
Sixieme , a. z. fm. (ixth ; a 

Six'.dmement , ad. fixthiy 
Sixte , sf fixth , in mufic 
Sloop , jm, a floop 
Sobre, a.r.foher, difcrect 
Sobrement, ad. foherly 
Sobri^te , sf. fobriety 
Sobriquet , fin. a nick name 
Soc , a plough-share 
Sociable , a. 2. fociahlc 
Social , e, a. facial 
Societd , sf fccicty ; con- 

verfe j c!ub 
Socinianifme , fm. — nifm 
Socinien, nc ^ f. a focinian 
Socle , fm . foot , fiaad ; bafe 
Socque , fiir.dal 
Sodomie , • sf. fodomy 
Sodomit2 , fm. fvdomitt 
Sceur , sf. a fifter ; a mm 
Sofa , fm. fofu 
Soi , pro. one's fe[f; itfelf 
Soi - difdnt , pretended ; 

■would hi 
Soie , sf. fill: ; briflle't tongue 

of a blade. , ifinffs 

Soierie , filk trade ; filk 
Soif, thir-fi; greedy d.ift-e 
Soigner, va^ to lock after, 

s o 

Soicfnenfement, ad. careful- 
Soio;neux, fe, a. carefd. [ly 
Sow. , fm. care ; anxiety 
Soir , evening ; night 
Soiree , sf evening 
Soit , ad. be it fo , well and 

Soit que, c. whether, or 
Soixantaine, sf. fixty 
Solxante, a. z. fixty. [tleth 
Soixantieme , a. "2.. fm. fix- 
Sol, fm.foil; ground-plot 
Solaire, a. 1. folar 
Solbatu, Qj a. furhated 
Solbature , sf. furbcting 
Solclanelie , hind-weed 
Soldat , fm. a foldier 
Soldatefque , sf foldiery 

, a.! die'-- like 

Solde , sf. pay ; balance of 

an account 
Solder un compte , va. to 

clofe an account hy paying 

the balance 
Sole, sf. a fole ; horfe-hoof 
Sole d'afFut , the fole of a 

gun ca'rias,e 
Barque a fole, aflat botto- 
med vefiel 
SoMcifme , fm. folccifm-, 

Iw-prop^iety in fpeech 
Soleil , fun ; fun-flov/er 
Solennel , le , <j. folerin 
Solennellement , ad. fo- 

lemnly. f -Ration 

Sclennifation-, sf. foUmni- 
Solennifer , va. to folcvi- 


Solennite , sf folemnlty 
Solfier , va. to folfa 
Solidaire (contrat) , <? h. 

in folido^. [ wh(. 

Solidairement, ad. infoL 
Solids , a. 2. fm. foi 

firong [fi'^on 

Solidement , ad. folid 
Solidite , sf. folidity ; I 

in foil do 
Soliloque , fm. foliloqu 
Solitaire, a. 2. folltary 
, fm. fo lit aire ; 

Solitairement, ad.folita 
Solitude , sf. folitude 
Solive , a joifl , gilder 
Solivcaii , fm. a rafter 
Soiiicltation, sffolicita 
Sollicitsr , va. to foli 

intice. [folicit 

Solliciteur , fe , f. folici 
Sollicitude , sf. folicitt 
Solftice , fm. folflice 
Solfticlal, c, a. folfiiti 
Solvabilite , sf. folveni 
Solvable , a. 1. folvent 
Soluble, foluhle. \_t. 
Solution , sf. folution ; 
Somache, a. 2. brackii 
Sombre , dull , gloomy , 1 
Sombrer , vn. to be ovet 
Sommaire, a. 1. fummi 

Sommaire , fm. ahridgm 

fummary \l '' 

Sommairement, ad. hrUj 
Sommation , sf a fumn 

s o 

nme, »f- a hcaJPs load ; a 
urn. [ harden 

:2 de fomme , baiji of 
nme , fm. flumher. 
nme'U ^fl-^p ; Jlceplnefs 
nmeiller , vn. to JIumkcr 
nmeifcr, e , /. a biitie"- 
nmelferie , sf. butUr's 
lace ; psr.try 

nmer , va. to fummon ; 
hm up ; cla'm 
nm?t , frt. top ; fummlt 
nmler , fumpter - horfe ; 
air qii'-lt ; fummcr 
iinambule , f. one who 
valks In his flcep 
nirifere, a. i./omnif^raus 
■nptUaire , fumptuary 
nptueufsment, ad.fump- 
nptueux , fe , a. fump- 


■nptuoiite , sf. fump- 


n; , fm. hran ; found 

.1 , pro, tn. his , her, its 

late , sf fan at a 

nde , founding lead ; probe 

ader , va. to found ; probe 

ideur , fm. founder 

nge , a dream 

nge-creux , vifionary 

nge -malice , plotter of 


iiger , V. to dream ; think 

ngeur , fe , / dreamer 

f^ica, ad, in the nkk of 


s o 

Sonnaille , sf. a bell 

as is tied to libcafi's neck) 
Sonnant , e , a. founditig 
Sonner , v. to found ^ ring; 

/hike ; blow 
Sonnerie, sf. ring of bells ; 



a fonnet 

Sonnette , xf. a llttU hell 
Sonaetir , fri. a ringer 
Son ore , a, i. fono-ons 
Sophifme , fm. fcphifm , ca- 
Sop!:if?:e , fophJfier , caviller 
Sc-iji'ilfl;. cation , sf. adulte- 
ration [cal 
Sophiftique, a. 2.. fophifi- 
Sophiiliquer , v^.. to cavil; 

to adulterate 
Sophifliquerie , sf fophif- 

try ; adulteration 
Sophlftiqueur , yC/i. -^tica- 

tor , adulterator 
Soporatif, ve , a. s.foporifc 
Sorbc , sf forh , fervice 
Sorbet , fm. sherbet 
Sorbier, forb y fervice- tree 
SorccIIerie , sf. forcery 
Sorcier, fm. a Jcrccrcr 
S ore i ere , sf. a forcerefs 
Sordide , a. 7.. fordid ^ mean 
Sordidement, ad. fordidly 
Sordidite , sf fordidnefs 
Some , sf. fcum , drofs of 

Sornette^, idlejtories 
Sororianr, e , a. fwellir.g or 
£r owing , as ^icVs brcajh 

S O 14J 

'^n,fm. fate; lot ; fpell 
Sortabie , a. 2. fnitahle 
Sorte , sf.forty kind, manner 
De forte que, that 
Ds telle forte , in fuch a, 

De la fjite , de cette forte, 

thus , in this manner 
Sortie , sf. a going out ;f&U 

ly ; an export • a vjay out 
Sortilege, /w;. witchcraft 
Sortir , vn. to go' or come out 
Sot , fotte ,a.s. filly ; a fool 
S,ottement, ad. foolishly 
Sottife, sf fillinefs; folly i 

obfcene language 
Sottifier , fm. collcclion of 
Sou , a penny. [ trask 

Soubaffement, fm. patten 

of a pillar ; bafes of a bed 
Soubiefaut , a gambol 
Soubrette , sf. an abigail y 

waiting woman 
Souche , fiump , flock ; flack 

of chimnies ; blockhead 
Souchet, fm. kind of free 

fione ; cyperus , fort of rush 
Souci , a marigold ; anxiety 
Se foucier , vr. to care for 
Soucieux , fe , ^. full ofcare^ 

Soucoupe, sf. a faucet ; fal\ 

Soudain, e, a. fuddcn 
Soudain , ad. forthwith 
Soudainement , fuddi.rJy 
Soudan ^ fm. fukan of Egypt 
Soude, sf. fait- w on i kali 

24^ S O 

Souder , va. to folder ; make 

up an account 
Soudeur , fm. fcldercr 
Soudoyer, va. to kicp inpcy 
Soudre , to folve 
Soudrille , fm. rafcally fol- 

dUr. , Iring 

Soudure, sf. folder y foldc- 
SoufRage,yw/, shcat':r.g a ship 
SoufHant, e, a. blowing 
SoufRe , fm. blo\vlng', puff', 

breath. [choufe 

Souffier , r. to h'ow,prcmpf; 
Souffier Ics canor.s, to fcaU 

the guns 
Souffisrie , sf. bellows of an. 

SoufBet , fm, hallows; ca- 

' Lash; bcx on tht ear 
Souffistadc , j-/?yevtr^/ box:s 

on the ear 
Souiflctcr , va. to cuff, box 
Souffieteur , le , f boxer i 

jSouffieur , fe , blower : prom- 
pter ; one who is in fearch 

of the philofcpher's Jione 
SoufTrance , sf. fuffcrinp ; 

Soufff ant , e , <j. patient 
SoufFre-douieur , /. drudge 
SoufFrir, v. to fuffer\ admit 

of -y endure ; Jland. [phur 
Soufre,yw. brimfioncy ful- 
Soufrer , va. to do ov&r •jutfA 

^ougarde , sf. guard , thro:tt- 

iand of a gun 

s o 

Sougorge , sf. throat-band 

of a bridle 
Souhait , fm. a wish 
Souhaitable, a. i. dejtrable 
Soubaiter , va. to wish 
Souhaiteur ,y;72. a wisher 
Souilier, ra. to foul; defile 
Souillon , f. little fovea or 

Souillure , sf. filth ; fpot 
Soul , e , c. full; drunk; 

Sonlyfm. a belly -full 
Soulagsant, c, a. comfor- 
Soulagement ,frr'. relief 
Sculager , va. to lighten ; 
relieve, , [fuddle 

Soiiler, va. to fill , fatiate ; 
Soulevement , fm. bifun ec- 
tion. [ the fomach 

_d2 coBur, rifing in 

Sou lever , vn. to lift ; to 

fiir up th: people 
Se fouiever , vr. to rift 
Souleur, sf. fudden fright 
Soulier , fm. a shot 
Soumettre , va. to fiihdue 
Ss foumettre, vr. to fuhmit 
Soumiflion, sf, fiibmiffion 
Soupape , fucker cf a pump 
Soupcon , fm. fnfpicion 
Soupgonner, va. to fufpeB. 
Soup9onneux, fe, a, fufpi- 

Soup(f , fm. fupper 
L'apres-foupd , between fup- 
per and bid tim^ 

s o 

Soupe , sffoup;fop ; fii 
Soupente, loft ; jutty ; brc 

of a. eoach 
Souper , vn. to f.ip 
Soupefer , va. to po. 

weigh by hand 
Soupief e , sf. foup-dish 
S ouplr, fm. fighigafp; 

Soiv^irzxl , vent-hole 
Soupirant , lover, admitt 
Soupirer, vn. to figh 
Soupireur . fm. a dangler 
Souple, a. l.fupple, pli 
Souplemen: , ad. fubmi 

Souplcffe , sf fupplenefs. 
Tours de foupleiTe, cann 

tricks ; fats cf aciiviv 
Souqucnille, sf coachmc 

Souquer , va. & n. to fin 

or taughtcn 
Source , sffource , fprin^ 
Sourcll , fm, eye brow 
Sourciller , va. to knit 

brow. [fi 

Sourcilleux , fe , a. lof 
Sourd y e , a. s. deaf; di 
Lanterne fourde, dark i 

tern. [ti 

Sourdaud , fourdaude , 

deafish. [pe 

Sourdement , ad. dull; wl 
A la fourdine , privately 
Sourdre, vn. to fpring 
Souriceau, fm, llttkmo 

s o 

irlciere, sf. amoufe-trap 

irire, vn. to fmlU 

irire , \r^\xx\s , fm. a f mile 

iris , sf. a mouji ; hit 

irnols , e , a. s. fullm ; 

iSy pr. imdnr. [faturnine 

[S-aifermer , va. to un- 



s-barbe , sf, chuck under 

!€ thin 

s- bibllothdcaire , fn. 


S-brlgadier, fvh-hri^cdi:r 

s-chantre , fith-chaiiicr 

fcriptc ur , a fuhfriher 

{cn^tion, sf. fubfcription 

fcrire , va. to fuhfcribe 

s-diaconat , Jin. fubdcc- 


s-diacre , fuhdcjcon 

i-doyen , jhb-dcan 

s-'doyenn^ , fub-dear.shlp 

s-entendre , va. undcr- 

ind. [ refirvaticn 

s-entente , sf. m.mtal 

5-ferme , unde 


;-fermier, Q,f. under-far- 

;-fretter , va. to under 
light a ship 

-gouvernante.j-/. under- 
vcrmfs. \_der- tutor 

-gouverneur , fm. un- 
-lieutenance , sf. im- 
"-lieiftenant's place 
-lieutenant, //«, under- 

s o 

Sous'-Iocataire, fm, under- 

Soiis-ir.aitre, an usher 
SouK-pc'nltencier , fiib-peni- 
tzntiary. [ ceptor or tutor 
Sous-prccepteur , imdcr-pre- 
Sou5-piieur ,fiii>-prior 
Sous-prieure , sf fuh-prio- 
So us -rente, undcr-rcnt. [refs 
Sous-rentier, fm. und^r-te- 
nant. [ ton 

Sous-facrlftain , under-fcx- 
Sous-fecrdtaire , undsr~fc~ 
cretary. [^tcn 

Soufngne,e5a. under-v/rit- 
Souirigner , va. to under- 
write. [ withdrmving 
S oufira £1:1 on , sffuhfiraFiion; 
Souftrazre , v. to fuhf-aa; 

take aVi'ay ; shak^ off 
Sous-traitafit , fm. under- 

farmer of cufloms 
Sous-trait^ , underf arming 
Sous-tiaiter, vn, to under- 
fj.rm. Vo-'^'^ 

Soiis-vsntriere , sf. under- 
Sous-vicaire , fm, fuh-vicar 
Soui;-vicomte , fuh-vifcount 
Soutane , sf. a cajfock 
Soutanclle, short cajfock 
Soute , balance of an ac- 
count; a ship's bread-room 
Soucenable, a, 2. warran- 
Soutenement , fm. a prop 
Soutenlr, va, to ftppcrt ; to 
fufiain ; keep up ,• hiar ; 

S V 147 

Souterrain , e , a. fubter^ 

Souterrain , fm. a vault ; 
place under ground 

Soutien , afuprort;prop 

Soutirage , racking 

Soutirer, va. rach-vAne, &Cm 

Souvenance , sf. renum- 
brance. [ her 

Se fouvenir , vr. to rems.m- 

Souvenir , fm. r em cmb ranee. 

Souvent, ad. cj'^cn 

Souverain , e, a. s, fover-dgn 

Souverainement , ad. fovc- 
reignly ; ahjohitcly; extre- 

Souvsrairete,j/ /:;'/:; c'r.^-'y 

Soyeux,f£,fl.'/%; ^'"^-i 

Spacieufement , ad, widely 
Spacieiix, fe; a. fpacious ^ 
Spadaffin,y77/. a bully 
Spadille , Jpadilla;Jpadile 
Spagirie, sf, fpagiry ; al- 

chymy, [ chymical 

Spagirique , a. 1, s^ — rick ; 
Spaimer , va. to pitch a ship 
Sparfile , a. f. fcattered , (as 

Jiars ) ' [fon 

Spafme , fm.fpafm , ccnvul- 
Spafmodique, a. 2. fp-j*^- 

Spatiile , sf. ^fpatuln. [ liar 
Special , e , ^. fpeciali picn- 
Sp^c:alement_, ad. J'pccially 
Specialise , sf, — -lity 
Specieux, f^ , a./peci^us 

i4S .S P 

Specification , sf. — tion 
Specif-er , va. to Jp^cify 
Sp(!ciiiquc ,a.z. fm. fp^c'fic 
Specifiquement, ad. f^ccl- 

Spet^acie , fm. afpectacle 
Speftatcur, vice , f. fpeclj tor 
Speftre, Jm. fpeBre , gkojl^ 
Speculaire, a. f. ■ — lar 
Speculatsur ^fm. —tor , ob- 

ferver. [ lativs 

Speculatif, ve, a. s. fpecn- 
Speculation , sf. — tion ; 

Speculer, va. to fpeciuate 
. Spermatique , a. 2. — tical 
Sperme , fm. fperm ^ fad 
Sperme ds baleine , fper- 

Sphere, sf.fphere; reach 
Sphdrique, a. 1. fpberical 
Spherlquement , ad. —-ri~ 

Spiral , e , a. fpiral. / 
Spiration , sf. — tion 
Spiritu all ration , — -Ration 
Spiritualifer y va. to fpiri- 

Spirituality , sf. dsvoticn 
Spirituel, le, a. fpiritual; 

fprightly ; a wit 
Spirituellement , ad. — rl- 

tually ; •wittily 
Spiritueux , fe , a. fplrituous 
Splendeur , sf. fplmdor , 

Spleadide , a. 2. fplendid 
Spieauidemsnt, ad^ •^didly 

S T 

Splenique , a. z. fplenet'ck 
Spoliateur ,y>72. — tor , plun- 
Spoliation , sf. plunder 
Spoiler, va. to plunder 
Spongieux , fs , a. fpun^y 
Spontanee , a. 2.. fponta- 
ncous. [ basket 

I S U' 

Stipuler , va. flipulati , 
j venant 
Stockiiche, fm. fiock-fis 
Stomachal , e , a. foma 
Stomacbique , a. 2. — c 
Storax , fm. for ax , gun 
Store , window~umbrella 
StrapafTer , va. to drub 

Sporte , sf. Jnrge cot'cred \Stra.y>3.P[' , to 'ough 

Squelette, /m, a skeleton 
Squilie , sf. a fquill 
Squirre , fm. fchirrhus 
St , int. hush. [ ncfs 

Stabilite , sf. flahility ,frm- I Stru(f^ure 

Sti apontin yfm.fiooi , en 
Stratageme , Jirataacm j 
Su\hoxAy(iai board. [ 
Strophe, .</. a flan-^a 

Stable , d. 2. fiaile 
Stade , fm. fi^de i race ; fur- 
Stalle, a fall , a feat 
Stance, sf. an ode , a ftanyi 
Starie , demurrage 
Station , fiction ; paufe ; 

cruising latitude 
Stationnaire,a. z.fationary 
Statuaire , fm. a futuary 
Statue , sf. Jlatue , figure 
Statuer , va. to cnaH ; decree 
Stature, sf. a fiaturc 
Statut , fm. a Jlatute 
Sterile , a. i.flenle , barren 
Sterilite, sf.fterility 
Sterling, a. s.fierling 
Sternutatif, ve , a. fuefing 
Sternutatoiie , fm. Jicrnu- 
tatory. [f/^e 

Stigmatifer, va. to fiig>r.a- 
Stipulant, e, a. ftipulating 
Stipulation, sf. fiipulation , 

. bail 
S)ti!c , fm. fiucco. 
Studieufement, ad.fiudi 
Studieux, fe, a. fiudiou 
Stup^fatflif , ve , a. f. 

fying , benumbing 
Stupefaction , sf. — tiot 
Stupefait, e , a.Jlupefic 
Stupeiiant , e , benumbh 
Stup^fier , va. ftupefy ; 

numb. [ 

Stupeur , sf. flupor y m 
Stupide, a. i.fiupid, d, 
Stupide ,/. blockhead i c 
Stupidement , ad. Jiup, 

dully. ^ I 

Stupidite, sf. —dity 
Style , fm. fiyle ; hum 

index ; writing pin, 
Styler , va. to inure , t\ 
Stylet, fm. fillet to, da_ 
Styptique, a. o.,fiyptic 

Suaire,ym. a winding- 
Suant, e, a,lnafwiat 

s u 

$^re,a. i.fwcet, (a fmcll) 
1^ Ate , sf. — ty , jwectru'C<! 
ilterne , a. 2. s. Juhai- \ 

lelegation , sf. —t'on 
ielegue , y/B. — ls^a:c , 
'ptity. [ :ui:L 

ieleguer , va. to fiibjli- 
iivifer , to fubdlvidi 
livlfion , sf. — ficn 
on£lif , fm. fuhjunclive 
x , va. to iinde'-go 
t, e, a.fuddcn 
tement , ad. fudJ.'.nly 
uguer', va. to fnhdue 
iination , sf. — :'-on. 
.ime , a. 1. fm. fubilme , 

imd , fm. fubUmatum 
imer, va. to fub-i.vate 
limite , sf — ty , hf'in Js 
:unaire,a. z.fuhl.inary 
merger , va. (o diuwn , 
I fubmer^e 

tnerflon , sf. — merfion , 

ordination , — t'lon. 
:>rdinement, ad. — r.a- 
ly. [nai: 

Drdonner , va. fuhordl- 
DTnatcur , fm. fubomer , 
■iber, [ bribery 

ornation , sf. fuborning , 
3rner, va. fuborny cor- 

:^-rneur-, fe , / fnbnm^r 
■^cot, fm, afar recko- 

Suhrcptice, a. 2. fubrcpti- 

Subrepticement, ad. fubrep- 

Sr-breption , sf. — tion 
S;^brogation , — •tion 
Subrogatur , fm. -^-tur 
Subroger , va. to fibflitute 
Siibf^quent , e , «. — quent 
Subildc , fm.fubfidy, aid 
Subfi'li'iire, a. 1. — diary 
Subiidiaircment, ad. — dia- 


S u b fi '"l; a !i c e , sf.fub (ifj ncs ^ 
SuhCidc-: , vn, to fibftfi; 

exi-jl ; live. [being 

Svibftance , sf fu\fiance , 
En fubltance, ad. fnrr.rr..i'ily 
Subf!:artiel , le , a. fuhflixr- 

tial ; juicy. [fi^ntiaUy 
Si;bf:anl-i element, ad. fub- 
SubfLantif, a. fm. fubjian^ 

t've. \_^i^y 

Subi'^antivemont , ad. — ti- 
Subf^ituer, va. to Utbfi tnte 
Subftitut, fm. a fub fi. tnte 
Subfiitution, sf an entail 
Subterfuge , fm. fuhterfugc 
5ubtil,e, a. fubde ; keen; 

dexterous , fub tile 
Subt'i'err.snt, ad. fubtilly 
liubt'iiifation , sf. — r^ation 
SubtilifiT , y. to fuhiiVic 
Subtillte , sf fiibtility; keen- 

n?fs\ fncnzfs 
Subvenir , vn. to affifl, relieve 
Subvention , sf pzcuniary 


S U 249 

Stibvcrfion , sf —fon , ruin 
Subvertir, va. to fuhvert 
Sue , fm. juice ; gravy ; moi- 

Succt^der, vn. to fuccssd 
Succes , fm. fuccefs 
SuccefTcur , afucceffor 
Succeflif , ve, a. fuccejjlvc 
Succedion , sf fn:ci(jion 
Succedivement, ad. — vdy 
Succinft, e ,. a, fuccinci , 

Sncc^n^emsnt , ad. briefly 
Succion , sf. fuc^-oT) .fucking 
Succomber, vn. to Jink undtri 

to yield 
Succulent, e, a. —-len^juicy 
Succurfklc", <:[. chr.vjl cfeafi 
f^ucsmrnt, fm. fucking 
Sucor , va. to fuck 
Succiir, fm. fucker 
Svgon , a clofe kifs 
Sugoter , va. to fuck repeat 

Sucre , fm. fu7,ar 

'd'orge , bi.:rUy fi'^ar'^ 

'brut , rr.oiji fw^^cr 

rofat , fui:;ar rofaivm 

Sucr^, e, a. fii'cety lafcious ; 

prccifc , shy , coy 
Sucrer, va. to fugar 
Sucrerie , sf a fu^arhoufe 
Siicreries ., fw'xtmer.ts 

bahcr. {melon. 

Sucrin ( melon ^, lufclous 
Sud , fm.. fouth 
Vent de fud , foutherly wind. 

2^0 S U 

Sud-eft , fn. fouth-eafi 
Sud-oueft, fouth-wcjl 
Sudorifique, a. 2. Jh. fudo- 

Suede, sf. Swedsn 
Suee , fuddcn and great fear 
Su^r , V. to fweat ; toll 
Sueur, sf. fwcat ; labour 
SufiEre , vn. tofuffice^ 
II fuflit , V. imp. it fufficcs 
Suffifammert, ad. fiifficient- 

Iv ; haughtily 
Sufniarce, sf fi^clcncy ; 

fdf- fufflcienry 
Suififanf , Cy a. s.fufficlcnt ; 

Suffocant, e, a. fiifj^oca- 

ting; , choaking 
Suffocation , sf. — tion , 

SufFoquer , v. to fufocate , 

fi-fli , fnother 
SufFiagant , a. fm.ftiffragsn 
SnfFrage , fm.fuffragi, vote j. 

Sa<Ttim''gation , ,j/I — tion 
SufFufion, — fion y web in 

the eye 
Suggercr , va. to fug^efi 
Suggeftlon , sf — tion, hint 
Sug:llation , briiife , contu- 

fion. - [murder 

Suicide , fm. fuicidc , flf- 
Suie, sf foot. [apt 

Sujet, te, a.fubjicl, liable , 
Suj et , te , y: Jhbjsa ; vajfal 
Suj8t , fm. fubjcCi , caiifc , 

rcafoTiy occafoa 


Sujetion , sf. fubjeSilon 

Suif, fm. fr>.t , talluw 

Suint, greafinefs of shcep^s 

Su.nter, vn. to run out, leak 

Suiffe , sf. Switi^rland 

Suiffe , fm. porter ; fwifs ; 
ye ^man 

SulfTefTe , sf afw-fs-womia 

Suite , retinue; fcquel , fries, 
order j fucccfjion ; conf- 
qucvce ; coherency 

Suite des tt-ixips , piocefs of 

En fuite, ad. next y after- 

De fuite , together 

Tout de fuite, at once ^ of 
a breath. 

Suivant , pr. according to 

Suiva:^t que , c. as , accor- 
ding, [next 

Suix'ar^t, e, a. s. follcwin?, 

Suivante , sf. waiting gent- 

Suiver un valfTeau , va. 
to grave or pay a ship 

Suiv: e , to follow ; attend ; 
purfue. [ reus 

Su'fureax , f e , a. fulphu- 

Sultan , fm. fuhan 

Sultan e, sf fultanefs ; fii- 

Supe;be, a. 2. s. haughty ; 
fumptuous ', fuperb i pride 

SuDerbement , ad. proudly ; 

Supercherie, sf fraud , trick 

s u 

Superfe'tation, sf — tic 
Superficie, fuperfcies, 

face. [fi, le , a. fu. 
Supe:ric:ei!ement , ad.' 

Superfin , a. Jm. fuptrft 
Superflu, e, a.fupe'fluc 
Superfiu , fm, fuperfluit^ 
Superflxxite, sj.fupeflm 
Supeiieur , e , <j. j. up^ 

Supcrieuremant, ad. bet 

Superiorite, sf. fuperic 
Superlatif , ve, a. fuperU 
Supcrlativement, ad. fu 

SuperfeJef , vp. to fupe) 
Saperfcitieufomen:, ad 

Supeiftuieiix , f e , a. s 

pe'' flit ions 
Supe ftition , sf. — tion 
S:ip:n , Jm. fspint 
Supplantateur, fupplan, 
Suppianter, va. to fupp, to fupply-y mat 
Supp i ement , fm.fupple. 
Suppliant, e, a. s. hum 

petitioner ■» fupplicant 
Supolication , sf — t. 

f:U. [ 

Supplice, fm. put.shm 
Supplicier , va. to exeC' 
S.ippiier, to intriat^bcj 
Supplique , sf p 'tition 

fcntid to the Pcpi 


I Dot 

s u 

' port ,//72. fuppon y help. 
; potts , fupportsrs y {of 

oat of arms ) 
* jortabL , a. 2. fuff^ra- 

c, tolcraole 
5 portablement , ad. tolc- 

S orter , va. fupport ; 

jr wich 
S >o{e que , c. fuppofe it 
S J 'fer , Vi2. to fnppofe 

jofition, sj.j'uppujition; 


)ont; ire , fm. — tory 

)6t , agent ; mcmhir 

)reffior. , sf. fuppr:(fwn 

.rimer , va. to fupprefs 

luralif, ve , a. J'm. fup- 


luration , sf. — tlon 

urer, vn. to fuppurate. 

utation , sf. computa- 


Uter , va. to calculate, 

reckon ; compute 

dmatie , sj. fupremacy 

eme , a. 2. fuprems 
pr. on , upon , over ; 

vit , in 

X tant moins , on ac~ 


fure , a. fiire , certain j 

iifecure; iinquejliona- 
i fajful 
).,||lj) fur, pour fur, ad. 
',^j '"^ certainly y infallh^y 

londamment , fupsr- 


s u 

Surabondance , sf. fuptr- 

SYjrabonclant , e, a. fupcr- 

ahundant , fupivfluous 
Surabonder , vn. to fupsr- 

Suracheter, va. to overpay 
-Suraigu, e , a. very sharp 
Suiannation, sf. — thn 
Suranne y e , a. fuperannua- 

ted ; ohfulct.' ; fale 
Suranner , vn. to lit the 

time e.'apfe 
Surarbitre , fm. an umpire 
Surbandc, sf filet, ligature 
Surcens , fm, additional 

q:. it- rent 
Surcharge , sf. additional 

charge or burden 
Surcharger , va. to over- 
load ; opprefs 
SurcroifTance,i-/. excrefcence 
Surcroit , fm. addition , in- 

Su.cioitre, vn. to rroiv out 
Surdemande , sf. immodera- 
te requejl , demand or pe- 
Surdent , sf. a gag-tooth 
Surdit^ , deafncfs 
Suidjre, e , a. double gilt 
Surdorer, va. to double gild 
Surdos , fm. purser's pad 
Sureau , e'der-fee 
Syroo de fareau , fyrop cj 

Surement , ad.fur&'y; fafdy 
Suisminent, e, a, utmoji 

S U irr 

Surenchere, sf. outhidding 
Siirencherir, va. to outbid 
Sure.ogation, sf. fuperera- 

Surerogatolre , a. z. fupc- 

Suret , te , a. fourish 
Surete , sf faf.ty , fecurity 
Siii-face , furface 
Surfaire , va. to exact 
Surfdix , fm. a fare Ingle 
Surgeon ,fprigy shoot i wa- 
ter- fpout 
Surhauffement , over-rating 
SurhaujTer , va. to overrate i 

to raife higher 
Surjale, a. foul of the an- 
chor flock 
Surjet,/?77. overcafling ; whip 
Surjeter, va. to whip y over- 
cafl. [ tendance 

Surintendance , sf fuperifi-' 
Surir.tendant , fm. fuperin- 
ter.dant. [tomorrow 

Surlendemain , the day after 
Surlier un cordage , va. to 
make a Lshing to the fag- 
end of a rope 
Surlonge, sf. furloin 
Surmener, va to founder 
Surmefuf e , sf over mea fur r 
Surmo'tSf, va. tofurmounti 
excel; go every overcome 
Su. mout , fm. mufi ; fcum 
Surr.ager, vn. to Jwim upon 
Surnaitre , to grow upon 
Surr.aturel, le , a, f urn A' 

ifi s u 

Surnsturellcment , ad. fu- 

Surnom , fm, a furnamc 
Surnonimer , va. to furnamc 
Surnitrneraire , a, 2. fup&r- 

Suros , fm. fplcnt 
Surpaffer , va. to excel ; 

Surpayer, to over-pay 
Suipeau , sf. upper skin 
Siupente , guy , a rope iifcd 

in ships 
Surplis , fm. a firplice 
Surplus , overplus 
Au furplus , ad. moreover , 

for the reji 
Surprenant, e, a. furprifing 
Surprendre , va. to furpnfc; i 

circumvent, o.flonish 
Surprife , sf. furprife j ndf 

take , fraud 
Surfaut , fm. Jlarting out of 

one's Jltep 
Surfeance, sf. demurrer flop 
Surferaer , va. to fow ever 

again. \_off 

Surfcoir , to fuparfde , put 
Surfis , fm. delay , demurrer 
Surtaux, over-ajfcjj'mcnt 
Surtaxer , va. to over-rate 
Sur-tout , ad. above all y 

Surtout, fm, fur tout , upper 

Surveillant, overfetr 
SurveiUe , .</, ihi day htforc 

thi ere 

s u 

Surve'IIer , vn. to Infpecl , 

have an eye to 

Survciiant, e , c. j. coming 

in unexpectedly ; chance 

gueft. [rate 

Surv'jridre , va. exaci; over- 

Survenir , vn. to happen ; 

come unlocked for 
Suivente , sf. excejjive over- 
Surventer , vn. to over-blow 

or to blow ajiorm 
Survetir , va. to put on 

cloaths over others 
Survie , sf. furvivership 
Survivance, reverf on , fur- 
Survivaat , e , f.furvivor 
Survivre, vn. tofurvive 
Sus, int.' pr. up , come 
Sufceptible, a. i. fufcept'hle 
Sufcilation , sf iuftlgatlon 
Sufciter , va. to ra'rf ; create 
Sufcription , sf. fuperfcrip- 

tion , dircB.ion 
Suidit , e , fl. aforefaid 
Sufpeifl , e , a. fufpccicd 
Sufpendre, va. to hang up ; 

fufpend , put off" 
En I'ufpens , ad. in f uf pence 
Etre en fufpens , to he fuf- 

pendcd, ( as a priefi) 
Sufpcniion , sf. fufpenfion 
Sufpenfoire, fm.~ a trufs 
Sufpicion , sf fufpicion 
Suflentatlon, fujlenance 
Sultcntcr, va.fujlain, feed, 

S Y 

Suture , sf. future , feam 

the skull J fcwing 

Suzerain , e , a, paramou, 
Sy coniOs:s,fm. Jycomore^t 
Sycuphante , /. — phar. 

Syllabe, sf a fyllahle 
Syllabique, a. 2. — hica\\ 
Syllogifme, fm. — gifm 
Symbole , Jymbol ; cret 

Syrab clique , a. 2. — lice 
Symbolifer , vn. fymboli: 

Symetrie , sf fymmetry 
Symdtrique, a. i. — tricc\ 
Sympathie, sf. — pathy 
Sympathique , a. 1. fymi 

thetic. [ti\ 

Sympathifcr , vn. fym 
Symphonic , sf, — r^y , c I 


Symphonifte , fm. — nifi\ 
SyiTiptomatique , a. -i.fy 

Symptome , fm. fymptaX 
Synagogue, sf. —gue 
Syncope, -^ pe , jwoi\ 

cutting of 
Syncoper, vn. to cut c\ 

Ltter or jyl'ablc 
Synci^tifme, fm. — tifn\ 
Synderefe, sf. remorJe^A 
Syndic, fm. J'yndic y 


Syndical , e ,a. fyndicaA 

Sy ndigat, y?7z, fyndicshil 


S Y 

Syndiquer , va, to cenfure 
Synecdoque , sf. — dochc 
Synodal , e , ^. — dal 
Synodalement, ad. in ci fy- 

nod. [cation 

Synode , Jm. fynod , convo- 
Synodique, a i. fyr.cdick 
Synonyme, a. 2. — mous ; 

, Jm. Jynonym 

Syntaxe , sf. — tax 
Synthefe , — th^Jis 
Syrop , Jm. fyrup 
Syroter , vn. to fip-j tipple 
Syroteur ,Jm.jlppef^ tippler 
Syrtes , sf. quick-fand , shc'f 
Syftematique , a. 2. — tical 
Syfiematiqueixent , ad.jyj- 

Syfteme , jhz. fyji.'in ; projecl 
Syftole , sf lyJioU 

Syzygi<i > fyvg'^a. 

A , pro. f thy 
Tabac , jm. tobacco ^ fnxiff 
labagie , sf. a Jmoakir.g or 

drinking- houft 
Tabarin , fm. a j^ick pudding 
Tabatiere, sf a fnuff-hox 
Tabellion , jm. notary 
rabellior.age, nota-y's place 
Tabernacle , fm. a taber- 
Fabide » a. 2. tabid 
Tablsj/w. tabby 
Tabifer, ya, to mak^ tabby - 

T A 

Tablature , sf tablature 
Table, table; index 

da cuiilne, a drcjfcr 

Table de loc , a log-board 
Toutes tables , backgammon 
Tableau , fm. a piciure 
Tabler, vn. to depend, rec- 
kon, [woman 
Tabletier, e,/. toy-man or 
Tablette, sf shelf; lozenge 
Tablettes , a pocket-book 
Tabletterie, toys , toy-trade 
Tabller , fm. apron i. chefs- 
boa d 
Tablier des voiles , tabling 
in the iKiddle of a top-fail 
Taboivret , JlooL 
Tac , the rot 
Tacet, a paufe 
Tache , sf. fiain ; foot ; 



A la tache, ad. by the great 
En blue & en ta.he, by the 

great , by the lump 
Tcaher, va. to dirty , to 

[pot ; to fiain 
Tacher , vn. endeavour , 

Tacheter , va. to fpzckle 
Tachygraphie , sj. short- 
Tacite , a. 2. tacit , implied 
Tacitement , ad. tacitly 
Taciturne, a. 2. filent y re- 
Taciturnity, sf. — ty^filcnce 
Tad, yw, ths faUng 

\ T A 1^^ 

Taiftile, a. 1. taciiU ^ thai, 

may be fit 
Taition , sf taclion , tou-' 

ching y feeling 
Taftique , tacticks , a-'t of 

marshalling of an army 
Taffetas, J'm. taffeta, lute" 
Tafia, rum. [firing 

Taie , sf. pearl or v>'eb in 

the eye 
Taie d'oreiIler,^p/7/ow-£:^ys 
Ta liable , a. 2. taxable 
Ta liade , sf a cut, a gash 
Taillader , va. to flash , cue 
Taillandene , sf. iron-ware i 

ironmongers trade 
Tai landier , fm, ironmonger 
Taillant , edge of a tool 
Taille, sf. edge; cutting, cut^ 

pruning; taiy ; shape 9 

jiis ; tax; tenor 
Baffe-taille , baffo-relievo ; 

Taille douce , a copper-plate 
Taiile , a wooden cut 
Image taillee , graven image 
Tailiemer , fm. the lowefi 

part of a skip's cut water 
Tailler, va. to cut ; hew; lop 
une plume , to make 

a pen 
Tailleur , fm. a taylor 
Ta Ueur de pierres , flone-^ 

Taillis , copfe^ tinder-wood 
Tailloir, a trencher 
Taillon , fecond-tax 
Tailiure, sf. cutting 

iH T A. 

Tain , fm, tin-plau for loo- 
king gUff^s 
Taire, v. to conceal 
Faire taire , to /Hence one 
Se taiie , vr. to be fiUnt or 
flill ; to keep filence , keep 
one's tongue 
Taidon , fm. a hadger 
Tale, ta!c , ifinglafs 
Taled , veil ufed by the Jews 
Talent, tahnt , parts 
Talinguer , va. to bend the 

Talion , fm. requital 
Talmoufe , sf. a cheefccake 
Taloche , rap , knock , cuff 
Talon, fm. the heel 
Talonner , va. to purfuc do- 

fely, urge one , pfefs 
Talonnier , fm. heel-maker 
.Talorr.isres , sf. v,'inged 
shoes cf Mercury ; heel- 
Talus , talut , fm. flopenefs 
Taluter, va. to makefoping 
Tamarin ,fm. a tamarind 
Tamaris , — risk , ( a shrub ) 
Tambour , dn^. ; drummer ; 

barrel of a -^atch 
>- — de bafcjue , a tabour 
Tambourin , a timbrel 
.Tambouriner , vn. to drum , 
to beat on the timbrel ; 
rattle. [mer , tabcurer 

Tambourineur , fm. drum- 
Tamis , a ficve 
.Tamife ou tamifaille , sf. 
fwcep ofthi tiilif 

T A 

Tamifer, va. to fift 
Tamiler , vn. ia barre tami- 
fe, the tilUr shakes 
Tampon , fm. hung , plug 
Tamponner , va. to bung , 

Tan , fm. tan of oak 
Tarcer, va. to check , rebuke 
Tanche, sf. a tench 
Tandis que , c. whilji 
Tangage , ynz. motion of a 

Tangente , sf tangent-line 
Tanger , va. to coaji 
Tartguer , to pitch or fond 
Taniere , sf. a dsn 
Tanne , sf. black fpot on the 

Tanne , e , a. tawny , dark, 

Tanner, va. to ^an 
Tannerie , sf. a tan-houfc 
Tanneur,yra. a tanner 
Tant , ad. fo much , fo ma- 
ny f as much ; both 
Tant que, whUJi; as long as 
Tant mleux , fo much che 

Tant pis , fo much the wcrfe 
Tant s'en faut que , fo far 
Tante , sf. aunt. [jrom 

Tantot, ad. by. and hy-y a 
little while ago ; fometimcs 
Taon , fm. a gad-fly 
Tapabor , riding cap 
Tapage , clutter, racket 
Tapageur , noify fellow 
Tape, ►;/', atap^ a pat 

T A 

Tapecu, fm. a falling gs 
Taper , va. to tap , pa 

fiamp ; friille. [ crc. 

En taplnois , ad. Jlyly , j 
Se tapir, vr. to liefquat 
Tapis , fm. a carpit 

vert , grafs-plot 

Tapifler , va. to hang a to- 
Tapifferie, sf. tapefiry , hi 

Tapiffier , e , /: upholjlen 

Tapon ,/;«. bundle efcloai 
Tapoter , va, to tap , ro^ 
Tapure, sf. frilling 
Taquet,yw:. hook in a ski 

cleats , kevels 
Taquin , e , a. s.flingy hun 
Taquinement, ad. furdic 
Taquinerie , sf. fltngimfs 
Tarabufter , va. to teax'c 
Tarare , int. fiddle- flick 
Tard, fm. ad. late 
Tavdar, vn. to delay ; loi. 
Tai""der , v. imp. to long 
Tardif, ve , a. tardy ;flot\ 

Tardivcment , cd. flowl'\ 

Tardivite , sf hackwardm 
Tare , tare; \vaflc; defect 
Tarentule, tarantula 
Targe , a target 
TargettCj/'iflcAsr. [yj 
Se targuer , vr. plume otkA 
Tariere, sf. auger ^ wimbll 
Tarif, fm. a bock of ratzs\ 
T^rir, vn, to drain ^flop^ 

T A 

fafin'able , a. a. that can't 
he drained ( ufed with a 
negative ) 

i'arifiement, fm. draining 

'arots , cards chcquersd en 
the back ; fcrew-tap 

'artane, j/. tartan 

'arte , a tan 

'artelette , Utdz tart 

"attre^fm. tartar ^ hard lees 

'artufe , an hypocrite 

'aftuferie , sf. hypocrify 

'artufier, vn. be an hypocrite 

'as , fm. a keep 

afie , sf. cup , dish 

affeau , fm. UttU anvil ^ 

'aflee , sf. c tip -fid I 

'affette, tafs , [in annour) 

ate-poule, /w. cot, hen- 
groper, [ taji-s 

ater , va. fumble ; feel ; 

ateur , fe , /. wlne-conner; 

futnhkr ; boggier 

atillon , bufy-body 

atillonner , vn. to he med- 

atonnement , fm, groping 

atonnsr, vn. to fed in the 
dark , to boggle 
tatons , ad. groping 

avaiolle , sf babe's mantle 

audis , taudion ,fm. a lit- 
tle paltry houfe or room 

aveler , va. to fpot or 


avelle , sf. cravn lace 

avelure , fpots , fpsckUs 


Taverns , sf a tavern 
Tavcrnier , e , /I wintner 
Taupe , sf a mole 
TaUiiisr , fm. a mole-catcher 
Taupiere , sf a mole-trap 
Taupiniere , a mole-hill 
Taure , an heifer 
Taureau , fm. bull ; Taurus 
Tautologie , sf — logy 
Tautoiogique , a. 2, — gii^^l 
Taux, fm. a^l^e , rate 
Taxations , sf poundage , 

Taxc , affile , rate , tax ,fne 
Taxer , va. to rate ; to tax 
Te,p.'-o. thse; thyfe^f 
Technique, a. 2. — nical , 

TeignafTe, sf. a rufy wig 
Teigne , fcurf ; fc aid-heady 

Teigaenx, Te, a. fcurfy 
Teilie , sf tin. rind of hemp 
Teillsr , va. to peel hemp 
Telndre , to dye', tinge 
Teiat , fm. comple'clion ; 

dye; hue 
Demi-tsinte , sf mei^otlnta 
Teinture , dye , a tinHure 
Teintu:-ier ^ e, s. a dyer 
Tel , telle , a. fuch , like 
Tel quel , indi^crent , fo fo 
Telefcope, fm. a telcfcope 
Ti?llement que , c. fo , that 
Tellement quellenient , in- 
different , fo fo. [ hardy 

Temei-iti , sf rashncfs 
Temoigna^;e , fn, ttflimony ; 

proof -y evidence, \_exprcfs 
Temoigaer , va. to teflifyi 
Temoin , fm. a witnefs 
Tempe , sf the temple of the 

Temperament , fm. conjli- 

tution ; temper ; medium 
Temperance , sf. tcmpcrana 
Temp^rant, e, a. s. tem- 
perate, { tare. 
Temperature, sf tempera^ 
Ternpere , e, a. temperate 
Temperer , va. to qualify ; 

allay ; refrain 
Tempete , sf, tempijl; floi-m 
Terapetar , vn. to blufler 
Temple, Jm. temple ^ church 
Temp'icr , a templar 
Temporal, e, a. temporary 
Temporalite , sf. temporals 
Temporel, Iq , a. temporal 
Tensporellement , ad. tern" 

porally. \.»^^'-^? 

Temponrcment, fm. lin- 
Temporifer , vn. to tempo-' 

rife , delay , linger 
Temporifeur , fm. procraf- 

Temps , time; weather ; ten fe 
A temps , ad. in time 
Au meme temps , fopn after 
Tout d'un temps , at ens. 

bout. [ tim.i ; withal 

En meme temps , at the pime 
Temdrairc, a. 1, f. rashrjool- \ De tout temps, at all limes j^ 
Temerairement, ad, rashly ever 

i^cr T E 

jDe temps en temps, ad. now 

and :hen. [dahlc 

Tenable, a. 2. tenable, hol- 
Tenace, vifc'^ns-f tirncio-us 
Tcnacite , sf. vifcofuy ; tz- 

Tenailles , pincsrs ; tenails 
Tenailler, va. tear off the 

flesh with red hot pincers 
Tenancler , e , f. tenant ; 

copy -holder 
Tenant , e , <z. c'ofe-fijiei 
Tenant , fm. a champion 
Ten an s, Jlpporters 
.Tenans & aboutlfTans , 

particulars; limits or con- 

tiguoufnefs of an ejiate or 

'Tenda.T\ce,sf.t£ndency, drift 
Tendant, e, a. tending, dri- 
Tendelet, fm. an awning 
Tendon , a tendon 
Tendre, a. 2. tender ; foft\ 

fenfihle ; nice 
Tendre , fm. affection 
Tendre , v. to hend ; to 

tend ; firetch ; hana • ft up 
Tendrement, ad. tenderly 
TendrefTe , sf. tendernefs 
Tendron yfm. tendril ^young 

fpriz ; youns^ lafs 
Tenebres , sf darknefs; hell 
Tenebreux, fe , a. gloomy , 

Tineinent , fm. tenement 
Tenefme , tenefmus 
.TenettCj sffurgcon^s pincers 

T E 

Teneiir,j/. tenour y content 
Teneur de livres , fm. book 

Tenir, V. to hold; keep ; flick 
Tenir le large, va. to keep 

Tenon , fm. tenon 
Tenfion , sf. tcnfion'y great 

Tentant, e, a. tempting 
Ttntateur, fm. the tempter 
Tentation , sf temptation 
Tentative , attempt; trial 
Tente , a tent; awning 
Tenter, va. to tempt; at- [?'''?.?-f 

Tenture , sf fait of h.2n- 
Tenue , fffion ; hold ; flea- 
dine fs 
Tenu, e, a. ttnuous , thin 
T6r\mt6,sf tenuity, thinnefs 
Tenure, tcnwe 
Tercet , fm. tierctt 
Terebenthine , sf turpentine 
Tdrebinihe, fm. turpentine- 
fee. \ fation.; fubtcifucri 
Tergiverfation , sf. ie^ziv^y- 
Terg'verfer, vn. to shuffie ; 

to uf fetches 
Tcrme , fm. term; hound; 

time; rent 
Tirmes , terms; flatt 
Terminairon , sf. termina- 
Terminer, va. to terminate ; 

hound ; end; decide 
Ternaire, a. 2. ternary ^ of^ 
Terne, tarnished g dull 

T E 

Ternir, r^. ta tarnish, du. 
Terniffu'e, sf. tarnishing 
Terra+n , fr^. ground; foil 
Tenal (vent), land-bree^t 
TeirafTe, sf. a terrace 
TerraiT3r,T'<z. to throw dowt 

Terrailier,ym. terrace-mah 
Terre , sf earth , ground 

land ; Inflate 
Terreau , fm. mould 
Terre -plein , platform « 

Se terrer , vr. to earth , 1 

fc'ce one's felf 
Tencftre, a. 1. terreflriat 

TsiTCur , sf. terror 
Ter;eux, 'e, .•t. ea'thy 
Terrible , a. 2. terribh 

Te.riblemfnt , ad. terr'hl^ 
Terricn, ne, a. one who hi 

a vafi eftate in land 
Terrier, e,f a burrow 
Terrine , sf. an earthen pi 
Terrinee , panful 
Terrir, vn. to land , go asho 
Territoire yfm. a territory 
Terroir , ground , foil 
Tertre , hill, rifing grouni 
Tefi-ac^e , a. 2. tifiaceous 
Teftamen't , y?7z. will, tefi, 

Tcflameniaire, a. 1. of 

Tcilareu' yfm. a teflator 
Tcftattice , sf, a teftatris^ 

'efter, vn. to make one's 
'eftkule ■> fm. a tefdch 
eftif , camel's hair 
"eftimonial, e, a.s. tf.fil- 

Qtffm. a potsherd:, skull 
etaile, sf. {wagging hrsafi. 
etS , head. [ verfation 

^te-k-tcte ,fm. private con- 
eter, va. to fuck 
etiere , sf, a /lay-band ; 
head of a fail 
etin , Jm. a nipple 
etine , sf. an udder 
eton , fm. bub'by 
etu , e , a, s. hcadjirong 
exte , J'm. text 
hd , tea 

heatral ^ e , a. theatrical 
heatrs , fin. theatre , fiage 
h^iere , sf. tea-pot 
beme ^ fm. exercife; therm 
tieocratie , sf. theocracy 
keocratique , a. i. — -tical 
aeogonie , sf thcogony 
aeologal , e , a. divine 
,,,1, leologie, sf divinity 
idologien , fm. a divint 
ldok)gique , a. l. — gical 
i^ologi'^uement , ad. theo- 

leoiems, fm. theorem 
leorie , sf. thzory 
leorique, a. z, theorical; 
^^ leoriquemsnt, ad,thiori- 


T I 

The'rapeutlque , a. 2. sf. 

therapentick ; the. an of 

curing difeafes 
Therlaque, sf treacle 
Thermometre,/z?z. — meter 
TliSlaiirifer , vn. to treajiire 
Thefe, sf, thcfs, [up 

Thon , fm. a tunny 
Thym, ihymc 
Thyrfe , Bacchus' s javdin 
Thiare, sf. the pope's triple 

Tic , fm. tick ; convulfvefit 
Ticde , a. 1. lukev.'arra 
Tieclement, ad. coldly 
Tiedeur, sf luhevj armnefs 
Tiedir , vn, to cool 
Tien, ne, pro, thine, thy 

own. [of cask 

Tlerqon y fm. a tierce, a fort 
Tierce , sf. tierce, fccond 

rcvifc. [ tlate 

Tieicer, va. trif allow ; tzr- 
Tiers , m. tierce jf a. third 
Ficvre tierce, tertian fever 
Tiers-point , fm. triangular 

Tige , sf. flock ; trunk of a 

tree;fialk-f leg of a boot 
Tignon , fm. woman's cap 
Tignonner , va. pull caps ; 

Tip^re , ftn. a tiger; lady-bird 
Tigre , e , a. fpottcd 
TigrefTe , sf. a tigrefs 
Tillac , fm. deck 
Tilleui , a linden-tree 
Timbale, sf a kadc-drum 

T r 1^7 
Timbalier ,/•«. kettle-drum-- 

mer. [ helmet 

Timbre, clock-hell; fiamp y 
TiiTibrer , va. to fiamp paper 
Timbreur , fm. a fiamp er 
Timide , ct. 2. tirnid , bashful 
Timidement , ad. fearfully 
Timidite , sf. timidity 
Tiinon. , fm. coach- pole j 

helm ; tiller 
Timonnier , ficerfman ; tl' 

moneer , helms man 
Timote , e , <i. fcrupulous 
Tine , sf. a long tub 
Tinette, open tub 
Tintamarre, ym. thundering 
Tintement, tingling, [noife 
Tinter, v. to toll; tingle. 
Tinteuin , fm. tinkling in 

one's ears 
Tique, sf. tick, {a vermin^ 
Tiquer , vri. to have the tick 
Tiquete, e, a.fpeckled 
Tirade, sf. a long train of 

words ; a paffage in a book 
Tout d'une ti»ads, ad. all 

of a firetch 
Tit age, /Ttj. pulling, drawing- 
Tiraill«ment , pulling and' 

hawling about 
Tirailler , v.. to pull or hrv.'l 
Tirailleur, fm. bad marks' 

Tirant, purfs-frir.g ; hoot--- 

firap ; vjhithatkcr i draughs- 

of a ship 
TiraiTe , sf h::nung-net 
Tiraf{i?r , V. c^rch with a. n^d 
Y lij 

a^S T I f 

Tout d'une iite^ad.all at on- 
ce, at a Jhctch. [ a jack 
Tire-botte ,fm. a boot fir ap , 
Tire-bouchun , cork-scrsw 
Tue-bcurre, a gunwo'm 
Tire-bouton , a buttcnzr 
Tire-clou , nail-drawer 
Tiie-d'aile, quick jerk of the 

Voler a , v. to fly fwift 

Tire-fond , Jm. cooper's tur- 
ret; fur geon's tcrtbra 
Tire-!igne , ruler ; drawing 

Tire-lire, sf. a money-box 
Tive-moQlii y fm. morrow- 
fpoon [ rup 

Tire-pied , shoemaker's flir- 
Tire-plomb, glacier's vice 
Tirer , va. to draw y pull off"; 

shoot J lug 
Tiret , fm. a flip of parch- 
ment ; a d.Lvi(ton 
Tiretaine , sf. linfey-woolfey 
Tire-veille , ladder-rope ; 

Tireur, fm. a gam:-kseper ; 

a drawer of a bill 
Tiroir, a drawer 
Tifane, sf. diet- drink 
Tifon , fm. brand 
Tifonner , va. to fiir the fire 
Tifonneur , fm. a pokir 
Tiil'eiand, a weaver 
TifTu, e, a. woven. [ries 
Tifiu , fm. tiflue ; tape ; fe- 
TifTure , sf. tixtuTi j wea- 


TifTutler .,fm. ribbon-weaver 
Tithymale, milk-thiflle 
Titillation , sf. — tlon ; tick- 
ling, [cher; title 
Tltre , fm. title-page ; vou- 
A tltre, pr. under colour 
Titre , e , a. one v,ho has a 
.title. [ incumbent 
Titulaire , a. i. s. timlar j 
Tocfin , fm. an alarm-bell 
Toi , pro. thou , thee , thyfelf 
Toile, sf Unencloth 
Toiles , toils ; trap 
Toilc, fm. g'ound of a lace 
ToileA-ie , sf. the linen-trade 
Toilette , a toilet 
Toife , a fathom. \^wo^k 
Toife , fm. meafure of brick 
Toifer, va. to meafure 
Toifeuf , fm. meafurer 
Toiron , sf. fleece 
Toit , fm. the roof 
Toit a cochon, a hogfly 
Tole , sf. iron plates 
Tolerable , a. 2. allov;able , 

Toldrance, sf toleration 
Tolerant , e , a. s. one who 

is for toleration 
Tolerer , va. to tolerate 
Toilets , fm. pi. tholes 
Toll^tiercs , sf. pi. row- 
locks, [tomb, grave 
Tombe , sf. a tomh-flone ; 
Tombsau, fm. a tomb, a 

rombeiier , a carman 
ToTSihiix fVnttofalif tumble 

T O 

Tombereau , fm. dung-ca 
Tome , tome , volume 
Ton des oats , mafl-ha 
Ton , tone ; tune ; voia 

Ton , pro. thy , thim 
Tondaille , sf. shearing 
Tondeur, fm. a shearer 
Tondre , va. to shear 
Tonnage, fm. tonnage 
Tonnant , e , a. thundering 
Tonne, sf a tun 
Tonneau , fm. cask , tun 
Tonneler, va. to tunnel 
Tonneleur , fm. tunr.eler 
Tonneher , e , s. a cooper 
Tonnelle, sf. tunnel; arbc 
Tonnelleric, cooperage 
Tonner , vn. to thunder 
Tonnerre , fm. thunder 
Tonfure , sf tonfure 
Ton fur e , fm. a shavelin* 
Tonfurer, va. shave cm 

Tonte , sf shearing; sheari 

Tontine, tontine 
Tojiture , shearing 
Topaze , topa-^ 
Tope , int. dont 
Toptr , vn. to agree 
Topinambour , fm. potai 
Topique , a. toplcc 

Topographic , sf. —phy 
Topo2;raphique, a. 2. to^ 

Toque , sf colleger's cap 



T O 

Toquet , fm. a cap , a moh 
Forche, sf. torch , taper 
Forchs-cul, fm. bumfoddcr 
Torcher , va. to wipe 
Torchere, sf. high /land 
rorch'is,fm. mud, clay 
Vorchon, disk- clout ; ruhhsr 
Tordeur , fe , / twifi^r ; 

thro wfler 
Tordrs , va, to twift ; 

wring ; throw ; wreft 
foron , fm, firand of a rope 
forpille , sf the. cramp-ftsh 
Torrent , fn. a torrent 
Torrid e ( zone ) , torrid -^ont 
Tors , fe, a. twifttd 
Colonne tor fe , v^natkcd co- 
tors d'un cordage, ^'wj. tv/i- 

ftin^ of a ropi 
Torfe , sf trunk of a figure 
Torfe , tw 'fled work 
Tort J fm. wrong , injury 
\. tort, ad. wrongfully 
itort Sc a tfavers , at ran- 
rorticolis , fin. a wry neck 

—— , a, wry mckid 

Fortillement , fm. twifiinfr 
Fortiller , V. ro twiji ; shuf- 
fle ; waddle. [wench 
Fortillon , /r/i. wifp; young 
Fortis , wreath , garland . 
Fortu, e, a. crookid ; pcr- 

Fortue, sf a tortoife 
Fortuer , va. to bend 
TQitueux, fe , a, winding 

T O 

Tortuofiti , sf. crookednefs 
Torture, torture , rack 
Tot, ad. foon , quickly 
Total, e,i.i. total, whole 

, fm. the whole , total 

Totalement, ad. totally , in- 

tire y 
Totalite , sf — lity, total 
Touage , fm. towage, towing 
Touaille, sf a towel 
Touchant, pr. concerning 
■ ■ , e , a. fcnfible , af- 
fliHing ; moving 
Touche , sf. fop ; firing ; 
touch. ifione 

Pierre de • — , touch- 
Toucher , va. to touch 
Toucher, vn. tofirike agalnfi 

a rock 
Le toucher , fm. feeling 
Toae, sf towing; ferry-boat 
Ancre de toue, kedge anchor 
Touee , sf. tow-line , tow- 
rope or -warp. [warp 
Toner , va. to tow , kedge , 
Toufte , sf. tuft ; thcket 
Touffj , e , d. tufted , bushy 
Toujours, ad. always, ever, 
Toupet ,fm. a toup:e. [fiill 
Toupie , sf a cafile-top 
Toupiller , vn. whirl about 
Toupiilon , yk. a little tuft 
Toupin , laying top 
Tour, sf. tower; fieepli; 
rook. [rence i trick 
Tour, fm. turn; circumf- 
Tour de loc , reel of the log 
Tour- a- tour , ad, by turns 

T O 1S9 

Tourbs , sf turf, ptat 
Tourbeux , fe , d. tufiy 
Tourbillon , fm. whirlwind; 

Toureile , sf. a turret 
To-\xr2t,fm. a drill; a winch 
Tourillons , trunnions 
Tourment , torment 
Tourmentant, c, a. teai^ing, 

Tourmente, sf. violent fionn 
Tourmenter , va. to torment 
Tourmentia , fm. fore fiay^ 

Tournant, fm. a turning 
Tourne-broche , a jack 
Tournde, sf. a circuit ; turn 
Tourner, v. to turn 
Tournefol , fm. funflow&r 
Tournette, sf yarn- w indie 
Toumevire, voyal 
Tournevis , fm. key for a 

Tourneur , (q , f. a turner 
Tourniquet, ym. a turnfiik 
Tournoi, tournay ; tilt 
Tournoiement , whirling 

round , di^inefs 
Tournoyer, vn. to turn a- 

hout. [nius 

Tournure, sf. turning; gc- 
Tourte, a pie \_tls 

Tourtereau , fm. young tur- 
Tourterelle , sf a turtle 
Tourtiere, a baking-pan 
To^ifTer , vn. to cough 
TouiTeur , fe , f. cougher 
Tout, e , a» all^ whoh 

i^o T O 

A-tpntj/m. n trump 
Tout , whcle , nil 
Tout, ad. wholly , intirely 
Tout autant, as much, as 

Tout auffi , every uhit 
Tout-a-fait, very, quite 
Toutd'uncoup,| n,^j^^ry 
Tout-a-covip , i •^~ " ' -^ 
Tout-a--point , feafonahly 
Tout-haut, aloud 
Tout-bas ,/cftly. {fofi 

Tout-beau , forbear , not fo 
"Xoutefois , c. ncverthelifs 
Toute-preTence, sf. cmni- 

prcfcnce. [^tcncc 

Toute-puiiTance, omnipo- 
Tout-puiiTant, e, a. alrrugh- 
Toux, sf. cough. [ty 

Tracas yfm. a buflh ; hurry 
TracaiTer , v. to plague; be 

liijy. [trick 

TracafTerie , sf. shuffle , 
Tracaffier, e,s. bufy-body i 

Trace, sf. footfiep , track 
Tracement , fm. delineation 
Tracer, va. to delineate 
Tradicion , sf. tradition 
Tradu^eur,ym. a tranflator 
Traduftion , sf. trarf.ation 
Traduire , va. to trar.flate 
Traiic , fm. traffic , i^-ade 
Trafiquant, trader , dialer 
Traiiquer , vn, to traffc , 

deal _ 
Trajedie, .vj'. a tragedy 
T*agi(jus, <3, 2, fm, t:Jglc 

T R 

Trag'iquement , ad. -—cally 
Trahir, ya. to betray 
Trahifon , sf. treachery , 

Trajet , fm. a paffage ; way 
Train j pace ; track j retinue ; 

train ; courfe 

Tout d'un train , ad. all at 

once. [y^« 

Etre en train , to he difpo- 

Trainant , e , ^. trailing , 

dragging; lingering 
Train eau,yCT. a fledge ~ 
A la traine, ad. towing ever 
Trainee, sf, a train, [board 
Trainer , va. to draw , drag. 
TvcLinQUv yfm. afiraggler 
Traire , va* to milk 
Trait yfm. arrow , dart; tra- 
ce ; draught ; feature ; dash; 
flroke ; turn 
Voile a trait carrd , fqv.are 
rigged vcjfel. [ducule 

Traitable, a. %, tractable; 
Traltant , fm. a farmer of 
the king's revenues. [dc 
Traite, sf. journey; way; tra- 
Traite , fm. treaty , treatife 
Traitcment, treatment 
Trailer , v. to treat , ufe 
Ti'zhcur , fm. a great cock 
Traitre, eiTe , a. s. treache- 
rous ; a traitor 
Tramail, /Tj. d trammel 
Trame , sf. woof ; plot 
Tramer , va. to weave ; plot 
Tramontane, sf. north-windy 
on the miditinanean fea 

T R 

Tranchant , fm. an edge 
Tranche, sf. a fice, a cut 
Tranchee, a trench 
Traiichees , gripes; pa'ins- 
Tranche-lard , fm. cook* 

great knife 
Trancher, vn. to cut off 

carry it high ; decide 
Tranchet , Jm. shoemaker* 

cutting knife 
Tranchoir , a trencher 
Tranquille , a. 1. quiet yCah 
Tianquillemcnt, ad.quietl 
Traaquillifer , va, to mak 

eafy , to quiet, calm 
Tranquillite, sf. — ty, calm* 

Traara(flion, tranfaclion 
Trafifcendant , e, a. — den 
Tranfciription, sf. a copy 
Tranfcrire, va. to tranfcribt 
Tranfe , sf. a trance , pangs 
Transferer , va. to transfe. 
Transfiguration, sf.—tioi 
Se transfigurer , vr. to h 

Transformation , sf. —'tior 
Transformer, va. to trans- 
Transfuge , fm. a dsferter 
Transfufer, va. to transfuf 
Transfulion , sf. — fion 
TranfgrelTer , va, to tranf 

Tr an fgr eiTeur , fm. —rfor 
Tranfgreflion, >f/. —fan 
Tranligcr , vn. to tranfaS- 
Trar.fir ^v. to chill 

T R 

Tranfiffement , fm. chillnefs 
Tranrition , sf. — tlon 
Tranfitoi.-,e, a. i.tranfttory 
Tranflation , sf, removal 
Tranfmottre, va. to tranf- 

mlt ; to Convey 
Tranfmig. ation , sf, ■ — tion 
rianfmifiible, a. 2. trans f- 

rahls. {table 

Tranfmuable, a. 2. tranfmu- 
rranfmuer, va, to tanfmutt 
rianfmuiailon , sf. — tlon 
rranfpaience, — mncy 
rranfparent, e, a. — :ent 
rran(parent,yra. black lines 

for wrlt'ng on 
Tranfpercer , va. to pierce 
, through ; to wound 
rranfpirable , a, 2. perfpi- 

rable, [radon 

rranfpiratlon , sf perjpi- 
rranfpirer, vn, to perfplrc 
rranfplintation, sf — tion 
rranfplantenient,//??. — ting 
Iranfplanter , va. to tranf- 

rranlport , fm. tranfporta- 

-tion; carriage; tranfport 
rranfporter , va. to tranf- 
port; nmove; cvnvcy 
rranfpofer, va. to tn' [place 
Franipofition , sf mifpla- 

rraniTub^iantiation , — tion 
rfanfva<er , va. to decant 
rranfverfal ,e, a. tranfvcrfe 
rranfverfalement, ad, ath- 


T R 

Trantran , fm. knack 
Trappe , sf. trap ; falling- 
Ti apu , e , fl. fquat ; Jiuhbcd 
Traqucnard ,y772, amcling ; 

Tiaqiiet , trap ; fnare ; hun- 
ter ; mill-clapper 
Travail, work y labour 
Travailler , vn. to work 

Se , vr. toil and moil 

Travailleur , _/m. a labourer 
Travaux, u-orks; labonrs 
Travdc, sf a bay of joijls 
Tra.vers , fm. bread:k,fide 
Le travers d'lin vaifleau , 

athwart ship 
A travers, au travers, pr. 

through , crofs 

Dc travers , en travers , ad. 

acrofs ; the wrorg way; a 

Par le travers , off". [fl^P^ 

Travers par travers, hank- 

f or- hank 
Traverle , sf. crofs-pisci ; 
traverf'e ; crofs-ivay ; croj's 
accident ; crofs iron-bar 
Venir a la traves fe, to come 

betwixt ; to fall aero ft 
Traverfif e, sf p^Jfage ; short 

trip by fca 
Traverser , va. to crofs ; to 

pierce through 
Travel fer I'ancre, to fiov.> 

the anchor 
Barque travcrflere , paffage 

Flute «— "— , German flute 

T R 161 

Traverfin , fm. a hoJjier 
Traveftir , va. to difguife 
Traveftiffement, fm. difoui" 
Trayon , teat , dug. [fe 

Trebuchant , e , a. of full 

weight. [fali 

Trefiuchcment , fm. down- 
Trebucher , vn. fiumhle ; he 

full weight 
Trdbuchet , fm. trap ; fcaU 

to weigh s;oid 
Trefle, trefoil; clubs 
Treiliage, arbor-work 
Treille, sf. a vlnc-arbour 
Treiilis , fm. lattice-work ; 

grate ; buck-am ; fackcloth 
TreilluTer, va. grate or lat- 
Treize , a. thirteen 
Treizieme, a. 2. fm. thir- 

ticnth. [teenthly 

Tre"z'emejnent , ad. thir- 
Tr^lingage cles haubans,y^. 

Tremblaie , sf grove ofafps 
Tremblant, e , a. shaking 
Tremble , fm. afpin-trte 
Tiemblement , trembling , 

shaking; trill; shake 
de terre, errth- 

quake. [shake 

Trembler , v, to tremble. ; 
Trembleur J fm. a quaker 
Trembloter, vn. quake, shi- 
Trim Q y sf. hopper. [ver 
TremouRement , fm. flatte- (of birds). [bout 

Se trdmouiTer , vr. flutter a- 

16^1 T R 

Trenipe, sf. tempering , tem- 
Tremper, v. to dip-, foak; 
Jieep; imhrus ; temper i di' 
lute; bathe 
Ttempure , sf. trendel of a y thirty. [mill 
Trente, a. 2. thirty 
Trentiem3 , a. 2. thirtieth 
Treou , fm. lug- fail , square 
fail. [ ning 

Trepan , trepan ; trepan- 
Trepaner , va. to trepan 
Trepas , fm. deceafe 
, TrepafTs , dead body 
Trepafler , vn, to die 
Trepied ffm. a trevet 
Tr^pignement , clattering 

with the feet 
Trdpigner , rn. make a clat- 
tering with the feet 
Trepoint ^ e , f, welt of a 

*Txhs. part, mcfl ^ very 
Yreior J fm. treafure, treafury 
Treforeric , sf. treafurenhip 
Trcforier,/7K. a trcafurer 
Treffailiement , a fart 
Treffaillir, vn. to fart ; leap 
TrelTe, sf. fu>if;wefi; trcjfes 
TreiTes , foxes 
TrCiTer, va. to twift ; weave 
TrclToir , fri. wcr.ver's frame 
' Treteau , a treflle 

Treve, sf truce ; intcrmijp.on 
TtewW , fm. roil or axh-trce 

of a mill, prefs, &c. 
.Ti'evii'e J sf. parbiickU 

T R 

Triage , fm. picking and cul- 
ling , chafing 
Triangle , a triangle 
Triangulaire, a. 2. — lar 
Tribade , sf. female fodomite 
Tribord, fm. ftarboard 
Trlboulet, triblet 
Tribu , sf. a tribe 
Tribulation , tribulation 
Tribunal, ym. a tribunal; a 

court ofjiiflice 
Tribune, sf. church- gallery 
Tributj/Jn. tribute ; tax 
Tributaire, a. 2. s. tributary 
Tricher, va. to cheat 
Tricherie, sf. cheating 
Tricheur , (q^ a. s. a cheat 
Tricot , fm. a cudgel 
Tricotage, hnitt.'ng 
Triccter , va. to knit 
Tricoterle, sf. trifle 
Tricoteur, i^^^f a knitter 
Triftrac , fn. back-gammon ; 

a pair of tables 
Trident, a trident 
Tiiennal, e, a. triennial , 

of J years 
Triennalite, sf — lity 
Trier, va. to pick , pick and 

chnfc. [shuffler 

Trigaud, e ,a. s. shuffling; 
Trii^auder, vn. shuffle, play 

foul. _ [foul play 

Trifraoderie , sf. shufRine, 
Tngonometne ,*-r~metry 
Trilateral , e , n.^^ral 
Trin^Ie, sf curtain rod; 


T R 

Trinite , sf. trinity 
Trinquer , vn. to tipple 
Trio , fm. trio ; junto ; 
. party of three perfons 
Triolet, a kind of poem 
Triomphal , e, a. triomph. 
Triomphant, e, triumpham 

glorious. [ph 

Triomphateur , fm. triun 
Triomphe , fm. triumph 
Triomph e , sf trump 

En , ad. triumphant 

Triompher, vn. to tr lump} 
Tripaille , sf. garbage 
Tripe , tripe , gut. [v 

Tripe de velours, mock ve 
Tripe-madame , houfe-lcel 
Triperie , a tripe houfe 
Triphthengue, triphthong 
Tripiere, a tripe-woman ; 

corpulent hojiefs 
Triple, a.» triple , thn 

fold; treble 
Triplement , ad. three mai 

mr of vjcys ; treble 
Triplet , V. to treble 
Triplicite , sf. — city , tn 

TripUquer , vn. to make 

Tripiiques, sf. afur-rejoind 
Tripoli, /»:. whiting 
Tripot, a tennis-court 
Tripotcge, mishmash 
Tripoter, v. to make a m'si 

mash or medley ; jumble. 
Trique, sf. cudgel [ afi< 
Tri<jU5r , vn, to cull and } 



T R 

Triqaet ,y;n. huttrcfs , shore 
Trifaiieul , a great great 

Trifaieule , sf. great great 

Trifte , a. 2. msIanchofy,fad 
rriftement , ad. fadly 
Frifteffe , sf. grief; fadnefs 
Friturable, a. 2.. — blc 
Frituration , sf — tlon 
Friturer, va. triturate; di- 

Frivialre , a, 1. 'where 5 

ways meet 
Trivia! , e , d. trivial , trltz 
rrivialement , ad. trivially 
frivialite, sf tnvialnefs, 

rroc,fm. truck 
frochet, ciujler of fruit 
frogne, sf phii^, face 
rognon ,fm, core of an ap- 
ple^ Sicfump of a cahhas^e 
Trois, a., three; third 
^roifieme , a. 2, fm. third 
rroi{i4niement , ad. thirdly 
Troler , v. to lead about, 

"rombe , sf a water-fpout 
rompe, French-horn ; trum- 
pet; Jew's harp; elephant's 
trunk; water-fpout 
romper ^ va. to deceive ; 
cheat. [ken 

e (jromper , vr. to he mifla- 
romperie, sf fraud 
rompcter , va, to if 1st out 
IP divulgi 

T R 

Tromp^tte, sf a trumpet 
TtompettQ f fm. a truinpeter 
Trompeur, fe,/l cheat 
Trompeur , fe , a. cheating^ 

Tronc , fn, trunk of a tree ; 
shaft of a pillar ; church- 
box ;fiock 
Trongon , a fiump piece 
Trongonner , va. to lop; 
Trone , fm. throne. [trunk 
Tronquer, va. to lop ; muti- 
late ; lame 
Trop , ad. too much 
Trop pea , too little 
Trop , fm. exuberance 
Trope, trope, fivure infpeech 
Trophde , a trophy 
Tropique , tropick 
Tropologiqne , a. 2. — gical 
Troquer, va. to trucks barter 
Troqueur ^ {q , f. fwapper 
Trot, fm. trot 
Trotte , sf. way, Jlretch 
Trotter, r«. to trot ; run 
Trotteur, fe,/] trotter; gad- 
Trottin , fm. an errand-boy 
Trottiner, vn. to trot or run 

up and down 
Ttotton ,fn. afoot-way 
Trou, a hole , gap 
Trouble, trouble; broils 
Trouble , a. 1. thick ^ muddy 
Trouble-fete, f.troublefo- 

me g:i:Ji 
Troubler , va, trouhU j dif- 
tiiib ' 

T R i(^^* 

Se troubler, vr. to falter i 

be over-cajfl ; grow thick 
Trouee, sf opening , gap 
Trouer , va. to make a hoh 
Troupe , sf a troop ; cont" 

pany ; hand ; crevj ; gang; 

shole ; flock ; herd 
Troupes, troops, fo Idlers , 

men , forces 
Troupeau, fm. flock ; drove 
Trouffe , sf trufs ; bundle ; 

cafe ; quiver 
Etf e aux trouffes , he upon 

one's heels 
Trouffeau , fm. hunch ; fai" 

rings ; quiver, \ 

Trouue-^alant , fioop-gal- 
TroulTei/, va. to trufs fpia 

up ; tuck up or in ; difpatch 
Trouilia , fm. tucking in ; 

Trouvaille', sf thlngfound 
Enfant-trouve , fm. found- 
Trouver, va. to find , rtett 
Truand, e,f. truant; flurdy 

begi^ar ; quean. [ tcr 

Truchement , fm. intcrpre- 
Trucheur, fe , f. beggar i 

Truelle , sf a trowel 
Truellee , a trowel-full 
Truffe , truff.e ; fow-hrcad. 
Truie , a fow 
Truite , a trout 
Tiuite , Q y a. red-fpeckled ^ 
Trumeau , fm. pier ; pier* 

glafs i kg of be^ 

i.g4 T U 

Ta , pro. thou 

Tuage, /m. killing and dref- 

fing of a hcg 
Tuant, e, a. toilfome; kil- 
ling. [ cream 
Tu-autem , fm. main point , 
Tube , a tube ; a pipe 
Tubercule , tubercle ; pimple 
Tubereufe, sf. tuberoj'e 
Tubereux, fe , a. tuberous 
Tubecofite, sf. — fey, bunch 
Tudefque, a. 
Tuer , va. to kill ; flay i 

Tuerie, sf fauofiter-houfe ; 

Jlau^kccr; majfacre 
Crier a tue-tete, to bawl 
Tueur de gens , fm. a bully 
Tuf , foft J'andy jlone 
Tugue, sf the poop of a 
Tuile, a tile [fnoate 

Tuiieau,/'7j. shard of a tile 
Tuilerie , sf a tils-kiln 
Tuilier ,y)77. a tiler 
Tulipc , sf a tulip 
Tumefa<5lion , — tion ; fwel- 
ling. [mor 

Tumefier, va. to caufe a lu- 
Tumeur , sf. tumor:, fwelling 
Tumulte , fm. a tumult, riot 
Tumultuaire , a. z. tumul- 
tuous. [ ha/le 
Tumultuairement , ad. in 
Tumultueufsment , rio- 

Tumultueux, fe, a. riotous 
T unique t sf. Jleev clefs coat; 


T U 

Tuorbc,y57z. theorbo 
Turban , a turhant 
Turbot , a turbot 
Turbotln , fmalL turbot 
Turbulemment,^^. — lently 
Turbulence, sf.—lcncy 
Turbulent, e , a. turbulent ; 

mettlefome. [ Turkish 

Tuic, Turque, a. s. Turk; 
Tutcie , sf mole; pier; dyke 
Turlupin , fm. foTy buffoon 
Turlupinade , sf fiHy iefi 
Turlupin er , v. to affccipuns 

and jcjls 
Turlupifier quelqu'un , to 

jeer ; piny upon one 
Turlut, fm. a kind of lark 
Turluter , vn. to imitate thz 

Turpitude , sf turpitude ; 

A la Turque , ad. aftir the 

Turkish way 
Turquet , fm. fort of little 

dog ^ 
Turquie , sf Turkiy 
Bleu turquin , fm. deep blue 
Turquoife, sf. turQuoifc 
Tut'ilaire , a. x. — iar 
Tuteile, sf guardianship 
Tuteur , trice , f guardian ; 

Tutie , sf tutty ; drug 
Tutoiement, fm. thouing 
Tutoyer , va. to thou and 

Tuyau,y?n. a pipe; (juil! ; 

ftalki noi\U J tunnel i shank 

V N 

Tympan,yra. drum of^he e, 

tympan; cog-wheel; wai 

or clock-whe<l 
TympaniCer , va. defam 

Tympanite , sf. tympany 
Tym ianon , j'm. du.amer 
Type, a type, figure 
Typi jue, a. i. typical , 

gurative. [p^^^ 

Typographe , fm. — pht 
Typographie , sf — ph 

printing. ^ [ 

Typogra. hique, a. i. — f 
Tyran ,fm. tyrant y ufurp 
Tyrannie, sf tyranny 
Tyrannnique , a. 2. — ni 
Tyranniquement, ad. 

cal'y. [ £)/?;>' 

Tyr annifer , va. tyranni 


Ulceration, ^/z^i 

Ulcere , fm. an ulcer 
U'cerer , va. to ulctra 

Ul rerieur , e , a. further 
Ult.-amontain , e , <2. s. 

yond the m.oiintains 
Un , une , a. one y a , an 
Les u-s , fomc 
L'un & I'autre , both 
L'un ouTautre, either 
Ni l'un ni I'autre , neitheX 
Unanime, a. 1. un^nimol 


^ U N 

ttnanimement , ad. unanL- 

Unanimity , sf. unanimity 
Uni , ad. even 
A i'uni , level 
Uni , Q ■, a. united ; fmooth ; 

plain. [ twentieth 

Vingt & unieme , one and 
Uniforme y a. t. alike i uni- 
form , regular 
,[,|| Uiiiform^ment , ad, uni- 
formly , confijlently 
Uniformite, sf. uniformity ; 

refemblance. [fmooth 

Uniment , ad. evenly ; pljin; 
Union , sf union ; concord 
Unique , a. 2. only ; fole ; 

Uniquement, ad. only 
Unir, va. to unite; to fmooth 
Unifl'on , fm. unifon 
Unite , sf. unity y unit 
Uxi'ivers yfm. the univerfe 
Univerfalite , sf. — lity 
Univerfel , le , a. univcrfal 
Univsrfellsment, ad. uni- 

V erf ally 
Unive:{ite , sf. univerfity 
Univoqae , a. 2. univocal 
Urbanlte , sf. urbanity; po~ 

Ure , fm. the ure-ox 
Uretere , meter 
tJretre , urethra, ifino 

Urgent, e, a. urgent', pref- 
Urinal, fm. urinal 
Urinateur , a diver 
..-( Inline , sf urins , £ifi 

U T 

Flux d'urine", diahitcs 
Retention d'urine , firan- 
gury. ipifs 

Uriner, vn. to make water , 
Urineux, fe, a. urinous 
Urre, sf. urn; china jar 
Us & coutumes de la mer, 
ufes and cufloms of the fea 
\,fm. u/age y uje ; cuf- 

tomSf commons 
Ufager , q , f commoner 
Ufance , sf ufe ; ufance 
Ufer , V. to ufe ; wafie 
S'ufer , vr. to wear cut , decay 
\J{er,fm. wearing 
Uiite, e, a. cuflomary ^ ufed 
Uftenfile , fm. utenfil ; fur- 
niture ; foldicr's quarters 
Ufuel, le, a, ufual 
Ufufruftuaire , <i. 2. — tuary 
Ufufruit , fm. ufe and profits 

without property 
U^ufruitier , e , JC tenant 
Ufuraire , a. 1. ufurious 
Uiurairement , ad, ufiirer- 
like. I out 

Ufure , sf. ufury ; wearing 
Ufiirier, e,f. ufurer 
UCurpateur, trice,/ ufurper 
Ufurpation , sf — tion 
Ufurper , va. to ufurp 
Uterin , e , a. frere uterin , 
brother by the mother's fide 
Sceur uterine, fifier by the 

mother's fide 
Utile, a. 2. fm. ufeful; pro- 
fitable ; ferviceable 

Utilsmeat, ady ufefully ' 

V A i6s 

Utilite , sf. utility ; profit ; 

ufe. [ leather 

Utricule ,y;7i. little budget of 
Uvee , sf. uvea y tunica of 

the eye 
IJvnle , uvula y the palati 



A-tout , fm. fwccp-fiakes 
Va & vient , pafs-rope 
Vacance', sf. vacancy 
Vacances , holidays, vaca- 
tion, [pty 
Vacant, e, a. vacant yem^ 
Vacarme , fm. a hufile 
Vacation , sf. profejfjion ^ 

Vacations , vacation 
Vache , cow; neats leather 
Vacher , e , f. cow-keeper 
Vacherie', sf. a cow-houfe 
Vacillant, e, a. fiaggering 
Vacillation , sf. tottering 
Vaciller , vn, to reel, totter 
Vacuite , sf. — ry, emptinefs 
Vade , sf. the go or fake 
Vagabond, e, a, s. vaga^ 

Vagin , fm. womh-pipc 
Vague, sf. a wave, firge 

de rair,yCT. ambient air 

Vague meftrp, mafier fo ths- 

waggons of an army 
Vague , a. 2. loofe ; uncon" 

Va-^uement, ad. indcfinitily 
Vaguer , vn, to rambU 


V A 

Vaigrage, fm. ceiling , foot ^ 

Vaigrci , sf. p!. planks ; 

clamps and thick fiuffufcd 

for ceiling a ship 
Vaigrer , va. to place the 

planks of a snipes ceiling 
Vaiilan-.ment , ad.Jioutly 
Vaillance, sf. Jloutmfs 
Vaillant, e, a. valiant 

• , ff^' one's worth 

Vain , e y a. vain ; empty ; 

proud [ wa/le 

Terres vaines & vagues , 
En vain , ad. vainly , to no 

Vaincre , va, vanquish ; fub' 

due ^ 
Se laiiTer vaincre a, — to 

yield to — ; give way to • — 
Vainement , ad. to no pur- 

pofc. [ror 

Vainqueur , fm. a conque- 
Vair , vaire y {in heraldry) 
Vaird , a. v-iiry. \horfc 

Vairon (cheval) , fiver eyed 
VaiiT'eau , fm. a veffel , a 

ship. [ of war 

VaiiT'eau 4e guerre , a man 
VaifTelle , sf table utenfls 

i de terre , earthen-ware 

- — — d'erain , pewter 

— d'argent , fdver-platc 

Val , fm. a valley y a dale 
Valable , a. i. valid y lawful 
Val'ablement, ad. valid. 
Valt^riane , sf valerian , 


V A ^ I 

Valet, /wz. footman; groom y ! 

valet; knave; hoid-fafi 
Valetaille , sf pack of foot- 
Valeter , cringe ; wait 
Val^tudinaire , a. i. — na- 
ry ; fickly i infirm 
Valeur , sf value ; pries ; 

worth i valour 
Valeureufement, ad. bravely 
Valeureux, fe, a. valiant 
Valide, a. 2. valid, [begg^ars 
Mendians val ides , Jiurdy 
Validement , ad. legally 
Valider , va. to make valid 
Valtdite , sf. vaLdity 
Valife, cloak-hag 
Vallee, valley ; vale ; dale ; 

fide of a hill ■ 

ValIon,y»z. dale , little valley 
Valoir, V. to be worth 

Faire , improve 

Se faire , vr. to put 

one's f elf forward 
Vaille que vaille,"/i// back 

fall edge 
II vaut mieux , it is hotter 
Valvules , sf valves 
Van , fm. winnowing- fan 
Vandoife, sf dace-f^h 
Vanneau , fm. a lapwing 
Vanite , sf. vanity 
Vanne, a flood-gate 
Vanner , va. to winnow 
Vannene, sf. basket-trade 
Yannets y fm. fcollop shells 
Vannette, sf winnowing- 

V A 

Vanneur, yr/z. winnower 
Vannier, basket-maker 
Vantail , leaf of a foldin 

door , Sec. 
Vanter , va. to extol 
Se vanter , vr. to hoajl of 
Var.terie, sj. boaftlng 
Vanteur , fm. a boajier 
Vapeur, sf vapour ; fleam 
Vaporatiun , vaporation 
Vaporeux, fe, a. vaporous 

Vaquer , vn. to he vacant 

to attind ; mind 
Varangues, sf ribs of a shi 
Varcch , fm. fea - weed 

Varenne, sf warren; ckaj 
Variable , a. i. variable 
Variant, e, a. fickle 
Variation , sf variation 

Varice , fwoln vein 
Varier , v. to vary ; alter- 

Variete, sf variety 
Varlope , large plane 

Vafculaire, Vf^'^tlff"" 

Vafculeux , f-^ "'^'^^ ^ 
' J veins 

Vafe , fv). a vafe ; a vejfel 

Vafe , sf flime ; mud 

Vafeux , fe , a. muddy , rair 

Vaflal, e, f. a vajj'al , tenant 

Vaflelage, /m. vajj'alage 

Vaffoles des ^cout lies , sf 

pi. coamings of the hatche 

Vafte, <z. 2, vafij fpaclou. 

V A ^ , 

A vau de route , ad. in the 

utmofi c on f lift on 
Vaudeville , fm. a ballad 
Vaurien , a good for nothing 

Vautour , a vulture 
Vautrait , hunting equ'page 
Vautrer , vn. to hunt wild 

hoars. [ leather 

Sc vautrer , vr. to wallow , 

to w:lter 
Veau ,fm. calf; veal; cafs 
i^edette , sf. centry on horfe- 

Vegetable, a. 1. vegitahU 
V^egetal , fm. a vegetable 
— — , e, a, vegetable 
Vdgetatif, ve, a. — tive 
/egetation , sf vcgetction 
/egetaux ^fm. the vegetables 
/ege'ter , vn. to vegetate 
/^hemence, sf. vehemence 
/e)iement, e, a. vehement 
/ehicule , fm. vehicle 
/eil'ant , e , <:. awake , wa- 
^eille , sf. watching ; fet- 

tin." up watch; eve; brink 
!lhanaeUc de veille ,' rush 

candle\ [hours 

hWles , pi. lucubration , la- 
'^eillee, night^s rendezvous 
''eiller., V. to ivatch , ft up 

eilloir , fr72. shoemaker's 

'^edlote , sf a mow of hay 

eine , a vein ; <jr::Ln 

^ine, e, a, vsimd 

V E 

Veincux, fe, a. veiny 
Veler , vn. to calve 
Velln ,fm. vellum 
Velleite, sf velleity ; woul- 

Velocity, velocity; fwiftnefs 
Velours, fm. velvet 
Veloute , e , a. velvet, tuft 
V^XoMti yfm. velvet-lace 
Velu , e , a. shaggy , hairy 
Venaifon , sf venifon 
Venal, e, a. 
Venalite, sf venality 
Venant, fm. comer 
Vendange, sf vintage 
Vendang^r , va. to gather 

the grapes. [ gcr 

Vendangeur, {q , f. avlnta- 
Vendeur , fe , a filer 
Vendition , sf. — don , fale 
Vendre, va. to fell * 
V.?ndredi,ym. Friday 
Ver.efice , poifoning 
Venelle, sf a lane 
Enfiler la venelle , to fcam- 

per away 
VendxTeux, fe, a. venomous 
Vener , va. to hunt 
Venerable , a. i. venerable 
Vonenation , sf — tion 
Ven^rer, va. to venerate 
Ve-srie, sf. vencry, hunting 
Vererien , ne , a. venereal ^ 
Vensur , fm. a huntfman 
Vengeance , sf revenge 
Vender, va. revenue, avenge 
Vengeur , vengereffe , a. s. 

revenger f avenger 

V E 167 

Ve'niel , le, a. venial 
VenimeuXjfe, venomous 
Venin , fm. venom ; poi/on ; 

Venir , vn. to come 
Venir bien, to grow well.^ 

to thrive ; become 
Vent, 7772. wind; vent; fcent 
Vent fait , a fettled wind 
Vent frais , afresh (jale 
Vent forc^, a hard gale 
Ventc , sf.fale; market-place 
Ventail , fm. folding-door 
Venter, vn. to blow 
Vent'?ux, fe, a. windy 
Ventilatcur , fm. ventilator 
Ventilatian , sf appra'^fing 
,Ven tiler, va. appraife; dip- 

Ventofite , .5/. flatulency 
Ventoafe , cupping-glafs 5 

Ventoufer, vc. to cup 
Ventre , fm. belly ; womb 
Ventrd:?, sf a litter 
Ventricule,y?«. ventricle 
Vcntiiere , sf a helly-hand 
Ventriloque , a. f — loquijl 
Ventru, e, a. large-bellied 
Venue, sf. coming; arrival 
Tout d'une venue, ad. all 

of a fi\e or piece ; all at 

Venule, sf a little vein 
Venus, Venus 
Vepres , vcfpcrs 
Ver , fm. a worm. [nefly 
Veracit^ , sf. veracity , Ao- 

i6S V E 

Verbal , e , a. verbal 
Verbalement , ad, verbally 
Vejbalifer , vn. to make 

many words 
Verbe, fm. verb ; the word 
,Verbeux , fe , a. verbofe , 

tedious. [verbojiry 

Verbiage , fm. empty talk , 
%"erbiager, vn. to talk emp- 
tily. [ talker 
Verbiageur , fe , /I empty 
Vercoquin , fm. maggot ; 

■whim. [ brisk 

Verd , vert , e , a. greiti ; 
Verd , fm. green 
Verdatre , a. 2. greenish 
Verd-de-gris , Verdet , fm. 

Verdelet , ette , a. tartish 
Verderie , i;/^ verder'sjurif- 

Verdeur , greninefsy fap ; 

tartnefs ; brisknefs 
Verdier , fm. verderer ; 

Verdir , va. to paint green 
Verdir , vn. to grow green 
Vcrdoyant , e , d. verdant 
Verdure , sf. verdwe 
Verdurisr , fm, vcrditrer , 

herb-man. [ maggoty 

V^reux, fe , a. worm-eaten. 
Verge , sf. rod; fv-/itch ; 

verge ; yard 
Verge de I'ancre, shank of 

the anchor. [s'ins 

Vergeage ,fm. meafnn ; ga- 
Verger ,f>n, orchard \ verger 

V E 

Vergeter , va. to brush 
Vergetier , fm. brush-maker 
Vergettes , sf a brush 
Verglas , fm. a glared frofl 
Vcrgue, sf. a ship'' s yard 
La grande vergue , the main 

Verhue ee mizaine , fore 

Veridlcite, veracity 
Homme v^rldiqiie , fm. a 

man of veracity 
Verificateur , examiner 
Verification , sf. — tion 
Verifid , e , <r. verified 
Vetifier, va. to verify ; exa- 
mine ; prove true 
Veritable , a. 2. true , genuine 
Veritablement , ad. truly 
Verite , sf. truth 
En verite, ad. indeed 
A la v6np6i indeed , / con- 
fifs. [grapes 

Verjus , fm. verjuice j four 
Verjute , e , c. tart 
Vcimall , le , lively red 
Vermeil , fm. filver-gilt 
Vermeille , sf. fort of pre- 
cious Jlons 
Vermicelle ,fm. vermicelli 
Vermiculaire, a. a -—lar 
Vermiller , vn. to grub up ; 

fcratchfor worms 
Vermilion , fm. vermilion ; 

bloom. -J fear let- grain 
Vermiilonner, vn. to grub 
Vermir.e, sf. vermin. [^up 
YermiiiCau, fm.fmall worm. 

V E 

Severmouler, vr. to grc 

Vernioulu, e , a, worm-eat 
Vermoulure , sf. worm-he 
Vernal , e, a. vernal 
Vernir , va. to varnish 
Vernis , fm, varnish; glof 
VernifTer, vj. to varnish 
Vcrn'fTeur, fm. a varnisi 
VerniiTure, sf. varnishin 
Verole , the pox 
Verole , e , a. s. one w 

has the pox , pocky 
Verolique, a. -x. pocky 
Veron , fm. a menow 
Veroifique , sf. fluelli. 

Verrat , fm. a boar 
Verre , glafs , a glafs. \h 
Verree , sf. glafs- full , bri 
Verrerie, glafs-houfe; gla 

making; glafs-ware 
Verrier , fm. plafs-mah 

glafs- feller ; glafs-bash 
Verrou , verrouil , fm. 

Verrouilld, e, a. bolted 
Verrouiller, va. to bolt 
Verrue , sf. a wart 
Vers , fm. verfe 
Vers , pr. towards , about 
A verfe , ad. as fafi as 

can pour 
Verfe , e , a. verfed , skil 
Verfer , v. to pour ; fil 

overturn ; be overturne 

shed. [ 

Veifet, fm, verfe of ache 






V E 

Verfificatear ,y>z. a vcrjijie 
Veriification , sf. — tion 
Vef fiiie , e , a. verfifid 
Veriitier , v?i. to virfify 
Verfion , sf. v:rjion 
Verfb , fm. verfo , the back \ 

off ''^f , ! 

Vertebral, e, a. verteWral 1 
Verteb.e , sf. the chlnc-honc • 
'Vertement , ad. fmartly,] 

: briskly. [ a bolt 

:ycrteveiles , sf. fiaplcs' cf 
^"Vertex , fm. crown of tin 

Vertical , e , a. vertical 
Vertical. msnt , ad. — cally 
Vertige, fm. a df^inefs 
Vertigineiix, fe, a. — nous ^ 
g'ddy. [ the faggers 

Vertigo , fm. ■whim ; maggot; 
Vertu , sf virtui 
Vertueufement , ad. vlrtu- 
oufy. [ tuous 

Vertu eux , fe, a. s. vir- 
Vertugadin ,yj;2. fardingAle. 
Verve , sf rapture , whim 
Verreine , vervcin , ( an 

hab ) 
Vervelle , vervel 
Verveux, fm. a fvecp-mt 
Vefce , sf Witch , fuch 
h'A 'Vi^'ftcatoire, a. i. fm. blijlc- 
rini^ ; blijlir 
Veficule , sf veficle 
Vefperie , a reprimand 
VEfperifer , va, to repri- 
iVeffe 3 sf a fnh 

vV I 

VciTer , vn. to f^le 
V^;fi'eur , fe , /. fuler 
Veille , sf bladder ; blificr 
Vnlales , vsftal nuns 
Vefte , a vejl; wa'Jicoat 
Veftaire , y?7z./ri<2r^f vejly 
Vcflibule', po-ch , envy, hall 
Veftige , footflip ; remain 
Vctement , raimmt, garment 
Veteran , a veteran 
Vete:ance , sf being a ve- 
Vit-.lie, trife 
Vetiller, vn. to /land on trifles 
Ve'tillerie , sf, shift , cavil 
Vetilleur , fe , /. a trifler 
Vetir , va. to clothe 
Veture , sf vefiure 
Vetufte , the ancicntnefs of 

a building 
Veuf , fm. a v/idower 
Veuvage, widowliood 
Veuve , sf a widow 
Vexation, vexation 
Vexer , va, to vex ; difl:refs 
Viager , e , a. for life 
Viande , sf meat ^ food 
Viander , va.- to fed , ( of 
deer ) [ deer ) 

Viandis , fn. paflure , {of 
Viatlquc , provifion for a 

journey ; viaticum 
Vibord , f::. v/aif of a ship 
Vibration , sf. — tion 
Vibrer , vn. to make vibra- 
Vicaire , fm. vicar ', curate ■ 
Vicarial , e , «, vicarious 

Vicariate fm. vicarage; vi-> 
carship. [^ curate. 

V;.cariei- , vn. to officiate as 
Vice , fm. vie: ; dificl 
Vice-ami; al , vice-admiral 
Vice-aniiraute, sf. vicc-ad- 

Vice-bailli , fm. vice-bailiff 
Vice-chancelier , vice-chan" 

Vice-conful, vicc-conful 
Vice-gerent, vicc-gercnt 
Vice-ligatj vice-legate 
Vice-legation , sf vice-h" 

Vice-roi , fm. vice-roy 
Vicie , e , <z. vitiated , cor- 
Vicier , va. to vitiate , taint 
Vicieufement ^ ad. vitiou(ly 
Vicieux , fe , a. s, vitious i 

faulty -^ 
Viciffitude, sf vicijfitiids 
Vicomte , //-n. a vi/ count 
Vicomtd , sf vijcoiuity 
VicomteiTe, vifcountcfs. 
ViftJme , a 
Vi^oire, a viciory 
Viiflorieufement, ad.viclj-' 

r ion fly 
ViclorieuXj fe, a. victorious 
Viif^uailles , sf. ship's provi- 

Vi£l'aallleur , fn. viaualler 
Vidame , vidame 
Vidange , sf emptying j cle&? 

ring; fie odhf^ 
Vidanges ,fith; ruobisk 
Z 11 j 

■a-o V I 

Vidangcur , fm. nightman 
Vide, a. ^.void', empty 
\idt , fm. void fpac: ; va- 
cuum ; blank ; chaj'm 
A vide , ad. empty 
Vide-boutcille ,/m. fummcr- 

houfe ; bower 
Videlle , sf. jagging-iron 
Vider, va. to empty; clear; 
pink ; drain ; determine; 
^ut; draw a fo-wl 
Viduite , sf. widowhood 
Vidurc , a pinking 
Vie, life; livelihood; clutter 
A vie , ad. for life 
Eau-ds-vie, sf. brandy 
Vieil , vieux, a, m, old; 

Vieilie, a.f old 

<; , sf. old woman 

Vieillard,y7n. old man 
Vieillerie , sf old clothes ; 

old lumber 
Vieillt-fTe, old age 
Vieillir , v. to grow oldy to 

•make one grow eld 
Vieiilot, te , a. s. oldish 
Viells, .■'f cymbal 
Vieller , vn. plcy en the cym- 
bal. [ the cymbal 
Viclleur, fc , f a player on 
Viei'ge , sf, a virgin ; virgo 
Vierge , a. i. maid; virgin 
Cire vierge, virgin wr.x 
Halle vierge, virgin oil 
y^ii , ve, a. alive; fprightly; 
fmart; quick; mettUfome; 

V I 

Vif , fm. the quick 
Vif-argcnt, quick-filver 
Etre en vigie, to keep a 

Vigilarlce , sf vigilance 
Vigilant, e, a. vigilant 
Vigile, sf eve 
Vigne , vine; vineyard; villa 
Yigneron y fm. a vine-drejfer 
Vignette , sf a flourish ; 

he ad- piece 
Vign'. ble, yw. vineyard-plot 
VigoUxeafement , ad, vigo- 

roufy , flout ly 
Vigoureux, fe, a. vigorous , 

Vigueur , sf vigour ; mettle 
Vil , vile , a. vile 
Vilaln y e yf. a villain ,flut 
Vilain , e, a. ugly; bafe; 

Viiainement, cd. naflj'y 
Vilebrequin ,fm. a wimble 
Vilenie, sf. filth ; fcurrility ; 
ohfcenity ; nlggardllnefs ; 
trash ; ( of food ) 
Vilete , chcapncfs ; vilenefs 
Vilipender , va. to under- 
value j vilify ; defpife 
Villace, sf great fcambling 
Village , fm. village. ' [town 
Villageois, fe,/ avillag.r. 
Villanelie , sf country-bal- 
Ville , city , town 
Villette s fmall town 
Vin , fm. wine 
Vinaigre, vinegar 

V I 

Vinaigr^ , e , a. feafonea 

with vinegar 
Vinaigrette , sf a wheel- 

barrow-chaife ; a faucc 
Vinaigrier,y/72. vinegai-man; 

Vindf s , wind'.afs. [ful 

Vindlcatif , ve , a. rcvenge- 
Vinee , sf a crop of grapes ^ 

the vintage 
Vineux, fe , a. vinous 
Vin vineux , flrong bodied 

Vingt, a. 2,. twenty 
Vingtaine , sf fcore ; twenty 
Vingtieme , a. 2. fm, twen- 
Viol , fm. a rape. Itictk 

Violat, a. of violets 
Violateui- , fm, breaker , in^ 

Violaiion , sf — tion 
Viole , a viol. ['"^/'^ 

Violement , y5«. violation; 
Violemment , ad. violently 
Violence , sf violence 
Violent , e , a. violent; hafly 
Violenter , va. to force 
Violer, to violate, r.ivish 
Violet , te , a. purple t vio- 
let colour 
Violet , fm. purple , vlolei 

Violette , sf. a violet 
Y'ioWqt , fm. violet-plant 
Violon , a fiddle ; a violin l 

a fiddUr 
Violoncelle, violoncello 
Yio*ne, sf hedge-plant 



V I 

^ipere , sf. a viper 
v^^ipereau , fm. little viper 
/irago , sf. a virago 
/itement , fm, transfir of a 

/irer , v. to turn ; transfer 
a debt i tack about ; wind 
Tourner & virer, to go a- 

hout the hush ; pump one 
/ir'evau , fm, dtaw-hcam , 

capjiandi winch 
%e-volte , sf, a quick tur- 
ning about 

^ifginal , e, a, virginal; 
im maidenly 

^g'lnite, sf virginity 
''irgule , a comma 
^iril, e, a.virih^ manly 
%i!emerit , ad. fioutly ; 

''irilite , sf- virility , man- 
'^irole , a ferrule y little iron- 
''irtuel , le, a. virtual^ ej- 

'^irtuellement, ad. virtually 
'irtuofe, f. a virtue fo 
'irulcnt, e, a. virulent 
'irufe de borcUj^es , sf 
ftrakes or fircaks 
irus , fm. virulericy , ve- 

is , sf fcrew ; vici ; fpind- 

is-a-vis , pr. over againfi 
'^^^^ ;) fml face i look 

V I 

Vifcers , fm. an intejllnc 
Vifcoiite , sf. vijcofity 
Vifee , aim , defign 
Vifer , V. to aim ; revifc 
Villbilite , sf — liry 
Yifible , a. z. vifihU ; manl- 


Viiiblement , ad. vifihly j 

Vifiere , sf aim of a gun 
Viiigot , I'm. rude , unskilful 
Vifion , sf. vifion yf:'ht; ap- 
parition; idle fitiicy 
ViHonnaire , a. 2. s. fanci- 
ful ; vffi:>nary 
Vifir , fm. vifier 
Viiirat , vifiership 
Viiitatlon , sf. — tion 
Vilite , viftt ; vifitation ; at- 
tendance ; J'earch 
Vifiter , va. to vifit ; fearch 
Viiiteur , fm. vifitor ; fcar- 

Viforium , printer's viforiupi 
Vi<qaeux,ie, a. vijccus ^ 

ViiUel, le, vifual 
Vital, c, vital; vitals 
WxtQ, a. 2. quick t f'^'f 
Vite, ad. quickly , fuji 
Vitement, quickly 
Vitefle, sf fwiftnefs 
Vii'onnieres , limberholes , 
Yitrage, y^. glaied , gla- 

{ing, partition 
Vitrail, great glafs window 
Vitre , sf a glafs window, 

c ^am of glafs 

V O 271 

Vltre, e, a. glaied 
Vitrer, va. to g'a-^e 
Vitrerle, sf the glafs trade 
Vitrier , Jm. a glaiier 
Vitrification, sf. — ticn 
Vitrifier, va. to vitrify 
Vitriol ,fm. vitriol 
Vitfiole , e , a. ■> vitri3'^ 
Vitriolique, a. 1. i Lous 
Vivace , long-lived 
Vivacite , sf vivacity ; mtt- 

tle ; livciinefs 
Vivacites, fiarts of paffion 
Vivaadier . q ^ f a futler 
Vivant , e , a. j. living; quick 
Bon vivant , a jovial fellow 
YWc, sf. thefea dragon 
Vive le roi, God five thi 

Qui vivc ? who are ycu for? 
Vivement , ad. briskly ; fen- 

Vivier , fm. a fish-pond 
Vivmap.t , e , a. quickening 
Vivification , sf reviving 
Vivifier , va. to vivify , c'«- 

Vivilique, a. 2. vivifical 
Vivipaie, viviparous 
Vivoter , vn. to live poorly^ 

to rub on 
Vivre , to live 
Faire vivre , to maintain 
Vivre, vivres , jir,. food; 

Vocabulaire, vccalulary 
Vocabuliile, — //// 
Vc'Cul, Qi «i yvf"/; oral 


V O 

Mii^que voca 



Vocatif,ym. vocative cafe 
Vocation , sf. vocation, cal- 

Vocaux yfm. pi. voters 
VoEU , a vow ; a vote 
Voeux, pi. wishes 
Vogue-avant, fm. fore-rower 
Vogue , sf. rowing ; vogue , 

Voguer , rn. to row 
Vogueur, fm. a rower 
Voici , ad. behold ; hsre Is ', j 

here are , this is , there i 

! V O 

Voliinage, fm. a neighbour- 
Voifiner , vrj. to vifit one's 

Voiture, sf. carriage ; fare ; 

Voiturer, va. to carry 
Yoifarer ,fm.-a carrier 
Vcix, sf. voice i finger i vote 
Vol , fm. robbery , th:ft ■ 

flight of a bird 
Volage, a. 2. s. fickle 
Feu volage , wild fire in 

children* s faces 
Volaille, sf. poultry, fowl- 

are ^^c. \ market 

Voie , sf a way ; footing of Y ol^iWier , fm. pouhcr 


Voie d'eau , a leak 
Voie la£i^e , milky way 
Voierie , a lay-flail 

Volant , a shittle cock ^ flight 

of a vjind mill 
Volant , e, a. flying 
Verole volante, chicken pox 

Voila , ad. that is, Mo/fi ! Fufee volante 

a rocket 

are , there is , there are 
Voile, fm. nil; crape; co- 
Voile , sf a fall 
Voile , e , a. veiled 
VoJler, va. to veil y cloak 
Voilerie , sf. fail-yafd 
Voilier , fm. a failer , {of a 

ship) fail-maker 
Voilure , sf. fails 

failing '' 
Voir , va. to fee 
Se voir , vr. vifit one ano 
thir \ ' 

Feuiile volante , loofe shiet 
Camp volant , flying camp 
Volatil , e, ^. volatile 
Volatile , fm. winged ani- 
mal ' 
Volatilifer, va, make vo- 
Volaiilit^, sf. — lity 
Volat'ille,/^)^/^ , birds 
way of Volcan , fm. a volcano 

jVoI^c, sf flight; fociety ; 
j rank; volley; brood, co- 
v<-y , bevy 
A la volee , ad. at random 

Voiiin , e, a. s. neighhou- \Yolsr y v. to fly ;fleal 
ring i a neighbour j Voleiie , sf flight; theft 

I V o 

Volet , fm. shutter ; dov< 

cot ; little fea-ccmpafs 

I Voleter , vn. to flutter aboi 

I Voliur , fe jfrobbir , thiej 

Voliere , sf. aviary; dovt 

I cot 

Volontaire , a.^. voluntary 

, fm. a volunteei 

I fpare h^rfe 
Volontairement, ad. volui 

iVolonte, sf will 
{Volontiers , ad. willingly 
Volte, sf. volta , turn ; rin^ 

rubbers ' 
Voltigement , fm. vaulting 

Voltiger, vn. to flutter a 

bout ; to vault 
Voltigeur , fm. tumbler 

Volubilis , rope-weed 
Volubilite, sf. volubility 
Volume, Jm. -volume ; hut 
Volumineux, fe , a. volum 

'^nous , bulky 
Volupte , sf. voluptuoufntj 
Vola-Uucufeniqnt, ad, vc 

luptuoufly ; fenfually 
Voluptueux , fe , a. s. vc 

Inptuous ; voluptuary 
Volute, sf. volute, ( 

Yom'iqu.^ y imp ofihume in tl 
. lungs 

Vomique (nolx) , vomitin 

V o 

Vomir , va. to vomit, /puc 
Vomiffement, fm. vomiting 
Voniitif , ve , Vomitoire , 
a.i. fm. vomitivii a vomit 
Voracs , a. 2. voracious , ra- 
Voracite , sf. voracity 
Voter , vn. to vote 
Votif, vs, a. votive 
Votre , vos , pro. your 
Levotre , les votres , yours 
Vouer , va. to vow ; devote 
Vouge , j/i a hunter's Ji J ff 
Vouloir, va. to %vlll, be wiL- 

Vouloir ,fm. will ; intention 
Vous , pro. yon ,ye ; yours 
VouiTure^ sf. binding of a 

'Voute , vault , arch ; coun- 
ters of a ship. [kid 
Vout^, e, a. vaulted j croo- 
Vouter , va. to arch , vault 

Se • , vr. Jioop with age 

Voyage , fm. voyage ; tra- 
vel ; journey i prggrefs of a 
Voyager, vn. to travel 
Voyageur, fe, f. traveller 
Voyant , e , a. gaudy 
•— — , fm. a fesr 
Voyelle , sf. a vowel 
Voyer, fm. over far of the 

Y A 

Vrai , e , a. true ; right ; very 

Vrai , fm. truth 

Au vrai , ad. truly j for cer- 

Vraiment , truly 

Vraifemblable , a. 1, li- 


Vraifemblance, sf. likeli- 

Vrille, gimlet 

Vuque, c. feeing that, f nee f 
confldcrinf^ that 

Vue, sf. fight ; view ; pro- 
fpeci i look ; cafement , 

Vulgaire , a. 2. common ; 

, fm. the vulgar 

Vulgairement , ad. vulgarly 
Vulgate , sf vulgar tranjla- 

tion of the Bible 
Vulnerable , a. 2. vulnerable 
Vulneiaire , a. 1. vulnerary 
Valve , sf, woman's privy 


X ^ ad. there , at It , at 
them ', by ,for , in , o/, to , 
with him , her, it , them. 

Yacht, yJ/j. a yacht 

Z O 27J 

Yeufe, fm. holm oak 
Yeux , fm. pi. the eyes 
Yole , sf. a yawl 
Ypreau , fm, Dutch elm 

jLi AIN , a. dark colour 
Xa.m,fm. a buffoon 
2elateur , trice ,/. lealot 
Zeie , fm. \eal 
Zele , Q, a. s jealous 
Zenith , fm. Zenith 
Zephyr , ^ephir , gentle gah 
7Ato , a nought , a cypher 
ZeH:, :jc/?, thin piece oforati"^ 
ge peel 

, int. flddleftick I 

Zibcline , sf. a fable 
Zig-zag , fm. a ■^ic--{ac 
Zinc , ■:^ink 
Zinzolin , a. s. reddish wor-* 


Zizanie , sf. dijfentlon 
Zodiacal, e , a Zodiacal 
Zodiaque , fm. Zodiack 
Zoile , fncrling critick 
Zone , sf. a :^on& 
Zoographie , — phy 
'Zoologie, — gy 
Zoophyte , fm, Zoophy-^ 




Cdks dis fignes des Cas, 

O' pour 




in the 

O'the > 
O'th' > 


in it 

of the 


in his 


of it 


with the 





T'th' -, 
Tthe } 


for it 

to the 


by it 


to his 


than It 


to it 


upon it 

Ye ■» 
Yee i 

Fro "the 

fiom the 


Cclhs dcs Jigms des temps des Verhes, 




You've pour 

D'ye -1 

do you 


Do's , 


Haven't -» 
Kan't i 


do not 


did not 



I have 



thou haft 


ve have 


you have 
th-ey have 

have not 

I had, I would 
thou hadfl , thoul 

he had, he would 

Table des Aereviations. 


We'd pour 

we had , we would 

Wouldn't pour 

would not 


you had, you would 


should not 


they had , 



ought not 



I am 


had not 


thou art 


shall not 


he is 


! will 


she is 


thou wilt 


we are 


he will 


you are 


we v/ill 


they are_ 


you will 


am not J is not j ars 


they will 



will not 


is not 


let us 


was not 

.et'm , 'um 

let them 


were not 


may not 

'tis f 

it is 


can not 




it was 




it were 




is it 


might not 


was it 



could not 


clijions uptks 


' certains mots 

Oil certaines 


|r wife's pour 

my v/ife is 

Conqu'ror pour 


ly father's 

my father is 




what is 



'hat's - 

that is 

Gen'ral ' 



-where is 




there is , &c. 




to amufe 



he offence 

the offence 

E'en •» 
Ev'n S 







So'er ■» 

Soe'er / 


Table t)Es Abr£ vi ati o ns. 






'midft pour 



the othet 










dlfturbed, &c* 

End of the First Part, 




P A R T. I L 





All Words of general Ufe and authorized by the befl: Writers. 

arefully compiled from the mofi: approved Dictionaries French and English y 
particularly from that of the Royal Academy at Parl»» 


which are added upwards of thirteen thoufand Words , befides a very 
ufeful Supplement , containing the Names of the moft remarkable 
Empires , Kingdoms , States , lllands , Provinces, Cities , Mountains , 
Seas, Gulphs , Straits, Rivers, &c. The Names of ancient and 
modern Nations ; together with the Names of remarkable Men, 
Women, Surnames of Sovereigns, 6'c. both in French ^nA English i 
yhich will prove of great Ufe to thofe who read or tranflate Hiitory , 
Geography , Mithology , Poetry , &c. and are not to be found in any 
Other French and English Dlftionaries now extant. 

By J. S. Charrier , Teacher of the French Language. 

le THIRD Edition, carefully correfted , improved, and enlarged with a great 
number of maritime Terms both Eng'ish and French, as likev/ife with a Table of 
*ll the Participles of the irregular English Verbs , and all the abbreviations. 

The Second Volume. 
ToNDON, 17^. 





Containing the Engllsh before the French, 

a, for Adjeftive : ad. for Adverb: c. Conjunction: int. Interje6lion * 
p. Participle : pL Plural : pr. Prepofition : pro. Pronoun : /. Sub- 
flantive : rn. Mafculine : f. Feminine : v. Verb : va. Verb Ac- 
tive : vn. Verb Neuter^, vr. Verb Pvefle61ed or Reciprocal : 2,. Both 

A B 

LBACK, ad. fur h mat, 

vent d^U'us 
Abaft , ad. arriere. 
AhaiTance, /". foumlffion^f. 
Abandon , va. abandonner 
Abandoner,yi cdul ou cdle 

qui abandonne 
Abandoning , ahandonne- 

mcnt.. m. 

A B 

Abafe , va. abaijfer ^avllir 
Abdfement, f. ahaljfement , 

Abash , va. deconcerter 
Abashment , /'. confufion , f. 
Abate , va. rabattrc ; dimi- 

Abatement, yi rabais, m. 
Abb , laine fur U mdner, f. 

A B 

A'bba , f. abba. , pere , m. 

A'bbacy , dl^n'tc d'ahbe , f, 

A'obers, ahejfe 

A'bbcy, , abhayc 

A'bbcy lubber , gros fai", 

near.t , m. 
A'bbot , ahhi 

A'bbotship, charge d'' abbe, f^ 
Abbreviate, va. abrcg^r 

■i. A B 

Abbreviation , / — tlon , / 
Abbreviator , ^•—teur , m.. 
Abdicate, va. ahdlqncr 
Abdication , / — tion , /, 
Abdomen, has-ventrc , m. 
Abecedary, a. aheccdairey 2. 
Abecedarian, /. ahece'uai- 

re , 2. 
A bed, a. au lit , couchi, e. 
Aberrance , / aberraiicn , f. 

egarement , m. 
Aberring,p. errant 
Abet, va. appuyer y inciter 
Abetment , /. nppui , m. 
Abettor, purtijan 
Abeyance, (lands in) ter- 

resjaccntcs , f. pi. 
Abhor , va, abhorrer 
Abhorrence , f. horrenr , f. 
Abhorrent, a. eloigne, e. 
Abhorrer, y^ ennemi jure, m. 
Abide, vn. dcmcurer y endif 

rcr ^fouffrir 
Abider , f. habitant , e. 
Aibiding , dcmeure , f. 
A'bjeft , a. vil, e. 
A'bjeftly, ad. vihmcnt 
A'bjeanefs , /*. haj[j^p , f. 
Ability, habilcte, f. pouvoir, 

Abjuration ,/ — tion ,/. 
Abjure, va. ahjursr , renoncer 
Ablation , f. dcpojfejfion , f. 
A'biative, ahlat f\ m. 
A'ble, a. capable, i. rohu- 

ficy 2. aij6 y t. expert y e. 
iBe able, vn. pouvoir 
A'tol€-bodi«d , a, memhru, e. 

T , A B _ 

A'blenefs, f. pouvoir ^ m, 

hahlletc , /. 
A'blepfy, aveiiglcment , m. 
Ablution, ablution yf. 
A'bnej;ate, va.fe rc'Jigner 
Abnegation , / — tion, f. 

renoncement , m. 
Aboard , ad. a bord 
Ah&d.Q , f. fijour , ot« 
Abode , V. prejagir 
Abolish, f^:. aboliry nnnullcr 
Abolishment , f. abolijfc- 

ment , m. 
Abol/tion, — tiouyf. \jx. 
Abominable, a. abaminabls. 
Abominably, ad. — hlemcnt 
Abominate , va. avoir en 

abomination j detejier 
Abomination , f. — tion , f. 
Aborigines, — genes, pre- 
miers naturels d''un pays , 
Abort , vn. avorter. [ m. pi. 
Abortion, yl fauffe couch :yf. 
Abortive , a. abortif , vc. 
Abortively, ad. avant U 

Abortment , f. avorton , c- 

vortcment , m. 
Above, ad. en-haut , la haut 
Above y pr. au-dcjfus de 
Above board , ad. a lafran- 
— — all , fur-tout. [quett »■ 

mentioned , a.fufdit,e. 

plus dc y plus que 

As , comme ci-dejfus 

Abound , vn. abonder 
About, pr. environ ; autour ^ 

touchant 3 fur i yers 

A B 

All about, ad. par-tout 
Round about, tout autour 

d'aUntour. \rc-xi 

To drink about, boire a , 
To go about , virer de loj 
Abreaft , ad. dc front; a cu 

I'un de I'autre j par 

t ravers 
Abrenunciation yf.renona 

ment , m. renonciation , 
Ahi ick y fouf re , m. 
Abridge , va. abregcr ; r. 

Abridged, a. abre'ge, e. ra. 

ccurci , e. ' 
Abridge- , f. ahrcviatenr , t 
Abridgment, abrege, cpiton 
Abroach , ad. en perce 
Abroad , dehors ; dans I 

pays ctrangcrs Q 

A'brogate , va. abrogcr, ahi 
Abrogation , f. — -tion, ca^ 

fation , f. 
Abrocd (to fit) , V. couv 
Abrotanum , f. auronne ,/ 
Abrupt , a. bfufque , 2. 
Abruption , f. rupture , f. 
Abruptly , ad. brufqntme) 
Abruptiiefs , f. promptitude 

hrufquerie , f. 
A'bfcefs , abjces , m. 
Abfcind, va. trancher 
Abfciffion ,/ aniputation 
Abicoiid , vn. Je caciier 
Ablconding , f. i'aclion i 

fc cacher 
A'bfcncc , abfcnce j diflrai 

tion, fn 


A B 

Abfent ,e,a. abfent , e. dif- 

trait , e. [abjhnt 

Abfeiit, vn. s^ahfentcr, ctre 
Abfenteia ,/ ah fen t^ m. 
Absfit , vn. s'oie'- ; quitter 
Afalolvatory , a. abfolutoi- 

re, 2. 
Abfolve, va. abfoudre 
A.'bfolure, a. abjolu, e. achc- 

ve , e, 
ft.'brolutel3' , nd. abfolmnent 
^'bfoluten efs , f. pouvoir 

ahfolu, m. 
\bf .>iution , — tlon , f. 
^bfolu'cory, a. ahfclutcirz^z. 
H'bl'onant, A'bibaoas , dif- 

cordara , c. 
ftibforb , va. ah/orb er 
^bfoi bi:;it, a.s. abfo: hcnt, 771. 
\bfo:bed , p. eng'outi , e. 
_\bfcain , vn. s'aoji.nir 
\bi^emious , a, abjii:nc , z. 

fob re , 2. 
ibfternioufnefs ,/^ modJia- 

tion^ /ohrietd , f. 
!^bfterge , va. ahjlcr-jer 
Vbftdfgent , a. s. ahjler- 

ibfteife , va, purgtr , nct- 
\bfte:fion , f. • — fion , f. 
Vbftelive, a. abjlirjif, ve. 

Vbl^inence, f.^ ce,f 

I'b/lirer.t , a. fobrc , z. mc- 

^bfto. tid , crihvi de force 
Vb{l- aa , va. ahfiraire 
^'bfvra^,/; ab'Ije, m. 
Lbflrda, a, abjbait, c. 

A c 

Abflr3<!!led , p. abfiralt 
Abflra'fleJly , ad. par ahf- 

AbilidPtlng from , pr. fipit- 

rdmerit , far^s compter 
Abfl-i aclioii , f. — f/o/z, /. 
Abirrufa , a. ahfaus^ c. 
Abflrulcly , ad. abjlrnfement 
Ab.'lriuf: nefs , f. profon- 

dcur , f. [ cuh , 2. 

Abfikd , a. abfiirde , n. ridl- 
AbUirdity,/: -dui.f. 
Ai^.diidly , ad. cb/urdiTTzcnt 
Abfu d'^efs , f. fottif: , /*. 
Abu:'idance, abondance 
AJiiindant, a, ahondant, e. 
Abii.idantly, ad, ahcndam-' 

mcnt. [traiter 

Abufe , va. ahufer ; mal- 
Abu^;, f, alus , m. offenfe ,/. 
Abiir^r , abufcur , fcrluHmr , 

m. [ abujlfy vc. 

Abu five, a. injuricux ., fe ^ 
Abufivcly , ad. injnricu/e- 

Aburiv-cnels , /, kurieur cho- 

qu'.nte , /. 
Abiit , v,i. aboutlr 
Abutment, /. abcutiffcmcnt , 
Abuttals , limites , bornes , , a. fans fond 
Aby'fs ,/ iibyme,gonffre, in. 
Acac'a, acacia 
Academic , a. academique, 2. 
AcadiiDically , ad. acadcmi- 

Avadv'uulc,/. acadegiiclcn, m. 

AC 5 

Academy , academle , /, 
Acaid , vinai^re , m. 
Accede , v. accidir 
Accelerate, va.. acciliver 
Acceleradon , /' — tion , f 
Accent, va. cccentuer 
A'czcntyf accent , ton , m. 
Accentuation , art d^acccn- 

tucry profodic , f. 
Accept, va. accepter ; agrcer 
Acceptable, a. agrcable, 2. 
Acceptablenefs , y^ accuiil^ 

m. fivcur , grace , f 
Acceptably , ad. ag'eahk- 

ment , avec p^afr 
Acceptance,/^ accueil, m. 
Acceptation , — tion; acccp' 

tion ,/". [tant , m. 

Accepter, acccptear , accept 
Acceptiiation , qiuttcncc , 

dechargc , /. 
Acceptioii , — tion 
Acceis , acccs , m. entree, f. 
Acceiiarinsfs ^ corrpUcitc ,f, 
A'cceuary, a. complice, a, 
AccdAib'c, a. — bie , 2. 
Acccih;>n, f ace fion , f* 

furcroit ; avJnar.ent , m, 
A'ccciTory, a. acccjfcire, 2 
A'ccidence, /. rudiment; ac-' 

cidins de grammaire, m. pU 
A'ccidcnt , accident ; inci-^ 

dent, r:. 
Accidental, a. accidentsl , 

le. fortuit , e. cafucl , le. 
Accidentalnefs , / hafa^d , 

m. [mmt , par accident 
Accidentally , ad, foniut^i 
A ij 

4 AC 

Accip'ient, f. rcccveur , 
Acclaim , applaiidijfcimnt 

Actkma-ion , — tion 
Accli\\x.y y montii 
AccI6yed,<2. ajfadi^e. en- 

cloui ^ e. 
Accolade , f. accolade, f. 
Accommodable, a- — ble, i. 
Accommodate , va. acccm- 

modsr. [liable y 2. 

Acc6:nmodated , a. convt- 
Accommodately, ad. d'unc 

maniere propre , jujie , pro- 

Accommodations,/! commo- 

diiss , a'^fanccs , logc- 

mtr.s d''un vaij'eau , m. 
Accompaniment,/! accom- 

pagnement , m. 
Accompany , v. ccccmpa- 

Accomplice , f. complice, i. \ 
Accomplish, v. accompUr 
Accomplished, p. a.accom- 

p^.i, c. 
Accomplisher ,/ qui accom- 

pllt ,* 2. 

Accomplishment , accom- 
pli (J'cment, Tn. pcrfcHicUyf. 

Acco:nptant , ariihmcticicn , 

Accord, accord, m, union, 

With ov.e , unanime- I A'ccuracy ,/! exaHitude, /. 

- merit, ad. \ A'ccmsite, a. exaci,e. pel', e. 

Of his own ■ ■ ■ , vo/on- ! A 'ccurately, arf. exacietncTzt 
talrcrunt , de fon propre A' ccMT^tonels,/. p'recijiot},/. 
mouv:mcnt. [cutjclli^r \ Accurfe, va. maudi/ 

Accord, vHt s'accord^r i re- 1 Acciiiable, a, blumable, 2. 

A C 

Accordance , /. rapport, m. 

convenance , /.' 
Accordant, a. conformt , 2. 
propre , 2. [ vant 

According , pr. felon ; fui- 
Accdidingly , ad. confor- 

Accoft , vn. accofter , aborder 
Accoftablc , a. accojiabh , 2. 
Account,/! calcul, compte , 

m. relation ; confiddr'a- 

tion , f. 
Account , va. compter , rcn- 

dre ccmpte ; elilnier 
Accountable , a. refponfa- 

bU, 2. 
Accounted , a. repute, e. 

ejiimi , e. confidere , e. 
Accoutre , v.a. accoutrer , 

hahilier , iquiper 
Accoutrement,/! accciitre- 

mtnt , habillement , m. 
Accretion , accroljjcment 
Accrue , vn.provenlr , rejul- 

ter. [ Icr , entaffcr 

Accumulate , va. accumu- 
Acciimulated treafon , com- 
plication de crlniis dc 

haute trahi/hn , f. 
Accumulation , /! — tion , /. 

amas, m. 
Accumulative, a. entajj'e, e. 

A C 

Accufation , /! —tion , f. 
Accufative, a. s. acciifatij 
Accufe , va. accnfer. [m 
Acciifer , /! accufatenr , m 

accufatrics , f. 
Acc4.iftom , va. dccoutumer 
Accuftomably, ad.fouvent 
Acciiftomarily , ordinaire 

m-nt. [: 

Acciiilomary, a. ordinaire 
Acciiiloming , /! habitude ,^ 
Ace, as , m. 
Ace'phalous , a» s. acephaU 

m, qui n'a point de chef 
Accx-b, a. acerhe, 2. dpre , 2 

aigre, 1. acre, z.rude, : 
Acerbity,/! aigreur , durt* 


Acetous , a. algre , 2. aci 

de , 2. 
Ache, f. mal; peril , m, 
■'-I — , vn. (aire 
Achieve , va. executor 
Achievement , /! exploh 

ecuffon , m. > • 
Achiever , extent eur 
A'chor , aigreurs ,/. pL 
A'cid , a. aigre , 2. acre , • 

acide , 2. [. 

Acidity,/! aigrcur, aciditc 
Acidulate, va. aciduUr 
Acknowledge, rcconncitrt 

Acknowledgement , /! n 

connoiffance , f. aveu ,1 
k'zme , cine , /. fommet , xo^ 
A'colyte , acolyte , m. 
A'conite, aconit^ real^ak 

A C 

fti'corn ,/ gland; m.^pommc 

de glrouette , f. 
Acorus , forte d' he-he 
kcon^iQS , acoufiique , a. 2. 
sf. [ vertlr 

ft.cquaint , va. ; a- 
llcquaintance , f. connoif- 

fancc , habitude , f. 
Iz acquainted with , con- 
noitre ; /avoir. [f. pi. 

kcqaeRs , s. acgul/isions , 
^cquiefce, vn. acquiifcer 
^cquieTccncs,y! acquicfce- 
ment , m. [^ acquis ^ e, 

A.cquiiable , a. qui pent etre 
Acquire , va. acqiierir 
Acquirer, y. acquireur , m. 
Acquirement , acquis 
Acquisition , — tion , /. ac- 

quu ,^ m. 
Acquisitious , a. acquis , e, 
appris , e. [ quitter 

Acquit, va. ahfoudrc; s'ac- 
Acquitment , f. dccharge , / 
Acquittal , ahfoluticn 
Acquittance , ^uitttincs , /. 

regu , m. 
A'cce , arpsnt , acre ^ m. 
A'ctimonious , a. apre y 2. 

icrs , 2, 
A'crimony , /. apreti , acri- 

mcnie , f. 
A'crltude , gou' acre , m. 
Acrofs , ad. de tr avers 
* " — , pr. a. t ravers , au 

t ravers 
Acroftick , / acrofiich: , m. 
Aft , y, a^ir j jouer j animcr 

A D 

AS: , f. aHion , f. fait ; acic, 

trait , m. 
A'dion , aHion , f. fait ; 

pro CCS , m. {_tion 

A'ccionable , a. portant ac- 
A''clionary , Afcionift , / 

aFuonnaire , 2. 
A'<5iive , a. Ggile , 2. ag' f- 

fant , e. achlf , 've. 
A'ifhively , ad. agiUmint ; 

A'aivcnefs , / fouphJJ-c , / 
A<ftivity, —te. agiiitd 
A'£lor , aHiur ^ m. 
A'^ttti's , aczrice , f. 
A'aual , a. aBucl , U. 
A'<n:ually , nd. acluellement 
A'<n:uary ,/. fccretaire dc fy- 

node , m. [ tion 

A'(fiuate , -va. mttre en. ac- 
A^ffcuofe , a. en hat d''agir 
A'cuate, va. rcndrc pointu 
Aculeate , a. pcintu , e. pi- 
quant y e. 
Acumen , f. .alguillon , m. 

fuhtiliti , f. 
Acuminated , a, aigu , e. 

pointu , c. 
Acute , a. fin , e. aigu , 'i. 
Acute y f. accent aigu; vcix 

Aciitel}'-, ad. finement 
Acutenefs , f. fineJTe,/', 
Ada6l-ed , a. coignd y e. en- 

fonce , e, 
A-'dage , / adage , m. 
Adagial, a. proverbial , e. 
Adagio , ad, adagio 

AD ^ 

A dais (now), ad. malntc-^ 

A'damant , f, diamant , m. 
Adamantean , a. y e, 

coimne Ic diamant 
Adamantine tie? , noiuds in^ 

Adapt, V. ajujlzvy adapter 
Adapting , / application , f. 
Add, va. ajouter , augncntcr 
Addecimate, dimer 
A'dder,/ coulcuvrc , f. 
A'ddice , doloirc 
Addift, vr. s'adonncr 
Addibility of numbers , _/C 

qualite des nombres , f. 
Addiiflion, attachement; de- 

vouemcnt , m. 
Addition , addition , /. fuT" 

crcit ; avantage , m. 
Adclirional , a. furcvoit , dc 
pi.p]us. [Jicril: , 2. 

A'dd'e , vide y i. vain, e. 
A'ddle egg , /. auf fans 

germe . m. 


patea , a. eccrvete, c» 

A'ddle y f. tartre, m. 
Addr^fs , va. adrefer , prC", 

Addrefs,/ adrejj'cyf. 
AddreiTer , prefnteur d\i-*^ 

drejfcs , m. 
Addulce , V. cdcucir 
Ademption , / priyaticn ,/I 
Adept , a. adcptc , m. 
A'dequate, a. proportion'- 

nel , Ic. cgal , c. 
A/de^uately, ad. e^aUmoni 
■A iii 

A D 

A'deq^iztenei's , /. propor- 
tion, igali'J ,f.^ 

Adhere, vn. adherer; s^at- 

Adherence , f. ndhercna , / 

Adh^r.ent, a. adherent, e. 

Ad\\6rcTLt^ f. panifan, ad- 
herent , m. 

Adhefion, —f.on,attsche,f. 

Adhefive, a. glnant , c. 

Adhibit, va. fe fcryir , s'a- 

Adjacent, a. adjacent ,.e. 

Adjacent places' , / envi- 
rons , m. [re , z. 

Adiaphorous, a. s, adiapho- 

Adiaphory , f. adlaphore 

A'djciHiive , a. s. adjsclif, m. 

A'djedlivcly, ad. adjed.lve- 

Adieii , ad. f. adieu , m. 

Adjoin , va. adjoindre , tenir 

Adjoining, a. contigu , e. 

Adjourn, v. ajourntr , diffe- 
rer. \_ment , delai , m. 

Adjournment , f. ajonrne- 

A'dit, f. entree, f. debou- 
chS y m. 

Adiud'ie, ra. •> ,. 

Adjudicate, i'^^^'S'' 

A'djugate , accouplcr 

Adjun£l , a. contij^u , c. 

— — , f. adjoint , m. 

Adjuration, — tion , f. 

Adjure, va. adjurer 

Adjiiil, ajufier , ri^Ur 

Adj dftment, /, m. 

A'Jju:ant,y^ aidi-sTiajor , m. 

A D _ 

Adjutory, a. qui aide 
Adjuvate , va. aider ; fee ou- 

rir. f tion , f. 

Admenfuratipn , f, egalifa- 
A'dminicle , aide , /. fc- 

conrs , m. 
A'dmiiiicular , a. qui aide 
Admlnifter, va. admin ijlrer , 

regir. [ tion , regie , f. 

Adminiftratlon , / — ji'a- 
Adminilifator , f. — jira- 

tcnr , m. 
Admmiftralrix , admins fira- 

trice , f. 
A'dmirable, a. admirable, 7.. 
A'dmirablenefs , f. excel- 
lence ,f. 
A'd'.nirably, ad. — blement 
A'dmha! , f. cmiral , m. 
A'drairalship, charge d^aml- 

A'dmiral's ship, amral , m. 
A'dmiralty , amiraute , f. 
Admiranon, admiration 
Admire, va. admirer 
Adnu'rer , f. admirateur , m. 
Admfffible , a. admijfible , a. 
Admiffion , f. adm'ijjion , f. 
Admit , vai admettre 
Admfttable, a. admijjible, z. 
Admittance,/! acces , m. 
Adinfx, va. meter 
Adir.ixtion , f. melange , /-;:. 

mixtion , /. 
Adrr.onish., va. avertir 
Ad:T>6nisher,yr q-.d avertit 
Admonition, avis , m. 
Admoaiip^yi a* monitoirc^ 2. 

A D 

Ado, f. fracas , m. peine, 

Adolefcence, adolefccnce. 
Adopt , va. adopter 
Adopter , f. qui adopts 
Adoption , f. adoption , f. 
Adoptive , a. adoptif, ve. 
Adorable , a. adorable , 2, 
A'dorat , f poids de 4 livtt 
Adoration,/! adoration ,^ 
Adore , v/}. adorer 
Adorer , f. adoratcur , m. 
Adorn , va. orner , purer 
Addrner , f qui orne 
Adornment, orncment ^ m, 
Addwn, pr. flottant 
Adrif: , ad. flottant , au gi 

du c our ant 
Adrift , ad. en derive , a 

gre des flats ou du vent 
Adroit , a. adroit , e. 
Adroirnefs , / adrcfe ,/. 
Adroitly , ad. edroitement 
A- dry', a. altsre , e. 
AdfcititiouS, a. ajouti, e. 
Advance , v. produirc , pouj 

fer, avancer 
Advance , f. avance^ f- pro 

grhs , m. 
Advancement, avancemcnt 

m. prc:no'tion , f. 
Advance-money, prime y J 
Advancer , prcmoteur , m 
Advantage, cvantage 
Advantage, va. profiler 
Advantageous, a. avanta 

g?nx, ft. 
Advantageoudy, ad, avan- 



A D 

Advantagecufnefs,/ avian- 
tage , m, [ niie , f. 

A'dvcnt , avent , m. ve- 

Advenlitious , n, adv&ntif, 
ve. acccfjoire , 2. 

Adventure , f. aventurs , f. 

IVdventurS, va. aventurcr ^ 

\dventurer , /. avsnmrier , 
e. ldcux,/c. 

^venturous , a, hafcir- 

kdventuioufly , ad. hafar- 

I'dverb , advcbc , m, ^ 

adverbial, a. adrejbial^ e. 

idverbially , ad. advzrki.i- 
Um&nt. [contraire , 2. 

kdverfable, a, advsrfc , i. 

Ldverfa.ia , f. lieux cum- 
muns , m. 

/dveifary , adverfaire , z. 

/dvsrlative, a. — f^tif-, re. 

^.'AvZvCe , a. advcrjc, 2. 

udvdiiity, /. —fiti, ri' fi- 
re, f. {mint 
'dvsrily , ad. malhcurcu'e- 
dvert , V. prendre ^ards , 
faire attcruion 
dvertence, advt^rtency , 
/ a:tcruion , /. 
'.■,| dveflently , ad. r. dcjjeln ' 
dvertife , va. avtnir 
dvertifbnicnt , f. ^vJs , m. 
dvertiTcr , aven/(j'eur 
dveriifing; , dcnnant avis 
dvice , avis , m. connoif- 
fancc.f [vis,f. 
avice-boat , pataih d'a- 


Advigilate , vn. etn fur fis 

«ardes. , [y enable ^ 2. 
Advifabls , a. propre , 2. con- 
Arlvifeableneis, ['.propriete; 

convenajice , f. {ler 

Advife, va. mand:r ; confiil- 
Advils, vn^ confultcr , dc'U- 

herar. [ «. 

AclviTed , a.fa^t , 2, id air i^ 
AdviTedly , ad. prudimm;.nt 
AclviTedneis , /, fa^ejfe , /. 
Advifement , deiibcration 
Advifer , confeiUcr , m. 
Adulation , — tion , fiatie- 

rie^f. lce,f. 

Actulator, — tcur , m. — tri- 
Adiilatoi-y , a. flatteur , fe^ 
Adult , a. adulte , 2. 
Adulter , Adiiltei-ate, va. 

fophifllquer ; frdater ; aba- 

Adulterate, a. fophljllqui ^ 

e. fal/ific , e. jgbdtardi , e. 
Adulieration , /. fophifilca- 

t-on , /. ' [ tere , 2. 

Adulterer , adulterefs , adul- 
Aduiterine, a. adulte'rin^ e. 
Adulterous, a. aduhere , 2. 
Adultery , /. aduhere , m. 
Adumbrate , v. ebauchcr ; 

A d u m h r ati o n , y! cbauch e , f. 
Ad unguem , ad. fur U bout 

du doigt. [nuofue , f. 

Aduicity, /. coiirhure i fl^ 
Adiincous , a. courbi , c. 

crochu , c, 
Aily^gasiss, / proch f m. 

A F 7 

A'dvocate,/"^. avocat^ps^r^Jfan 
Advocateship , fcncHon d'a- 

vocat , Lnterccijion , f. 
Advocation , dcfcnfc 
A.dvoutry , adu't^r^ . m. 
Advowee , patron , avoul 
Advowfon , pacTona^e 
Addu , /I. adnfe , i. hrufc , e» 
Aduf:ible, a. condnijTihL , 2. 
Adiiilion , f. — ticn i brd^ 

lure , f. 
A'dytum , ( far.£luary in cid 

pagan tctn-^los,) fanauai- 

rem. I/. 

Adz , do'oirc , hermlnet.'e , 
Aerial, a. aeruriy ne. d'air 
-^'^^J , falrc.f. 
Aerometry , acrometriz 
Aeltuate , vn. etrs en feu , 

etre agite , e. emu , e. 
Aether , /; V ether , Pair , m. 
Aetherial , a. ether c, e. d'air; 

airieri , ne. celefie , 2. 
Afar off, ad, dc loin 
Affability,/: —liti.f 
A'lfable , a. affable , 2. 
A'ffablenefs ,/ affabillti^f 
A'ffably , ad. affablement 
Affair , /. affaire , /. 
Affd£l, v. inter effer ; tou- 

d:er;afiBer. [/. 

Affect , f. afficuon ; paffton , 

Affe<r;ation , —-non; affiu* 

rie ; paffton , f. ^ 
AfFefred, a. cfflclc , c. pri- 

cieux , fe. 
Affeibdly, ad. d'uni ma- 

S A F 

AffeiTtsdnefs ^f. ajfeciation , 
felnte , f. y 

Afte'fling , a. attcndrijfanty e. 
Afrecllon , f. affcFtion 
Afteflionate, a. aff'cFiticiix , 

y}. cfficiicnnc , e. 
Aff^£bionateIy , ad. afficiueu- 

fcriicn:. f/. 

Affedioned , <z. attache , e. 

intenticnni y c. 
Affid^lve, a. intcrejfant y e, 
Affere , ra. homologuer 
Affiance ,/I confiance ,/. 
Affiance, va. jiancer 
Affianced, a. fiance , e. 
Affidavit , /. ferment , /n. 
Affied , a. fiance , e. 
Affiliation , / adoption ^f. 
A^r.zgs y affinap^e , m. 
Affinity , afin'iti , f. 
Affirm , va. affirmer 
AffiriTiable , a. qu'on pent 

Affirmance , f. afrrmaticn, f. 
Affirmant, a. affirmant, e. 
Affirmation,/. a^rmation,f. 
Affirmative , a. affirmatifi, 

vc. [ vement 

A.ffirmatlvely, ad. ajjirmati- 
Affirmer, / tjui .-.jjlrmc 
Affix , V. afichzr 
A.fflation ,y- in'piration , fi. 
AfRi£l , va. a£iiger 
Affiifledneis , j: douhur , /. 
K^iSi'ion , —iion ; catamite 
AfflicTive , a. douloureux ,fc. 

A F 

A'iHjence ,/! affluence, f. 
A'ffiuent, a. abundant , e. 
AfRiix , / amas , m. 
Affor arc,v. apprecier; evahier 
Afforciare, ajoutcr; rcnforccr 
Afford , produire ; fournir 
Afforcft, mettre unc terre en 

A'ffranchife, affranchlr 
Affray, effrayer 
Aff. ay , f. batter Li , f, 
Affric^ior. , friction 
Aff.ight, va. effrayer 
Affright,/, effroi , m. [fult:r 
Aft'ront , va. a-ff'rontsr ; in- 
Aff^ont , f. affront , m. 
Affronting, t:. choquant , e. 
Afriiiion , f. affufion , /. 
A'ffy , V. fiancer ; fc ficr 
A-float , ad. a flat 
A-fcot, a pied 
Afore, p> anterieuT , e. 
Afore , a^ avant , dcvant 
Aforegoing , ' adj. prece- 
dent, e. 
Afo-ehand, ad. par avance 
Aforefaid , a. fufdit , e. 
Afcetime, ad. autrefois 
Afraid, a. cffraye , e. 
Afresh , ad. d^e nouvc.iu 
A- float , de front , en face 
hit , / la poupa , f. 
Fore and aft, par prone, & 

par poupc 
A'fter , ad. pr. apres ; felon 
A'fter the fashion, a la mode 
A'fter-ages , /, Us fiicks a 

A G 

A'fter-all, ad. apres tout 

€nfin _ 
A'fter-birth , f. arrierefaix 

m, [ ecc 

A'fter-reckoning , / fur 
A'ftermdth,y. regain 
A'fternoon , / apres mldi 
A'ftei-fails , les voiles i 

A'fter-tafte , deboire 
A'fterward , ad. enfulit 

A'hsr-v/\t , fuhji. efprit ta^ 

dif, m. 
Again , ad. encore , de plus 
As big again , unefois pli 

gros. \_v 

Againff, pr.. contre , vis-t 
Agape , ad. le bee bJant ,fa 

fan t les gros y tux 
Agafl:, a. affreux, fe. effare, 
A'gdite,f agate, f. 
A'gaze , va. s'ehahir 
Age ,f age; fiecle , m. ■ 
Full-age , adolefcence , f. 
Non-age, minorite 
A'ged, cage, e. 
A'gency,/! agencet action, 
A'gent,/. agent }Jhpp6t, 
A'gG.nt-viflualler , f dirt 

tear des vivrcs de la 

A'gecrate , va. entajfer 
Agglomerate , attroupsr 
Agglutinate, coller ; affe:\ 
A' ^^randiCe, agrandir. {b\ 
A'ggrandifsment,/. agnl 
dijj'cmcnt , w. 

A G 

L'ggravate , va. ag^ravsr ; 

iggravatlon , f. — tion ; 

provocation'., inarm' ti, f\ 
I ggregate , va. a^re'ger 
LggregatCj a. s. c,ompofd 
iggregation,yT a^re^at'wn , 
iggrels., vn. attcquc-. [ f. 
.ggreillon,/ asrcjlh^ , f. 
.ggrelTor , a^rejjcur , ?«. 
:ggrles^ance , tort ; pnjfe- 

dro.'t. [ lex 

.ggrieve, va. vcxer ; fou- 
ghaft, a. eff'arc ^ c. 
.'gile, a^iU, 2. 
.^ilenefs , f. fouphfc , f. 
f^J'ty, ag;liti 
/gio , ^!;/o , TO. 
igiftment, ajujicmcnt 
/gltate, V. aglter ■ 
vgitatlon , f. agitation , /. 
igitator , agitateiir , 77?. 
/glet, lame ; fiuille dc mi- 
I'gnail , on^Uc. \_tal , f. 
agnation , — tion 
ignition, reconnoijjancc 
.^r.ixs , V, r-.connoitre 
Lgd , ad, P^ff^ 
.gdg (to be) , griiUr 
>gdg (to fot) , donn;r env'u 
Lgoing , ad. en devoir 
agoing to write , en devoir 

.J^ong, ad. paJJ 
/gonize , vn. a^onifer 
'e.,ov.y,f. agonie,f. ahois , 
.gra Jai , a. agraire. [m. 
•great , ad» en gros 

A I 

Agree, v. accorder ; conve- 

nir. [fortabU, 2. 

Ajredable , a. agreahU , 2. 
Agreeable , ad. conforme- 

Agreeablcnefs , f. agrement, 

m. cor.formite ., f. 
A ;. ceabiy, ad. a^rc:th!ement 
A \.Ci:d , a. ccnrefin , c. 
Agreed, ad. tope ; d'accord 
Agreeingnsfs , f. confov- i t f. [cord, m. 
Agree:T!ent , rapport ; cc~ 
niak~2r , tntrcmrttiur , 

fe. [rf.,2. 

Agreflic , a. agrefle , 2. ru- 
A'griculture , f. agricultu- 

/'I f^ 
A'grimony , algremoim 

A'griot , guigne ; grlotts 

Aground, a. enfabli , c. 

A-groiirid , ad. a ttrre 

h' ^nz, f. ficvrc arec acccs,f. 

A'gulsh, a. fiivreiix ,fs. 

Ah! int. ah I hiUs I 

A head , ad. devant 

A height , enhaiit 

A hiill, a fee i a mats & a 

Aid , f <3. aldtr ; fzcourir 
Aid, /, aide , / fecours , m. 
Royal -aid , aides y f. fih/i- 

de , m. [m. 

Aid-de-catnp, aide-de-camp', 
A'ider , aide ; appui 
A'ixllefs, a. denned* appui 
A'il, V. avoir mal 
A'ii , f, mal , m^ 

A L ^ 

A'ilment ,'/". douleur; incom- 

modite , /. 
A'iling , a. maladif, ve. 
Aim , va. vi/er; butter-, ten- 

dre. [ «s. 

Aim ,/I vifee , /. hut ; hlarc » 
Aimsr , qui vife ; qui huUi 
Air , air , m. 
Air , va. aerer ; ckatiffer 
A'ir-hoie , f. foupiraii , m. 
Aire, airy, aire ,f. 
Airer , qui feche , chauffi , 

A'irinefs , viv.icite , f. 
A'ir^ng, pro7mr.ade 
Aidai's , a. dejlitue d'air 
Airy, a. leger , e. creu.x , fzm 

ouvertyC. aerisn ^" 

Idtre , 2. 
k\{[-. , f. aile , f. 
Akin , a. allie , e. qui ticne 
A'i ab after ■, /, albdtre,/. 
Alack , int. helas I 
Alackauay , ouais I 
Alacrity , fuhjl. vlvacite , 

ardeuT , f. 
Alamode , ad. a la mode 

, /'. (o'te de taffetas 

Alarm , alarms , f. 
Ala-m bell, beffroi; tocftn^ 
Alarm v/atch , rcvcil. [-"z. 
Alarm , va. alarmer 
Alarum , f. alarme , cpou- 

vantc , f. 
Alas , int. helas ! las 1 
Alate , ad. dzrnieremtnt 
Alb , f. anhe , f. 
Albeit , ad. quoi(^us. yhien que 

lo A L 

A'lkallne • fait , / fcl al- 

cali , m. 
Alciiy'mical , a. alchyml- 

Gut , a. 
Kichytniik , f. alckymijie^ m. 
A'lchymy , alchymie , f. 
A'icohol, alcohdl , m. 
Alcoholifation , y. — :ion,f. 
Alcoholize , V. alcohoUfir 
A'Icoran , f. alccran , in. 
Alcove , alcove , f. 
A'ldcr , fiihfi. nunc , f. fu- 

reaa , in. 
A'kler-bed , aunait , /. 
A' , ecko'ln , m, 
A'ldern , a. de fur&au 
Ale,/. alU.f. 
A'leconner , gourmet ^ m, 
A-lee , ad. fans U vera 
A'legar , J] vinaign d'aiU 
A'lenoof, lurre terrefire 
A'lehoufe , cabaret a hiere 
A'lehoufe - keeper , caha- 

Al^nibic , alamblc 
AIe!t , a. alerte , 2. 
Aldrtly, ad. aglLment 
Alertnefs ,/ aU'^njJe , agl- 

A'lew ife , f. caharetiere , /. 
Alexandrine , a. ahxandrin 
AlexipharmiCj a. alcxiphar- 

maque ^ 2. 
A'lgcbra, f. algehre , f. 
Ali^ebraical, a. alc-'hrique, 2. 
A'lgebraift , /. al^SbrlJh , vi. 
A'igid , a.froid, e. 
Algidity ;, f, U froid , m. 

AL ' 

Algfhc, a. qui rendfrold- 
A'lgor , /. froLd excefif, m. 
A'lias , ad. autrement 
A'lible, a. alimcnteux ,^fi. 
Alicant , f. vin d^ Alicante , 

m. [bain, e. 

A'lien , f. etrangcr , e. au- 
A'lien, A'licnate, va.alii- 

A'iienable, a. alicnahle , i. 
Alienation , f. — tion ; di~ 

Alight, vn. defcendre ; met- 

tre pied a. terre 
Alike, a. femhlahlc, 2. 
Alike , ad. egalement 
A'iiment , /, aliment , m. 
Alimental , a. nutritif, ye. 
Alimentary , a. fucculent , e. 
Alimony, f. pen/Ion alimcn- 

A'leish, a. d^aile , 2. 
A'liquot,/*. aliquote , f. 
AhVe , a. en vie , vivant , e. 
A'lkaheH,/ alcah:fi , d^jjhl- 

rant univerjel , m. 
A'Ikali , alcali 
A'lkaline , .■:. aka^in, e. 
A'ikalife, vn. aJcalifcr 
A!kaiifation , f. —fation ,/. 
Alkermes , — mes , m. con- 

fcHion de grains dc ker- 

mes , f. 
All , a. tout , e. 
Ali-raints,/ la toujfaints ,f. 
For o-ood and all , ad. tout- 

Not at ail J point du tout 

A L 

All-feeing , f. qui volt tou 
AU-knowing, qui fait tou 
All-heal , panacce^ f. 
Allay , va. allier , mile} 

foulager , adoucir 
Allay , f. melange , allidgt 

aloi ; fou^agement , m. 
Alle'6lion , appas , attraits 
AIld(Pcive, a. actrayant, e 
All edge , va. alleguer '^ cit 
Allegation , f. alligation y 
Allegiance yfidelite , /. 
Allegorical , a. allegor 

que , 2. 
A'llegory , f. alUgorie , f. 
Allegorize , va. alligorifei 
Allegro , ad. allegro , 
Alleliijah , allduya , i. 

louc-^ Dicupar Jejhs-Chr 
Alleviate , va. joulager 
Alleviation , f. foulag 

ment , m. 
A'lley, ruelle ; allie , f. 
Turn-again ,rudle , cul-d 

fac, m. 
Alliance , alliance , f. 
Allies, confcderis , allies 
A'lligate, va. Her enfembl 
Alligation,/ lidifon , f. 
Alligator, efpccede crccodi 
Allocation, allocation , J 
Allocution , allocution , h 

rangue , / 
Allodial, a. allodial , e. I 

franc a leu 
Allonse,/ botte, f. 
A/!loquy, difcours , m, 
I Ailoo , va, huer 

A L ' 

iljjt, va> '^Jf^gf^^f > adjuger } 

liotmen t , f. ajjlgnatlon , /, 
pan age , m. 

\\6w , va. permettre; don- 
ner; alloucr 
llowable , a. Icglt'rme ; 

llowabhnefs ^fi Icgalite,/. 
llowance , appointement , 
m. indulgenci-yconniv&ncc, 
Hoy, cloi , m. [f. 

liiide, vn. faire allufion 
lliiminafe, v. enluminer 
luminor ,/.] cnluminair^ m. 
illire , va. amorc'er , attirer 
Iliirement, f. at traits , m. 
Uurer , JcduStcur , m. 
Uiiring, a. attrayant^ e. 
tlliringly, ad. d'uns ma- 
nicn Jcduifanti 
lliiiingnefs , Jubji. agre- 
ment , m. 

illifion , allufion , f. 
lllilive, a. qui fa t allufion 
Hlilively , ad. par manure 
d' allufion 
lly', va. allier 
imanac j fi. almanac j m. 
Imandfne , almandine , f. 
Tuhis , 7n. 

imightinefs, toute-puif- 
fance , f. 

^^?,^^yi ^' ^' tout-puijfant 
ImoTid , f. amande , /. 
Imond tree , amandieTf m. 
Imonds of the tlitoat , 

A L, 

A'Imonds of the e^r^f.oreil- 

xA'Imoner , aumonier 

A'lmonry, aumonerie , f. 

Ahr.ofl:, ad. prefqu: , envi- 

Alms , f. aumonc , charlte , /. 

A'ims-deed , ceuvre de cha- 

A'lms-giver, aumonier, e. 

A'lms-houfe , maifon dc cha- 
rlte , /. 

A'lmfman , qui vit d^au- 

A'lnage, aunage , m, 

A'loes , aloes , m. 

Aloft , ad. en haut 

Alone , a. feul , e. en repos 

Alone, ad. fmUment 

Along , ad. le long de 

All , toujours 

Aloof, aa large; an lof 

Aloud, haut 

A'Iphabet , fi. alphabet , 
a , h , c , m. 

To alphabet, va. ranger felon 
Pordre aJphabctique 

Alphabetical, a. — tiquc,2.. 

Alphabencally , ad. alpha- 

A'lpine^, a. des Alpes 

Al; (f ady , ad. dija 

A'Ifo , aujfi y de plus , en- 

A'ltar , f. autel , m. 

wife , en f aeon d^autel 

A'ltarage , offrandcs & pro- 
flu d6 I'auul 


A'lter, V. changer; aiterer 
A'lterablCj a. alterable, i, 
A'iterablenefs , /. change- 

ment , m. 
A'lteiant, a. ahiratlf^ vu 
Alteration, f changement^ 
. m. alteration , f. [ve. 

A'lterative , a. s. aherntif. 
Altercation , / debar, w, 
x'^ltdrn , V. faire par tour 
Alternate, a, alternatlf^ve. 
Alternate, vn. rouler 
Aiteinately, rt</. ahernati- 

vcment , tour a tour 
Alternation , / vicijjitude^f, 
Alteinatlre , a. akematif, 


, f. P alternative , f. 

Alternatively, ad. — vement 
Altdrnity , /. tour , m. fuc- 

cefp.on , f 
Although ,■ c«/. hien que, 

quoique, quand mcme 
Altiloquy , / criailleris , f, 
Altimetry, altimetrie 
Altifonant, a. fun icla- 

tant , m. 
A'ltitude , f. hauteur , f. 

faite , m. [tre , f, 

A'lto, alto , m. hautc'con- 
A'ltogether, ad. toutd-fait 
AWerary ,f ruche ,f. 
Alveoli, a've'ole, cellule ^f, 
A'l'um , alun , m. 
Aluminous, a. alumineux, fe» 
A'lways , ad. toujours ' 

Amability, f, qualite aima" 

11 A M 

Amain , ad. vigi^urctifcment 

Amalgamate, I'fl. amahcmer 

Amalj^am , fubj^. amalgama- 
tion , /. 

Amand , amende , /. 

Afnanuenlis, copljlc , m. 

Amaranth , amavanthi , f. 

An?afs , amas ^ mor.ccau , m. 

Amafs, va. amajfcr , entajjcr 

Ama:e, etourdir , etonner 

Amaze , f. ctonn:rmnt , m. 

Aniiz^ yva.eblouiryfurprendre 

Amazed , a. in t era it , e. 

Anuizement , f. furprife, /". 

Asriizing, a. furprcnant , e. 

Amazingly, ad: etrangemcnt 

A'lnazua , f. ama-^om , f. 

Ambas^es , circonlocutionsyf. 

Ambdlfador , /. amb.ijj'a- 
deur , m. [/". 

Ambadadrefs, ambajfadrice, 

A'mber, ambrc , m. 

A'mbcred , a. anibre^ e. 

A'mbergris ^f. ambre gris, m. 


Ambidextrous, a. ambi- 
dextre , 2. 

A'mbient , qui cnvironrie 

Ambiguity, f. amhiguiti^f. 

Ambiguous , a. ambigii , e. 
equivoque , 2. 

Ambiguoufly, ad. — gument 

Ambfguoufnefs , f. ambi- 
giiiti , /. 

A'mbit, circuity m. 

Ambition , ambition , /. 

Ambition, va. ambitionner 

Ambitious, <z, amhitiiuxjfe. 

^ _ A M 

Ambflicufly, ad. cmhltleu- 

Anibuude , / circonfSrercCe , 

/". circuit, m. 
A'mble , vn. alter I'amble 

• ,/. amble, entrepas, m. 

A'mbler , haquenee , f. 
A'mbling pac?, amble, entrc- 

pas , 772, 

Ambiofia, ambroifie ,/. 
Ambioilan , a. delicicux,/e. 
A'mbry , f. depcnje ; armoi- 

re J. 
A'mbs-ace, / ambefas , m. 
Ambulation, yi lamarche,/. 
Ambulatory , a. ambula- 

toire , 2. 
A'mbury, f. froncle , m. tii- 

meur ,/. qui vient aux che- 

Ambufcade, embufcade, f. 
A'mbush , embilcke , f. 
A'mbushed , a. embujqui, e. 
To lie in ambus^i, vn. s^em- 

biifcuer , vr. 
A'mel-corn, fubfi. fci^h- 

bLinc , m. [ /'/. 

A'men , nd. amen , ainfi foit- 
Am^nable, a. refponfable , 

dcc'de, 1. 
Amenance , f. condultc , /. 
Amend, va. corriger , ri- 

Amind , vr. fe corriger 
Amendment , /. reformc , / 
Amends , compenfatfon ; J'a- 

tisfaclion , /. 
Amenity, aminlte { f% 

A M 

Amerce, va. mettrc a P. 

Amercement, f. amende , 
A'methyft, ciniechifie , f. 
Amfraftuous , a. phin 

tours & detours; rompu, 
A'miable, a. amiable, 2. c 

mable ,2. [3 

A'miablen efs , / agremc 
A'miab'y, ad. avic grcce 
A'micable , a. favorable, 
A'micably , ad. a I'amiabi 
A'mice , / aumuce , f. 
Amidships , ad. au mill 

du vaijfcau ' 

Ami'dfl: , pr. au milieu, par I 
Amifs , ad. mal 
Amfilion , f. perte , f. - 
A'm>ty , amitie , f. 
Ammcniack, a. cmmonlai 
Ammunition , f. mm\ 

tions , f. 
A'mnelly , amnijlie , f. 
Among, amongft, pr. ent\ 

A'monH, /. galant, m. ^ 
A'morous , a. amoureux , 
A'moroufly , ad. amo^ir 

A'moroufhefs , / ^^^'^'^j 

Amort , a. amorti , e. mor\ 
Amortization,/. amorti\ 

ment y m. 
Amortize , va. amortir 
Amount , vn. monter ] 


• ■ — ,/. U montant, ta 


A M 

imxjur , f. amour , m, 
I'mper , phlegmon 
vmphiblous , a, amphihlcy 2. 
.mphibological, — g^<]^^<^} -• 
.mphiboidgically, ad. am- 
mphibc46gy , /. ampJnbo- 
logie , f. [m. pi. 

mphifcii , amphlfcisns , 
mp"nth(^alre, — theatre, m. 
'mple, a. ample, 2. g''and, s. 
'mpl 3 p. efs , f, Urgcw , f. 
mpliatioii , ampliation ,f. 
dclai , m. 

mplification , — uon , f. 
'mpuiier, —ficateur , m. 
'mplify, va. ampUjicr 
'mplitude,yi gandeur , /. 
'mply , ad. largcment 
'mputate, va. tranche,-, m. 
mpiitiuon ,/iampntation,f. 
'mulct , amuhtte , m. 
mii^e, va. atnufer 
mulement , f. amuftmcnt , 
miir^r , amufaiT. \_m. 

miifive, a. amufant, e. 
my'g^:ialate,yi amandi, m, 

tiibiptift ,'anabaptijis, m. 
rtachronifm , — nifme 
nagram , anagramm? , f. 
'n^\e€ts , analccics , t£- 
cueil, m. 

nal^ptlc , a. s. refiaurant 
naldgicaljd. analogique, z. 
nalogically , ad. analogi- 
nalogous , <z. analogue ^ 2. 

A N 

Ar,a!ogy, f analo-h , f. 
Aaalyfis , analyfe. [2. 

Analy'tical , a. analytique , 
Analy'tically, ad. analyti- 

Anaiy'ze , va. dlffoudre 
Ananas, f. ananas , m. 
Anarchical , a. anarchiqucy 2. 
A'narchy,/.* anarchic , /. 
Anathema , anathema , m. 
Anathema , excommunie 
Anathematize, va. — tifcr 
Analomical , a. anatcmi- 

que , 1. [miqiiement 

Anaiomically , ad. anato- 
Anatomift^yi anatomlJliz,m. 
Anatomize, va. anatomifcr 
Anitomy, f. ano-toirui , f. 
Anatomy , fqudettt , m. 
A'nceflors , ancitres , pi. 
A'ncefi.ral, a. hereditairs, 1, 
A'nccftry , f. lignee , f. 
A'nchcr, ancre. \_cr:r 

A'nchor, vn. moniller , an- 
A'nchored , a. qui efla V ancre, 
A'nchor-hold, f. ancrage, m. 
A'nchorage, ancrage; m'ouil- 

lage. [ mite 

A'nchoret, anachorete, her- 
A'nchoring ground, fond 

de bonne tenia , hon mouil- 
Anchdvy, anchois \Jagt 
A'ncient^, a. ancien , ne. 
A'ncients, /. les anclsns ; 

m. pi. 
A'nciently , ad. anclcnm- 

ment. [ti , / 

A'ncientneiS , yi ancicnne- 

■ , . AN I? 

A'ncientry, / antiqultc,f» 
x\ncdme ,' froncU , m. 
And , c. et , & 
Andfron , /. chenet , m. 
A'recdote , anecdote ,f, 
An^mony , anemone 
An-end , ad. dcbout 
Anew', de nouvcaiu [fe. 

Anfractuous, a', anfraclueux, 
Anfraftudiity , /. —Jite, j\ 
A'ngel, ange , m. 
Angelica , angeliqtie , /. 
Angelic or angelical , a^ 

angeliqus , 2. 
Angelot , f. angelot , m, 
A'nger,/ colere , f. 
A'nge'r , va. f acker , irriter 
A'ngerly , ad. aigrcment , en. 

Kno;:6lQ^y,f.iinglologie, /, 
Angidiomy , angiotomie 
A'ngle , /. angle ; htfme" 

fon , m. 
A', vn.pecher alallgnc 
A'ngler, / pec'heur , m. 
A'jigling-rod , verge a pi-» 

cher , /. 
A'ngling, piche a la ligne 
A'nglicitm , anglicifme , m, 
A'ngry, a.fdche^ c. en colere^ 

irritc, e.' _ [tejfc,f. 
A'nguish, f. angoijfe , trij^ 
A'ngular , a. angulaire , 2, 
Anguidfity , f. angles , m. 
A'ngulous , a. anguUux , fe, 
A- night, ad. de nuit 
A'nimable, a. qui ptut 4r6 

animi . e, vivifie , c, 

^J4 ^ ^ 

Animadvdrfion,/ —/on ,/. 
Ar.imadveriivc faculty ^y'^a- 

culti de rifluhir 
Animadvert, va. remarquer, 
Animadv^rter , /. criti- 
que , m. 
A'nimal , animal 

, . , a. animal, e. 

Animalcule , /. animal- 
cule , rra. if' 
Anlmality , faculti animah^ 
A'nimate , va. animer , ex- 
A'nimated , c. anime , e. 
A'nimating , qui anime , ex" 

cite , encourage 
Animation , / animation , / 
Animativc, a. qui anime 
Animofi.y , f. animofite , /. 
A'nif'c , anis , m. 
A'nirer , ancre, f. 
A'»k''t2 , chevillc dn pled 
A'nnabft, annalijle , m. 
A'nnals, annales , / 
A'nnats , annates 
Anndal , va. pcindre en ap- 
pret J huilcr. [ reunir 

Annex , anncxer , jolndre ; 
Anndx, /. anmxe , f. 
Annexation, annexe 
Anniented , a. aholi , e. 

ahrcge , e. 
Annihilate, va. ane'.intir 
Annihilation, f. andantijfe- 

ment , m. 
Anniverfary, annlverfalre 
A'nno Domini, I'an de grace 
Annotation, — , tiorif note,/. 

1 , ^^ 

". I Annotator,/ commit 


Announce, va. annonccr.{m. 
Annoy', nuire , incommodcr. 
Annoyance , f. dommage , 

prejudice , m. 
Annoyed, a. incommode , e. 
Anr.oyer,/ qui nult ^ &c. 
A'nnual, a. annuel , le. 
A'nnually, ad. annudlement 
Annuitant, j\ rentier a conf- 
titution. [ /. 

Annuity, f. rente confiltuee ^ 
Annul , va. anmiller 
Annulling,/; caJJ'atlon , f. 
A'nnullar, a. annullaire , i, 
Anniimeiate, va. agreger 
Annunciate , apportcr des 

Annunciation,/! I'annoncia- 

tion , /. 
A'nodyne, a. anodln, e. 
Anoint, va. oindre 
Anointed , f. oint , m. 
Anoifiter, qui oint 
Anointing, f. onclion,f. 
Anomalous , a, irreguHer, c. 
Anomaloufiy, ad. irregulie- 

Anomaly , f. irrigularlti , /. 
Anon , ad. tout a I'heure 
Ever and anon, a tout mo- 
Anonimous, a. anonyme^ 2. 
Another, a. autre; 2. 
A'nfv/er, va. repondre 
A'nfwer , / rcponfe , f. 
A'nfwerable, a. conforme,2. 
refponfabUf :%, 

A N ''1 

A'nfwerableneis , /. co. 

formlte ., f. 
Ant , fourmi 

A'nt's-hole , fourmilliere 
Antagoniil, adverfaire , m 
Antaiftlc, a. antarcHque , 
A'nteafts, / falts antic 

Antec^de , vn. preceder 
Antecedent , a, antic 

dent, e. 

— — , f. antecedent y 

Antedate, antidcte^f. 
Anteaate , va. antldater 
Antediluvian, a. s. antic 

luvlen , i. e. avant le i 

Antemeridian , avant mi, 
A'ntepail,/ avant-sout. 
Antepenult, a. antepenult 

mi , 2. 
Anterior , anterleur , e. , 
Anteiiority , / — rite , f 
Aiiteriorly , ad. anterieu 

A'rrthem, /. antienne^f. 
Anthology , — logic 
St. Anthony's iiie , 1*1 

A'ntichamber , antlckami 
A'ntichriii , anttchrijl , m 
Antichrifiian, a. anticki 

tien , ne. 
Antichiiftianifm , f,. an 

chriji anij'me , m. 
Anticipate , va. anticipt 

prev^nir. [tion , 

Anticination , / amicif 



^_ A N 

Anticipator ,/. cjui anticipe^ 

qui prcvient 
V'ntic , bateUiir , m. 

i'ntics, (in contempt) an- 
tiijuaillc , f, 

Vntic wark, grotifque 

inticourtier , qui cji op-pofe 
a la cour 

^'ntidote , antidote , m. 

intilogy, antilogie y f. 

/ntiiope , frar^elle 

L^^timonarchical , a. repu- 
blic a in , m. 

.ntimonial , d'ant.'moir.e 

ntimony , f, amimoine, m. 

ntipathy, antipathic; con- 
trariete , f, [nie 

ntiphiafis , antiphraje, iro- 

ntipodes , antipodes, 

ntipope , ant'papc 
Rtiquary , antinuaire 

ritiquate , va. abolir , abre- 

,nt)qua-:c.d , a. furanni ^ e. 
hors d'l/fage 

ntiqiie , a. ancien , ne. an- 
tique , 2. [/". 

ntiquenefs,/ anderimte , 

ntiquity , antiquite 

ntircorbuiick, a.s. — tique, 

ntithcfis , f. anuthtji , f. 

ntitrinitarian,ii. — tairc, z. 

'ntitype , /. — type , m. 

ntivenereal, a. antiveni- 
rien , ne. 

|ntiers , / andoullUrs , m, 
nvil , enclums , f, 
nus i Vanus , rn. 

A P 

Anxiety, f. anxiete , Inquie- 
tude , f. [niblc , 2. 
A'r.xious , a. iriquiet, tc. pe- 
A'nxiouHy, ad. pajjiotmi- 
ment. [f. 
A'nxloufnefs , f. fcHidtude , 
A'p.y , pr. tr.ut , e. ancun , e. 
Apace , ad. vite ; a vzrft 
Apart, acoti; apj.rt 
Av.a' tment , /. apparttrn'mt , 
A'pathy , apatkic , f [m. 
A pe , guenon , f. (inge , m. 
Ape , va. contrefaire 
A-pesk , ad, a pic 
To ride a-peek , avoir les 
verguis en pantennes ou 
Aperient , a. aperitif ^ vc 
Apertly , ad. ouvertcment 
A'perture , f. ouverture , /. 
A'pex, fommet , bout, m. 
A'phorifm, apkcrifme 
A'piary , ruche d'abcilUs , f. 
A-plece , ad. piece , la piece, 

A'pishly, ad. en Jinge 
A'pish tricks , /.' fingeric , f. 
A'pishnefs ,/ingdrie 
To go a pit-pat , vn.palpiter 
Apocalypfe, /I revelation,/. 
Apocaly'pticai , a. — que, 2. 
Apocry plia , f. —phes , m. 
Apocrynhal, a. — phe , 2. - 
Apodi^ical, — t'que, 2. de- 

mon/iratif, ve. 
Apogee, / apogee, m, 
Apologer, apologijle 
Apologetic , a, •—'liquc , 2. 

A P ly 

Apologize , V. jufcifier , <//■» 

fend re. [fable , /, 

A'pologue , / apolopue , n, 
Apdioey , apolog,ie , f. 
A'pophthegm , — tegme, m, 

repartiefnc^f. bo;i. mot, m^ 
• Ap^^pleiflic , a. apoplecli- 

que , 2. 
A'p'>piexy , f. apcplexlc , /. 
A- d/lafy , apojiafie 
\ Apdftate, apoftat , m. 
ApdfUtize , vn. npoft-ijicr 
Apdn:le, f. apotre , m. 
Apdflleship , apofiolat 
Apoildlic, a. apofloliquc , 2.' 
Apoftdlically , ad, — lioju- 

ment. [/I 

Apdftrophe, f. apojlrophe , 
Af d^lrophize, va. — pher 
Apdilume, f. apoflume , f. 
Apdthecary, apothicaire,m, 
Apdthecary's shop, apothi- 

cairerie, f. [thicaireric 

i Apdthecary's bufinefs, ape 

Apotheofis J apotheofc , del-', 

f cation 
A'pozem, apoieme, m. 
Appal, va. effrayer 
A'ppanage , f. apanage ; ac- 

ccjfuire , m. 
Appaatus, appareil 
Appaiel, appareil; habit, 

vetemeni. [ajujier 

Apparel, va. vetir; habiller. 
Apparent , a. evident , e. 
Apparently, ad. felon les ap- 

parences , apparemmcnt 
Apparentnsrs, /^- cvidinciifi 


A P 

Appai'iVion, /. — tiOTiy f. 

/peclre , rn. [m. 

Apparitor , — teur , bsdean , 

Apparlement, avparcnce , 

Appeal, V. ^ppeller; accufer 
Appeal,/ appslj m. 
Appealing, accufation ,f. 
Appear , m.parcitrs ; appa- 

Toitre ; compaioitrc 
\t appears, il paroit ; on volt 
Appearance , f. apparence , 

figure J comparutlon , f, 
App^afe, va. cvpaifcr, calmer 
Appe'ilant,/! appelant , e. 
Appellation, notn,m. qua.- 

llficaticn , /. 
Appellative, a. appellatlf, m. 
Appellee,/.' Vaccufe^ e. 
Appellour , crlminel qui di- 

couvrefes complices 
Append, ra, appendre, at- 
Appendage , f, cs qui ejl 

joint, acceJJ'oire, m. 
Appendant, a. dependant , e. 
Appendix , f, fupvlemcnt ; 

appendicd , m. 
Appenfa, airmUttc 
Appertain , vn. appartenir , /. dcpmdan- 

ce 'y iffue , f. ^ [/. 

A'ppete.Tcy, dejir , m. envie , 
A ppetible , a. difirable , 2. 
A'ppetite , f. appitit , m. 
A'ppetitivs, a. qui nppetc 
Applaud, va. applaudir. [m. 
Applauder, /, approbatiur , 

A P 

Applavife y~ f. cpplaudijfe- 

mtnt , m. 
A'pple , pommt ; prundle ,/i 
A'pule-tree , pommis-r , m. 
A'pple-monger, fruitier, e. 
A'pple-loft ^fruiterie , /. 
Appie-roafler , pommier , m. 
A'pple-yard , porTzmerciis , f, 
A'pple-core , trognon , m. 
A'pple-parin gs , pelurss ,/. 
Appliable , applicable , a. 

applicable, a. 
Application, f. —tlon,f. 
Apply', va. iippliquer; s'a- 

drejfcr y vr. 
Appoint, nommir J etahliri 

prefcrirc ; reghr 
Appointment, /"r^r-jiiir-voi/j; 

ordrc ; .tppointermnt , m. 
Apportion, va.prcportionner 
Apportionment, f. parts.g& 

uniforme , m. 
Appdfe , va. examiner 
Appofcr , f. examinatiur, m. 
A'ppofite , a. pertinent , e. a 

propos [ment 

A'ppofitely , ad. pcrtincm- 
A'ppofitenel's ,/. convenan- 

cs , /. [car ion 

Apposition, -—tionjappll- 
Appraife, va. apprecier, e- 

Appraifement, / evalua- 
tion , appreciation , f. 
AppraiTer , appreciateur , m. 
Apprehend , vS? prendre-^ 

apprehcnder , comprendn 
Apprehenfible , a. apprehen- 
, //. vs i vif, V6 

A P 

Apprehe'nfion , f. appreher. 

fion ; conception , f. \y. 
Appreheniive, a. craintij 
Apprehenfivenefs, f. con 

apt ion ; craintc , f. 
Apprentice, apprenti , e. 
App/tinticeihip , apprenti^ 

fage , m. 
Apprize, va. donner avis 

mettrt an fait 
Approach , vn. apprpcher 
Approach,/ approche, f. 
Approachable, a. acafjihl 

^- , • t 

Appro achlefs , inacceJfihL 

Approbaiion , f. approbe 
tion , f. 

Appropriate, va. appropri 

Appropriate , a. propre , 1 

Appropriation , f. — tion , 

Approvable , a. di^ne d'a 
probation. [confirm 

Approve , va. appronva 

Approvement , f. approh 
tion ; amelioration , f 

Approver, approhateur y ; 

ApproxiiTiate , a. proche , 

Approximation,/! — tioTiy 

Appiille , approche 

A'pc'icot , abricot , m. 

A'pricot-trce , abricotier 

A'pril , Avril 

A'pron, tablier 

A'pron , radiir d*un bajjli 

foime. [propre, 

] Apt , a. fujet , te. enclin , 

1 A'ptitade , f. aptitude ,f. 

I h.'^l\y,ad,a propos jjufiiim jj^ 

A P 

A'ptnefs , f. faciViti , /. 
Aqua tortis , eau-forte 
Aqua vitcB , cau-di-vU 
Aquarius"; U verfeau , m. 
Aquatic, a. aquatique , 2, 
Aquarfle, aquatile , 2. 
A'quediiC,/! aqueduc , rri. 
A'qMeoiis, a. aqucux ^ fc. 
Aqifillfne, aquilin , m. 
Aquofe , aqueux , fe. 
(^quofity , f. Jcrofiti , f. 
4'rabick, ^. j. fl/-<j^<2 , <zm- 

befqui , 2. 
^'rabifm , /.' arahifme , ;;i. 
.I'rable , a. labowahis , 2. 
^ra;:eous, plcind'araignees 
V'rbiter , f. arbltre, m. 
I'tbitrable, a. qii'on pent 

mettre en arbiirage 
I'rbitrabiy , ad. d difcre'tion 
Arbitrage , /. arbitrage , m. 
Arbitrarily , ad. arbitrciirc- 

ment , dcfpotiquement 
i'rbitraiy, a. arbitra/n, 2. 
A'ibitrrite , va. arbitrer 
iih'it.i-ineis J f. hauteur; 

cpprcff:on,f. [promis, m. 
irbit alion , arbitrage^ com- 
irbitrator , arbitrc 
irbitrati-ix , arbltre , f. 
irbi'trement, arbitrage, com- 

promts , m. [^f. 

Labour , bcrc&au, tn. trdlh , 
iTC , arc , m. 
.rcade , arc ads , /, 
acin\xm,fccrct , ir.yfl.ire,m. 

rch , arc , in. vovti^f. [2. 

.rch , a. Lnji^nc , 2, infamc. , 

A R 

Arch boy, f. efpieghy m. 
Arch , va. faire des voutcs 
Archarg^l^y; archange , m. 
Archbiahop , archcveque 
A'chbishopnck , archevcche 
Archdeacon , archldiacre 
Archdeaconry , archldiaco- 
Archduke, achiduc. [nat 
Archuii^hy, archiduchiy m. 
A'iched , a. vciiie' , e. 
A'rchei' ,f. archer, m> 
A'rchery, Partde tirer Tare 
A'rchetype, archetype 
Arch-heretick, herifiarqiie 
ArchiepiTcopa!, a. — p.ib^ e. 
A': chwife, ad. en voilte 
A'rchite£?:,yl architccle , m. 
— :^ — like , ad, artlflement 
A'rchiteclure , f. architec- 
ture, f. 
A'rchitiave, architrave 
A'rchives , archives , 

A'rch-priefl, archlprkre.^ m. 
A'rftic, a. arciique , 2. 
A'rcuate, voilte , e. 
A cuation ,f.courhure , f. 
A'rdency , ardour , chaUur , 

violence , f. feu , m. 
A'ident, a. ardent, e. 
A'rdently , ad. ardemment 
A'rdor , f. ardeut ; fougue ,.f, 
A't'duous , a. pcnible , 2. 
A'rea , / aire , f. 
Arendceoas, ar^ndfe , ar^- 
nulous , a. fablonneux , 
fe. arineux , fc. 

AveQ]a,y; qrioli^f^ 

A R 17 

Areometer, /, areometre , m» 
Areopagite , arccpjgitc 
Areopa;?;u';, ardopage 
A'rgal, tartre 
A'rgent , a. argent ; hlanc 
A^rp;entine , a'', arg-^nt'n , nc, 
A'^^g'^ J / argi'lc j tene a 

potior , / 
A'.gillous , a. (trgilhiix , fe, 
A'rgue, vn, raifunna , di- 

A^rguer , f. raifor.ntur , m, 
A'rgument, argument 
Argumentation, — tion,f. 
Argumentative , adj. rai- 

fonni , e. 
A'rianifm,yl arianifme ^ m, 
A'rians, Ariens ,pL 
A'rid, a. aride, 2. 
Aridity , f. aridite , f. 
A'ries , Lefignedu belier , m. 
Aright, ad. droitement; hiers 
Ariolation , / divination ,f. 
AriTe , vn. fe lever, s'' clever 
AriTe or proceed , proceder ~ 

naitre ; provenir 
Aiilldcracy,/ ariflocratle^f. 
Anil-ocratical, a. — tique^ 2, 
Arifcolochy ,/; arlfloloche^f, 
Ai fi:hmetic, arithnietique 
Arithmetical , a. — tiqin., 2, 
Arithmetically , ad. —ti^juc- 

Arithmetician, f. —ticicn^ 
Ark, arcke,f. [ne. 
of the covenant, aich^i 

a alliance. 
Arm , kras , m. 
B iij. 

i8 A R 

Arm-pit , /. aiplie , /. 

, full, bralj'h 

Arm , (cT weapon,) arme 
Arms (m heraiciry,)/ej armes 
Arm, fi. arrner 
Arm , arm ! int. aux armcs 
Armada ,/. j?£>«5,/. 
A'imament, armnncnt , m. 
A'i mature, ergots 
A'rmed cap-a-pe , armi dc 

jsied en cap 
Armillary , a. armillaks , a. 
Arminian,/^ Arminien, m. 
Arminianilm , — ;t:/me 
A'rmillice, armijilcc 
A'rmlet, arrr.urc du bras y f. 

bracelet , m. 
A'rmor , armure , f. 
A-'rmorer, armuricr, m. 
Armorial , a. qui rcgardc Us 

■>• eniigns , armolries , f. 
A'rmor ift,/. hlafonmur ^ ^' 
A'rmory , Ic blafan 
A'rmoury, arfsr^al 
A'rmy , anrJc , /. 
Aroma, aromates , m. pi. 
Arcm.dtic , a. arcmacique , 2. 
Around , pr. autour dc 
Ardufe , va. eviiiUr 
Arow', ad. enranp y en ligne 
A'rquebufc ,/ .irquebufe , f. 
Arraign , va. faire le proces 

a qutlqu'un. [minel^m. 
Anaignment,/^ proccj crl- 
Arrdngs , va. arranger 
Arrangement, / arrange- 

A R 

A'rrant , a. injtgne, 2. grand y 

e. infamcy i. fieffi, e. 
A'rras ,/I tapifjerU de haute- 

lice , f. [ dre ; rang, m. 
Array, habit ; ornement; or- 
Ariay , va. vctir ; eqidper 
Arrayers ,/! (or commiffic- 

ners of array) o^iciers 

qui avoicnt fain d'cquiper 

Us foldats d'une armie 
Arrears ,f. arrerages , m. pi. 
ATria , va, arretcr. [ce, f. 
Arreft, /. arret, m.jinten- 
Arriers-ban, arrierc-i:^n , m. 
Airleie - guard , arriere- 

Arrival, arrives ; venue , f. 
Arrive , vn. arriver j par- 

A'rr ogance , f. arrogance , f. 
A'rrogant , a. arrogant , e. 
A'rrogantiy , ad. arrogam- 

mznt y fisrcment 
A'rrogate , va. s'arroger 
A'rrovv , f. fieche , f. 
Arfe , cul, derricrCy m. 
Arfe-fmart, per fie aire , /. 
Short-arle, ragat , e. 
A'rfenai , arfsnat , m, 
A'lfenic , ar/enic , fn. 
A'rfy- verfy , ad. fens defj'us 

dejfc US- 
Art , f. art ; artifice , m. 
Arterial, a, andriel ^ le. 
A'neij y f. artcre y f. 
A'rtful, a. nifi.y c.finy e. 
A'rtfully , ad. artifiement ; 

fimm^n:. i artificUlUmin- 

A s 

A'rtfaln efs ,/ ru/e ;finej]'e,f, 
Arthritic , a. gouttcux y fie. 
Arthritis , fi, la goutte , fi. 
A'ftichoke, artichaut , m. 
Bottom of an artichoke , 

U cul d'un artichaut. [m 
A'rticle y jointure ,fi. article 
A'rticle , V. pajj'er des arti- 
cles ; convenir ; fiipuUr . 

Articular, a. articulaire, 1 
Articulate , articuU , difi- 

tinci , e. 
Articulate , va. articuhr 
A'rticulately , ad. dijlincie- 

Articulation , fi. — tion, J 
A'rtihcc , artifice , m. 
Artificer , anifian ; attific 

Artificial , a. artificiel , U, 
Artificially , ad. artificiejlc 

menfy artifiement 
Artiffcialn efs ,/. artifice , m 
Arlilhty , artilUrie y fi. ' 
A'rtifan , artifiaA , ttz, 
A'^rtift, artifi.e 
A'rtlefs , a. fi.mple , 2, 
Arundineous, abondant e 

As , c. cor-xie, aufifi , que 
As foon as , des que , aujfi 

tot que 
As though, comme fi 
As for, as to , quant i. 
As well as , ad. aufii bis 

que y autant que 
Afcsnd, ya, mgnter 



A S 

A.fc(fndant , afcendency , / 

influence , f. afcendant , m. 
Afcenrion', afcmfion , /'. 
Afccnt , hauteur, cUvation, 

montie. [rificr, fixer 

Afcertain , ffl. conjlatcr^ vi- 
\fcertainer , f. qui confirme, 

qui rej^le. [rificition , f. 
\fcertaininent, prcuve y vi- 
Vfcetic , a. foUtalre , 2. 
kfcribe J va. attribuer 
Vshamed , a. honteux , fe. 

confus , e. 
To be arhamed , avoir home 
Vsh , / frene , m. 
K'shcn, a. de frene, 2. 
I'shes , /. cendres , /. 
Ish-coloured , a. cer.dre , e. 
ish-pan,y! cendrier ^ m. 
Vsh-wednefday , jour des 

cendres. [rudas , f. 

Vshlar , picrres ds carriere 
\.-shdre, ad. a tcrre 
Vshy , a. cendreux , fe. 
iside , a. s. a cote; cparti , 
Vsk, va. demander. [m. 

Iiskaiint , ad. de '. trovers , 

de cute 
^'sker , f. demandiur , fe. 
bkcw' , ad. de travers 
i.flaat , obliquement 
ifleep , a. endormi , e, 
lilope , ad. de hlais 
i.rp, /; tremble; afpic, m. 
ifparagus, afpergc , m. 
u'fpe(ft, afpecl , m. mine^f. 
/Ipen , tremble , m. 
>^Jerity , apras'f a'grmjf 

A S ' 

A'fperous , a. dpre ; rude , 1. 

Afperfis, va. diffamer; noircir 
Arpdrfion , y^ diffamation ', 

fl-riffure ; dfperficn , /. 
Afphaltic , a. bitumineuXyfc. 
A'fpic , f. afpic , m. 
A'lpirate , va. afpinr 
Afpiration,/! — tion , f. 
Afpire, v.foujfier; afvirer a 
Afquiat , ad. de travers 
Ms ,f. dne, m. 
She-afs, dneffcy f 
A.r5's-coIt, anon , m. 
Afs-driver fanier 
A {Tail, va. ajfaillir; attuquer 
AfTai'Iant , /] ajj'aillant , e. 
AfTailer, a-jreJJ'e'ur y m. 
AYiatt , va. effarter ; arracher 
A{?affin,/ ajfajj'.n, n< 
Affaffinate, va. affaffiner 
AfTaffination,/ ajfajfinat, m. 
AiTault, va. ajfaillir 
Affaiilt , f. ajfaut , m. atta- 

qne , /. 
Affaulter, agrejf&ur , ajfail- 

lant , m. [^prelude , m. 

Afiay , ejfai , m. epreuve , f. 
A flay, va. ejfayer 
AfTayer , f. ejj'aycur , m. 
Ail'if mblage , ajj'emblaoe 
AfTemble ^ va. ajfembler 
AlTembly , f. aJJ'cmblee , /. 
AiTent, confntement , m. . 
iVfient, vn. confentir ; agreer 
AH £ ; /i a ; ; n , f. flatter le , f. 
Aiienter, a. confcntant , e. 
AiTert , va.foutenir ; prote^er 
AiTdi'tign , /. aJfirUifn ,f, 

AS 15? 

Affcrtive, a. poftif, ve. 
Affertor , / ajfertcur ; dc- 

fenfeur , m. 
Afferve , v. feecndcr ; aider 
AfTefs , va. cotifer ; regler 
AffeiTment,/' cotifation , f, 
AfTeffor, cot i fur; ajfcjfeur, 
A'ffets, hicn fufffarM. \_m. 
Ai^l&vQiinon, pyotefation, f. 
Afiever , va. protejiir,- ajfurer 
ACCidrnty, fajfi'jjate,f 
Affidiious , a. ajjldu , s. 
Affiduoufiy , ad. ajjldument 
Afsign , / fuhfiitut , azent , 

ayantcaiife , m. [vrouveT 
Afsigii , va.ajjigner; deputer; 
Afsignable., a. qu'cn pent 

afjigniTy prouver, fuhfntua 
AffignatJon , y! affignation ^ 

f.rende-^vons, m. 
Aiii^nee ,fuhflitut , m, 
AhigrxCT , qui afjigne 
Afsignment, ajjignation y f 

tranfport , rn. 
Aifs imilate , va. rendre ftn-* 

hlahle ; comparer 
Affimilation , f. — tion , f, 
Afsiil, va. ajjljier y fecourir 
Afsiivant , ajfijlant; aide, m, 
Afsize, taux; rigUmenty m, 
Afsiz-3 , va. regler 
Afsfzer , /. celui qui regie 
Afsizes , ajfies ,/. 
Affociate , va. affocier' 
Adociate, / afl'ocii, e. 
AiTociaUOii , afjociauon , /, 

io AS r 

Affodes , continut 
A'ffonance, — cc 
Alport , va, ajfcrtir; ranger 
AfioyI, ahfijiuirc. ^par claJj'cs 
Affnage , adoucir 
Afluage, vn. fc defcnjler 
AlTuagement, f. adouciff^- 

mtnt, m. [appaifi 

Affuager , a. (jxd adouclt ; qui 
Affuaging, foulageant , e. 
A^niCivc J fouLigccnt , e. 
Affiime , va. prendre; s'arro- 

ger. [glcrleuxyfe. 

Afiumer , f. arrogant ^ e. 
Afluming, a. aider, e. [m. 
At^umpfii^f. paHe; contra'^, 
Afilimption, ajjomption ,/• 
Afiiimptive, a. cc qu'cn a 

droit ds pnnd're , de s'ar- 

To^er, &c. I 

Afliirance , f. affursncc ; 

caution ; hardicJJ'e , f. 
AfTure, va. ajfurer ^ p<-omettre 
Afluredly, ad. ajfurcrr.cnt 
Affarcdnefs , / certitude, f. 
Aflurer , ajjureur, m. 
A'ft crick , ajlcrifquc , /» 
A'ilerlfm , ajlerifme 
Aftdrn , ad. en pcupe. \feau 
A-ftern, en arricre du vaif- 
A'fthma , f. afihrm , m, 
' Allhmatic , a, ajihnatique , ^. 
Afconish, va. itonncr ; fur- 

prendre, [ m. 

Arionlshment,/. etonnemcnt, 

Aftiaddle , ad. a. calfour- 

chons. [fee , f. 

A'ftfagal, /. —sah^ m.f.- 

A':n:ral , a. ajlrat , «. [ min 
Aili-ay , ad. bors du hon chi- 
Ail:ray, (to lead) egarcr 
Going a{i:ray,yl e'garernent, 
ARi liki on ^ rejferrement. [t)!. 
Afla'fiive , a. afiringcnt , <r. 
Ailride , ad. a califourchvns , 

jamle defdjamhc dela 
AiiwgeyVa.reJferrer. [fn, 
Afiringency , /. r^Jferrcmen: , 
AlliiiJgent, a. ajl^ing:.nt , c. 
Aftrolabe^crors-ftafT,/: a/- 

trolabc , m, 
A (1 f 6 1 . ge r , afirologue 
Ailrolo^ical , a. ajlrologi- 
qiie , a. __ [ ment 

Aftroldgically, ad. — giquz 
Aflrdlogy , /." a/lrologi--. , f. 
Ja.iic'a'. aft'ology, ajlrolo- 

^is judiciaire 
Aftio.iomer, afircnovic, ni. 
Aftronomical, a. afironoiail- 
que. 2. [quement 

Astronomically, ad. — jtiI- 
Axlidnomy , /." aftrunomie.f. 
Alii ider, ad, feparemcnt ^ a 

Cut afunder , va. trancher 
Taks afunder , dcfairc 
Afy'lum , / ajile , refuge, m. 
At , f. a , ail , a la , chei 
Atfirfl:, ad. d'abord; (out a 
At lave , a la fin; enfin. [coup 
A'theiim , /; aihSijhie, m, 
A'theiil, ar.hic , 2. 
A;h-;iitical, a. athee ; impic , 
J r,th;:.fftcaHy , ad. en athie 
\.- , Athfril , fl, ahsrs , e« 

A T 

A'thlet , / athlete , m. 
Athldtic, a. rohufte, 2. 
Athwart , ad. ds travin 

par le tracers 
— — , pr, a travers 
Aalt, ad. rudiment^ tout dro 
A'tlas , / atlas , m. 
A'tmofpher^ , atmofphere, 
A'tom, acorns, m. 
Atone , va. expier ; appaij 
Atdrement , f. expiation , 
Atop, ad. an ha:it. [ 

Atrabilarious, a. atrahilair 
Atramentaljrf'cncAe; noir , 
A-tnp, ad. (the anchor is 

trip) Fancre a laiJfiSjne, 
Atrocious , a. atroce ; erio 
Atrociouily, ad. enormeme. 
Atrocioufnefs ,f. atrocite, 
Atrocity, atrocite; inormi 
A'trophy, atrophic 
Attach,, va, attacker; lid 

Attachinent,/ attdchemm 

arret , m. faifu , /". 
Attack , attaque , f. 
Attack, va. attaquer 
Attacker, / ajfaillant, m 
Attain , va. atceindrei p* 

v-mir ; ncquerir, ohtenir 
Attainable , a. quife peuta 

que.'ir , atteindre 
Attainder ,/ profcription 
Attainment, acquifition 
Attaint , va. accufr ; cot 

valncre ; tacher , flctrir 
Attainted , a. attelnt , e, 

chu di iiahUjfG, 

A T 

Attainture, f. fang corrompu 

Attemper , va. temperer 

Attempt , entrepnndn ; ef~ 
fayer; attentcr 

Attempt , f. entrepx'ife ; ten- 
tative , f. 

Attemptei- , cdui qui entre- 
, prcnd, quiejTayc , attcntt 

Attend, v. prcter UorcilU ; 
accompngnsr'jferyir; pren- 
dre Join 

»Atten dance , f. fervice ; 
train ;' cortege , m. 

Attendance , fuite , f. 

Attender , ajfocic , comva- 
gnon , m. [ que ^ e. 

Attent, a. attache , c. applL- 

Attention , f. — tion , f. 
foin , m. 

Attentive, a. amntlf, vc. 

Attertlveiyi ad. — vement 

Att6r.tivsncfs, {.attention,/. 

Attenuate, va. aticnuer 

AttenuatL".g , a. atteaua- 
tlf, vs. 

Attenuation ,yi — tion ,/. 

Attdfl, V. attejhr; certifier 

Atteflation ,/. attefiation^f, 
ccrtificat , m. 

A'tticiim , atticifme , m. 

IV'ttick , a, s. attique , l. 
Attire , va, paref ; ajujlcr ; 


\ttire , f. parure , f. 
\'ttitude , attitude 

Attorney , procureur , rh. 
Jetter of attorney , procu- 
raiion , f. 

A V 

AttraA, va, attirer , tlrer a 

foi , inviter 
Attra(^ion , /. attraciion , /. 
Attractive , a. attrayant , e, 

attraciify ve. [amorce , f, 
Attiatfiive , f. attrait , m. 
Attraftively , ad. par at- 

Attraftivenefs , f. quallte 

at tray ante , f. 
Attra^or, qui attire ; amorce 
A'ttrahent, a, ce qui attire 
Attraftation , f. aHion dc 

maniir fouvent 
A'ttribute , attrihut , m. 
Attribute, va. attribuer; im- 

puter. [ tribut, m. 

Attribution , / — tion , /. at- 
Attrition , — tion , /. 
Atwixt , ad. entrc-dcux 
Avail, vn. profittr , etre utile 
Avail one's felf , vr. profiter; 

fe prevaloir 
Avail , / profit , m, \_ce, 

Available, a. 

?, 2. efic 

Availablenefs , f. utilite,f. 

Ay ailment , avantage ; pro- 
fit , m. 

Avant-mure, avant-mur 

peach , avant-peche , f, 

guard , avant-garde 

A'varice , avarice 

Avaricious , a. avare\ i, . 

Avariciously , ad, fordidi- 
inent. [ rie , /. 

Avariciournefs , f. taquine- 


Avaunt , ad, loia d^ki 

c^, courei 


Auburn , a. hrun , e, ohf" 
cur , e. [ chere , /. 

Au^lioK , f. encan , m, en- 
Auftioneer, f. crieur d'en- 
cari , m. [fe. 

Audacious , a. audaeieux , 
Audacioufly , ad. effionti- 
ment. ' [ rie , f, 

Audacioufnefs ,/ effrontc 
Audacity, hardieffc ; audace 
Audible , a. qu'cn peut en- 
tendre J haut , e. 
Audibly , ad. haut , clair 
Audience , f. audience , f, 

auditoirc , m. 
Aiidit , audition , /. [ptes 
Audit, va, examiner dzs ccm- 
Auditor , f, audiseur , m. 
Auditory , auditoire 
Auditory , a, auditif, ve, 
A'venage., /. avinage , m* 
Avenge , va. vcnger 
Avenger, f. vengeur , m, 
Avengerefs , vengercJJ'e ,/. 
AV^nor , controUur de, 

Pecurie dti roi , m. 
A'venue, avenue ^ f. 
Aver , va, avercr , verifier 
A'verage, f. coalite, f. cal- 

cul , m. corvee , /. 
Averment, temoignage, m. 
Av^ffe, a. iloigne , e. en- 

tiemi , e. 
Averfely, ad. a regret 
Averfenefs ,/! repugnnnce^f. 
Averfion , avcrf.on,f. eloL- 

gnejjient , m. 
Avert, va, dctourneTi eloigner 

12 A V 

AVery , / grenier, m. 
Auf , henct , fou , fot 
A'uger, tzTicTe. , /. 
Aught, queloue chofe 
Augment, va. auomtnter 
Augmentation , / — tion , / 

accrcijfiment y m. 
Augmer.ter , celui qui aug- 

Aiigur , augure , m. 
Augurate, va. augurer 
Auguratlon , f. prejfemi- 

ment , m. 
Augiirial, a. augural , e. 
Au;m-y ,f. augure y pre/age , 

aufplce , m. 
Augiift , a. aiigufie , a. 
Aiigufl , f. Aout , m. 
Auguftnefs , grandeur , ma- 

Ufie , f. 
A vsary , voliere 
Avidity, avid'ii 
Aiilick , a. aullque , 2. 
Aume , f, tonneau , m. 
Aumelet , omelette , f. 
Aunt, tante 

Avocation, dlverfion , vaca- 
tion, [toircs 
Avocatdr'.a , httrcs avcca- 
Avoid,vrt. iviteVyfnirj vider. 
Avoidable , a. qu'on pun 

eviter. fee, /. 

Avoidance, f. fuitc; vacan- 
Avoider , qui evite 
Avoidlefs , a. inivitahle , l. 
Avouch , ya, foutenir ; 

avouer. [2. 

Avouchable, a. foutcnahU, 

A U 

Avouclier, / qui foutient , 

difenfcur y m. 
Avow , va, maintenir 
Avowable , a. jufi.fiahle , 2. 
Avowal , f. aveu , m. dd- 

fenfe , f. 
Avowedly, ad. hautement , 

ouvc-tement. [m. 

Avowee , / patron , avcudy 
Avower , difenfcur 
Avowry , defenft , f. 
Avowfal , confejjion 
Auricle, I'cxterieur de Vo- 

reilh , m. 
Aiir'^cule, petite orellle , f. 
Auricula , oreille d'ours 
Au'icular, a. auriculrurc , a. 
Aurifeious , qui produit de 

Vor ; aur'-fique , 2. 
Aurora , f. aurore , /. 
Aufpice, aufpice , appui , m. 
Aufpfcious , a. heureux , f^. 

propice , 2, 
Aufpici'-ufly , ad. heureufe- 

ment , f.ivorabhment 
Aurpiciouihers, f.feliciti,f. 
A. ftere, a. avjiere , 2. dur, e. 
Aufldrcly, ad. '—rement 
Aiiflerenefs , f. feviriti , / 
Auflerity, auftirite , durcti 
Aiiilial, a. auflrd ^ e. 
Authe' t'c, a. nuthcntique, 2. 
Authentically , ad. authcn- 

Aiithe-'ticity , f. — cite ^ f. 
Author , autcur , m. 
Authoritative, a. fait par 



Authoritatively, ad. d*au- 

Authority,/! autoriti ^ f, 
Authorife , va. autorifer 
Autograph , f. aw.ographe 
Automaton, automate, [m 
Autumn , automne , j 

(n, in poetry) 
Autumnal , a. automnal , a 
Aviiliion , /. aciion d^arra- 

chcr, f. 
Auxiliafy, a. auxiliaircy^ 
Await, vn. attendre 
Await , f. guct-a-pens , m, 
Av/ake, va. evciller 
Awaks, vn. s^eveiller 
Awake, a. eve i lie ^ e. 
Awakened, touchi , pinitA 
A. v.- dicer ,/ qui reveille 
Award , va. adjuoer 
i Awa-d , f. arret , dicret , irA 
Aware, a. qui prevoh. [c\ 
A wa'-e, int. gnrc , prene\ gai 
Away , ad. alle-^-vous-ea 
To go away, v. s\n allct\ 
To run away, s^enfuir 
To fteal away , ye dcroher 
To rake away, 6ter , empo, 

ter. [. 

Awe, f. crainre , f. refpic\ 
Av/e , va. frapp zr dc refpeciX 
Keep in awe , tenir en echi\ 
A-weigh , ad. the anchor 

a-weigh , Vancrc a laiffel 
A'wFul , a. folemnel , le. 
A'wfiilly , ad. avec refpecl I 
A/wfulnefs , / foknniti\ 

faintete , f 

A W 

A while ago , ily a qu-lque 

umps ; ces jours pajfes 
A.w'kward, ^. mal-adroit, e, 
A.w'kwaidly, ad. mal~adtoi- 

temcnt , lourdement 
\w'kv/ardners , f. mal- 

adrejje, grofierete, f. 
\.w\, aiene 
\.wn, coffe 
iVnJng, tendelct, m. 
kwry' , ad. de travers 
Wry' , a. oblique , 2. con- 

trefait , e. 
iixe, f. cGgnl:, hache , /. 
I.atrle-axe, hachi d'^rmis , 
f. hcc de corbin , ;;:. 
'ick-axe , befvguc , f. 
'road-axe , doioire 
ixillary , a. axilla-re , 2. 
I'xiom , f. axiomi , m, 
l'x'is , axe 

I'xle-pin , cffc d^uneroue,f. 
/xle-trae , aijficu , m, 
.y, int. oiii-da 
.yc , ad. a jamais 
.'zimuth , /'. a^imut , m. 
.'zurc , a. s. ai^ur , hhu 
.'zured , a, a\uri , e. 
bliu , e, 

zymes , <?. j. aiyme , 2. 
paiiT /fl/jj- Uvain , w. 


,:j|PA'BBLE, rn. habilkr , 

ihhlc, f.hahzl , cacuet, m, 
ibhksj hd'piUard^ if 

B A 

Babe,yi enfant nouvdhment 

ni i m. 
Eabish, a. enfant in , e. 
Baboon , f. babouin, magot. 
Baby, poupon^ ne. [m. 

—— , poupe'e , f. enfant en- 
core a la mamclli , m. 
Baby-things , babioles , f 
Baby-houfe, boite a poupee 
Bacchafnalian , debauchi , 

Bachelor , bachcUer ; gcrfcn , 

qui n'cfi pas mane 
Bachelorship, baccalaureat; 

Back , das ; derriere ; r&- 

vcrs j dojjier ; reins 
Back-boaikd , doJJler d'un 

Back-bone , dpine du dosy f. 
Back-basket , hotte 
Back-ftairs , efcaVur dcro- 

be, m. [retour 

Back , ad. en a'rizre , de 
Back, va. appuyer , fotumir 
Back a horie , monter un 

To back an anchor, em- 

penneller une ancre 
Backbite, vn. midin 
Backbiter, / mid if ant ^ e. 
Backbiter, f. medifancc ,/. 
Backs;ammon , trictrac , m. 
Backfide , le derriere 
Backflide , vn. reculer; tergi- 

verfer. ls^^> ^' 

Backflfder , f. apofi^t , rcnd- 
Backiliding , apojlafic , /. 

B A 23 

Backftays,/ et.iys de mats ^ 

galhaubans , in. 
Backrword, efpadon 
Backward, a. 'lent, cfroid^ e. 

tardify V£. 

, ad, en arriere 

Backwardly, ad. a rebours ; 

Backwardnefs , f. repugnant 

ce , froidiury tardivae, f. 
Bacon , lard , m. 
Bad , a. mcchant , e. man- 

vais , e. 
Badge, /. marque , /. 
Badger, i'/c'rc'^j^; rcgrattier,m. 
Badly , ad, mnl 
Badnefs ,/. defaut , m. mau' 

vaife qualite , f. 
BafRe, va. nnverfcr; emu- 

fcr j confondre. [f, 

Baa?le,y^ trcmperie; cacade^ 
Bdiiier, amufu, ; fourhe, m» 
Bag, yac, m. bcurf,f 
Bagpipe , comemufe , /. 
Bag , vn. gonjlcr 
Baggage , /. bagage , m, 

hagaffe , /. 
Bagnio, bain chaud ^ m. 
Bail , caution , f. 
Bailing, cautionnetvcnt, m. 
Bail , va. cautionncr 
Bailable, a. capable de cau- 

Ba'Iiff, f. bailli y fsrgenty m, 
Bailliwick, hailliags 
Bait, va. debridiK , harceUr^ 

amorcer. {appdt , m. 

Bait , /. charmi j amone , /. 

24 B A 

Bui'-baiVing, /. comhat dc 

t:iursa:ix , m. 
Baize , /. revcchi^^ f. 
Bake , va. ciure au four 
Ealce-houfe , f. boula.tgc- 

rU > f. 
Baker, houlanger, e. 
Baker's trade , boulangi- 

rh , /. \ni^ 

Baking , cuijfoh , cui:e,four- 
Ba'iance , balance , f. con- 

tr-poids , m. 
Balance of an account , 

foute , foldc d^un cotnpte,f. 
Balance, va. balancer, pcfer.' 
Balance an account, fou- 

d^r , ilorre un compte 
Balcony, / balcon , m. 
Bald., va. rendrc chauve , 

— — , a. chauve , 2. pde , ^e. 
Balderdash , / fatras , m. - 

■ , va. milangcr 

Baldly , ad. froidement 
Baldnef^ , / chauvui , f. 
Bale,/ balh, f. 
— — , va. embal'eri vuidcr 
Baleful , a. fumfis ^ trifie, 2. 
Balk , f. JiUon ; tort , m. ca- 
scade , honte ; p outre , f. 
Balk , va, fiujircr ; otmtfre ■ 
Bail, / boulcc, m. bllU , 

balU , boule , /. 
Ball , bal , m. 
Foot-ball , ballon 
Snovi'-ball, pdote dc neigc^f. 
Sweet-ball , pommc dc fin- 


B A 

Fire-ball , f. grenade 
Ballad , vaudeville , m, 
Ballaft, leji, m. 

, va. lefler 

Ballal^ing, /. lefiage y m. 
Ballot , vn. ballotcr 

, / ballotte , /. 

Balm, baume , m. 
Balm-gentle, melijfe, f. 
Balmy, a. balfamique ■, 2. 
Balfam , fm. baumi , ra. bal- 

famine , f. 
BalTamic , a. balfamlque , 2. 
Baluftrade , / balujlre , m. 
Bamboo, hambcu, m. canne a 

fucre, f. 
Bamboozle , va{ amufer 
Bamboozler, / amufeur, m. 
Ban , interdi&ion , f. 
Band, /.'lien ; rahat , m. 
Head-band , bandeau , fcrre- 

Hat-bapd,ror<ion, m. l<:J[e,f. 
Band , bandc , troupe, f. 
Train-bands , mUicz 
Band-roil , matricuh 
Band, va. fe liguer 
Bandage, / bandage , m. 
Band-box ^ ^ozrfi a Huge, f. 
Bandito , bandit ^ m. 
Bandy, crcje,/. 

, va. bal.'oter ; bander 

■ • , a. tortu, e. 

Bane, f. pefic , mort , f. 

poifon , m. 
Baneful, a. fumfie , i. 
Banes , f. bans , m. 
B dn e- v/ or t , m or die , /♦ 

B A 

BsLTig , f. coup , m. 

, va. etriller , hattre 

Bangling ears, / orzilU 

pcndantes , f. 
Banish, va, bannir , exile) 
Banislier , f. cclui qui bann 
Banishment, banijfement, i 
Baniller, /, balufire 
Bank, va. ilevcr une digui 
Bank , f. digue , hauteur 
Bank of the fiea , ecueil, i 

, rive j la banqu 

rivaere , bard , m. 
Bank-bill, billet de bat\ 

que , m. 
Banker , banquler 
Ba-riker, terre-neuvler ^ m\ 
I Bankruptcy , hanqucrcute, 
I Bankrupt, banqucroutier,\ 
j Bann , va. maudire 
I Banner ,f. bannisre ,f. 
I Banneret , banneret , m. 
Banian , robe de chaml 
d'homme , f. [ 

Ecinnock, gateau d'avoin\ 
Banquet, banquet , f^flin\ 

, vn. etrs en fcjlin 

Banquetting-houfe , / /^ I 

a pftin , /. 
Banter , plaifantcrit , /I 

, va. plaifantcr 

Baaterer, f. ra>lUur,f, 
Bantling", pcupcn , m. ~ 
Baptifm , bap time 
Baptilrnal, a. baptijmal^ 
Baptiil , a. s. baptijie, 2. 
Baptiftery,/ baptifiere^ 
Baptize, va, baptifer 


B A 

japtizer , f. cclui qui haptlfe 
Sa- , h.-irre,f. barreau ; ohjia- 

■ , va, barrcr, {j^^^ii f"- 

5arb , f. barhe , m. 
3a;bacan , ichauguettc , rc' 

doute , /. 
Jarba- an, a. bjrhare , 2. 
Jaii)ar;fm yf. barharifmcy m. 
larbai ity , barharie. , /. 
latbarous, a. ba^bare, 2. 
larbaroufly, ad. barbarc- 

arbaroufn efs, [.barbaric, f. 
iarbed , a. baroelc , e. bar- 
de , e. 

arbel , f. barbcau , m. 
arbet , barbier 
ar berry , epine-vinette , f. 
iaibiCdn y faux-hourg , m. 
arbles , barbes , f. 
ard , bardc , poe-e , m, 
ardash, bardache , m, 
are, a. ras , e. pels, e. 
nu , nuc; fimple , 2. 

va. dccQuvrir; privtr 
irebone, a. dicharni, e. 
arefaced , effronU , e. 
arefacedly , ad, ouveru- 
ment. [/. 

irel^icedaefs, f. cffronuric, 
irefoot , a puds mis 
irely , ad. a peine 
irenefs, f. nudite , f. 
irgain, marcbe , m. 
irgain , vn. marchandsr 
bargain , ad. tope 
rgainee , f, panU con- 


B A 

Barge , / barge , barque , f. 
Bargeman, baceller , m. 
Bar ge-mafter , in/pccieur des 

mines. [f. 
Barge-mote, cour des mines., 
Batk , ecorce 
, vn. ahoyer , japper j 

-— — , /. barque , /. 
Barker, aboysur, m. . 
Barking, aboiement; glapif' 

Jcmenc, m. 
Barky , a. d'ecorce 
Barley, f, orgs, m. 
Barley-water , tifane d''or- 

p,f. ^ [m. 

Barley-fugar , ficre d'orgi , 
Baun , Uviire , f. 
Barn, grange , /'. grcruer^ m. 
Barnacles , moraillcs , /. 
Barometer, baromctrc , m. 
Baron , baron ; juge 
Baronage, baronnage 
Baionefs , baronm , f. 
Baronet , baronnzt , m. 
Barony , baronnie , /. 
Barracan , bouracan , m. 
Barrack , haraque ,f. 
Barrator , chicancur , fe. 
Barratry , baratterie , f. 
Barrel, baril; canon; fut; 

b aril let , m. 
Barrel up, va. entonner 
Barren , a. yZ^me, 2. 
Barrenly , ad. fierilement 
Barrennefs , / Jierilite, f. 
Barricade , barricade 
Barricade, va^ tarricader 

! B A 

; Barrier,/ harrlere; liTnitc,\ 
j Barrifler, avccatplaidant,tni. 
1 Barrow, brouette, f. 
Hand-barrov/, clvurz 
Barrow-hog, verrat , m. 
Hatch-bars, barres d'ccou-^ 

tuies, /: 

Barter, va. troqiier, chan^ 

Bai terer , /. troqueur , fc^ 
B artery, troc , m. 
Barton , poulaillcr 
Bafe, a. vil , e. bas , ft, 

infume , indigne , 2. 
-— ,/. bafcj.fondemtnt.m. 
BaColy , ad. bajj'emera i hon- 

BifcnQfs , /. bapp , f. 
Bashaw', bacha , jn. 
Bashful, a. timid:, modj/I:-^2, 
Bashfully ,,ad. timidenun: 
Bashf^lneis , /. timiditc , {\ 
Bafil, bafilic, m. 
Bafilic, a. s. hafiJique, 1. 
Basflicon, f. bajilican . on' 

guent , m. 
Bafilisk , bafdic 
Bafin , bajjin 

Bafis, bajkyf.fond.mcnf, m. 
Basket, /. corbiilL 

Tticr, m. 
Bafon , bivjin , m. 
Bafs , bap , /. 
Baffo relievo, bas-rdief, m, 
Bafs-viol , ba[fe de viole,f, 
Baffet, bapt'te 


BaiToon, be 


tr, B A 

Baflard, a. s. bdtard , e. 
Baftardize , va. ahatardir ; 

Eaftardy , / hatarJifCf f, 
Baile, va. arrofer ; rcjfer ; 

Baflir.ado,/ bajlonnade , f. 
BafliP.ado, va. idtonncr 
Baillon , f. haft'Lon , m. 
Bst, crcjje ; chauve-fonris^f. 
Batable ground, tcrres U- 

Batch , / fjurnk ; tr&ni^^i ,/. 
Bate , ccbat , m. 
Bats, V. rabatte; haijfcr 
Batemer.t , / rahaisy m. 
Bath, bain. 
Bathe, va. etuver ^ fc hal- 

Bating, pr. hormis 
Bat6on,yl tricot y m. 
Batallion , f. bataillon 
Batten , va. s'engra/£lr 
Bitter,/, farim detremfce^f. 
Batter, va. canonner y fra- 

Battery , f. batterie , f. 
Batting- ilaff, hattoir y m. 
Battle , batailU , f, 
y vn. fe battrc 
Battle-array , f. ordre dc 

bataills , m. 
Pitched battle , latailU ran- 

gcc , /. 
Battledoor , hattoir , m. 

palette , f. 
Battlement, creneau , m. 
Battdlogy , hattolo^u , /. 


Bavin, f. hourree, f. 
Bawble , habioU , bagatelle 
Bawbling, a. mince ^ 2. 
Bawd , /. maqmrclh , f. 
Bav/dily , ad. falement 
Ea'.vdry , f. gueulee, f. ma- 

querellagc , ;«. 
Bawdy, a. objccne ^ i. 
L'awdy-houfe, / bordcl, m. 
Bawl , V. criailhr 
Bawler , f. criard , e. 
Bawli:!g , clabauderie, f. 
Bay, baity f. lauricrfcTmlle , 
—— , vn. bilcr. [m, 

' ■, a, bai, brun-rouge 

Baying , yi bclcntint, m. 
Bayonet, baionnette , f. 
Be , vn. ctre , exijltr 
Beach,/! rivagCy m. berge , f. 
Beacon, fanal y , m. 

balife y f. 
Bead , grain , m, 
Bead5 , chapcht y rofairt 
Beadle , bcdeau 
Beagle, baffet 
Beak , bee j I'epercn d'tin 

Beak full, ^e'cA^'tf, hecquicyf. 
Beaked, a. courbe y 4> 
Beaker , f. gobeUt , nu. 
EcclI , pujiule , apoficme , f. 

, vn. apofiurmr 

B sam , f, poutre ; fleche ; en- 

fuble y f. rayon ; timon ; 

fie'au ; ban j m» 
— — , V, rayonner 
Beamy, a. rayonnantf €* 
Bean,/, /ev^, /, 

B E 

Bear , f. ours , m. ourfe , 
Bear , va. porter ; foiueni, 

fupporter , fouffrir 
Bear away, prendre chajfi 

Bear out, maintenir ; ju/i , 

ficT i avancer 
Bear up , fe haujfer; fefo 

tenir i refifler 
Bear down , entrain er; re i 

verfer ; s'enfoncer 
Bear off, parer; alarguer 
Beard , f barhe , f. 
Bearded, a. barbw-y e, 
Beardlefs , fens barbe 
Bearer , f. porteur , fe. 
Bearing, gifement y m,fa\ 

li^ , /. 
Beaft , bete , f. 
B^afllinefs , brutalite; fal \ 
B^aftly, a. b^.fiialy e.fale 
Beat, va. battre; palpiter\ 
Beat, vn. louvoyer 
Beat flat, va. applatir 
Beat in , enfoncer 
Beat into, inciilquer 
Beat back, repouJJ'er 
Beat out , arrachcr 
Beat down , rahattrd i ai> 

tre y demolir 
B eat , /. battement ; fon , I 
Boater, hie y f. hatteury ;| 
Beatific , a. beatifque , 2. 
Beatification , / — tion , 
Beatify , v. beatifur 
Beating , /. batterie yf. 
Beatitude, beatitude 
Beau , damoifau^ nit. 

B E 

Braver,/, cajlor ,m. 
Beailish , a. pimpant , e* 
Beautiful, hcau , belle 
Beautifully , ad. d'une belh 

maniere. [m. 

Beautifulnefs , f. agrimcnt , 
Beautify, va. embel'ir,orner 
Ssaiity , / beaute , f. 
Becalm, va. appaij'er, calmer 
kcaufs , c. pare 6 que , a 

ieccan'go, f. hecfgue , m. 
ieck , figm , m. 
Reckon, v.faire Ji^nt 
}ec6me , vn. devcnir ; con- 

Jecdming , a. avenara, ficnt 
5ecomingly , ad, de. tonne 

Jecomlngnefs , /. bonne 

grace , bicnfiance , f, 
Jed , lit; carreau , m, 
Jed , va. coucker 
Jedacgle , crotter 
Jsdaub , foulllcr , fallr 
led-chamber, y^ chambre a 

coucker , f. 
!ed-cIoathSj couvertures 
edeck , va. orner 
ledew' , arrofcr 
l^dfellow , f. ccuchcur , fe. 
iedizzen , va. attifer 
iedlam , /. pstites-maifons , 

-edlamite , /. fou , foils 
edlam-like , ad. en fou 
edpofts , f. colop.nis de 
lit, f. pi. 


Bedrid, a. al'ni , e, 

Bedftead,y; bois de lit ^ m. 

Bed-time, temps de fe cou- 
chir. [fumer 

Bediirg , V. engraijfer f en- 

Beduft, couvrir de poiiffiere 

Bee , /I abellh , /. 

Beech , hctre , ;«. 

Beef, bcziif 

Bee;-, biere , f. 

Beet , better ave 

Bsdtis , efcarbot ; battoir , 
m. hie , f. 

Befall, vn. arrivsr , furvenlr 

Befool y dupery Infatner 

B^'fore , pr. avant y devant 

Beforehand, ad.paravance 

Befdrc-times , autrefois 

Befoul , va^ falir 

Befiisnd, favoriftr 

Beg , mcndier ; pricr 

Bcg^t , engcndrer 

Begetter , f. cclul qui en- 

Beggar , mcndlant , c. 

Beggar, v. mettre a la be face 

Beggarlinefs,/! mmdicitCyf. 

Be:;garly, a, chitify ve. 

Beggarly, ad. chitivement 

Beggarly doings , / baf- 
fejfcs ,f 

E6'^Z3-tyjgueufer'e, mend/ cite' 

B^ggingly, ad. en mendiant 

Begia , v. commencer , de- 

Beginner , f. commengant , e. 

Begfining, comm:ncemcnt , 

Begird , v, ceindre, [m. 

B E 17 

Begrime, va. nolrclr 
Beguil'.", dcccroir ; abufcr 
B.-^gui!er, / abcifcw y m. 
Behalf, /a;/d/ir, y. eoard y m, 
Bchavp, \'n. fe comportcr 
Behaviour , f. conduits , /. 
^QhciiAy va. dl:aph:r 
Beheld , a. cont^mplc , e. 
Behdil , f. preccpti , m. 
Behind , pr. ad. derricie 
B„hdld , v. regarder i con" 

Behold , ad. voicJ , vo/'la 
Beholden , a. rede^-ahle, 2. 
Beholder, f. fpeclateur , rice, 
Behodf, avantagi y m, 
Behodvc, vn, convmir 
Behodveful, a. litilc , 2. 
Being, yi etrCy m. demeurc, f. 
Being that , c. puifque , vu 

Belabour, va. roj^^r, battrQ 
Belaced, a, chamarrc y c, 
Belage , va. amarrer 
Belagged, a. dcmeure derrlcri 
Belated, furpris de lanuit 
Belay, va, drejfcr dts cm" 
Belay , amarrer, [huchis 
Belch , vn, roter 
Belch , f. rot J m. biere 

forte y f 
Belcher , roteur , fe. 
B^fldam , forciere , /. 
Belfry, clochcr; befioi, m. 
Belie , va. calomnier ; de- 

B:I ef , / crianccyfoiyf. 
Believe, ^a. eroire; penftr 

■tS B E ( 

Believer, f. croyant , «. /z- 

dclk, 2. 

Believingly, ad. avcc foi 
Eelike, apparcmmcnt 
Bell , /. cicche , /. - 
Little bell , fonmtts 
Ring of belis , fonnerie 
B^fU-fo under , fun dear de 

cloches , m. 
3e]hvct\iCi ,mo-aton (jui ports 

une c'ochette 
Bellarmin, grojfe boutellh ,/. 
Beiies-kttres , kcLUs - /cr- 

tres , pL 
Belligerant, a. belli ger ant, e. 
Bellow , vn. meiigUr , mugir 
Bellowing,/ meaglcment, m. 
Bellows , fouflit 
Belly , ventre 
Billy - cheer , vivrcs , prO' 

Belly out, vn. faire ventre 
Billy-ach , f. mat de ven- 
tre , m. l^^l >.f 
Belly-band , ventriere de eke- 
Bdlly-ful, rcjfajicment y m. 
Belly- friend, parajlte 
Bell-man, rdveilleur , cricur 
Belong, vn. appartenir 
Beloved , a. ckeri , c, fa- 
vor! ^ te. 
Below, ad. en hat ; au dejfous 
Belfwagger,/ rodomont^ m. 
Belt , ceinturon 
Belt-maker, ceinturitr , e. 
Bemat, va. meUr ^ entrelacci 
Bemire , embourber 
Bemoan , plaindre , laments 

B E 

Ftemoaner , /. fa'ifeur de la- 
mentaticns y m. 

Bench , banc '■, accoudoir ; 
e'tahli , m. 

Bencher , affiffeur 

Bend , bar.dc , f. nceiidf m. 

Midship - bend , U maiire 
gabarit. \drz , nou&r 

Bend , v.pller 'y bander ^ ten- 

Bend back, rccourber 

Be::dabie, a. plUblc, 2. 5:c. 

Bender , f. tindon, in. 

Bendlet, petite bande,f. 

Beneath , pr. fous ; li-bas 

Benediction , /. benedic- 
tion , f. \m, 

Benefafiion, don, bierfail , ! 

BznsfaBior y bienfaiciLur \ 

Benefacci-fcfs, bienfaiclrice,f. | 

Benefice, binefce , m. 

Beneficed, benifider 

Bene'ficence , beneficence , 
/^-^rr# , f 

Beneficient, a. bienfaifant,e. 

Beneficial , avantageux , fz. 

Beneficiary , / benefit 
cier , m. 

Benefit, bienfait,fervice 

Benefit, v. fairc du bien ; 
profiter. \ce , f 

Benevolence , f. bienvzilJan- 

Benevolent, a. affable, 1. 

BcTgdl,/ toilede Bengali, , 

Benjamin, benjoin', lait vir- 
ginal, m. 

Benighted, a. furpris de la 
nuit. [ gne , f. . 

Benign , a. Benin , m, beni- I 


Benignity,/ benignite . 
Beniibn , bskediaion , 
Bent , pli ; penchant , m. 
Bent, n.enclin, eJ" parte, 

bande , e. 
Eeniim, va. engourdir, glac 
Eeniimmednefs, / engou 

dljjement , m. 
Bequeath , v. leaner 
Bequeather , /. tcjlateur 

Bequeft , legs , m. 
Bcray, va. cmbrener ^ fall 
Bereave, depouiller , privt\ 
Bc'^gamot , / bergamotey 
Berlin , ber'ine 
Be^ry, grain, m. bale y f. 
Berth, parage, m. 
Bei ton , mstairie , ferme , 
Befeech, va. fupplier y coa 

Befeem, vn. convenir 
Befet , va. aj/ieger y guettt\ 

Beslu't, emhrener ; fe decA 

Beside , pr. avpres 
Besides , outre , excepts 

hors de f 

Befidge , va. affieger 
Bofidged , /. affUges y m. ^^ 
Befieger, ajjiigeant, m, 
Befmdar, va. barbouiUcr 
Befmoke , va. enf inter 
Befmut, noircir avec de 

Befom J / balai , m» 

B E 

Befot, V. ahrutir, rendrefot 

Bof'ought, a. prle y e. , va, orncr dc pail- 
lettes, [mer 

Befpatter, eclahonffert diffc- 

Belpawl , cracker fur 

Befpeak , fairs faire 

Befpeckle, tachct&r, marque- 

'iefpicc , epier. [ter 

3cfp6ken , a. dc commande j 
rctcnu , e. prdvcnu , e. 

Befpo:: , va. tachcr 

3efpread , tendre , itendrc 

Jefprinkle, arrofer, repandre 

3efpue , vomir fur 

Jefi, a. Umiiux; meiUcw\e. 

Jeft^ad , va. prof ter , fervir 

Jeftial, a. bcftial , e. 

Jeftiality,/ bifti,iliU,f. 

ieftiarii, befiiaires ^ m, 

Jei^tnk , va. empuantir 

$eflir , V. ft rcmuiv 

Jeftow, va, confer cr ^ don- 
ner , employer 

Seftower , f. donneur y fc. 

Jeftrew' , va. repandre 

leftn'de a horfe , montcr nn 

let, f. pari, m. gageure , /. 
et, V. p crier , gager 
etak.3 , s'adonner ; s'enfuir 
ethink, rumimr , s^avifer 
ethrdll , rcndre efclavg 
etide , arriver , avcnir 
etimcs , ad. de bonne heure 
etoken , v. prefager 
etokening, / p^efage , m. 
etony, bs:Qine , /, 

B E 

Betray, va. trahir , livrer 
Betrayer , f. traitre, ejfe 
Betidih, va. fincer 
Betrothing, f fiancallles y f. 
Better , a, rmHUur, e. mieux 

, f. avantcge , m. 

Our betters , nos fupirhurs 
Better, paricur , Je. 
Better, va. amiliorer ^ s'a- 

Betty,/, crochft , m. 
Between , betwixt , pr. entre 
Betw^en-decks , f. entre- 

pcne , m. 
■ — whiles , ad. de temps 

en temps. \_m. 

Bevel,/ buveau ; angle aigu, 
B6ver^goiitd, m. collation, f 
Beverage , collation , f. 
Bevy , voice , troupe , f. cer- 

cle , m. 
Bewail, y. regretter , pleurer 
Bewailing , f. pleurs , f. 

regrets, m. 
Beware , vn. fe garder 
Bewilder, va. cmharrajfer , 

ddr outer 
Bewitch, enforceler 
Bewi'rchery , /. fortiUge ; 

entetement opinidtre, m. 
Bewitching , enchantcmtnt 
, a. charmant , e. qui 


Bewray, va. diceler , trahir 
Beyond , pr. nu-dela , deld 
B^zel, / chaton , m. 
Bezzle , vn. gargotter 
Bks , f. pente J f 

B I 1^ 

Biafs , vn. p<:ncher 
Bib ,/. bavertc , / 
B'b , vn. firoter 
Bibacious, a.ivrogne, 2, 
hihh^L ,f biberon .^m. 
Bibble , vn. bouillonner 
Bible , y: bibU ,/. 
Bibnogiapher, — ph: , m. 
Bibliography, — jh^i , /. 
B '-due, raifn fauvaq^e , m. 
Bii-ker , vn. fe cucrdlcr 
Bickerer ,/ querclleur , fe. 
Bickering , querelh ,/. 
Bid , V. offrir ; ordunn&r ; e/r- 

ckerir; dire ; convier 
Bidder , / offrant , encherif- 

fttir , m. \drc 

Bidding, commandement, or- 
Bidental, a. qui a deux dents 
Biennial, dc deux ans 
Bier ,/ biere ,f. cercueii, m, 
Bifarious, a. double. [I'anne'e 
Biferous , qui porta deux fo is 
Bifidated, fndu en dmx 
Bifold , double 
Biforous , qui a deux portes 
Bifurcated, qui a deux four' 

ches ou deux dents 
Big , gros , m. groffe yf. e'pair, 

fe. grand, e. 
Big-napped , a gros grain. 
Big-bodied, r^p/e? , te 
Big-bellied, /7^/j/u, e. [grojfk 
Big-bcUied woman, cicci/zrc, 
Bigamift, / bigamc , m. 
Bigamy , bigamie , f. 
Biggin , beguin , m. 
B'lgwoids ,groff'es parolesyfi 

50 B I 

To look big, V. fairc I: jicr 
Uii'ht , /. criauc ou caliin- 

Eigiy , ad. extremement ; jie- 

Tiviint, [^£ur , /. 

Blend's , f. groffiur; gran- 
Bigot , a. bigo: , e. 
Bigotry , f. higotcrie , f. 
Bilhoes , fers , m. 
Bile , bile ,f. fronclc , m. 
Bilge, va.fe hrifer 
Bilge,/, le plafond d^un valf- 
Jjiiiary, a. biliairc,l. [fcau 
Bilingfgate, f. langage dcs 

kailcs , m. [re, a. 

Bilious , a. hilieux , fc. colc- 
Eilk , va. duper 
Bill,/ billet; bee; memo ire , 

m. ajjichi ; lijie , / 
Bill-fall, bechee , becquic ,/. 
Bill, vr. s^entre-baij'er 
Bill ofL-iding ,/ connoijj'c- 

ment , m. 
Billet , buche ; bilUtte , /. 

billit ; lingo t , m. 
Billet, va. loger des foldats 
Billiards , f. billiard , m. 
Eiiliard-bail , bilU , f. 
Billiard-ftick , q!:eue ; majfs 
Bfilot , billo: , m. bilche ,f. 
Billow, koule , lame , vague. 
Binary , a. double , i. [/ 
Binn , / mannc , /. reduit, m. 
Bind , va. Her ; rdicr ; ohii- 

gcr ; rejj'errer ; arrear 
Bi'ader,/; rcUeur, m. 
Binding , rtUure , /. 
Buding, J. e. 


B'm6-w eei ., f.voluhilL , m. 

Biographer , — phe 

B'ogiraphy^ — phie , f. 

Bipartite, rt. divifc en deux 

Eiich , f, boiiucu , m. 

Birchen , a. de bouleau 

Bird ,/ oifean, m. 

Bu dcall , appeau , m. 

Bird-catcher , olfeUur , m. 

Bird-lime , glu , /. 

Bird-feller , oifeliir , m. 

Bird , vn. chaffer aux oijeaux 

Bird-pouch , / gibcciere , / 
I Birgander , ole fauvnge 

Birt , efpzce dc turbot 

Birth, naijj'ance , nativite'; 
couche; porte'e ; ventree,f. 

Birth-right, droit d'ai'nejfs , 
m. [m. 

After-birth , a'-riere-faix , 

New birth, njiaijjancc , rc- 
ginerntion , /. 

Bifcuit, bijcnit , m. 

Bifeil' , va. divifer en deux 

Bifeclion,/ divifionendeux, 

BU\\o-^ y evique ,m. [f. 

Bishop , va. confirmer 

Bishoprick,/ eVecAe, m. 

Bisk, bifque.f. [tile.f. 

Biil'extile year, ar^nie hijjcx- 

8 it, mors ; morceau , m. 

Bit, va. emkonchcr 

Bitch , f. ckienne , /, 

Bite, morfure; fouiberie ; f. 

Bite, va. moidre ; duper 

Biting, a. mordant, e. pi- 
quant, e. [fatlrique 

Bitiiigly, ad, d^um mauiire 

B I 

Blts,/p/. bittes,f. [cal. 
To bit the cable , va. bitter 
Bittacie , / habitacle , m. 
Bitter , a. amer , e. rude , : 

aigre , 2. dp re , 2. 
Bitterly , ad. ameremsnt 
Bittern , / butor , m. 
Bitternefis , amertumc ', dur 
Bitter-wort, gentlane. \tc, 
Bitumen , bitume , m. 
Bituminous, a. bittimimuji 
B ival ve, a deux i: allies. \j 
Blab out, va. divulguer 
Blab , / bavard , e. 
Blabbing , bavardcric , / 
Blapperiipped , a. IippK» 
Black , noir , e. 
Black, / ncgre ; noir , m 
Blacken, va. noircir 
Blackish, a. noirdtre y 2. 
Blacking,/ noir, m. 
Black-bird , ?7zer/e. [ ce , 
Black-berries, mures dero; 
Black and blue , a. livide^ 

, / contufion , 

Smoke-black , noir de j 

mU , m. 
Blackmoor, negre, more ^ . 

nigrcjfe, morefqut , f. 
Blackn efs , noirceur , / 
ElacJcfmith , forgeron , /»•■ 
Bladder, vtjjic^f. [ 

Blade , lame ,f. brin , tuya 
Blade-bone , paleron , m. 
I Old blade , vieux routier 
^ Stout blade, un brave 
\ Cunning blade, fin renat 
i Blain , clou ^ fronds 

B L 

Slamesble , a. hldmaUe , a. 
Blamg, va. bldmer, reprendre 
Blame , f.bldmc, m.faute ,f. 
31amelefs , a. irriprochabU , 

2. [que.i. 

JIamer , / c&nf&ur , m. critl- 
Jlanch , V. blanchlr ; pelsr ; 

palliar. [cuitcur , m. 

JIancher,/] blanchijj'eiiry re- 
iland , a. doux , douce 
\hrAi\oc\ny^f. fiatttrie^ ca- 

{landish, v. flatter^ cajoler 
Handishment,/: cajoUrie.f. 
Jlankj a. hie me, 2, confus, e. 
Uank, f.blanque^f. blanc i 

flan , m. 
Jlank verfe, vers fans rime, 

m. pro ft mefurie ou caden- 
> cee , /. 

Hank bond , blarc-fi^ns, m, 
'oint blank, ad. enticramnt 
(lanket , f. couvcrture , f. 

lange , m. 
Hare , vn. muglr ; fe fondre 
llafpheme, blufphimer 
llafphdmer , / blajphema- 

teur , ;;:. 
ilafphemous , a, blafphcma- 

tcirc , 2. Lmpic , 2. [pieie 
llafphemcufly, ad. avec im- 
ilafphemy,/ bla/phcmc,m. 
!lajfl , broutne, nulle , bcuf- 

f^c,f. [noircir 

;laft , va. hrouir ; miner ; 
llatant , a. bahillard , c. 

B L 

B!aze, vn.flamher 

Blaze abroad, va. divnlguer 

RIazer , /T rapporteur , /e. 




B L 

Blight i va. bronir 
Blind, a. J-. av aisle , 2. 

of one eye, horgne, 1, 

, ohfcur, e. faux , faujfc 

Blazon , va. blajonncri ceU- j Biirblind, qui a la 

brer ; expliqu 
Blazon ,f. blafon , m. 
Bleach, va. blanchir aufolcil 
Bleacher , / blanchiffeur^m. 
Bl<^aching , blanchiment 
Blcaix , a. fro id , e., pale , 2. 
Bleak-fiih , f ablette ,/'. 
Bleakn efs , f. froidure , / 
Bleaky, a. froid , e.^ele, e. 
Blear the light , v. offufmcr 
Blearednefs, / ckaffie j'. 
Blear-eyed, a, chajjieux ,fc. 
Bleat, vn.biler 
Bleating ,y; kelement , m. 
Bled , vejjle ; bouteille , f. 
Bleed , v. falgmr 
Bleeder , f faigneur , m. 
Bleeding, faignee yf fd^ 

mer.t , m. [vre , e. 
Bleeding, a,faignant, e. na- 
Biemish , va.fletrir ; tacher 
, f.fletrijjfurc , tacke j 

hrifets , f. 
Blend , va. tniler 
Blefs , binir 
BieiTed, a. hinl , e. be'nity e. j Blith, a. gaillard , 

vuc courts 
Moon-blind, crui a la vucfoi- 
Blind-fide, Ic'foihle, m. [bU 

harpers , / impoflcurs 

yVa. aveugler ; ehlouir 

,/ mafque, m. bllnde,f. 

Blindfold, va, bander Icsyeux 
■ — , a. lesycux handis ^ 

fans reflexion 
Blindly, ad. avetiql^inent 
Bli'nd-irian's- buiY ,y7 cligne- 
Bliadaefs, f aveuglement, m. 
Blink, vn. cligner , clignotet 
Bliakard , f. louche , 2, 
mx(s , felicid , f. 
BliTsful , a. heureux , fe. 
BlifsFully , arf. heureufement 
gne- 1 BIiTsfulnefs, / bonhair , to. 
Blifter , f veffie , ampoule , f. 

veficatoire , tn. 
Bliller, v. appliquer un vefi" 
catoire ; s'elever en 
Bliftering heat ,f. inflamma- 
tion , /. [toire , /n. 
plafter , un vefica- 

faint , e. heureux , fe. 

, f. bienheurcux , m. 

BlefTedly , aJ. hcureufanen 


Bluffing , binidiciion 

B'eft , a. be'ni , e. 

Blight J fbroiumi nklk , /. j Blgcade ibhcus , w, 

I Blithfome , enjoue , e. 

Bloat , vn, gonfler, fe houffr 

\ Bloated, a. bouip.z.JGufflu^e^ 

I BloatednefSj/Vopj^eOTsnfjW. 

I Block , bloc , ri. tui dc boisi 

forme ; poulie ,f. 

^1 B L 

Blocade, v^. blo^uer 
Block up , bloqucr 
Blockhead , f. benu^fot , m. 
Biock-houfe , nn fort 
Blockish, a./iiipide, ^, fot,e. 
Blockishly, ad. lourdemcnt 
Biockishnefs ,f, fiupidlu, /. 
Blood , f. fang , m. 
'■■ ■ ■ (to let) , va. fngner 
- (to daub with blood) , 

Bloodily , ad. cruellcment 
Bloodhound,/^ limier^m. 
Bloodshed, effujzon defanf,f. 
BJoodshedder, meurtticr, e. 
Bloodshot , a. rouge , 2. 
Bloodletting ,/./ji_^n£;V , / 
Bloddfucker , fangfuc , /. 
Blood-thiriliy , fanguinaire , 
Blo6d-Rone,fanguine,f. [a. 
Blood lefs , a, qui n*a point 

de fang 
'— — — , ad. fans cffuflon dc 

Bloody J (I- fan(rlant , e, 
i———m'iiidedyfcnguinaire, l. 

1 flux , f.f:.x defang, m. 

Bloom , fcur , /. 
■ , vn. fieuiir 

Bloomy , n. fleuri , i, 
BldfTom , f flcur , f 
— — , vn. jleurir 
Blot , va. tachcr , tcrn'r 

'' ■ out , rayer , cffaczr 

This paper blots , a papier 

Blot,/ tache y rature ,/. 
BlotiJ, vn.febouffir;fum6r 

B L 

Bloted face , / vifage houfi, 

m. [mes 

——herrings, harengs fu- 
Elottin^paper, papier hrouil- 
Blatzh /puftule y f. [lard 
Blow, coup; malheur y m. 
— — , V. s'epanQuir;fovflcr; 


, va. enfler 

up y faire fauter ; clever 

enFair-jfairejouer'^ exciter 

over , diffiper 

'•■ down , renverfer 3 ahat- 

out , eteindre. [tre 

upon , decrier y nuirc 

— — off, diffper en fouffiant 

away , 

Blower ,/ foufficur ^ fc. 
Blowzy , a. haut en couleur 
Blubber , f. huile de balel- 

nc , /. 

— , vn. s* enfler les jcues 

lipped , a. llppu , e. 

Bludgeon , /. gourdin , m. 
Blue , a. bleu, e, 

, f. bleu , m. 

o£ £tuns , fleur y f. 

Blue-bottle , bluet y m. 
Bluff, a. rude, 2. ferme , 2. 
Billing of metals, bleuir 
Bluish, a. hleudtre, 2. 
Blunder ,/ fante , bevuc , /. 
— . — about , vn. etre dtourdi 
— — a thing out, Ldchcr 

quelcjue chafe 
upon a thing , fe trom- 

per en quelque chvfc 

B O 

Blunderbufs,/; moufqueton I 

etourdi , m. 
Blunderer , etourdi y e. 
Bliinderheadj/cf, m.fottey 
Blunt , a, imoujj'd y e. 
in carriage, a, brufqu I 

2. ^ [ch 

, va. imouffer ; rebo. 

Bliintish, a.un peu emouffe, 
Bliiiitly, ad. brufquermnt 
Biiintneis, /. brufquerie , j \ 
Blur , tachc , 

, va. tacher 

Blurt out, dire a la vole'e 
Blush , vn. rongir 
— , /. rongeur , /. 
Bliifter , vn. faire du fraca.\ 

— , f. fracas , m, 

Bluflerer , breteur 
Bliiftering, a. c-ageuXyfe.irA 

pdtueux y fe. turbulent , c 
Biufterous , tumultueux , j 
Boar y f verrat , m. 
Wild boar , fnngiur 
Young wild boar , marcaj 
Boar-pig , jeiine verrat 
Board, ais ; hordy navirt\ 

confeily m. table j planch 

pcnfion y f. 
, va. planckeyer ; bo\ 

der ; ahorder; acojier 
— — , vn. etre en pen f on 
Board-wages , f. argent 
, houche y m. 

Boarder , f. penfionnaire y 
Boarding-fchool, penfion^ 
Boarding, ahcrdage , m* 
Bearish , a, groJJUr , €, 


\oidshr\s{s , f, grojjieretes ,f. 
:oa{l , va./e vanccr 
;oafter ,y! vanuur 
oaftfui , a.fanfaron , ne. 
oafting ,/. vanterie , f, 
-— — expreifion , paroles 

oaftingly, ad^ par oflcnta- 
tion. [/. 

oat,/ bateau, m. chaloupe , 
ly — , fliboi , m. 
oat-hook, gajffe 
c^atman , ba:dler 
oatlvvain , contre-maitrs 
ob , V. taper ; dupsr ; pen 

ob yf. lardon; pendant d^o- 
relUe , m. 

abbin, bobine ^ f. fufean,m. \ 
ah-'R.aLyj/oubarbe de beaiipri 
6b-taU, a. ecourte , e. [f. 
(5b- wig ,f. perruque rondc , 
occahne , bougran fin , m. 
Dckland, nrres inaliena- 
bles yf. pi. 
ade , va. prefagtr 
Ddice , f. corfet y m. 
jdilefs , a. incorporcl , le, 
5dily , corporely le, 

, ad. corporelLmint 
5dkin , /] poir-fon , frifoir ; 
point, m. aiguille de tete,f. 
5dy , corps , m. 
r)g , fondriere , /! [rj/j, m. 
Dgtiotter , courcur dc ma- 
Sggle, vn. hifiter; balancer 

B O 

Boggy, a, marecagtux y fi. 
Bog-houfe ,y. privje y m, 
Bohea , the noir ou bou 
Boil , cldu ,froncU 
Boil , V. bouillir , ^tt/r« 
Boil over, verfcr. [Ions 
— faft, bouillir a grosbouil- 
— away , fe diminuer 
B Jilary oi feat , f. falim , f. 
Boiled meat , bouiili, m. 
Boiler, chaud'on; fcurneau 
Soiling hot, a. toutbouiliant 
Boiilerous, a. orageux , fe. 

■ youth, y. eiourdi, tn. 

Boifteroufly , ad. a I'etourdis 
Boifteroufnefs , yi impctuo- 

Bola , a. hardi , e, 
Eolien , va. rendre kardi , c. 
Boldface J /3 effronte , e. 
Boldly, ad. hardirmnt 
BolineCs , /. hardlep , f. 
Bole , / bol , m. tige , f. 
Bole , vrt. fe lever en tige 
Boling , f. boulinc , /. 
Bdlftcr , f. chcvei , m. com- 

prejfe ; baite , f. [nir 

Bohler , va. appuyer ; foute- 
Bolt ,y? verrou\fer:\peney m. 
Bolt, va. verrouiller ; bltuer ; 

agit^r y dihattrc 

■ out , fortir brufquement 

in, untrtr brufquement^ 

Bolter , / bluteau; camis, m. 
Bolthcad , matras 
Bo'.t-rope , rallnguc , f, 
Boltfprit, beaupri 
Bolus , bol 3 bolus 

BO 5j 

Bomb , /. bombcyf. 
Bomb , va, bombarder 
Bomb-ketch, /. galiote a 

bombes , f. 
Bombard , va. bombarder 
Bombardier,/ bombardier, 

m. [ment 

Bombardment , bombardc- 
Bombafin , bafin 
Bombafl, a. ampsuli , e, 
Bombaft , f. phcbus , m. 
Bond , obligation ,f. lien, m» 
Bondage , fervitude , /". 
Bondman, efclave, m. 
Bdnd-fervant, efclave, 2, 
Bond-fervice, efclavage, mi 
Bdnd-fiave , cyc/^ve, 2. 
Bdndfman , caution , f. 
Bondwoman , efclave, f^ 
Bone, OS, m. arete , f. 
Bone , va.defojfer 
Bone-lace , / dintelle , /• 
Bdaelefs , a. fans os 
Bdnely, ad. bon vifage 
Bonefetter ,/. renousur, m, 
Bd afire , feu de joit 
Bonnet, bonnet 
Bdnnily, ad. gentlmcnt 
Bonny, a. gentil, le.joU,ie, 
Bony , ojfeux , fe. 
Booby , f. badaud , m. 
Book , livre. [ Hvre 

Book , va. coucher fur un 
Eook-kedper, /. ttmur dc 

livres , m. [ aux livres 
Br-dkish, a.flud'aix, attachi 
Bodkfsller , f. libraire , m, 
Bodktcads, Ubrairie , f* 


Book-vrQtmyf. attache a /es 

etudes, m. 
Book-keeping , Van dc tc- 

nir Ics iivres 
Old bock , houqu'in 
Boom ,/ banc , / mat , m. 
Boon , grace , f. don , m. 
Boor , p.tyfan ; Tufln , m. 
Boorish , a, riijire , ruJlL- 

quc ^ 2. 
Boorjshnefs , / rujliciti ^ f. 
Boot, vn, fervir 
Hoot y f. profit y m, bottCtf. 
Booted, a. botti , e. 
Boot-la^ , f. cmhouchoir , m. 
Boot-ftrap, tirant dc hotte 
Booth , lege ; cabane , /. 
Bootlefs , a, inutile , a. 
Booty , r. but in , m. [lujion 

• , V. (to play) ctre de col- 

Bopedp (play at), lorgncr 
B^ricWio , f./ac a viri , m. 
Borage , bourrache , f. 
Borax , borax , m. [ mite, f. 
Border, bord , m. bordure ; li- 
Border , vn. confiner 
Border , va. border 
Borderer,/: gens defrontlen 
Bordering, a. frontier e , a. 
Bore , va.pcrccr avec une ta- 

Bore , / calibre ; trou , m. 
Boreal , a. boreal , e. 
Boreas , /I boric , m, 
Bor^e, bounie ^ f. 
Boret , tariere 
Born, a. ne ^ e. 
^s born, y, naitrc 

B O 

Born , a. parte , e^ 
Borough i f. bcurg , m. 
Borrow , vn. emprunter 
Borrower,/" empmnteur , fe. 
Borrowing, em p runt , m. 
Bofcage , bocage , m. g'an- 
Bosky , n. boife , e. [dee,f. 
Bofom , f. ftin , m. 
Bofphorus , bo/phore; dc'troit 
Boffe , boffette ; boffe , f. 
Botanic, a. hotanique , i. 
Bdtanicks,/ la botanique, f, 
Botaniil, botanijle , m. [der 
Botch , va. rapie'ceter, ravati- 
Botch , f. ulcere, m. pLce ,/, 
Botched, a. rapie'ate, e. 
Botcher ,jC ravaudcnr , fe. 
Botchingly, ad. grojjieyement 
Both , pro. I'un & I'autre 
Both , ad. tant 
Bottle ,/ boiiteilh; botte,f 
Bottle-fcrew , tire-bouchcn , 

m. [le; botteler dufo/n 
Bottle, va. metrre en boutsil- 
Edttora, f. fond -J bouty m. 
Bottom , va, fonder 
Bdttomlefs, a. fans fond 
Bottomry , f bomeric , f. 
Bouee, vn. s'enfler 
Bough , f. rameaii , m. 
Bounce, v. peter ; fc vanter; 

Bounce , f eclat ; bond, m. 
Bouncer , fanfaron 
B()uncing , vanterie , f. 
Bouncing lafs , dondon 
Bound , V. limitcr ; bondir 
Bound, a, defiini^ c. 

B O 

Boundary,/: limite', borne, 
Bounden , a. qui oblige 
Bounding, bondijfant , e. 
Bounding ftone,/ borne ^ 
Boundlefs , a. iUimite , e. 
Bounteous, libJral , e. 
Boiinteoufly , ad, liberal 

Bountiful , a. gcnerenx, fe 
Bountifully, "ad. gdnirmj \ 

mint. [ 

Bountifuinefs ,/ gcnirofit 
Bounty, bonte ; lihi-aliti 
Bout , tour ; coup , m. 
Boutsfeu , bout:~feu. [ cl j 
Bow, va. cowber ; plier ;f\ 
Bow , vn. s'ahattre 
Bow. f. reverence, f. an\ 

archet , m. [ clef, i 

Bow of a key, anneau 
Bow of a ship, I'avant , 

Saddle-bow, argon de fei 
Bow -firing , co'de d*arc , 
Bowline , bou/ine 
Bow-man , archer , m. 
Bow-net , najfe de picheur, 
Bow-legged , a. cagneux ,_ 
Bowel , va. eventrer 
Bdvi'els , f. entraillcs , /. 
Bower , beraau , m. voutc, 
Bowge , va. percer 
Bowl,/: boule ,/. 
, (ofafpoon), cuei 

leron , m. [^d: tajfe , 

, (for drinking) ^ra,, 

Bowl , V. jouer a la boule 
BovflQTjf.joueur de bouU^ 



lowllng green , f. jeu de 

boiiU , PI. 
loWle , vn. boirc heaucoup 
lowfe , palanquer fur iin cor- 
lowfy, a. ivre , 2. [dage 
lowfprit,/. bcaupre J m. 
dwy«?r , faifeur abates 
OX, bouis ; caffctln; foufflct ; 

m. boite ; ca'Jfe ; lege , f. 
)ountry-box fguingue:te,f. 
oor-box, tronc , m. 
>uft-box , poudrier 
iggler's-box , gobdu 
!pach-box , fiegs 
ox , vn. fc hattrc a coups de 

oxen , a. de bouis 
oy , f. gar^on ; valet , m. 
i.Jging-hoy, enfant de chczur 
die buy , petit fainiant 
chool-boy , ecolier 
oldier's-boy , goujat 
abbin-boy , moujfe 
oylsh , a. puerile , 2. 
oyishly, ad. puerihment 
oy'ishnefs , / puitilite , f. 
rabble , debat^ chamail' 
lis , m. 

rabble , vn. fc chamailler 
abbler , f. chicanmr , m. 
race , va. Her ^ attacker 
race , f. couple , pairs , /. 
ace , brajfard ; crampon ; 
crochet ; bras de vergue , 
m. foiipente , /". 
icelet, bracilet, m. 
acer , crampon 
W,h:al, ii. bracMalf tf, 

B R 

Brachy'graphy , / Part dU- 
crire par abbreviation 

Brachy'logy , bricvcti , / 
laconifrm , m. 

Brack , paille ,f. 

Brickst , taj^eau , m. [2. 

Biackish , a. Jhnache , aprc, 

Brackishnefs , / falure , f, 

B:ag , vn.fs vantir 

^'^^o > / fanfaronnade , f. 

Biaj^gadochio, f. bravache , 

BrdLid , va. cordonncr. [m. 

Braid ,/ trcfi ,/. pajfc-poil, 

Brails, //j/. cargues ,f. [m. 

Brain, cervcau, m. ce.rvelle,f. 

Brain , va, faire fuuter la 

Hair-brained, a. c'tourdi ^ e. 

Shittle-brained , volage, 2. 

Bfaialefs , a. eccrveU , e, 

Brainiick , a. blejji du cer- 
vcau , frenctique , 2. 

Braks , f, fougerais ; brim- 
bale; buche, f. brifoir , m. 

Brak« or Snaffle , bridon, m. 

Braky , a. epineux , fe. 

Bramble , f. ronce , /. 

Bran , foti , ot . [ ''^ > /• 

Branch, branche, chivillu- 

Yinc-hv3.nch , farmcnt , m. 

Branch , vn.poujj'ir dcs bran- 

Br a.nch, va. /ediyi/er. [chcs 

Branched velvet , velours 
figure ou a ramagt 

Branchy , a. branchu , e. 

Brand, / fiitriffurs. ^ /. /:■ 
fon , m. 

BR is 

Brand-new, a, tQuz-k-fait 

Brand , va. fietrir ^ diffamcr 
Brandish , branltr ^ fec&uer 
Brandy , f. eau-de-vie , f. 
Brangle , vn. picoter ; dif- 

puter. [ querelhufc , f, 

Brangler , f. querclUur , m» 
Brangling , / picotcrie , f, 
Brafs , airain , m, 
Brafiy , a. qui dent du cut" 

vre ; bronze , e. 
Brat,yi marmot yfoireux, m. 
Bravado , / fanfaronnadc,f. 
Brave , a. brave, 2, hahlit^ 2, 
Brave , f. bravache , m. 
Brave, va. braver ^ infuhts. 
Bravely, ad. bravemmt 
Bravery , /. vahur , f, 
Biavo, ajfaj/in , m. 
Brawl , r/z. clchaudcr 
Brawl, f.cUbauderie,f. 
Brawler, clahaudeur , fe. 
Brawn , chair de verrat , f. 
Brawn inefs, parties charnues 
Brawny, a. charnu , e. 
Bray, va. broycr, pikr 
Bray , vn. brain 
Bray , / brais , f. 
Brayer , broyon , m. 
Braze , va. brcni^nr 
Brazen , a. d'airai.n , dc 

bronze , dc fonte 
— — face , / effronte , e, 
• horfe , chsval de hroa- 

\e , m. 

-, va.fonteniry demonter 

Brazier, f chaudronnisr , c, 

55 BR 

Brazier's wzsQ ,f. chaudrcn- 

nerie , / 
Breach , brcchi ; rupture', 

Bread , pain , m. 
Shew-bread , pain de pro- 

Svvw- bread , truffe , /. 
Bread-basket , corhsiLU 
Bread-room of a ship,yoMf« 
Breadth, largmr y f. Ic , m. 
Break , va. rompre , caJJ'er ; 

percer ; ftndre ; viokr 
* open , enfoncer ; for- 
cer ; dicachcter 
. - loofe , detacher 
^ out , fourdrc ; ft dibor- 

der ; crever ; s'allumcr ; 

s'icricr ; iclater 

. in , fondre 

f through , enfoncer', fur- 

►— — up , creufer ; s'eclair- 

cir ; fe fcparcr ; avoir va- 

— — down , ahattre , demolir 
Break , f. vuide ; blanc , m. 
Break of day , I'aube du 

jour , f. \_fans , m. 

Breakers , br.ttures , /. bri- 
Breakfaft , dejcune , m. 
>— - , vr,. dejeuner 
Breakneck , / precipice, m. 
Bream , breme , /. 
Breaft , poitrine,f. fdn , m. 
knot, laiffc tout fai- 

re y m. 
33reafl plate, piiioral 


'^rcz^i-h'^vjci , f. hauteur d' ap- 

pui , /. 
Bread- woik , parapet ^m. 
Breath , haleins , f. fovfle , 
m. ^ I fur 

Breathe , vn. refpirer ; fonf- 
Breathe cut, exhaUrx expi- 
rer. [rail, m. 

Breathing-hole , f. foupi- 
Br bathing-time , reldchc 
Breathlefs , a. cf'oujjie , e. 
Bred , a. nourri , e. clcviy e. 
Bree , / taon, m. 
Breech , f. U derrizrc , m. 

culajje, f. 
Breech, va. fejfcr 
Breeches , f. culotte , /. 
Breeching , brague d'a^ff'ut 
Breed , va. cngendnr ; pro- 

duire ; caufcr ; clever 
Breed , f. race , /. [ tVe 

'^lizAzr , feconde y femme fer- 
Breeding , education ; en- 
ceinte , f. {brife,f 
Breeze , vent frais , m. 

( kind of fly ) , taon, m. 

Brethren , freres 
Breviary , breviaire 
Breviate, ex trait 
Brevier, pctit-tsxte 
Brevity , brievete ,f. 
Brew , va. braffer 
Brew'cr, f. braffeury m, 
Brew-houfe, hmfferie^f, 
Brew'irg, bra(nn, m* 
Briar , ronct , f. 
Sweet-briar, cglantier odo- 
Biib s , prJfcnt, [ nn: , m. 


J Bribe , Va. cor'ompre 
j Briber , f. fubo-neur , m. 
I Biibery , fubcrnation , /. 

Brick, brique 
I Brick-kiln , briqucter'ie 

Brick-maker, briquetier ,t, 
i Bricklayer , ma^on 
j Brickbat , piece de brique , 
Bricken , vn. fe rcngorger 
Bi ickoll , / bricole , f. 
Brickoll , vn. bricoler 
Biidal, a. nuptial , e. 
Bridal feng, f. epitkalamZy ; 
Bride , epoufee , f. 
Bride-bed, lit nuptial, m.. 
Bridegroom, epori/e 
Bridewell , maifon de corft 

tion , /. 
Bridge, ponr; chevalet , m. 

of the nofe, paroi ,J 

of a comb, chair.p 

peigne , m. 
Bridle , bride , f. 
Bridle , va. brider 

^if , vn. fe revgorger 

Brief, a. brefy ve. court , t 

►, / brevet ; bref, ah 

gi , m. 
Briefly , ad. en peu de mot 
B; lefnels , f. hricvsti , f. 
Brier, Toncc, f cflantier,. 
Briery , a. plein de ronces 
Brigade , f. brigade , /. 
Brigadier, brigadier ^m. 
Brih^antine, brigantin , br. 
Bright, a. luifant y c. br 

lant , e. 
Bu'g::t«n, va, brunlr, poll 








Tighten , vn. s'eclairclr 
ightish , a. luifant , e. 
ightly , ad. clairemcnt. 
ightnefs,/) hiewy clartCfj. 
I'lliancy, lujl'rc , m, 
illlant , a. hriUant, e. 
lUiant , /. brilUnt , m. 
im , hard, m. extremlti yf. 
im-fuil , a, tout plcia 
immer , f. rafadc ,/. 
liTifloae , foufre , m. 
imflony, i2. fulfureux 
inded , bigarri , e. ta- 
:hete , e. [/^^rs , 1. 

indled , taveld , e. rouf- 
mQ , f. faumun , f. 
ing , va. apporter ; amz- 
ner ; mcttn ; fervir; re- 
duirc [ m:ncr 

— back , rapporter , ra- 
—- forv/di"d , poiiffir 

— forth yproduire ; accou- 
cher ; mcttre has 

— off, diiivnr i diffn a d : r 

— under , foumettre , af- 
fujcttir. [ rcr 

n , faire entrer ; atti- 

— low, hum'Lier, affoihlir. 

— out , fj-i'i fortir ; tircr 

— up , nourrir ; ehver j 
irtger , f. porteur , fe, 

— up , fcrre-fiU y m, 
in:sh , a. fatin , e. 

:,i' ink,/ bord, 771, 
i. k lay , a. fali , e. fiVin. , e. 
lony , f. coiileuvrce , brioi- 

B R 

Brife, f. jachere , f. 
Brisk , a. vif^ ve. gal , e. 
Brisk one's felf up , vn. fe 

B:i;ket,/: brechtt, m. 
Brikly , ad. vzrf^ment 
Bn'sknefs , f. vlvacite, gale- 

Brif^le ifoie du cochon 
Bridle , V. hiriffcr ; enfoyer 
Badly, a. hirljfe , e. 
British , Britannicjue , i,_ 
Brittle, /rc'/e,, z. 
Brittlenefs , / fra?Mite , /. 
Brittly , ad. fraplemenf 
Broach , f. hroche , f. 
Broach , va. pcrccr; dibiter ; 

Bfoacher , / forgmr , m. 
Bruad , a. large , i. 
Make broad , va. eJ-'rgir 
GiOW broad , vn. s'e'a-gif 
B cadly , ad. a plcine bouche 
Broad-raced , a dccouvert 
Bi-oadfide ,/. bordic ,f. . 
Broadfword, fOKre/a^ , m. 
Brocade , brocard 


ocage , courtage 

Be , vi^nefiiuvags , /, 

I Brock, ta'Jfon 
] Brock.rt , dao^nct 

Brocoli, h cccjli 

Brop-ue , jiT^o'i ; fubots 

Btoil , va. grilhr 

Broiled meat , / grillade ,/. 

Broken hea- 1 , c(zur contrit , 

— fpirit , efprit abattu 

BR 57 

Broken fieep, fommeil in^ 

tzrrompu. [pee 

voice, voix entrecou'^ 

language , baragoidii , 

Broker, courtier : f/pUr 
B.qkerage , courtage 
Brokers raw , frlpirie , f. 
Bronze , brori^s , m. 
Broock, camaiiu 
Brood , eouvcz ; raa , /I 
Brood , vn. couver 
Brook , f. ruijfiau , m. 
— — , va.foiiQrir j di giver 
Broom , f. balai , m. 
— — , ( shrub ) 
Broomy , a. rempli dc genets 
Broth , f. bouillon ', m. 
Broth , (jelly.' cov.j'ommi 
Brothel, bordd 
B 6th eLy , jmvudicite, f. 
Brother , frcn , m. 
Bro.herhood , fratcrniti % 

confrcr e , f. 
Biothorly, a. fraf-ernel y le, 
— — J ad. frattrndlc-' 

ment. [chie , f, 

Brou'j;ht to bed , a. accou- 
Brow , f. front , fommct , m, 

kardiejTc , f. 
Browbeat , va. morguer 
Brown , a. biun. , e. 
— '—^- w Ox-nan , f br:-ne,f,- 

<r:rl , brunette 

bluQ , a. livids , 1, 

paper y- /. pc^^iit 

gris y m. 
< I.. .1 I i;n 1 bread , pain hi^ 

5S B R 

Brown fugar , / cajjonaii 

Brownish, a, hruntt , te. 
BrowCe, f. hrout , m. 
Browfe , vn. brouter 
Bruife, va. menrtrir ; egru- 

gir ; concajjcn pllc' ; hroycr 
— ■. ■ ■ , y! vicurtrijfurz , f. 
Bruit, bruit, m. nouvslU , f. 
Briimal, a. hive'nal, e. 
Briin^tt, / brumtts , f. 
Bi-unt, choc , defcifire, m. 
Brush , brojfes , vcrgcttcs , f. 

pinceau , choc , m. 
Bottle-bvush , goupillon, m. 
Shoe-brush , dicrottoire , f. 
^rush-v/ocd , hrcuffailles" 
Brush , va. brojff'cr , v&rgiter ; 

I away, decampcr, s'en- 

fulr. ; [f.r 

' through, brojjir; paf- 

Brush-maker, f. vergetur, in. 
Brusher , rafade , /". 
Briishy , a. rude , 2. vein, e, 
Biuille , V. pctiUer 
Biiiial, a. brutal , e, 
Biu^ality,/ b-utaliti ^ f. 
Brute » bete , f. 
Bru'^e, a. brute, 2.fauvag^%2. 
Brutish , a. brutal , e. 
Briitishly, ad. hmtalement 
Briitishncfs , / brutalite , f, 
Bry'ory, brioine 
Bubble, bouteJlU; dupe 

( trifle ) , niaifitie 

— -^ , va. dupsr 

"' " ■• "— ■' up , vrii bouillonncr 

B U 

bubbler , / Jiha , m. 
Biibby, teton , to. mamclle^ f, 
Bdbo , poulaln , m. 
Buccaneer, boucanler , fli- 

Buck , daim ; dchauche 

jf cloaths, Ujfive ,/. 

ashes , cendres da lejjlve 

cloaths , va. falrc la 

Bucket, f. fcau , 771. [lejlve 
Buckle , Ifiucle , f. 
(tongue of), ar- 

dillon, m. 

1 J ya. boucUr ; flcchir 

Buckler ^f. bouclicr, m. 
Buckram , bouf^ran 
Buckthorn , nerprun. 
Bud, bourgion , houton, jet 
— — , vn, bourgeo.nner , bou- 

Budge, bouger , fe remuer 
■ , f. peau d'agneau , f. 

, a. empefc , e. 

Bu'Jgct , / bougitte, f. 
Buff, fouflct , m. 

— , peau de hu-jjle , f. 

~ , va. fou^iter 

, a.ferme , 2. rifolu , e. 

Biiftalo,/. baffle, m. 
BiifFet, va. fouffleter 

, f.foufflct ; bufct , m. 

BufHihe'aded , a. lourdaud , 

Buftoon , f. bouffon , ne. 
Buffoonery, boujff'onnerie ,/". 
Bug , punaife 
May-bug, hanneton , m, 
Bug-bear, epguya/nail 

B U 

Biig- words, / paroles fit 

res ,f. 
Buj;gy , a. plein depunaij 
Bugle , /. baeuf fauv^ge ^ 1 

bugh , /: 

Biiglofs , bugloft , f. 
Build, va. bdtir yconjiruir 

Build on , vn. compter fur 
Builder, f. bdtijjfair, m. 
P\4afier-builder , architecit 
Building,/, ed'fice i m. 
Art of building , architt 

tare , /• 
Fond of building , a. q 

alme a bdtir 
B lib ,/. bulbi ,/. oignon , ; 
Bulbous , a. huibeux , fa. 
Bulge , brifr; touch 
Bulimy, f. bouUmle, fa. 

canine , f. 
Bulk , volume , m. capacity li 

majfe , f. en gros' 
Bulk , ( before, a shop 

etabli , m. 
' — ■ — out , vn. fairc ventrt 
Eulker , f. garcc , /. 
Biilkishnefs, grojfiur 
Bulky, a. lourd , c.gros'y,^ 

niaffif, ve. 
Bull, f. taureau \ m. in 

oru^ti ; bulk , f 
— — head , tctard , m. 

fly , taon ; cerfvoU 

baiting , combat 

taureaux — 
Bii'lace, prunclle , f. 
BuH5t,^fl//e, fbouUt\ 

B U 

'Ifinch ,/. rouge-queue , m. 
r:'Xc>n , argiiit en majjc 
luliock, jenne bcuf 
Itilly , bratcur 

■ , va. morguer 

liilrush, / un jonc , m. 
lilwark, bouh-vard, bajlion 
um, dirriere, le cul 
um-fodder , torch^-cul 
um-bailiff , poujfc-cul 
i limb a sin , bomb a fin 
ump u;> , vn. s^er.fler 
ump , / boffi , / conp , m. 
limper, lampzz , rafadi^ /. 
limpkin , rujln , m. 
un , fouace , /. 
unch , troiijfeau , m. hoffc ; 
^rappe ; bo tee ; touffc , /. 
ilnciihai-ked , a. voiltd , e. 
a:ich out , V. s'eUver en 

mdls , /. pjquet 
ccin , m. poignic , /. 

, v.t. empaquit:r 

un^.f. bondjn, tampon, m, 

, va. hondonner 

angle , favcttr 
tinkler, ^C mal-adrolt , e. 
linglingly , ad. grojjlers- 

liater , f. bclit'c , m. 
uoy , bo ace , /". s, 

uoyup , ra, appuyer 
ur , f. g^outivon , m. 
uvdcn ; fardeau , m. 
eafi: of burden , bctc de 
fgmme, f. 
lirden , va. charger 


B U 

Riidcnfome, a.fdcker:x ,fe. 
Bureau , f. bureau , m. 
Biirgefs , f. bourgeois , e, 
Bu'-gh , bourg , m. 
Burghei" , bouio-cols 
Biirghership , bourgeoijic , f. 
Bii.glar , vohur 
Burglary , vol de mciifon 
Bur;i;omarccr, boiirgmcflrc 
Burial , fepuhure , f. 
Burin , burin , m. 
Bu ly, a. rcplet , te. 
Buidefcrae, va.. turlupiner 
ouilef'jue, a. s. —quey i. 

comique , ^. 
Burn , V. bruler 

away , fe cor.fumer 

■ to ashes , reduin en 

ccndres. [cher 

up , hrulcr tcvt ; f: fe- 

Burn , yi bru'.ure , /. 
Burner, brtiUury iacendiai- 

re y m. 
Burnet , pimprenelle y f. 
Burning, bridure ; incndie , 

f. brule y rii. 
Burning, a. brulant , e. al- 

lume y e. . [dent 

. — glafs , / verre ar- 

Burnish , va. brunir y polir ; 

Burnisher, / bruniffeury fe. 
Burnishing, hruniffage , m. 

R' ck , brunijfoir 

Burr , tycipan de Uoreilh 
Biirrcw, va. fe terrer 
Burrow , f. bourg , m. 
Burrow, remer, dapler 

B U 59 

Biirfer, / bourfier y m. 

Burie , bonrfi , /, 

Burfl, eciac, debordement y m, 

, v. crevcr , ec later 

Biir^en , a. kernieux, fe, 
Biirflenncfs , f. hemic , /. 
B^ii'ton , palanquin , m.- 
Bill y , va. enterrcr , enfcvellt 
Biiiying^y^ enterrcment, m. 
B'irying-place , fepuhure ,f. 
Buoh , luljjon ; bou:hon, m, 

queue d: renard , f. 
Biishcl , boijfcau ,4m. 
Biishy, a. touffu , e. 
Biihly, f>d. avec cmprejjemcnt 
Eiiflnefs ,/ affaire ^f 
Euik , bufc y m. 
Buskin , bottine, f. 
Bufs , baifer, m. J 

, va. baifvtter 

"Qxx^ y f bufze y m. 
Biidard , outardc , f. 


vn. s :nvizuer 

— — , f.f'acas y bruit , m, 
Bufler , hommz intrigant 
Biify , va. occupcr 
, a. affaire y e. cccu" 

ply e. [m, 

Bu<"y-body ,/ cntrcme<'teur, 
Biify day , jour d'affaires 
But , c. hormis , mais , que > 


, / but , m. 

Bi:t-end, couche ,f. bout,m» 
Biuchor , boucker , m. 
Butcher's meat , groffe viaH", 


Butcher, va. egorger 
D n 

40 B y . 

Butcherly, a, harhan, 2. 
Butchery , / bouche-U , f. 
Butlsr , fommelUr , m. 

. _ ^ va. heurtir di la tiu 

Butter,/ brurre, m. 

>~ , va. beurrer 

l-atter-milk, f. hahsure , in. 

> — tl ower , ja'inec 

p—- fly , pcpillon. 

Buttcfis , boudoir 
Eiittery , a. bcurre , e. 

, /. dipcnfi, /. 

Biijtock , fe(je ; croupe ; ar- 

cajfi,/. cimier , m. 
Button , houton , m. 
— — hole, boutonniere,f. 
> maker , houtonnicr^m. 

f— — ■ ware, boittonneriCyj^ 

• , va. boutonner 

Buttoncr , f. tirc-bouton , m. 
Biirtrefs , arc-boutant; appul 

' , va. joutenir 

Buxom, a. gaillard y e. fou- 

ple , 2. 
Buxomly , ad. gaiUardemcnt 
Biixomj^s , f. gailiardife,/. 
Buy , va. achcter 

— and fell , tr.ijlqiier 

Buy>3r , /." achiteur ^ fi. 
Buzz , vn. hourdonmr 
— — , f. bourdonnemcnt , m. 
—- — , va. divulgiicr , repaa- 

dre un b'ui:. 
Blizzard , / bufard, m. 
Biizzcr, chuchoteur J foiijjlcur 
^y f pr. par ; de i a, aa ^ a 
la s pres , pro (he j fur 

C A 

Ey-blow , / bdt.'ird , m. 
By-laws , Jlaiuts di commu- 

By-jath , fentier ecarti 
By-llander , re-^a^dant 
By day , ad. d: jour 
By degrees , pcu-a-peu 
B) -place yf. riduii , m. 
By-proflts , tour de b.i:on 
By-way ,' ditonr 
By-'A-^ord , dicion 
By- j obi) , ouvrap:e a part 
By- lane, rue a fccart , /. 
By-town , villi ecartic 
By refoeft: , vuz paniculkrc 
By-works , hors d''a:uyre, m. 
By-fack , bijfac 
Bylander , hdandrc 


ABA'L ,r. coterie , caha- 
Cdbal , va. cabaUr. \U , f. 
Cabala , f. cabalc , /". 
Cabahft, caballjie, in. 
Cabaler, cahileur 
Cabalillickjfl. caba'ifiiquc, 'z. 
Cabbage ,/. chou , m. 

, ntailles de tall- 


v. volcr ; pommc 

Cabbm , f. lo^e ; cabanc , / 
Cabinet , cnbinct , m. 
Cable, cabU 
Cablet , cahlot ou grelin 
Cabl'ish , broajfailks , / 

abatis ds bois , m. 
Caburn ,// dc carru 3 «z. 

C A 

Cack , vn. /aire caca 
Cack 'd-hs6, f. cMf-e-i'!ity n. 
Clicklc, vn, gloujfer 
Cackling, / cri ^ chant 4 

la pouia , m. [nie , j 
Cacophony , f. cacopho 
Cadaver ous,;a. cad.ivereux 
Cadiis , / cadis y m. [f. 
Cade , caquc , f. baril , m. 
Cade lamb , agncau dvmeji 

Cadence , cadence , f. 
Cadet , cadit y m. 
Cadiiceus, caduccc , m. vgr^ 

de Mercure , /. 
Caduke , a.-caduc, m. ca 

duqui , /". 
Cs'ciry, f, aveugUmcnty n 
Cag, caquiyf. 
Cage , cage. [cdg 

Cagi , va. encager, mettree 
Cajole, cajoUr ; enjolsr 
Cajolcr , f. c,:jolcitr y fe. ■ 
Cajoling, cajolerie y f. 
Caiffoon , caiffon di bom 

bes y m. [2 

CairifF, pendart , m. e/clavt 
Cake , gateau , m. 
Calce , vn. /e tier , fe colhr 
Calama-^.co , / callcmand^^ ir;;'^ 
Calamine , calamine,. [^f 
Calamitous , a. calatniti 

fe. _ ^ ; { ^^ 

Calamity, f. calam'.ti , p \:,^ 
Calamus , rofean , m. canne 
Calash , calechc , f. [J 

Calcar , fournsau pour cab 
t cinsr , w. ' 


C A 

ZA\c\nition,f. calcination,/. 
"alcfne, va. cakincr 
Calculate , calculer^ compter 
calculation , f calcul , in. 
calculator , calcuUtcur 
"alculous , .2. picrrcux , fe, 

grayeUuX , fc, 
lalculus , f. calcul , m. 

pierre , / 
iaidron , chaudron , m. 

alefaclion , calefaclion^ f. 

alpudar , calendrier, m. 

alender, cha'-anfon 

alender , va. calandrer , 


alender , f. calandre , /. 

alend'^er, calandreur , m. 

alends , calendcs ,/". 

alenture , ficvre ardcnte 

alf" , gras dc la j.:mbc ; 

veau J faon •, m. 

iliber, calibrs , m. 

alico , indienne , f, 

alid , a. ardent , c. 

alidity,/! ardeur, chaUur^f. 

iliph , calife , m. 

aliginous , a. trouble y.z. 

obfcur , e. [tare , /". 

lligraphy , f. bdlt icri- 

iliver , piirriefj m, 

iiix , culice 
Ik , va. calfater 

ilker ,/ calfctcur , m. 

liking, ca!jat::'y^c 

ilking-ii-on j/i'r a calfat 

lU , va. cppcUr , nommtr 
in , Tctira j riiraau ; 


C A 

Call back , va. raopder 
^ — off , ddournc- , dijj'uadcr 

— afide , tirer a cote 

— aloud , poujfcr un cri 

— forth, /j/re fortlr ou vtnlr 

— together, aJfimbUr , con- 
voquir. [plore'' 

' — to one , Invoquer j itn- 
— ' at a place, p^'^jj^r 

— , f, appd, VI. 
Caller, cdm qui appdli 
Calling , vacation , f. mi- 

tlcr , m. 
Ca'hpers, compas pour c.ili- 

brer ^ m. 
Call6ii£y , durlUon , cahis 
Callous , a. calhux , fe. 
Calloufnefs , f. calus , m. 
Callow , a. fans plume. 
Callus , f. calus , cal , m. 
Calm , va. calmer , appaifc- 
Calm, a. calme ^ 2. tran- 

quille , 1. 
Calm , f. calme , m. 
Calmly , ad. tranquillement 
Calmn efs , f. [ereniti , j\ 
Calmy , a. paifible > 2. 
Calot , f. calotte , f. 
Calvary , calvaire^ m. 
Calve , vn. 
Calvi.nifm , f. calvinlfme, m. 
Calvinifl, calviidjlz , 2. 
Calumniate, va, calomnlcr 
Calumniator , f. calomnia- 

teur , m. [fe. 

Calumnious, a. calomnicux, 
Calumny , /,' ca'cmnie , f. 
Canuiil, e-mail, w» 

» C A 41 

Cambering , a. camhri , e, 

VOUtS , c. 

Canib.ick , /C tolle d-: Cam- 

brai , hatiji.: , f. 
Cam::l , chcmeau , m. 
Camel-driver , charmUcr 
Cameleon , cameUon 
Camera obfcura , chainbn, 

ohfcure , /] 
Camifade , attaque dz nult , 

ramlet , camelot , m. 
Camomile, camoinilU , f. 
Camp , camp , m. 
Camp - fight , combat em 

champ clos 
Campaign, campagne ,f. 
'^'g J pcrrucuc a 

la cdvaliin 
Camphire, camphre, m. 
CamphoratiS , a. camphre, e. 
Can , f. bidon , m. 
Can , V. pouvoir , /avoir 
Canaille , /. cartaillc , f» 
Canal, canal , m. 
Canaty , vin de canarie 
Canaiy-bij^d, ferim* 
Cancel, va. hijfcr ; annullcr ; 

limit er. [/. 

Cancelling ,/! cancellation ^ 
Cancer, cancer, chancre, m. 
Cancerous, a. chancreux,fc. 
Candid , a. franc , che. Jin.'- 

cere , 2. 
Candidate , f. afplrant , m^ 
Candidly , ad.jrar.dumcnr. 
Candidnefs ,f. candcnr ,/*. 
Candle , chanddU 

41 C A 

CandlciTias ,f,chcndehur,f, 
Candlefticlc , ch.i'r.diHer , m. 
J3ranched-candLiftlck , /nf- 

tre , m. girandole , f. 
Candour , candeur , f. 
Candy, va. ccnjue 
C d 1 dy , vn. fe can dir 
Sugar-candy , f. fucre can- 

dl , m. 
Cane , canne , f. 
Cane, va. donner des coups 

■ de canne 
Canicular, a. canlculaire, i. 
Canine , caniti , e. 
Canifter , f. canajlrc , boite 

a the , f. [ere , m. 

Canker, chznille ^ f. chart' 
Canker , vn. fc gator ' 
Canker , va. corrompre 
Cannibal , f. antropopha- 

ve , 2 . 
Carnon , canon , m. 
Cannonade, canonnade, f. 
Cannonade , va. canonner 
Cannoneer, f. canonnler, m. 
Canoe , canot^ m. pirogus^f. 
Canon , canon , m. 
Canon-law , droit canon 
Canon , chanoine; parangon 
Canonical , a. car.onique^ 2. 
Candnically, ad. canoniquc- 

Canonift, f. tanonifie ^ m. 
Canon i'aiion , — tlon , f. 
Canor.fze, va. canonifir 
Canonry ^ f. canonical , m. 
Canopy , dais 
«—• !—■ ^ for ^ bgd, pavilion 

C A 

Canopy of heaven ,f.f.rma' 

mat , m. 
Canorous, a. milcdieux^fc. 
Ca:"t,y. narqnois y encan, m. 
Cant, vn. enjoUr ; jnrgonncr 
Cantata , /. cant at 2 , f. 
Canter , hypocrite , m. 
— ■ , vn, aller au petit 

galop _ 
Cantliarldes,/ cantharide.f. 
Canticle , cantique , m. 
Cantle , chantcau 
Cantle , va. morccler 
Canto., / chant , m. 
Canton , canton 
Canton , vn.j:antonner 
Cantonize , vn. divifer en 

Canvafs , f. cantvas , m. 
Canvafs , va, eplncker ; bri- 

Canvaiung , / cabalc , /. 
Cap , bonnet , m. the , f. 
Cap, va. faluer y dicouvrir 
Cap-snaker, /^ bonnetier ytn. 
Cap-paper , papier i^ris 
Fool's-cap , bonnet d'dne 
Cap-a-pe , ad. de pied en cap 
Capable, a. capable , 2. 
Capacious , ample , i. vaf- 

te , 2. [ te , / 

Capacioufnefs , J] c.ipaci- 
Capacitate , va. rendre ca- 

Capacity ,/. capacite , f. 
Canarifon , ciparajfon , m. 
Capdrifjn, va. caparajfor.ner 
Cape ,f, cap , w. 

C A 

Caper , f. cdpre ,/. 
Caper , cabriole 
Cap'Cr , vn, cabrioler > 

Caparer , f. cahriohnr , m. 
Capias , fcntence ,f. 
Capillav3/ , a. c.ipillaire , : 
CapiIIaments , f. petitcs f, 

brcs ; etamines , /. 
Capilotade , capilotadc , j 

ragcdt , m. 
Capital , a. capital ^ e. 
Capital ,y! capital , m. cht 

piteau , m. capitale , f. 
Cap- tally, ad. capita'emet 
Capitation ,f. capitations^ 
Capitular, a. capitulaircy l 
Capitulate, \n. capituUr 
Capitulation , f. — tion , ^ 
Cipon, chapon , m. 
Capon , va. c'saponncr 
Capot , faire capot 
Cap6uch,yl capuchon ,m4 
Caprice , caprice 
Cap: icious, a. capricieux,/< 
Capricioully, ad. — cieuft 

ment. ' [riSyj 

Capricloufnefs , / bizarre. 
Capricorn, capricorne^ A. 
Capftan , cabifian , m. 
Capfular , a. capfulai'rp, / 
Captain , f. capitaim , m. 
Captious , a. capt.'eux , fe, 
Cdptioufly, ad. captieufc 

Captioufnefs , / adrtffe ,j 
Captivate , va. cap river ^ 
Captive , a. s. captif, ve. 
Captivity , / captiviie^f* 

C A 

Captor , f. preneur , m. 

Capture, capture, f. 

Capuchin , capucin } man- 
telet , m. 

Car , char 

Carack , caraque , f. 

Caracol , caracoU 

Carat , carat , m. 

Caravan , caravan-: , f. 

Caravan , voiiure 

Caravan fary , caravanf;- 
rai , m. 

I!!aravel , caraveUe , f. 

Caaway, carvi, m. 

Ca. bine , carabine , f. 

Carbineer, carablnUr ^ m. 

Carbonado, carbonnade, f. 

Carb ancle , efcarhoucU; eh- 
vure, f. charbon , m. 

Carcafs , carsajjc , /. fquclct- 
te, m. 

Carcellage , geolage, m. 

Card, carte i carde ^ f. 

Card-maker, can'ur \, car- 
dier , m. 

Card , va. carder 

Za.rdamiimyJ". cardamoms, m. 

Carder, cardeur , fe. 

Cardes , cardis , /. 

Caidiac , a, cordial , e, 

Caidinal, cardinal , e, 
are , f. foia ; Jhuci 

^are , vn. fc foucizr 

Carec^n , rs.:io::hcr , carintr 

Zzrz€r, f. can-icre, courfcyf. 

Careful , a. foigncux , fe. 

Carefully, ad. foigneufctnent 

c A I 

Catclefsly , ad. nonchalam- 
rrzcnt. {c£ , f 

Car -IcfTners , f. nonchalan- 
Care'e.Cs, a. nonchalant^ e. 
Ciiiii'':i,f'. carejfe, flatterie, f. 
C'.rc-'l; , va, ca'-eJJ'er, cajoler 
Cir^-J, /. cargaijhn, char- 

Carious , a. carii , e. 

Carle, vn.s'accabler dc Joins 

Carlm^s, f. pi, traverfins 
des baitx 

Carman , f. charret'er , m. 

Carminative , a. — tif, n. 

Carnar.e , f. can:zin , m. 

Carnage , carna^i , m. ca- 
rte ; f. 

Carnal , a. charnel , h. 

Carnality , / ftnfuaUii , /. 

Carnally , ad... charndUm-nt 

Carnation, f. a'dUt came; 
incarnat , m. carnation, f. 

Cat neous , a. charnsux , j":. 

Carnival , f. carnaval , m. 

Cari"iivoroi.s, a. ca'najjier,e. 

CdrnoCity ,f. carnofite , f. 

Carol , chanfon , f. no'H , m. 

Caroufer , buvcur , ivro' 

Carp , carpe , f. 

i (y ""'S) » carpcau, m. 

, va. criiiqucr , polntill&r 

Carpenter,/] charpentier, m. 

Carpeatei's wo.k , char- 
pente , f. 

Carpentry, charpcnterie 

Carper, critique , anfcur^ m.. 

Carpet , ta^ist^ 

C A 45 

Carpet-way , f. chcmln dc 



Carping , a. pointiUcux , fe, 
Carriage , ; 
port , m 

voLture , f. 

•warnage of a gun , ajfu 

Carrick - bits , hittes late- 
rales du vindas. [/■/«/', m. 
Carrier , portsur , voitu- 
Carrion , charogr.e , /. 
Carrot, carotte 
Carrot, roujfcau , m. 
Carry , va. porter ; miner 

— it high , trancher du 

grand, [ viHoire 

the day , remponer la 

it , I'emporter 

away , emporter , en- 
lever. \fnener 

back, rapporter y ra~ 

— — over , tranfporter 

to and fro , porter fa 

& Id. [continuer 

on , pouJTsr; conduire j 

Cart, / charntte y f. cha<^ 

riot y m. 
Dung-cart, tombcreauy m, 
Caaioad, charretee,f. 
Cartel, cartel, def, , m. 
Cartel , vaifj'cau varUmcn- 
Carter , charretier. [tair^ 
Cartilage , cartilage 
Cartilat^inoiis , a, cartila" 

gincux y fi. 
Cartoon , f. carton y m. 
Carioiich , cartridge , car-' 
louche 5 f* 

44 C A 

Cart rut ,/ orr.iere^f. 
CartAvright , ckarron , m. 
Carve, va, tailler ; graver ; 

Carver , f. rfculpuur ; ecnycr 

tranchant -jOravair , m. 
Carving , fcul'ytnre , /. 
Caruncle, caroncule. 
Cafcade , cafcaie 
Cafe , ct^i^ m. hoitc , f. 
Cafe , cas ; etut , m. 
— — ( good ) , embonpoint 
Ca-Cc-shot , micruilU , f. 
Cafe , va. firrtr ; fuppofer 
Cafe-harden , endwcir 
Cafement , f. fcnetre , f. 
Cash , argent ,m. caijjc.f. 
Cashier , caijjler , m. 
Cashier , va. cajj'tr 
Qask^f.tonneau ; cafque , m. 
Caflia , cajj'e , /. 
Casket, caJJ'ette^f. 
CdiToc , fontanc 
Caft , va. Jeter ; rchaujfcr 
Cafi , condamncr 
— ~ away , ahanionnar i 

bar.nir ; pc-rir 

» againd , reprocher 

<—— headlong , pricipiter '■ 
— — - oil, de'pouil'er ; muer 
< up , J'upputir ; fom- 

mtr ; vonzir 
— down , baijjer ; dccoii- 

rager, ajjilger 
— — out, chajjer 
Cafl;, vn.fc dsjcter ; rendrc 

C.-rfr, / jcty coup, fcnte, 

C A 

Caftawajj/i aai a fait nan- 
frag! ; rebut ; reprouvc, m. 

Caftcllain , chatdaln 

Cdiligats , va. chdver^ piinir 

Caftigation, f. chdtimcnt, m. 

Caiting-houfe , fonderit , /. 

net , ipcrvicr , m. 

'■ ward, chdtcUcnlc ,/. 

Caltle , chateau , m, 

Caftle , vn. roquer 

Cadling 5 f. avorton , m. 

Cailor, cajior 

Caflrate , va. chdtrer 

Caftration, f. cajhation ^f. 

Cafual , a. cafuel , Ic. 

Cafual'.y, ad, cafudlemcnt 

Cafual nefs , / cafualiti , f. 

Cafualty5 hafard, m. 

Cafuift, cafuifte 

Cat , chat , m. chattc , / 

Cat-block, pouHedc capon 

Cat-hook , croc dc capon , m. 

Cat - harpings , trelin(iagc 
des haubans Jbus la hum 

Cat in pan , transfugc , m. 

Catacombs, catacomocs ^ f. 

Catalogue , catalogue , m. 

Cataplafm, cataplafme 

Cataraft , cataradt , f. 

Catarrh , catarrc , hi. 

Catarrhous, a. catarreux,fc. 

C^ataflrophe , f. cataftro- 
phe , f. 

Catcall , appcau , m. 

Catch , va. attraper , pren- 
dre; ravir; atteindrc; fur- 

— .— cold, sUnrhumir 

C A 

Catch a fall , v. tomher 
Catch ,y! czpture , f. 
Catch , ( fong ) chanfonntt- 

Catch of a door, annenu^ m, 

of a latch, crampon 

bit , parajits 

Catching, a. contagieux^ff, 
Catch-pole, / f^rgent , m. 
Catch-word , reclame , /. 
Catc;chetical, a. catechif- 

tlque, 2. 
Catechlfe , va. catichifer , 
Catechifm ^f catcchifme^fm 
Catechiil , catcch'.Jle 
QddQchu.n\cr\ ^catechumeneyT.. 
C^XQg6v\z-a.\^a.categor ique^^. 
Categorically, ad. — riquc- 

Category , / catigorie ,/. 
Catenate , va. licr^ enctiainer 
Catenation , f. liaijon , /. ' 
Cater , quatre , aux dcs , m. 
Cater, vn.faire la provijion 
Caterer, jC pourvoyeur, m. 

Ca ter efs 



Caterpillar , chenille 
Caterwauliing , fabat 

chats; tintamarre , m 
Cathartic, a. catkartiqucy 
Cathedral , /. cathedrals , 
Cathddral , a. cathJdralc 
Catheter , f. fonde , m. 
Cathdiicifm , f. catholl 

Cathvylic ,- a. s. catholique, 2 
Ca-Hrtoliconjl cat holiconyttt. 
Catkins, chaton 

C A 

"at tie, f. I be tail, m. 
Cavalcade, cavalcad: ^f. 
Cavalier , cavalier , m. 
Cavalier-like , ad. a la ca- 
valier e, [ment 


ad, cavalierc- 
-ava'ry , / cavaUric , / 
]aadle , chsudiau , rivcil'- 

Icn , m. 
]ave , antrc, m. cave , f. 
Caveat, avis ; empec/i:m:nt , 
javern , cavsrnc ,f. [ m. 
"iavemous, a. cavirneiiy.^fc. 
lAviiS,/. voleujs dc minis , 
'a%''efon , cavejfon 
'auf , coffret pzrci 
'aught up , a. ravi , e, 
liv'i^T ,f. c:ivi:!r , m. 
Elavil , pointllU , chicane , f. 
Javil , vn. pointiller y chi- 

VAv'iUqv , f. chicamur , fc. 
jdviHin";, a. cnptieux , /e. 
jointilUuci , f<i. [ /"". 

I ^avity , f. craix , m. cavit: , 
I laul , coifi 

'auliflow er , chcu -fl:ur , 
Kaufality , CAufe , f, princi- 

la'afe , caufe , raifon , f.fu- 

jet , lieu , m. 

'aufe , va.-caufcr ; falre ' 

il ;ep , fiiirc dormir 

- — love, donner dc F amour 

forrow , donmr du cha- 

llaufelesily, ad. fans caufc , 

fans fujitj a tort 

C E 

Caurdefs , a. qui eji fans 
raifon , injujli , 2. 

Caufer , f auteur , m. 

Caiile-way , chaujfee , f. 

Cauiljc, a. s. canjiique^ 1. 

Cautelons yfourb^ , 2. 

Cauterifation , f. — tion ,f. 

Cautgrize , va. cautififcr 

Cauiion , f. avis , m. pru- 
dence , precaution , f. 

Caution , va. avcrtir 

Cautionary, a. hypo:he'que,e. 

Cautious , circonfpecl , e. 

Cautiouily , ad. piudcrnmait 

Cautioufnefs,/ circonjp^- 
tion , /'. 

Caw , vn. crier ; kalctcr 

Ceafe , ajjh ; di'co'Jtir.U'ir 

Ceafclefs , a. con:inuil , Iz. 

Without ceafing , ad. fans 

Cedar ,yi ccdrt , m. {_cejfc 

Cedriue , a. de cedre 

Ceil , va. lamhrifsr 

Cdlling, /7 lambris y m, vai- 

Celeb -ate, va. cilibrer 
Celebrated , a. ciLhn , 1. 
Celeb: ation , f ciUhra- 

tion , f. 
Cdcbnous, a.czlchrz,r. 
C^io^lty , f cjUhiiu y f 
Cel^iity, —te\ vi^ejfe 
Celery, ce'feu , m. 
CelelV;al , a. cUeJlc , 2. 
Cdlibacy , f cilibat ^ m. 
Celibate, cilihatalrc, '-argon 
Cellar , cave , /. ccllkr , m. 

c E 4f 

Cellarage , f. caves , /. cd- 

Hers , m. 
Cellarift , celerier , e. 
Cellular, <i. caver^eux ^ fei 
Ce'fitude , / altejfe , f. 
Cement , cimcnt , m. 
Cdme-t, vn. citmnter 
Cemetary , f cimettere , m, 
Cenotaphiam, cinotaphi 
Ce^fe, vn. enccnfer 
Cenfer , f enccnfoir , m. 
Cdnfbr , cenfcur 
Ccnforious , a. midijant , e, 
Cenfo. iouHy , ad. en cznfeur 
Cenforioufnefs , /. medl-« 

Cenfure , cenfu-e 
Ce-^.fure, va. cenfurer 
Cdnfurcr , f critique , m. 
Cent , a. s. cent 
C<f ntenary , a. ccntenaire, 1» 
Ccntinel , f.fzntinelle ,f 
Central, a. central ^ e. 
Centre , f. centre , m. 
Centre, vn.fe reunir 
C en try , f. fcnt indie , /. 

box, gusrite 

Centuole , centuple , m, 
CentiirioiT , f. centurion , 

centenier , m. [ rie , f. 
Century , ficcle , m. centu- 
Cephalic , a. cephalique , 2. 
Cerate , f. cerat , m. 
Cere , va. circr 
Cei-e-cloth ,/! toile ci^e'e^f. 
Ceremonial , ce'cmonial , m» 
Ceremof/ial , a. —nial, e. 

4^ C E 

Ceremoaiouny , ad. avcc 

bcaucoup de ceremonies 
Ceremony , f. ciremonic ,/. 
Ceriila , cedille 
Ceitain , a.filr^ e. certain, c. 
Certainly , ad. fans doute 
Certainty , f. ajfurance , 

certitude , /. 
Certiikatc, certificat ^ m. 
Certify, va. certijitr 
Certitude , f. ce'titude , f. 
Cerdfe, b'.anc d'Efpaqnc, m. 
Cefs , cotifation , f, 
Cq(s , va. cotifer , taxcr 
CefTor , f. cotifcur , m. 
CciTation , csjfation , f. 
CefTcition of arms , fufpen- 

fton d^armcs , trcve 
C^flion , csjfio.t 
CdfTment , taux , m' 
Cetaceous , a. ce'tacee , m. 
Chafe, f/i. s'ecorcher ; s'c- 

chauffer , s^emporter 
Chafer, /i e/'carbot^poilorj^m. 
ChafF, vn. ai'.rrir 
Ch3^ , f. puillc , f. 
Chrifver , vn. bargulgntr 
Chaff^rer,y? harpiiantur, fe. 
ChafFcrn , chaudiere , f. 
Chaffinch , poinfon, m. 
ChafTy, a. pUin de paille 
Chafing , f. ccorchure , f. 
Chafing-dish, rc'chaud , m. 
Cha^ia , cha'^jin 
Chagrin , va. chaariner 
Chain ,/ chaine , f. 
Chain , vj, 
Chain-sliot, f, argc , m. 

C H 

Chain -maksr , /. chaine- 

tier , m. 
Chain-lace , pajfe-poil , cor- 

Ciiain-walcs yporte-haubans 
Chains , captivite , fervi- 

tude , / , 
Chair, chaife 
Arm-chair , / 
Folding-chair , chaife plian- 

Cliaii man , porteur de chai- 
fe ; raccommodeur de chai- 
f, m. 

Chdirm:in yprcfcdcnt. \di,f. 

Chai womar: , ecureufc , ai- 

Chaife, phaeton, m. 

Clialcddony , chalcedolne^f. 

Chalcog'apher, -^phe ; gra- 
veur en cuivre , m. 

Chalcography, grayure en 
cii'vre , f. [feaux 

Chaldron, mcfure de ^6 boif 

Chai' c 3 , calice , m. 

Chalk, craie ,/. 

Chalk , ra. crayonner 

Chalk out,/Kijer, tracer 

Chalky , a, pUin de ciaie 

Challenge, va. defer; re- 
el am-r -j 1 ecufer ; fommer 

Challenge , f. appel ; cartel .^ 
m. pretention; recitfation^f. 

Challenger, appelant , agnf- 

Chaly'beate, a. ferre , e. 

Chamber ,/ chamhre , /. 

Chainbe.-ing , dchauche. [m. 

Chaoibsrlain , chatnhdlan , 

C H 

Chamfer,/ cannelure , /. 
Chamfer , va. canneler 
Champ, mdcher 
Champaign , /.' pays decoi 

vtrt , TO. 
Champion , champion 
Chance, hafard , accident 
Chance , vn. arriver 
Chance-medley ,yi cas foi 

tuit , m. 
Chancel , p re shy t ere 
Chancellor , chanccLier 
Chancery , chancellerie , /, 
Chandelier, luflre ^ m. 
Cliandler, chanddier 
W ax- c h a n d I e r , drier 
Change, va. changer 
Change , f. changement , »• ^^^ 

ia bourfe , f. 
Changeable, a. changeant, . 
Changcablenefs ,y^ inconj 

tance , f.' 
Chaiigeling, enfant fuppo. 

fe ; benet , m. 
Changer , changeur 
Channel , car:al ; lit d^ut 

riviere , m. manche , f, 
Channel , va. canneler 
Chant yf plain-diant , m. 
Chant , vn. chanter 
Chanter , f. chantre , m. 
Chanticleer , coq 
Chantrefs , chanteufe ^ f. 
Chaos , chaos , pi. 
Q\\A}rt ., fcnti , ouvLTtuie yf. 
Chap, (in the skin) g& 


C H 

Chap , vn. Je fendre , s^ou- 

vrir , fe gcrc&r 
!>.ape,y'. bout y m, 
r^haps, gueiiU , f. 
!rha,')el , chapelU 
IJhapelry, chapdhnic 
Chapiter , chapitean , m, 
[i^hapiain, aumonier. 
Z\A\Act, chapclit , m. gtilr- 

lande , f. 
Chapman, chaland , m, 
'haj)tcr , chapitre \ment 

jhapterly, ad. capitulaire- 
:harc , / petit: affaire , f. 
!]hare , v. travailUr a la 

i^harafter,/! caracicre , m- 

vianmt , 'Lettre , f. 
!bardclerirn-j , caracicre , ;». 
^haracloriflick, a, s. carac- 

tirijllqtic. l/'fi'' 

CharJii^erlze , v.i. ca'-ale- 
jlidrcoal,/. charhon de bois, 
charge, ra. charfrer. [m. 
:harg?,/ c/!ar|e j dcpcn/c,f, 

monitoire j yy/'/z , m. 
^ent-chargc, rente infeo- 

dee , f. 
Chargeable, a. coutaix ^ fe. 
'■^iiv^ov , f. grand pUt , m. 
Chariot , carrojfe coupe, char 
'harioteer, cocker 
'charitable, a. charitable ^ 2. 
charitably , ad. charitahU- 

\ii:\ty,f. chariceyf. [merit 
'hairlatan , charlatan , m. 

harm, charms cnchante- 


c H ■ 

Charm , va. cha<mir, enchan- 
ter. \_enchant£rcJJ'c,f. 

Charmer, f, enchanteury m. 

Cha'ming , a. charmant y c. 

Chai aiingly , ad. a charmc 


Chamci-houfe, charnier 

Chart , carte marine , f. 

Charter, chartre 

Chaitef-houfe, chartreufe 

Charter-party, charce-partie 

Chafe , chajj'e ; for it 

Chafe, va. chaffer; cifeler. [m. 

Chafer , / cifdcur ; ch^ffcur , 

Chafm , briche,f. vide , m. 

Chafte, a. chafle^ pud-quCy 2. 

Chaften , va. chdtier 

Chafti^'e , chdtier. [m. 

Chiiflifement ,/ chdtimcnt ^ 

Chaf!:i "er , ceiui qui chdtie 

Chaftity, chaficte , f. 

Chaf^:ly , ad. ch.iflcmznt 

Chat , vn. babiller y jafcr 

Chat , f. bahil, m. jaferii , f. 

Chatteb , bicns mohiliaires , 
m. [gar^oiiiller ; claques 

Chatter, vn. caqueicr;jafer; 

Chiztti^t , f. caquctcur , fe. 
jafeiir , fe. 

Chattering , bahil ; gaipnil- 
lemcnt , daquemtnt , m. 

Chatter-pie ,p'e qui parliyf. 

Chat-w'ood , brouffailks 

Chaw , va. mdcher 

Cheap , a. a bon m^rche 

Cheapen , va. marchander 

Chedoencr,/J marchandeur y 

C H 47 

Cheaply , a<f. a bon marchd 
Cheionefs ^ f. has prix, m. 
Cheat, fourberie yfraudiyf. 
Cheat , va. fourhtr , tromper 
Cheater,/ fourhe y m. 
Check , va. reprcndie , nrrc- 

ter y rep rimer. [d',fl 

Check,/ e'chcc, m. rcpriman- 
Ch(fcker, va. b'garrer 
Checker- wife, ^. en cc'i:qui:r 
Checker- work, yl marquctc 

rieyf. '[m. 

Chc^ckmatc, e'chzc & t^tat ^ 
Cheek, joue , f. 
Cheeks , jumcll-s ; moultire ; 

chaffe , f. jottjreaux de 

mat. \zi , m. 

Cheer, chere', mJne,f. c:^ura'- 
Cheer, va. animer , rejouir 
Cheerful, a. cnjouc, c. galy e. 
Cheerfully , ad. gaieivent 
Chedrfulnefs ,/ etijonmcn;, 
Chedrlefis , a. triflcy 1. [m» 
Cheery, a. g.iillardy e. 
Cheefe , f.frcnagc , m. [e. 
Clieefc-mongcr yf;oma^er , 
Cheefe-cake , tal/ncuf;. \ f. 
Cheefe-curcSs, LtitcaiUiy m, 
Cheefe-fat, tcliffe , f. 
Chedfy , a\ fromageutt , fe. 
Cherish , va. chcrir , aimer 
Cherry , / ccrifc , f. 
Cherry-tree , cerifier , m. 
Cheriy-orchard y cerifnidy f, 
Cherxy-ph, [ge,z, 
Chdrry , a. vermeil , le. ron- 
Cherfon^fe ,y^ prefqu^iUyf, 
Cherub , chiTuhin , m. 

4S C H 

Chervil , /. cerfaill , m. 
Chefs , echecs 
CheTs-board , ichiquier 
Chdiinut, chataigne^f. [m. 
Chdfinut-tree , chdtaign'er , 

— plot, chdtak neraie,f. 

I — — colour, , m. 

Cheft , caiffc ; poitrir.c , f, 

cofre , m. 

<■ • of drawers, cabinet^ m. 

Chedrees , /. fl. pouliots 

Chevalier , f. chevalier , m. 
Chew, va. mdckcr ; rumincr 
Chihhot, f.cikouUyf. 
Little chibbot , cihouUtte 
Chicanery, chicane 
Chick, cliicken , poujjin ^ 

poide: , m. [vol ante ,/. 
Chfcken-pox , petite vcraU 
Chick-weed , moiiron, m. 
Chide , va. ^render y cenfurer 
Chider , f. cenfcur , fi. 
Chief, a. principal y e. 
■ mourrier , f. celui qui 

menc U dduil 
Chief, chify general , m. 
Ch\e'tiii,a.principaly capital 
Chl'itly , ad. fur- tout 
Chieftain , /. champion , m. 
Chflblain , cnge'ure ,/. 
Child , enj]::it , a. 
<;od-child , fi'Uul 
Child , vn. enjiintir 
Childhood , f. enfancc , /. 
Child-birth, enfantcmcntym. 
Child-bed , conchas d'un: 

femme , f. 

C H f 

Child-bed \'ior.exi,fJcyettiff, j 
Childish , a. cnfantin , e. i 
Cl-.ildishiy, ad. pncrilemcnt] 
Childish nefs ,/.puerili:e' yf. 

enfar.til'.agc y m. 
Childlefs , a. fans enfant 
Chill, frilfeuXyfc. 
rhill, va. glacer. [/". 

Chill , f. froidiur , froidurc , 
Chillir. els, frijfon y m. 
ChiUnefs yjxoideur , f. 
Chilly , a. frilUiiX , Je. froi- 

dureux y fe. 
Chime , f carillon , 7n. 
Chime , vn. carillonner 
Chimera.y. chimcre , f. 
Chimdrical, a. ckimerigue, z. 
Chlmerically , ad. chimeri- 

Chimney , f. chemlnie , f. 
Chimney-fweeper , ramon- 

neur , m. 

money, foucgz 

■ hook, croijfant 

Chin , mtnton 

—— cloth , mcntonniere yf. 

— cough , eoquduche 

China, porcelaine 
China-wareboufe, mcgcfin 

da porcelaine , m. 
China-man ,/<Jz«/:c/er , e. 
Chine , echine yf [pore 

Chine of pork , echine d: 
Chine , va. enintcr y echlnef 
I Chink , /. crevajTe yfnte ,/. 
I Chink, vn. timer ; fe fendre 
i Chints , f indienm yf. 
I Chip, va, amcnuifcri chapelcr 

C H 

Ch'.p, f. cop eau y m. 
Chip-ax , doloire , f. \ 

Chips ( orange) , orangrat \ 
Chip.": of biead, chapelures\ 
Chirographer, g-cffier ^ m, 
Chiiography, arc d'ecrire 
Chiromancy, chircmnnvicyj 
Chirp, vn. ramager, ga'^cuii I 
Chirp'w'^yf ramageyTn. [/tj 
Chi. per , gn:^ouilieur yfe. 
Chiiiirgical , a. chirurgi 

qW y 1. 

Chffel , /. cifeau a tailler, n » 
Chifel-woik, c if dure , /. 
Chffel , va. cifdcr , graver 
Chit , f. poupon y m. 
Chit , vr.. germer , poujfer 
Cia-.ty , a. erfantin , «• , ' 
Chitterlings , /. tripes , f. 
Chivalry, cheva'crie 
Chives , civettis , cihoulc 
Chock, caie y acore 
CLocoiate, chvco'at y m. 
— — — pot, chocola:ierCy)\ 
mill , moiuinct , mA 

Choice, choix y triage , 

V elite y elcB'on; varlctey^ 
Choice , ;;. rarcy l. choijip 
Choicely, ad. pricieufemt 

Chofcencx's , f. adrejj'e ,J 

difcerntmcnt , 7n. 
Choir ,yi cheeur y ni. 
Choke, va.etrangler; engoi 
Choke upy engorgery bouc 
Choke , ffoir. ; cul , m. 
Ghck;--pear , f. poire d'an^ 
goijfcyf ' 


e H 

holer,/ bili ; colen ,/ 
Choleric, a. bilicux , fe. 
iholsricknefs , f. cnporu- 

ment , m. 

Ihoofe, va, ckoijlr , eUn 
hoofe rather, aimer muux 
hoole out , trier , prendre , 

c ho. -fir. [quer 

hop , tranchzr^ coiipcr; tro- 
hop in , vn, entrer fubitc- 

mcnt. ^ if. 

.hop , f. tranche , cotelette , 
hopping-board, hachuir 
!hoppincr-boy , gro^ garfon 
hops 5 muiholrs ,/. 
■hoppy, ^. troue , i. pcrci^ e, 
Ihoral, di chanr 
Ihoriller , J', chantre , m. 
ihorographe-r , ~^phe 
ihorographical , a, — phi- 

que , a. 

:h6ri!S , chaur y chorus ^ m. 
!hough , chcac-'J.s 
Ihouie , va. dupcr , fourbsr 
Ihoufe yf. niais j c. dupe, i. 
Ihow'ter , vn. grommeler 
Ihrifm ,f. chrcrne , m. 
liriTom-cloth , chrermau 
Ihrift, Chrifi, \. e. VGlnt 
Ihriilcn , va. bapnj'er 
Ihridcndom , f. ckretien- 

-hriftenmg , /. hr.ptemc , m. 
Ihriilian, a. s. cJinkien, ne. 
^hrfftian-name , f, nom dc 
baptimc , m. 

C H 

Chrlftianity, f. chrifilanlf- 


ad, chrccien- 

Chrz-tmas , f. noil , m. 
Chriihnas-box , dtrsnnes ; 

tire- 1 ire , f. 
Chriftmas-porridge , potage 

dc noel , m. 
ChiUxmns-pies, paus de noil 
Chromatick , a. chromati- 

que , 2. 
Chronical , chronique , 2. 
Chronicle , va. mutn dans 

les annates 
Chronicler, y. annalijl:, m. 
ChroaoiOgiil:, chronoLogiJh, 

chronolo£ue. [giq:i<; , 2. 
Chronoldg-'cal, a. ch'onoio- 
Chronologically , ad. chro- 

Chronology , f. chronola^ 

fjc , f. ^ 
Chryfoi-t:? , chryfolitt 
Chryfoprafus , chiyfbp'afi 
Chub , chabot ; rtifirc , m. 
Chubbed , a. s^rajfouii'a , te. 
Chuck , ya. donmr line fou- 

barbe; chame.r 
Chuck , f. fuuharhe , f. 
Chiick-farthing , fojj'ette 
Chu:kli , va. nre d^un ris 

Chuff, /' pay/an , m. ruf- 

tre , 2. 
Chuffing , rufi'chi , /. 
ChiifFy, a. g'-ojfier , c. ruf- 

tlque, 2. 

Chum , f, cam^vadi , ot. 

C T ^^^ 

Chumo, / billo% m. piece,/. 
Chinch, eg life, f. ' • 
Church, va. relcver une fim." 

me de couches 
Church-wardon , f. mar" 

' gnlUier ; anelcn , m. 
Church-ya.-d , cimetlere 
Chutch-man , ecclefiafiiquei 

membrc de I'Eglife AngU- 

Church-book , baptlficre 
Church-robbcT , \ facrl" 
Chu:xh-robbir.g , * Us^- 
C^J.■chi;1g , rclcvivllcs , f. 
Churl ,^uftaud, e. t.iquin , Cm 



I Churlishly , ad. gro£ierc-* 

I ment 

\ Chu:Ii.shnefs,y! ruflicite ,f* 

I Churn , va. battre la crtmz 

■ Churn , f. haratte , f\ 

I Churn-flaff , batie a heurre , 

I f.rpyot,m. 

I Chiifar, celui qui choifit 

j Chyle , chyle , m. 
Chy lification , —tlon , f, 
Chy'mical , a. chynvqiu , 2« 
Chy'm'ft , f. chymijle , m. 
Chy'msfliy , chymie , f. 
Cicatrice , cicatrice 

' Cicati":zc, va. c'c.itrifer 

I C:ch - peafs , f. pois-chl^^ 

'•■ chcs , m. 

i da , un heros , un br.'zy& 

i Cidc: , cidre 

j Cide. Kin , petit adrs 

ICiel , va. lamhrijjir 
Cieling , f. lambds-^ mt 

50 C I 

Cimeter , /". cimetcrr: , tn. 
Cinfture , ceinture, f. 
Cinder , faifi/, m. 
Cinder- woman , ramajfeufc 

Cineration , — tion 
Cfngle , fanglc 
Cinnabar, cinoper, cinahrc, 

verm i lien, m. 
Cinnamon , cannelle ,/I 
Cinnarr.on-trce, cannclUcr , 
Cinque , a. s. cinq. . [rn. 
Cfnquefoil , /. qulntc-fiuil- 

Cion , rejeton , faon , m. 
Ciperus, fouchet ^ jonc 
Cipher , lero ; cjuffrc 
Cip'iier , va. chiffnr 
Circle , /.. Circle y m. 
Circlet, portC'iiJjlttte 
Circling , a. cnculalre, tour- 

noyant. [deparcencnt , m. 
Circuit,/, circuit; contour; 
C/rcular , a. circidcirc , a. 
Circularly , ad. — lalrcmcnt 
Circulate, vn. circxdcr 
Citcularlon ,yi — tio7i , f, 
Ciicu'.atory, a. circulaircy z. 
Circumambient , a. qui en- 

Circumambulation , /\ tour 

dans !es environs 
Circumcife , va. circoncire 
Circumcifion , f. circonci- 

fiori , / 
Circumference , circonfi' 

rence , f. contour , rn. 
Circumflex, drcoriflcxe^ m. 

C I 

Cu cumfluent , a, qui coule 

Circumlocution , f. clrcon- 

locution, peiphrafe y f. 
Circumnavigator, qui a etc 

autour du monde 
Circumfci ibe , va, circonf- 

crire ; limit tr 
Circumfcription , f. limita- 
tion y f. [pe^ , e. 
Ci.cumrpe(fb , a. circonf- 
Ciicumlpetiion , f. circonf- 

pcciion f f. [v/, e. 

Circumfpeifbive , a. rifer- 
Circumfpeccly , ad. avec 

Circumfpe£«:n efs ,/. rctcr.ue; 

prcvoyanci , f. 
Circunif^ar.ce , clrconf- 

tancc ; condition 
Circuniftantial, a. cafud, Ic. 
Ciicumflantiate , va. cir- 

conflancier . [detail 

Circumilantially , ad. en 
Citcuravallaiion, f. circort- 

vailation , f, . 
Circumvent, va. circonvenir 
Circumvention, f. circon- 

vcntion , /'. [ Union 

Circumvolution, circonvo- 
Ciicus , cirque, m. 
Cillern , citerns , fontainc , 

cuvette , f. 
Cit , bourgeois , e. 
Citadel , citadelle , /. 
Citation , citation 
Cite, va. citer, aligner 
Citer , ft rapporteur , m. 

C L 

Cith ern , / jl/lre , m. 
Citizen , citoyen , 
Cit zen-like , ad. en houi 
gcois. [toyert ^ r. 

Fellow-citizen , / cone, 
Citrine, a. couUur de lime 
Citron , /. limon , m. 
Citron-tree , limonnier 
Citrul , citrouille , f. 
City , ville , cite 
Civet , civette 

Civic , a. QLviqUC yf. 
Civil , civil , e. 
Civilian , f.jurifconfultey r. 
Civility , civilite , f. 
Civilize , va. civilifer 
Civilly, ad. civihpicne 
Clack , / cliquet , m. 
Clack , vn. diquettr 
Clad , a, habilli , e. 
Claim ,/! pretention , /. 
Claim, va. pretendre a 
Claimable , a. riclamahUy-w 
Claimant, preter.dant <i.|i<i 
Clamber , vn. grimpcr 
Clamm , va. empdter 
Clammine fs, /. vifcofite yj 
Clammy, a. vifqueux , fet 
Clamorous, hruyant , c. > 
Clamour,/ bruit ^ m, plaiiA 

Ciam'ur, vn. crier 

' againft , yi r eerie 

Clamp, /. clamp, m. 

— ^^^ , va. acclamper 

Clamp a beam , jumzlcr 

Clan , / raci , trlbu , /. 

C L 

Ian together, v. cahahr 

landertino , a. cland:j}lni e. 

landcftinely, ad, cLan- 

' defiinement 

lang , vn. fonmr 

Ian go r , /. fon , m. fan- 


lank , f. cLqusiis; tintc- 

mcnt , 772. 

, vn. t'nur 

lap , va. hattn dss mains ; 
app'audir j c^aquir ; frrcr 
— in y poujfa ; fc jctsr 
lap, f. bactement dis ma'-ns; 
eppla:id,jfimcnt ; bruit ; 
eclat; coup ^ m. t.ipe,f. 
—- , chaude-piffi , /. 
Ilapboard , douvc 
lapper , battant ^ traqn:t; 
marttau; clapier , m. 
larjiiC'c'JX , ro' d^armes 
la.; 3, clair ohfcur 
la: et , vin clairet 
larify , va. cU'-'fier 
laiion , f. c'airo^ , m. 
\L^ , f.o-vaU,f 
lash , dimzJ-i choc, m. 
- — , V . fe choquer 
lafp, ya. emb-aj'e" ; ag'-afzr 
— — , f. a<r-:fc^ boucii y J, 
lafs , daffi , / rang , m. 
lafs , va. ran^'rr 
laiUcal , a. c'a[fiqu?, 2. 
latt.^r , f f'.\:c-is , b-u't, m. 

, vn. clabaudi'-yfalre 

du fracas 

laufe , /. ctnufi ; fn , /. 

la^iliaJ, a, claufiral ^ e. 

C L 

Cla\<r , /. grifc i garde , / 
b^as , 772. 

— , va. grattsr ; flatter 

Claw-back , / flattmr , m. 

Clay, n.'s^He; bone ,/. 

land, terre g'ajje 

Cay, V. end aire d'argile 

Clayey, a, ar^ileux , fc. 

Clean, net y ts. proprc , i, 
blanc , ckz. 

Clean , va. ncttoycr 
\ ~——~ , ad, en'.icrtment 
I Clean! ly, proprcment 
j Cleanlinefs , f. prcprete,f. 

Clea:ily, a propre , 2. 
— — , ad. nettemcnt 

Clean iiefs , f. nettete , pn- 

retiy f 
C'eanfe, va. mttoyer; ecnrer 

— ths bicod , par fcr 

Clear.lec, f. qui purifu ; qui 


of wells , ecwcur^ m. 

Clear, ad. tout- a-f ait 
, va. eclaircir; liqu'der; 

n ttoy :)•, purgcr; acquitter'y 

— — s^ eclaircir 
— ■ , a. clair, e. net ^ te.. 

pur, e. cpuri, e. innocent, e. 
Clear-rpjritc,d-, fincsre , i. 

inugre , 2. \yre , ttz. 

The clear , f. le dans-c.u- 
Cba ance , acquit 
Clealy, ad. clairement 
Cleai nefs, /, clarte j firc- 

mti, f. 


Cleave , vn. fe tcnlr a ; s^at- 

, va. fndrc. [tccher 

Cleaver, f. ccupcrrt ^m. 
■Waod-clcd'/ar , huchcron 
Clef, chf,f 

Cleft , fcntz ; rare [<^^^'' 

Ci'emency , cUmcrce , dou" 
Clement, a. diconnain , 2, 
Cleply'dra ,/ clspfyclrc ,/. 
Clergy , derge , m. 
Clergyman , eccHfzffiquc 
Clinical, a. clerical", c. wC- 

cUf^fi'qu^, 2. 
Clerk, /.' cld'c; hcmm d'c' 

gl'i'e ; com- is , 772. 
Clerkship, charge de clerc, f. 
Clever, a. adroit y e. ha- 
bile, z. 
Cleverly , ifcf. adroitcment 
Ci6vsrmf^ f. adrejfc , f 
ClcvV , pdaton , m. 
Cli. k , vn. cliaiictcr 
Clicker ,/. abey:ur , m. 
Cli^ket , cLiquitte , f, 
Clie.'t , client , c. 
Cliff, montacm roid.i , f. 
Cliff of wood , eclat dc kcis 
j-indii , TTi, \am , 1, 

Cr!mic"teric , a. c'.imateii'- 
Climate ,/ c'imat , m. , gra.iation , f 
Climb, vn. grimper ; monter 
Cli- ber, f. grimpeur , f. 
Clime , climat , ni. 
Clinch , va. fcner , fermer ; 
river; e'ta'ingncr 

, f jeu de mots J /cr; 

remcnty m. 
E ij 

^1 C L [ C L, / difciir (Ic horis iO-o^'e , v. clorre ; fermer ; 

mots ; crampon , m. 
Cling , vn.fc coller a ; s'unir , a. yjuane , e. 
Clink, vn. timer ; reformer 

-— , /. tintcmcnt , m. 

Clinch of a cable, dtalin- 

^ure d'un cable , 

Cf.p, va. rosier:, embrajj'er 
Clipper , f. rogneur d'ar- 

oait , m. 
Clippings, rcgnures, f. pi. 
Cloak , va. couvrir ; de'gui- 

fer ; pallier 
t— — , f. mantcauy m. 
Cloak-bag, vnllfi, f. 
Cloak-bcaver , porte-man- 

teau , m. 
Cloak-loop , tour de cou 
Clock , horlo^e; pendule , / 

1 of a flocking, co/ra , m. 

Clock-maker , horlogcr 
C'ojk-making, horlogcrie,/. 
Clock- work , fonneric 
Clod , f. mottt , f. grv.- 

vicaii , m. 
•— — , it:, fi ca'llcr 

t , ( harrow ) va. ker/cr 

Clo-idy, a. caille ., e. plein 

de m.fes 
Clodj^ate,/ lourdaud ^ m. 
Clog , va. ckargir ; cmhar- 

« , f. empcckcmcTit ; 4m- 

ba'ras ; pat in , w. 
Cloifter, c lo it-re y m. 
Cloiiter , va. clour :r 
C^piftvral, a, monajiique^ z. 

— -p in , enclorre, renfcrmer 

up , cachcttr , plier 

-with, s^accordir avec.y 

enveniraux mains av:c.... 

Clofe, /I clos, m.fin , f. 

, a. ferre, e. prejfti , e. 

plein, e. fecret , e. et-^oit, c. 

Clofe-fified , a. tcquin , e. 
avarc , 2. 

Clofe weather , temps con- 
vert OU moil , 772. 

Clofc jeil , raiUerie piquan- 

fight , milh 

work, ouvragc pliin, m. 

— difcQurfj, di/cours con- 



ball, (at billiards) bilfe 

to the ground , ajlcw 

di tcrre 
Cldfely , ad. cow/sricmcnt ; 

fcrrement ; fccritcmcnt 
Clofenefs , f. epa'jjijfcmsnt , 

m. connexion ,/. 
Clofc-lftool, chaife percec , f. 
Clofet, cabinet , m. 
Clofure, cl6turi,f. 
Clot , grumeau ^ m. 
Clot , vn. fe caille r 
Cloth, f. drap , m. toilc ; 

napp!t , /. 
Clothe , va. vitir , revccir , 

hahilhr. [hit , m. 

Clothes , / h.:rdes , f. ha~ 
Clolhler, drapier, m. 
Clothing,, vctcment 

C L 

Clotty , a. grumdcnx , fe. 
Cloud , f. nude , nut , 

nua^e , m, 
■ ' , va. ohfcujctr 

, vn. fe couvrir 

Cloddinefs , f. pefintew 

ok f cur it e^ f. 
Cloiidiefs , a. clair , e. 
Cloudy , nibuliiix , f. fon 

bre , 2. 
Cloudy weather, temps co 

Clove , f. clou de girofie , 1 
— - — of garlick , gouj 

dyu, /. 

Cloven , a. fcndu , e. 
Cloven-footed , fourchu , 
Clover ,/ t'':jic , m. 
Clout, torchon y drapcau 
Clout for children, brayes. 
Clout , va. rapetajfer 
Cloutcily , a. groffi^r, c. 
Clown , f. rufiauii, m. 
Clownery, rufiicite ,f 
Ciov/nish , a. rujlrt , 2. ' 
Cldwni,hly, ad. rufiqiu 

ment. \ts , 

Cldwnishnefs , / grojjiir 
Cloy , ya. foxVcr , raffafi&r 
Club , / mafftu^f. tnfle , » 
CI lib -law , force , /. ^ 

j , (coin;;any) coterie 

, (share ) ecot , m. . 

, vn. fe cotifcr , pay^ 

fon ecot 
Cluck , vn. glojfit 
Clue of a fail , /. foh 

d'unc voile 

C L 

!!)liie-Hnes,y] larpie^ points 

des liuri<:/s 
"lump , fot ; arte , 772. 
!!)iumprg , a. pejant , e. 
^'.umlily , ad. gic[jiirimtnt 
;;lumiiners , / [trvJJIe'rete, f. 
"Mm'^y , a. grcjjicr , e. 
llu.Pcei,f.pclotonf amas^m. 

grappc , f. lictons 

vn. croitre en pe- 

]lu{\.eil-f f a, charge dc grappcs 

•*— , ad. en peloton 

Clutch , va. empuigner 

flutter, vacarme, m, joule, f. 
-— — , r-i. s'attroupcr 
^ly'flerj/ lavement, m. 
>oach , carrojjc 
'oach- maker, c.irrojfur 
^oach-iTian , cocker 
>oach-houfe , remife ,/. 
^cadiutor, coadjuteur , m. 
cagislate -, va.fe caillcr 
-oagularion , f. — tion ,/. 
ioai, cka:bon , m. 
oal-houfe , charbonnier 
oal-mlne , charhonnUrc, f. 
-oale'ce , vn. s'unir 
^oalefcencc , f. union ,/. 
-oalition , coalition 
)oa'y , a. ckarbonneiix , fc. 
>0'ai'fe, grojjier , e.. 
loarfely , cd. grcfjierement 
loiri'cp.efs , f. groJjicrae,f. 
loafl: , cute 
loaft, vn. cotoyer 
'.oi^Occi- , f, colter , m, 
ioafdr.g, cabotagi 

c o 

Coat, f. jufiaucorps , m. 

( g'eat) , ccfaquc , / 

brandcboiirg , m. 
Coat , va. couvrir 
Coax, enjohr 
Coaxer , f. enjoleur , fe. 
Cobble , va.favcter 
Gobble': , f.fave tier , m. 
Cobweb , f. toils d':irai- 

Cofc'nindal , cschsnlUc 
Cock, coq j rob- net , rz. 
— ■ — of a hat , retrouffis 

of hay, meule di foin,f. 

Cock- Twain, patron dc cha- 
loupe, m. 

va. bandi 

r; reirGUjjcr 

Oockade , f. cccard^ , /. 
Cockatrice, bafilic , rn. gui- 

nipe, f. 
Cocker, va. dorlotcr , mi- 

Cocket ,f. acquit ; cachet, m, 
Cockish , a. phulant , e. 
Cockle ,- J", petonclc , f. 

, ivroii. [tanner 

— , vn, Je rider ; mou- 

Cockled , a. ridJ , e. 
Cockrel ,/. cc-chet, m. 
Cockfcomb , cretc de coq , f. 

fat, m. 
Cocao , cacao , m. 
Coftion, coftion , f. 
Cod , morus 
Cod , cojffe 

Cod's-head , maroufl: , m. 
Code , code 
Codicils , codicilU 

C O f5 

Codille ./. codilJe , f. 
Cc5dle , va. pjrhoui'lir 
Codling , /. ponwii , f. [U, 
Coequal, a. p.:re!l, u. cocgaly 


Codicc, va. rejheindn 
Coercible , a. fujet a coerci-» 

Coe-cion , / cocrcitlon , /. 
Coercive, a. cocrcitif, vc. ^ 
CoeiTential , coeffenti^l , Ut, 
Coetdneous , conteinporaln , 
Coeternai , cohernd , le, [c. 
Codval, contemporain, c. 
Coexiil, vn. coexijlcr 
CctyS?o^ncQ^f. coex'fiencc,f, 
Coexift^nt, a. qui exijli al 

mime temps , coexijlant 
ColTee , / cafe , m. 
Coitce-houle , cafe 
CorTec-pot , cafetierc , f. 
Cotter , coffre , m. 
Coffer, va. coffrer 
Cofferer , / treforier dc Ve^ 
Cdinn, csrcueil, [pargne-^m, 
Collin of paoe? , cornet 
Cog , va. cajoUr 
Cog dice, piper les des 
Cog , / dent dc roue , f. 
Cogency , force ~ ' 

Cogent , a. puijjant , e. 
Cogently, nd. avec force 
Cogger , f, cajoleur , pl'^, 

pcur , tn. 
Cogitation , reflexion , f. 
Cognation , cognation , pa.'^ 

Ccgnuion , connoiJjAnci 
E i\\ 

r4 C O 

Cog-J'ar.ce , / co^npctince ; 
coniioijfancc , f. 

' , (badge) indies. , rt. 

Ccgnominal, a. dc mcmc nom 

Cohabhation , f. — tion ,/*. 

Cohabit , vn. co.hahiccr 

Coheir, y? cchiriticr ^ m. 

Coh'iirels, cohiriticrc , f. 

Cohere , vn. convenir , af- 

Coherence , f. coherence , 
liaifon , fuite , f. rap- 
port , m. 

Cohdi er.t , a. Hi , c. fnlvi , e, 

Cone/Ion , f. rapport ^ m, 

Coliort , cohorte ,/*. 

Cohortation , exhortation 

Coif , cj/jfl'. [rond 

Coil , va. roiier , mcttrt en 

Coi! , f. vacarrm , m. 

Cola, encognure; monnolc , 
f. coin , m. 

——, va. monnoycr 

• words yfaire , forger 

Coinage , f. mcnnoya^c , m. 

Coincide , vn. s'acco.'der 

Coincidence ,/ rencontre., f. 

Coincident, rt. co-incident, c, 
qui fc rencontre 

Coiner ,/. monnoycur, m. 

Coit , paUt 

Coition , coit 

Coi'^ndai , pajfoire , f. cou- 
loir , m. 

Coliiion y filtration , f. 

Cold, a.froid, c 

«— (.to grow} , v/2. yi rcfroidir 


Cold , f. rhums , m. froldu- 
re , j. froid , m. 

Coldish , a. tiedd , 2. 

Coldly , ■ ad. froi dement 

Coldnefs , / froideur , f. 

Colewort , choux verts , m. 

Colic , colique , /. 

Cull , va. accolicr , emhrajfcr 

Collapfed , a. ruine\ e. 

Collar , f. collet, collier , m, 

va. colutir 

Collate, collationmr y con- 
ferer , comparer 

Coilareral , a. colLitiral , e. 

Collation y f. collation. ,/". 

Collaud , va. loucr 

CoWsigUQ y f. colleens y m. 

Q.6\\q&. ,va. recueillir ; lever 


Collection , recuiil , m. le- 
vee , f. 

Collective , a, collcciif, vc. 

Colle<ftiveiy , ad. — wcuicnt 

Collector, yi collecletir y m. 

College, co'.lcge , m. 

, (of phyficians) fa- 

culte dc medecim , f. 

Collegial , a. collegial, c. 

Collegian , f. membre d'un 
college y VI. 

Colldjiaie, a, cclUglalyC. 

Coilst of a ring,y^ ckaton,rn. 

Cdilicr , hdtim:nt de char- 

Colliery, charbonnlere yf» 

ColliYion , froijjement ; choc 

Collogue, va. enjcler , flatter 

Collop,/. tranche) riblette,/. 

c o 

Collr.quy ,/. colloqne , m, 
Coliiide, vn. s'cntendre 
CoWA^on yf.collufion,f, 
Colld(ive,a. collufoirey-. 
Colliifively , ad. — foiremo 
Colly , f. noir , m. fuie , /. 

, vn. noircir 

Gollyflower,/ chou-fleur^r, 
Colly'rium , collyre 
Colon, deiix points , (:] 

boyau culler 
Colonade, f. colonnade , 
Colonel, colonel y m. 
Colony, colonic, peiipladcy 
Coloq.ifntida , coloouinte 
CoIdlTe, colofius, colofj'sy » 
ColoiTean , a. colojfal , e. 
Colour , f. couleur , f. cola 

ris y m. [cnlumitii 

— , y. cclorer ; rougir 

Colours , yi pavilion i dn 

peau ; etcndard , m. cr, 

/eigne , /. 
Colourable, a. plaufihU^ : 
Coloured , coloriy e, 
Colp,yl coup y m. 
Colt , poulain 
— —of an afs , anon 
Colt's foot, pas-d^dm 
Cok-ftaff, livier 
Coltish , a. hadin , c. 
Coliimbary ,/ colombierjm 
Cdiumbine , a. colomhin, i 
Column , f. cjlonne , /. 
Coliiies, colures y m. pi. 
Comb , pcigne ; vallon , m. 
Flax- comb , ferans 
Ccck's-comb, crate ds coq^J 

c o 

"^omb-rnaker ^f.pdgnbr^ m. 
Tomb , va. psii^ncr 
Uomb a horfc , etrll'er 
;^'omb i\d.Xy fira-.ccr 
i^o.T.bat, V. comhattrs. 

. f. combat , m. 

3ombata."£, cornbattant 
Combination, combinaifon ; 

!^ombi;ie, V. fc combiner, 

ccniplotcr. , [«. 

Z6 m b i n g- cloth,/? peignoir , 
Combdrgefs ,concLtoyen 
Combdflible , a. comhiifci- 

bh , a. 
CotnbiilFion , f. — tion , f. 

inccnJic ; tumulce , m. 
jome, vn. venir , arrivcr ; 

pa'vcnir ; abordcr ; fc rc- 

duire ; revcnir 
——near , s'approcher 
to light, yj nzanifcfur 

— to and fro , paffcr & re- 

— in, entrcr. [p^-jf&r 

— out , fortir 

— up , monter 

— — at, atteindre ; ohtenir 
-away, s'^Il venir 
- on , avanccr 

ofF, tomhcr ; fe dcfaire 

— upon , furprcndrc 

4- — short , ctrc infer ieur 

rne-ofFj/I deft it a, f. 
y;>mcdian , comidif.n , ns. 
^^omedy , com e die , f. 
jomelmefs, b:aute 
-dmely , a. bcau^ bel, bdlc; 

c o 

C o .n :: ly , ad, avic a grim cnt; 

C6ni:t ,/.' v.nant, m. vcnti^ c. 
Q6.-.\ci , cnmti ,/". 
Comiit , cvrfiurc. [foler 
Comfort, va. foizlcger; con- 
Comfort , f.f'ZiLigement, m. 
confo la (ion; fatisfaciicn^f 
Conifcrt^.ble, a. confolant, e. 

life , vie douce 

Comfortablenefs , f. dou- 
ceur , f. [ment 
Comfortably , ad. agreabie- 
CoiTiforter, f. confolatcur, m. 
Comfortlets , n. d'Sfolc , e. 
Comical , droU , 2. corrd- 

que , 2. 
Cdtnically, ad. drulemcnt 
Comic , a. pi at f ant , e. 
Cdrnicalnefs , f. plaifantz- 

CdiTiing, venus • arriuee 
C6mings-in , revenus , m. 
Coining flomach , hon appc- 
Comity , civillti , /'. [ tit 
Coinma , virgule 
Commdnd, va. commander 
■^— — ,f comma.idemcnt , m. 
Commander , commandant , 

commandair , m, hie , f. 
Commandment , commandc- 

mcnt , m. 
The ttvi cojr.mandments. 

Us dix comviandemcns 
Co/iTmandry , commandc- 

rie.f. ^ ible,^. 

Commemorable , a. !2').ta- 
Commemdrate, va, ciUbrcr 

CO rr 

Commem:>iutionj f. comme- 
moration , f. 
Commemorative , a. com- 

menzoratif ^ vc. 
Commence, v, ccmmtnceri 

s'eriger ; mtcnter 
Commencement,/ commen- 
cement , m. 
Commend , va. loutr ., vnn- 

ter , recommander, remettre 
Commendable, a. lotiahle, 

1. reccmmandable , 2. 
Commendably , ad. loua- 

Commendam , /. bcnefcc en 

' commende , m. 
Com.nientlatary , commcri' 

d at aire , m. 
Commendation , loiiange,f, 
Com.mendations , baifc- 

mains , m. 
Commendatory letters, let- 

tres ds recommendation , f. 
Commander , proncur , fe. 
Commenfurable , a. com" 

m erf arable , 2. 
Comm.dnfurate , proper- 

tionne , e. [ tion , f, 

Commenfuration,yr CTo/Jor- 
Comment , vn, ccmmenter, 

Q.'.ynwr'.^nt , f. glcfe , f. 
Commentary , — tairc , m. 
Commentator , — tatcur 
Commentitious , a, feint, <r. 
Commerce , / commerce, 

m. habitude , f. [ble , 2. 
Commei'cial, a, cGmrnerca- 

<r^ C O T CO 

Commination ^f. — tlon ^f. Commoratlon , f. avtrtijje- 
Comminatory , a. — toire, 2. | tmnt , m. [ mtnt 

Comrr.fCcrate , va. plaindre Commonly, ad. ordinaire- 

Commiferation , f. pi- id , / 
Cormniflajy, commiffaire, m 
Cornmiluon , cvmmjjlon , /. 

Common-place , va. ranger 

en iieux communs 
Commons , Us communes , 

'revet, m. 

CommifPion , va. defis,ncr 
Commfilloner , f. commif- 

fairc , m. 
Commit , va, commtttre , 

mettre , ranzttn ; envoyer 

en prijbn. [ ncment , m. 
Comntitment , y.' etnprifon- 
Comraittee , comitc i com- 

Committer , autetir 
Commode, commode , f. 
Commodious, a.commode,z. 
Commodloufly , ad. com- 

Commodioufnefs ,f. aife ,f. 
Commodity , commoditi ; 

denree , /. projit , m. 
Commodore , chef d'efca- 

dre , m. 
Common , a. commun , e. or- 
dinaire ; trivial , e. 
' ■ people , menu peuple 
— — foldier, jlmpU foldat 

'rate, prix courant 

• — —wealth, ripuhiique , / 

ctat , m. 

' , vn. vlvre en commun 

Commons , /. communis , f. 
Commonalty , le peuple , m. 

ccmmunauti ^ f. 
ConsivO*7S^ ; roturUr i c. 

[etab!ir\ f. ordinaire, m. 

Commotion, tumult e ^ m. . 
Commdiie, vn* confirer 
Communicable , a. — blc, z. 
Communicant , f. conimu- 

niant , e. 
Communicate , v. comma- 

niqucr ; communie'- 
Communication , f. — iion , 

/. entrctien , m. [ ve. 

Communicative, a. — cif^ 
Communicativenefs , /' ca- 

racicre qui rend comrniini- 

Communion ,y! communion, 

fair.te cene , f. 
Community , communaute 
Comniutation , — tion 
Commutative, a. — tatif^ve. 
Commute , va. commuer 
Commutualj a. commun, e. 

mutucl , le. 
Compaft , f, pacie , con- 

trat , m. 
— — , a. frriy e. lie, e, 

ccrr.pcHc , 2. propre^ l. 
— — " , va. ajfi.mbler , tier 
Compailed , a.ajj'emblc^ e. 

ramajfi , c. concis , e. 
Compaflly , ad. brievement 
CoiT.f aclure ; firuilun 


Companion, y^ compagncTt'. 

cumarade , m. compagne,/. 

, capot d'echel'e , m. 

Companionable , a. focia- 

hie , 2. 
Company , f. compagnie ^f 

of a ship , equipagi , m, 

of bcafts, troupe yf.. 

Company - keeper , debaU" 

cfic , m. [quentet 

Company", v. hantcr , fri- 
Coniparable , a. compara- 

hk , 2. [ raifon 

Comparably , ad. par compa- 
Comparative , a. — tij\ve. 
Comparatively , ad. pan 

comparaifon , par rappon 
Compare , va. comvaer 

, /. comparaifon , f. 

Comparifcn , comparaifon 
In comparifon of , pr, au 

prix^ de ^ 

Compaftment, yr comparti- 

Compafs, enceime , f. cir- 
cuit , tour , m. 

Compafs, va. environner; ve~ 
nir a bout de ; faire ie tour 

CompafT^s , f. compas , 7»«, 

Sea-compafs , houJfoU , /. 

Compaflion , compcfjion 

ComjialFionate , va. avoir 
pi tie 

■ , a. compatijfant J e. 

Compalfionately ,^tf^. avcc 
pitie ; tendrcment 

Corny dtibiiity, yi compati^ 


c o 

Compatible , a. compati- 
ble, 2. • [blcmcnt 
;!lom;jai:ibly" , ad. convena- 
Zompitnot , f. compatrio- 

ti , 2. 

Compeer , compare , m. 
Compel , va. contraindre , 

Compellable , a. ccntrai- 

gnabl:, i.^qu' on pent forcer 
Compellation , f. apofiro- 

pke ; contrainte , /. 
Compiiler, qui contraint 
Compendious , a. fuccincl, e. 
Compendlouily , ad. brii- 

vement. [ vcti , /'. 

Compdndioufncfs , f. hrii- 
Compeiulium , ab/-e-;c, m. 
CpmDcni'atc, va. comien/er 
>mpenfat!on ,/ — tion,f. 
^ompetsncy , fujfifanci ; 

Competsnr, a. propre , 2. 
Competently , ad. fu^fam- 

ment. [his , ?.. 

yompe'tible , a. cjnvcna- 
!^ompetition , f. coqcurrcn- 

jOmpetitor , co7npet'.tiury m. 
Compilation , compilation, f. 
Compile, va. compiler 
Compi'ler ,f, compiLitctiTym. 
JompIdce.Tcy , plaijir , m. 

cor7defc:ndance , f. 
Complacent, a. condefcen- 

dar.t , e. 
Complain , vn. fe plaindre 
lompia.ia3.r,t, f.plaignant,r72. 

c o 

Complaint , / plainte , f. 

Complalfance , — -fancc 

Complaifant, a. poll, e. 

Cornplaifantly , ad.polimcnt 

Complaifantners , f. com- 
plalfance , /.' \total, m. 

Complement , compliment ; 

Complete , a. co'.v.pla , e, 

, va. achcrsr 

Completely , ad. complete- 
ment. [b saute , f. 

Completenefs , f. perf-Tlion , 

Compleclon , accompliffa- 
meat , m. 

Complex, a. corr.phxe^ 2. 

— , f. coir.pofi , m. 

Complexion , teint ; tcmpe- 

Complexlonal, a. de tempe- 

Complexly , ad. conjolnte- 
mznt. \^c , m. 

Complexure , f. afjembla- 

Comoh'ance , corifententKnt 

Compliant, a. facil?. ^ 2. 

Complicate, com^li^u: ., c. 

ComDllcation , /. — tion ,/'. 

^ tip , m. 

Complice, ccmp'ice , 2. 

CompWrmnt, complimert, m. 

Compliment , va. compll- 
mentcr.' [nicr, e. 

Complimental , a. fafon- 

Com.plimenter , f. — tew^ fe. 

Cor-.'pline, complies , f. 

Comploi , V. complotcr 

.C.'*mpl6tter , /. confpira- 
tiur , m* 

CO f7 

Comply', vn. ncqulefccr i 

condefcendrc , fe foumettre, 
Component , a. quiconflituc 
Comport, vn. fl conduirc 
Comport , f. conduite , f. 
Comportable, a. conformc,Ti. 
Comportment,/! conduitCyf. 
Gompofe, va. compofsr 
a difference , accom^ 

modtr. [appa'fe, Cm 

Compofed, a. tranquille, 2. 
Compdfedly, 'ad. tranquil- 

hmmt. [m. 

CompoCidnefs,/. fang f 'Old, 
Compofer , ecrivain i au- 

teur ; compoflteur 
Composite , a. compofite^ 

2. compofi , e. 
Composition , /! — tion , f, 
Compdlitor, cdmpofi'eur, wj, 
Compoil, engrais 
C m p 6 : u r e , tran qui Hit i, f» 

ouvrage d'efprit , m. 
Compotation , fejiin , m. 
Compound, va. compofer 

,/ compofi y m. 

Compounde.:, compofiteur 
Comorehend, va. comprtn.-' 

Comprehenfible, a. — hb., 2, 
Comprehenfion , f. inttl'i- 

Coraprehinfive, a.itcr.du, e, 

emphatique ; court , e. 
Compvefs , va. refjerrer ^ 

Comprefliblo, n. comprcfjl- 
,' f comprefj'e , f, \ble, 2. 

58 C O j 

Compreffion , f. corr.fref- \ 

fion , f. {cretcni'int { 

Comprint , va. imprimsr fc- 
Comprifs , vn. contcnlr 
Comprobation ,/ prenv: , f. 
Compromife, con2proinisy ni. 

— , V. compromcttre 

Compt, a. poll , e, 
Compt^.efs , / politeffe , f. 
Compiilfion, contrainte 
Compiilflve , a. compul- 

foire ,2. 
Compuhively, ad. dt force 
Compii'iftveneriS , f> fores , f 
CofRpiilfonly , ad. par voie 

defair. {.fo'-f^t 2.. 

Comp ill Tory , a. compul- 
Compiin(f!;:ori , f. componc- 

tion , douleur , f 
Compunftive, a. cuifant , e. 
CompuT2itov,f. temoin com- 

putgatoire , jk. 
Colnpiiiable , a. comptable , 

2. efiimablcy 2.. 
Computation , f. fupputa- 

tion , f. comf^te , calcul,m. 
Compute, va. calcuUr , fup- 

Computer , f. calcidateur^ m. 
Compiltifl , arlthmiticUii 
Comrade , camarade 
Con, ad. contre 
Conn , va, cpprendre par 

caur ; frapp sr 
Concatenate, va. enchainer 
Concatenation , y* — tioh , 

enchiiinurt , f. 
Concave", a, concave , 2. 


Concavity , /. cor.cnvlti, f. 
Concdal , va. celer ^ cachcr 
Concealer,/ receleuryfe. 
Concealment, reticence, n^ 

traltc ., f. \_der 

Concede, va. accorder , cc- 
CcncQ.tjf. pcnfe.', opinionyf. 

, va. s'imagincr 

Conceited, a. recherche^ e. 

fiiffifart , e. entcte , e. 
Conceitedly , ad. fantaf- 

qucmcnt. lament, m. 

Conceirednefs , f. entke- 
Conc(^ivable , a. ccnceva- 

bh, 1. [tion ,/ 

Conceivablenefs , f. concep- 
CoriC(^ive, va. concevoir 
Concent,/! confonnance,f. 
Concentre , vn. conccntrcr 
Concentric , a. conccntri' 

que , 1. 
Conceptible, intelligible, i. 
Concoptjf.projety m. for- 

mule , /. 
Conception, f. conception.f. 
Concern, va. toucher; con- 

ceiner ; interejfer 
^ , f. affaire , /. inti- 

rct , m. [fl'"^7 ^• 

Conce'rned , a. en peine ; af- 
Concerning ,pr. touchant 
Concernment yf. irteret, m, 
Concdrt , va. concerter 
Concert , /. concert , m. 
Conce'ilion , concejjionyf. 
Conch , conque 
Concfliate, va. concilier 
Conciliatiun , f, --^tion , f. 

c o 

Conciliator,/ — tenr , trit 
Conciliatory, a. concilia 

to ire , 2. 
Concinnity , /. elegance 

karmonit ; convenance , 
Concinnous , a. hannonieui 

Je. elegant , e. [ge„ . 

Concife , concis , e. abre. 
Concifely, ad. fuccinHemen 
Concifencfs , / brievete,f, 
Conciiion, cone fion 
Concitation , injiigation 
Conclamation , vacarme,tT. 
' Co!" clave , conclave 
Conclude, vn. conclure 
Concldfion ,/I CGnclufion,j 
Conclu{ive , a. concluant, t 



Concluiively , ad. pour con 
Conc6<fi, vn. digerer 
Concoclion , f. dige/iion ,j 
Concomitancy , — t.mce 
Concomitant, a. concoml 

tant , e. qui accompagne 
Concord ^ f. accord , m. con 

corde , union , f 
Concord, vn. s'accorder 
Concordance ,f. concordan 

^'^ if' [conforme, 2 

Concordant, a. a i'unijfon 
Concordat,/! concordat, m 
Concoroorate , v. s'incor. 

Concourfe , f. concours , t 
Concrete, a. concrct,e.fige^ 
Conci et , f. concret, m. 
Concretion , -^tion, f. me- 
lange , m. 

c o 

;oncub!nage,/. concuhina- 
ijc , m. 

Concubine, concubine ,f. 

^onciipifcence , ■ — cence 

^onciipifcible, a. — cible,2. 

ionciir , v. concourir , con- 
vsn r 

'onciirrence , /. concurren- 
ce ,f. concours , m. 

ionciirrent, ^. concurrent, e. 

i^ncunenlly, ad.' concur- 
rcmment. [tion,J. 

oncu^ion,/, fecoi/Jfe, txac- 
oncuiliona'y , a. concuf-'>re , m. 

ond or cunn , v. comman- 
der au tlmonnicr 
ondemn , v-r. cundamner 
ondt^mnable, a. condamna- 
bicy 2. Ination ,f. 

onclemnation , f. condam- 
oncienfanon , — tion 

londenfe, va. condinfer, e- 
~,a.denfc,2. [paiffir 
ondenuty , /. denjltc , /._ 
ondcfcfind, vn. conde'ccn- 
drc; dah-mr. [ce ,/. 

ondefceadence , / — dan- 
ond'elcending , a. — ccn- 
danr , e. [gearnment 

Dndefcendingly, ad. obtl- 
)ndefcen{ion,y! condcjcen- 
danci ,f. [mince, e. 

)ndign , a. proponionni, c. 
jndignsdly , ad. felon ce 
que I'on a merite 
indite, va.affai/onner. [m. 
)a.diiion,j, — tion,.f, e'taty 

c o 

Condition, v.faireun ac- 
cord, \Je. 

Conditional, (J. conditionnel, 

Conditionally , ad. condi- 

Concinonaij , a. /iipule , e. 

Conditioned, conditionne, c. 

(good), de bon 

natwel. [lennce 

Condolatory , a. de condo- 

Condole , V. s'affiiger avcc 

Conr olement ,/!•> condo- 

Condolence , J Liance,f. 

Condoler, qui prend part 

Conduce , vn. contribuer a 

Conducive, a. utile, i. 

Condiiwivenefs , f. utdite,f. 

Condud:, condu'.te 

, va. conduirc , mtner 

Condiifter , f. condnacnr, m. 

Condiiflrers , condutlricc , f. 

Conduit , conduit , canal, m. 

Cone , cone 

Confabulate , vn. s^ntrctc- 
nir. [m. 

Confabulaaon , f. cntretien, 

Confeil:, va. conjl'e. 

Confefts , f. co7iJ!'ires , f. 

.Confefliur. , corijcciion 

Confe<ftioner , confituricr, e. 

Confederacy, confederation, 
lipie , cabale ,f. 

Confederate , vd. fe liguer 

, a. confidere , e. 

allie , e. 
Confederation ,y. ligue , f. 
Confer , v. conferer i nritii; 


CO J9 

Ccnfert^nce, /. conference ,f. 
C onfe fs , V. confejfcr, avouer 
ConfefTedlyjtj^f. cuvertcmcnt 
Confeffion , / conffjion ,/l 
(to go to), V. alter a. 

cdnfejf'e. [m, 

Confefiional,/ conf'JfiQna!^ 
Confeffor , covfejfcur 
Confeft , a. notoire , i. 
Co ilidant, j^ confident ,e. 
. Co ^ fide , vn. fc jicr ■ 
C6nfi;tence , /. confancc ; 

Confident , a. cffronti , u 

ajj'ure, e. 
Coniidently, ad. kardimcnf^ 

pour certain 
Confidentnefs, /! hardiejf^^f. 
Confiding , a. off.dc , e. 
Configuration ,/; — uon , /T 

afpjclym. [f. 

Conines, confns, m. homes ^ 
Confine , v. confmcr ; err/pri- 

JZ G nffr.eme n t, f. emprijhnne-' 

mtnt; cxil,m. contraliUc,f 
Confinity , proximitc , f, 
Coiifiim , va. conf.rmcr 
Co"firmation , /i — ticn , f, 
Confiimatory , a. confrmu- 

tif, vc. 
Cor: firmer,/! qui confirme 
C o n f 1 fc a b I e , £r . £• o nfiic a h L-,2 « 
ConfiTcate, va. cunfij)ner 
Cor.fifcation , /. —tion , f. 
Conflagration , cmhrajc- 

mcnt , incendie ,m. 
Confliii, V, (ombattrc, luttcr 

Co CO 

C6:.fl:<ft, /. conflit; ccm- 

hat.m. [ajfu:ncc,f. 

Confluence , confluent , m. 
Confluent, a. c or. fluent ^ c. 
Confljx,/! confiuent , m. 

— of people , ahord , m. 

Confoirm, a. cor.fcrrm^ 2. 

— • J vn. Je conjormer 

• , va. conformsr 

ConiormabIe,a. conformi^l. 
Confoiir.ably, d^. — mcment 
Corformation , f. — r.ion^f. 
QovSocrni^h. , conformifie , m. 
Conformity, ccnfonnit^ , f. 
Confound , va. confondre 
Confouiided, a. confondu,e. 
Confoundedly, ad. terrihis- 

mc~i.t. \m. 

Confounder ,/I dcjlrucleut., 
Confraternity, — nite ; con- 

Conf.ont, va. confrontsr 
Confronting ,/. — tation^f. 
Confufe, va. diconcerar 
Confufcd , a. ccnfus , e. me- 

Contiifcdly, ad. confjfcment 
Cor-fLifednefsj/ defordrc^ m. 
Coiiiiifion , confiijicn , mine, 

f. embarrcs , m. 
Confutable , a. qui fc pent 

. Tcfuter 
Confutation, yi refutation^f. 
Confute, va. refutcr. [/. 
Conge d'e'ire, conge d'cli- 
-— — , vn.. falucr, [re ,m. 
Con^6sdfCongeUr,fe prendre. 

i CO 

Congealable, a. con;;cla- 

ble , 2. _ ^ l^i^-nj. 

Congealdtion , f. ccngila- 
Congenial , a. congemre , 2. 
Congeiiiiliiy, f.rejjcmblance 

Congeon, nahot , nain, m. 
Conger, congrc 
Cor.geflion , congtfiiop. , f. 

aJJ'emblage , m. 
Conglomerate, va. arrondir; 

attroiiper ; conglomirer 

, a. arrondJ,e. 

Congliitinate , va. congiuti- 

ner , fe colltr 
Conglutination , f. ccngluti- 

nation , /. 
ConfT:atulate , va. fdiclttr 
Congratulation , f. jilicita- 

tion , /. 
Congregate , va 


zkll, e. 
Congregation , f. — tion , 

nffemhlce, f. 
<^ongreis, cor.gres , m. 

, (clofe i-ight) me!e-:,f. 

Congruence, co ngru uc 
Congruent , a. congru , c. 
Congrility , /. congru'te , f. 
Cong:uo'.;{ly , ad. conver^a- 

Conic, a. coniqucy 2. 
Conjeftuval, conjeclural , c. 
Conjd<f>ur£iliy , ad. par con- 

jc'clun. \augurcr 

Conjifclure , va. conjcSiurcr , 

, f. conje8.:ire,f. 

Conj^iiicurer, divin, erejf^ 


Conjdbbie, va. difcourlr 
s'cntretcnir. [jolndr 

Conjoin,, v.conjoindre^ lie.' 
Conjoint, a. conjoint, e. 
Conjcintly, ad, conjoints, 

Conjugal, a. conjugal, e. 
Conjugally, ad. — Icment 
Conjugate , va. conjugmr 
Conjugation , f. conjugal 

My f. 

ConJLintflion , conjonclion 
Conjiinrcive , a. c^j.jonciijl 
ve. [ tenic: 

Conjuncllvely, ad. conjoit 
Conjun^Iy , conjoinccmem 
Conjiinclare , f. conjunct- iltioi 

Conjuration , comploty ei 

cka-^tcment ; channc , »». 
Conjure, V. conjurer; ct tej 

baler; dvocjucr 
Conjurer , f. forcier , 

joueur dc p^jf^-p^jf^ , ^' 
Conjuring, cnchantem.nt 
Connate J a. nis enfcrnhh^ 
Connatural, naturcL , U 
QonViiik. , va. joindre , lit\ 
Conneftively, ad. en 'co^^ 

nexion . f ncxlon , 

Conn exion , f. liaifon , 
Connexity, connixitc 
Connivance, connivence 
Connive, v. conniver ; tc 
Connoifleur , / cornoijfei 
Conniibiel, a. conjugal, 
Conniidate , va, dipouilU 







Conoid,/ conoidty m. 
Conquer , v. vatncre\ domp- 

ur. [ his , 2. 

!3oiiquerable , a. dompta- 
36nqueror , f. vainqusur , 

conquirant , m. 
!^6nqueft , conqidte , /. 
jonfangufneous , a, con- 

fanguin, e. 
jonfanguinity, /! — nlti,f. 
]6nfcisnce , confc'una 
^onfcientious , a. confcien- 

t'uux , fe. 
2onfcientioufly , ad, con- 

fcicntiiufemcnt. \.t^ > f' 
[lonfcidntioufnefs, f. eqid- 
>dnfcionable , a. ra'funna- 
Jle,^. ice,f. 

^onfcionablenefs , f. jujll- 
^onfcionably , ad. dquita- 

'onfcious, a. fenfihlcy 2. 
^dnfcioufly, ad.finceremcnt 
^onfciournefs , f. fentl- 

ment , m. 
)6nf«i:crale, va. conpicrer 
^onfecration , / — tion , /. 

of a bishop, y^cre, m. 

^onfeftary , corol'.airs 
^onfecutive, a, confecutif, 

ve. [mem , m. 

'onfenfion , f. conjlnu- 
-onf^nt , confcmcment , 

aveu , acqiiufccmcnt 
—— , vn. confentir, [me, 2. 
^onfertansous , a. conjor- 
-onfentaneouily , ai, con- 


c o 

Conf^ntlent , a. confcn- 

tant , e. [«■«»/ 

Confequence,/! eonfiqutn- 

C6nfequent,a. confequmt^e. 


Confcqudntial , a. confe- 

qucnt , e. [quemmcnt 

Confequ^ntially, ad. confi- 
Cdnfequently , par confc- 

qucnt. \_conjfdrvable , 2. 
Confervable, a. de garde ; 
Confer vation , f. — tion , /. 
Confervator , confervateur y 

trice. , [re , m, 

Confervatory , confervatoi- 
Conferve, conferva, f. 

, va. confer vcr 

Consider , confidenr 
Considerable , a. confidira- 

bU y 2. [portance , f. 

Considerablenefs , / im- 
Considerably, ad. confidi- 

Conjid:.xate, a. difcrct , e. 
Conside lately , ad. difcri- 

Considerate nefs , f. difcri' 

tion , reflexion , f. 
Considciation, — tion 
Considerer, exanilnatcur, m. 
Considering , a. penfif, ve» 

judicieux y fe. avifi y e. 

-— , ad. vu , eu egard 

Consign , va. conjigner 
Consignment,/ confignu' 

tion , / 
Consift, vn, confJ}sr i s^ac' 


C O cTr 

Consiftence,/ ccnflflance} 

confonnite , f. rapport , m. 

Consilient , a. cvnfonney 1, 

Consii^ently , ad. confix 

qiicmment , convenahlc- 

mcnt.^ {rial , g. 

Confiftdrial , a. confijio^ 

Cons/ftory ,/ confiftoirc , ot. 

Confdciate , afjhcie 

— > va. agre^er , aJfocicF 

Confdlable , a. confolabUy 2. 
Confolate, va. ccnfoUr 
Confoldrion , f. confoU" 
tionyf. \e. 

Conrdlatory, a. confolant , 
Confdle , va. foulager 
Confdlidate , v. confolider 
(^onfolidation , / — tion , /, 
Cdnfonance , confonanca. 
Cdnfonant, a. conforme ^ 2, 

, f. confonne , / 

Cdnf'onantly , ad. conform 
mement. [nance, f, 

Cor.fonantnefs , f. convex 
Cdnfanous, a.confon'ant ^ e^ 
Confort , f. compa^non , m, 

of muiic, concert 

(wife of a great per- 
fon) , epoufe , f. 
Confort-ship , vaijfeau ma- 

tdot , m. 
Confdrt , vn. s^mffocier 
Confpiciiity , / eminence , f, 
Coafpicuous , a. eminent ^ e, 
Confpicuoufly, ad. par ex- 
Confpicuoufners , / csU^ 
brite. renommU , f^ 

61 CO 

Confpiracy , /. confpira- 

tion , /. 
Confpirator,coB/pir<if £?/;-,?«. 
Conipire , vn. confpircr 
Conrpirer,/. conjure , e. 
Confpiring, conjuration, /. 
Co^.ftable, connhahlcy m. 
Conftableship , conndta- 

hUeJ. [mctc 

C6-ftancy, confiancc ; fiv- 
Conuant , a. conjlant , c. 

durabU, 2. [tanccym. 

, age , /. age de confif- 

Conftantly, ad. confiammtat 
Conftellation , /. confttlla- 

tion , f. 
Qon^-Qx niliGT\,conJlirnatlon 
Conftipare , va. conjlipcr 
Conftlpation , f. — tion , /. 
Conftituent , a. conjii- 

tuant , e. 

—- , /. commatant , m. 

C6rxftitut3 , va, confiituer 
Conflitiiter ,yi qui conjlitut 
Conftitiition , confiltution , 

complexion , f. 
Conftitutional, a, conforme 

aux loix. 
Conftimtive , conjlitutlf, ve. 
Conftrain , va. contraindre 
Conftrafnable, a.' contral- 

gnablc , i. 
.Conftrainsdly , ad. par for- 
ce ; a centre- coiur 
Conftraint,/! con:ralnte,f. 
Conftritftion , conjlriclion 
Conftiingent , a, ajirin' 

gent, tf, 


Conflruft , va. conjiruirc 
Con^lrdction , f. conjlruc- 

tion , f. fens , m, 
Conftru(fllvs , a. qui fe pcut 

Conftrvitlure, /. edifice, m. 
Conftrae , va. conjiruirc; 

Conftruing,/. confiruHion, 

f. arrangement , m. 
Conftuprai:':on,v/o/eme;2f, m. 
Confubftantial , a. confubf- 

tanticl , le. 
Confubilantiality , / con- 

fuhjlantialite , /. 
Confabftantiate , va. con- 

Confubftantiailon , / con- 

fuhjiantiation , /'. 
Coaful , conful , m. 
Confuiar , a. conful.iire , 2. 
Confulship , f. confulat , m. 
Confiilt, V. confulter t deli- 


, f. confuhe , f. 

Confullation , — tion , de- 
Confiilter, confultant^ m. 
Confiimable , a. qui prut 

etre confume , e. 
Confiime , va, confiimer j 

ruinsr. [ trice 

Confumer , f, dijfipateur , 
Confdming , corifomma- 

tion , j. 

, a. confumant , e. 

Cdnfummate, confommi^ e. 
. — , va, confommtr 

c o 

Confummation , / confom* 

mation , f. 
Confiimption , confomption \ 
Confumptive, a. pulmoni- 

que , 2. [ckcr, m, 

Contaft, f. contact ; tou- 
Contaftion , attouchsment 
Contagion, contagion ,f. 
Contagious ^ a. contngeux 

fe- ^ [ contagieufe , / 

Contagioufnefs , f. qualit. 
Contain, va. comenir, tenir 

reprimer [ contcni , a. qui piu 
Contaminate , va. polluer 

fcuillcr. [ lure , J 

Contamination , /. fouii\ 
Contemn , va. meprifer 
Ccntemnez , f. qui me'prijl 
Contemplate, va. conteml 

pier. {_plation,j\ 

Contemplation , f. contem 
Contemplative , a, conten. 

platif, vc, 
Contemplator , /. contem 

platsur y m. 
Contempt , f. mepris , m. 
Contemptible , a, meprifa 

ble, 2. [re, , 

Contemptiblenefs , f. viL 
Conte'mptibly » ad. avt 

Contemptuous , a, ahier 

e. meprifant , c 
Contemptuoufly , ad. av, 

dedain ; ferement 
Contemptusufnsfs, f fie. 


c o 

Contend , va. conujler , dif- 
^oater.fion , f. effort , m. 
^intent , n. content , e. 

, va. contcnter 

, f, conterAament , m. 

ontented, a. fztisfait , e. 
ont^ntlon , f, dlfpute , f. 
Dntentious , a. conten- 
tkux , fc. 

oatentioully , ad. contcn- 
tleu/timnt ; avec a'vrcur 
ontdntioufnefs , f. humeur 
qucrelUiifc , f. dehat , m. 
antentlefs , a. fdcheux,/e. 
difficile , 2. 

jfite itm-snt , f. fausfac- 
tion , / plaifir , m. 
jnteTts, contenu, pricis,7n. 
)ntdft , vn. cor.tjjhr 
— , f. contefiation , /. 
)nteilable , a. contefia- 

•ntedadon , f. '—tion , f. 
»nt^xt , I'enchainemerit , le 
tiffii , m. la liaifon , f. 
-^, enchaine , e. lie y e. 
•nt^xture,/! contexture, f. 
ir.t!G;uity , conti^uite 
ntiguous , a. cont/gu, e. 
ntiguoufly, ad. en con- 

htfguoufnefs , f. conti- 
^uite , f. voijinage, m. 
ntinence , cdatinency , 
'ontinence , f. 
ntinent , a. continent , 
'. ehajte i 2, 


C O 

Continent , /. continent , m. 
Continently , ad. moderi- 

ment. [g^^^t ^' 

Contingency , / [contin- 
Cor.tingant , a. cafuel , le. 
Contingently , ad, cafuelle- 

Continual , a. contlnud , le. 
Continually, ad. continuel- 

Continuancs, / dure; , f. 

dilai ; f'ejour , m. 
Continuation , — nnatlon ; 

fuite , f. [ tcur , m. 

Continuator , contlnua- 
Continue , va. continuer ; 

Cor.tmuedly , ad. toujouTs 
Continuity ,f. continniil , f. 
Continuous, a. comimi ^ e. 
Contdrfion ^f. conto'fi.on,f. 
Contour , contour , m. 
Contraband , a. s. de con- 

trcbanre , f. 
Cdntrajfl , V. contracler ; 

abreser , rcjfcrrer , rctrecir 
Contxi&i , f, contrat , m. 
Contra£lednefs , rejjerre- 

ment. [ tant , e. 

Contratfling , a. s. contrac- 
Contra(?lion , f. — tion , 

ahrsviation , f. 
Contrai^or , confaciarjt , e. 
Contradfft , va. contredire 
ContradiMion ,/. — tion , f. 
Contraditlor , contrcdi- 

difant , e. [ riant , e. 

Contradi'dious , a, contra- 

CO 6-3 

Contradiftonly , ad. contra- 

Contradiftory , a. contrail 

re , 2. contradiFcoire , 2. 
Contradiftfnguish , va, dif- 

C ontrariety,/ contrarihe^f. 
Contrariiy, ad. au contrairs. 
Contrariwife , contradicioi- 
'■■ rementj antrement 
Contrary , a. contrairCy 2. 
— ■ " ,yl contraire , m. 
Contraft , contrafic , pttlt 

Cdntraft , va. contra fur 
Contravene, vn. comrevinlr 
Contraviner , f, contreve^, 

nant , m. 
Contravention, — t'on^f, 
Contresfiation, manijr.cnt, m» 
Contribute j va. contrihuer 
Contribution, f. — tion,f\ 
Contributions , exaciions , 

ContTihmor ycontrihuant , e<. 
Contributory^ a. tribut ai- 
re , 2. 
Contrite, a. contrlt , e. 
Contriten'^fs,/. contrition,/. 
Contrition , contrition 
Contrivance , invention 
Contrive, va. inventcr;ms' 

nager ; tramer 
Contriver ,f. invent eur , rice* 
Control , controle, m. 
, va. gouverner y con- 

troicr. I troU 

Contrdlable , a. fuju a con' 

f 4 C O 

Controllef , /. contruleur', 

intendan.t ; m. 
Controilership , charge- de 

controtcur , f. [verfi 

Controverfial , n. de contro- 
Controverfy, /. controrer- 

A , diffute , /. 
Controvert , va, difputcr , 

Controvifrtift ^ f. controver- 

fific , m. 
Contumacious , a. dcfohilf- 

fant,e. \^niatrermnt 

ContUi-naciouny , ad. opi- 
Contumacioafnefs , f. opl- 

nidtrete, f. 
Contumacy , ohjilnation 
Contumelious , a. outra- 

geux , fe. [ rieufcment 

Contumelioufly , ad. injn- 
Contumely , /. outrage , a/- 

front , m. 
Cor.tufi:^^ , contufion ,/. 
ConvaIef^;ence , — cencc 
Convalefcant, a. — cent , e. 
Convene , va. convoqucr 
Convenience,/, commodl- 

Convenient, a. commode, 2. 

conforms , 2. 
Conveniently , ad. commo- 

dement ; conform. :m:nt 
Convent yf. couvint, m. 
" — , va. ajjigmr; citer 
Convifnticle , f. conventi- 

cule , m. 
Convention , affcmhUc , f. 

dicord , m. 


Conventional, a. convsn- 
tionnel , Ic. [tionnel, le. 

Conventionary , a. conven- 

Conv^ntloner , f. membre 
d'une ajfemblee, m. [le. 

Conventual , a, conventuel , 

Converge , vn. converger 

Conv6iS,'ing^ a. convergent, e. 

Convdi fable , a. foclahlc , 2. 
de bonne converfation 

Converfably , ad. honnite- 

Conv^rfant , a. verfi, e. 

Converfation , f. converfa- 
tion y f, entretien , m. 

Private , ua tete-a- 
tete > m. [ tretenir 

Convdrfe , v. converfr;s'cn- 

, f. entretien , m. ha- 
bitude , f. [ meat 

Convdrfely , ad. mutudU- 

Conveilible , a.fociable, 1. 

Convefiion,yl converfion,f 

Convdrflve , a. fociabU, 2. 

Convert , f. converti , e. 

Convert, va. convcrtir 

Converter , f. convertif- 
feur , m. {hie , 2. 

Convertible , a. converti- 

Conv^rtibly , ad. rec'pro- 

Convex, a. convexcy 2. 

Convex , f. convexite ,f. 

Convexed , a. convcxe, 2. 

Convdxedly , ad. en forme 

Convexity , f. ccnvcxite,f. 

Convexnefs, / convcxiti , f. 

c o 

Convey, va. tranfporter i\ 

Convdyance,/ tranfport,m. 

(vehicle) , voiture , / 

Conveyancer, notaire\m. 
Conveyer, qui tranfporte. 
Convi<^, va. convaincrc 
C6nvi£i , f. accufe , e. 
Conviifled , a, convaincUyC 
Conviilion , / conviHion,J 
ConviTrive , a. convain- 

cant , e. [", J 

Convidivenefs , f. ividen 
Convince, va. convaincre 
Convincement , f. convii 

tion , f. \_h' 

Convincible, a. incont>:jta\ 
Convincingly , a. d'une 

niere convaincante 
Conundrum , fjeu de moi 

m. points, f. 
Convocation, convocati\ 

f. fynode , m. 
Convoke , va. convoqucf 
Convoy, convoyer , ejcof 
Convoy , f. convoi , wz^i 

carte , f. "'M 

Conviilfe, va. ravir, cnM 
Conviiiiion,/ ccnvu/fion, 
Convvilfive, a; convu'ffyA 
Conufance , f. connoil 
Cony,/ lapin , m. [< 
Young cony , A7^ert;i3« '^ 
Cony-burrow, clapier ^ 

Cony- warren, garenne^^ 
Cony-catcher , fourhe , 
Coo , vn. gemir j rocouUt\ 

c o 

'ooifjg , / ^emijfement , m. 
look, f. cuifinicr , c. 
] >ok , (who keeps a shop) 
rotijfsur , m. 

!ook-shop , TOtiffiTU i /. 

!ook , va. apprcter 
okery , / La cuifinc, f. 
ol, V. rafraichir; abattre 

■ •! , a. fro id y e. frais , 


oA, f. fraichcur , f. 

ooler , brjjjin , m. 

:'61ing , a. rafraichijjfanty e, 

aoiing ,yr rafraichijjement ; 

ralentiffement , m. . 
■6ly , ad. di fang froid 
dlnefs , f. froideur f f 

fais , m. 

jom, fuie , f. 

.)omb , mefure de bled , f. 

Dop , poulailler , m. 

^op , V. claquemiircr , en- 


)opee , f. coups , m. 
iooper, tonnclier 
)6per ( wine ) , marchand 
\dt vin 

nppera^e, tonmiUrie , f 
Ifala/re dc tonnclier 
hf-6pCi."ate , vn. ccopc'rer 
)-operation , f. coopira- 
\tion , f. [ve. 

■Operative, a. cooperatif, 

'Operator , / coopira- 
rttteitr , rice. 

-iSidinate , a. de meme 

jOt , f.fcul^uc i benct , m. 

\ c o 

Cop , f. cime ; hupc , f. [m. 

Coparcener , copanageant , 

Coparceny , iniivis 

Copartner, collegue , ajfocii 


Cope , chape 

Cope , V. faire tetc a ..„ ; 

avancer i troquer 
Copier,. y. copijle , m. 
Coping , chaperon ; faiii ; 

Copious , a. ahondant , e. 

copicux , fc. richc , 2. 
Copiou'Ily , d;i. copieufcment 
Copioufncfs,/] ahoKdance,f. 
Cdpift , copifie , m. 
Coppel , coupdie , f. 
Copper, cuivre , m. 
Copper , (large boiler) 

chaudiere^ f. 
Co-^-^zr-'Coloxxx y a.bafane , e. 
Copper rofcjfneicouperofef 
Copperas, cQuperof ,f [:n. 
Copper-plate , talllc-douce. 
Coopery, a. decuivre 
Coppice, copilQjf. taillis, m. 
Copula'e, vn. s'accoaplcr 
Copulation , f. accouple- 

mcnt y m. \_ve. 

Copulative , a. copulatif , 
Copy , f. copie , exzmple , /. 

excmplaire , m. 
Copy , va. copier , tranfcrire 
Coquet , vn. coqueter 
Coquetry, f. coquetterie , /. 
Coquette , coquetu 
Coral , corail , m. 
Coral (child's), hochet^m. 

_ C O 6^ 

Corallne , a. de corail 

Cordnt , /; conrantc , f. 
Corbel, corfoU 
Corbet, niche 
Cord , corde 

Cord , va. corder. [«■;, 

Cordage, /I cordage , fnninj 
Cordelier , f cordelier , c. 
Cordial , cordial , m. 
Cordial, a. cordial, e. 
Cordiality,/ cordialite, f, 
Cdidially, ad. cordialemcnt 
Cordiainefs , / cordialitc,f 
Cordon y cordon,, m. 
Cordovan leather, cor^or/a/z 
Cordwainer, cordouanier 
Core , trcgnon 
Coriaceous, a. corlact , 2. 
Coriander, yl coriandre , f, 
Cork , liege , m. 

( ftopple ) , houchon 

Corkfcrew , tire-bouchon 
Cork , va. bouchtr 
C6vraova.Vit,f. cormoran., ml 
Co:mud<^eon , taauin. 
Corn , hid 

Corn on the foot , cors 
'Corn-chandler , vendcur di 

Cotv.-ciittev,coiipcur de cors 
Corn-liillet ,, doiicatc , j'. 
Corn-loft, grenier , m. 
Corn , va. faupoiidrer. [m, 
Cornage,/! impCt fur Ic bic.. 
Corneous , a.ccll.ux , fe. 
Corner , f. coin. ; angle , m^ 

encoignure , f. 
Corner-wife , ad. a anghs- 

(;^ CO 

Cornet,/, comette , m. 
Cornet ( inftru- 

ment) , cornet 
Cornice, cornlchc^f. 
Coinigerous, a, cornu , e. 
Cornu-copia,/. corm d'a- 

bondancc , f. 
Corniited, a. cornari 
Corniito , f. coca , m. 
Corny , a. callcux , fe. 
Corollary, f. corollaire , m. 
Coronal , a. coronal 
Coronary , a. coronalre , /. 
Coronation , f. couronnc- 

msnt , f:icrc , m. 
Coronet , couronne de f&i- 

gn&uT , f. 
Corporal , corporal ; capo- 

ral , m. 
Corporal , a. corporel y Ic. 
Corporally, ad. — rsilement 
Corporation , / commuaau- 

ti ; vlVu municipah , f. 

corps de. ville, m, 
Corporature , corpulence ^f. 

corfage , m. 
Corporeity , foliduc , /. 
Corps-de-guard, corps-de- 

gards , m. 
Corpfe , cadavre , corps mart 
Corpulency , corfage. , m. 

grojfeur ; co'-pulcrtet , f. 
Corpulent, a. replet , te, 
Corpufcle ,f. corpufcide , m. 
Corpiifcular , a. co-pufcu- 

laire , 2. \_Dicn , /. 

Corpus Chrifti day ,/. Feu- 
Coir^ift , d, correct u 

CO 1 

Corre(ft, va. corriger; chdt'ur ! 
Correftion , f. correclion , f. 
Under correflion , ad. faiif 

correction j 

Correftive , a. s. correal/ j 
Correiftly^ ad. corre&ement '■. 
CoTr6&.nefs,f. exaclitude,/. 
Corrdtlor, ccrrcciiur , m. 
Correlative, a. correlatij]ve. 
Correption,/! riprim.2nde,f. \ 
Correfpdnd , vn. CQirefpon- \ 

dre. \_pondancc, f. | 

Correfpondence,/ corrcf- \ 
Correfpondent,/ corre/pon- i 

dant , e. 

— — , a. conforme, l. 

Corridor,/! — dor, m. 
Corrigible, a. piiniffahlc , 2. 
Corrival ,/! ca.npecitcur, m. 
Corroborant, a.fortlf.dnt, e. 
Corroborate, va. corrohorcr 
Cotroborative , a. corrobo- 

ratify vc. 
Corrode , va. corrodtr 
Corrodent , a. corrodant , c. 
Corrddible , qui peut itn 

Corrduve, corrofif y vc. 
Corrdilon , f. conofion , f. 
Corrdriveners, qualiti cor- 

Corrupt , V. corrompre; fe 

corrompn , fe pourrir 
Corrupt , a. corromp'u , e. 
Coniipter, /! cormpttur , m, 
Corriiptibil ty , — llu,f. 
Corrupt!.bIe , <}« iorruptl- 


Corruptlblenefs,/ corruptl 


Corruption , corruption 

Corruptive, a.pejlilcntielje 
CoTiuptizi'Syincorruptihley 2 
Corruptly, ad. vicicufement 

par corruption 
Corriiptners,/ corruptions^ 
Corfair , corfaire , m. 
Cdrflet , corfclct 
Cortical, a. cortical , e, 
Coriifcant , rduifant , e. 
Corufcation,/ eclat y m 
Cofecant , fccantt ,/. 
Cofm^tick, a. cofmhique, : 
Cofmdgrapher , f. cofmc 

graplie, m. [graphiquty. 
Cofmographical , a. coftni 
Cofmdgraphy ,/! —phii 
Cofmdlogy, cofmoiogit ^\ 
Cofmdpolite , — lite , m» 
Qo{k,prix ; jrais ; de'pens- 
Coft , vn, coiiter /rtvenir 
Coftive, a. conjiipi y e. 
Cdftivenefs , f. conjlip, 

tion , f. 
Cdftlinefs , fomptuoftti 
CdiUy , a. fomptneux , 
Cot, f. cabana yf. 
Sheep's cot, bergeric 
Cot^mporary, a, s, co^ 

porain , e. 
Cdtquean , / jocrijfe , m, 
Cott, hamac a l'angloiJc\ 
rdt'age, ckaurniere , fm 
Cottager , manantf m^ 
C6ttQn J cGtvn 

c o 

dtton, vn. s'accorder',reuf- 
Jlr ; fc cotonncr 
uch , f, couchii , /. lit de 
repos , m. 

3uch , V. fc coucher 
oiichant, a. couckcnt , e. 
flicker , f. gr^fier , m. 
aiich-grarSj chiendent 
ove, Clique, f. boulin ^ m. 
oven ant , f. conuat , m. 
alUancs. ; ligue , f, 
jvenant, vn.contra^er 
ovenantee , /. cov.trac- 
tant , e. 

ovenanter, ligmtir, m. 
over, va. couvrir 
jver , f. convert ; couvcr- 
cle; couvre-pla: y m. cou- 
vertute ; enveloppe , jC 
overinir , couvertare , f. 
overict , couvcrturc dc pa- 

6ver-{[ut , f^injfe manchc 
Jvert, convert; abriigite, 
ovQZt, mariec yf. \_i7i. 

overtly, ad. en fecret 
overture , / prcmcdon , f. 
ovet, va. convoitcr 
3v£table , a. defirahU , 2, 
ovetous , a, avare , 2, avi- 
de y 1. 

oveto'jfly , ad. ford'^ dement 
ovetoufnefs ,f. avarice yf. 
ivey , voLie. 
ough, toux 

hurch-yard-cough , toux 
de renard 
'^^0^1 ytit tonjffer 

c o 

Cough?r , f. toujfcur , fc. 

Coiighi.'Jg , touJI'crie , f. 
Covin , collufion , frauds ' 
Coul , cure , cuvette 
Coulter , coutre , foe , m. 
Council , concile; confeil 
Council-board, Ic tapis 
Coiinfel , confi'dy avis 
Coiinfel, va. confcillcr 
Coiinfellable, a, apropos 
Counfeller , f. confeilUr , 

avQcat , m. 
Count , va. compter; croire 
Count, yi calcul, m. 
Count, (earl) corj?e 
Countenance , f mine ; ft- 
veur; contenancCyf. airy m. 
Countenance , va. appuyer 
Countenancer , / parti- 
fan , m. 
Counter, jeton ; comptoir 
Counter, ad. contre ; d''une 

maniere contraire 
Coiinteraft, va. contrecarrcr 
Counterbalance , centre-ba- 
lancer, [poids , m. 
Counter-balance, y^ccaf rc- 
Coiln tor-battery , contn- 

batterle , f. 
Counter-bond , obligation 
Counter - change , conir''- 
echange , m, [tion,f.. 

Coiinler-charge, recrimlna- 
Coiinter-check, cenfure re- 
ciproque , f. \_ccnfurcr 

va, reprcndr: ; 

Coiinter-cunning,/, (Qntre- 

CO 6 J 

Counter-current, y! courant 

contraire y m. 
Counter - diftinflion , dif- 

tinHion contraire , f. 
Counterfeit, va. contrefain 
Counteris.'ity a. contrtfaityt, 

faux, jfe. forge, c. feint, e. 
Counterfeit,/ impojlmry m. 
Counterfeiter , imitateur y 

rice, inventeur , rice, fauf- 

Counter-gard, contre-garde, 

conferye , f. 
Cciinter-lath, contrc-latte 

Countermand , cGntreman- 

der ; invalider 
,f contr'ordre^ 

m. nullite y f. 
Counter- march, / contrc- 

marche , f. 
Counter-mine , contre-mine 
Counter-mine , va. centre^ 

miner. [mincur y m, 

Couater-miner , f. contrc- 
Counter-pane , f courtc" 

pointe, f. 
Coiinter-pait , contre-par- 

tie , f double , m. 
Counter-plot, contre-fncf- 

fe,f. _ [m. 

Coiinter-poife, contre-poids, 

• , V. contrc-pcfcr 

Coiinter-poifon , f. contrc'* 

poifon J m. [ trade y f, 
Ccup.ter-rail , doubU-baluf 
Counter-round, contre-ronds. 
CouiU^rfgarp, cor.trcfcarpz 


c o 

Countcrfcarp, va. contrsf- 

carper. ^d'amls , m. 

Coiinter-fcuffle , / choc 
Countersign , va. contrc- 

Counter-tally, /. conin- 

tailU , /. [trc , in. 

Counter-tenor , haute-con- 
Coiinter-vail , va, valoir au- 

Coiinter-work, centre-miner 
Counties, fccmtejfi.f. [m, 
Gounting-houfe , comptoir, 
Coiintlefs, a. innomhrable, 2.. 
Country, /. pays, m. coji- 

tree , campagne , region,/. 
Country-life , vie champc- 

tre, f. 
Country-man , woman , prc- 

vincial, e. campagnard, e. 

compatriote , 1. 
Country - dance , contre- 

danfc,f. [village , m. 

Country - parfon , cur^ dc 
County , comte 
Couple, couple t f. 
Couple, V. accciipler ; cou- 
pler ; fejoindre 
Couplet , /. couplet , m. 
Couplet, V. faire des vers 
Courage , f. courage , m. 
Coutageous, a. com agcux ^fi 
Couiageoufly , ad. coura- 



Courageoufncfs , f. hravou- 
Courier, courier ^ rn, 
Courfe , cours ; voycge ; fcr- 
y'iCi, m, courfe 3 route i 

c o 

fiiite; rreanlen; mefure ,/. 
OF courfe, a. ordinaire , 2. 
Of courfe , a:d. naturdU- 

ment ; ordinairement 
Courfe, V, courir i forcer 
Coiirfer , f. courfier , m- 
Coiiffey, courfier. [vis , m. 
Court , cour; ruelle , f. par- 
Court-baron, l cour fon~ 
Court-Ieet , ■> cierc,f. 
Court, va. faire la cour a,... 
Courteous, a. grac'cux ^ fe. 

dchonnaire , i, affable ^ i. 
Courteous reader , / ami 

lectsur , m. 
Coiirteouily, ad. civilcmcnt 
Coiuteoufaefs , f. courtoi- 

Coiirtefan , f. courtifane , /. 
Coiirtefy, bonte ; faveur ; 

reverence. [vcrcncc 

Coiirtefy, vn. faire la. rc- 
Courtier , f. courtifrn , m, 
Cou'l tin , counin :, f. 
Coiirtllnefs , politejfe 
Courtly, a. pcli, e. galant, e. 
Courtly , ad. pcli-r.ent 
Courtship , f. galanteric , f 
Coiifin , cciifiii , s. 
Cow , vachc , f 
Cow-keeper, vacher, hou- 

vicr , m. [d'T 

Cow, va. morguer ; intimi- 
Cow'ard , /. poltron , ne. 
Cow'ardice , poltrcnnc- 

Cow'ardlinefs, Idcheti 
Cow'ardly, a, Idche , 2, 

C R 

Cow'ardly, ad. Idchcment 
Cowl , f. capucc , capw 

chon, m. 
Cowr down , vn. fe baijfer 
Cow'fltp , f. primcvtre , f. 
Coxcomb, Crete dt coq^f. 

fat , m. [ncn:y e, 

Coxcomical , a. imperti- 
Coyjd. retenu, c. modcjieyl, 
Coy'ly, ad. pricieufement 
Coy'nefs , f. retenue , /. 
QoZy f. coil fin , e. 
Cozen , va. dupir 
Cozenage , / fourbcricyf. 
Cozener , fourhc, in. 
Crab , cancrc i cabefian , Mi 

chcvre, f. 
Crab-loufe, morpion , m. 
Crabbed, a. dprc , 2. bour 

Crabbedly, ad. durement 
Crabbednefs ,/I humeur cha 
^ grine , /. ^ [ce, J 

Crack , finte ; felure ; gat' 
Crack, (noife) bruit ^ m^ 
Crack , V. filer ; fendre 

cajfer; craquer ; girfer 

eclater ; fe vanter 
Cracker , f. petard, m. van- 

tear . m, pnpillocte ^f. 
Crackle , vn. petillcr 
Cracknel , f. craquelin , m 
Cradle , berccau. [que , Jf 
Craft , metier , m. rufe^ bar- 
Craft, a, rufe , e. 
Craftily , ad. finement 
Craftinefs , f. fupirchmc 

maniganci , /, 

C R 

aftfman , f ardfan , m. 
ag , rocker 

digged, a. rahotuux y fe. 
agginefs , / roideur , /. 
aggy , a. efcarpc ^ e. 
am , va. fourreri engraif- 

am one's felf , fe farcir 
ambo , / ]tu de rimss , m. 
amp, cramps , f. 
amp-lish , torpilU 
amp-ii on, crampon, m. 
amp, va. gcncr , accrochcr 
amp in , fcdhr , fixer 
amp out, arracher 
ramp, a. d'.fficilc , l. 
rampt name , nom bifcor- 
nu y m. [ot. 

rane , /. grue , f. fivhon , 
rane up , va. lever, cnhver 
rank, a. difpos , m, ah- 
S^rcy 2. 

.M;tern-crank, f. aiguille 
de fanal , /.!:?, vn. ferpenter 
ia;:kles , f. rcplis ; de- 
tours , m. i^rejfi , f. 
rankaefs , vigusur ; ali- 
ranied, a. crf.VA(fe , e. 
ranny , f. crevajfe , /. 
rape , crepe, crip on , m. 
lapulence , crapule , f. 
rapulous , a. crapuuux, fe. 
rash , va. froifj'er , fracaf- 
Jer ; craqueter 
rash ,f. fracas, debat, m. 
\ii.%\\\n'g^,froi\feme.nty fracas 
rafs, a. ^rojiir, «♦ 

C R 

Craflituds , /. epaijfeur , f. 
Craftination , prolongation 
Cratch , ratelier , m. 
Crarate, cravatc, f. . 
Crave , va. implorer ; de- 

Craver , f. demandiur , fe. 
Craving , a. infatiahle , 2. 
Cravingnefs , f. infatiabi- 


Craunch , va. croquer 
CTa.w,f. jabot ; bordlgue^ m. 
C.'awl, vn. ramper; fe trainer 
Crawler , /. reptile , m. 
Ciayon , crayon , pajlel 
Cray 'fish , ecrevijfe , /. 
Craze , va. froiff^r ; romprc 
Crazedneft y f, caducite , f. 
Criz'inefSydcmence. [to^,2. 
Crazy , a. caduc , que. infir- 
Crazy, (maddish) fou , m. 
Creak, vn. craquer. [folle,/. 
Cream , va. cre/ner 
Cream, f. crcme , f. 
Cream , ( the befi of any 

thing) le fin y lafleur 
Creamy , a. plein de cremc 
Creafe , f. pUJfure , /. pli, m. 
Creafe , va. pUffer 
C.eate , crier; itahlir ; can- 

fer ; exciter 
Creation , f. criation , /. 
Creator , criateur , m. 
Crdature , criature , f. 
Credence , croyanc: , foi 
Credenda, articles dc foi, m. 
Credentials, lettres decrsan- 


C R <r5> 

Credibility, /. — litij vraL- 

Credible , a. croyabU , 2. 
Crddiblenefs , /. cridibi' 

liti, f. 
Credibly , ad. probabhment 
Credit , f. cridit ; pouvoiri 

honneur y m. foi, f. 
Credit , va. ajouterfoi ; faire 

honneur. [honorable , 2. 
Creditable, a. honnite , 2. 
Crdditablenefs,/ tfilme,f. 
Creditably, ad. honnetemsni 
Creditor , f criancier , e, 
Ciediility, crcduliti y fi 
Credulous, a. zriduhy 2. 
Creduloufnefs , f. cridull- 

ti , f. " [boli , m. 

Creed, croyance y f. fym." 
Creek , vn. craquer 
Creek, f. critjue; calanque,, 

f. quai y m. 
Cr6eking, bruit y m. [&C, 
Creeky , a. plein de criques , 
Creep , vn. fe trainer; ramper 
Creep in , into , fe cottier ; 

fe glijfer; s'infinuer dans 
Creep out,fortir avec adrejfi 

& fans bruit 
Creep-hole , f. ichappatoi- 

re y f. \yiirgi , /. 

Credper , chenet , m. vigne. 
Creeping, a. rampant y e. 
Creeping-thing , /. repti- 
le , m. 
Creepingly , ad. lentement 
Crepitation , f, petille- 

ment. m. 

yo C R 

ClrepuCcnle, f. creprifcuJe, m. 

Crdfcent, croijfanc 

CreiTes , crejfon 

Creffet , tripled , Ifalot 

CreH: , crete , f. cimier , m. 

Crefl of a horfe , encalure